Puff Daddy: Obama Should Give Billions to Black People

While many Patriot News Daily readers are looking forward to the end of President Obama’s tenure with gleeful anticipation, some of Barack’s most visible supporters have mixed feelings. Take Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, for instance. The rapper/music mogul rode the Obama Train hard in 2007, but he’s not as impressed with the first black president as he might have hoped.

“We got Obama into office, the give back, the deal, where are the things in our community that have gotten drastically better?” Combs asked on NYC radio station Hot 97. “The hugest group of people that get you into office, you have to change their lives for the better.”

Combs, whose expert political commentary makes up for in absurdities what it lacks in a thorough understanding of democracy, said that Obama owed the black community big time. When the host suggested that the president could have done more to create more jobs and opportunities for black people, the rapper said that wasn’t going to get it.

“No, no, but it’s like direct aid,” he said. “Unapologetically sending direct aid to black communities. Unapologetically spend billions of dollars to uplift black communities and black people,” he said. “Let’s stop skirting around everything it is.”

You know, he might just be on to something. One big dump, all at once. Two, three, four hundred billion dollars, whatever number you come up with. Just sign one big bill, back up the Brinks truck, and let’s get it over with. And then we’ll just see. The only problem is that Democrat voters still wouldn’t learn anything. In ten years, when all of that shiny new infrastructure is crumbling and the new jobs are gone and all the same problems remain, they would be back with their hand out once again. We miscalculated, sorry. It’s actually going to take another trillion or so. But this time, it really will work.

One of the left’s favorite conundrums is to wonder why poor southern whites “vote against their own interests.” The premise of this puzzle says that these whites would be better off voting for Democrats because the Democrats are trying to put more money in their pockets, yadda yadda. And they won’t do it because they have this notion that maybe one day, they’ll be rich, and then all of these Republican policies will benefit them!

Which is, of course, absolute nonsense.

What’s really going on is that these southern whites, like most Republicans, understand that their lives are not dependent on who is occupying the White House. Yes, we would like to see conservative policies. Yes, we would like certain things for the country. But Republicans don’t vote for president with the foolish belief that, if only the right guy wins, their lives will somehow magically get better. This is fairy tale stuff, and it is the stock and trade of the Democratic Party.

People who vote for Democrats are not, by and large, evil people. They aren’t greedy. They are just woefully out of step with reality. If you are an individual in any circumstance, of any race, of any gender, and you are waiting on a politician to make your life better…you are going to wake up one day and realize you wasted your life. You live in the greatest country in the world at a time of unprecedented freedom, prosperity, entertainment, and opportunity. If that’s not good enough for you, you might want to consider that the problem isn’t with the country. The problem is you.

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  2. So, is Puff Daddy giving some of HIS OWN money to his bros???? I doubt it.

  3. what… ? TRILLIONS wasn’t enough???????? stupid moronic statement….

  4. The billions already spent to no good end aren’t enough sniff doody?

  5. There lucky to get that much. greedy pigs. there just as bad jews. they want more money to.

  6. Unless it is earned it has no value.

  7. If anybody should get billions it’s Native Americans !!! Some of Tribes live like thier in 3rd world countries , no plumbing electricity , shacks etc .. Some of the tribes are rich due to casinos , but there are some Tribes extremely poor ….

  8. Puffs statements prove once again that Democrats are looking for handouts….

    And their Politicians will tell them anything for their vote.

  9. If Obama wants to give billions out of this own pocket, fine!!! If you, Puff Daddy, want to contribute out of your own pocket, I would not try to stop you!!! But to say that Obama should give black people billions of American tax dollars – why not work towards finding them jobs and let them support themselves!!! Once they are on the entitlement lists, they never seem to get off!!!

  10. Many years ago, my civics teacher commented that people who can handle money do, those that can’t don’t learn. He happened to mention that if all the money was distributed out evenly, in X amount of time it would be back in the original hands. From experience in real estate and in life, I have observed this and reflected on it many times. People who make the same salary vary tremendously in what they have in life.

  11. Puff Daddy is pretty ignorant. The United States, via the Great Society’s war on poverty, has already spent two trillion dollars on black people. What has happened? Black families have been destroyed, crime and drug abuse run rampant, and violence reigns in their neighborhoods. After 50 years of this experiment, it’s perfectly reasonable to conclude that it has failed. Any good air plane pilot will tell you, when what you are doing is not working, it is time to try something else.

    • Try something else get rid of Obama

    • Michael I do believe that the figure, of cash that has been flowing out of the tube since 1965, is closer to 15 Trillion…no matter it all amounts to legislated robbery…oh sorry I forgot “it is what is fair”..

    • Hi Mike read the comment above you posted by WhitesOnly

    • Please do not use facts —liberals heads will explode

      • I am, and mine didn’t. As a former newsman, in the 70s, I witnessed young black children running up and hollering, “Put me on TV.” Then drugs swamped the black country communities, both as users and sellers. Now young black children threaten and curse when you arrive on any occasion in a News Vehicle. Truly sad. Some may holler, “Racist.” But they know it’s true. The question is l. Can it be fixed or will the black community continue to be polorized against the white community? I think we are headed for real trouble on a slippery slope. IMO.

