Quarantines and Chaos, Selfishness and Ebola

In Maine, a judge ruled that there was nothing in the law that could keep nurse Kaci Hickox in her home. The ruling was unnecessary; Hickox had already decided on her own accord that no amount of public disdain was going to keep her home for 21 days. This nurse, who must be admired for her work in West Africa, must also be harshly criticized for a self-centered attitude that is almost unfathomable.

Hickox has relished the national spotlight even as she cries otherwise. She has threatened to file a lawsuit against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for her short-lived quarantine, to which Christie responded, “Get in line.” Because Christie understands what Hickox, Obama, and most of the officials in the federal government do not: people are scared. They see the double-talk coming from health officials, they see the ravages of West Africa, and they see the unprofessional mess that was made out of the Thomas Duncan case. All we ask for are some basic protections; Hickox, Obama, and Tom Frieden think we’re unworthy.

Stay in Your Home!

Medical quarantines are not some new-fangled Republican idea, by the way. They have a long, successful history of keeping infectious diseases from destroying civilization. While health officials may have a point about Ebola’s relatively low rate of communicability, those numbers don’t offer much comfort when you realize you’re riding a bus with someone who just got back from Sierra Leone. Just ask NBC’s Nancy Snyderman, who may have ruined her professional career by selfishly breaking quarantine last month.

Obama and other federal health officials make it sound as though a 21-day quarantine is an unimaginable hardship. They insist that no one will go over to Africa to fight the disease if they know that mandatory quarantine awaits them at home. That may be. If all the health workers who go over there are as self-absorbed as Hickox, I expect that is the case. I find that doubtful, though.

Unwarranted Arrogance

Frieden and the CDC have repeatedly told us that a person infected with Ebola is not contagious until they begin to show symptoms. But at what level do those symptoms have to be at before the disease can be spread? Does a headache count as a symptom? Does a fever? Is 21 days even enough time to wait it out? These questions have not been satisfactorily answered, and the U.S. government is pretending they know more about this disease than they really do. Certainly, Kaci Hickox is not the final authority on the subtleties of Ebola transmission.

The loudest advocate for quarantines should be the president himself. Unfortunately, Obama has bucked the will of the people at every turn. He has refused to take even basic measures to limit the flow of people from infected countries into this one, and he has slammed quarantine efforts as political posturing. Above all else, the President of the United States is sworn to protect the citizenry. If he can’t even do that much, what good is he?

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  1. President Barack Obama is not much good at all. Plus his first name means lightning and Bahmah means from the heights or from the heavens. When Jesus spoke in Luke 10:18 in Hebrew it was something like this, “I saw Satan fall like Baraq U Bahmah. It is almost as though Jesus was telling us who the Anti-Christ would be.

  2. I truly hope and believe that since the senate has shifted from democrat to republican there will be more in government looking out for the best of the country not themselves

  3. OK Boehner, you have majorities now. Lets start action to remove this man. Don’t wimp out on us now.

    • Maybe the latest election will change things, but the NWO/Corporate RINOs like boner didnt want maobama impeached

  4. Nothing,unfortunately will happen until the Republicans can grow a pair and stop being afraid of the Ohomomedia who continue to provide cover for their “Savior”. They call anyone who has the guts to speak out about Ohomo’s failed policies”racists”,so the weak-spined RINOs run for cover.The Senators were originally appointed by the States through their State Assembly,Senate,or whatever type of State Government is used. They could be recalled at the discretion of the people. Once in office,the Senators can do anything they want to for 6 years without recourse.

  5. This entire article is GARBAGE It is merely a lame attempt at blaming Obama for something else. The article falls apart at

    “But at what level do those symptoms have to be at before the disease can be spread? Does a headache count as a symptom? Does a fever? Is 21 days even enough time to wait it out? These questions have not been satisfactorily answered”

    UH YES they HAVE been answered. And the medical professionals, LIKE THIS NURSE, know when the disease is contagious and when it is not. The Judge let her out because HE KNEW THE SCIENCE. Just because you don’t know the science, or are to lazy or stupid to find out, does not make this a story. I know the Republicans don’t believe in science, but trust me on this one, you’re an idiot for writing this

    • Jimmy, science consists of study, hypothesis generation and testing. It does not mean the memorization and recitation of dogma. Barry like to talk about “the science” but it is clear that he has never in his life taken a course in any science or mathematics. If that is wrong, let him show some transcripts.

