Rand Paul Spars With DNC on Abortion

Rand Paul’s official entry into the 2016 race has gotten off to an auspicious start, complete with a combative interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, a cordial welcome from Ted Cruz, and a spat over abortion. This probably isn’t how the Kentucky Senator saw his first week of campaigning going, but he has acquitted himself well despite a hostile media.

His best moment came in a press conference on Wednesday when a reporter decided to catch him off guard with a non sequitur about abortion. To his credit, Paul was ready for the question.

“What’s the DNC say?” he asked. “Why don’t we ask the DNC if it’s okay to kill a seven-pound baby in uterus. You go back and ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz if she’s okay with killing a seven-pound baby that has just not been born yet.”

Wasserman Schultz is the chair of the Democratic National Committee, and she responded later with a statement.

“Here’s an answer,” Schultz wrote. “I support letting women and their doctors make their decision without government getting involved. End of story. Now your turn, Senator Paul. We know you want to allow government officials like yourself to make this decision for women – but do you stand by your opposition to any exception, even when it comes to rape, incest, or life of the mother? Or do we just have different definitions of ‘personal liberty?’

In an interview with CNN later that evening, Paul addressed the DNC chair’s retort. “It sounds like her answer is yes, that she is okay with killing a seven-pound baby. Debbie’s position, which I guess is the Democratic Party’s position, that an abortion all the way up until the day of birth would be fine. I really think most pro-choice people would be uncomfortable with that.”

He’s probably right, but they shouldn’t be. This is the direction they’re being led by the extreme left, even if they don’t realize it yet. To the monsters who keep the pro-abortion movement going, there is no delineation between trimesters. No delineation between reasons for performing an abortion. It’s as valid to abort a child for matters of convenience as it is to avoid giving birth to a rapist’s child.

Paul has carved out a niche for himself as a different kind of Republican, but it’s refreshing to see that he has not abandoned cultural conservatism. He’s not going to see eye to eye with every registered Republican on every issue, but he brings a fresh voice to the debate that’s long overdue. And his position on abortion proves that he is a man of principle.

Take God out of it. Take away debates about Republicans, liberals, Planned Parenthood, the Hyde Amendment, and everything else. Take it down to the basics. We’ve gotten so twisted in this country that the people who fight for the lives of unborn babies are the bad guys. Just chew on that for a minute. Is it any wonder this country is in the shape it’s in?


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  1. Its good for Paul. He needs to come up to speed with his ability to defend his views and not appear pouty.

    • “appear pouty?”….Nonsense Rand Paul not only “appears pouty” frankly he appears even more nutty then his crazy daddy Ron Paul!

      • Perhaps 🙂 but pouty really describes his superficial attempts to appear a cut above the hubris of his peers – and gets very snarky when he gets mocked.

        • Amen and add both old man senile fool Ron Paul and goofball son Rand Paul the bird nest hair cut nutcase are both totally out of touch with reality and so are all of their goofy supporters!

          • Ralph Long, ad hominem attacker: Can I then assume you think DNC
            Chairman DebbieWasserman-Schultz with her bird-nest hair, is also a character out of the funny papers? And you think their non-goofy supporters are correct?

          • Nope Gnowark frankly I do not think DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is even a human being!…Any Dimwit Democrat and Paulbot Goofy Old Party Trolls like you prove the maxim called Murphy’s Law Correct that “In a complex organization each individual rises
            to the level of their incompetence!”….

          • Please correctly attribute (60’s ?) Peter Principle (incompetence). Murphy law is from years ago (WWII) roughly, ‘what can go wrong, will’

          • Duly Noted Gnowark! Thank you!

          • And what do you have going for you?

      • Ron and Rand are both exceptional characters. The nuttys you speak of are of the socialist Liberal Democrats! Pushing communist values we are currently on our way down the tolet

        • Well Bob Markle you got that one partially right since yes Ron Paul and son birdnest haircut son Rand Paul sure are “characters” right out of funny papers!

