Ravens to Ticket Holders: Um, Sorry About Those Protests.

Few NFL teams were exempt from the embarrassing, anti-American anthem-kneeling protests of 2017, but some – like the Baltimore Ravens – were more entrenched in them than others. And while the Ravens management has not gone as far as the Dallas Cowboys have and outright barred their players from these disgusting demonstrations of unpatriotic fervor, they are now realizing that they need to make amends with the people that count most? The mainstream media, including ESPN? No, the fans. Specifically, the fans who have already given the team money and are not pleased about the direction of the franchise or the league in general.

Apparently nervous that season ticket-holders are going to stay home even as the Ravens compete for an AFC Wild Card slot, the team’s president, Dick Cass, sent a letter to them this week acknowledging their concerns and, surprisingly, admitting that the protests were hurting attendance.

“We had the poor showing in London, complicated by the kneeling of a dozen players during the National Anthem,” Cass wrote. “That became an emotional and divisive issue. We know that hurt some of you. Others saw it differently and welcomed the dialogue that followed. Others bluntly told us to keep statements and protests out of the game. There are some of you who have stayed away from our games.

“We have had significant numbers of no-shows in the past when our play on the field has not met the high standard we and you have set for the Ravens,” he wrote. “But this year has been different. The numbers are higher, and it is noticeable. There are a number of reasons for the no-shows, but surely the one-time protest in London has been a factor.”

These protests, started by Colin Kaepernick and bolstered after President Trump weighed in against them, have cost the NFL untold millions in advertising, ratings, and ticket sales. And yet, some players – such as Kaepernick’s former teammate Eric Reid, say they don’t really care if kneeling for the anthem costs them their careers.

In an interview this week, the 49ers safety, now going into free agency, said that he wasn’t concerned about the possibility that his protests would keep him from being signed to a new team.

“There are probably teams that won’t want to talk to me because of it. I’m hopeful that I will be on a team next year, but if not, again, that’s OK with me,” he told ESPN.

While we can respect that stance – it’s certainly more committed than Kaepernick, who has done nothing but whine and file legal action all year – it doesn’t speak to the damage Reid and his fellow protesters are doing to the league as a whole. To say nothing of the fundamental disrespect to the flag and our country that the protests represent.

We’re still holding out hope that these ridiculous demonstrations vanish in the 2018 season, but it may be too late for the NFL to get back those fans they’ve lost.

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  2. If I managed a business and I allowed the employees to disrespect the customers I would be eliminated immediately if not sooner!

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    • How are they disrespecting the fans!?
      The fans are just being snowflakes.

      • Let me guess Will, you’re a Negro right???

      • Kneeling during the national anthem shows total disrespect for our country and for our flag. These overpaid self centered athletes need to find a different time and a different place for their protest. fans come to games to be entertained not to see a political stance. These guys are supposedly at their work place, and not employer should allow such disrespect.

      • Those so called snowflakes are the ones buying tickets to be entertained. They do not buy those tickets expecting to see spoiled disrespectful players pitch their politics before the games start, especially during the playing of the national anthem

        • The athem is a couple of minutes that doesn’t affect the game. If the NFL goes under it’s their fault.

          • they chose this particular time to make a political point. Standing during the Anthem does not diminish their right to protest when they are not playing. How can you consider that anything but absolute disregard for a country that has given them the privilege to play a childs game for millions of dollars.

          • Your posts are right on the money But it seems Will will never agree with the fact`s and just likes to stir the pot.

          • Actually, it’s the fan who let them play for money.
            You know, football was actually created to groom the next generation of leaders. Not be a bunch of meat sacks smashing into each other for entertainment.
            If football is supposed to be about making strong men to stand up for thing, maybe take some time to think about what they say after you’ve enjoyed them outing THEIR hours of hardcore training to use for you entertainment.

      • A fan pays to watch them play thus creating part of their salaries. A fan does not pay to watch them disrespect our country. SIMPLE.

      • Will Higgins, we feel just as disrespected as you would if someone spit a juicy loogie into your face, then turned around and let a big f*rt from their butt into you smirking mug!

    • welcome to corporate American…They can do everything better!!!

  3. I do not see ANY APOLOGIES from the NFL. Quite the opposite. NFL still insists on and supports kneeling. Well, it is OK for us. Most certainly, people like Kaepernick made so much money that they can afford to spit into every American face and it is ONLY OUR FAULT!! We put these imbeciles on such a high plane that from that plane they can afford to not have any respect for us. As far as I am concerned I will absolutely boycott ALL NFL games regardless of whether they continue to kneel or not. Once an SOB is forever and SOB!! And I agree with the comment by “VINNY” (may be not terribly politically correct) but most certainly very true. These people do not deserve to be called any respectable names. The “N” word I find appropriate for those who disrespect The People, The Country and The President! Goodell should have been out long time ago and so ALL players who kneel to the National Anthem. America can live without them and happily ever after.

  4. NFL, Nigger Felon League. They got paid Millions for Running, Tackling, Kicking, and Throwing a strange looking ball, but they got no brains. Absolutly No more NFL, Not ewen SUPERBOWL. And boycott all supporters. Like Nike, Under Armour, Honda Ford, Budwiser etc.

  5. so don’t support the Ravens, they Suck anyway

  6. Stupid “fans” have made them how they are, paying useless “people” to do something useless.

  7. Sadly these guys willing to give up their careers should be thankful and blessed for all they have in success and money. To not stand for pledge to allegiance creates devisive thinking. These guys if they are really caring about equality should be down in the areas and neighborhoods that are filled with gangs and disregard for even their own neighborhoods businesses and lives. Education is the strongest weapon against evil. Standing for the pledge of allegiance should be the sign of what we want in all people. You cant blame law enforcement for the problems not being addressed at home. To not support law enforcement means you prefer anarchy and crime. Get off your knees and stand for allegiance Instead of against it.

    • They are way too stupid to understand that respect for country, family and probably God’s words are the way for a better life for black people.

      • The black community should have risen up at the time LBJ instituted the welfare program in this country. That same welfare program to this day, forbids women with children to have a father in the household in order to get money. Then too, that same welfare program to this very day, still encourages these women to have more and more babies in order to receive more and more tax dollars. Do you think these women even care about their children? These are the very same fatherless children in the BLM movement who really think that they are entitled to do whatever they want because most of them have never been disciplined as children. Today, the BLM is nothing but immature grown children who have never matured intellectually nor morally. What a shame and what a black spot on their black history!!! They can thank the democrat leaders in this country for their state of affairs. When they actually understand what the Democrat Party has done to them with all their fake and false promises of gainful employment that has never come to fruition, maybe then, maybe, the black community and the BLM movement will wake up and put the blame squarely on their elected democrat leaders!!!! Then and only then, will those immature crybabies in the BLM movement grow up to be productive citizens and stop with blaming everyone else except themselves.

