Railroads Warn: Islamic Terrorism is Coming

Following the terror attack that rocked a Paris-bound train last week – an attack that could have been so much worse were it not for the actions of four brave passengers – American railroad officials are deeply concerned about domestic security. “This is a wake-up call, in my opinion,” one former Amtrak security executive told Fox News. Bill Rooney thinks Amtrak needs to put more effort into their screening process. “When you have a security policy, you need follow through. It’s not a moneymaker, it’s a business cost. At the end of the day, we do need security.”

Far fewer Americans ride passenger trains than fly, and there is clearly much less money being funneled into the industry. Those budgetary restrictions aren’t about to get any looser; Republicans in the House supported a proposal slashing Amtrak’s funding by $242 million. Amtrak has to worry not only about spending money it doesn’t have, but also making sure they don’t turn customers away. Experts say that an airport-type screening process at the nation’s train stations would grind the entire railroad to a halt.

But this is about more than security on the nation’s railways. Better security isn’t always accomplished through spending billions of dollars in taxpayer money. Security is about vigilance, both on the part of the railroad security officials and the general public. And, unfortunately for all you bleeding-hearts out there, that means profiling.

No, Amtrak doesn’t need to pull every brown passenger out of the line. But let’s face it: there’s a reason Israel’s national airline is one of the safest in the world. It’s because they don’t jack around when it comes to security. Their men are trained to spot and stop anyone who might have even thought about watching an ISIS video, much less an actual terrorist. And they are extremely effective at what they do.

That’s what it takes. No, that doesn’t stop a random maniac from killing people, but another billion dollars in funding isn’t going to do that either. Let’s not let our over-commitment to political correctness put innocent lives in mortal danger. Lest we be reminded, Muslim terrorists kill more Muslims than anyone else. This isn’t about race, though race is an undeniable factor in security profiling.

Unfortunately, it feels like we’re headed in the other direction. It won’t be long before security personnel at airports and train stations actively avoid scrutinizing Muslims for fear of a reprimand. And when the inevitable happens again, we’ll talk about gun control. And we’ll talk about how the GOP cut funding to this or that. And, mostly, we’ll talk about how the VAST MAJORITY of Muslims aren’t like this.

And more innocent people will have died in vain.

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  1. At what point do we start taking the threat of Islam seriously. How many people must die before it becomes too late.

  2. I believe if there is another major attack it will happen shortly after the elections. Before the new administration will have the time it takes to correct all the damage the obama regime has caused.

    • However or whenever it happens, 0Bie will assume no responsibility for it.

    • ….or; in my humble opinion, there won’t be another election. obamascum is getting all of his ducks in a row to allow him to declare martial law before any election can take place!!!

      • If barack housain Hitler cancels the next election, he will instead be starting the SECOND AMERICA REVOLUTION.

        • That could be, but he will still wreak a lot of destruction and dead people before he is finally stopped! It’s going to be hell on earth! Remember, he’s been training foreign fighters here on our soil in urban guerilla warfare AND he is teaching them English; he’s had FEMA hoard bullets, set up “concentration” camps and stockpile millions of “black plastic boxes” that look an awful lot like coffins. This rat has spent 7 years (so far) undermining America, weakening her and preparing for an awful lot of dead people. I would say that it’s not beneath him to declare martial law to accomplish everything he set out to do. He’s a Trojan Horse for the New World Order, along with the UN.

        • amen Roger, being our senators and congressmen arent doing anything to protect this country. PRAYER is our only option. these evil people knows what they are doing. all are working together against the USA.

    • Depends upon who is the next POTUS. If it’s Hitlary, it will be business as usual and probably worse.

      • Killery’s future includes the very real possibility of the firing squad! I would LIKE to think there are still 51% of Americans who haven’t completely lost their minds.

  3. When are WE going to stop playing Mr. nice guy and start executing these terrorist POS ?
    Less terrorist more safety.

