Race Relations At Lowest Point Since O.J. Simpson

According to a new poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, race relations in Obama’s America are worse than they’ve been at any point in the last 20 years. Only 34% of Americans now say that race relations are “fairly good” or “very good,” down substantially from the 77% who believed in racial unity immediately after Obama took office.

“This is a very sad chart,” said pollster Bill McInturff. “It’s a reminder of what a continued rupture point in our country race is.”

Tellingly, many news reports noted that the last time Americans saw race relations with this kind of pessimism was in October 1995, just after a Los Angeles jury decided that O.J. Simpson was not guilty of killing his ex-wife and a friend in cold blood.

Today’s decline in racial unity began, according to the pollsters, after the shooting of Trayvon Martin in 2012 and has continued to plummet with other high-profile black deaths, many of which were at the hands of white police officers.

Now enough has been written about these cases to fill a thousand books, and it’s clear that whites and blacks – to say nothing of Republicans and Democrats – have a much different view of these incidents. The Martin shooting, for instance, was seen as murder by the majority of African-Americans. The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson was seen in the same light, and the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson was regarded as proof of a racist system.

But let’s go back to the Trial of the Century for a moment. Anyone who was old enough to follow the trial of O.J. Simpson remembers how blacks and whites were divided when it came to Simpson’s guilt. Whites saw the obvious truth: O.J.’s blood was at the crime scene. The victims’ blood was in his car and on his driveway and on his socks. This was proven beyond any contention by DNA evidence. And those who watched the trial closely know that the DNA evidence was only part of a colossal mountain of evidence that proved Simpson’s guilt – not beyond a reasonable doubt, but beyond ALL doubt.

Simpson’s “dream team” of defense lawyers, however, managed to invent a ludicrous fantasy wherein dozens (if not hundreds) of LAPD officers conspired to frame the football star for murder. And not only did this fantasy ring true to the mostly-black jury, it somehow convinced the majority of blacks in the country at large to view Simpson as an innocent man.

Why? Because one of the police officers once used the N-word.

The entirety of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2015 is built upon fantasies that are no less ridiculous than those that secured Simpson’s tragic acquittal. Yet here we are, all these years later, being asked to accept this kind of nonsense because of America’s controversial history of racism.

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” is as absurd as “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” And if whites must swallow imaginary conspiracies in order to get along with blacks, then 34% may be a high-water mark in the years to come.

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  1. Race Relations are low because 100% of Americans were lied to by their first black President…

    And that first black president has done everything in his power to fuel the flames of dissent.

    • And the throngs of mindless entitlement seekers somehow see him as an honest good person who is looking out for their interests. What a bunch of fools.

      • LBJ proved that Entitlements CREATE Progressively DUMBER … Unemployed and Drugged out of their minds VOTING IDIOTS….FOR BHO-ZO TYPE politicians!

        • Yes indeed, now couple that with a liberal educational agenda designed to make kids dumber and even more dependent on “da gubmint” and you have what we see today. A bunch of mindless spoiled brats who are very unprepared for adulthood and earning a living to support themselves and their future families. No wonder other countries look at the USA as a joke, it is.

          • and that iS the Alinsky Doctrine that sHIL-LIER_RY has ADOPTED…

          • Opens the door wide for Communism, quite evident in the “common core” educational standards. So retarded if you have ever had the displeasure of trying to do a simple subtraction problem in 18 steps instead of three. I am dead serious about it.

          • BUT of course… Why Simplify for accomplishing tasks when CONVULSIONS via Burucratic convolutions can MESS UP MINDS real GOOD!

          • That is working as evidenced by all the idiocy going on at college campuses these days. If those BLM dolts had burst into the library and called me “rayciss” when I was studying with a few of the guys on the hockey team, they would not have enjoyed the beating they brought upon themselves, but we sure would have. Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless Redhawk.

      • I agree but dream on if you think that any of these idiots will ever realize it.


      • You will wait a long time. They will never figure it out.

    • A record that make Holder and BHO-ZO, Sharpton and Jack-A-SSON so very Proud and Make them so very RICH!!!!
      The RACE industry has Grown while White JOBS were Eradicated!!!

