Putin Not a Threat to U.S. Leadership, Obama Claims

The president who promised to change the way the United States behaves on the international stage is now facing a catastrophe in the Middle East. Barack Obama has brought us to the brink of war with Russia for the first time in decades, his policies have 11 million Syrians without a home, and he has presided over the growth of one of the most dangerous Islamic terrorist groups in history.

And yet, sitting down with Steve Kroft for a 60 Minutes interview, Obama seems to believe everything is just fine.

“You said a year ago that America leads. We’re the indispensable nation. Mr. Putin seems to be challenging that leadership,” said Kroft.

“Let me ask you this question,” said the president. “When I came into office– Ukraine was governed by a corrupt ruler who was a stooge of Mr. Putin. Syria was Russia’s only ally in the region. And today, rather than being able to count on their support and maintain the base they had in Syria, which they’ve had for a long time. Mr. Putin now is devoting his own troops, his own military, just to barely hold together by a thread his sole ally.”

“He’s challenging your leadership, Mr. President.”

“Well Steve, I got to tell you, if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in, in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we’ve got a different definition of leadership,” Obama said.

Mr. President, almost everyone in the world has a different definition of leadership than the one you use. If leadership involves creating a humanitarian disaster, re-starting the Cold War, and giving Iraq over to Islamic extremists, then that’s the kind of leadership we don’t need.

Obama has been played for the fool that he is, and this situation in Syria is just the tip of the iceberg. Putin knows that an America under Obama’s rule will never challenge his military advances into the Middle East. The Russian president may be operating from a position of weakness, but that makes him all the more dangerous. Putin wants to bring back the strong, centralized Soviet Union he loved so dearly, and skyrocketing oil prices would go a long way towards making that goal a reality. With Iran joining forces with Putin, the two countries could bring pressure on Saudi Arabia to reduce production and send oil prices back to the stratosphere.

That’s the best case scenario. The worst case is that Putin actually has designs on a Middle Eastern takeover. And that’s not as far-fetched as it might seem. If there is no significant U.S. strategy to prevent this psycho from pursuing military invasion, we could be looking at world turmoil of an especially dangerous kind.


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  1. Why do 0bama’s positions of strength look so weak.

    And Putin’s positions of weakness look so strong?

    My thinks our president is lying out his arse again…

  2. Hitler wasn’t a threat to Western Europe either, just ask the Brits, French, and anyone else that was under the
    boot from 1939 until VE day.

  3. I don’t think anyone is a threat to the U.S.A. because we have a coward, and do nothing retreat er in the WH!!

  4. Obama is not mentally capable of being President, we didn’t vet him properly or at all, but now any half wit knows the man is dangerous and should be halted and replaced by I hate to say Joe Biden, not up to the task but he is not crazy.

  5. He’s correct. Putin isn’t the threat to leadership. It’s been himself, Obummer, who’s been the threat ever since he got elected to anything!

  6. They say don’t pull your gun unless you intend to use it. Obama has been trying to put his gun away for some time with people you want to keep your gun firmly on. Ask John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. So Obama and Kerry the chit chatter diplomats now have their line in the sand challenged by Russia and rolling tanks and special forces on the ground with Iran allied. Not to mention these Obama shadow deals with IRAN, sponsor of terror and killers of our Marines. And Obama gives them $150 billion dollars. Putin is no threat to American leadership cause what I’ve seen for 7 years has been lacking leadership.

  7. He was describing himself with the comment of running your economy into the ground and sending military in to prop u[…..

  8. Obama is the biggest fool that has ever been president..he is a liar, a racists, and he could not run a 5 and 10 grocery store without it going broke… Yes, the world leaders knows he is a fool, a fake and they did laugh at him behind his back, but now they are laughing at him in his face…..everything about this man is a lie.

  9. His interview on 60 minutes was so embarrassing for the country, his delusional answers were a joke and just showed the world how out of touch he really is on everything!