        • DM..I agree and glad your head did not explode..after 50 years and somewhere between 12-15 trillion dollars spent on poverty and welfare….it would be fair to say..throwing money at the problem is not the solution….successful communities are the result of real families and real local leadership. Poor examples that kids copy do not have good results….any the more we allow this type of behavior, the worse its going to get..the slippery slope is already here

        • Obama has made it a priority since day one to polarize blacks against whites, have you not been paying attention? It is beyond repair at least until we get a SANE president in office, not a bigoted Muslim white hater. Remember what he said, never let any good crisis go to waste. Note he did not specify a real crisis versus a planned crisis. Look up Obama follows rules for radicals if you need his game plan laid out to destroy the usa (fundamental transformation) There is no denying this is the way he is doing it, and Hillary follows the same plan to usher in Socialism (Communism).

        • I gather you were a reporter for a “media” out let along the lines of “Rolling Stone” magazine. And what is YOUR ethnic background?

        • One of my favorite moments during the NWA movie is when one of the rappers says to the reporter at the press conference ” We have guns in our neighborhoods from Russia and Drugs from CoIumbia but — (now catch this next statement) “NONE OF US HAVE A PASSPORT” I am 52 years oId and stiII waiting to see the string of news stories about the obvious missing Iink in this story– I see your stories about the bIack end user (of course many are white) and the south american drug deaIer — but who is bridging the gap and making biIIions doing it and we rareIy if ever see their faces — boy you reaIIy have everyone fooIed — an industry that is generated triIIions of doIIars and no white peopIe invoIved — ReaIIy????

      • Than by all means, use more of them. It sounds like a good way to get rid of complete imbeciles.

    • Just imagine what would have happened if the Government had simply redistributed the wealth to the poor, rather than use crony capitalism/socialism to redistribute the wealth to their friends in high places.

      You are correct, the experiment has failed.

      • Has this “experiment” really failed?
        Not if you look at who the black community votes for,
        this “experiment” is a great success…………
        for democratic socialists.

        • When you put it that way….. ouch.

        • And yet, when they are angry, they burn THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS. Then they wonder why the business owners do not rebuild. I would take my insurance money and reopen in some other neighborhood. They were probably stealing those business owners blind anyway. Dumbshits. They have nt figures out how to actually function and succeed in the REAL world. It would suck to be them. They have made their own coffins.

          • Actually it’s the same way bratty kids work, breaking all their toys cause they were grounded in their rooms, then expecting mommy & daddy to buy them new toys

      • obola wants OUR country to fail. Socialism works for SMALL units (think nuclear family). It has been proven over and over that it does NOT work on large scale. Look at EU. Sharia law PREYS on weaknesses of “home” countries…

        • communism works in small units, much like pure democracy works in small units…when the “unit” gets to a certain size in requires a “representative” type of republic, that being said the representatives need to do what their electors want, not what will get them cherry assignments and money from deep pocket donors…or reelected for another overpaid run and the government coffers..

        • Of course he wants Our Country to fail, he hates America

    • i think it has been a waist of our money supporting these lazy asses since the GS was created.

    • I read a financial piece 15-18 years ago that asserted that it then took $22 in overhead to deliver $1 in benefits through the government morass of departments and sub-departments. It can only be worse now. Typical of politicians, results never seem to matter, it’s always the intent, “We feel your pain.” The destruction of the black family structure and explosion of government are just milestones on the highway of our country’s destruction by that same attitude.

    • Puff daddy is like so many of the rappers who think because they are popular, in some circles, that they are able to give “expert advice” about politics and the economy. They are so empty-headed that they can only mouth things that make no sense! I think he should stick to the stage and stay out of politics!.

      • It’rs not just the rappers, it’s people like Oprah and any other Hollywood people. They think they’ve got it down when it comes to politics and about everything. I remember 22 years ago, I was transferred to Salt Lake City for 18 months from So. Cal, commuting on weekends. Since I wasn’t eating home cooked dinners, and was putting in 16-18 hour days, I dropped about 35 lbs. I’d bought a new wardrobe at Nordstroms, my wife picked me up, made a comment about me spending $3,000 on new clothes on my AMEX card, and started wagging her finger at me, saying “I knew it, I knew it”, I said you knew what? She said Oprah says the first way to tell if your husband is cheating on you, is if he looses lots of weight, and gets a new wardrobe ! Oh, things like that only originate in the liberal mind!

    • I agree Michael! The experiment has failed!! Wake up America

    • You are right. The WOP signed by LBJ did a few things and none to benefit black people. It broke up the family unit. It put the black women and children back into slavery except for one thing, they are not required to work they are only required to vote for their new slave masters. Democrats have no idea what to do to improve conditions for poor people because they are only interested in buying their votes with government welfare. I had an opportunity to manage / hire and fire employees. Sadly, many young blacks came out of college with a degree but no ability to do the work required. I suspect this was the result of the “lowering of standards” to get more blacks into college which helped the professors keep their jobs while failing to provide the knowledge the young people needed to survive in the real world. Every single plan that comes out of a liberal mind results in another social disaster.

      • You pointed out yet another problem in this country – the Dept. of Education. I just heard on the news that 60 percent of kids who TAKE the SAT are NOT ready for college level work. How much are we paying to teach our kids about DIVERSITY and Islam only to find they come out unable to read, write, and handle basic mathematics. How often are the kids who work at fast food restaurants, and who think they are worth $15 an hours, unable to give you proper change – unless they look at a computer! If the computerized cash register goes out, they are helpless!

    • It’s not two trillion, it’s 22 trillion.

    • Why don’t Puff Daddy give part of his or all of it? Did he work for his or did he get it from the Gov?

    • REMEMBER, This comes from an IGNORANT NEGRO THUG ASS PUNK. He is just like Obama, the IDIOT of this world. HANG barry now. If you can find a rope strong enough for Puff Puff Mommy, hang his PUNK ASS TOO.