    • When are we going to kick the UN out of the US??? People, we have a problem the UN is meeting in Mexico to discuss the SMALL ARMS TREATY. Kerry signed and now POTUS is going to sign it. If you do not subscribe to “Freedom Outpost News” google it for 8/27/15 and read the article on how to disarm a nation. Bob Corker(R-TN) has a Bill # S. 615 Iran Deal to oppose it, also it might have opened a back door for arms confiscation of the US without realizing it, this bill might need a amendment to fix it. GOA (Gun Owners of America)nis looking at this bill now Congressman Mike Rogers (R-AL) and 4 co-sponsors have a bill # H.R. 1205 to ‘KICK OUT THE UN OUT OF US, CANCEL MEMBERSHIP AND DE-FUND.

      • This nation will never be totally disarmed unless we the American citizen willingly gives up our arms. Most will not but it is true some will. They are called cowards. I will never give up my God my guns or my family. I must fight and I am not the only American veteran that feels that way. Real Americans do not surrender!

        • I read the Small Arms Treaty and it told how to go and take them because they knew some people would not give them up. This place will look like the Middle East and ISIS. I don’t think dumbass and the Globalist have thought this through.

          • The liber-TARDs thought it through VERY CAREFULLY, and signed it to take away guns from law abiding American CITIZENS.
            They can’t do it legally under the US Constitution, so they pull an end run on the Constitution by using the UN!!!

          • We MUST remember the Constitution IS THE LAW OF THE LAND. Screw the U.N. and the goats and camels it rode in on. This POS POTUS can sign whatever he wants, but the Constitution still reigns as the supreme law of the land and it gives us the right to bear arms…..
            MOLON LABE !!!

          • Absolutely, nobody on this planet has the authority to tell Americans they can no longer legally own a gun. Those who would try are imposters, kill them to death!

        • It takes more than simply NOT turning in your guns when asked to do so, eventually they will come for them. It is at that time you need to shoot the fucker trying to take it! Then be willing to shoot the fuckers who come in his/her defense.
          When government decides you no longer need to have a gun, that is the time you need it most. If you aren’t willing to do this, you might as well just turn in your guns now.

      • Are you kidding? Isn’t Corker the one who allowed obamalinsky to gain some more power on his own? obamalinsky just signed another e.o., allowing him to confiscate all of the nation’s food – martial law is coming folks. NOBODY IS GOING TO DO A DAMN THING ABOUT IT – UNLESS WE DO!

        • Another poster told me that he read that they are working on the Bill to modify it or can we believe them?? Hopefully GOA & NRA will keep an eye on it. I feel the same way that you do.

          • I’m so damn angry about what this lop-eared jackass has gotten away with; and that our elected party “representatives” lied in their teeth to get re-elected and now they’re either sitting on their asses or actually helping this lying commie.

          • If you have not, please call your Congressman to help get Boehner removed by telling him to support H. Resolution #385. Our Representatives need to know that we want this and if they don’t support this that they might not be rel-elected when the time comes.

            Most Americans that love their country are DAMN angry at least the ones that have any idea of what has happened.

          • I will call my Rep. My Sens are both DEMONCRAPS – both women!

          • I love it “Demoncraps”, I have 2 male Senators that are Demo”rats”. Thankfully, I have a good Republican Congressman. Thanks for calling.

          • My congress critters are all women; but at least the representative is republican and so far, she seems to be fairly good. I think this current term is her second. Not sure tho, because I just moved here a couple of years ago so it’s taking me awhile to get up to speed on my “politicos”, In Idaho, where I moved from, all were republican.

        • Sadly, my Senators are Comrade Dick Durbin, and Mark Kirk who “doesn’t want to upset his relationship with Durbin.” Not much help there.

          • I would still register my opinion with them by phone/letter/fax or whatever. THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM US regardless of which political pimpery they belong to, We MUST make our voices heard – otherwise the “other” party will never know that we are out here and are fed up!