  10. Of course Putin is no threat to America’s leadership. America has No leadership, period! And Putin and all of the other tyrants and despots around the world also see that America has no leadership. Why would any of them waste their breath over Obama, he is a fool, leading “useful idiots” and worrying about climate change. Climate Change will become real when Iran starts dropping nucular weapons where ever they choice too!

  11. The fact is that Weimar America is a geopolitical satellite of Russia and an economic subsidiary of China. This hospital-bombing war criminal muslim quisling has reduced us from the pre-eminent world power to one of the U’s along with Uruguay and Uzbekistan in the back row of the United Nations. Another president from the party of socialism, sodomy and surrender (or a third term for this one, which he is obviously thinking about), and we will be District 12 of the world government.

  12. There is no U.S. leadership with Mr. sissy pants at the helm.

  13. Could it be: The Muslim koran states that they are to rule the world. Since obama (he’s muslim) has been in office we have seen his handy work in most of the world chaos, here and abroad. Could it be that all the muslim refugees being dispersed around the world hasn’t been planned. The 70,000 refugees sent or sending by UN were screened to make sure no Christians came, now think about the christian Syrian refugee that have been deported because they were Christian, and much much more.. Think about what I’ve said. Yes Russia will attack America according to the Bible and no one will come to our defense. Don’t be deceived by obama, remember muslims believe you can lie and deceive infidels (that’s you and me).

    • That’s “odd”, I don’t remember reading anything in the Bible about Russia attacking America. Plus when the Bible was written there were no Russia or America.

      • Oh, yes there was a Russia and America…. They just hadn’t been named at the time! There were a lot of words and names not mentioned in the Bible….

      • Get with the program Donald. It’s an internet presentation, look it up. Try keyword Babylon.

      • Donald, the Scripture says: Study to show yourself approved, so that you don’t need to be ashamed when it appears that you don’t know anything.

      • Thanks Donald, When the Bible was written it was written in symbolism. As you read and study you understand more. Many countries were also know as animals. Russia is the Bear, America the Eagle. William Konrad referred you to look up Babylon on the internet. I went to: “is America the Great Babylon.” Have your Bible with you so you can reference. Rev. Kenneth E Haggin , Great Father of Faith, always said, “Don’t just take my word for it, look it up for yourself.”

      • Donald: The video doesn’t say Russia or America specifically it says that the King of the North (of Jerusalem) Putin and the King of the South (of Jerusalem) Odumbo will be the two main players that will bring down the whore of Babylon (America) statue of Liberty is the Whore b/c America produces the majority of porn all over the world. Russia is to hit the US with an EMP (electric magnetic pulse) it will knock out all of our electricity, rioting over food and looting and just plain mayhem will ensue. Only those who believe in Christ will be saved. It’s a good video and explanations to what the bible is saying is given. I was surprised at how accurate it seems to be.

    • Agree! But, think about it this way. A lot of us feel that this was Obama`s plan as it is obvious, That He and his supporters, could not care less about Christians over there as well as here in this Country! He was born a Muslim and always will be one!

      • Look on the internet for: “Is America the Great Babylon” This might answer a few questions about what is happening right now.

  14. Obama is right, for a change. No one can threaten what is NOT there!! If there is not existing leadership, someone can start leading, for a change, but if there is nothing there to start with, it is impossible to threaten what is not there!

  15. Does anyone else believe that this man is mentally ill? He actually said he thought he could win a third term. If he were able to run and win, it would confirm a suspicion I have had for a long time and that is that we no longer have a free and honest voting process.

  16. Ohnic is so full of crap it is not funny

  17. Barnum and Baily should hire this clown with a banner hanging over the stage reding “COME SEE THE HUMAN BEING WITH THE ONLY BRAIN IN A HUMAN THAT WAS INSERTED BACKWARDS”

  18. the only real enemy for the Yanks is China and that is economically.