    • Your wrong pork chop, it’s that the rabid racist hate the fact a black man well mixed man is president of the good old USA!

    • You are so right. He continued this absurdity on the NPR radio program, when he again played the race card, stating that those who complain about his administration are just sore because the country elected its first African-American president. Nonsense!!

    • And you are probably one of the plantation mentality White who doesn’t like taking orders from a BLACK President. McConnell hosted a meeting within TWO hours after Obama became President to try to make him a one time president. The GOP said publicly that they will NOT accept and bills or appointments for judges. They have spent billion of the tax payers money with the government shut down and numerous stupid hearings. But to White bigots that is OK. The GOP have spent many law suits trying to deny ALL American citizens healthcare. While the ACA is not perfect the GOP could have taken it and made it better and taken the credit. The GOP plantation attitude was that the BLACK President had to Work With Them if he wanted anything past in the House sent from the WHITE House. And all the WHITE Christian bigots have said nothing. Even the SCOTUS have spread their racist venom.

      “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch
      them without doing anything.”

      • Don’t you dare blame the white man for your problems, and I suppose you are one for for wanting reparations for what has happened to your race for the last 400 years or so. My mother always said “you make your bed and then lie in it”. You get your first black president in office and all the sudden you have your worst race relations in twenty or so years. Gee I wonder think it would be because he hates white people.

      • We are the problem, but you still want us to foot the bill.

        • The sad part is he is not Black! He is muslime!! He fooled the black people into believing he came from a slave background and would give them reparitions! What a joke!! All he did was use the blacks to get votes, now he is using them to cause unrest! When it comes down to it, if you are not muslime when they try to take over, your being black won’t matter unless you sell your soul and join in the Islamic belief! The insistence of obummer to allow these Syrians into our country is to instigate a take over and its not for the BLACKS! Its for the Islamic muslime takeover!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  2. Barack Obama has set back race relations in this country by at least 100 years. He hates both blacks and whites as much as the U.S. He is neither black nor white. His makeup is only 7% African; mostly he is Arabic. His actions and the little bit we know of his past have indicated to a majority of Americans that he is Muslim as well. If only we learn from this that we should not depend on demographics to select our leaders. They are trying to elect Hillary based solely on the demographic that she is supposedly female. If she is elected, I predict very similar disastrous results.

  3. Change was promised by Obama and we have it. It is time for people to wake up and demand a set of standards for all regardless of skin color. Unfortunately Obama has become the ‘great divider’ not the ‘great uniter’.
    It is time to move on!

    • Note that 0bama NEVER defined the change he had in mind. He let everybody define it their own way. It was brilliant, but now we know better to believe anybody running for office.

      They lie, and their actions are the ONLY way you can determine who or what they stand for.

      Take Rubio for instance, he ran against Amnesty, and once in office, created a plan with Amnesty in it, which what traitorous to those that put him in office.

      Now he is talking tough again……. Do you believe his actions, or his words?

  4. What pollsters say and what people actually do are frequently widely divergent. That is observably the case and this “analysis” is certainly an example.
    Too conclude that we have regressed to racial relations similar to those of half century previous is simply untenable. Likely these pollsters are actually measuring instaneous reaction to the misguided violent behavior of ‘Black lives matter’ and the Baltimore looters.

  5. Liberals are racists and bigots, they are the only ones that will not let Racism die.

  6. Are you going to wait until buba shoots you in the face to prepare? When Clinton gets in there will be a mandatory buy back of ALL guns!