    • The thing about the game in London that REALLY ticked me off was the fact that they knelt for OUR anthem but stood QUICKLY to their feet when “God Save the Queen” was played.

      THAT was an even bigger show of disrespect.

      • The are thugs pure and simple.

        • No…THEY “are thugs pure and simple”!!!!

          • He got his point across. I didn’t need a Spelling/Grammar Cop to help me understand Oscar’s response.

          • Oh, quit your bellyaching, krazy. Grow a pair! Hahaha. No sense of humor, have you.

          • I wasn’t “bellyaching.” I just think “Spelling Cops” are unnecessary in this type of venue. And yes, I happen to have a GREAT sense of humor. Sorry. Can’t grow a pair. I’m a woman.

          • LOL

          • Proper care for spelling. diction, grammar, and punctuation is a sign of respect to other readers.

          • Whatever. I knew exactly what he was trying to say so it never bothered me. It’s sort of like making a mountain out of a molehill to complain about ONE LETTER missing in an entire comment.


          • Liberal Tears Are VICTORY!

            LOL BYE FELICIA!😜🤪🤣

          • Who the hell is “Felicia?” THAT is not my name. Bye anyway.

          • Liberal Tears Are VICTORY!

            Google it, you’ll find its quite fitting! 🤪

          • That he is a she dumbass!

          • I am NOT going to get into a MORE than STUPID argument with you over a TYPO. Get that? IT WAS A TYPO!!!

            Get over yourself and leave me alone. I am not perfect, nor do pretend to be. I also do not lie.

          • Whoa! Are you caving on this site when you’re called out on your idiocy??? Typos have their place. Way to many ignorants who have been so dumbed down by our recent educational standards, are woefully missing the point, like yourself. You can’t makeup your own language standards! If folks like you start thinking that the English language can be altered to suit their own fancy, what’s say’n that the English language won’t be going thru unknown territory?? You can’t circumvent an established language to suit your own fancy. Geez, get a frick’n clue.

          • Are you freaking KIDDING me??? I am NOT “caving” on this or ANY site, I happen to be extremely well educated, and am very well-endowed with common sense, something you apparently lack.

            I noticed that there was ONE LETTER missing from the comment, but I understood exactly what the writer was trying to say.

            Not everyone is a good speller, people leave letters out of words more often than you can imagine, and SINCE WHEN did YOU become a member of the SPELLING AND GRAMMAR POLICE?

            You are wrong to demand perfection of anyone on an Internet Blog. People on these sites misspell words all the time. If I have a question about the meaning of a comment, I always ask. If you are the Perfectionist that I suspect you are, I feel sorry for your kids.

            My son was severely learning disabled and, in working with his Special Education teachers, we BOTH learned how to work together to solve his myriad problems. He is now a Sergeant AND a Supervisor in the Army, and I happen to be a disabled veteran, finishing up my first book.

            As far as me “getting a frick’n clue,” I can assure you that I probably have more “frick’n clues” than you could even come close to, and I have experienced more hell in my 63, almost 64 years than you can possibly imagine. I learned a very long time ago that it is absolutely POINTLESS to get upset over stupid shit, and that is EXACTLY what this conversation has degenerated into.

            He missed ONE LETTER. How many words have you now spent trying to prove your point? More than 500.


          • Aw, poor, poor crybaby crazy. You just can’t help yourself now can you? Next time, keep your nosy business to yourself.

          • Liberal Tears Are VICTORY!

            It appears that KRAZEEHOR picked the exact fitting screen name! I can just picture the Crazy Wh0re screaming at the sky with her hands on her hips stomping her feet so hard her pink pvssy hat falls off…TRIGGER!🤣🤪🤪🤪🤣

          • The screen name is “Krazeehors,” I have had it for OVER 20 years, my son picked it out BECAUSE I HAPPEN TO BE CRAZY ABOUT HORSES!!

            I certainly do NOT need YOUR insults, and I am a lifelong Republican.

            And, again, I REFUSE to LOWER MYSELF to YOUR apparently DISGUSTING STANDARDS!

            You are ALSO blocked.

          • You’re an embarrassment to the Republican Party if what you say is true. OMG!!!

          • Shut the hell up. I am NOT a “crybaby.”

            As far as keeping my “nosy business to myself,” the ORIGINAL comment was ADDRESSED to ME. That gives me the RIGHT to MAKE a comment.

            I will say WHAT I want, WHEN I want and if you don’t like it, well, you can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

            I happen to be very proud of my son and his accomplishments, and I mentioned “his business” to EMPHASIZE the fact that he was able to work through what seemed like insurmountable learning disabilities to become the successful person he is today. I mentioned that to EMPHASIZE to YOU the importance of forgiving little mistakes and moving on to more productive work.

            You told me to “get a frick’n clue,” so I told you that I had MANY “frick’n clues.”

            And I am NOT a snowflake looking for a “safe space!.”

            I just learned while growing up and living my life the IMPORTANCE of NEVER LOWERING MYSELF TO SOMEONE’S ALREADY LOW STANDARDS.

            And, I did it WITHOUT ever calling you ANY names.

            Goodbye. You are blocked.

          • Aww, did I touch a sensitive chord with your insane rant?? Sorry, but the original comment was not to you but to Oscar Pearson. As I mentioned earlier, keep your nosy body opinions to yourself. Have some respect for those who revere the English grammar, snowflake.

          • Well Said. To much B/S.

          • Thank you very much.

          • For people who have a stick up their butt it may be important! But to normal people it is ridiculous to make a big deal of mistakes!

          • Too many people/posters nowadays don’t know how to spell. Even with spell check. Good for you for pointing this out. I agree with you, Franie, totally! What exactly are they teaching in schools lately? It sure isn’t spelling, grammar, geography, history, et. al.

          • Isn’t that the truth! Too much indoctrination going on. The educators today are NOT as superior as those who were of a generation ago. The educators today have an agenda…the dumbing down of our children and of our nation. The NEA, the National Education Assoc., has been run nearly exclusively by the democrats, who today are nothing but socialists, Marxist, and progressives. The Democrat Party is so power hungry, that they want to do to the rest of the population what they have been doing to the Black community for decades…that’s in keeping us all down on their plantation!!! Call me crazy, but when college age millennials don’t know who this country’s Capital was named after, yep, they are truly being dumbed down. God help us all as these non-intellectuals are tomorrows leaders!!