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    • Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

  12. Why doesn’t Cocoa Puffs use some of the millions he has to uplift a black community. He has become a rich man in this country, despite a profound lack of talent or any semblance of intelligence. His “music” is of course nothing but incoherent ranting and raving. The few times I had the misfortune to hear any of it I thought it the ramblings of a raving lunatic.

  13. Obama already gives billions to blacks. It’s called welfare, rioting and looting, and theft.

  14. puff daddy been puffin a lot of the weed and crack…and that is where a lot of any additional money would go..not all folks are mixed up in drugs. Many single parent families struggle daily to make the family something special, they need and deserve help…clowns like puffy have been sucking on the pipe too much, he and those that are whining need to relocate to another country and pester others for a change..

  15. The story is just about right except for the ‘unprecedented freedom’ part. Our Constitutional freedoms have been diminishing ever since the introduction of the welfare state. And between Bush and Obama, Big Brother is really watching and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.

    It’s tiresome to hear the same old nonsense from entertainment left-wing apologists. Education, not from the schools, but from their parents, media, and entertainment moguls will go much farther in combating the ignorance and racism that keeps the black and ‘hispanic’ communities down.

    Angry, under educated, scapegoating people will not change just by money being thrown at them. Real change will come from their leaders rapping about unity, education, prosperity, responsibility, two parent households, and assimilation into the American culture.

    • It was Honest Abe who contravened the Constitution of 1786, negating our victories over the British Crown. In hind sight, the world would be better off today, if Gen Washington had been defeated, caught and hung as a traitor along with all the other declared subversives. And you’re wrong about
      education. The greater the education, the more difficult it is to overcome it……

  16. another crackhead showing his younger generation how too be freeloaders and degenerates, how about working for a living, being part of a functional society, why not give billions to our veterans and the people that built this country, now that makes perfect sense, no crackhead logic there

  17. This has been mentioned before but I ll say it again, every minority that comes to America quickly passes the black community as far as improving their lives. There is a reason for that. Money won t fix it.

  18. Obama should tell the Niggers to get off their lazy ass and get a job and quit depending on the government for handouts. If they don’t like that they can get on a boat back to Africa with the rest of the animals.

  19. Typical of someone who fell into a bucket of crap and came out rich. If “Puff Daddy” bothered to look around the
    government has spend billion in the black community to no avail. Money has gone directly into the hands of
    millions of Black citizens and wound up in the hands of criminals, drug dealer, prostitute and others. They have
    been getting “assistance” for having babies out of wedlock and using that to get more money in the welfare checks,
    Housing assistance and food stamps. The pride that once was in the Black Community has been lost on the
    current generation and the older Black Americans who fought the battle has been cast aside. Black Americans
    are given free rides in school and admitted to college when they are not qualified. They have become thugs
    and rather than trying to improve their lot in life have resorted to tribal life styles not taking the time to try and
    use the benefits they have to get out of the areas the live in to move to better and safer place which would
    give them access to better schools and living conditions not to mention jobs. Unfortunately the jobs have
    gone away due to a Black President who had done nothing to improve our Nation, our jobs nor our safety
    since he is hell bent upon replacing the Black People with Criminal Illegal Invaders from other countries.

    • I don’t have one Puff Daddy CD. I consider his attempt the Ebonic Plaque. There is a cure for the Ebonic plaque. Don’t buy their attempts.

    • Look at every single black democratically controlled city. Detroit, Baltimore, Wash. D.C. all among the most violent, corrupt and bankrupt, both financially and morally. This is not the fault of the evil “white debils” Throwing more money at that does nothing to help anyone but the ones who abused their power already. Consider the source, Sean Poop daddy.

      • You almost got it right go back and look at who was in power and ruined those cities and you will see it was was whites and once they ruined it blacks where allowed to take over — Didnt Obama take over after a financial disaster — Wasnt it white leadership that got us into the biggest financial crisis since the great depression? What I am saying is fact how are you going to handle that — I bet you wont repeat that argument again

        • Detroit has been destroyed (led by) black Democrats for around fifty years straight. I do agree that some of the financial issues were caused by white Democrats, but you must look at what I was saying, specifically regarding those individual cities. I spoke the truth.
          Don’t bring Obama the lying racist anti-American Muslim traitor into this one, you don’t want to go there. He is the worst thing to ever happen to this country, and no I don’t care that he is part black, I care that he gives all of our country’s wealth and prosperity away to other countries and does nothing to help the citizens of the USA. treason is colorblind. Treason is Obama’s legacy.

  20. Every program of the Democratic Parasitical Party is predicated on stealing money from the people that work and earn and using it to buy votes with handouts.
    The only way to save the USA is to physically separate ourselves from the ersatz life forms.

  21. The Great Society programs helped sustained mostly white immigrants and your families proudly devoured these entitlements — Of course America’s most historic entitlement “segregation” was embraced by the parents and grandparents of just about every one commenting on this board–the benefits today of networking (a code word for discrimination and segregation — think of the outcomes of this practice and be honest its just another way to keep other people out of jobs–more qualified people–can we be honest for a change) Of course these entitlements where rife with fraud and abuse unfortunately blacks and other minorities where not in the position of power to commit these frauds only white males could do that — ooops there I go clouding the issue with facts — Am I saying all white people are bad no that would make me just like you — the truth of the matter is that human beings take advantage when they are in a positions of power and they horde resources at the expense of less powerful groups — what’s my proof “ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY” — Psychologist tell us that when people feel guilty or disgusted with themselves they respond by trying to project their negative characteristics on another person or they try to ignore it and pretend like they didn’t do anything wrong — Hmmmmm I wonder what that whole controversy about the attempt to rewrite the story of slavery in our history books is about or why we are constantly hearing about the criminal activity and lack of a desire to work from black people I wonder where that is coming from. Black people are always crying about being kept out of jobs and pulling that race card —- oh but wait a minute I thought we said they didnt want to work so why would we be talking about discrimination — even a 2 year old could see that doesnt add up — the intellectual readers will say hmmmmm time to reflect and the other trailer trash will cling to their white supremacy fantasy and continue to be manipulated by the filthy rich who look like you and don’t give a damn about you and your family

    • Wow, who would waste the time and effort of disabusing you of such truth, of rationalizations based on rewritten “HUMAN HISTORY” etc. The success and achievement of people in this country, as groups, correlate for the most part with the status among nations of this planet where people or their ancestors came from. Case closed.. .