    • Your post is the kind of ridiculous claim that the “crazies” see as justification for hate. The hate of government, the hate of Muslims, the hate of the poor, the hate of African Americans, the hate of Jews, the hate of everybody who is not exactly like yourself. You are so preoccupied with hate and having your personal arsenal that you alienate all those except other haters. What a miserable life you must lead. Your paranoia is overwhelming and you have created your own misery. I have on stockpile of guns, I do not hate, not even people like you. I feel sorry that you have put yourself in this little cage you have created for yourself. There is much goodness in the world, still, and I enjoy it every day – the sounds of children laughing while they play, the sounds of birds in the trees and the sounds of a soft breeze rustling the leaves. Clinton will not institute a buyback of all guns, but she might put restrictions on weapons designed to kill mass numbers of people in a short amount of time, like the AR-15. That would make sense. European countries have done it without major ruinations of society. Yes the are more socialist than we are, but do you even know what socialism means. It means a government that provides services for all of the people instead of citizens providing all of their own services. So, the minute we had municipalities provide trash collection and police protection and fire departments and schools and libraries, we became a socialist nation. So, you don’t like the schools? You are still free to homeschool or send your kid to private school. Guns? We are the most open country in the world when it comes to that, but we also have the highest murder rate and the crime rate.

      • “but we also have the highest murder rate and the crime rate.” No we don’t.

        From the World Health Organization:
        The latest 2012 Murder Statistics for the world:
        Murders per 100,000 citizens.
        Honduras 91.6
        El Salvador 69.2
        Cote d’lvoire 56.9
        Jamaica 52.2
        Venezuela 45.1
        Belize 41.4
        US Virgin Islands 39.2
        Guatemala 38.5
        Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2
        Zambia 38.0
        Uganda 36.3
        Malawi 36.0
        Lesotho 35.2
        Trinidad and Tobago 35.2
        Colombia 33.4
        South Africa 31.8
        Congo 30.8
        Central African Republic 29.3
        Bahamas 27.4
        Puerto Rico 26.2
        Saint Lucia 25.2
        Dominican Republic 25.0
        Tanzania 24.5
        Sudan 24.2
        Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9
        Ethiopia 22.5
        Guinea 22.5
        Dominica 22.1
        Burundi 21.7
        Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7
        Panama 21.6
        Brazil 21.0
        Equatorial Guinea 20.7
        Guinea-Bissau 20.2
        Kenya 20.1
        Kyrgyzstan 20.1
        Cameroon 19.7
        Montserrat 19.7
        Greenland 19.2
        Angola 19.0
        Guyana 18.6
        Burkina Faso 18.0
        Eritrea 17.8
        Namibia 17.2
        Rwanda 17.1
        Mexico 16.9
        Chad 15.8
        Ghana 15.7
        Ecuador 15.2
        North Korea 15.2
        Benin 15.1
        Sierra Leone 14.9
        Mauritania 14.7
        Botswana 14.5
        Zimbabwe 14.3
        Gabon 13.8
        Nicaragua 13.6
        French Guiana 13.3
        Papua New Guinea 13.0
        Swaziland 12.9
        Bermuda 12.3
        Comoros 12.2
        Nigeria 12.2
        Cape Verde 11.6
        Grenada 11.5
        Paraguay 11.5
        Barbados 11.3
        Togo 10.9
        Gambia 10.8
        Peru 10.8
        Myanmar 10.2
        Russia 10.2
        Liberia 10.1
        Costa Rica 10.0
        Nauru 9.8
        Bolivia 8.9
        Mozambique 8.8
        Kazakhstan 8.8
        Senegal 8.7
        Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7
        Mongolia 8.7
        British Virgin Islands 8.6
        Cayman Islands 8.4
        Seychelles 8.3
        Madagascar 8.1
        Indonesia 8.1
        Mali 8.0
        Pakistan 7.8
        Moldova 7.5
        Kiribati 7.3
        Guadeloupe 7.0
        Haiti 6.9
        Timor-Leste 6.9
        Anguilla 6.8
        Antigua and Barbuda 6.8
        Lithuania 6.6
        Uruguay 5.9
        Philippines 5.4
        Ukraine 5.2
        Estonia 5.2
        Cuba 5.0
        Belarus 4.9
        Thailand 4.8
        Suriname .6
        Laos 4.6
        Georgia 4.3
        Martinique 4.2
        And ……………….
        The United States 4.2
        ALL the countries (109) above America have 100% gun bans.
        It might be of interest to note that
        SWITZERLAND (not shown on this list)
        However, SWITZERLAND’S law requires that EVERYONE….
        1. Own a Gun
        2. Maintain Marksman qualifications….regularly
        3. “Carry”……..a Weapon.
        You never hear about this?
        I am not surprised. This does not advance the Liberals’ Agenda.