    With the debt load the US is carrying and the problem with the unfunded liabilities and getting worse they have much more to worry about than Russia.

  19. No. Putin is no longer a threat to ovomit! Putin has proved he can walk all over that POS candy a$$ in our white house! ovomit doesn’t know the truth when it is staring him in the face. He is a total failure at everything he does, sees or touches! Unfortunately, he is making America a third world country with his excessive stupidity and ego!!! Impeach him or try him for treason, or better yet, let’s start a campaign to have Putin come over here and take him away! Siberia would be a wonderful place to put him. Hey, ovomit! I hear the Gulag calling!

  20. he must be smoking that funny stuff again

  21. Obama is a deceiver! He is a liar! He is a Muslim and is practicing “taqqia”! He has a diabolical agenda, but no one in leadership seems to care, nor wishes to change it, except millions of Americans who see our nation being systematically dismantled by this fool and others like him! Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Greece, Rome, Ottoman Empire, Great Britain . . . all went down! And now The United States of America! But, who really cares about history?! We make the same stupid arrogant mistakes and expect a different outcome! Yet, look at Israel! She was sent into exile by God for 2000 years for disobedience to His precepts, and now she’s back – and she’s here to stay! She will have problems, but she will remain! In spite of Obama and the US and the other nations turning away from her, she will survive while they will not! Wake up, America!

  22. Putin plays 0bama like a cheap fiddle. I agree with Huckabee, 0bama doesn’t know, what he doesn’t know. He’s like a little kid who thinks he’s the smartest one in the room. He has calculated the demise of America and is executing those calculations knowing nothing about anything and thinking he knows every thing.

  23. Obama is an idiot and will surely have us all harmed greatly and gravely.

  24. Obama is just going to get Putin to kill more Isis that he controls and obama started
    this war by not doing the right things to stop isis in the first place…..but it is because
    he probably is their leader and no one wants to admit it!

  25. I see a differemnt scenario. Obama is no threat to Putin.

  26. Obama…. the master of deception is living in a fantasy world where wrong is right and right is wrong in his deranged mind. Putin continually makes a laughing stock out of our JV leader. We could easily settle the matter as to who is stronger by putting these two ego maniacs into a locked room until only one is still breathing. Obama is such a coward he would not even enter the room.

  27. Putin may not be a threat, I don’t know about that, BUT Obummer certainly is !!!!

  28. Obama is a stinking liar, he sends supplies to his buddies of ISIS, Obama is the king of ISIS always has been, lying scum that he is. Impeach the freak.

  29. America has no real President just the idiot who thinks he is Obama.

  30. Obama makes this claim because in his heart he knows America is in fact leaderless …….

  31. The Cold War ended during the Reagan Administration.
    Inspection revealed that the majority of Russian Missals were actually empty metal tubes.
    Russia won the Cold War — America’s national debt attests to that fact.

  32. Paranoia is setting in. Hello, IDIOT, although you believe you are a dictator, we aren’t and never have bought it. Your job is safe as long as we have this Congress.

  33. Rifles on the rooftops

    America has NO leadership FOR America- Obama wants all Christians to have their heads chopped off and blacks to kill white men and their families.
    if you don’t have protection and don’t want the f.b.i. background check do this.
    buy a north American arms super companion cap and ball revolver to your door- no background checks to tractability.
    then go to gunbroker and buy a conversion cylinder for the super companion that shoots modern ammunition.
    better than waiting to have your head lopped off. and no f/b/I/ check at all
    get one for each family member.

  34. Obama is dead wrong if he thinks that Putin isn’t a real threat to the USA, and rank in the world. Putin is serious about making the US irrelevant….

  35. America hasn’t been a leader for seven years! On second thought, we haven’t had a leader for seven years. The White House DOES have pretty rainbow lights though.

  36. Michael Dennewitz

    One HIGHLY TRAINED SNIPER could prevent a lot! Need I say any more??

