Real Change Requires a Controversial Leader

The inauguration of Donald J. Trump has inspired more controversy than any changing of the guard in our lifetime – the inevitable culmination of the most extraordinary political movement in modern American history. More than 50 congressional Democrats boycotted the ceremony. Protests are swelling all over Washington and the rest of the country. The media feeds us one bad story after another. Whether you love Trump or hate him, you can’t ignore the feeling that we’re about to step into a new and uncertain era of change.

Though many of Trump’s supporters are loathe to admit it, many of us are watching this unfold with a wary eye. Yes, most of our attention is on his deranged legion of detractors, wondering how our country can possibly come back to greatness in the midst of all this insanity. When the president is regularly compared to Adolf Hitler, what sort of reasonable political discussion can we have?

The left’s rabid opposition to Trump has a tendency to harden our own position. Oh, you say he’ll be the worst president in history? We say he’ll be the best! You say he’s a Russian plant? We say Putin is a better president than Obama! You say he’s a racist? We say that you’re the racists! And on and on.

But if we’re really being honest with ourselves, we have concerns of our own about the man ascending to the White House. His tendency to get bogged down in mini-feuds with Broadway actors and Saturday Night Live performers isn’t helpful. His inexperience could make him susceptible to bad advice from Washington insiders who don’t have his best interests at heart. And questions about his business empire and the conflicts of interest therein, while exaggerated by a hostile media, are not entirely moot.

For conservatives, the concerns go deeper. Trump’s position on Russia, his remarks on healthcare, and his stance on free trade are just a few of the areas where he is well outside the Republican mainstream. It remains to be seen how these issues play out, but we can’t blame any conservatives who feel discouraged.

Let us not forget, though, that the alternative was Hillary Clinton.

Putting all of our eggs in the Trump basket was always a risk. We went with the guy who seemed like he might actually change things in Washington. The guy who could stand up to the liberal media. The guy who could potentially expand the party in ways that a Ted Cruz never could. The guy who actually brought real excitement back to Republican politics for the first time in a generation.

Real change requires that kind of risk. Real change requires controversy.

Our country was forged by men who were not afraid of an uncertain future.

Let us embrace what comes with that spirit.

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  1. I know one thing: The U.S urgently requires strong, confident, motivated, focused leadership— after 8 years of “say everything, do-nothing” job performance in the White House. Candidly, the country’s facing serious problems that should not have been ignored for so long. Trump’s exactly the right man to confront those problems. He sees a wider range of strategies for tackling problems; he’s not afraid to take risks. He won’t run away. Trump’s the best man to pull America out of the brink, away from the proverbial cliff. If one strategy doesn’t get the results we need, he’ll work through several possibilities.Mostly he’s got great instincts of what’s needed right now. He’s got intuitive comprehension. All in all, that’s a good thing.

  2. Keep in mind Controversies means Thinkers & Doers as long as they are constructive. Graham & McCann Airing their own opinions & dirty laundry is NOT constructive. Congress needs to remember they had the lowest ratings ever!

    Also the big #WomensMarch openingly announced to the world that WE are divided- this WE are Weak & easy pickings for the #Soros & #Putin’s or even China. President Trump & Congress must act fast to have open dialogue with the leaders. Offer them a fig leaf they can not afford to refuse!
    DO NOT USE Social Media to degrade them! IMO

    • I didn’t see a woman in the bunch!!!! Not a REAL woman

      • That was my question, are lesbos and trans consider women? Dressed like a “uterus” and “vagina” is crass and vile. To me that’s giving people too much rights. Only in America, and what more rights do they need?

      • Did you see the HAG who was thrown off of her flight for harassing the passenger in the seat next to her?

        She asked him if he was celebrating or protesting. He said he was “celebrating our democracy,” and HER RANT WAS ON!!

        Then, she demanded that HE be moved to another seat, and threatened this man to “not even touch the armrest.”

