Record Violent Crimes in 6 Major Cities

Six major US cities are reporting record violent crime rates over those that were already high in 2021, and not surprisingly, they are all in blue states!

According to crime data, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and New York City are all on pace to supersede their levels of violent crime last year.

The worst increase has been in NYC. The Big Apple has seen a near 30% jump in violent crime compared to the same time last year, while Washington DC has experienced an 8% hike. Meanwhile, Philadelphia and Baltimore have recorded increases of 7% and 6.1% percent, respectively.

“People are robbing, people are killing people,” said Janice Johnson Dias, a sociology professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. “People are doing a lot of things, I don’t feel safe as we used to.” 

Homicides are reportedly driving violent crime rates up nationwide, increasing 30% from 2019 to 2020 and an additional 5% from 2020 to 2021, with rates expected to increase again this year. Experts say anti-police sentiment, an emergence from pandemic restrictions, and a lack of judicial enforcement are to blame amid waning confidence in the government’s ability to protect its citizens.

In California, residents of some cities have pushed to recall liberal district attorneys. San Francisco voters recalled District Attorney Chesa Boudin earlier this month, partly due to his policies which eased prosecution and pushed for reduced incarcerations. In Los Angeles County, opponents of District Attorney George Gascon are currently collecting signatures to trigger a recall election against the progressive.

“I think as goes California, so goes the nation,” stated Jonathan Hatami, Deputy District Attorney of Los Angeles County. “And so what we’re looking at really is that we’ve given Chesa Boudin the boot in San Francisco; we are going to give George Gascon the boot in Los Angeles. And I do believe that will be the beginning of the end of the reign of rogue and radical prosecutors throughout the nation.”

Earlier this month, the Recall DA George Gascon campaign announced they passed the official threshold of signatures needed to initiate a recall and revealed they collected nearly 567,000 signatures.

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  1. Welcome to dementia-joe biden’s “Amerika”. Brought to you by the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of his “deep state wealthy elite CABAL” “handlers” that rigged the “election”, (and of course FRAUD Obama who is also running the show)

  2. Vigilantism will come back when there is a precipitating incident that fires up the general populace enough for them to react. The police are ordered not to take action because of political expediency? The prosecutors refuse to prosecute even where there’s evidence, the judges refuse to sentence violators. Something? Then the public will react.

  3. If demonRATS are killing each other, I don’t see the down side!

    • What a beautiful picture! Go for it, DEMONICrats! I’ve promised you, you idiots, that God is going to really take care of our country! And He is!
      Can’t wait to see the rest! God is SOOOO good!

  4. I just checked the AC TUAL statistics. of the MOST VIOLENT, gun murder states, the TOP FIVE STATES are GOP/RED; 8 of the top ten.

    interestingly enough; the WELFARE statistics; of the states using the most government welfare of all kinds, 8 of the top ten are GOP/RED; 18 of the top 25.
    yes, really.
    try some truth..

    • Name them don’t spout out with out evidence.

    • To all commenters!!
      The above comment is from a liberal propagandist that goes by the moniker “William stout”. He pulls bullsh*t statistics out of his backside! He’s a joke! In other words, a typical democrat.

    • William Stout,

      Sorry Stouty most Americans have known for years the Corruption and Violence in Democrat cities. Its called White Flight.

    • You sound like a Biden ho puppeteer, You must be getting your info from CNN or the late night show idiots!!
      Let’s see New York Chicago Philadelphia California etc. I don’t think those are red areas!

    • So the FBI has named Chicago the illegal gun murder capital of the US for a ninth year in a row. The top 10 cities with gun murders are all in blue states with Demwit Govs in cities with Demwit governance. All 10 ghetto cities are in states without legal carry.

  5. How about looking at who the MAYORS are of the high rate of crime in red states. EVERY one of them is run by Democrat MAYORS. So be careful when accusing one group over another. Get your facts straight. That’s the truth!

  6. THE PEOPLE should go and ‘ arrest ‘ ALL THESE SATANIC governors, GET RID OF THE FILTH! THIS IS God’s COUNTRY, NOT SATAN’S, and since you all are spewed out of satan’s mouth! Get ready, you’re about to see TRUE HELL! God IS IN CHARGE! No more freaks, no more baby killers, no more lies, no more murders, no more drugs etc…. I HAVE HAD IT!

  7. Thanks for this lies at the feet of all Democraps. When they say Criminal Justice Reform that is code for STRIP all PUNISHMENT from laws.

  8. Democrats don’t have laws to follow. Laws are for everyone else. Democrats are exempt from following any and all laws, rules, and regulations.

  9. Look for Houston to soon join that elite group, and in spite of the best efforts of local, county, and state law enforcement.

    Democrat Run = Democrat Ruin!

  10. The democraps have removed law and order and garbage politicians ie: FJB and the Ho, Maxine Waters , AOC, the rag head, no-bamas, the list is endless…they promote violence, promote freak shows of transgenders, brain washing our children, destroying our History and American culture and promoting legalize murder of babies!
    It’s so sad that empty headed liberals cannot admit that this administration and left woke cancel culture are destroying our way of life and steeling our rights and freedoms!!
    The criminals are giving immunity and no matter who you think you are or where you live, we are all prey do these predators!

  11. This is exactly what they (the deep state)wants .when it gets so bad that there will be a federal police force in all large cities in america.kinda sounds like Germany I the 30’s and40’s.cuba with Castro,lennin and Stalin in russia.when this happens and it will we will officially be communist.obiden and the socialist are hard at it right now.its time for the real insurrection while we still have what little freedom we have

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