          • Liberal Tears Are VICTORY!

            It appears that the Crazy Wh0re got triggered and blocked me… pathetic and way too easy….LMAO

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        • Have you been following the argument about the fact that you wrote “The” are thugs pure and simple rather than “they” are thugs pure and simple?

          Unfricking believable.

      • Perhaps they should HAVE BEEN LEFT THERE. (and see how much LESS money they would have gotten in their “new” country chasing a ball around)

      • Of course they stood for God Save the Queen. They aren’t angry about the way law enforcement disrespects blacks in the UK, just the US.

        • Blacks disrespect blacks. It is NOT a black/white thing, it is a BEHAVIOR thing.

        • Don’t you think it’s high time that the black community begin to have RESPECT FOR THE LAW? Law enforcement is there to uphold the Law. When these BLM THUGS think they’re above the Law, yeah, they need to learn some seriously hard cold lessons on whatever path they have chosen to be rebellious on. But then again, they’re all democrats. Look at their democrat leaders. Felons they are indeed. Hillary has decades of skirting punishment as does her rapist husband hillbilly. Eric Holder has also escaped punishment with his Fast & Furious shenanigans that have killed our border patrol officers. Then you have lying Loretta Lynch with all her felonious coverups. Add to that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and what she did to Bernie Sanders. My God, the list goes on and on and on. The democrats NEVER get punished for breaking our laws, the very reason no one should ever, EVER, NEVER vote for another democrat.

          The Democrat Party IS the party of death, destruction, deceit, ungodliness, obstruction, delay, coverups, no and he|| NO!!!

      • If not for the patriots who fought for our freedom in the 18th century, Our national anthem would probably be God save the queen. The weekly games last a few hours and the national anthem only a few minutes. You would think that they could find time during those other six days or if on game day either before or after the game. They did this because they knew it would draw press and would be controversial. They were there representing our country and had the gall to disrespect our country and flag int a foreign country.

      • Disrespect is a ghetto term for insult.

        • So, I suppose all those military Training Instructors and Drill Instructors (I was one of them) who yelled at their trainees for disrespect were using ghetto language, right??

      • The ghetto term, disrespect was created, because someone couldn’t remember, or didn’t know the word, insult.

        • Please. That term has been around LOOOONNNNNNGGGGG before there WAS anything even remotely like “ghetto language,” “Ebonics,” or anything else.

    • Great post! Thanks.

    • Surely you jest ! These black players do not care for the “greater good.” That kind of thinking is not in their African DNA.

    • He can talk about giving up his career because he is foolish also he is a victim of course -making a lot of money while “working” under those horrible conditions where he was persecuted daily? NOT.
      Take your excessive salary, if you saved any, and get lost

    • Very well said,jimdarnall!

    • bvaughn69@comcast.net

      Don’t forget they are on a higher pedistel then us little folk.The only way to get them to listen to us little people is to hit their pocket book,but alas people wont do that.

    • Jim i totally agree and I am boycotting NFL games and have returned to college games play with the family on Sunday

  8. If it does not bother the likes of Eric Reid..if it ends their career

    Fire them…! !

    We do not want to be entertained… not lectured to by primary pretty ignorant guys from the hood.

  9. I wonder if these ‘protestors’ realize that they are not playing football for the Nigerian Lions or the Zimbabwe Gators, but are playing for the Baltimore Ravens. Which coincidentally is located in Baltimore MD, and just happens to be in the USA! Do you think they ever think about how fortunate they are to have this talent and are able to exhibit it to throngs of (formally) adoring fans? Do you think they ever realize that they call themselves African-Americans and have nothing in common with Africa? Do you think they ever realize how fortunate they are to live as blacks in a country where they don’t have to worry about the Dictator de jour attacking them, and their family, in their home and beheading them? I don’t think they ever think about how fortunate and blessed they are. This is the problem!!!

    • What about all the white players kneeling?

      • They are gutless and scared to death that the black players won’t protect them from injury during the game, should they not go along with the protest!

        • Or they agree with what they are protesting?

          • WHAT they are protesting isn’t the issue!
            Where & when they are doing it is!

          • How else are they supposed to raise awareness.

          • Don’t be facetious!
            There are many other places and ways to get their point across.
            Certainly NOT by disrespecting American solemn tradition!
            It is NEVER right to disrespect the sacred beliefs of others in order to promote your own beliefs which may, or may not, have merit!
            They say they meant no offense, but they have been offensive, and that is a fact!
            They chose the wrong venue, and it should be obvious to everybody by now! I’ll bet you that most people don’t have any idea what they are protesting? If that is true, then only bad things have been the results of their effort! I’ll also bet that those whom they have offended, might well have been sympathetic to their cause if only they had presented it in a more suitable fashion in a more suitable venue. They have been so wrong in this matter!

          • How is kneeling offensive?

          • You simply can’t be as stupid as you seem to be?
            One stands for the national anthem of anyone’s country, out of respect!
            Any other action is disrespectful, and if you don’t know this, I am sorry for you!

          • Not every country plays the anthem at sporting events.

          • Our country does! Enough said!

          • No, not enough.

          • The national Anthem is an American thing. No one expects Russia, France or even Canada to play OUR national anthem. It is played at virtually every sporting event in this country and has been for decades.

          • I meant not every country plays THEIR anthem.
            Most countries don’t have a obsession to stick some form of patriotism on everything.

          • First it is only for a few minutes and those who stand do so willingly. When players went to UK for a game, they knelt when the national anthem was played and had the audacity to then stand when “God save the Queen” was played. That is the ultimate in disrespect. some other countries do and some do not. Here, the national anthem has been played as a tradition for decades.

          • it disrespects all wars and those who died in them for millionaire babies to gloat about so called black suppressed by police.

          • Actually soldiers will tell you that they fought so those players can do just that.

          • Wrong again, Will! Veterans (like me) don’t ever condone disrespect! Freedom of speech has its limits too.

          • The kneeling idea came from a soldier friend of Kanbernick.

