Rahami’s Father Reported Him to FBI Two Years Ago

According to the New York Times, the name Ahmed Rahami has crossed the FBI’s desk before. And the man who drew the feds’ attention to the aspiring terrorist? None other than Rahami’s father, who claimed credit for the phone call when speaking with reporters on Monday.

“I called the FBI two years ago,” claimed Mohammed Rahami, the father of the terrorist who planted 10 bombs in New York City and New Jersey this weekend.

The Times says the FBI did not take Rahami’s report very seriously. There was apparently an incident where the bomber stabbed his brother and then spent some time in jail. And when the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force interviewed the father, he recanted his story and said he’d only turned him in “out of anger.”

Yeah, that old chestnut. Hey Jack, remember that time you got so mad at your son that you reported him to the FBI as a terrorist? Oh man, that was a classic. He almost got deported! Good times…good times.

Whether or not the elder Rahami thought his son was a terrorist or not, it’s remarkable how these stories keep playing out so similarly time after time. It’s just like Donald Trump said after the San Bernardino massacre: there are people in these families, in these neighborhoods, and in these mosques who know what’s going on. You saw the exact same thing after the Orlando shooting, where we learned that not only did the guy’s family know he was a loose cannon, but that he was actually under FBI surveillance. Unlike the stereotypical white school shooter types, these Islamic radicals do not just snap out of nowhere.

Oh, but we’re not supposed to talk about that. That’s profiling. Sorry. Back to your regularly scheduled nap.

And while you’re napping, we can dream about all kinds of things. Ooh look, a flying bowl of Skittles – that must be important! Oh hey, Trump said they were bombs a few hours before the FBI said they were bombs…cool. That must mean something…

Wait, won’t we miss something if we just stay asleep?

Nah, the next blast will wake us up. For a little while, anyway.

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  1. The PMIC is the one protecting them – HE’S ONE OF THEM!!??

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  2. There is also the issue of Obama’s direction to the FBI and all other agencies to destroy records and information about suspected Mudlim Terrorist in this country.

  3. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    Yes Obama is a Muslim Terrorist and he is Not planning on leaving Office voluntarily, You can bet on that !
    He will set off some type of Nation Wide emergency, Big enough to Stop the Election or the swearing in of a new President until he decides it is time which is Never !!

    • Once Trump is elected, Obama will leave the country for Quatar or Saudi Arabia or someplace. There will be no traditional “transaction of power”. Obama knows that Trump will jail him and most of his staff. Hillary, upon leaning that she has lost the election, will blow her brains out.

    • i know what is going on the Orginal Barak Obama is Barak Obama Senior and he comes from Hawaii but then In Indonishia lived one black kid Barry Sorteo his orginal Parents were Muslims and they died so the Orginal Barak Obama Adopted him and gave him his own name it is time for President Barry Sorteo to Stop faking his fake name and Relase his real name otherwise this whole country will shut down

    • Oh Tom his term is over and the new president takes over. He has no choice and he knows it. Where do you get your info from???

    • I’m pretty sure there’s more than one way to skin a???????? Cat

  4. lets hope they don’t follow orders and obama and hillary is more terrorist and a bigger threat to America than the isis terrorist them selves… good LORD I don’t no how people don’t see that …lets hope they see it before they put the other one in the w.h….go TRUMP for president go hillary to prison 2016 and obama you and your tranny just go

    • Only one thing to say>>>TRUMP/PENCE-MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN 2016
      Obama/Hillary-GITMO 2017

    • I have told you all these terrorist attacks are caused by Repubs and TPs. They have been cutting funding for FBI and CIA operation for 8 years now. So FBI and CIA officials are afraid of spending the little money they are given to investigate terrorists. You remember the case with Boston attacks. FBI was informed that the two morons had gone to original country and came radicalized. But FBI did not have enough money to keep tab on the two morons. That is what we got. Then we had San Bernardino and other places. All this time FBI knew but were handicapped by lack of funds. FBI needs overtime to investigate cases. So please make sure Repubs and TPs are out of office next year. We need Hillary to confront them.

      • Kinda true, but really a Red Herring.

        If the FBI would tell local law enforcement in the city the “potential terrorist” resides in, they could more easily keep an eye on the “potential terrorist”.

        The FBI has around 35,000 folks working for them but 2/3 are “paper shufflers” and only 1/3 are actual agents. That means they have around 13,000 agents in the field

        Law Enforcement, nation-wide, has 17,895 law enforcement agencies employing 1.13 million full-time workers, including over 765,000 sworn officers, as well as about 100,000 part-time employees, including over 44,000 sworn officers.