      • Again, the “raunchy right” fall back to the same ole same ole..
        You repubs had better get your act together now…
        You and your lot are under the microscope, by the American people…
        Jus saying…

        • Your food stamps will be stopped effective NOV 2014

          because we received notice that you passed away.

          ……. You may reapply if there is a change in your circumstances.

          • NOT on food stamps, dumbass, but your party is “under the microscope” now. It’s either do or die for the raunchy right. Get it? If you fuck up, it’s your ass…
            Stupid ass!

          • Getting desperate, hawg?

        • You and your lot just got your asses handed to you. The right is RIGHT!

    • Did you know?: – if you forget to secure your Tinfoil hat with Duct-tape,
      the “Voices” can still get inside and talk to you? .. Like NOW?

    • The CDC, and NIH don’t ” know the science”, as you put it, and I know plenty of other nurses who believe that woman IS a threat to society!

    • Nurse Hikox who cared for Ebola patients from Sierra Leone, West Africa should have stayed at home for 21 days for self Quarantine. I am a ICU RN, and I would have easily self quarantined myself to protect others from the Potential Epidemic of spreading the Ebola Virus to other people. Ms. Hikox should know better especially since two ICU RN’s caught the Ebola Virus while caring for the late Duncan patient who died in a Hospital Setting wearing Protective Isolation Garb. Do you know how these Nurses caught Ebola? Apparently, the CDC says Healthcare Professionals need to wear Hasmat Suits & Masks. The Science still does not know all the facts about Ebola’s infectious transmission. We should not Politicalize this deadly infectious virus! Please learn about how Viruses can easily Mutate; with the potential to be an airborne infectious disease. This is not me trying to use “Fear Mongering”, but rather stating pure Common Sense.
      Jimmy King, would you take care of an Ebola Infected Patient without all the facts regarding the uncertainty mode of transmission related to Ebola?

      • Yes I would. And after I finished caring form them, I would monitor my temperature and if I was asymptomatic I would not lock myself up Until you are showing symptoms, you are not contagious

    • You are a lame attempt at a human being. How old are you?

  6. Obama is as much help as Qtip plugging a hole in a ship.

  7. Liberals stick together, that is until one of them gets injured or weak, then they eat each other.
    If Hickox is wrong and she gets sick and ends up infecting someone else, the liberals will drop her cause like a hot rock.

  8. What good is Obama? Get him to meet everyone who returns from inflicted African countries with a hug and a french kiss then we can say he’s good as a test rat..

  9. I Remember when even “Schools were Closed”–as Children’s “Polio Epidemics”
    ran through State after State–leaving victims legs permanently paralyzed-! This
    was not treated as a “Joke”–kids were forbidden in theaters & churches–as part
    of the “Quarantines” as parents kept their kids from “Playing with other Kids-!”
    Did you want your kids–hopelessly crippled-! If your answer is yes–keep your
    kids away from Mine-! “Scarlet-Fever” was another “Quarantine” from the past-!
    Stay in Bed–without any sunshine thru the window–cover it with a blanket–You
    might end-up partially “Blind”-! “Cover your mouth when you sneeze–‘No One’
    wants what you’ve Got-!”

    • Measles, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough and any number of infectious diseases meant quarantines, in the not-so-distant past. Polio caused all manner of havoc for decades. Efforts at quarantine predate the killer plagues that ravaged Europe and Asia through the middle ages. It’s natural to want to avoid an infectious disease, and many suspected of carrying such diseases were killed by others in that effort. Today, a 3 week quarantine, with TV, streaming Netflix, computers, Skype, cell phones, etc, a 3 week quarantine is scarcely “isolation”, or “solitary confinement”!

      • Since when did they give all of you crazy old people computers? Science and medicine have advanced sine you were proscribed leaches. Stop being so ignorant

        • No one “gave” me anything; I bought it. I also learned something nearer to proper English. Leeches were NEVER proscribed; in fact they’re still IN use in some reconstructive (plastic) surgeries, to keep blood accumulation at the site minimalized. FYI “proscribed” means prohibited in writing; prescribing is how doctors order various medications and treatments; I learned that in nursing school, back in the dark ages. They also still use maggot therapy, to clean infection and dead tissue from wounds, on occasion! I READ the NIH, CDC, and FDA pages every day they come out, including today, even though I’m retired from nursing now, and still talk to my sister who, being younger, hasn’t yet done so; what are YOUR qualifications?