          • If so, then he’s more ignorant than Kaepernick! I don’t care who came up with the idea. If one or 100 soldiers don’t see that it’s a wrong venue in which to protest, it isn’t any the less disrespectful to the thousands of other veterans and other patriots of this great nation, who have already expressed their ire by boycotting the NFL, and it’s sponsors, and continue to do so.
            BTW: You can’t even get your facts straight. (It’s Kaepernick, not Kanbernick!)

          • Actually, it’s just the conservative snowflakes saying veterans are offended?

          • You are such a moron! There are no conservative snowflakes! Snowflakes by definition are extremist liberals!

          • These graphics are stupid! I’ve noticed that conservative cartoonists are head-and-shoulders better than liberal cartoonists. The liberal mind is distorted. I guess that’s why they say, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

          • They’re not cartoon, just pictures with words.
            If you want real anti-P.C., you gotta go with liberals, like Bill Maher, or South Park.

          • I’m an artist- I’d like to draw a cartoon with Obama butt naked with a huge thermometer up his ass showing just how corrupt he was!

          • The cartoonists at South Park have you beat.

          • I could show you shoving itup his butt ..with a smile on your liberal face! Virus-free.

          • I don’t know what this comment says?

          • The football fans leave politics at home and if your comment is correct, then there are no liberals among the fans. One part of the national Anthem refers to this country as the home of the brave , which would be our veterans plus those who died defending our freedom and rights. Many of those in the stands who stand with their hand over their heart are liberal. This is not a liberal or conservative issue. It is an American issue.

          • It’s still not about veterans.

          • Of course it is! Even a part of the lyrics refers to the home of the brave, which directly includes veterans. Anyone who chooses to protest should carefully choose when or how to do that. Doing it during the National Anthem, when thousands are standing to show their appreciation and respect, shows clearly that the person kneeling does not share those feeling. It is received by those standing and watching on tv at home as disrespect. It also causes most who watch to reject the so called message they are trying to demonstrate. Most do not even know why they are kneeling.

          • Because people keep telling them it’s disrespect they don’t bother finding out. It’s about the anthem or what it represents.

          • Are you serious. What is there within the national anthem to protest. It is a patriotic song which talks about the flag standing for our free country and our brave soldiers. The national anthem says and does nothing to discriminate against or shame or show prejudice. These guys have been given an opportunity to show their talent and are well paid to entertain football fans. Few employers would allow their employees to do this while working and they are working or at their place of work when they disrespectfully kneel.

          • They’re not protesting the anthem itself!

          • Enlighten me then on what they are protesting. Clearly, the kneeling happens at every game at the exact same time the National Anthem is being played.

          • It’s mostly about police brutality. They just the anthem to drew attention, would you be OK if they held up big banner with their messages on them during the anthem?

          • I know disrespect when I see it and millions of Americans agree with me.

          • And I see millions of American who agree with me.

          • just take a look at the stands and you see everyone showing respect in the same way except for a few dozen spoiled brats on the sidelines. I have tried my best to understand why you support the kneeling and the answer escapes me. Fewer and fewer are now kneeling and we may well see this disappear in the new year, but the NFL has lost millions of fans that they can not afford. The NFL was always the most popular of the professional sports, but have now dropped to third behind the NBA and professional baseball.

          • If it’s ‘fewer and fewer’ why are people still talking about?

          • Fans are rightfully upset that the NFL and the team owners and management allowed this to happen on the work place, which in case of the players is the stadium where games are played. A good manager or owner would have stopped this the first week.

          • Most work places don’t have employees smashing into each other either.

          • That is part of football! My point is that they are working when they do this and politics do not belong in the workplace. Most employers, but apparently this did not include the NFL would not condone an act of this nature in the work place.

          • Yes, that logic you mentioned does not include the NFL.

          • How many people watching have the remotest idea what they are protesting. The fact that they only do this makes it look like they are protesting our country, or our flag or our National Anthem. They are only hurting themselves and the reputation of the NFL. Sponsors of the games are withdrawing their ads and attendance is way down. Very likely, season tickets sales will decline for 2018 season. The NFL is no longer the top professional sport among fans. It is third behind baseball and basketball. Lastly, these players are working when they do that. Few employers will allow politics at work. If they are making some kind of political statement, it should be when they are not working.

          • We have millions of cops nationwide and very isolated instances of police crossing the line of excess force. There are some bad apples in every profession, but you do not blame the entire profession for a few instances of brutality. Most cops who kill a suspect are cleared of any wrongdoing by a very thorough investigation. Most suspects,(black or white) who are killed either possess weapons and give the impression of drawing it or maybe actually firing it at police. More cops are murdered by thugs than innocent murdered by cops. I challenge you to list cases of verifiable police brutality.

          • Soldiers did not serve so that spoiled brats can disrespect our flag, our country and our national anthem and veterans. You will have a difficult time finding very many that think like you do.

          • How are football player ‘spoiled, exactly, they work insanely hard for other people entertainment?

          • I can hardly believe you said this. They play 16 games each year plus the playoffs if they qualify. Each game is roughly 3 hours and half of that time they are on the sideline. Each play lasts about 20 seconds or less. Some do not even play. The average salary is about $2 million per year. they really have it rough playing a kids game. They live in a country where everyone is blessed with freedom seen no where else in the world and we have rights unmatched anywhere else. I really feel sorry for them.

          • They still have to train hard to get and keep their jobs.
            And why are sport a symbol of freedom, ever country has sports, even North Korea plays sports.

          • Tell that fool our Military pays big money to the NFL to Salute our Flag! Every game, and we the people want it to!

      • What about them? Are they not part of the problem also? Do they call themselves German-Americans, French-Americans, Swedish-Americans? There are always ‘hanger oners’ who join simply because they are not smart enough to think for themselves and figure out the issue for themselves. Like you, they haven’t thought through the protests and asked themselves questions like ‘Are the police really summarily killing black people?’ ‘Is there really rampant racism in America designed to crush black people?’ How did America elect a (1/2) black President? Why did America elect a (1/2) black President? Where is the evidence pointing to systemic racism in America? Are not crimes committed mostly by blacks? Could this be why prison populations are dominated by blacks? Just questions to ask oneself to get a reasoned response.

        • you said a Mouthful. “they’ Will Never Be Satisfied…..Unless They Run The Prison’!

          • Then if what you say is true, we should stop trying to satisfy them. Stop giving them the attention they adore. If we stand up to them and tell them that they are inconsequential, they might realize that there overblown self-image is….. well overblown. Because what is currently being tried is not working.