      • I notice you didn’t disabuse me with any facts–lol Deconstruct my assertions and tell me which specific facts are not true — We live in a meritocracy wow someone’s seriously on the crack pipe — and yes Santal Clause and the Tooth Fairy are real —please note how your fellow racist avoided responding to my comments — wonder why???

        • I know you can’t understand its too painful to look at the truth — I get it and feel sorry for you

        • …Secondly,beside origin of ancestry as a reliable predictor of success/results (or lack of, and blaming economic or political constructs for your failings and shortcomings), There is
          the Liberal Left Brain Disorder/Disease/Dysfunction/etc (L.L.B.D.). You know of leaders in actual history, the warmongers, who have lead and entangled us in most devastating wars: Civil War-Honest Abe. WW1- “war-to-end-war” Wilson. WW2-FDR. Korean War-Truman. Viet Nam-JFK & LBJ, War-on-the-Unborn-Carter, Clinton, & Barry. You know – death, destruction, misery. Not to mention their policies of Ponzi retirement and health care frauds, Federal Reserve fiat paper. Federal Mortgage Pools and CRAs. And most
          recently, Nukes for N. Korea & the Ayetolah. And you’re a city dweller ARN’t YOU!

          • Thank you all of the disasters and world wide crimes you mentioned were the results of the interactions of white people. Deny it. You can’t. It has never been about black or white its about green and the hording of wealth by a few at the expense of the many. That can only be accomplished by putting one group against the other — you need 2 ingredients to accomplish — a sense of superiority (another word for entitlement) and a police state — Wake the f__k up.

          • So It is tough and unfair when you can’t compete in circumstances imposed on you?
            And that your DNA will not be in any of the few million surviving human beings left on
            this planet 200 years from now…..

          • Well well now we are getting closer to the truth. Congratulations. Let’s skip right past the spurious and deceptive talk about free markets, equal opportunity, justice and liberty bull shit. I appreciate that. It is and has always been about the survival of the fittest by any means necessary including the raping, pillaging, and theft of other peoples property (think Indians). I can live with that truth but not this follow us because of our righteous virtues when your descendents have and currently are raising more hell on earth than anyone. Please stop reporting that a black guy broke into a home and took a tv when your are simultaneously embezzling billions from your own people and nations (think Iraq). What’s frightening is that the Ark of Priviledge is not even open to most whites only that fortunate 1% but that little pittance of having a more up to date car or living in a slightly better neighborhood is payment enough to keep most people riding securely on the Titanic. Thank you for admitting that it is and always has been about the use of power to horde resources — this we work harder, are more educated, and we are more righteous stuff is absolutely hilarious. Let’s put that fantasy up on the shelves with the tooth fairy books or with the fake history books that were written to hide our murderous, thuggery, criminal behavior of nations and our own people — but don’t look at that people quick look over there its a black guy smoking weed with saggy pants…..wow unbelievable!!!

          • Yes. Its evident that among all the common depraved denominators of human nature, (LLBD) Liberal Left Brain Disorder/Dysfunction /Disease…evidently is a white syndrome, But heavily subscribed and
            addicted to by all parasites and sloths of humanity. Its unsustainable.. ..

          • No my friend it is your DNA that will be eliminated. That is what all of the tumult is about and why there is such a rise in white supremacist groups. Most of the world looks like me not like you — and the people in power know it and the door to ARK is being shut. Did you notice during the 2008 financial crisis how white males were committing suicides because they couldn’t stand living life without a few privileges. I’m not worried about the survival of my DNA but it damn sure is not looking good for you and yours

          • Heres a parable about scapegoating, blaming, and indicting criminal MACK TRUCKS that hog the highways. Then being squashed like a bug at the green light of an intersection. End of DNA. Died obsessing on his righteousness-of-way. Instead of making his way. Really unfair!.

    • The Great Society programs didn’t take a breath until 1964 and 1965. These programs were implemented by Lyndon Baines Johnson and his band of guilt-ridden liberal democrats and were aimed primarily at black-America whose votes, then and now, they attempted to buy. After the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965, LBJ was reported to have said “Now, we’ll get the n****r vote for the next 100 years.” Fifty years later, as odious as LBJ’s comments were, he has proven to be right. Blacks vote 94 percent for democrats (especially if the candidate is considered to be black), 75 percent otherwise, and the fact that these programs essentially ruined the black family and made its members dependent upon the government is conveniently ignored by the black intelligentsia. Whenever a black leader arises and spouts a different philosophy of life, e.g., Dr. Ben Carson, Supreme Court Justice Thomas, Sen.Tim Scott of South Carolina, all of whom believe in individual responsibility, educational achievement, self-restraint and traditional values, they’re put down by other black leaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al, as “acting white” or as having sold out to “whitey.” And both have gotten rich doing it while their black followers flounder culturally and economically.