        She refused to leave the plane, said she would be quiet (which she didn’t), continued to harass the man sitting next to her, tried to stay on the plane because her mother-in-law had died (the implication being that everyone should feel sorry for her and her Oliver Milquetoast of a husband), and was FINALLY escorted off the plane by police.

        She left to cheers and chants of USA! USA! USA!!!!!!!

        • Yay! USA! USA! It is time for us to quit sitting by tight lipped like good little Christians and doing nothing as that gets no results for the patriots or we the people. I read in the Word the story again where Jesus went into the temple with a whip and whipped those corrupt money changers out of there and turned over their tables where they were selling cheap trinkets and christian books and tapes and such in GODs house to make a profit. Sometimes discipline is NECCESSARY! God gave the WORD freely and men rewrite it down, make a new book out of it and sell it at their church services. And to me that is also no better and wrong just like the woman that ranted and was rightfully thrown off the plane. Let’s stand up people and take righteousness BACK and kick some demon butt and even those that have infiltrated the House of God, so we can get this country back to blessed again! Great post Krazeehors!

        • Had that been me that she insulted I am afraid that she would have left that aircraft with 3 legs the third one being attached to my boot which would have been firmly planted in her ass!

      • They were all either Has been’s, never have been’s or never will be’s!

  3. His little twitter rants are simply a way of him letting lose and having fun since he appears to never sleep. They are not and will not be a distraction when it comes to doing his job. I have all the faith in the world that Mr. Trump will unite a majority of this country. The ones that don’t want to be united are beyond help and nobody cares about them anyway.

  4. Personally, I do not have any concerns about Trump in the WH. He is exactly what our country needed for a long time coming, and I can’t wait to see his policies come to fruition. Our country has been going down the toilet sewer drain since the ’60s and what we’re being amused by these protests now is the culmination of liberal, leftists ideology that has finally come back and bit them in their ass big time, by Trump ascending to the WH. The Real America did this. They lost their leverage and power and they’re having meltdown after meltdown. They want all of America to be like them, but THAT will never happen!!

    On a spiritual note, I consider them to be evil, and us, good. It will be a long and relentless fight. They are financed by one of mankind’s worst, being George Lucifer Soros, who hates religion and hates America, and BTW, no other country wants him. He is wealthy beyond anyone’s imagination. His intent is to destroy our country. Thanks to him and the likes of Michael Moore, purveyors of hate and divisiveness, the Real America brought forth Trump to save our great land.

  5. Obama was controversial leader, he changed the country for the worse. And all the liberals just let him destroyed his party. I guess John Lewis and 67 other dems will decimate the rest of their party. LOL.

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    • At least Obama succeeded in health care. I am told Trump is going to expand Obamacare to cover every American; poor or rich. Funding for expanded Obamacare will come at point of sale. Every item you will purchase; except food, will have an increase of .01 %. So rich people who purchase expensive homes; jets; expensive clothing like Trump; expensive cars and SUVs, trains etc. will pay another .01%. IRS will collect the money and pay doctors directly for their services. So you will not feel the pain for an increase of .01% on your expensive purchases. Since businesses will not need to pay insurance; every medical condition including abortions will be covered. That means actually insurance companies will out of a job. People will deal directly with their doctors. We love Trump now for his One-Payer insurance program. Long live Trump.

      • You are grossly misinformed!!! Obamacare failed miserably, Trump will not be expanding but rid the disaster law, it will not be a single-payer, nor there will be an increase in tax. You really should stop watching LSM or drink liberal koolaid. Uninformed people like you are who allowed Odumbo and his lapdogs to destroy this country. We are $20 trillion in debt, Odumbo did as much damage as all the president before him combined. You need to get real, snowflake!!!!

        • Don’t bet on no single payer: Trump has been on that bandwagon for a long time.

        • Well said- I want Obama, Sorros, and Clinton in orange jumpsuits soon.

          • All 6 feet under sounds like a much more permanent solution to me!