      • Well stop UNICEF and all other charities. The UN supports themselves with that money.HAVE YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVES SAY NO TO GOVERNMENT FUNDING THIS SEPTEMBER! SHUT THEM DOWN! No more Obama,administration,department of justice, I.R.S., Attorney General,Congress! Just your State,your voice,your CONSTATUTION! No more billions to third world countries. American’s get to spend the taxes,feed,clothe their families. Build manufacturing for jobs,no more illegal aliens.

        • Call your Congressman to support Congressman Rogers Bill # H.R. 1205 that will stop us funding them. I have heard that UNICEF and other charities sends the UN money. I found a list a lot time ago, I just support local stuff that stays in state. Also, tell your Federal Representatives no more funding.

    • They are protected by the scum in the white house and the Democrat party

    • They don’t get it. They could do full searches on every single person that gets on a train and it would be a waste of time. The terrorists would probably put the explosives on the tracks some where down the line. I don’t know how they could check 1000’s of miles of tracks.

      • Railroads are vulnerable, no question about it. Too many miles of unguarded track. The SOLUTION, of course, is never to allow the terrorist to enter the country in the first place! SEAL OUR BORDERS! STOP IMPORTING MUSLIMS! That would do more for security than all the guard towers, TSA agents, and passenger screening combined.

        • I have been saying that for probably 20 or more years. IMHO every single muslim in the country needs to be deported from the WH to cair to the ones living down the block. There is absolutely no reason in the world to have people living here that has a goal of killing us. Doing so is absolute stupidity. I wish Trump would be as tough on muslims as he is on illegals. Both groups are a major threat to America.

    • You would have to include Obama

  4. they are an evil religion an have no respect for any one but their own, an I do not like being dirt under their feet , an in their opinion, the only GOOD CHRISTIAN / INFIDEL is a DEAD ONE , well that can work both ways to,. maybe them no considerations, they would not in their country for us. would they, time to play HARD BALL, all the way

  5. I don’t think too many terrorists are worried about getting through security at the airports now, why would they? They can come in from the south border easily and go to a sanctuary city anywhere, possibly by train.. The UN will take away the guns and all it will take is some contrived or natural disaster to invoke Marshall Law and the takeover is complete…IF we have another election, the Electoral College will pick the candidate they want to continue the present policies and I truly doubt if it makes any difference whether they are Dem or Repubs….and of course the Pope is expected to address the UN and then do a brainwashing on his flock here in this country…This is a world wide effort on behalf of a select few..The proverbial Trojan Horse is loaded this time…and the Congress is loaded with Achilles HEELS, without an arrow being shot….no pun intended.

  6. When the Obamamonkey is out, the clintion whore is jailed and we have a president like Trump that says we will kick ass on terrorism in this country and overseas! Right now the rest of the field are yellow bellied SAPSUCKERS feeding on the liberal agenda of “Don’t offend, let them do what they want”!

  7. The final crusade continues. The whole world sits on their thumbs and watches. The “leader” of the free world IS a muslim.

  8. Political correctness will destroy us.

  9. What this means is TSA (Thugs Standing Around) will now be authorized to make Americans miserable when they want to take a train like they do now when we take a flight somewhere.

  10. We had the LIRR shooting a couple decades ago that had nothing to do with Islamic terrorism but black racism like the shooting of the news crew in VA earlier this week so it can happen here with the islamists as well. A radical overhaul of who gets into the country is one solution since it was an immigrant in the LIRR shooting who was the perp if I remember correctly. “Diversity” is killing (literally) a lot of US citizens.

  11. A well armed travelling public is the best deterrent against criminal/tterrorist firearms abusing attacks;… be it on trains, airplanes, busses…!

    • robert h siddell, jr

      A Greyhound security guard disarmed me before boarding even though I have a CCWP; he wasn’t armed and said even the FBI is not allowed to carry. They denied me my 2nd Amend Right and I told him I would sue if anything happened. One day people will lose their lives because of this. TPTB deny us Rights in the Constitution but force us to give homos services counter to the 10 Amendment. This Communist regime must go.