      • I was actually meant to say the New Deal so I stand corrected– so Now tell me about the New Deal and how whites were the primary benefactors — Talk to me about dependency, destruction of the family, and the manipulation of the political class to ensure the white vote, tell me about the emergence of white leaders that used race and laws (can’t deny it its a recorded part of history) to desegregate and discriminate against people to ensure which ones would have the economic upper hand — You sound to intelligent not to see the parallel — The white family structure is hardly a model of stability with the divorce rate, wide spread abuse of women and children — Let me guess white Europeans needed the entitlements of the New Deal to pull themselves up by their boot straps — Isnt that kind of convenient to spin that in a positive light ???

        • The New Deal was before my time and I don’t think in those terms – who got what from the government and which group benefited most. I do know the government of the 20’s, 30’s and beyond concentrated on getting immigrants who were primarily white, Western European folks who fled to this country for work or, like Jews, were discriminated against in their home countries. And it worked out to the mutual benefit of all concerned as those immigrants were anxious to assimilate and adopt the culture and values of their new country. Having said that, I don’t concern myself with getting free stuff from Uncle Sam. I grew up in a family where we were expected to carry our own weight and were told the government owes you nothing. So, I never asked for anything. We were taught to respect people in authority – adults, school teachers, people in uniform, especially police officers. So, I did. You never took anything that didn’t belong to you and you treated other people, of all colors, with respect and dignity – in the manner that you wanted to be treated. And I do know that of all those trillions of dollars the federal government has bestowed on various constituencies since the War on Poverty was passed circa 1965, 50 percent went to black Americans who account for some 13 percent of the population. And neither I nor any members of my family ever took a dime. You can spin that any way you want.

          • Oh the New Deal was before your time so that doesn’t count I guess. You stand on the shoulders of those who benefited from the one of the largest entitlement programs. Segregation was by far the largest entitlement and affirmative action program in our nations history. Its an inconvenient truth but its still a truth. Let’s be honest when people are entitled especially in the workplace they try to do as little work as possible and they are able to get away with it because of power relationships. Outgroups those who are not well connected have to work twice as hard to maintain. Since you were taught to not expect something from the government and to treat people fairly speak up when faced with the truth. You see the inequities and abuses and our laughingstock criminal justice system. Or are you to cowardly to admit the faults in front of your peers?

            How do you know all of those white folks fled this country to work? Unemployment was tremendously high what makes you assume Europeans automatically carried the wholesome quality of wanting to work? Really in 2015 your ascribing qualities to whole groups…..you sound more intelligent than that. I worked in factories with older white males that couldnt even read or write but the qualifications for other groups were technical training at least a high school diploma. How did these illiterate folks get the job (and I am not mocking them) millions of people wanting good paying jobs, especially minorities are turned away because they were unqualified. I am sure a lot people on this site can relate to this because some of them were their parents. Its okay if the company thought we can teach them they can pick up skill — but isnt that true of EVERYONE

          • You flood the paper with a lot of words, Mr. Whites Only, but they just flop around like a fish in the bottom of the boat. It’s all “sound and fury, signifying nothing.” It’s empty prattle, fluff so light it cannot stick. I take it you’re an out-of-work pitchman for BlackLivesMatter whose reason for being is based on a lie. That lie is that Michael Brown, the gentle giant from Ferguson, Mo. was a young wanna-be scholar, simply minding his own business one day when a racist cop shot him down simply because he was black. That gave birth to the “Hands up, don’t shoot!” lie that was shredded by both a Grand Jury investigation and Obama’s own AG ruling which supported those findings. This lie then morphed into the BlackLivesMatter crowd which has absolutely nowhere to go but down. Time to wake up, Mr. Whites Only, and “smell the roses” as many liberals are fond of saying. Cheers…

          • Surprise Surprise I actually agree with you and your assessment of the Michael Brown situation….sorry to disappoint you and your prejudice assumptions. However to the police officers that submitted reports that they were being threatened only later to have those reports contradicted by video to that you say what “Golly Gee Willickers he is out there saving lives lets look the other way” — Still not a peep from my question to this board that if Trayvon Martin was the one alive does he get to go home the same night and hang out and laugh and joke with the officers. I am getting a kick out of you guys responses because not one response uses any credible evidence only racial stereo types and assumptions and I am just having fun proving a point. I knew that the Trayvon question would cut right to the chase….can one of you have the courage to say….look if Trayvon Martin was the one left a live his ass is going directly to jail immediately. Go ahead try it its not going to hurt to speak the obvious. I get it your afraid of the follow up question to the answer which is why doesn’t Trayvon get to go home? Don’t answer here via post just quietly ask yourself why this is true

          • The Trayvon Martin case is not a complicated situation. He was a teenage thug out canvassing the neighborhood for easy pickings on a warm summer evening and told his girlfriend via telephone there was a “crazyass cracker” following him and he was going after him. Dumb move! Turns out it was the wrong move as Martin assumed room temperature shortly after he attacked George Zimmerman and began banging his head on the pavement. Zimmerman, we learned, had a CCW permit and simply defended himself. Martin made a decision that cost him his life and Zimmerman was found not guilty of 2nd degree murder by a jury of his peers. What’s the problem? Do you support thugs prowling neighborhoods and attacking innocent people?

