Racist MSNBC Guest: Kentucky AG is “Skin-Folk but Not Kinfolk”

In an unbelievably racist remark on Wednesday night, retired Los Angeles Police Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey said that while Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron may have black skin like hers, he was clearly not black enough to do the right thing in the Breonna Taylor case. While we’ve become accustomed to seeing identity politics rule the day at MSNBC and throughout the rest of the mainstream media, this is one of the only times we can remember a black person coming right out and admit that the law’s application should depend on the race of the victim. And, apparently, the race of the prosecutors!

Dorsey was, of course, reacting to Cameron’s announcement on Wednesday that only one officer in the Breonna Taylor case would be indicted by the grand jury and that his office would not pursue any additional charges against the other officers involved in Taylor’s death.

“I certainly understand the pain that has been brought about by the tragic loss of Miss Taylor. I understand that as an attorney general,” Cameron said at a press conference. “I understand that as a black man how painful this is, which is why it was so incredibly important to make sure we did everything we possibly could to uncover every fact. There was not a day that the people in this office did not spend thinking about this case. Criminal law is not meant to respond to every sorrow and grief, and that is true here. But my heart breaks of the loss of Miss Taylor.”

But according to Dorsey, Cameron should have spent less time looking at criminal law and the facts of the case and more time worrying about doing the “right thing” for the black community. She said that would have involved bringing tougher charges – up to and including murder – against the officers involved in the shooting.

“Well, listen,” she said. “Not only is he being intellectually dishonest about that, you know, I find all of his remarks with regards to this whole entire press conference offensive. … Let me say this as a black woman. He does not speak for black folks. He’s skin-folk, but he is not kinfolk. And so just like he thinks they can’t speak for Kentucky, because he is up there with a black face, he does not speak for all of us. This was not a tragedy. This was a murder. He should be ashamed of himself.”

But see, that’s just the point. Cameron has no duty to speak for black people across America. He has a duty to investigate and apply the law fairly and without regard to race. It’s pretty shocking that a former Los Angeles police officer would fail to understand that, but we suppose that just shows you how insane this country has become in the era of Black Lives Matter.

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