        • By that logic, Trump is proof elections are not rigged?
          White commit most crimes.
          The ratio of white who commit crimes and go to jail is off from black people commiting the same crimes and going to jail. BLM does not say all cop are trying to kill black people, just that their are people who get killed by cops who shouldn’t.

          • Perhaps you should consider that in neighborhoods, in major cities, where the population is mainly black, and where few whites live, the percentage of those who break laws, and end up in prison, is going to be far greater than the disproportionate number of whites? Your premise is flawed from the start, that the crimes being committed are equally committed by whites and blacks. That is simply not true! White, or black, if you don’t want to go to jail, don’t break the law! Problem solved!

          • White on white crime is the most common in the U.S..

          • And whites are the majority, so what is your point?

          • his point is – he makes himself out to be another “useful idiot” on here!

          • Why do people think ‘black crime is a bigger problem?

          • you must take into account the black population and how that compared to total population. Then look at % of crimes committed by blacks and compare the two.

          • But there’s more consistency with crime any income level.

          • More violent crime is committed by those who are not well educated or trained and are somewhat financially disadvantaged.

          • So income level matter more then race?

          • Income or financial status plays a major part, but other things also come into play like growing up in a single parent household, having no one to turn to for advice, too much time on their hands, lack of education and training. there is more, but this is part of the problem.

          • It all seem unrelated to race?

          • where’d you get that false information? Brian (Chipmunk cheeks) steltzer! He’s the new P.C. snitch for Twitter on fake news CNN! Saw him bitching about a Trump Tweet to the blonde gay guy- two useful idiots of CNN

            It’s always been black on black crime even as a kid in the 50’s-60’s! nothing new there!

          • My, I get my numbers from the FBI.

          • on a per capita basis that is wrong, but there are more whites so it logically follows that most crimes will be committed by whites. That is based purely on a total crimes basis and does not take into consideration population breakdown.

        • Excellent post I agree 100%.

      • Very few did and they don’t have a clue either, intimidation by fellow players.

      • Not many Will. Can you count to 2??

      • disrespect is the same , no matter what race you are. Fans go there to be entertained, not to have some spoiled athletes impose their politics on them.

        • It’s not disrespect!

          • These spoiled overpaid man/boys chose the same time before every game to kneel while fans stood with right hand over heart showing respect for flag, country and veterans. What in sams hill are they doing but showing disrespect ?

          • Raising awareness, it only conservative snow flakes who think it’s offensive.

          • Shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, Will!
            It is offensive to a great many people, both conservative and liberal! Why don’t you find a righteous cause to support?

          • Why are you so offended.

          • It is most definitely disrespect of the first order, and was planned to be just that!

          • They are not trying to disrespect anyone, or anything, you’re just being triggered.

          • You can’t see the truth in anything even if it’s displayed right in front of you! You don’t want to hear the truth about this subject; you have your mantra and you will never change. I, and others, have told you we are offended, and explained why we are, but that’s not enough for you. Have it your own way. You are truly an idiot! Go back to your failing political party and steer it right into socialism! For all of us, I hope you fall flat on your face!

          • You haven’t explained why you are offended.

    • No, they most probably don’t think about what they are doing at all! This is the result of an educational system that promotes sports above all else for blacks who attend those institutions. Blacks seem to be in love with the idea that they are revered as heroes and only have to play, play, play all their lives as their “work” of choice! Can’t say I blame them for liking that type of lifestyle, but blacks lead the way as high school dropouts, and about the only other things they lead in is fatherless homes and prison inmates. What this world could use is more Ben Carson’s and far less athletes!

      • Colin (Cancer) Kaepernick is a Muslim which says it all.

      • We can have athletes who are like Ben Carson. Shaq O’Neal is an example of such an outstanding businessman who happened to have also been an outstanding basketball player. However, unlike most of the black athletes who have nothing going for them but their physical prowess, Shaq had goodly parents who felt that education was more important than playing sports. That is why Shaq earned a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and a doctorate degree.

        He is worth hundreds of millions of dollars earned mostly from his business investments and ventures. He has his head screwed on right. He is a humble man who appreciates the opportunities he had to make it big in life. This is a man who all blacks can look up to and try to emulate. I have the greatest respect for this great man who just happened to have been a champion basketball player. They do not come any better than Shaquille O’Neal does!

        • So is Tim Duncan, retired from the San Antonio Spurs.

          • I totally agree with you on Senator Tim Duncan. He is a man I love and respect. San Antonio Spurs? I live in San Antonio–just moved here from Blue-Blue Kalifornika 2-1/2 years ago. Love it here!

          • Welcome! I think you are confusing “Senator” Tim Duncan with Senator Tim Scott. Tim Duncan is a retired Spurs player and much beloved by San Antonians.

          • Sorry, I was suffering from a senior moment at around 3:00 a.m. when I wrote what I did. Thanks for the correction! I don’t know why Tim Scott was on my mind when I read Tim Duncan. Dumb me! Even though I have a Spurs tee shirt that our daughter and son-in-law gave me, I don’t attend the Spurs games. Maybe I should.

          • No problem! I have moments of CRS myself. The last Spurs game I went to was about 30 years ago, and tickets were very hard to come by. That was back when David “The Admiral” Robinson was still playing and Tim Duncan was just getting started.

            Good luck.

    • They don’t have a clue what it means to be oppressed. Go to the countries that kill their own people and then tell us how oppressed a millionaire can be. BOYCOTT ON.

    • Excellent post but you you said think they would have to have a brain to do that. Most of them think we owe them something they owe the white Americans for the freedom they have in our country. Hundreds of Americans died in order to free them and they disrespect our flag and our country .Your post says it all let them say that in Africa like they are here . They accuse us and use the race card we are not the racists they are and I for one is sick of hearing that.

  10. Ummm, sorry about the drop in ticket sales, but YOU have to look at it from OUR perspective. WE want to be entertained. The showing of disrespect for OUR symbolic National Anthem DOES NOT please US, nor entertain US. YOU want respect, YOU need to show respect! More blacks are killed by blacks than by the police. More whites are killed by the police than are blacks. Get a clue and get off your knees!

    • I was a lifetime football addict, but I have not watched one single pro game since the second week of the season. I guess they did me a favor and cured my addiction to the NFL. funny thing, I do not even miss not seeing the games. I have now blocked will and encourage others to do the same. If he has no one to talk to , he might just fade away. his disrespect was the final straw for me.

      • I have not and will not watch foot ball again it`s not worth my time.

