Records Reveal Obama Admin’s Secret Campaign to Silence Critic

Newly revealed Justice Department records show the Obama administration’s hidden censorship tactics to silence writer Jim Bovard’s criticism of then-Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. 

A top Justice Department official sought to intimidate USA Today into no longer publishing Mr. Bovard’s commentary, according to documents unearthed by a Freedom of Information Act request made by Mr. Bovard. 

Former Justice Department spokesman Brian Fallon emailed USA Today editors in 2015 and browbeat them about why they allowed Mr. Bovard to criticize Mr. Holder

“Mr. Bovard is not a columnist for the paper, and his take on Mr. Holder is well established by the screeds he publishes on other platforms as well such as The Washington Times, so why is it considered novel or appropriate for him to be given a platform to whack the AG every couple months on your paper’s website?” Mr. Fallon demanded.

USA Today editor Brian Gallagher replied that his publication had no agenda and welcomed Mr. Holder to follow through on previous agreements to meet with the paper’s writers.

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  1. when are we going to cancle the queer perverted muslime black enemy of america permanently.obama is running the white house and every democrat needs to hang for treason

  2. A lie cannot be introduced until the truth is silenced.

  3. This sounds like par for the course with Narcissist Obama and his nasty evil pal Eric Holder! Who the heck knows what Obama and his Wife Michael are hiding.

    • It’s in our face arrogance,not hidden. FATHER God is privy to the Souls He Created. Those of us who Believe His Word, His knowing, Jesus’Death, His Soon coming are praying for our friends/families…unsaved peoples generally. Burning Hell is Eternal without God.

    • You are Andy correct. BO and that thing he is married to , always hated Ameri, and yet they made a fortune running this be country. BO is narcissist, megalomaniac, who isn’t terribly intelligent!!!

    • Who really cares as long as we do not have to watch the slick shoe creep and his fat ass wife daily.

  4. holder is a traitor and should be executed….

  5. I’m soo sick of the OBAMAS. TRYING to make Themselves significant they’re losers they are troublemakers and I don’t care what money has been thrown out at them it’s never enough with them they’re greedy grubs

  6. If Obama could kill every single American including his wife in order to become KING he would do it in one second.

  7. obummer is a narcissistic megalomaniac, aka, a pompous egotistical azz hole. He’s a snide, sarcastic creepy jerk!

  8. Who wee that is something obuma said he is a one world person and if he could woul give the U.S.A to the un to rule and control so far it has not happened as the u n is run by china,f the u n should be given the power it will be put into the control of the c c p

  9. Will the Republicans ever do anything, about anything, or will it come to us to see justice done? If so, it’s not going to be pretty.

  10. I think that Holder was an extortionist. He would have been sent to prison were he not Obama’s AG. He used that position for repressing middle class for his power and aggrandizement.

  11. Trump was The Swamp’s biggest threat. That is why we are where we are today. Other than Mr. Trump, I have confidence in only a few other high-profile conservative governors: DeSantis, Noem, Parson, Reynolds. I’m still working down the list of other conservatives, taking a good hard look at their qualifications, battles won and lost. That said, I’ve very little confidence of our country ever recovering from the disaster that is the Biden presidency. Biden and all those like him have finally sealed the deal that is the final collapse of the greatest human experiment that ever was, all courtesy of a group of people, who almost 250 years ago, fought through very difficult times to bring us a place where people begged, borrowed and stole to get to and make a new life for themselves and their families and all those who followed. It’s very sad to see our country collapsing all around us. The economy is in the tank, the crime-ridden once-great cities are burning and citizens are leaving in droves, the public education system has been replaced with a group of communist leaders who don’t want to educate but indoctrinate and eliminate their innocence and replace it with filth and pedophilia. But in spite of this mess we’re in, thousands upon thousands are still trying to get here – many of whom will give up their last dollar or peso to the criminal coyotes or cartels – many of whom will suffer or die as a result of the dangerous journey. Yes, in spite of all that and even though the leftists deem our country as systemically racist, they still make the journey. We need a miracle folks. We need a lot of help to get our great Republic healthy and back on track. God speed.

  12. Have you forgotten? Obama’s was the only administration in history that had NO scandals. If you don’t believe it just ask him.

  13. Obama is nothing compared to Old Joe. Old Joe is a real threat to America. He works triple time destroying anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Satan has a great hold on Biden, and he does Satan’s will without question.

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