    • muskat antonopolis

      no…you have said waaay too much..and in a word…your are an IDIOT

      • Who asked you TURDkat?

        • I did Goat Fuker………………………….

        • muskat antonopolis

          ha ha ha it is so east to get a rise out of you guys…just challenge you in any way and
          its off to the foul names, vindictiveness, potty mouth races…..and the*re off,,,it*s bananna
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          the trackkkkk….yuk yuk,,,what a joke you guys are……..

          • The joke was last night Turdkat, at the libTURD jerkoff session,er, debate.

          • muskat antonopolis

            hey phony……see if this sounds like dial tone….bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          • Hey musrat! Is that your vibrator? Where did you come up with that dumbassed name, Scrabble tiles? Now, go back to your putrid, leftist blog where your other leftist, putrid bloggers will idolize you.

          • muskat antonopolis

            you are gonna have to do better on your putdowns than that….that one carrys no water..
            that dog wont hunt,,,,,,do some research on the net and find some blog with classic
            put downs…like maybe henny youngman…you really have to improve your verbage..
            very weak…….the name came from a long line of Muskat*s…..back a couple hundred years or so…..around the Agean….beautiful blue water……unbelievable sea food….
            beautiful homes built on the side of a mountain with white and terra cotta tiles….and blue
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            was there unless there was movement…..that is a place Osama that you could find a
            peace of mind……and quiet….wow…..only natures sounds……incredible place…..

          • “Since Greece’s debt crisis began in 2010, most international banks and foreign investors have sold their Greek bonds”…..” ancient greeks didn’t like women much and that sex with them was mainly for procreation. Ancient greek men had a culture that encouraged male
            bonding to the fullest extent possible including male on male sex”

          • muskat antonopolis

            yup that’s better…you don’t out and out say someone is a sodomite but you leave them
            thinking …..in every culture there are butt hole buddies…every culture….but, I do NOT
            subscribe to such filth…and it is filth……well, have a great day….

          • Some cultures historically have more, like your brethren the Afghanis.

          • muskat antonopolis

            hey look….your continued interest via your comments and references to sodomy are
            becoming more than enough to cause one to question the reasoning for your interest….
            are you a sodomite……do you have a problem with the abdominal area of your torso?
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            have no bretheren in the M.E….Greece is not the M.E……oh well, why do I waste my
            time with a confessed sodomite who dosent know the M.E. from Arizona….good night
            and good bye oh one of limited intelligence…….

          • The I.Q. of this site just went up 180 points.

          • Way to go man, that’s gonna leave a scar! LOLOLOL

  37. That’s because there is no US leadership.

  38. obama is truly delusional. His lies are truth to him. What a maggot of a waste of space.

  39. For once, Obama is right!! Putin can not threaten what does not exist!! Putin simply injects leadership where there was none!! No threats, just total surprise!

  40. That’s because their is no leadership.!!!!!

  41. B.H.O. is living proof of a person who lives in their own make believe world…never recognizing the true situation. He most likely was
    taught to think that way as a child. You escape reality by making up your own. Historians in time will come to believe that America
    between 2008 and 2016 lost all sense of accumulated reasoning . We were lost and had no idea where to turn, so we turned in the wrong direction.
    If we “realize” what we did wrong we could recover…. That will be the true test of our resolve to be great again, or just
    continue on this assumption , that if we leave it alone things will get better, unfortunately that is a formula for more disaster.
    If you heard this individual on 60 minutes, you new there was not going to be a real answer to any questions. Its like talking to a patient in a mental institution.
    They see things true a different looking glass, then normal people do.
    I can see his character in “one flew over the coo-coo nest”. He is harmless , yet dangerous, especially if in a position of power.

  42. Obama belongs in Disneyland. He is a total TYRANT and PUNK ASS BITCH. When it’s all over and the NEGROS see what he really is, they will probably kill the little FUCK. I say, WE, Jail, Try, convict and HANG the PUNK

  43. hey Obama maybe Putin isn’t but you sure are.

