First the Rebel Flag…Next the Constitution?

According to a former University of Maryland professor, the Confederate flag is not the only national symbol that needs to be taken down. Henry Bain, writing in a syndicated editorial, says the time is right to take a black marker to the United States Constitution as well.

“All copies of the Constitution promulgate detailed instructions for the recapture of slaves who have run away from their owners,” writes Bain. “One might justify this presentation of our national charter by saying that it commemorates an earlier time or instructs students on the nation’s political history. That kind of thinking has prevailed for a long time in Charleston, only recently yielding in the face of an atrocity.”

By putting it that way, Bain draws a direct line between the Confederate flag and the actions of Dylann Roof. As though Roof would have chosen a different path in life if Southerners had been more proactive about removing the flag from government property. As though the flag had anything to do with the heinous mass murder that shocked the country. Bain seems to suggest that by editing the Constitution, we will…what? Eliminate racism? Prevent black churches from being attacked?

Bain, who just happens to be promoting a book he wrote on this very subject, thinks the appropriate course of action is to move all of the stuff about slavery to a section in the back. That way, we will have a founding charter “that deserves to be read aloud each year when the House of Representatives begins its sessions.”

Another Trivial Diversion

When it comes to the extreme left, there is no subject too trivial. No racism too small. No injustice too silly. In fact, they seem to thrive on finding the most obscure, puzzling things to get offended about. Most Americans can’t even tell you what the First Amendment does, much less recite the racist parts of the Constitution. Maybe we would be better off encouraging people to read up on this country’s history instead of moving controversial symbols to a place where no one will ever see them. Maybe forgetting about the way America treated blacks is not the best idea.

This country has made enormous strides over the last 200 years, and those strides are made evident by those outdated sections in the Constitution. They are made evident by the Confederate flag. They show a nation in progress, quickly rising to become the greatest country in the history of recorded civilization. That progress deserves to be celebrated, not hidden away in a supplemental section.

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