        • When the players have on that uniform, they are representing their team and the coaches and owners need to realize that the disrespect shown by players, then splashes over the edge and reflects on the entire team, management and owners. The coaches and owners could have nipped this in the bud, after the first week of kneeling, by informing players that they represent the team and will not dress for next game.

  11. Too little too late Ravens, NFL is promoting RACISM by its Black Players. Blacks need to try to help with the problems facing Blacks and everyone else, but you shouldn’t start by pissing off people that actually WERE on
    your side.

  12. Maybe football fans snowflakes and support something they love.
    Kneeling during the anthem doesn’t disrespect , the flag, the country, the military, the police, or even the athem itself.

    • So what does kneeling represent? Since you know what it doesn’t represent.

      • Praying…Stand for the flag, kneel for the cross…If you have to ask you don’t get it…

      • It’s about drawing attention to an issue, it’s different for some players.

        • An issue! Which issue? Most of them when interviewed cannot coherently verbalize what the ‘issue’ is. Can you?

          • Actually, they are pretty clear, some are just different.

          • I’ll try once again. What, in your opinion, is the issue(s) that are causing them to disrespect the flag and those who served defending it? What is the real, or perceived, injustice that is occurring that causes such a visceral reaction in them? If some are able to be ‘pretty clear’, then you have obviously heard them first-hand or secondarily. You should be able to express the ‘injustices’ for which you agree.

          • There is still racial injustice to deal with, and sticking your fingers in your ears and spouting some vague crime numbers doesn’t change that.
            And kneeling is not disrespectful the flag!

          • There’s sure no racial injustice at the highest level of our government. RE: Obama was elected POTUS 2x. But then you might be referring to racism against white people.
            You never served in the military or you wouldn’t say that ‘kneeling is not disrespectful [to] the flag.’ Had you ever worn the uniform of one of the branches, you would understand what it’s like to take the oath while standing in front of the flag and swearing to ‘protect and defend the nation against all enemies foreign and domestic’.
            Vague crime statistics? Like the murder rate in Chicago, Baltimore and sanctuary cities? These are screaming in your face real!!!

          • If Obama means there’s no racism, the Trump means no election are rigged!
            The idea to knee care from a soldier!

          • I know you wrote this to be sarcastic. As a soldier one kneels to pay respect to one’s fallen comrades. Not to disrespect the flag.
            As to the election, just how was it rigged? Most election stations are not connected to the internet. That’s a fact! How many election stations are there in the US? Thousands and thousands. Your accusation defies reality when you realize how disbursed voting is across the country and the number of precincts. If the Russians (i assume that’s who you mean) were able to pull this off, then why is their puppet in the White House 100% dedicated to America and the American people?

          • You misunderstood my point. I was saying Trump is wrong about election rigging, and if Obama means to racism, Trump mean no rigging.
            Of course, that true. It seem Obama made racists even worse just for being black while being the president.
            Kaepernick was kneeling for those unjustly killed.
            And Trump is not all for America. And a book just came out that says Trump did not he would win the election.

          • You need to re-write what you wrote if you expect anyone to understand it. Grammatically what you wrote is a disaster. Even on opinion websites grammar is important. Grammar shows your education and reinforces your positions.

          • My grammar is fine.
            “You misunderstood my point. I was saying Trump is wrong about election rigging, and if Obama means to racism, Trump mean no rigging.
            Of course, that true. It seem Obama made racists even worse just for being black while being the president.
            Kaepernick was kneeling for those unjustly killed.
            And Trump is not all for America. And a book just came out that says Trump did not think he would win the election.”

          • Desole mon pote. Tu dois mieux ecrire. Si tu sais pas construire une phrase correctement, tu vas jamais elever ton niveau.
            Now spend time on that, buddy boy. I still don’t understand you.

          • Are you just trolling my now?

    • What does it do Will. They chose that time to kneel rather than place their hand over their heart and show respect and appreciation for the many who have died so that they can earn their league average of about $2 milllion per year. The NBA players are seeing record attendance and they do stand and honor our flag, our country and our veterans.

      • It’s about raising awareness.

        • I would discuss politics with you but you condone disrespect for our flag, country and our veterans, some of whom gave their life so we could be free. With this position, I will block you, since you do not deserve the rights those veterans have insured you have.

          • I have yet to see how kneeling is supposed to be disrespectful?

          • When the players put on that uniform, they are a team, and need to consider how that looks. The kneeling only happens during the playing of the national anthem and the kneeling shows that they oppose the message in the song. It also reflects on the entire team, owners and management. Our country deserves nothing less than total respect and the flag and national anthem are symbols of our country. When you condone the kneeling, you are in one sense joining them in their disrespect. They should choose a different time and place to make a political or personal statement. It may well be too late. Fans have reacted and ticket sales will suffer and the sponsors will pay less, and eventually what the networks pay the NFL to broadcast will be drastically reduced. Actions have consequences and the Players will likely see changes in contracts when the owners make less.

          • It’s not about the anthem, it’s about calling out issues in country, not that the country itself is bad.

          • There is no problem with drawing attention to real issues, but the time chosen leads to a disrespectful act. It has offended millions of Americans.

          • Then when should they protest?

    • Exactly what does the kneeling do then. They are the ones who chose to kneel at time the national anthem is being played.. The national Anthem offers everyone a few minutes to show appreciation for our country and respect for the flag that represents our country.

      • If it wasn’t for the military in this country their would be no sports to play. They would all be out there fighting and killing each other like the foreign people.

    • What planet are you from? Get real.

    • Go ask the mother of a vet killed on duty, or maybe the wife or child…Or better yet go to a VA hospital or Arlington National and watch the changing of the guard…24 -7 They pay respect, wind , rain and snow…

  13. The kneeling “protests” consume valuable TV time. Advertisers PAY huge sums to purchase this time. It would only be good business to CHARGE the kneeling protestors, payable in cash, for every second they consume valuable broadcast time, at the same rate as Advertisers.

    Further, if paid for, it should be presented as a “paid advertisement”, instead, these overpaid bums are stealing air time, AND costing the team owner money..

    It’s just business, that way…. nobody gets a free ride.
    Doesn’t matter, in any case, I will never watch another football game.. I’m done with them.

  14. KiperDICK started this based on a totally false narrative ! ! ! “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” in Ferguson NEVER happened and it was proven in court of law by a jury of Michael Brown’s peers. Those on the left, especially blacks, believe that it happened to this day,…….. it didn’t, get over it and stop looking for reasons to divide our country more than Obama already did. All of these protests are based on something that NEVER happened ! ! !