          • What triaI did you watch the person out “Canvasing the neighborhood” was George Zimmerman Trayvon was coming from the store — Zimmerman staIked Trayvon because he thought he Iooked suspicious and said “they aIways get away with it” I am gIad you responded to my comment so that peope can see in action two key points (1) There are peopIe who wiII create their own facts to justify outcomes (and they make it onto most juries) — the fact that George Zimmerman was staIking Trayvon is undisputed the police/911 dispatch specificaIIy told him “Don’t foIIow Trayvon and he ignored their command (is that iIIegal or doesn’t that make Zimmerman responsibIe) had Zimmerman Iistened you wouId never know either one of their names (2) If someone was foIIowing you what do you do (Trayvon Martin has stand your ground rights to — I know its an inconvenient truth but try to deaI in reaIity for our discussion – Trayvon had every right based on what transpired to think his Iife was in jeopardy and what ensued was a cIass A ass whooping — man to man — hand to hand — wait except the instigator puIIed out a gun to kiII the person HE WAS STAIKING AGAINST THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE AUTHORITIES — ******Iet me point out to you again not one person on this post (incIuding you) has taken my chaIIenge to say that if Trayvon was aIive and Zimmerman was dead that Trayvon wouId get to Iaugh and joke with the authorities and go home and not see jaiI – Even you wont even pretend that Iie — FinaIIy my friend HAS GEORGE ZIMMERMANS BEHAVIOR AFTER THE TRIAI INDICATED THAT HE IS A PUNK THUG WANNA BE COP THAT BEIIEVES HE IS ABOVE THE IAW – even the most deIusiona racist have jumped off that bandwagon and can cIearIy see what type of person Zimmerman is and now they have a pretty good idea what happened that night (they won’t say it not enough courage — but they know it)

          • How did you acquire this exquisite propensity to get everything wrong, Whites Only? You must’ve really had to work at it, sorta like trying out for the Olympics, eh? Contrary to your little fable of make-believe, Trayvon was a wanna-be-thug-in-training who made an unbelievably bad decision as thugs are wont to do, and it cost him his life – much like Michael Brown’s idiocy cost him his life. George Zimmerman considered himself a self-appointed neighborhood watch kind of guy and was out protecting his neighbourhood since there had been several break-ins in recent weeks or months. He wasn’t “stalking” anybody. He was observing the actions of a person who appeared to him to be casing the neighbourhood, someone whom he hadn’t seen before and one who appeared to him to be acting suspiciously. Martin told his girlfriend he was going to get this “crazyass cracker” and he attacked Zimmerman, knocked him down and was banging his head on the concrete when Zimmerman drew his legal weapon and defended himself. Game over. Those are the facts. You can fabricate all you want, but those are the facts and the jury saw it as a pure case of self defense. You can babble, fabricate, piss and moan and play the race card all you want. But you’ll be wrong! And that witless question that you posed about suppose “Trayvon had lived and Zimmerman had died, blah, blah, blah…” simply has no bearing on anything in reality which is probably why nobody’s responded. Give it a rest. And for crissakes, wake the hell up!

          • Fact: George Zimmerman foIIowed Trayvon Martin after being toId not to do so
            Fact: George Zimmerman said he Iooked suspicious but not once defined what act Trayvon did – Iooked suspicious = (Was BIack)
            Fact: Trayvon Martin goes to jaiI if he is aIive when the poIice come—think think think If Trayvon supposedIy toId his girIfriend I am going to kiII this crazy cracker who is foIIowing me — Doesn’t that make Zimmerman the staIker and indicate that it was TRAYVON

          • NEWSFLASH! This just in: George Zimmerman has been found ‘NOT GUILTY’ of 2nd Degree Murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Case closed.

          • NEWSFIASH: There is no Santa CIause and our country has a history of convicting innocent peopIe and Ietting the guiIty go based on their race or economic standing — I encourage to pick up a few different history books and not just the ones with the confederate fIag on the front or just with pictures — educate yourseIf—IoI of course you did not answer the question because it brings some Iight to our whoIe discussion — If Trayvon was aIive he wouId have been beaten first and immediateIy dragged to prison — go ahead admit it its not going to hurt that much — I want to thank you for giving an exampIe of how some minds stretch to avoid the reaIity that is right before them even ignoring their own damning words “I am going to kiII this CRAZY cracker who is FOIIOWING ME — If Trayvon was folIowing Zimmerman you wouId be pounding your chest taIking about he was standing his ground — and it is peopIe Iike you that make it onto the juries — a bIack man is guiIty and has to prove his innocence and with out sufficient resources he is going to prison — I am sure you were satisfied with OJ being found not guiIty and fuIIy trust the jury system — you cant have it both ways —- think, think, think hmmmmmm

          • Fact: George Zimmerman foIIowed Trayvon Martin after being toId not to do so
            Fact: George Zimmerman said he Iooked suspicious but not once defined what act Trayvon did – Iooked suspicious = (Was BIack)
            Fact: Trayvon Martin goes to jaiI if he is aIive when the poIice come—think think think If Trayvon supposedIy toId his girIfriend I am going to kiII this crazy cracker who is foIIowing me — Doesn’t that make Zimmerman the staIker and indicate that it was TRAYVON that was concerned — you sound frustrated that the facts don’t faII the way you want them too — Now I wiII pose a question you won’t dare answer: IF ZIMMERMAN DOESNT FOIIOW TRAYVON WOUID THEY BOTH BE AIiVE? I gaurantee it you won’t answer that question honestIy—you can’t it wiII dismantIe that heart fuII of hate–I feeI sorry for you

  22. Puff Daddy: “The largest group of people that get you into office, you have to change their lives for the better.” Nonsense, PD, you’re OTL on this one. It’s the people themselves who must change their lives, it cannot be the government’s responsibility. The POTUS’s job is to ensure that the fiscal infrastructure is in place so people can take advantage of a rising economy. JFK once said a “rising tide lifts all boats” and while most democrats thought that was a boatload of crap, he was right. In a democracy each person is responsible to provide for himself. Talent, like water, seeks its own level.