          • If found guilty of Sedition/Treason that may happen. Especially if it can be proved that their intentions where to dismantle our country and turn us over to a “New World Order”. Why anybody who loves their country
            Would stand behind the most evil Socialist “George Sorros” without exposing him or fighting to prosecute him is beyond my understanding.
            This man is the major kingpin or puppet master and taking him down is a must to thwart future efforts/support to destroy us from within. Note there is also worldwide commitment of Muslims( divide and conquer). These people are a major threat to all civilized societies and should be sent back to the Middle East- no exceptions. These people have been isolated for over 1400 years for a good reason and produce over 97% of the worlds terrorists. They are a Cancer to all civilized societies and will promote Sharia law and if in power they will kill all non Muslims ( as directed by their Koran). We must mandate sending them all back to the Middle East- no exceptions ( it’s a big problem now but it will be much worse later – they multiply like rats).

        • When George Bush took office, we had a 7 trillion dollar surplus. When he left office, there was a 7 trillion dollar deficit. That is minus 14 trillion, you remedial math idiot. I voted for Bush so don’t give me any, you liberal BS. The Republican Party left me when the hypocritical Tea Party was formed. I am a centrist but Trump is so far right he doesn’t know how to spell center. He comes off as a dictator. He could give a rat’s butt about you or me. If you think his policies will help the middle class, you need to drink stronger coffee. None of D.C. gives a S about you or me.

          • Sounds like fuzz math to me. Obama is a musl!m mole gave billions to the Islamic world. Obama didn’t give S about this country for sure.

      • Destruction of health care is NOT “success”!

        • I know you had health care insurance through your job or business. How about African-Americans who were rejected to be hired and denied loans to start their own businesses. Obamacare gave us all we wanted.

          • Sure, by taking health care AWAY from people paying for it, and who had done so for years! Sorry, that’s just theft on your part! Veterans, seniors, and middle class tax payers LOST their real coverage and accessibility so O could give it to those like you who did not earn or pay for it. NOTHING is “free”; SOMEBODY pays for it, and healthcare is no exception! Why should you be handed that for which others are paying but can’t access?

          • So jump int the lake. We will pull you out before you drown. You racists have been playing your game for years. You thought Blacks were less human being than you. You would prefer being near a dog than a Black person. Now pay more for your insurance through check-out at the counter.

          • You make many very nasty and unhealthy assumptions; not the least of which is that you are OWED anything! I never thought any such thing; even as a young child, for all the effort to so indoctrinate me was indeed made. I paid for my insurance! And I paid more than enough for yours as well; but no more! Oh, and I know how to swim!

      • This post is so messud up it cannot be believed. ObamaNOcare sucked.
        trump will save us. OBUMBA destroyed us!

        • You better jump in the lake. Trump is expanding Obamacare to cover every American. I have no idea how Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will react when Trump includes the poor and people of all colors to be insured. This I gotta wait see.

  6. been with Trump from the start and will still be there at the end. Trump will make us great again and all will prosper better than ever. I could have taken a 7 yr vacation and done a better job than Obummer. He had more vacations and played more golf than I have my whole life and I’m 63. He was a waste of time and money.

    • It is unfortunate that the US Taxpayer has to continue to fund Obama’s lifestyle.
      You should google what perks an Ex President gets, impressive.

      • If he keeps on we can still impeach him and eliminate his receiving any more government funds. He can be charged with in-sighting sedition

        • Impeachment is a means by which an officeholder is removed from office. Presidential term limits accomplished that for Obama already and the election kept his clone from taking his place.

        • I’m certain if he is forced to unseal his record, you will find he is constitutional unqualified to be a US president. The fact might be he is still an Indonesia citizen, his name might still be Barry Soetoro. Should be in jail for impersonating an American citizen. Just a thought.

        • You can only impeach an elected or appointed official, while IN office.