        • By the way that is a decrease from 4.7 for the US a few years ago. Gosh! How can that be when the Liberals and the media insist our murder rates are so high. I know, it’s like Unemployment rates, they manipulate the numbers and attempt to convince the rest of us that they are accurate. NOT!

          • It’s cities like NYC, Philly, Chicago, Detroit, LA an others that carry most of the burden for murders. If hand weapons are out lawed, then kitchen utensils, yard implements, hand tools and hands themselves, feet, large long objects and concrete side walks will be next. It’s the radical liberals, progressives, socialist mentality that cause these things. Someone once said:: Politics is the art of looking for problems, finding them everywhere, miss diagnosing them and applying the wrong remedies.

    • SURE and now go back to “TOKE” some more!!…………..GEEZ

  7. Requirements for graduation from high school have been lowered and lowered so the blacks and bums can graduate. Now ,many cannot speak or write English, add, have no idea where Canada is and on and on. You wonder what the hell they ARE learning ? In any case, the dumbing down is lowering work skills required.

  8. why dont we ever hear from Barry’s white side??

  9. Thats right and Brown could have been Obamas son. Its alright for muslims and people of color to distroy and kill us but dont talk bad about them. Obama wants to play king or god? Theres something twisted about this guy and he should be put away. Hes a theif / liar and a murderer.

  10. And if we don’t reunite soon we will be in more trouble than ever. This elephant eared porch monkey has been very successful at one of his destructive goals which was to divide us as a country. His next goal is to bring in 10’s of thousands of those completely unvettable savage animals to finish us off. I hope all who voted for him are happy with the outcome. This is what is going on in Europe becaus of leaders who think like he does. Hitlery is even WORSE!!!


  11. All I can say is, “pants up, don’t loot”.

  12. I suppose the Officer, Mark Thurman, should have used THUG

  13. Race relations went in the toilet when Obama took office and appointed Holder as AG and from then on it became apparent that justice would be a totally political process dispensed based on the whim of the Administration based on skin color and political affiliation NOT LAW. It started with the DOJ not prosecuting the New Black Panthers with a clear case of intimidating WHITE VOTERS and has degenerated from there with selected prosecution and non-prosecutions since Obama has been in office. That coupled with Obama’s clear support of illegal activity by ethnic minorities at the expense of law abiding citizens, as well as, his clear background manipulation of withholding the use of Federal troops during riots, insuring more destruction of personal property and businesses, has led most people of all ethnic persuasions to loose all faith in government regardless of opinion and not trust each other.

  14. Our politicians, MSM and community leaders have gone out of their way to convince blacks they are suppressed and abused by whites and other races. The problem is that over 80% of blacks murdered are murdered by blacks, their children attend the same crappy schools our do with the same potential for a crappy educations as all the other children in our nation. They have black history month, there is no white, Hispanic, Asian or other race that has a month for their history, they have their own black beauty contest, their own magazines, their own colleges, their own small business funding, and the list goes on yet they also have the highest drop out rate, no one forces them to drop out of school, the highest criminal rate, no one forces them into crime, and truthfully, no one wants to walk in an all black neighborhood after dark not even blacks and that is not due to any race but their own. Obama and the fools who have spent years telling blacks they are owed for things none of us had a thing to do with, telling them they are where they are due to “white privilege”, when in reality it is the blacks with the privilege, need to be tossed in jail and left to rot there. Blacks need to realize that their lot in life is theirs to make and not because they are owed, or suppressed but like all of us who have earned our way of life, you earn it, it ain’t owed, it ain’t free, and it wont just be handed to you gift wrapped. The only people who have your best interest at heart is your family and yourselves. Change, hope, success, and where you end up in life is where you work to end up not given to you on a silver platter.