  44. Obama is right for once. Putin isn’t a threat to American leadership, OBAMA is!.

  45. Well it’s sure isn’t our “great leader” This is the wrong clown for America at this time & in all likely hood, Any time both past & future

  46. Ahhhh, Obama. I wonder if it ever crosses his mind that only idiots believe his BS because the world sees the results of Obama’s actions in the Middle East. Let me see, Arab Spring and his installing the terrorist group Brotherhood of Muslims, Libya now a killing field, Iraq, once a USA success now a killing field, Iran, busy arming itself and laughing as they do so due to Obama, his ISIS nothing more than murdering slime. Then we have Putin. The man we all hate but respect as he does what Obama can’t because Putin does not fight PC he fights to win and to heck with what Obama and his funded ISIS think of his methods. Putin is taking out the terrorist and he is doing so quickly. He has done more damage to ISIS and other terrorist in a month than Obama has in 7 years. Just think, The Brotherhood of Muslims and ISIS has committed more violent murders than any other radical Muslim terrorist and Obama has and is still backing them. Not only backing them but bringing them to our nation. Makes a person wonder why he would do such a thing knowing their goal is to kill Americans. That is real Americans. Now that is a question needing ask and answered. Even the FBI and CIA admits that Obama is bringing them here. Putin may not be mister nice guy but at least he protects his people while Obama places in grave danger and then cries gun control to make it harder to protect ourselves. Now why would he be doing these things?

    • Because he is the Iranian version of the Manchurian Candidate! Look at the old scar across the back of his head; he’s been chipped!!!

  47. America has no leadership just that fool O bama and he is no leader. The only thing he leads is ISIS

    • YES ~ YES ~ YES! Finally, people are getting it!!! ISIS is 0’Drama’s demon child. He had the CIA create it and fund it with the help of a few other Middle-Eastern countries. Hitlery supplied the weapons from Lybia and Stevens was going to blow the whistle because 0’Drama rejected his advances.

  48. To me, there is nothing worse than a left wing idiots who calls everyone bigots and racists they lose arguments with, it’s an Obama trait for sure.

  49. Maybe not, but you sure the hell are! B.O.

  50. Obigears u stupid idiot. Its hard to see anything with your eyes closed, your back turned and seriously lying to take peoples guns away.

  51. Now Obama has started to believe his own lies. He still thinks that he is King Obama and nothing and no-body can stand in his way. He will sic the FBI or IRS on anyone who disagrees with him. I am very disappointed in the southern rednecks. I was almost positive that someone there would take him out and put an end to this treason, but alas he has almost won.

  52. Of course Putin is not a threat to US leadership; we have you for that, Mr. Obama.

  53. AKlady….the liberal queen of educated scholars…….” Hitler through all the socialists into concentration camps.”
    “No, it is TRUTH ALLERT”
    “Thank you for caching the typographical error. I appreciate the help”..
    “Had Congress objected, it had the Constitutional grated right to overrule the President’s Executive Orders.” ….GRATED??

  54. ‘Putin is not a threat to American leadership’ says obama. I agree! Because America has NO leadership.

  55. The only threat to the US of A is Obummer himself with his commie mentor, Valerie Jarrett. Obummer believes he can change the world …… most commies and tyrants believe that. But Obummer isn’t in charge, Valerie Jarrett is. Jarrett is a hard core socialist from an elite family and went to elite schools. She is a student of Sal Alinsky, one of Americas foremost communist community organizers. In Edward Kline’s book (2014) Blood Feud: the Clintons vs the Obamas, he writes about how Jarrett manipulated Barry from the time he started work for a Chicago law firm as an intern, and met Michelle, foraged their marriage and became his hard core communist mentor. Even Barry’s family and friends were commies. He and the Clintons rubbed elbows with many 1960s and 1970s hippy commies and the likes of Alinsky and Bill Ayers and family. I even speculate that Barry was fathered by Frank Marshall Davis, a hard core commie, as Barry’s mother had many partners over several decades. This doesn’t take a PhD or rocket science, Obummer is a commie with Jarrett as the puppet master, a puppet herself to the UN and EU elite Puppet Masters of Georgie Soros and his friends, minions, drones and sheeple.