      • What that “rent-a-cop” told you is a bold faced lie. The FBI can carry anywhere in the United States and there isn’t a damned thing anybody can do about it. They even carry on aircraft, but only the pilot knows about it along with the air marshal if there is one on board that flight.

        • robert h siddell, jr

          Thanks. I doubt any FBI ride Greyhound but I believe you. I’m going to go by there some day and ask who told them the FBI could not ride armed.

  12. We could learn so much about security from Israel. They have the best security in the world and if we had a leader maybe our security would be better. Right now any terrorist group can come in to our country and attack anywhere at any time and there is no one to stop them. I believe that is the way obama wants it so until we get rid of him, we will not have any security for American citizens. Sad but true.

  13. Catholic means Universal ; Yoga means to link up with the Universe ; muslim means Dark Ages.

  14. According to Obama and DHS, militias, veterans, legal gun owners and Christian are a bigger terrorist threat than Islamic jihadists, even though Muslims are responsible for well over 90% of the terrorist attacks around the world! Obama’s support and immigration policies for radical Muslim groups will be responsible for major Muslim terrorist attacks in the US in the near future, but he’s already told us where his allegiance lies, with the Muslims.
    Congress should act to impeach Obama now, if they weren’t so fearful of being falsely labeled racist, they might!

    • Congress should also seriously consider disbanding the politically motivated DHS. An organization that is SUPPOSED to protect this country is instead aiding and abetting people who are violating our sovereignty. Such an organization is a colossal waste of taxpayer money.

  15. I presume, from the words used, that the oppressive, obnoxious, inefficient, bumbling, grope and feel TSA has now invaded Amtrak. Oh well, flying has been out for a while so now I suppose so is rail travel. I refuse to have my fourth amendment rights violated by some “junior G man”.

  16. You can fight terrorism but you will never win a war against terrorism. Terrorism is based upon hatred one has in his/her heart. Hatred is born out of the heart that fails to understand the truth. Sadly the vast majority in the world will claim there is no absolute truth and this is only because they fail to seek the truth which can only be found in God’s WORD.

    It is written within the Bible: The fool says, “there is no God,” and this is because he wishes or hopes there is no God, so that he might not be judged for his sins… Maybe he foolishly thinks believing there is no God there will be no consequences at the end of his life…. It most definitely is not the truth, for it is written: And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: Hebrews 9:27

  17. To be sure, we are at risk or not only some foreigner but a local to do something destructive. The shooting in Virginia is one such incident. Can those be stopped? Not all of them. But overhauling mental health would help a lot. Ban assault weapons? This guy used an ordinary hand gun which he got legally. That was true of the first major incident in Tucson. The incident in Colorado the shooter did have an assault rifle but also had a shotgun and a pistol. The DC incident involved a shotgun. Only the Connecticut incident was the sole use of an assault rifle. So how many of those incidents would have been stopped by more strict background checks? None. How many might have been stopped with better mental health? Most of the above. So when are we going to realize we have a people problem and not a weapons problem.

    • Most families are reluctant to report or seek medical treatment for family members. How many of the killings could have been prevented if family members first secured ALL weapons in the homes, and report adverse behavior to the authorities. But reporting adverse behavior to the police can be dangerous, and it has been. Especially when a trigger happy cop kills a naked man with no weapons.

      • Steve,
        Thanks to the HIPPA law, no one including Social Security will even talk to a family member about any adult family member who has mental issues. It is a very important law but it needs revision so that families can get help for an individual who obviously has problems. I know all too well about that issue as my family has struggled in vain to get help for a family member who does have mental issues.
        I have also had some discussions with psychiatrists and a neurosurgeon about this and about the fact that medical science does not know as much about the function or malfunction of the brain as they would like. We need to be spending much more time and money into that research.