  23. Well there you go… It’s ignorance on parade for all to see…… From the BLM to the crowd that thinks that 15 or 20 bucks an hour will cure all thier ills. Thier attitude is “give me, give me, give me … I deserve it.” No, they are just ignorant. To keep giving in to these weirdos demands just continues to add to the destruction of this is Country.

  24. The Black entertainers and Athlete’s are blessed their race is natural’s in some of these area’s. They should also know when it comes to politics and how governments are run they are not blessed and use the opportunity to shut up. All their rhetoric, screaming,whining is turning so many white people off as they continue their own racism. They must learn when to stop as greed is the killer of portfolio’s, negotiation and making progress.
    Black people have to stop boosting, bragging, using fowl language screaming to make a point and look up “Humble” then start practicing it. They will see the difference over the years, when we all can start noticing the change.

  25. Obama is no ordinary weakling

    Those who compare the bare chested conqueror of the Crimea with the metro-sexual ruler of the United States ,and find our emperor weak to the point of deserving ridicule miss the essential strength of president Obama.

    It’s no ordinary weakling who can turn a once respected country into an international joke; reduce congress to a gaggle of sniveling sycophants; turn the worlds finest medical system into a failed third rate socialist nightmare with a stroke of his pen; shatter our constitution without attempted recourse by the sons and daughters of frontiersmen and pioneers whose blood was used to write that inspired document; and turn the people of our once United States into a herd of competing minorities who, like suckling pigs, are each afraid to lose his place on the government teat should he raise his voice to protest the ruin of our country.

    So don’t denigrate the nonentity ruler who has overcome his uncertain ancestry and ludicrous incompetence to do what no other king or dictator has been able to do in our 237 year history: he has destroyed America.

    • You make some valid points, but……………..The fight is not over yet! You hit the nail center-mass about our Congress. This is the largest convention of cowards ever seen in the history of our Republic. I, for one, believe that slowly but surely, the pendulum swings back to the right, and the population has started to see the “light”! As for giving $Billions to the Black community, just look at the history of the national and state lotteries. It show a massive amount of folks who win huge piles of money are dead-broke within short months or years. Money/Jobs is not the major loss of the Black community, it is the loss of dignity, principles and family that has destroyed this community.

      • Whites commit far more crimes than blacks, their are more white families destroyed by divorce, incest and white collar fraud are mainly white crimes, and in terms of community a civil war between whites killed thousands of this nations fellow citizens — are you out of your freakin mind? The largest recipients of welfare and entitlements are white folks — Yes you are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts — Look it up James you can’t dispute one thing that I have said — Question who lied to you??

        • only because there are more whites than blacks, but take a look at the prison system and tell me who commits the most crime per capita.

          • David in all societies the people who are at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder disproportionately fill up the jails–You and I both know that if our police state and jury system was color blind the Jamal the African American serving 15 years for taking a drug that hurts himself would exchange places with Jim the European American who committed the financial fraud that caused millions to lose their retirement and financial nest egg — Jim gets 3 years at the local country club but Jamal is the threat to society that promote through our media– Cmon David be honest — let me give you and the other commenters a little test: Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman debacle — Let’s not argue about who did what we were not there but answer this question: IF TRAYVON MARTIN WAS ALIVE AND GEORGE ZIMMERMAN WAS DEAD DOES TRAYVON MARTIN GO HOME THAT NIGHT? I have asked this question from blacks and whites and not one person has said yes he goes home which begs the question why not? Its all about the evidence and plausibility of the stories right — Would Trayvon be walking around without handcuffs casually explaining his story to the officers? Why not? Technology has now made it possible to record injustices for us to see by people who luckily where at the scene of the crimes — Another Question David: What is going on where there is no camera and how widespread are these abuses that are taking place outside the public eye? Its easier to say well these are just isolated cases but the media is forcing us to say — okay there is a problem but its not MY problem

          • You sound like the kind of person who would try to pat a wild bear while offering it a hamburger.

          • Ah, now you are doing the “moral equivalency” routine. I stopped playing chess when I was young I am not “that smart” and chess frustrated me. But I do have a better grasp of human nature….

          • Notice no one touched the Trayvon Martin argument…..I wonder why.

          • where did you get those rose colored glasses?

          • From the American History Books……

          • If you have 10 people and five of them commit crimes that 50% and 5 crimes….If you have 1000 people and 200 commit crimes that’s 20% which group has done the most damage to society??? Never use that argument again. Which group is prosecuted the most and targeted that will also skew the statistics. Be smart don’t embarrass yourself with that statistic

          • I did not realize I was responding to a black person using a tag of “Whites Only”.
            OH! and BTW, their all innocent too, right?

