Rand Paul Lists His Festivus Grievances

It would be difficult to come up with a sitcom that has as profound an effect on pop culture as Seinfeld. Years after it went off the air, “no soup for you,” “shrinkage,” and “yada yada yada” are just a few of the phrases we still commonly use. But it is Frank Costanza’s Festivus celebration that has earned an annual spot in our holiday season. Created to rail against Christmas commercialism, the holiday involves a cheap aluminum pole, feats of strength, and of course the “airing of grievances.”

This year, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul decided to have a little fun with Festivus. He took to Twitter with his own list of grievances, and they are just too funny (and a little bit sad, considering their truthfulness) not to share. If you need a little Christmas pick-me-up, take a read through them on Paul’s Twitter account. Here are some of the highlights.

As a doctor, I was trained to do no harm. Wouldn’t it be nice if politicians started from that premise?

Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Not anymore, if we ever did. Politics have been rife with corruption, bad ideas, and greed for as long as any of us have been alive. It is a testament to our country’s underlying beliefs, our laws, and our Constitution that we haven’t somehow managed to sink ourselves under the weight of Washington’s idiocy.

Your government spent $387,000 of your money on Swedish massages for rabbits.

Paul listed quite a few examples of government waste in his tongue-in-cheek rant, but this one perhaps represents the grievance best. Surely if there is enough room in the budget to fritter away nearly half a million dollars on insipid studies, then there is room to start cutting taxes.

Did you know you could go to jail in DC for 90 days for giving a tour without a license?

Paul next took aim at ridiculous laws, which speaks to his pedigree as a libertarian. The Kentucky Senator has some conservatives worried that he is not to be trusted with foreign policy, but it is in his overarching desire to see an America unrestrained by limitations on freedom that he redeems himself. No president will ever be a perfect choice, but Paul’s commitment to real change makes him a valuable participant in the debate.

4th Amdt Grievance. The Obama Administration’s idea how to deal w/ the Patriot Act and the NSA spying on Americans.

This was accompanied by a picture of the Bill of Rights with the 4th Amendment blacked out. This was how Paul chose to wrap up the annual airing of grievances, demonstrating how important it is to him that we reign in the federal government’s invasion of our privacy.

I don’t agree with everything Paul says, but I think he makes for a much more interesting GOP candidate than many of the proposed frontrunners. He may rub the establishment the wrong way, he may be a bit too bipartisan for some hardliners, but he is a fresh voice in a country desperate for them. That he has a sense of humor is just a bonus.

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  1. Rand Paul is like a safe harbor in a hurricane, a far better option than the foul weather.

    • He’s a damn site better than Jeb Bush, who “would govern like LBJ.”

      I personally like Ben Carson. When Rand Paul appeared with Al Sharpton, he lost my vote and my support.

      • Hey Krazee, I like Ben Carson too! Heard some of his speeches on U-tube and read a bunch of his stuff. If the guy can keep the RNC at arms length, I think he would be fine.

  2. Why is it with Yahoo or Huff-Post articles, if you are conservative or republican then your statements are called rants. If you are liberal or democrat they are simply statements?

  3. Rand Paul needs to convince us conservatives that he is serious about foreign policy. He needs to give us his version of Reaganism and truly separate himself from dome of his fathers cuckoo views.

    The earlier in the coming campaign that he clarifies his views the better. No more prevarication on anything, stake out your position the better.

    Knock out Christie who is becoming more of a RINO every day. yes, we all like it when he takes on the union thugs from the Teachers Union and tells them to shut up, but who doesn’t like that sort of frankness in a politician? On the other hand, when you research his real positions you will find his opposition to coal and oil drilling off shore.

    To put it simply as it is, he’s in love with himself and the notoriety he receives when he tells some of these people off.

    On the other hand, who can forget the picture of him hugging Obama after the hurricane and helping Obama over the top in his reelection.

    No thank you Gov. christie and Gov. Jeb Bush. It’s time for a Ted Cruz or a Mike Lee. someone who says what he thinks and sticks to the truth and challenges the Republican Old boy Network.

    Let’s truly start over, it’s way past high time to do so.

    Fred Speckmann

    • As of today, Scott Walker and Ben Carson top my list, but that could change by Nov. 2016…

      • What ever happened to Oliver North? He was always a favorite of mine. Two good choices you listed. Ben Carson has never been submerged in gov’t politics and probably will run amuck there. However, that could be a good thing. For sure, he is nobody’s wimp and we truly need a world leader in the WH.

        • re: Frosty33,

          Why would you think that Ben Carson might run amock? He is an intelligent thoughtful individual. Not having held prior office is a plus in my eyes, a little indignation at government policies is sorely needed.

          Fred Speckmann

          • I agree, I also believe I said “that could be a good thing”

          • Yes you did, I was addressing your seemingly hesitation about Dr. Carson. I did mean to imply that you were against his candidacy.

          • I guess my comment was poorly written. I would vote for Carson in a heart beat. But, I feel he will struggle with the political side of the job.

      • I think you mean 2015.

    • Did anyone listen to the hearings on the IRS Lois learner lost emails ? I think that Trey Gowdy would make a wonderful president he sure wants the truth . He gets real upset when the stone walling tactics go up.

      • Re: Tom,

        I would certainly agree with your judgment. the problem is that Congressional Representatives seldom get elected to the office of President. there is also not enough information about his foreign policy views. yet I agree, he certainly seems like a bulldog that knows what the right thing is in his pursuit of justice. If he were to have serious ambitions for high office, he would need to get out before the public more. He’s young and in another election cycle or two he would be ready. Of course if he were to run now, I would certainly vote for him.