          • Ralph Long, ad hominem attacker:Can I then assume you think DNC Chairman DW-S with her bird-nest hair, is also a character out of the funny papers?

  2. CNN MSNBC NBC ABC CBS push any stage abortions ..we have a vary evil MSM..

  3. None of the candidates need to get caught up in the leftist communist trap! Our nation is in trouble and it has nothing to do with social problems! Take care of the power, greed and corruption of government and the social issues will take care of themselves! We are on the verge of collapse! Does abortion have anything to do with our imminent collapse? The answer is simply, NO! Time to wake up people!
    Discuss the REAL issues! Smaller government, less spending, balanced budget, jobs, business, banking, stock market, foreign relations without more spending. There is so much more! Let’s own up to and fix what is really wrong! Gay rights, abortion, religion, guns and racism! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    • What does all this mean if we still are barbarians and kill babies, the most innocent of us?

      • It means nothing! The communist party of America has indoctrinated this nation with this idea! ABORTION, GAY RIGHTS, RACISM! These are the smoke and mirrors of our politicians! They get people such as yourself that believe that abortion is the biggest problem we have! Sorry, but this is so untrue! The biggest problem we have is big government and all of their corruption!
        Given the choice of Iran with nuclear bombs or the right to life! Which is more important?

        • Both are important. Why should anybody have to chose just one thing when there are so many problems in America. If we didn’t have Democratic government. we would not have had as many problems as we do now.

          • Americans need to chose what is important and beneficial to America! Abortion fixes what? ABORTION! CORRUPTION fixes what? Politicians lining their pockets! Preferential treatment! Wasted tax dollars! Further corruption!
            See the difference? With a socialistic government or a communist government, you as a people have WAY MORE problems! Are you really that indoctrinated? Are you really that disinformed? How is this possible! Actually, I guess it can be! HITLER took over a nation! Hitler took over a Continent! I guess it really is possible!

          • ONLY JB1, Does 56 Million babies slaughtered mean nothing to you? Are you so corrupt
            that all you can think of is yourself and the almighty dollar?

          • I’m corrupt? Self centered. and it’s only about the dollar?? You totally missed my point and it’s because you allow abortion to blind you completely from the truths of what needs to be fixed in our nation! Let me ask. Did the abortion issue pay your bills this last year? Did the abortion issue take care of all your medical needs last year? Did the abortion issue keep you and your family safe last year? Did the abortion issue take care of your educational needs last year?
            Of course not! Can you see my point?

        • Wrong. The moral fabric of a nation is the only thing that matters. Every thing else is derivative. A cultural and social ethos is dependent on people of character. You can not have fiscal responsibility without moral responsibility.

          • Right! Sorry Edward, but I have to stand by what I just said!
            We have lost all moral fabric! We as a nation are thread bare! Social issues are somewhere near the bottom rung of the fix this ladder!
            Before you comment again, please answer my question! My last sentence! Answer that for me!

          • Yours is a ridiculous either/or, an absurd way to examine an argument or even a premise of a value judgment. Truth is a coherent whole. There is no such thing as truth competing against truth or a legitimate human value displacing another legitimate human value.

      • It means Hitler may not have been as bad as we thought. HE only killed six million because of their ethnicity. Since 1973 WE killed a hundred times as many because of their inconvenience.

  4. Mid Mo Conservative

    “I support letting women and their doctors make their decision without government getting involved.”
    This is hysterical!!! WITHOUT GOVT INVOLVED! Are you kidding??? What about Obamacare??? I am being FORCED BY GOVT to pay for birth control (I am 60 YO) abortion on demand (against my religion) morning after pill… but most of all, I am being FORCED BY GOVT to even have health care. We are in end times. Look around.

  5. Taking God out of the picture is why we, the USA and the World Nations, are in the predicament we are in. It won’t get better until Jesus comes to reign/rule in righteousness because this is His creation and Satan has lost since the Resurrection.