        I would hope to think that, even you, have the ability to do simple math.

        The real problem is the FBI works for the In-Justice Department and the AG works for obamba.

        Evidently obamba has given orders to the AG and she has ordered Comey not to cooperate with local law enforcement . . . . or the Feds are as stupid as a box of rocks.

        I tend to believe both reasons are equally valid. 🙂

        Have a nice day and be sure to vote for the honest guy running for President 🙂

      • Thats total nonsense pmbalele. Everyone is working short handed now with less help and doing more of it so the FBI is no different

        • What – did you say Everyone is working shorthanded now with less help and doing more? Do you why Repubs, TPs and you are blaming Hillary for? TP and Repubs in Congress had cut spending on foreign affairs. That is what we got Benghazi, Boston and other places tragedies. We should hold the Republican Congress accountable for all the ills abroad and here. I am already doing my part in this state. I may be filing a disciplinary complaint against the Justices on my state. They are as racists as other government workers in my state. Actually I am drafting a charge after writing this posting. I have discovered racism is supported from the governor, the Supreme Court and government supervisors in Repub controlled governments. That is why we have these crises in the country. Please vote for Hillary who is with us the weak.

          • You’re weak alright. Weak of mind and body. Seek mental help before you harm yourself or others.

          • pmbalele , your point of view is so skewed, i can’t even make sense of it. we are looking for something based on reality and fact, not the insane comments that you are spewing. please keep your comments….no. just don’t comment anymore.

          • You must be intoxicated.

      • Plenty of money for welfare, mosques, foreign aid, Iran.

        “A CBS news investigation found that the Obama State Department is sending hundreds of millions of dollars to save mosques overseas — outraging taxpayer advocates and raising enormous questions about aid to potentially terror-supporting groups with U.S. foreign aid.

        The State Department declined a CBS Atlanta News request for an interview. Anchor Justin Farmer wanted to ask why are we using tax dollars to refurbish religious buildings overseas. The State Department did send CBS Atlanta News an e-mail saying that they are “fighting Islamic extremism by building relationships with Islamic leaders”.

  5. It appears as those their ears were full of diatribe is a probable SNAFU reoccuring; with repeated normalcy

  6. The head nigger in charge goes to jail on January 21st. So it is written, so it shall be done.

    • You guys are letting the half breed, BLM, Jacksons, Sharptons etc. cloud your thinking! We have millions of hard working black families, that pay taxes, control their kids, are upstanding! Don’t let the dregs spoil your thinking. Trump 2016!

      • Millions? Really? Where the hell are they? They ain’t in Charlotte. Not in Ferguson. Chicago? Not likely. They would have been robbed and murdered by now. TRUMP IN ’16!!!

  7. CHANGE is in effect even at the grass roots of the country; it is aimed at self disintegration.

  8. Didn’t the shoe bomber, you know…the one who caused us all to be forced to remove our shoes at the airport… also have a father who reported he was a terrorist? I think so. Interesting.

  9. Did you ever notice that the name ‘FBI’ always seems to crop up in the mix of an event…..hmmm! Could it be because these lone wolf’s are taken in and trained by a clandestine branch of our government to be a Manchurian asset…..that was turned over to a branch of the FBI to ‘handle’ the asset to create an additional fear that would support gun legislation or other controls. (Would you give up some liberty for additional safety)

    question. Hey, they knew about this dude for two years…..and you can’t tell me that they couldn’t head this guy off at the pass? More political PC crap excuses.

  10. Who does this clown think he’s shittin? The PMIC paid him to speak that line of bullshit. He’s a devout mooseslime, just like the PMIC, and they ALL are sworn to uphold the writings of their queeran! And their queeran was written by a baby raping pedophile named moohumid!

  11. Two things about the current state of law enforcement. First LEO’s are tone deaf to anyone that is a civilian, that is at all levels, federal, state, county, and local. they are all trained to see you as a perp, until proven you are not. Second people please don’t try to reason with LEO’s, just do as they say….for sure you will live a lot longer. Just pretend they are crazy and dangerous….if you are being falsely accused, argue that in court with your attorney.