    • Did you say “assault weapon”? I presume you know that means a weapon that is capable of fully automatic fire. Such weapons are quite expensive, and with the exception of the military and police (yes, the cops do have “machine guns”) are few in number among the general population. Additionally, obtaining a true “assault weapon” would involve reams of paperwork prior to sale. Don’t fall into the Clinton /media trap of classifying weapons on how “bad” looking they are. NO semi-automatic weapon is classified as an “assault weapon.”

      • Terry,
        My last post was about mental health, not weapons. I may have made the mistake of leaving off the parentheses off around the word assault. Too many people today refer to weapons like the AR-15 as an assault weapon when it is just a semi-automatic rifle like those made 50 year ago. Those used tubular ammo holders instead of clips. You are correct in that no semi-automatic rifle is an “assault” rifle. But back to my point that weapons today are not unlike weapons of yesteryear in many ways and virtually none of the big media event killings were done with any kind of rifle, which I summarized. So, exactly what can we “ban” that will be effective? The answer is, absolutely nothing. The most used weapon is the black market handgun. I am including all shootings of the past several years. What are the hooters using in places line Chicago? We can ban them but we cannot retract them because they are out there having been passed around many times from person to person. We can outlaw such weapons and we can outlaw shootings, which we have done. But the bad guys do not obey laws. We al know that. If they are bent on committing a crime, they can make other choices. So why do we even consider the weapon? Fix the people. It is not an easy task as we lack a lot of medical information yet to be truly effective. But we have to start sometime. That starting time was yesterday.

  18. While the racist bigot cannot write positive and suggestions, they spend their time on this subject to spew their racist hatred. How many times have you sat a railroad crossings and waited as the line of tank cars with chemicals move on the down tracks, right through the town or cities? Terrorists doesn’t have to try to get on an aircraft now. I recorded 9 dangerous chemical in the tank cars. They are nothing but bombs on wheels. A bomb can be placed on the cars and remotely be set off. Sadly when the tracks were laid there were no homes or buildings within miles of the tracks, now homes and commercial buildings are only yards from the tracks. I will never be one of the front vehicles waiting for the train to pass. I have a book on all the chemicals numbers in my vehicle, and will turn around and get in the back of the line, when I see volatile chemicals in the tank cars. State law enforcement agencies should allow an endorsement for Select Citizens with a Concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry a concealed handgun on passenger trains, sporting events, on school areas, etc. Those citizens chosen will receive additional training prior to the issuing of the additional endorsement on their CHL and at least quarterly training. Maybe if their were a citizen with a special license in some of the mass public killings, the deaths could have been reduced.

    • robert h siddell, jr

      Not maybe, it is proven almost daily and CCWP states/cities have lower crime rates. I was at a typical party and told the host about my new LCR (light carry revolver) and he asked to see it. Suddenly, about ten males also pulled out their heat and we had a show and tell. I pity the fool that tries to rob any of those guys.

  19. I hate terrorists, but in this case, they would be doing the American tax payer a favor by destroying the railroad.

  20. Great article. Thank you and will share. Obama has proven that he does as little as possible against Muslims including ISIS. His drone attacks are a joke amongst Military and are enemies. He might request a drone strike but makes sure it does not do to much damage to HIS allies and Brothers. It is like we all know they do, a few good men must die for the bigger picture and so he can claim he is doing anything in regards to OUR protection. Its all a lie and if he cared, he would not be fighting Border Security. He cares not for America and leaving our doors open so his brothers can cross anytime they want is exactly what he is doing. Don’t be fooled again by this poser. He could not do anything right to get out of a paper bag even if it was wet.

    • were do you ignorant humans get this crap?

      ” Obama has proven that he does as little as possible against Muslims including ISIS.”

      Ok what proof?

      (like you have any)

      on the other hand I can prove you are LYING. That is VERY unpatriotic Jeanna.

      “The Terrorist Notches on Obama’s Belt”

      The list of senior terrorists killed during the Obama presidency is fairly extensive.

      There’s Osama bin Laden , of course, killed in May.

      Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader Anwar al-Awlaki as of today.

      Earlier this month officials confirmed that al Qaeda’s chief of Pakistan operations, Abu Hafs al-Shahri , was killed in Waziristan, Pakistan.

      In August, ‘Atiyah ‘Abd al-Rahman , the deputy leader of al Qaeda was killed.

      In June, one of the group’s most dangerous commanders, Ilyas Kashmiri, was killed in Pakistan. In Yemen that same month, AQAP senior operatives Ammar al-Wa’ili, Abu Ali al-Harithi, and Ali Saleh Farhan were killed. In Somalia, Al-Qa’ida in East Africa (AQEA) senior leader Harun Fazul was killed.

      Administration officials also herald the recent U.S./Pakistani joint arrest of Younis al-Mauritani in Quetta.

      Going back to August 2009, Tehrik e-Taliban Pakistan leader Baitullah Mahsud was killed in Pakistan.

      In September of that month, Jemayah Islamiya operational planner Noordin Muhammad Top was killed in Indonesia, and AQEA planner Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan was killed in Somalia.

      Then in December 2009 in Pakistan, al Qaeda operational commanders Saleh al-Somali and ‘Abdallah Sa’id were killed.

      In February 2010, in Pakistan, Taliban deputy and military commander Abdul Ghani Beradar was captured; Haqqani network commander Muhammad Haqqani was killed; and Lashkar-e Jhangvi leader Qari Zafar was killed.

      In March 2010, al Qaeda operative Hussein al-Yemeni was killed in Pakistan, while senior Jemayah Islamiya operative Dulmatin – accused of being the mastermind behind the 2002 Bali bombings – was killed during a raid in Indonesia.

      In April 2010, al Qaeda in Iraq leaders Abu Ayyub al-Masri and Abu Omar al-Baghdadi were killed.

      In May, al Qaeda’s number three commander, Sheik Saeed al-Masri was killed.

      In June 2010 in Pakistan, al Qaeda commander Hamza al-Jawfi was killed.


      I await your links of rebuttal.

  21. MrsTJNic@aol.com

    Amen! Jaybird. The UN out lived it’s usefulness over 25 years ago, & is a huge waste of our tax $.

  22. Have you ever looked at the wage scales for Amtrak employees ? Thats where the money goes.Unions at it again.

  23. Welcome to our Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s version of a “TRANSFORMED AMERIKA” in which it becomes his caliphate! I hope that all of his useful idiots that voted for this demonic psychopath are ecstatic with their choice of political suicide!

    • robert h siddell, jr

      Hussein is the prophesied Black Mahdi.

      • Amusing that you mention that. When BHO was in Jordan the last time, May 2013, he was giving a speech and was noticed to be stuttering. Some Jordanian Western Watchers knew what he was doing and soundly rejected the premise that Obama was The One.

        It seems that it’s been foretold that the coming Madhi would speak with a speech impediment. Jordanians onto the ruse, said, “Nice try, but nah, you ain’t The One.”

    • EXCEPT,
      not one word that vomit IS TRUE.

      can the low info fool cite an example of the progress toward:
      ” Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s version of a “TRANSFORMED AMERIKA”.
      one would think that after 6 1/2 years we should have some positive signs right now.

      Seems odd that Obama was pushing TPP if we are going to be Marxists soon.
      and he really missed the mark when not infecting the country with Ebola like you fools predicted.
      That would have been SO easy and he could have diverted blame very easily.

      MAYBE your all morons?

      why do you silly humans cling to these doom and gloom fantasies?
      that’s what First Person shooter games are for.

  24. Then we will take care of the railroads. Trains and track disabled by pressure bombs which are……………..

  25. Don’t be afraid. The railroads desperately need funding for enhanced security, in light of several terror attacks. I hope they get it. It’s our lives at stake and we should call our representatives to increase the RR’s budget and assist with the security measures. And as added security, let the people carry their own security.

  26. We should at least have civilian clothed American military officers on board Amtrak trains to thwart any terrorist the same way they did in France.