  7. We now have a Leader who will bring about changes this country needs.

  8. America was founded by a Declaration of Independence which was a statement of the reasons for a formal rebellion against the authority of the English Crown. Rebellion against authority is a pervasive and repetitious factor of human behavior since the beginning of recorded history. The Declaration of Independence was, and is, thought to be a reasoned justification for the choice not to be subject(s) to the taxation of an authority based on the concept of Divine Right, the valid concept that “God raises up rulers and sets them down.” To rebel against the king was to rebel, in effect, against the very will of God. Can there be an establishment of law based on the fact of rebellion to an authority who represents it or who is the embodiment, on earth, of it? For this reason, the Constitution must be considered to be far more important than the Declaration of Independence which is so frequently quoted to substantiate a notion of the equality of all men as endowed by their creator. The United States was, provably, not founded on the basis of the equality of all men, despite the fact that we beat British forces on two occasions to, first obtain, and, then, maintain our independence. Indeed, having declared independence from the Crown, the institution of slavery persisted until the outcome of the Civil War, fought to impose the rule of law, decreed by President Lincoln in the Emancipation Proclamation. Rebellion against the imposition of a perspective, as law, on those who were economically advantaged by the institution of slavery and who would be disadvantaged by its abolition. Law is the problem and solution, manipulated to achieve a goal of advantage. That law is establishmentarian, is a logical proceed from the concept that the establishment is law by fact of power. Justice is (maintained by) obedience to the law. What makes authority just (fair)? The principles embodied in the law, not the diversity constituting a majority representing their opposition to it. Objections to accountability are unreasoned and illogical, especially, as they affect the security of the people of the United States, diversely. If death is a commonality factor in humanity, the means by which it is achieved is, most certainly, not common, and irreconcilable and unreconciled differences are, most frequently, the cause of it. We must protect against irreconcilable differences based on the commonality of understanding and obedience to a singular belief system which must form the basis of our education system. This is justice, and justice will not be found in the diversity of irreconcilable-difference factors which are held to be a justification for disobedience to the law.

    • The Civil War did NOT start PRIMARILY over Slavery. It was started by the vastly differing economies, and slavery in the South made it difficult for the North to compete in world markets. Also, the South did not believe in the “One Nation Under God” concept and held that the Constitution was only a “compact” that could be abandoned by any state at any time.

      The Union fought to “preserve the Union.” The issue of slavery was not settled until Lincoln penned the Emancipation Proclamation late in the war.

      • Here’s a pretty cogent discussion on the Causes of the Civil War:

        What led to the outbreak of the bloodiest conflict in the history of North America?

        A common explanation is that the Civil War was fought over the moral issue of slavery.

        In fact, it was the economics of slavery and political control of that system that was central to the conflict.

        A key issue was states’ rights.

        The Southern states wanted to assert their authority over the federal government so they could abolish federal laws they didn’t support, especially laws interfering with the South’s right to keep slaves and take them wherever they wished.

        Another factor was territorial expansion.

        The South wished to take slavery into the western territories, while the North was committed to keeping them open to white labor alone.

        Meanwhile, the newly formed Republican party, whose members were strongly opposed to the westward expansion of slavery into new states, was gaining prominence.

        The election of a Republican, Abraham Lincoln, as President in 1860 sealed the deal. His victory, without a single Southern electoral vote, was a clear signal to the Southern states that they had lost all influence.

        Feeling excluded from the political system, they turned to the only alternative they believed was left to them: secession, a political decision that led directly to war.

        To say that the Civil War was fought for ECONOMIC reasons or STATES’ RIGHTS reasons without acknowledging the SLAVERY COMPONENT is disingenuous to say the least.

        SLAVERY was a central issue in the conflict.

        • I know that. I was trying to frame my comment to that would be inclusive IN the comment. The South ALSO sought to have the right (before any secession discussions) to withdraw from the Union because they did not see the US Constitution as the law of the land.

  9. These people comparing Trump to Adolph Hitler are so Historically stupid.
    Adolph Hitler would have had them all shot.
    That’s not even approaching Stalin, their hero, who would have had them all shot, or sent to Siberia, for just being in the area!