    • Like Muslims, blacks have always refused to assimilate to the greatness of our nation. So much so, that they’ve even made things up and claimed them as their heritage! (i.e., Kwanza!) And if you go to any African country, they will tell you to keep these American blacks here in this country, they don’t want them! They wear their pants down below their knees, they have their own music, their own language, their own invented culture and any black that doesn’t abide by any of it is an Uncle Tom…a traitor to the race!

      Racism will ALWAYS be a national problem as long as our politicians insist on coddling them with refugee aid, keeping them on the government dole for generations, and making excuses and changing laws and rules so they can bypass all the requirements to do whatever it is they want, like going to school, going to work, and getting through life simply because of the color of their skin.

    • Could not have said it better.

    • Amen to that. Never were more true words spoken except by our lord Jesus and the Holy Father.

  15. When thousands of people who have a different way of life are allowed into a country, they then ultimately want to inflict their ways on the country they have come to. Because people like Americans are kind welcoming people, the infiltrators then start to take advantage of them and start to create problems as they try to change the country into what they want. Having a Muslim President has not helped the Americans, or America. If they were not given money and houses and looked after so well, they would stay in the country that has their religion and way of life. Make sure the next President is someone who will make your country American once more.

  16. If their is an increase in racially bad relationships the Black leaders have caused it. Blacks hate whites while whites do not hate blacks. White people wish more Blacks would meld into our society instead of gangs, ill mannered behavior and the attitude the world owes them something. In retrospect it is better here than in many parts of Africa. So count your blessing, I do as one parent and the great grandparents on the other side caused me to thank God they came to America where I was lucky enough to be born. “Get it” President Obama should be given total credit for the escalation of racial stress as well as the increase of divisions in so many area’s of our country. He is just a hater and has been programmed to hurt White America as are many Muslims and Communist. He grew up that way and as a loner gravitated toward the radicals he associated with in fact appointing a number into the Government.
    It may have switched whereby the Blacks are the racist and the Whites are the victims and this will be part of Obama’s legacy, as well as health care and in mishandling of foreign policy. Remember White people elected President Obama twice, so they can thank these uninformed but caring fools for creating an enemy from within.
    This is not the first time as we have had a few terrible Presidents but Obama gets the gold.
    So many Americans cannot wait until its over and if Hillary gets in, it will continue to take us down.
    The Republican’s better wake up and realize it is the settles against King George again.

    • Many whites voted for him the first time out because they truly believed this would prove that whites didn’t have a race problem. A secondary reason was to alleviate whites of the guilt of slavery, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with it, just as much as blacks today have nothing to do with slavery and being victims!

      That second election is a totally different story. It points directly to fraud, regardless of what the left will tell you. You can’t go into a district and get 101% of the vote in, all for Obama, and none for Romney. That’s mathematically impossible and proves fraud. Likewise, there were other obvious examples of fraud, but it was kill the messenger and the message…not the fraud that was exposed! Also, a huge segment of the evangelical vote was missing. Evangelicals would not go out and vote for a Mormon, and so they stayed home, too stupid to realize that they were flipping the vote to Obama!

    • You fool if a republican wins it’s world war 3, ya dam fool, read a book!

      • I think that with both world wars were started with the democraps at the reigns of power in this country, tax & spend is not all they do same with Viet Nam & Korea was also under a democrap control the only war I can think of that is by the gop was Iraq

      • Name calling liberal. Most of the Wars and conflicts were caused by Democrats not doing what had to be done while in office, so Republicans come in and have to clean up their blunders. Read up on it and stop talking when you aren’t equipped to.

      • Bring it!

  17. I worked in an industry that was heavily black, for my entire career.
    I did and do have many good black friends.
    I worked with them, i supervised them and was supervised by them
    I went to their homes for dinner and parties, I had them to my home for dinners and parties.
    Those were people that if you judged them by their actions, were much like white people, very willing to work, wanted a family and a home and were fine with working and paying for it.
    They came to work every day, prepared to work.
    These are not the people that we are reading about in the news, these people had no time for the BS, they had a job and home and a family to take care.
    The Al Sharptons and Jessee Jackson’s were flat ignored.
    The liberal dem bloodsuckers are directly responsible for this, they are buying votes from the welfare crowd with handouts.
    This crowd are the ones without jobs and have the time to be in the streets day and night.
    the liberal dems are not going to change, this is how they get votes.

