Redskins Owner Won’t Bow to PC Pressure

Thank God for people like Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins. People who refuse to buckle under the pressure of manufactured controversy, which is exactly what this fuss about his team’s name is all about. Sunday, Snyder enjoyed watching his team alongside Navajo Nation president Ben Shelley in what some termed a thumb in the eye to those who have called for a name change.

It infuriates the liberals to see that all their whining has amounted to nothing. In the end, no one can force Snyder to change the team’s name. The NFL can block sales of the merchandise, the FCC can issue fines if broadcasters say the team name, but Snyder alone can decide whether or not he wants to bow to pressure. And thus far, he seems to fall firmly in the “over my dead body” camp.

Is he out on a limb? Is he a bigot? Are people arguing for the Redskins putting a stupid football team over the sensitivities of an entire race of people? This is what the left wants you to believe, and they’ve been remarkably effective at spreading the message.

What they miss, though – and you’ll notice this pattern comes up time and again when liberals decide it’s time to change American language – is that no football fan regards the team name or mascot as a slur against Indians (or Native Americans, to cite another instance of liberal name-swapping.) In fact, I would be surprised if anyone ever thought of actual Indians when talking about the team. This isn’t, after all, a name that just came out of nowhere this year. It’s been around since the 1920s! If someone were to say to you, “What do you think of the redskins?”, would it even occur to you – current controversies notwithstanding – that they might be talking about Native Americans?

President Obama, known for creating controversies where there are none, has even been quoted as saying, “I don’t think there are any Redskins fans that mean offense.” Of course there aren’t. Most Americans have only the highest regard for the people who inhabited this land before Europeans landed on its shores. Their story is a fascinating one, and we are only just beginning to uncover the depth of their history.

Look, if there really was evidence that Indians were upset by the name, that would be one thing. But this name swap has been generated by the same people who do it every time – a small population of liberals who live to be offended. A poll last year found that a startling 90 percent of Native Americans were just fine with the Washington team.

What these morons don’t get is that the name is a tribute to the great warriors of North America. No one would name their football team the Washington Weirdos or the Cleveland Sissies. Team names are chosen because they represent strength and honor. Those two concepts may be too foreign for liberals to understand.

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