  12. Life’s A BITCH, don’t put one in our white house! !

  13. I want to believe that this father called the FBI two years ago, but I really want some proof that he did. Under the current muslim administration and the attorney general and justice department hindering any prosecution of muslims and crooks, killary being one of them, and with the judges refusing to deport over 100,000 illegal felons in each of the last two years that were caught by immigration..you can see where we are heading. If you think the bombings over this last weekend were something, just wait till you see what happens between Thanksgiving and Christmas. With Obama going out of office in January, he doesn’t have much time left to destroy America completely.

  14. I think some of the Islamic terrorists do snap and quickly become radicalized or they snap and post stuff about Islam and ISIS on the internet to “justify” their violent hated of people. And of course a lot of them have been planning acts of terrorism for years and have been in contact with, or deeply influenced by ISIS or Alqueda.

  15. you know since obama became President he has cleansed the DHS, FBI, the Military and other government agencies of anything that has to do with Islam, Islamic terrorism, Jihadism, etc. They have literally be prohibited just like the Border Patrol is inhibited from holding onto illegal aliens and returning them home. Everyone has to keep their mouths shut, anyone who whistle blows gets prosecuted, so why wouldn’t they do this dastardly deed.
    This amounts really to “treason”. Those in government take an oath to swear to protect our country and our constitution, and not even the President does that, so it should be no surprise that these “so called refugee’s”
    have been set free from deportation and made U.S. Citizens so they can infiltrate and do their dirty deeds. God I will be glad when this man is out of office and all his Czars are looking for other work somewhere else/
    What a disservice this man has done to this country and to his own black Americans living in Chicago and around the country. They have suffered the most. Why are we bringing people in from other countries when those in the black community are suffering unemployment above 40%, and these so called “refugee’s” you know the one’s who are fleeing religious persecution, those 20 something aged men who should be at home protecting their own country instead of having our young men and women dying in their place… shame on you Obama, shame on you Hillary Clinton.

    • Obama is simply a puppet, if you look closely you can see george soros has his hand up obama’s @ss, working his mouth–Nothing against obama being drawn & quartered for committing treason, of course

  16. Our FBI are a bunch of useless assholes who dont follow up on leads they get like in Orlando and the Boston bombing. Why are they being kept working if they cant even do their job??? Fire their damn asses and dismiss them and get competant people in instead. What good ARE they??? They should be arrested for depraved indifference because they were warned and did shit

  17. The problem with this story is that the content of it dismisses the inference of the headline. Yes, the father contacted the FBI about his son, but then the father basically changed the whole complexion of the incident and his story, changing it to basically just a family argument that got out of control. That would certainly be enough to take this individual off the FBI’s list of potential terrorists. If every family spat, even one with a knife attack, became criteria for putting someone on a terrorist watch list, then a million or more people would be on that watch list. This part of the story on this attack is a non-event and trying to attach it to President Obama is ludicrous.

  18. There are a few good American Muslims, and his father is one of them. The problem is that due to the Islamic practice of taqiyya, lying to deceive the Infidel, you can’t really determine who is good and who is not.

  19. Looks like our FBI is batting 1,000.

    So far, either the FBI or our military (Ft Hood Terrorist) have interviewed the same Terrorists who later committed Terrorism.

    The FBI has around 13,000 Field Agents and local law enforcement has 750,000+, so why doesn’t the FBI let local law enforcement know who they suspect of being Terrorists . . . . is this just another obamba Regime setup against the American Citizen?

  20. didnt his wife and mother diasppear , where are they fbi

  21. We have no FBI, just ask its lying director, James Comey. What we have is a Federal Bureau of Inveterate’s!

  22. Anyone who votes for that corrupt lying traitor hillary rodham clinton is anti God, America, has no respect for our laws or our rights or our military and vets. They care nothing about their own children’s future or the future generations. They want to keep the most corrupt obama’s administration going by putting in another evil vile piece of human waste hillary rodham clinton who will make obama seem like a choir boy. Liberalism is a disease.

    • I agree, and anyone who votes for a pathological lying criminal for president, Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton, should also have their citizenship revoked, because they are anti-Americans.

  23. Funny cause the FBI say they never got that call–Just more muslim lies??

  24. Here are the FACTS the FBI were warned by the Russians about the two brothers in the New York Bombings and they still Bombed the race and they were investigating the guy that shooting people in the Club in Louisiana and also the man here that told them about his son here and the two that came to Texas and the security guard killed them and they were watching them also and the guy and his wife a muslim and they killed those people and had a shoot out with police and they knew about him! they must have orders from up higher to leave them alone period

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