    • Very true. Let’s see, considering that these idiots love communism so much, refresh my memory again about how communists handle protest rallies? Anyone remember Tiananmen Square?

    • People who didn’t like Hitler left Germany before it was too late. You ultra Liberals still have a chance. PLEASE LEAVE NOW!!!!!

      • YOU have the greatest tweet I have ever read. Really. It does not even matter whether I agree with you or do not agree with you…..It is an authentic and great tweet. Wonder where you live and what you do and whether you have a family or not. But don’t tell me. It’s too risky and none of my business anyway. I do thank you for the “to the point” post though.

  10. President Trump is EXACTLY who we need to STAND UP to the “ELITES” in Washington D.C.!!!! I’ve had more than my fill of the dumocrats and RINO’s corrupt politics and actions, and it’s time that someone (President Trump) tells them: “WE’LL HAVE NO MORE OF YOUR CORRUPTION AND IGNORING OF THE CONSTITUTION AND THE RULE OF LAW”!!!!!!!!!

  11. Real change requires a unified effort by all concerned! We The People need to get off our butts, out of our comfort zone, and Do Something besides laying down in passive resistance. Treat the immoral anti-American fools with the same respect they extend to others…NONE! Write to our politicians, attend public board meetings…speak up for what you believe! Support that which is right and oppose that which is wrong…period! The ball is in our court now!

  12. The Left hated Ronald Reagan too – they said that “the Cowboy” was going to start WW-III. Well, he didn’t, did he? Reagan could have accomplished more of his agenda, but he was saddled with a democrat-controlled House and Senate. And, unlike Richard Nixon, there will be no impeachment threats, as the Congress is controlled on both sides by Republicans. The democrats have lost over a thousand seats across all national and state-level legislatures (over the last 3 election cycles), and they are thus in a weaker position now than at any point in time since the 1920s. The “mainstream media” (and it even irritates me to call them “mainstream” anymore, because what’s so “mainstream” about a media that treats a bunch of foul-mouthed deranged idiots in the “Women’s March” as somehow “normal” or “mainstream?”). The so-called “MSM” (actually a left-over remnant of the days of broadcast journalism, which has now been significantly replaced by the internet) may hate Trump, but there are now alternate means of finding out what’s going on in the world.

  13. I think a lot of people fail to enjoy the tranquil normalcy of independence from politics, a choice to be existential about the presence of government, mindful of the reasons for its existence and only concerned about the extent to which government fails to fulfill its constitutionally-prescribed purposes or oversteps the authorities accorded by it (the Constitution). Hence, the perspective on the singular importance of the law and obedience to it rather than the liberal notion of the superiority of the freedom of the individual, especially, with regard to obviation or violation of the law or common sense.

  14. You went with the guy who tickled your ears with the rhetoric you wanted to hear, without truly SEEING who and what he is, and has always been! Be honest about it. Granted Hildebeest was no choice either. Nor were Johnson and Stein: indeed on nearly all ballots, they 4, ALL leftist elites, were the presented choices! Whichever won, America LOST! There were other options,for which too few even looked. But it’s done now, and America almost certainly is as well. Certainly,Constitutional America is!

  15. We need a strong leader. One that knows how to manage people and a business. So far Trump has succeeded at both. He did it by leading a good and strong team. Now let’s give him a chance to do the same thing in Washington, our entire country and even take steps to lead other countries that benefit us here in the USA and in some ways the peoples of the world. I am hopeful. Let’s give him a chance. So far Washington has done a less than good job of it….and .even they would tell us that their hearts were in the “right” place. Maybe Trumps experience is what our country and we the people need. I think it’s worth the risk. The other side of the coin has not worked so far. The world we live in has changed.

  16. It is just that Trump has no idea what he is doing. He is just ignorant of how the world works. He is great at building hotels with other people’s money and cheating contractors, but for running a country he is in WAY over his head. We have countries voting to NOT let him visit them. Our friends are now not as friendly and our enemy has become Trump’s friend (because he is so easy to manipulate).

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