Reflecting on an Underrated President

This week, former President George H.W. Bush was rushed to the hospital after a medical scare characterized as “shortness of breath.” While the ensuing reports have indicated the nation’s 41st president will be okay, the emergency provides us with a moment to reflect on a leader often underrated in reputation. Overshadowed by Reagan on one hand and by his son on the other – for very different reasons – the elder Bush’s presidential legacy has been denied its due appreciation.

If George H.W. Bush stood for anything, it was a return to traditional American values. Some of his criticisms of pop culture seem quaint by today’s standards – he took aim at rap music and the Simpsons at various points – but look at the legacy at that early 90s subversiveness. Every generation is destined to shake their heads at the next, but we’re a long way from the outrage of Elvis Presley. Maybe our culture would have been better off had we been as turned off by “Cop Killer” as Bush.

A World in Flux

But the world was changing in ways much more dramatic than what kids were watching on TV. The Cold War was coming to an end, a corrupt drug trafficker was threatening the Panama Canal, and Iraq had emerged as an unpredictable enemy in the Middle East. In tackling these new challenges, Bush proved himself to be the equal of his predecessor. His Desert Storm, pushing Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, was a startling demonstration of American military might. In just 100 hours, the Iraqi army was soundly defeated and Kuwait’s freedom was restored.

Bush experienced a surge of popularity following the war, but the economy at home was starting to cool. He faced increasing criticisms from the right, and his chances for re-election in 1992 were dashed by Texas oil man Ross Perot. Perot’s call for a more fiscally-responsible Washington resonated with Republican voters who might have otherwise given Bush another four years. Instead, the split vote allowed Bill Clinton to take the White House.

A Legacy of Prudence

Bush is today still remembered as a somewhat weak president, though many of his economic policies found redemption in the 1990s. Clinton gets the lion’s share of the credit when it comes to the booming economy, but the seeds for that boom were planted by Bush in the budget deal of 1990. The criticism he garnered for failing to follow Hussein into Iraq was later reconsidered when his son’s war turned into a years-long quagmire.

No single-term president is necessarily destined for greatness, and it’s unlikely that Bush will ever be regarded among the best of the best. But in his diplomatic manner, he handled the end of the Cold War with an aplomb that is easy to appreciate after enduring the reckless swagger of 43. Maybe the three presidents that came after him make Bush look better in retrospect, but that’s not a knock. It’s been more than twenty years since he left office, and he’s yet to be bettered. That says something. It doesn’t say everything, but it certainly says something.

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  1. I wish Bush would have at least protected America by putting the protections needed in place for ever. That could have deterred a lot of the big O and his power plays.

  2. I’ll not go long in describing the truth of the Bush “royalty”. Do your own damned homework. The web is full of true info about this gang. Focus on two surnames: Bush (as in Prescott) and Walker (maternal). Any site that spins positive shill for the Bush clan is NOT Constitutionally patriotic – period!

    • Please prove

    • But any site and the MSM that spin positive shill for Obama is constitutionally patriotic. How very like a narrow minded democrat, unable to see the fallacy of their own statement.

      • No, that’s not true either. Find out WHO these people ALL truly are, before they literally kill you, because in their minds we’re part of the 6 1/2 billions too many souls currently inhabiting THEIR world, and they want us DEAD ASAP! Google UN Agenda 21, and Codex Alimentarius, which is a WHO program instituted in all member nations 5 years ago this coming Wedesday. Also check out Bilderbrgers, aka Club of Rome.

    • Democrats/liberals= brainless empty headed idiots like you. Bush’s are far better men and presidents than suck my dick Willie and his lying bitch wife who wants to run and lying Musilm communist Ovomit..
      Truth you talk about comes from liberal left news sources who would not know truth if their weenies fell off.

      • NO, they AREN’, and I’m neither Dem nor Lib. They’re ALL part of the same NWO elitist bunch bringing the US DOWN! They participated eagerly, fully informed!

    • RIGHT on the mark! O, Clintons and “friends” are no worse, only less well skilled in deception.

    • ” Any site that spins positive shill for the Bush clan is NOT Constitutionally patriotic – period! ”
      What narrow minded democratic drivel. This is a tolerant liberal who tolerates only other liberals. Obama could defecate on his face and he would tell you it’s chocolate. Crudeness is not my style but in your case I will make an exception.

  3. What a load of crapola!! Ok I am unsubscribing to you, you elite POS Shill!

  4. Ronald Reagan, Geo H W & Geo W all possess something NO demonrat president has ever had – CLASS!!! Now, 4b4mac – go back & lie down in your corner & continue licking your anus…..

    • Now Now Don’t be too hard on him He was not given a brain only a

      recording device that came pre loaded with the liberal socialist democrat
      mantra !!

    • No, what they possess is consummate acting skill, as in grand Guignol or Kibuki to distact and deceive the kiddies.