        Fred Speckmann

        • airfredd22 I totally agree with you on his lack of foreign policy experience. I hope that he does get the well rounded experience he has to have to be an effective president. He is a former prosecutor and knows how to get to the facts. I only wish the best for him in the future.

      • Gowdy might best serve America as the Atty. General. We seem to have more than enough laws on the books. What we lack is fair adjudication and adherence to those laws. And this is Gowdy’s specialty for many years as a Federal prosecutor.
        Americans do not need to be led by our president. We, the People are the sovereign power in this country. The president’s office, and job description, is to lead the Congress in governing, and executing the laws which are written. A president who believes it is his job to direct the country will all of his own views is more like a monarch. A congress that leads the country, by legislating the will of the people, is more like a Constitutional Republic.

  4. Did Rand Paul vote for the CRomnibus Bill? I don’t know. But if he did..he will have to eat crow. The CRomnibus bill gave EVERY law enforcement officer in the USA the OK to listen in on your phone calls, read your texts, and emails etc etc. and they do not need a warrant! Bye! Bye! 4th Amendment! Congratulations NSA! (sarcasm)

    • My Lord. The people contriving these things are out to get American’s.

      • According to the US Constitution, the sovereign power in the US is not the government, but the People. “The people contriving these things are out to get American’s” power and control.

  5. The small % of eligible voters who turned out for the mid-terms were overwhelmingly REAL change / /conservative/independent/ anti Soetero. I live on the fringe of one of our metros. Comparitively speaking, our economic situation is in reasonably(?) good shape. I have an ear to our people and my take is that more and more are wising up to the banking, corporate and political rape of our nation. Obviously, the awakening has taken far, far too long. From all this and more I sense that the elections of ’16 could well follow suit with ’14. There are three most critical things that supporters of republican, Constitutional government must do during the run-up to ’16: Make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that NO candidate for the presidency foisted upon us by EITHER party will be acceptable. Raise hell about it !! Demand an independent candidate of conservative bent – as, for example, Dr. Paul, Cruz, Lee, Walker, etc. I’ve been amazed at some of the polling that shows great growth in support for gov Walker.

    Should you get the chance, shake the hand of a cop and say thank you. Same goes for troops. Add, if you would, that you are strong upon a return to more Constitutionally principled government and hope they are as well. Inform them that (if they will stand for same and conduct themselves in such fashion) that you will have their back – even when times may get really tough. Imagine the seriousness with which they will reflect upon your words! I’ve done this many times. Officers

    • Absolutely! There is NO excuse for ANYONE not voting.

      Many have told me they don’t vote because they are “not political.”

      I say that if you refuse to vote, you are DECIDEDLY political, and a traitor to the principles this country was founded upon.

      • When folks complained to my dad about local or national politics he’d ask them if they had voted in the last election and if they said no, he’d tell them to change the subject as he wasn’t interested any opinion from a dead headed american.

      • Voting is not only a privilege but an obligation if you are an American Citizen.

        • I completely agree. I believe that a tax refund should be tied to proof of having voted. No vote, no refund. And just as is required to pay tax and receive a refund, one must have proof-positive of identity, so it should be here with the vote. In India, where the incomes are as low as $1.29 a day, EVERYONE has a photo ID. So the argument that voter ID is an undue hardship is as hollow as the politician’s promises. For some, the vote is actually considered important. When we find we do not think that the vote needs to be protected by an ID, one can easily surmise that the vote of the citizen has nothing really to do with the results.

      • A quote from Pericles: “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you. ”

  6. I agree with the writer Rand Paul is different and we need a change. but, core values of a person have to be weighed and I believe Mr. Paul falls on the side of GOP. I personally don’t want someone who holds hands with the bankers and corporate fascist to lead our country ever again. I know that includes democrats as well. So where do we find this person. I would like a Constitutional Leader. One that obeys our laws instead of stretches them like Obama does. I want a person who fairly comes down on the side of the middle class every time. A Leader who is pro labor and a living wage. A Leader who views health care as a right not a privilege. A Leader who is smart enough to lead America back to being a fully industrialized nation.

    • Go to Run! Ben! Run! and listen and watch Ben Carson’s videos on the major problems of the USA and what he would do.

    • a leader who views health care as a right and not a privilege is not Constitutional – the availability of good health care is already here; no ER can turn away anyone. Pro labor (and I’m in a powerful union) is not truly pro middle class, and a ‘living wage’ is political tripe – bring me a person who is worth more than minimum wage and I will pay him more (I also have a small business). But when you have people showing up for a job interview having barely passed HS, have a hat on sideways and facial metal expecting $10/hr and vacation and holidays off, they will barely get a chance to sit down.

      And if you view all corporations as “fascist”, you better your definitions – fascism is next to communism, not ultra conservative as the democrats want you to believe. If you want to change corporations, start as a shareholder and make the changes you want because if you own any stocks, bonds, funds or have a retirement plan, 401k, etc., YOU are part of the corporations you hate.

      I want many of the kinds of changes you do, and I pushed and ranted and drove people to the pols this last time to vote – did you?!? I supported several of the newly elected politicians who want to change this country for the better – how much time and effort and money did you personally spend?

      Don’t just talk, get involved!

  7. Administrator, you shot yourself in the foot-or keyboard-it’s REIN IN, not REIGN IN. Sheesh!

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