  27. FUNNY, no one recognized the Moslem currently occupying the White House illegally because he was a Negro.
    No one recognize he is also invading this country with Megroes, Mexicans and Meslums by the mellions either.

    Yeah, so we got a lot of learn’ n to do!

  28. Muslims are the scourge of the earth. They abuse their wives, they rape children and women, and they approve of pedophilia. This is an insanely sick “religion?” that begs for eradication from the face of the earth!

    • I think I’m beginning to comprehend the crusades and their methods in the eleventh century.

      • Please continue with the significance you gleaned from the crusades and their methods in the eleventh century. I’m interested in its importance.

  29. We already got an Islamic terrorists in the white house, they must mean his buddies.

  30. Only when We, the People, TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!

  31. HOT DAM! We finally get to shoot them! If they’re on one of America’s means of transportation and armed that means Obama sent them and not only does he get arrested but American’s get to finally shoot the diseased cowards! Now since Obama and the anti gun,anti American’s DID’NT stop the black panthers while they marched in uniforms of another country and ARMED AND WITH TERRORIST Muslims ON AMERICAN SOIL, i guess WHITES CAN NOW MARCH WITH UNIFORMS OF AMERICA AND WITH GUNS! NO MORE GUN CONTROL!! And we don’t have to support them with welfare anymore because they marched with guns and with Muslims against AMERICA! HOT DAM! Only one more day until September when the government will want to borrow TRILLIONS to support Muslims,illegal aliens,black welfare,the Obama’s golf vacations, Michaels shopping,their daughters private schools and private chef’s,billions to Africa,the UN.. Hot Dam People,just say NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING! SHUT THEM DOWN!

  32. I wish there were social media buttons on this page.

  33. Michael Dennewitz

    As dumb as it may sound, one expertly trained sniper could end it all! Get rid of THE HEAD TERRORIST and then slowly, they’ll all haul ass. Geo soros is calling ALL the shots. He’s PAYING all the rioters, he dictates what the HTNIC does and says.. Start at the top, and the further down you go, the easier it will get…

  34. making nice to Islam is a long shot gamble to avoid a bloodbath. LOL, but I suspect that eventually we must throw anti-profiling out the window and get on with the necessary killing of the rattlesnakes.. just MHO, but only time will tell.

  35. Political Correctness is the single GREATEST DANGER America faces! It will end up getting a LOT of us killed.

  36. I think the terrorists should build their own countries, or lets take over Mexico , where is John Kerry and Susan Rice? Nothing is getting taken care of, the UN is having meetings in Mexico, why is it that Obama ,Kerry , Clinton feel they can travel anywhere and nothing happens, is it because countries don’t have leaders, everything is moving very fast , Trump must win and become our leader.

  37. I think I will keep my weapons. I don’t think I will let them take my weapons. That would be stealing. No, I’ll just keep my weapons and protect me and mine, and Americans from the bad guys, whether foreign or domestic. No one will disarm me. I will fight for freedom to the death.

  38. We give them what they want and that is attention.
    “We at christianindependence.org are collecting signatures to put INDEPENDENCE on the voting ballots in over 20 states and to pressure another 11 state legislatures to vote to put independence on the ballot!

    So join us now and help collect signatures”

  39. GodBlessRealAmerica

    So…..Here is the Democratic platform:

    1. Terrorism has come to America shores thank u Obama and his weakness &

    promoting homosexuality/same sex marriage/immorality……

    2. Pro abortion/murdering babies for “fun, & profit”………{taxpayer funded}

    3. apologizing to our enemies, & paying them off…..{Cowardice, in politics

    4. corruption, “is OK”, as long as you don’t get caught…….{ destroying evidence “OK”}

    5. Rules, are for republicans, NOT, Liberals………

    6. Say & do anything to achieve your goals….{regardless of morality, or lack of same}

    7. Villify, anyone that doesn’t agree with the Liberal mantra!

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