Real Reason Chinese Spy Balloon Entered The U.S.

Photo by Clyde RS on Unsplash

( – The Chinese surveillance group that has been traveling across the U.S. could be used as a surveillance tool by China. It could be used by the Pentagon if they want to gather more information about China’s operations and technology. From the appearance of the balloon, the Pentagon has maintained that it continued to monitor its progress throughout its journey.

Matt McInnis, Senior Fellow for the Institute for the Study of War’s China program, told Fox New Digital that there is political value in having the Chinese know that they have seen the balloon and that the U.S. might be taking this opportunity to learn more about China’s surveillance systems.

It was originally announced on Thursday by the Pentagon, that the balloon had been spotted over the Malmstrom Air Force Base, which is used for the storage of nuclear weapons. Senior State and Defense Department officials originally condemned the appearance of the balloon in U.S. airspace and have now shot it down once it traveled over water.

In terms of size, the balloon appeared to be the size of three Greyhound buses and supposedly carried within it a lot of heavy surveillance equipment. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Saturday took to Twitter to say that Biden had failed at protecting the U.S. border and he is now failing at protecting the U.S. sky.

China’s foreign ministry maintained that the balloon was used for weather measurements and that it accidentally drifted off course.

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