      • After reading several of your posts, it is evident your tinfoil hat is on way too tight

        • Don’t wear one. Don’t need it, b.ecause I wear the full armor of God, including the helmet of salvation.

          • Yeah, right………I am a Christian as well, but a very sane one. You? Not so much apparently….

          • sandraleesmith46

            You may or may not be ” sane”, but I have my doubts about the rest of your statement, because those who are actually followers of Jesus aren’t that unaware of reality and current geopolitics.

    • Poodleguy- By your comment and demeanor we can see you have no class either.

      • My comment was not directed @ you. It was delivered in its coarse tone in response to some liberal idiot who needed a bad taste left in his mouth. Class? I never stated I had class – my statement concerned certain past republican presidents. As for demonrats, my Standard Poodles have more class!!!!

  5. George HW Bush, Bush41, and his son George W Bush, Bush 43, were both neo-conservatives, loved by the establishment Republican party, but not totally embraced by the so-called paleo-conservative, more deeply conservative wing of the Republican party. Naturally, both Bushes were vastly superior to Bill Clinton, our 42nd President, and Barack Obama, our 44th President. The Fair Credit Act of Bill Clinton in 1996 later caused tremendous economic damage to the US in Bush43’s last year as President – 2008. The policies of Barack Obama – ObamaCare, Wholesale Amnesty, and the Disembowelment of our Military, with more to come over the next two years – will resonate for decades to come in this country. The “legacy” which this man is creating will be talked about our grandchildren’s grandchildren. Bush41 and Bush43 were light-years beyond Clinton and Obama. They weren’t perfect by any means, but given what Democrats are capable of bringing us, Clinton, Obama, and now the possibility of Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren, we can now more fully appreciate the finer qualities of the Bushes – Daddy and Son!

    • Um… hate to tell you, but the Bush clan and the Clintons are all BILDERBERGERS, ergo enemies of all humanity, most especially conservative Americans. Daddy Bush set the stage for Clinon’s debacles, after having been positioned to sabotage, and contain Reagan, by the elitist NWO agents in the Bilderbergrs, CFR, Trilateral Commission ( Kissinger ring any bells?), and for Son to pick up and keep pushing things toward the one world government and extreme population reduction they advocate as agents of Satan’s agenda!

  6. Apparently I did my homework and Bush wasn’t corrected by the supreme court 13 times on 9-0 decisions as Unconstitutional executive orders given like emperor O

    • Seems you did, for a fact. Bushes are better actors than Clintons and O, who can’t seem to disguise the mutually shared distain for America, and our Constitutional ideals!

  7. Compared to what we’ve gotten the past 7 years, the Bush’s were princes in power! Deal with it, libtards!

    • What they were is MORE subtle and sneaky. Clinton and O it’s out in the open; Bushes were smiling in our faces, while sliding the knives between our ribs, straight into the heart. There’s only one party in DC: the NWO party, and they’re ALL members in good standing thereof!

      • If you think OB is in the open, think again. His dealings with Cuba was all done behind closed doors with no communication with anyone. With Iran, he has been silently negotiating with them until he got found out. How can you deal with the devil without taking it to congress first and debating it? Iran wants more opportunity to build their nuclear bomb and OB has open the door silently behind closed doors for them to take it further. Do you call this being in the open? He is the biggest enemy this country has ever had. He will do what he wants regardless, a true communist bred to destroy a great country. Just these examples are big issues for the country and he could careless because of his deceitful, lying communist, muslim crap that keeps destroying the USA and building up the communist countries. Israel, one of the biggest allies for years, and this idiot is turning on them, and for what? His black legacy.

        • Wrong kind of “out in the open”. I was speaking from the standpoint of psychology, vis a vis personality structures. All you have to do is look at O’s face and body language to know what’s going on between the jug handles. Bushes are far more devious and skilled at hiding their true thoughts/feelings.

          • I do agree with the way he looks and all his expressions. He is a dead give away, and is one deceitful specimen. Every time I see him look off to the side and down, I quickly ask myself, what will the lie be now since truth is not in his character.
            At least with the Bush guys, they did not sell out the States like OB is. All these communist countries think this specimen is a joke and one easy push over. Bush stood his ground and people did know that he would not see the country get pushed around and if threatened he would fired back to defend the country and the people.

          • Yeah, they did, and are FAR harder to “read”, which makes them that much more dangerous. They ALL work for the same puppet masters, and each had his role to play, but they did as ordered, steadily eroding and destroying this nation, from within.

  8. The Bushes did more right by accident that obama has done right on purpose. Oh wait obama hasn’t done anything right, my bad.

  9. I say to hell with anyone who dogs either Bush. Why? Because Clinton didn’t have to put up with what either of them put up with and neither did Obama.

    It wasn’t Bush 43’s desire to go to war. But it happened. What would his presidency had looked like had he not been plagued by war?

