Radical San Francisco DA Drops Charges Against Man Who Attacked Cops

Radical new San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was voted into office on a slew of promises to upend justice, stop prosecuting crimes like public urination, end cash bail, and generally behave in the way you would expect the son of domestic left-wing terrorists to behave if he was ever given the levers of power. And, you’ve gotta give it to Chesa: He’s been in office for less than a month, and he’s already making good on his promises. We’re tempted to say that San Francisco is getting what they deserve, but unfortunately the idiotic will of the liberal populace is going to hurt people who wanted no part of this lunacy.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Assault charges against a man who was shot and seriously wounded after he allegedly slammed a bottle into a San Francisco police officer’s face were withdrawn Friday, infuriating rank-and-file officers.

District Attorney Chesa Boudin, a former public defender whose election was opposed by the police union, decided not to pursue criminal charges against Jamaica Hampton, who was shot after he allegedly attacked two officers with a glass vodka bottle in the Mission District in December.

The charges were pulled “without prejudice,” which means they can be refiled at Boudin’s discretion.

“The District Attorney has informed me that at this time he will withdraw charges against the suspect,” Police Chief Bill Scott wrote to his officers Friday. “The DA indicated that this withdrawal is not a dismissal of the case. This unprovoked attack was a violent, criminal act. I want you to know that we remain committed to working with the DA to see that justice is done in this case for our officers.”

The district attorney’s office is currently peddling some BS about how they had to temporarily set the case aside so they could properly investigate it from the side of the officers. While this sounds like, “Oh, oh, we’ll get back to prosecuting Hampton in a minute,” what it really says to us is that Boudin thinks it’s more important to investigate his police officers than, you know, the guy who attacked them with a glass bottle. That right there shows where this man’s loyalties lie.

In a statement, Tony Montoya of the San Francisco Police Officers Association said, “Chesa Boudin just gave a green light to every criminal in San Francisco that it’s now OK to attack a police officer. He must be held accountable for his reckless decision that will further endanger every officer in San Francisco.”

For the uninitiated, Boudin is the son of convicted murderers – his parents were dangerous members of the domestic terrorist group The Weather Underground. Behind bars for Boudin’s childhood, his parents gave his upbringing over to the head radical himself, Bill Ayers. And now, against all odds, this extremist is in charge of the San Francisco justice system.

We really are in the darkest timeline.

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