Red States Much More Charitable Than Blue States

One of the most common things you’ll hear about conservatives is that we’re selfish. We care more about making sure we get that swimming pool than we do about making sure we clothe and feed the poor. We care more about sending our kids to the most exclusive private schools that we do about making sure sick minorities get the healthcare they need. We care only about ourselves, and that’s why we are on the wrong side of history.

Sadly for so-called “progressives,” the facts simply aren’t with them on this one.

According to, red states are much more charitable than blue states. Ranking states in order of their charitable giving shows us that this charge of selfishness is unfounded and, indeed, completely wrong. Of the top 20 charitable states, 18 of them went to Mitt Romney in the 2012 election. Only Florida – a state just as likely to go red in any given year as blue – and Washington D.C. proved to be exceptions. This demonstrates once and for all that evil conservatives actually believe more in charitable giving than our caring, compassionate ideological opposites.

What say you, liberals?

Well, they have their arguments, of course. The first one is also the most easily dismissed. Liberals say that Republicans may give more to charity, but they (liberals) believe that taxes are another form of charity. Since they believe in higher taxes, it is they who are the charitable ones. Conservatives want to horde all their money in a vault, giving only the amount they can afford to pass on without missing it too much.

It’s the kind of thing that sounds good on the surface while falling apart when you think about it for more than a second. Because what it fails to take into account is that conservatives pay their taxes, too. It’s not like we say, well, we gave to the Red Cross; therefore, we’re not going to pay our taxes this year. It doesn’t work like that, at least for those of us who want to stay out of prison. If liberals were serious about giving to charity, they could still do so while also pushing for higher taxes. The way it is now, they can have the “good feeling” of wanting to help without actually doing anything. This, in a nutshell, is the entire liberal philosophy, so it’s not surprising to see it in practice here.

The second argument is slightly more compelling…but only slightly. It says that red states only enjoy this charitable advantage because of church-goers. Congregations pass the collection plate. Once you take that out of the equation, the numbers even out. Well, that may be true, but it misses something fairly obvious: conservatives know that their Sunday offerings will be going to help people. It’s not like they assume the entirety of their tithe is going to keep the electric bills paid. Also, if we’re to accept that liberals don’t go to church, then it’s incumbent on them to find other ways to give. That they don’t speaks volumes about their actual motives.

Remember these statistics and these arguments the next time some leftist accuses you of being selfish. Just because conservatives don’t believe the federal government is the best distributor of charity doesn’t mean we want to see people suffer. In fact, the numbers show we’re much more interested in alleviating that suffering than our political opponents.


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  1. The democrats do not understand that charity starts at HOME. they want to use the tax money to make them look good to the rest of the world at our expense. Most of them would not be able to hold down a decent job of work. they need the paid helpers of the government. tom assist them to find the rest room.and they think that is just what it says. No intellectual links here. only give to me./or I take it. we must put our government back to what it was 50 years ago.

    • Thank you michaelcain I could not agree more…or maybe 60 years ago. It baffles me how our country with the free enterprise system became ( except maybe up to six years ago) the most powerful, wealthiest, and most generous nation on the planet. And we have these dingbats who dug their way from under rocks to attempt to run the system as “liberals” and they have royally screwed up the economy to name just one casualty. They want to follow communism’s proven example of how to fail. They have ulterior motives
      and not one of their motives has an agenda that enhances the good of the nation.

      • that is why capitalism was and still is the target of the communists who have changed over from starting a new brush fire each week in some poor hell hole to doing their best (and they have worked at it a little over 90 years to make it function) to destroy America from within….the vermin have infected the education system completely and now the political system from the city through to the fed….

        • Kent2012 I like your noting that the socialists/communists continually start “brush fires” everywhere then pour gasoline on the fires then fan the flames. Such was the case where they found a fire in Ferguson, MO then gathered outside, non-resident hate mongers to the scene to make a mega bonfire. All this to make America look bad. We cannot expect anything different from mongrels with zero morality!

      • seersuckerandapanama

        Yes, 60 years ago. Fifty years ago Lyndon Johnson was about to launch The Great Society, the most colossal national government failure of all time.

  2. You won’t hear that from the mainstream media. Ironic however that blue states and liberals are very generous with other people’s money

  3. Left wing morons would rather give their money to corrupt politicians like Obama than to those who really need it.

  4. it might be that everyone in blue states are takers and are receiving welfare

  5. Ironically, the very people who call you selfish are the only ones who take, take, take…


    NO DEMS!
    NO RINO’s !!

    and— in California –

    “If it’s BROWN…
    Flush Him Down !”

  7. Democrats only give other people’s money.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp!

  8. Liberals believe that everyone should be taken care of by the Government and therefore they don’t need to give as individuals while Conservatives believe that there should be individual responsibilities and we should take care of our neighbor’s instead of the Government. Liberalism is nothing to be proud of.