          • Right on, SandraLee. It’s also probably pointless to remind, or inform, ‘the youngster’…’the whippersnapper’… that the somewhat ubiquitous computer was, in fact, invented and further developed to its present state by “crazy old” members of your generation. Not to mention, the numerous highly infectious, deadly or inconvenient diseases, which have been virtually wiped off the face of the earth… due to the efforts of you ‘old fogies’. Thanks!

          • You’re most welcome, Hugo, on behalf of us “crazy old fogies”.

        • Jimmy King, modern medicine still uses leaches, they are very effective. Much more effective at ending disease than chemo, radiation and radical cancer surgery. Modern medicine seeks to treat and modify symptoms of disease, rather than kill disease. The pharmaceutical companies and the docs become very rich that way. Meanwhile the diseases slowly kill the patients while they are being financially ruined, their God-given immune systems destroyed, and no cure is ultimately even possible.

        • getting old aint for pussys dimmydo when you can spell will get you some crayons like a bigboy meantime get back to your crib and play with your hooberdoodles

  10. I seem to remember a Doctor in NY who knew better too. He wound up in the hospital with Ebola. Just because you are home and want to go play after your term of working in a hell hole doesn’t mean you have the right to potentially infect others. Stay home and enjoy your family for 21 days. Just risk their health if you are so sure you are safe. After your time away, they will enjoy your company! You will enjoy theirs! If you are so sure it is safe, you should have no problem confining yourself at home with all your loved ones. The question is, how many will feel safe enough to come and stay with you? Once they go in, they should stay until you are known to be clear. I don’t understand the rush to chance exposing this country? Will 21 days really kill you? It can kill many if you are infected.

  11. Next time that nurse steps out her house, put her on a plane back to africa,tell her the people don’t want her back.

  12. Send the selfish bitch to the white house to live. Might get barry’s attention!

  13. Not_Easily_Impressed

    The idea that “there is nothing in the law” is the height of arrogance! I can not believe there is nothing in the law that would permit recklessly endangering the general public. It seems to me we are dealing with a CRIMINAL, not a harmless civil rights advocate. There seems to be a serious premeditated effort to put people off the track. Take that as you will!

  14. The author of the above editorial is right on point, in stating what should be obvious to everyone, in the last sentence of the first paragraph. Selfish and self-centered, dangerous and short-sighted, indeed. There is not a vaccine or current protocol which is anywhere close to being surefire which the general populace can rely upon. As a so-called professional… someone working in the healthcare system… how dare she ignore what countless others in a position to actually “know” how dangerous this stuff is, how it is spread from one to another, the typical incubation period… and lets not forget that “IT IS DEADLY”, especially to youngsters and the elderly: how dare she willfully choose to ignore her responsibility to protect the public… from her callous and reckless attitude and behavior. She should be legally stripped of her ability to practice nursing, anywhere… and drummed out of the profession, immediately.
    Here’s a thought: how about we require everyone attempting to re-enter this country, coming from that part of the world… likely to have had direct contact or approximation with this “deadly disease”… to automatically spend the 21-day quarantine period at Gitmo. After such quarantine, provided they are disease / symptom free, they can return to the mainland, free to comingle without endangering anyone else. In addition to that ‘requirement’… they should be made to carry a sufficient amount of insurance against causing others to become infected… as a result of their reckless disregard for the safety of the rest of us. I sure as hell didn’t ask her to go over there, expose herself to that crap, and then, possibly, be the instrument causing widespread infection / outbreak. What a disgusting pig she is.

  15. Self-righteous bimbo, a doctor should know the consequences of violating a quarantine, but does she give a damn?

  16. What I can’t understand is these people that might have it are willing to fight to go out so they could possibly infect a bunch of other people.. That is true selfishness!!! Why is the first place they go when they come back from their, is to their families? If you love your family, why would you want to run to them so you could infect them? I would WILLINGLY stay away from EVERYONE if I thought it was even remotely possible I might have a dead disease. Especially my FAMILY.

  17. Hickox is a self-serving media hound. Go back to West Africa and stay there –
    she is anti-American.

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