  56. Putin is not nearly the threat to US leadership in the world that 0bama is. 0’s plan to ‘lead from behind’ .. Ha! The only thing 0 has excelled @ ‘from behind’ was his involvement in Rev. Wright’s ‘Down Low’ club.. oh forgot his gay for pay as a young adult ‘paying’ for illicit drugs to stay high.

  57. bo is right you can not threaten leadership that does not exist.

  58. That’s correct, Obama is the biggest threat to American Leadership!

  59. The fact is that Weimar America is now a geopolitical satellite of Russia, an economic subsidiary of China and not quite the equal of Iran. The Marxist muslim mongrel hospital-bombing war criminal president-for-life wannabe we so disastrously entrusted with power in 2008 has just about completed the takedown for which he was recruited in Kenya, indoctrinated in Indonesia (and naturalized as a citizen there) and trained by the American Communist party. We have one last chance (maybe) of peaceably reversing the transformation, after which we will have to spend some time inside the world of “1984” and may or may not be able to get our freedom and our prosperity back.

  60. Your the threat too American Leadership B.O.!

  61. The term LEADER and Obama do not go together. This imposter in the white house thinks you lead from behind. He has put our Country in danger, Again! January 20, 2017, can’t arrive soon enough.

  62. obama and his puppeteers are the primary threat to America! Congress is running close behind them. They are not only a threat to this once great country… they are putting the entire world in jeopardy. The BAD Iran deal is the culmination of their treason against the world! Iran has already created and tested long range ballistic missiles, in violation of the deal and they have said they will do what they want. They have NEVER lived by the terms of any deal they have made and they never will.

  63. What else can one expect from a BRAIN DEAD president, look at the foreign Countries who feel he ie MENTALLY ILL

  64. Obama’s problem is he is over his head. “Present all the problems and the conclusion is obvious” is over Obama’s head.
    His head advisor is Valerie Jarrett, so I rest my case. Congress has been rendered helpless by Obama’s continual vetoes and inability to get along. He is an arrogant asshole that should be impeached long ago.

  65. Putin has a law, chemistry and economic degrees as well as judo expert, and horseman so it’s no wonder he’s stronger and way smarter then the fake Harvard grad from Kenya.

    • Since Obama has not released his college transcripts, before Chicago as a community organizator, when did he pass the bar? Is he even an attorney?
      Way smarter? Other than bad grammar, Obama has been able to destroy this country and even Putin could do that.
      I don’t give a damn about Putin’s resume.
      I care about why so many dumb voters elected Obama twice and Congress will not stand up and fight him. I ask you why, or is it that Obama is a world class con artist?

      • Your right on that point Odumbo is smart enough to ruin a country but, not smart enough to run a country.

      • The real reason why Obama got reelected, aside from voter fraud (which is fact), is that the Evangelicals would not get off their collective asses to vote for a Mormon (also fact). That’s the ONLY reason why Obama’s in, and Romney’s out.

  66. Can somebody please explain to me how Pukin is going to control the Middle East when Iran is now out of its cage? No Russian is ever going to get the best of the barbaric muslims. This whole scene is something that just doesn’t smell right.

    • Watch, Putin will get them all at each others throats until it turns into a stalemate and everyone will go back to their respective corners in a state of strained peace as before. Arabs love bridled chaos and conflict, it’s the Sharia way. That’s why they will always hate us for our ways of individual freedom, and in turn why we can never trust them.