    At some point we are going to have to realize, that we can no longer coexist with the liberal scum and must physically separate ourselves from them, it is probably the only way to prevent civil war.

  18. The divider in chief plus george soros$$$, al sharpton, jesse jackson, louis farrahkan, etc. all have so much to gain by dividing the races and creating hatred between people with different skin colors. It has been forgotten that we are first God’s children and we are all Americans. The result of the division and hatred created by this administration and their patsies is hurting both innocent black and white people in order to give the appointed excuse to use his executive order giving himself the power to impose martial law whenever he so desires. We will all lose big time irrespective of our skin color when and if the day comes that the appointed president decides to imposes martial law and fill his FEMA camps.

    • Don’t forget that the divider in chief is on a mission. He may be half white, but it was that half in his life he despised and hated, even though they were the people who brought him up while his black half abandoned him long before he was even born. And typical of the black race, he’s blaming the wrong race!

  19. Divide and Conquer! Obama has polarized this country on virtually every issue! This nation is just a heart beat away from another Civil War!

  20. The Obama regime has created such hostility now, that race relations are worse now then they were in the 1950’s. Obama himself instead of being what he promised: A UNITER became the Agitator and chief a$$ hole

  21. Resident Obama jumping with joy this is just what Obama dreamed of

  22. Did you think your charming rehash of a story would help improve race relations?

  23. This simply proves that blacks are no more educated today than they were in 1995! All blacks believe they are descended from cotton pickers and therefore are victims. Not that any of them would even know what a cotton ball on a branch would look like! Or that just as many slaves were house servants, soldiers, mariners, and merchants, or inventors! A little education might prove that most of them don’t descend from cotton pickers, or from any slave at all! But hey…here’s a shiny new “victim” card and all of them are playing it, no matter what. No need for education when you can sit back, collect the government dole, and then blame society because one’s too stupid to recognize the difference between being a shooter, or being shot at.

  24. Everybody’s heard the saying…, “you get what you paid for”, well, this is a case of…., “you get what you voted for”….

  25. The Muslim-Marxist jihadist was implanted by the NWO-ists with the intent of using the color of his skin, as well as his soul, for the very purpose of creating a racial war as well as creating ISIS and using them as the bloody bogeyman to break “US” down in order to bring in the new, as in the NWO! He is a demon and enjoys destroying America and Christians as well! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr=========================?, you will be needing them! MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone, even those atheists out there!

  26. Because we have a racist President ,who started all of this racist BS , when his Professor friend got in trouble with the Police . Remember Beer Gate , Trayvon Martin , Michael Brown . If Obama would allow local Police do their job ,instead of stick his nose into local issues . America would never have been in such a mess .

  27. Who believes the wall street joirnal and nbc news. Both of these joker outfits have never told the truth on anything. Monkey business twins. Full of B—s–t.

  28. Holder, Lynch, Sharpton, J. Jackson have been blatant about their racism. Obama has tried to be a bit more subtle, but it still shows through at times of stress. The yardstick is does the person treat everyone equally? If they make decisions based on race, either for or against, they are acting in a racist manner. A winner or loser is not determined by color – its pretty unimportant compared to integrity and intelligence…

  29. peeweetanner@yahoo.com

    Thats because OBAMA brainwash millions of Americans for hope and change and did nt do any of them The voters like his big smile didnt know he was stabbing them in the back

  30. Race relations are bad because of obummo, jackson, sharpton,and lynch.These are the reason why nobody can get along with each other. They are nothing but race baiters

  31. Race relations are at an all time low because that is EXACTLY what obama wants! You forget, this man hates America because his blood father hated America. And what could obama do to get into his dead absentee Father’s good graces? Destroy America! That is obama’s “BOTTOM LINE! Anyone with a Psych major can tell you that.
    Obama has been basically doing what he thinks his father wants him to do…any way possible. Take down America. So little by little, obama chips away at our traditions and foundations, causes racial unrest, creates an atmosphere of racial tension by slam dunking all Law Enforcement and taking away their credibility. Now we have groups of Black students (or paid protesters) demonstrating all over our Nation, demanding that we give them exactly what they want. WHY? They are nothing but a bunch of “Entitlement Pancys with their panties in a bunch” paid and orchestrated by obama’s “Kill America Crew” and do NOT deserve anything more than they earn…which is pretty much a big Zero.

