Railroads Warn: Islamic Terrorism is Coming

Following the terror attack that rocked a Paris-bound train last week – an attack that could have been so much worse were it not for the actions of four brave passengers – American railroad officials are deeply concerned about domestic security. “This is a wake-up call, in my opinion,” one former Amtrak security executive told Fox News. Bill Rooney thinks Amtrak needs to put more effort into their screening process. “When you have a security policy, you need follow through. It’s not a moneymaker, it’s a business cost. At the end of the day, we do need security.”

Far fewer Americans ride passenger trains than fly, and there is clearly much less money being funneled into the industry. Those budgetary restrictions aren’t about to get any looser; Republicans in the House supported a proposal slashing Amtrak’s funding by $242 million. Amtrak has to worry not only about spending money it doesn’t have, but also making sure they don’t turn customers away. Experts say that an airport-type screening process at the nation’s train stations would grind the entire railroad to a halt.

But this is about more than security on the nation’s railways. Better security isn’t always accomplished through spending billions of dollars in taxpayer money. Security is about vigilance, both on the part of the railroad security officials and the general public. And, unfortunately for all you bleeding-hearts out there, that means profiling.

No, Amtrak doesn’t need to pull every brown passenger out of the line. But let’s face it: there’s a reason Israel’s national airline is one of the safest in the world. It’s because they don’t jack around when it comes to security. Their men are trained to spot and stop anyone who might have even thought about watching an ISIS video, much less an actual terrorist. And they are extremely effective at what they do.

That’s what it takes. No, that doesn’t stop a random maniac from killing people, but another billion dollars in funding isn’t going to do that either. Let’s not let our over-commitment to political correctness put innocent lives in mortal danger. Lest we be reminded, Muslim terrorists kill more Muslims than anyone else. This isn’t about race, though race is an undeniable factor in security profiling.

Unfortunately, it feels like we’re headed in the other direction. It won’t be long before security personnel at airports and train stations actively avoid scrutinizing Muslims for fear of a reprimand. And when the inevitable happens again, we’ll talk about gun control. And we’ll talk about how the GOP cut funding to this or that. And, mostly, we’ll talk about how the VAST MAJORITY of Muslims aren’t like this.

And more innocent people will have died in vain.

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