      • They’ve been at each other’s throats, and everybody else’s as well, for centuries, so what’s the difference now? The wild card here is Iran. The Mullahs may be on the side of Pukin for now because they need his “strength”, but once they get built up (thanks to obamalinsky), the Russians will be treated no different than we are. Unfortunately neither Pukin nor obamalinsky can understand or admit that. We, in the middle, will be the sacrificial lambs in all of this.

        • Obamalinsky, LMAO, good one. Well, now that Israel is sitting on trillions of gallons of newly discovered oil, who knows what to expect next. Obamalinsky opened a can of worms with his, Hitlery’s and Kerry’s meddling that just might be the start of WW3.

      • You and original rebel are both off. First, Arabs don’t hate Americans because we’re free! They hate us because we are not Muslim, period. They find freedom in Sharia and that’s all they need…free to chop off heads, throw gays off buildings, kill their wives because they felt they were dishonored, etc. For them, that’s freedom. What we are to them is decadent, and that’s not because we’re free, but because we are not Muslims following Sharia to a tee.

        And think twice about Putin’s power. Iran simply got the go-ahead to build nuclear weapons. Putin already has them. He can blow them out of the water any time he wants. As soon as Obama pulled the defense systems from Crimea and Eastern European countries, what did Putin do, say thank you? Hell no…he marched right in and took over the Crimea. If Iran starts to go astray, he’ll march right in and drop a bomb or two on them.

        Obama gave Putin his opening for a world takeover. Make no mistake, the former Director of the KGB is NOT going to let an opportunity like that go to waste. He’s got EVERYONE under his thumb now. Compliments of the white house asswipe.

    • I’m sorry…are you listening to that idiot in the white house or any of his sycophants, especially that ignorant lame stream media? Iran and Russia have been “buddies” since 1520, my friend. Yes, they run into problems. But they have a long history of geographic, economic, and socio-political interaction. Their ties have been strengthened during the past years with our messiah’s blessing and help. Just this year alone, Iranian warships are docked in Russia! By the same token, again, this year, Russia and Iran signed military agreements (they’re allies!). And Russia lifted its ban on the delivery of the sophisticated S-300 air defense missile system to Iran. And right now, Russia is supporting Asad and the Syrian regime.

      Look. The White House idiot gave away all of the US’ worldwide power and leadership…he stripped us of everything, and then slapped our allies in the face, turn his back on them, and made buddy-friends with the Muslims and terrorists. The vacuum he left by pulling out of the Middle East allowed Russia to move in and take over where the US left off. The only difference now is that that power has completely shifted away from the allies and into the hands of the worst of the worst….with the Kremlin directing all!

      And don’t forget that the now all-powerful Russia is also aligned with the up and coming all powerful China! Their’s is quite the symbiotic relationship.

      Western civilization is in dire straights. We can all thank Obama for that!

      Get some Vicks nasal spray and see if you can clean up those smells you’re having…they’re way off.

      • Well I can agree with some of your rhetoric, but something you must understand is that Iran and it’s muslim counterparts want to rule this world – do you really think that the Russians are going to get any special dispensation once this syrian conflict is over? Their love affair may last for a time, but as soon as Iran gets its nuclear and missile programs “up and running” – then watch what happens. Muslims are DEVOTED to ruling this world – it may not be in your or my lifetimes, but it will happen – unless America elects a commander with a set of balls to match his intellect!

  67. So Obama claims that Putin is no threat to US leadership. Damn! That sounds just like, ISIS is nothing more than a JV team!

    Who elected, and then reelected this ignorant bastard?

    Elections have consequences. And one more correction to the article….it said Obama brought us to the brink of war with Russia. That’s BS….the real problem here is that Obama has brought the entire world to the brink of WWIII.

    So tell me folks, do you really want another Democrat to continue these policies? Or worse, a socialist who sends all our corporations overseas and completely destroys what’s left (by Obama) of our nation?


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