  6. So,frankly it is too bad that goofball Rand Paul dear old daddy nutcase Ron Paul didn’t abort Rand Paul as well! However, I do have to admit with his birdnest hair cut Rand Paul would make a great GOP Clown Car Driver!

    • Your a Libtard jackass you sir are what is wrong with this country! Do us all a favor shut your mouth your wasting oxygen, and spewing CO2.

      • Bob…, Ralph has a mental disorder. Every Liberal has a mental disorder. Liberals have no problem with “murder”. They somehow find a way to justify it. Liberalism is a disease that needs to be addressed. Any person who can justify the blatant murder of a child in the womb, has a mental disorder regardless of the circumstances. .

      • Hey Paulbot fool Bob Markle do you always run your rotten phony big mouth this way whenever your busy talking to yourself?..Go worship your collection of Ron Paul and son Rand Paul fool!

    • Why are you so obsessed with his hair? What’s the matter, dipstick, no one pay attention to you today?

      • Well to be honest with you that idiotic birdnest haircut of Rand Paul makes him and all the other Goofy Old Party aka GOP and Republican 2016 Presidential Candidates look like fools and a bunch of looney toons that satisfy you Paulbot? And just by the way I happen to a Registered Independent Voter living in Phoenix Arizona,,,,Next Stupid Question Please?…Oh Yes I also detest Democrat Silly Hilly Clinton as well. Have a lousy day Paulbot loser!

  7. Refreshing! No stuttering, no waffling, no defensive you-got-me-wrong response, nor use of an apologetic (please don’t hurt me) tone of voice. Refreshing to see a man stick by his principles and beliefs; strongly, yet gracefully with a strong dash of intestinal fortitude

  8. Abortion ok in first 8weeks. after that all health, rape, incest,etc should be known and done with in the 8 weeks. Then if child not wanted put it up for adoption. End of story

    • 8 weeks? How about no abortion? From the time of conception, it is all about the babies development
      to infant to toddler to teen and then to an adult.

  9. I agree with Rand Paul .I think if he wins he will do a lot to turn this country around .We can’t rely on the government as it is now , instead of looking out for WE THE PEOPLE its looking out for itself & illegals .

  10. If you’ve been listening to the UN and their plan for the New World Order, it’s all about population control.
    Wasserman lied in her response to Paul, and she knows it. FYI, take notice that the Liberal Left have most of the abortion clinics in minority areas. Guess who the real bigots are?

  11. We should Obey the Higher Law. Thou shalt not kill. Murder for convenience is never acceptable. It is a sin and unlawful to commit murder. The only things that should even be considered is in the case of rape and the Mothers life. Even then it is a hard decision. I can not condone any late term abortion it the child can be taken by C section. Prayer and God should be brought into the picture.Government should enforce the laws. Murder is against the Law and abortion is murder.

  12. Deliberately murdering a baby is MURDER, even if some judge cannot see it that way. It is forcefully depriving the most innocent life that exists of its life. Someone needs to explain to me how that is LEGAL. I already know how it is AMORAL.

  13. way to go paul hope you make it to the wh maybe you can put America back on the right track GOD knows you can’t be worse than that idiot that’s in there now you got my vote all the way

  14. anotherlibertygrad

    I am trying to remember how the decision to execute cruel and unusual capital punishment against a human being who is a non-offender, noncriminal who has never committed, been arrested for, been charged with, stood trial for, been convicted of and sentenced for a capital crime with ample opportunity for appeal, got transferred from the realm of law enforcement, the judicial system, and the penal system to women and medical professionals. To term this a major miscarriage of justice would not be a tongue-in-cheek pun. It would be a massive understatement.

  15. Killing babies in the womb, whether by direct abortion or abortifacients claiming to be “contraceptives” is murder. Murder is never justified. Rand, we know you are a coward when it comes to paying income taxes. So what about murdering babies in the womb? Time to man up, Rand. Are you pro-murder in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother? https://wesharecrowdfunding.com/NoTaxesTexasGovernor

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