    • When Carter was pResident I overheard a woman say, “It’s time the government created more jobs.”
      EXCUSE ME! Where in the US Constitution is laid out the responsibility for government to create jobs?
      NOWHERE!!! And people like her are allowed to vote. YUK.

    • When I was growing up family took care of needs of family members and also helped out neighbors
      who ran into bad circumstances. Everyone looked out for each other. We also followed St. Paul’s admonition “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”

  9. The people of blue states or of that persuasion are takers and freeloaders while those of the red state persuasion, are the builders, achievers and givers, but want to control their giving and not be obligated to help scum, blue persuasion people.

  10. Not a supprise since libaturds are a bunch of self-serving arse wholes anyway !!

  11. VILE LIBERAL SCUM worship their own money. They are thieves and robbers with Other People’s Money [OPM] using it to gain and remain in power. I hold them in the utmost CONTEMPT.

    • Adolph and Barry both started as community organizers. They were able to seize power only because a lot of low informed voters suppported them.

      • Yes, you are correct. International bankers backed Hitler and placed him into power for the same reasons they placed Obama into power. Obama is controlled by a Jewish NAZI, George Soros and seeks citizens weapons for the same reason WWII NAZIS wanted their citizens guns.

  12. I like the late Margaret Thatcher’s comment from the time she was Prime Minister of England: “Socialism is fine until you run out of other peoples’ money.” She was a sharp gal. That should slam the door in Saul Alinsky’s dead face and in the faces of all the thieving Leftists the world over.

  13. According to the Liberals “taxes are a form of charity”? Not even close, tax dollars come from the working citizens of the U.S. and is given to the Government whereupon they waste most of it. Charity, hell no we worked for it and they spend it!

    • very dismissive………..and always somebody else’s
      job…….they do a lot of hand wringing and lip service but
      nothing more

    • When it comes to charity I’d rather give something needed directly to the person needing it; not to the government that in turn lets some office worker determine where my money goes and gets paid a part of what I contributed. I’ll gladly feed anyone as long as I can afford to but to heck with handing the money to an in-between who takes part of the money for self then gives a portion to the needy person. When I was growing up we didn’t have social workers. Family took care of all that. But today the Left wants to build government larger to invent more jobs so the workers can be taxed more to pay salaries of the government workers. I call it the “snowball effect.”

  14. I am a Christian American Patriot Conservative Republican. The Government has no money, we the taxpayers, have not, charitably given by force through taxation. Therefore, the Government can do nothing for us if we don’t give them our money. Perhaps, a nickel will trickle down to us in the form of “help.” The other 95 cents they keep. Yes, I believe we should help our neighbor and leave the Government out of the equation. Our neighbor will get more real help from us, and it won’t cost him anything, than if the Government intrudes. Additionally, as the saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves.” I just wanted to add my two cents to everyone’s comments. Thank you.

  15. Democrats only give other people’s money.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

    • I like the late Margaret Thatcher of Britton’s statement: “Socialism works fine until you run out of other people’s money.”

  16. This is not at all surprising. The hard Left (though not all liberals) believes caring for the poor is a state function. Therefore, they resent private charity because in their view it intrudes upon a function of the state.

    • NODS
      Their mantra: Not MY job……..let the state or somebody else do it

      • Not realizing that the State and Federal government are using their tax money to do it. They have no idea where their tax money goes and for what. I saw an interview on YouTube where a young black woman thought that Obama pays the welfare money out of his own pocket. God’s honest truth.

    • Like the late Ted Kennedy. He was a lib. who looked out for the “poor” and assisted them—-as long as it didn’t involve use of his fortune. Final solution to the charity problem—- ALL “wealthy” people (those having a net worth of at least five million US Dollars in assets should give ALL their money to the government as a “donation” to help the poor then go live in tents or huts.

  17. the definition of a liberal is : one that is selfish, anti-freedom, Christian haters, users of
    other people’s monies and belongings, non-workers, communists, baby killers, destroyers of everything that is moral and good,

  18. A LOT of lip service
    hand wringing but when push comes to shove they are
    very tight…………
    I have seen it up close and personal with friends/family who are avowed
    “ain’t it awful’ Dems
    Expect OTHERS to do it………….
    but they are VERY vocal about giving hard earned tax dollars away
    at the drop of a hat for any and all ‘worthy’ causes…and the more the
    It is one reason why we are in such trouble now economically speaking
    A VERY good example is here in Orygun…….

  19. By now, even some nearly brain-dead liberals have come to the conclusion Obama and Co. are the enemy of the USA and its greater good. VOTE GOP next week and in 2016, and start to flush the xxxx down the DC toilet.

  20. Wait !! Liberals do believe in charity. They just do it with other peoples money !!!

  21. That’s because blue people are really mostly interested in spending other peoples money.

  22. not surprising, that is where most of the Real American taxpaying adults live….

  23. That’s because all the blue states are full of government teat suckers like the low life’s and the law breaking illegals the demoncrats covet so much. They’re takers not givers and now worth a damn walking riding or flying.

