Red State Teachers Erupt Over New Education Policy

Photo by Taylor Flowe on Unsplash

( – Public school educators have filed a lawsuit against a new law signed by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee two years ago which dictates what is allowed to be taught in schools regarding gender, race, and bias.

The Tennessee Education Association, which is a teachers’ organization, noted in their filing that five educators had stated that the ban had led to teachers dealing with vague restrictions on what they were allowed to reference during teaching. As the Tuesday filing pointed, out this was a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

The lawsuit is calling for the court to permanently suspend the law and for it to be deemed unconstitutional by the Nashville U.S. District Court. As they pointed out, the vagueness of the legislation also meant that because of the subjective nature of the law, the threat of them facing disciplinary action was greater.

The legislation also challenged the new school code in the state, and if successful, could affect how similar laws are implemented in other states and could affect the possibility that they might face legal challenges.

Florida is one of the states where similar lawsuits could crop up. In recent years Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a number of legislations that restrict the subjects and materials that can be taught in school classrooms. Among the banned topics included are gender identity and “critical race theory.”

These laws have widely been part of an attempt by the Republicans to deal with the culture war on certain subjects that they do not believe children have the emotional maturity to understand or subjects that they should not be taught in school.

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