    I don’t want to hear that he caused it. PROVE THAT CRAP if you say it.

    Bush kept this Country from stagnating and warned Congress over and over again about the coming Crisis that the Liberal Congress ignored because they knew they could use it to dog Bush and the Republicans to gain a victory.

    The TRUE scumbags are the ones who keep falsely accusing the opposition party of being war mongers.

    Obama has attacked more Countries then Bush and just makes sure he doesn’t call it war!!
    Obama should lose his PEACE PRIZE.

    But of course they know they made a mistake giving it to him. He is the greatest liar our Country has ever had in any position,.

    • Of course he didn’t cause it, the banksters did that, but when his boss ordered it, he didn’t hesitate to obey and drag us into war. Or do you still think Muslims came up with 9/11 all by their lonesomes?

      • Yes Sandra and the moon landing was staged in a laboratory.

        • They aren’t ” my Democrats”, and I gave you some sites to look at for yourself, but evidently you’re unwilling to look at truth when it tarnishes your sacred cows. That’s a shame, because it will catch up with you all too soon.

  10. Regretfully I did not vote for him the 2nd time and have regretted it ever since. If only he did not believe and trust Tip O’Neil on the tax deal which he had the rug pulled out from under him, (Not surprising for demorats to lie and renege ) and did not utter ” Read my Lips No New Taxes”

    • There was NO surprise there; Bush was in it up to his eyebrows; the only eyes wool got pulled over was the citizens’!

  11. I miss the man.

  12. Better a BUSH than a CLINTON anytime. But a box of rocks beats a BARRY SORENTO anytime.

  13. Hmmmm, the guy who set the stage for the most unconstitutional gun ban in US history and setting the precedent for the dreaded 1994 AWB will never get a kind word from me.

    Reagan and Bush 41 failed the American people and the US Constitution when they failed to veto the authoritarian gun legislation that came across their desks and poisoned the well for any lasting legacy in my eyes.

  14. A great man, a courageous WWII Veteran, A great Vice President and 41st President of the United States. Obviously a wonderful husband to a Loving First Lady Barbara Bush and some very good children and grand children to include the 43rd President of the United States George W Bush and the Sweet First Lady Laura Bush. I hope he will be well and God Bless him..

  15. The Bush family are my distant cousins, they are “one worlders” Meanhing the end of the United States s a free and Independant nation. That means the end of our blessed old Constitution. No more freedom as we have known it. It is all sumed up by saying, one world government leads to a man. That man is not an American, he is truly a “world citizen” He is not a Bush, as they want him to be, he is the anti-christ, fount in the Bible book of Revelation. One world government is not only the end of the United States, as we know it, but the end of the WORLD, age, as we know it. Our ONLY hope is the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent and be saved from all this mess.

  16. I have seen Daddy Bush say it is time for a new world order, and somehow, I believe this is what our founding fathers had in mind too. They believed in the Alien Gods.

  17. After George HW Bush left office I had the opportunity to have dinner with him. I didn’t agree with all of his politics but the man is a true gentleman. His honesty, values, treatment of other ,including people like the wait staff. You can’t teach or lead a Nation about qualities. How many of our problems started with dishonest and crude politicians? A president that could lead the country with a positive conservative value system is something we are in desperate need of. So while I am not a big fan of his policies, give the man his due he brought some very necessary qualities to the job that are sorely lacking in more current presidents.

  18. As memory serves, correction if appropriate, George H.W. Bush, having been deservedly criticized, gave up his NRA Life Membership. I’m still a Life Member of the NRA, and have been one since 1975 or thereabouts as memory serves. I personally paid for my Life Membership. Did Mr.Bush pay for his? By the way, I have long felt that some of the positions taken by the NRA were, respecting the rights of law abiding gun owners, completely off base.

  19. We have here another LIB who is totally blind and only listens to propaganda from state ruined media with morons like Rachael Meadows and the ED show, and Al Sharpton. Like a sheep that believes it without checking facts like See Through you. Question for the socialist What about the signing of a UN treaty by Kerry and Obama Resolution 2117 with 21 amendments and the 11th allows the state to come in your house and take your guns illegally. Thank God for saving us and congress disapproved of this by a 53-43 decision and all who voted for it were Dem and 1 Independent who is a socialist anyway by the name of Bernie Sanders from Vermont.

  20. Bush 1 was okay in my books. He signed the 1981 civil rights act. I know he complained about quota system of hiring. After removing the quota system racists took advantage of Blacks. Now they don’t have to hire Blacks if they don’t want to. This is the result at Ferguson police, NY and LA police numbers. Blacks were not hired because employers did not have to do equal employment for all races.

  21. I think he had a better handle on foreign policy than any other president in recent memory. He got a real coalition to participate in the First Gulf War, and he understood the limits of military power

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