  15. I find it kind Racist so many Black people on each football team,, maybe it time fire some black people, and bring in white football players

  16. no more nfl I d rather watch a television test pattern rather than any nfl game

  17. It Is The Black Players who Hate TRUMP That Demonstrate. Lets Be HONEST Here””’? PLEASE”’!

  18. Football players are fast becoming unfortunately irrelevant due to the reckless antics of a select group of team members whose credibility is marred by irrational claims geared to police brutality and prejudice against the black American community. If their position weren’t so outrageously adhered to, it might be scripted into a comedic movie, one emphasizing the entrapment resulting from a lack of acceptance of sangfroid reality or an egregious lack of maturity. .

  19. I see no difference between not standing for our anthem and spitting on the fans !!!!

  20. sandraleesmith46

    They still don’t get it! Too bad!

  21. “We’re still holding out hope that these ridiculous demonstrations vanish in the 2018 season….” What kind of ignorant statement is this? Don’t “hope” take example from the Dallas Cowboys, just stop it or fire the protesters. Some don’t even care if they are fired, so fire them as an indication to your fans that you are actually repairing the damage done by these ungrateful fools.

    • What example from the Cowboys? Keeping an abuser on the team? Not stopping this nonsense before it even started? Please enlighten us.

  22. Welcomed what dialogue? They disrespect our flag, our veterans and our family and the owners of the Ravens now begging fans to come back. PATHETIC.

  23. I don’t know about businesses other than those I have worked for but in the past you were told to keep your politics to your self and tout of the work place. Failing to do so could result in termination. These football players, not unlike movie stars and other celebrities are only one step above prostitutes. They are there for our pleasure and nothing else. For the most part no one really cares what they think, or even if they can think, they are there to preform. If there performance does not meet our expectations they will be replaced. I am not a sports fan of any kind and therefore if all NFL games were removed from the airways it wouldn’t bother me in any way. If I don’t like what is being presented on a TV station I switch channels and until the American People show the TV Networks and the NFL that we do not approve of the actions of their players nothing will change. Until the FANS stop buying tickets to the games and make it know that they will not buy the products of the sponsors of these games nothing will be done. Since when does the hooker get to tell the customer what they will or will not do?

    • The teams have the money because us seasons ticket holders who do not go to the games now already have the money. I stopped going and will not get the season ticket next year or afterwards due to these idiots that are on the team. They don’t deserve anymore than a part time pay for that is all that they are playing. No money and maybe they will realize that they are useless to us.

  24. Would be nice to see empty stadiums…make the NFL feel the hurt. If, eventually, the NFL actually disintegrated over this … no biggie. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b3e8848ee7daa381715fe42b2b2c7bdb18a0ddb7947b6212265089437519ed63.jpg

  25. I am really interested to see who continues to hold out through the stupor bowl.

  26. No tickets for me ! Adios

  27. Ronald Halverson

    Their apology is meaningless because they were offered a bribe by the NFL if they stopped protesting the National Anthem. Bribe is in the millions over several years. We the people say. TOTAL BOYCOTT OF THE NFL
    The nfl no longer exhists

  28. The NFL Players (some) who are angry about the law enforcement are angry at the wrong group. The real culprits are the Democrats who have enslaved the blacks with Welfare as surely as the slave owners 200 years ago. The Welfare recipients are not allowed to have a Father figure present in the home to receive welfare money. This culture has decimated the Black Family unit. The Black families were headed up by strong fathers who would teach their sons by the example of hard work, respect for the law, and respect for women. This has disappeared into a paycheck driven abyss of no discipline, no examples of law abiding men. I would be angry, too if I were them. But blame the DEMOCRATS who want to keep the blacks beholden and marginalized.

  29. another pathetic “editorial opinion” by loser Rex McMillian who couldn’t recognize an important issue if it sat on his face. Chub for the PND “base”-

  30. Any way you want to look at it, What they are doing is not protesting but it is spitting on America and I truly feel if they hate the country so much, They can leave and they sure can afford it.
    A bunch of uneducated thugs making millions of dollars sure is something to complain about.((( IDIOTS )))
    If they are so protesting about the poor uneducated black people not having anything, They can share their money with them.
    Pissing on the national anthem and the flag is just plain wrong and has no place in America pretending it is protesting.
    I have been recording games and seeing what sponsors they have so I can just avoid buying their products.
    The N.F.L. is dead to me and they can KMA because I can really live without supporting anything as unAmerican as the N.F.L.
    I don’t watch the games, I fast forward to the commercials and write the names down.

  31. The league owners should put a clause in all contracts that if it is determined that a player is disrespecting America in any way on or off the field that player will be summarily dismissed from the organization and all pay and allowances forfeited. No second chances. Then these thugs can go join the gangs that are really killing other blacks randomly and with malice and forethought.

  32. The only way I will return to watching NFL football is the teams have to put all the kneelers in the hospital … mental or physical—- good bye you rat b——-

  33. If they aren’t concerned about their careers, they should take their protests elsewhere!
    Football is for the fans and if they have a concern, use a different venue.
    Disrespect to the anthem, flag and the fans will not help solve this issue!

  34. Without fans, the NFL wouldn’t exist!

  35. When they kneel for the American National Anthem and STAND for the British National Anthem, then they should stay in England.

  36. I’m certain if Eric Reid were a rookie he would not be talking his bullshit about not caring if he has to leave the team. He’s talking this b.s. because he feasted off the generosity of the fans who supported his team and didn’t complain about his exorbitant salary. Reid’s not giving up anything, other than steroids, if he was smart and saved his millions!!! If he was a rookie and ended his career he would be shining shoes.

  37. Damn right it’s too late to get back to their fan base!!!

  38. Yep, WAY too late. The NFL will NEVER get another penny from me!!!

  39. So to which nation do they ‘pledge their allegiance’??? As a ‘patriot’ of it, they should go there.

    These terms: allegiance and patriot may not be understood by those who are ‘exercising’ their rights. If this is so they should study the Federalist Papers or some factual history.

  40. There is so much good these guys could have done, but they chose not to go into their communities and actually do something positive. Instead they insulted every American and were allowed by poor management to get away with it. I could care less about their lost millions. Let them go the way of the gladiators. Football is responsible for so much brain damage, not to mention broken limbs and I will never, that’s NEVER, give them a second look again.

