Rapper Kills Rookie Cop After Making Cop-Killing Song

A paroled ex-convict has been accused of shooting dead a rookie Indiana police officer during a traffic stop over the weekend after making music about killing officers, police said.

Carl Boards II, 42, was charged on Monday with murder, unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon and two counts of resisting law enforcement, a day after Elwood police officer Noah Shahnavaz was gunned down in Madison County northeast of Indianapolis.

Shahnavaz, a 24-year-old first-year officer, was shot in the head after stopping Boards’ 2012 Buick LaCrosse around 2 a.m. Sunday. Investigators found 36 rifle bullet casings and damage to the patrol car’s hood, windshield and driver’s door.

Shahnavaz’s gun was still in its holster when he was airlifted to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, where he was pronounced dead, police said in a court filing cited by Indianapolis Star.

Boards was apprehended a short time later after leading police on a chase. Officers said they found in his possession a 9mm handgun. A search of his car turned up an AK-47-style rifle with a high-capacity magazine.

Boards owns a barber shop in Marion, Indiana. Police went to the business and interviewed a man who lives in an apartment upstairs.

The man indicated that Boards “made a recorded song making statements that if he was ever caught by police that he would kill them,” said Richard Clay of the Indiana State Police.

Inside the barbershop, investigators allegedly discovered literature that “appeared to be consistent with the Black Hebrew Israelite philosophy.” 

According to the Anti-Defamation League, some sects of Black Hebrew Israelites are anti-Semitic and racist. Their adherents believe “that white people are agents of Satan, Jews are liars and false worshipers of God, and blacks are the true ‘chosen people’ and are racially superior to other ethnicities,” according to the organization.

Boards has an extensive criminal record that dates to 1999 and includes a laundry list of more than a dozen convictions involving guns and drugs, Clay said.

In 2007, he was convicted of criminal recklessness, resisting law enforcement, possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon and carrying a handgun without a license after he fired shots at Indianapolis cops during a traffic stop. 

In that case, Boards was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but he was freed by the Indiana Department of Correction in 2019. Boards was released from parole less than a year ago.

Officer Mike Kavanaugh, who was involved in the 2006 police shooting that landed Boards in prison for 13 years, weighed in on Shahnavaz’s killing on Facebook and appeared to condemn Boards’ early release.

“Officers SHAHNAVAZ should still be alive,” he wrote. “Boards should still be in prison. I’m not going to say much more about this.”

Shahnavaz served in the US Army for five years before joining the police force in Elwood 11 months ago. He is survived by his parents and siblings.

“His dream was to serve others and we are proud of what he accomplished in such a short time, both in the military and with Elwood police,” Fishers High School principal Jason Urban said. “The entire FHS Tiger family grieves this tragic loss of such a promising young man full of talent and potential.”

Original Article: Ex-con charged with gunning down rookie Indiana cop (nypost.com)

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  1. Being soft on criminals only put others at risk! Life in jail or death penalty!

    • Why doesn’t the media profile the fallen police families and police families in general.
      The anguish and fear for their spouses putting their lives on the line.
      No the media only glorify parasite criminals and their trashy low life hating relatives.

  2. elections have consequences, in new mexico ran by democrats we have the revolving door of justice where criminals are back out on the street before the cops can finish the paperwork of the arrest only to commit more violent crimes and homicides

  3. Right on Bo! Another black scum bag promoting hate, violence and racism. I’m sure his equally corrupt terrorist buddies in the BLM will be there to get his Preferential treatment.
    Hope this parasite rots in hell, he should be subjected to the same crap he spews and see how tough he is….

  4. This piece of shit should be executed on live tv. Slowly.

    • I agree with you 100%! He should have been executed the first time he wss arrested in possession of a weapon by a prohibited person!

  5. This piece of shit should be executed on live tv. Slowly.

  6. I’m with you Bo!

  7. This criminal is obviously a Democrat. If he were a conservative he would still be in prison. Better yet if he were a conservative he would probably be a law abiding citizen. Not to worry he will be back on the streets tomorrow with an apology for arresting him and return all his guns and replace all the ammo he used. This is how the system works for democrats, by democrats.

  8. In reply to Uncle Fester, Do not bring political idealism into this. Yes he should never have been released from his 25 yr sentence. As the injured officer said. We must make prison sentencing with out chance of parole for serious crimes and they need to be evaluated by a Dr. as to the threat to others on how he can be released when his sentence is completed. My condolences to his family and know I thank him in my prayers for being a wonderful person.

  9. They should have shot the shit out of this no good piece of SHIT!

  10. Another young man sacrificed at the altar of wokeness. While ideological morons make decisions based on guilt over something that ended over 150 years ago another family and community suffer a loss that can never be justified. Perhaps if this predatory victimizer had used the wrong pronouns he would have never been set loose on an unsuspecting public. The ridiculous concern over this sick mfer’s rights has once again denied a law abiding citizen his right to life. Day after day we read of another career criminal’s well being considered over hard working Americans who contribute to society rather than take from it. The people who make these decisions get to go home after their day of making life and death decisions without concern or consequence for their actions. Qualified immunity must be eliminated or these true injustices will only continue. So every single bleeding heart liberal that pats themselves on the back for being woke are entirely responsible for the victimization they create by letting known violent repeat offenders walk for no better reason than it makes a liberal feel good. Sodom and Gomorrah

  11. All these judicial systems are so soft on these murderers now and all the worked and bleeding hearts wonder why the average citizen wants or does carry a weapon now!!! Let me guess the system will cry he has a mental illness. When are these medias going to start showing what’s happening to our officers, At this point if I was a cop I would probably be on high alert with any black man to.

  12. The disturbing part of all this is the fact that this murderer is a liberal who will be overlooked by the MSM, and the MSM and demoncrats will use this as another example of why they need to ban all guns and take them away from law-abiding citizens, knowing full well that criminal trash such as this will never obey gun control laws.

  13. So you don’t want to hear the political truth that is…
    Democrats want no punishment for criminals and to take away citizens ability to own guns.
    Then they want to defund the police which will lead to no one coming to your aid when the criminals go on their rampage of violence.
    Eventually no one of sound mind will want a career as a peace officer.
    Then we will be left with criminals doing as they please and we the citizens will have no way to protect ourselves or our families.
    But when the violence gets to the door step of the government’s elite there will be privet contractors working for off shore companies who will be able to shoot and kill ANYONE who they believe to be a threat and there will be no recourse of the average citizen to bring them to justice.
    The police are the reason we can sleep at night!
    Imagine a world with no police but only hired security for the rich and political elites. This is the way the world will be after the Democrats destroy our society.
    Make no mistake this is not about anything but destroying the middle class and giving total control to the ultra wealthy and their cronies the political elite.
    It long past time for Americans to wake up and start using the power of voting for political proponents of law and order.
    Commit a crime with a gun, murder someone, shoot at law enforcement personnel = death penalty…

  14. So he is a black supremacist, and yet they still manage to blame Israel. Ok then.

  15. Why do they even bother about sending these DIRTY PIECES OF TRASH
    to prison when they know they will just turn the TRASH LOOSE when they
    cry about being in prison to long, when they catch the scum like this then
    they need to bring the dirty scum to the public to see the scum put to their
    death the same way the scum killed their victim, this piece of trash should
    be shot by starting at his legs and work up until they find a fatal spot and
    this should be done when they are found guilty and not wait around for 2
    or 3 years after they are found guilty, the punishment should fit the crime
    if they kill someone by drowning them then they should be brought to the
    public to watch them drown. If was done it would slow the scum down if
    they knew they were going to punished in public immediately instead of
    2 or 3 years later..

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