    So when are people going to stop cowering and stand up to these “Paid Protesters”? Until our Traditional values are supported and thrown back into those protester’s faces, we will continue to see this group of obama puppets flow across our great nation trying to destroy it from the inside out. Time to grow some clankers Americans!

    Yes, obama is the catalyst that inflamed race relations at the beginning of his first term…now he just adds gasoline to the fire and watches it spread, while his evil face grins and his black heart cackles. He is the instigator, not the healer…and until we Americans stand up and defend our traditions face to face with these snot-nosed know it all children, our Country will fragment and corrode into an obama wet dream. Is this what you want for your life? For your loved ones? For your grandkids? No? Then grow a backbone and make your voice heard…it’s past time.

    • His family background of being communist just might have something to do with it. The commies have been trying to take over the US of A ever since old Karl Marx and his commie minions penned their Communist Manifesto and organized their plan in the 1880s. The Ruskies (USSR) had some 300+ spies in the fed bureaucracy (along with the Nazis and Chinese) by the 1940s. JFK purged them when he became President and they murdered him. And, now today they are trying to take over, again. This isn’t rocket science or require a PhD … They want the USSA.

      • I totally agree, but to get access to the U.S. they needed a person who was already moldable, who had psychological issues with the U.S. because of a very lonely and sad childhood removed from the one person he could really identify with…his Black Father.

        I do understand about all the communists, etc. who have been after this Nation forever, but in order for them to wreck havoc on America, they needed a puppet “willing” to open the doors and do so. They found that puppet in barack, who still carries the feelings of not being worthy of his absentee father’s attention, but bho knew that his father hated the U.S., so what better way to appease good ole dead daddy, but by destroying the one thing he hated the most…the U.S.

        Having obama at the helm has opened the door for socialists, communists, marxists, homosexuals, baby murderers, transgenders, etc. to invade our Nation. It is going to take every last one of us to cleanse our country of these tweaks and despots and once again have control of our own worlds. The first one to go is bho, then the rest can follow suit…deport them all to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan’s desert caves. We have no use for them.

  32. Obummer is of mixed race, Caucasian and African. The argument is whether he is muslun or socialist (communist) or both, his parents, friends and family were of socialist and muslum back grounds. In spite of todays fake BLM and commie led riots and protest, all races are prospering by leaps and bounds. Example, the latest Heisman Trophy from Michigan, along with many more from decades of excellent sports. Races are represented every where in major universities and businesses. The race problem is imaginary and insulting to every day citizens. So, get over it and get on with your life.

  33. peeweetanner@yahoo.com

    i dont care if he is black or white he is destroying this country because he has no brains to run it he has no military background and still thinks he knows it all

  34. I see you inbred idiots are scared to use your name typical white pussiness tou people are so jealous that Obama has done such a great job cleaning up dumbass Bushs mistakes you just cant stand it because you cant except the fact that a black man is so much smarter than you stupid inbreds speaking of lying remember no new taxes and then what did he do he raised taxes

    • WOW !?!? Where the hell did you come from !?!? Regards, George Reagan, Fort Worth, TX, retired engineer, US Navy vet 1966-1970.

      • He (or she) just graduated from Head Start school with honors. Can’t you tell by the beautiful sentence structure, excellent spelling, and use of punctuation! And he quickly came over here to display his newly achieved talents.