  24. No surprise here! Republicans give their own money to charities of their choice. Democrats give away your tax dollars to freeloaders of their choice. I am all for public assistance WHEN IT IS NEEDED not just because someone can get it. I am registered independent. I give donations to organizations after I research them and find their cause and record is above board. I help my family members when they are in trouble if I possibly can. I don’t give money to family members to use on drugs or to play, that they can pay for themselves. Further, if they can work, I tell them the bank is closed, get a job. THAT is how public assistance should work.

  25. Waht I love is the way the Democrats talk about the rich so much…..saying it’s the Republicans that are! Yet if you look closer you can see just how many millionaires in Congress are Democrats too. Just look at these two…..Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid. Reid was dirty poor till he got on the Gaming Commission in Nevada. So where did all his money come from? Investments! In what? Hmmmmm Casinos? Dianne’s money was all made how? It’s hard to tell but, her and hubby are one of the richest couples in the U.S. now. Makes you wonder huh? He was investing her money for her? Where?? And take a good look at Hillary too……her and Bill and both multimillionaires now too! Good investments I am sure!

  26. It infuriates me that the Socialist-Progressive-Liberals keep on getting away with stealing the color Blue – which has symbolized the Conservative movement from at least the time of the French Revoluition.

    Does anyone really think that “Better dead than Red” refers to Conservatives?

  27. Hey, I don’t think this is entirely fair or accurate. Blue states give away allot of money, mine, yours and everything you children and grandchildren may ever hope to have!

  28. I spent 19 years in Detroit MI and saw the city go from 2 million down to below 800 thousend. Many of these people are on welfare and that is their job. Being from a small town in Kansas, when I moved to Detroit I got the shock of my life. I picked up a little good looking girl (dark complected) on a street cornor, just to find out what she was thinking. She was born in a government funded highrise, could get to the welfare office and also herf street cornor. This is what happens when a girl gets more welfare for bringing into the world more kids, not that she wants to take care of them, but everyone she had, more money. Now we will have to deal with the problem, we can’t afford this great number of welfare people, but what do we do?

  29. Fact is that anyone who works for the government in the many over reaching and illegal agencies (IRS, ATF, DHS, SOCIAL SECURITY, OVOMITCARE, FDA, EPA, USDA, HUD, SOCIAL SERVICES, etc.) do NOT pay taxes. They want you to think they do but how can you pay taxes when the money you are receiving is tax dollars. Government workers are simply returning some of the illegal funds they receive.

  30. Does this really surprise anyone,”this” being that “Red states are more charitable than Blue states.

  31. Blue States figure they give enough with their socialistic, communistic politics and those negro blues.

  32. I would suggest that americans think long & hard about who will be there next president & check out his or her history before placing your name on any ballot paper, you have got the Devil Himself With Obama so when he goes go he will possbly to a prison which should be the Guillotine as that is what he had ordered & payed for at all of Those 800 Prison Camps he has had built, & he even has had built Special Prison Trains Complete With Shackles, this story could go on & on with this man no i Meant Devil as no American would do these sort of things to a fellow american, but then he is not american is he & one ihas to pass three things i understand if you want to run for President, No 1 you must belong to the illuminati or simeler rank No 2 be 18 yrs or more & third Born In America , & it seems that he was not born in american & entered the states through the back door Via Honolulu & his so called Birth Certificate is someone who died in the 18 century but has just been changed fo a nother dead man birth certificate, all of what i have stated here can be verified by yourself simply with the internet & keeping a n Open Eye & Ear to whats going on & never i repeat never beleive what you hear or see untill you have checked it out , if you all had done a bit more checking you would not be in the mess your in now, i say this as not to be nasty but you american vote with your Heart & Not With Your Head don,t make that mistake again & as i look from where im sitting i cannot see anyone yet who comes even Close To J F K & that poor sod lost his life just because he wanted to take 175 tons of Gold From The Bank In The Phillipines Where I Understand 410 Metric Tons Is Stored For The Use Of The Countries Who Own It As A Way To Backing Up The Dollar Pound Etc Etc & to cap it all The United States Is A Public Company Ltd Belong To The Crown Colony or was it is now been Signed By Prince William & The Federal Reserve Has Been Taken To The World Court & Told They Cannot Bankrupt The Federal Reserve Also Jointly Onwed With The Rothschilds Banking Empire, & they must pay back the Debt They Have Ran Up, so america now is a free country Plus Free From Debt & i imagine will be Renamed The Republic Of America, & no longer will your taxes line the Rothschilds & VCrowns Pockets at long last America Has Finely Got It,s Freedom.

  33. Hey you Liberal Bullies! What do you Libtards think about that?

  34. Red states =conservatives. Conservatives=giving. Blue states =liberals. Liberals =narcissism.

  35. seersuckerandapanama

    Liberals fail to take into account the high overhead cost of government in welfare programs for the poor. Private charity is far more efficient. When you give privately, especially with churches, you can be more confident that the funds are almost entirely going to help those in need.

  36. I guess it’s because residents of red states care for more humans than just themselves.

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