  41. Cheryl Papay Salmon

    Too many head hits? Left college too soon? Low IQ? Part of the Entitlement mindset?
    Could care less. When these fools disrespect our flag, they disrespect our country, our military, our government and us. If they want to make a statement, how about doing it in a positive way. Want to make a change? A difference? Find a way to do it that doesn’t offend every patriot in America.

  42. Well Karma paid their anti American asses a big visit in the last 40 seconds of that game win and your in, BUT!!!! “BYE BYE BLACKBIRD!!”

  43. Ticket holders to the NFL…

    Sorry we are no longer interested.

  44. Those anti-America protesting players are just childish, insecure thugs. I think the real way to protest Our country would be to leave. Go somewhere else! That would show us American’s. Heavens sake, I don’t know what Our country would do without those Thug protesters.

  45. I am a white boy and I believe that the players that kneel are making all the good black americans look foolish. Our black brothers and sisters just want to be free and respected. They want to live with there heads held high like any other color of american. Fire the players that kneel and lets get on with Making America Great Again.


  47. I just wonder if all these oppressed blacks have noticed how much TV advertising, roles in series, black men with white women in commercials, black executives managing whites, white men always the foils, etc., etc.

    Perhaps they’ll never be satisfied until the USA is run like Haiti, once the Garden of the Caribbean… Or Zimbabwe once an exporter of food for Africa.

  48. Just like what most of them do to the hoods they inhabit…they turn them into slums and ghettos. They are working hard at turning the national felons league into a ghetto.

    I won’t ever watch another nfl game again….CYA

  49. It is too late.

  50. Patriotic American

    I think it is time for someone to look into the kneelers bank account and see how much these players got from the Soros group. It must have been a boat load of money if they dont care if they play again.


  52. All of you spoiled bratty fartball players should be in prison for traitorous acts. You all are un-American, anti-American losers. Get lost, fooos! Take your ill-conceived team and shove it where it hurts. The only way you will ever redeem yourselves is to FIRE all of the traitors on your team who would rather kneel to the Devil instead of stand for God and Country. Don’t ever come back to get people to watch your silly games until you get rid of all of the cancerous players on your pathetic team.

  53. Liberal Tears Are VICTORY!

    Congrats Slapernick, you’ve destroyed the league and F U Ravens for the pathetic apology letter… perhaps you should put a leash on those kneeling a-hole players and jerk really hard… better yet fire every one and move forward… with no job, these thugs will be incarcerated soon enough!

  54. Sharon Jeanguenat

    What discussions?? Most people have no idea of why they’re protesting. And fans won’t be back until the teams purge the protesters, & Goodell out of the league.

  55. Let’s hope the super bowl is a dud.

    If THAT doesn’t wake them up, nothing will.

    BTW: The NBA can suck it up as well!!

  56. Fuck the NFL – haven’t watched it since last year with Kaepernick kneeling. Got my NFL tv ticket canceled, too. There are other things that I can do and go watch without listening to whining millionaires bitching about shit. Do something about your problem then……..like all the money you get – do something productive with it. But no, just got to kneel and whine/bitch. I’m sick of you guys – all of you. You don’t kneel for the American Anthem in another country and stand for their anthem. You all can kiss my ass……………you disrespect all of us by doing that!! F…Y..

  57. I have not watched a game all fall and never will again, You have to know sometimes when you pull the trigger, You cannot recall the bullet, good riddance.

  58. I hope people don’t buy season ticket and show the players and owners we are sick of them

  59. I wouldn’t waste my time going to these games in person or watching on TV under any circumstances anymore. I played football when I was a kid and went to Oilers games at the Astrodome in Houston or watched on TV for years. But no more. And ironically I haven’t missed it in the least. I don’t know if I’ll ever be interested in the NFL again. The racist thugs can go play in North Korea for all I care now.

  60. Ungrateful BRATS. Protest all U want BUT NOT during OUR National Anthem which we hold sacred, U bums.
    All U did was divide the country. I will never watch another game because the players, the coaches AND the Commissioner who all disrespected our flag.

  61. Good job Goodell. Had you dealt with this decisively you would have done the game great service. Trump was right. But hey? You still got another contract allowing you to guide the sport into more trouble. Did you think the players union with their partisan friends wouldn’t have other cards up their sleeves? Your actions speak loudly on the kind of fans you welcome to the stadiums they paid for.

  62. It makes no difference which team. It makes no difference which game (even super bowl) I refuse to ever watch another football game. If they can kneel during the National Anthem I can not watch their sorry A__. I don’t much care what color they are either.

  63. if theyre so sorry then they should give ticket holders refunds , take it from the felons salary cap money , they could use a little pay cut

  64. More petty issue BS from Rex McMillian-

    Here is an important read-

    Rise Up! Regenerate!

    “…the care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.” – Wendell Berry, “The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays”

    It was a soil scientist who reminded me recently of something we self-obsessed humans often forget: We don’t need to worry about saving the planet. The planet will save itself.

    Planet Earth will survive in one form or another, no matter what damage we humans inflict on it. The question is, will we survive with it?

    Or will we destroy Earth’s ability to sustain life, all life, as we know it?

    We had that conversation sitting around a table in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where about 100 people from 22 countries gathered in September for the second Regeneration International (RI) General Assembly. We were there to evaluate what the group had accomplished since our last gathering in June 2015, when we launched RI, and what we wanted—and needed—to do next.

    We came from different organizations, different countries, different backgrounds. We were scientists, farmers, activists, business leaders, policy wonks, writers.

    Our concerns ranged from environmental pollution, health, food safety and food sovereignty to economic and social justice, the global refugee crisis and global warming.

    We had come together to renew our commitment to the one movement that we believe has the power to address all our individual and collective concerns, the movement that holds the most hope for resolving the multiple and deepening global crises of hunger, poverty, crumbling political systems and climate change.

    The Regeneration Movement. The movement that begins with healing our most critical resources—soil, water, air—through better farming and land management practices. And ends with healing our local communities and global societies.

  65. I don’t watch NFL or NBA EVER.

  66. Surprise, surprise. I wonder what might happen if people who had bought tickets to a football game were annoyed at the fact that political demonstrations were inflicted on them by players and demanded their money back, on the basis of having been defrauded, which one could note they were.

  67. When they started taking to the knee, I stopped watching and supporting the NFL and started watching other things on TV. Guess what I and some others found out thanks to your players there are other programs on television during the knee season. Now direct tv does not have to worry about me paying for something I AND SOME MORE NO LONGER WATCH. Keep up the good work and there will be more watching family orientated programs and not those selfish self centered players and management! Have a darn great day!!

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