    • Obama:
      1. Withdrew all troops from Iraq, thereby losing the war won by Bush (remember elections, lines of people voting for the first time?).
      2. If you like your doctor (or insurance plan), you can keep him.
      3. The video caused the spontaneous Benghazi riot and attack.
      But, indeed, Obama HAS done a great job ruining America, decreasing our standing in the world, and promoting his Muslim friends and values.

      • No Bush almost ruined America with his policies started two wars that Trump also said were a big mistake now were paying the price for his blunders but thank god president Obama got in and has repaired some of the damage that idiot has done my doctor hasnt changed your dumb ass ever look at the profits insurance companies make now a couple of them are merging to get out of paying there fair share of taxes that Benghazi crap is right wing rethoric as proven by that stupid trial that she blew there dumb ass republicans ass away by bringing out the only reason they were doing this bull was to keep her polling numbers down so lets get the facts straight when Bush rigged the election and took over the deficit was going down thanks to Bill Clinton then when he started two wars that we couldnt afford and lied to the people about these WOMD that were non existant we went back into adding to the deficit then under his watch the banks and the housing markets crashed and unemployment skyrocketed because we were losing so many jobs then the sob had the nerve to give the rich a tax break general motors and chrysler were about to go belly up hell he couldnt even get Bin Laden remember he outsourced to Pakistan [sound familiar outsourcing jobs Romney the venture capitalist] and he got away thats the Republican record when Obama inherited his disaster unemployment was over 10 percent now its 5 percent thats less for you people who watch fox news he saved general motors and chrysler gave the people health care got Bin Laden you people live in lies and half truths and make up shit to fit your agenda wake up to the real world that 50s mentallity will get you no where

  35. Obama is the epitome of everything that has become wrong with the USA!

  36. destroying race relations is the only thing that barry has done in 7 years

  37. The negro encourages other Negroes to rise up against the white man. I’m in charge, says the negro, when I’m not golfing, thinking about Reggies behind, going on Air Farce One Demoncrap fundraisers, or vacationing at $7500 a day private homes.

    Other then that I’m in charge, says the negro. BTW, there was another negro elevated to a high position of “director” that did the same thing locally. All he went around was saying “I’m in charge” and that was IT!

    Nothing got done! He was eventually FIRED!

  38. Race relations will continue to decline when the majority of thinking Americans continue to watch a political class favor a failed race over the race which created America and built an Empire which manages the world.
    Just as slavery was wrong itself, this kind of reverse racism is wrong.
    One can not punish one race over another and not expect a backlash.
    Obama has added to this failure while the media and white political elites continue to blame everyone but the blacks who create their own problems.
    Revolution is a viable solution to this disaster.

  39. Obama loves race baiters like Sharpton. Have you noticed that the only people that have gotten invited to the WH lately, all have questionable pasts, and presents?

  40. blacks taking white lives matter. you can Get protection the government doesn’t know exists, you know you need it> Need protection but don’t want the
    F.B.I. digging into your past and don;t want a registered firearm in your name?
    THE ANSWER IS THIS: A Black Powder Revolver and a Conversion Cylinder to accept modern ammunition!
    This one is pocket size, http://northamericanarms.com/i
    and then get a CONVERT NAA CAP AND BALL on Gunbroker.com
    All legal. (for now anyway)…

  41. Thanks Obama

  42. I will not list my Bono Fides, which are long, but will just say that once the federal government under Lyndon Johnson put Negroes back on a government plantation the stage was set for real racial problems that had not been there before. Now we are seeing them. Thanks, Democrats. “F” the federal government.

  43. In the early 1960s most Americans supported an end to discrimination and the proposed Civil Rights Act. I personally had worked for and with Negroes as a bellboy in my town’s largest hotel and I knew that the Negro culture and its people was no different than my own. Right after the Civil Rights Act was passed and Martin Luther King was assassinated Jesse Jackson and other Negro race hustlers began to beat the drum of division, and then Lyndon Johnson created the Negro ghetto, which forever separated Negroes and Caucasians and helped establish a thuggish Negro culture that has just grown worse and worse ever since. Today there is a vast difference between the Negro and Caucasian culture and it was caused by politicians and race hustlers.

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