Queen’s Death Celebrated by College Prof.

Shortly after it was announced that doctors had placed Queen Elizabeth II, 96, under medical supervision, her family flocked to her side to support her. The announcement shocked and worried the world, with questions rising of her condition and the future of the throne.

The Queen passed away shortly after the tweet was posted.

In the tweet, she is quoted stating “I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating.” 

Her evil statement was immediately met with warranted and fierce backlash, including calls for her to be fired:

Even Jeff Bezos sounded off against the statement:

The self-proclaimed “anti-racist” and “feminist” professor doubled down and defended her heinous comment, telling those against wishing a painful death on someone to not “tone police” her.

Queen Elizabeth peacefully passed away surrounded by her family at Balmoral with Prince Charles set to take the throne after her death. 

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  1. May they both finally rest in eternal peace. She passed on my Daddy’s 95th birthday RIP in Heaven, them all. I had said she wouldn’t make it til the end of the year. Sadly I had no idea she’d pass on my father’s birthday, 95th had he been here. He was just a year younger than she was. Just pray Charles does her rightly and just as she served with great fortitude and grace and dignity. Long live the Queen, now her son the King.

  2. Uju Anya…the Queen passed away peacefully…now the question becomes, will you?

    • What hell must it must be to be Uju filled with such rabid vile hatred. Life is hard Uju for the Nigerian Christians men women and little children being massacred by self righteous hate filled Muslims. Not the British. Soo… get current. Keep up please. You falling way behind

    • The actions of others are not her crime. The only actions she is responsible for are her own.
      As are your actions you are responsible for and no one else.

  3. This story just goes to show the level of IGNORANCE in the people that we are allowing to teach our children.

  4. Uju Anya, congratulations on winning the “Bitch of the Year Award.” May you receive the all of the disrespect that you deserve for being such an evil person. I truly hope the university releases you as your attitude makes you unfit to teach.

  5. Imagine the toxic slime this slug spreads around Carnegie Mellon.

  6. I would love to see Charles abdicate to William. William would make a much better king.

  7. With my heartfelt appreciation, May she Rest In Peace. She was very kind with me and I am forever grateful.

  8. The Queen called from heaven. You aren’t headed there. Sucks being you and being so awful as well as being so stupid.

  9. Regarding the crass remark from the (temporary ) professor —it didnt take long for the scum to rise to the top. Who would pay big bucks to have their kid taught by someone this hateful and low class?? She needs to be fired.

  10. Don’t contaminat the sewer. Burn and bury sounds more just.

  11. This is the trash tat is teaching our kids?

    No wonder the country is quickly going to hell!

    I hope you get some real evil JUJU Uju.

    • Wow Uju, I didn’t know such hatred could live in the heart of someone who is teaching at your level. Goes to show the pervasive ugliness that exists at all levels of our universities just so the world can be politically correct and anti-racist. You ma’am have bigger problems within your soul than people being racist! Address those please, so that you don’t make other people as miserable as yourself!

  12. Uji Anya may have her opinions, but hopefully her University will find them repugnant and show her the door. Tone police you? You’re tone deaf.

  13. Uju Anya, please die…..

  14. …ouch…while the comments this professor made are…heinous, to say the least…I never met the Queen, nor have I met the professor, nor am I aware of the relationship between them, if any…the question in my mind? Does this professor know of information about the Queen or Her edicts that would provoke such a response to her death, or is there something in the past, between the two of them that would provoke such a response concerning the Queen? I have no answer, BUT these are the first questions that arise in my mind…

  15. It must be hard being Aju Anya. Holding that much hatred and hostility is not easy, and it must make you a miserable person to be around. Being an American I do not believe in monarchies, but I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for Elizabeth.

    • You stated my thoughts exactly. The queen had more class in her pinky nail than Aju does in her entire body. How sad to be Aju and live with such hate. The queen is not responsible for actions committed long ago any more than Aju is responsible for black slave owners today.

  16. Love the queen even thougn American. Lived in England for a few years and loved it. The British have deep respect for their elders. Something everyone should have. England is a beautiful country too.

  17. Only, knowing what I read and watched on TV, I always thought she was the epitome of strength and humility. She had to be in the public eye all of her life, deal with politicians, a large family and her own sense of duty. I have always admired her as a woman, and had a great respect for her. May God give her rest and may her family due her legacy proud. I think her people will be mourning her and feeling a little lost now. God bless Her Majesty!

  18. Uju whoever you are, I pray for you. If you go online to make statements, don’t complain when other people take against you.

  19. I would think that someone with that much vitrole must think they are more important than they really are. It is sad that someone who is teaching children can only spew hate. This apparently seems to be the routine for college professors these days. You know what they say “Those who can do do, those who can’t teach.”

  20. Ronald Reagan had a phrase about “self-loathing liberals.”

    Think about that for a second…….

    These people truly hate themselves, ergo they must hate everyone else or recognize themselves as the pathetic creatures they’ve allowed themselves to be.

    The problem is when you give them voice. When you have the compassion to give them a platform….and that platform spreads.

    No, no, no. A way to stamp this out must be found.

  21. Carnegie Mellon needs to reconsider Anya’s employment status… quickly…

  22. Even tho I’m from America:::;;
    May long live the Queen….
    And rest in heaven…

  23. May God keep and treat the Queen of England and the United Kingdom with all the honor that she rightfully deserves. She was quite a Lady and worked for the people of the United Kingdom all her life. She is a much better person that I or almost anyone else alive today. QEII Was greatly loved by the people of the UK and for very good reasons. God truly gave the people of the UK a gift in QEII.
    As for this ‘professor’, what a sorry piece of garbage he is and he definitely should not be allowed to poison the minds of young people with his hatred and maybe have what we Southerner call a “Come to Jesus” meeting and see all the great things she did for that Nation. I am sorry that she did not name Prince William as her immediate successor as he would make a great and compassionate King unlike Charles and that hateful woman Camelia.
    RIP Queen Elizabeth the Second as you will be greatly missed.

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