          • Not sure which ones are innocent but pretty damn sure at Ieast 5 are going to jaiI — take a guess which 5 — Cmon David be honest–==related headline “50 Percent Of The BIack PopuIation Imprisoned” and some uniformed individual will then say “BLacks make up 13% of our population and 50% of our prison population” see how that works David — never reporting the reaIity that 200 whites have raped and piIIaged our communities—Are you aware of the fact that 73% of drug abuse cases involve prescription drugs? Not exactIy consistent with the image of JamaaI with the crack pipe is it? I bet I don’t have to teII you which raciaI group is guiIty of this abuse do I? Funny I never hear this fact when we taIk about the war on drugs — Cmon David your smarter than that you can see through that smoke screen — why aren’t we reporting the facts — because the abusers Iook a Iot Iike those doing the reporting — I think AI Gore caIIed it “An Inconvenient Truth”

        • Percentage wise blacks commit more crimes than whites. Blacks are only 13% of the population but commit something like 75% of the crimes. The blacks don’t bother to get married so yes their divorce rate is lower. As far as families are concerned, there has to be a father to complete the family unit, half of their kids and their mothers don’t know who the father is. Whites don’t hold their criminals up to their children as heroes like the blacks do. They set up a memorial in Ferguson for Brown,the thug who tried to kill a white cop.Blacks don’t need a civil war to kill each other. Look at how many are being killed by other blacks in places like Detroit and Chicago.

          • Santas coming…..You think whites relationships are shinning examples of a rock solid marriage institution…..lol I wont argue with someone who still believes in the tooth fairy…..my god just open your eyes….

        • Tens of thousands of white people died to free the slaves. Fact. Entitlements, per capita….guess AGAIN. Who lied to you?

          • The civil war was fought to protect a way of life and to keep the union together…..open a real history book and stop reading that kkk literature. So white people fought to free the slaves and then refused to give them any civil rights — does that make sense??? Who Lied To YOU!!!!

          • Whites only doesn’t care about the reality of life and anything other than his “talking points” are to be attacked. At least he/she didn’t call me a racist, which I would have ignored anyway! Life lived as a victim is a life without light!

          • Fiction!. Imposing/enforcing the Morrill Act of 1861 had nothing to do with slavery.
            Emancipation Proc.latter in the war was a military gambit. You’re obviously highly

        • And you have your head up a very dark hole!!

        • Do you understand what “per capita” means?

        • When less than 15% of a population is put against 47% of a population things would appear to be such. The civil War was fought by a majority of White people, not all, but a majority. I will not waste my, or your time reminding why that war was was fought. I don’t see your point on any of the things I commented on. My comments were that the only way the Black American will gain their rightful place in any society, they must first look into their own issues, and stop blaming everything on “White people”. That just does not wash anymore. If you don’t want to see that, It’s a free country! Just don’t expect everyone not Black to feel that something is “owed” for some past issues, real or created. And, by the way, nobody has lied to me except our Congressional representatives, and I don’t have much reason to believe them, anyway!

      • I think we both see politicians for what they are….we agree on that. James economic opportunity is how people are able to build wealth. When I say wealth I am not just talking about financial wealth — wealth includes living in a peacful neighborhood, having pride because you can provide for your family, developing positive examples and strategies for you children and future generations, health care, freedom from oppression by the police. When the United States wants to put pressure on another nation the first thing they look to do is to strangle their financial resources because they know it will destabilize the country politically and create chaos —— strangle their resources and social chaos will ensue that is one of our key foreign policy tools. It is also one of our key domestic policy tools……Keep people poor (not just black but most whites too) because its throws them into chaos and distracts them…..its a brilliant strategy and it is working!!!

        • Government does not keep people poor or rich, the people themselves do that! In this country we are guaranteed the right to prosper or to fail, by our own efforts. When you talk about government and the things they do to push or shove another country, Yes, they do, and I believe that this is better than the alternative, which is war. The poorest folks in this country are considered to be rich in half of the world’s countries and yet, our government finds ways to cripple the one thing that makes this nation so special, that being able to determine our own destiny, yes, the right to succeed or to fail. It does not get better than that any other place in this world! The gentleman that started this conversation has made himself a very wealthy man, and………”He is a Black American, how could that have happened? Only if Puff had wanted it more than he wanted to fail. I have never been afraid to fail, and I have a couple times. And, it caused me to pick myself up, dust myself off and start again trying to be successful, again! Always remember that government can give you nothing without, first, taking it from another and that is a fact in every kind of government know to mankind!

  26. Hey Puff Daddy, The Government already gives BILLIONS to black people. It is called: Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8, ObamaCare, Free Cell Phones, Affirmative Action. You fcking Moron. Why don’t you nigas give something BACK!

  27. I think Puff Daddy needs to go back to the Ghetto where he came from and STFU. those lazy welfare blacks have already been given BILLIONS, trillions more than they deserve. Go get a JOB you lazy MFs. Making babies & smoking crack is NOT a job.

    • Or distribute his wealth and rest of the millionaire rappers! Of course not that one they earned it. I am on Social Security because of a gunshot at 4 and I am not able to get public assistance but another with 15 kids can live like a king. Free housing free baskets of fatty high calorie food where I live in a small apartment and eat rice most of the time.

      This country needs to have a major economic crash and the ones that are able to survive will and the hanger ons’ will go by the wayside. Will make this country great again when we trim the fat

  28. Those guns are expensive on the street. Most of us have records so it makes hard to buy legally. You have to have your drugs too. They are out the roof. I mean,we got to live.

  29. Hey puff , give them your money you worthless POS !!

    • I wonder who looks after Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Sean Coombs wealth? I betcha he doesn’t consider that person the “white Devil”

  30. This just shows you how PATHETIC and STUPID people like Puff Daddy are. Puff Daddy? That kinda says it all, but anyway. Excuse me Puff, but where do you think Obama is going to get the money to GIVE to people? Have you thought of that you IGNORANT IDIOT. Someone has to WORK for it PUFF. If you’re a father and you are raising kids, do you think it’s better to give them everything they ask for, or is it better to MAKE them earn it and be self reliant? Give them everything and they WILL take full advantage of you. Make them earn it and they will become responsible HUMAN BEINGS. They won’t end up being a BURDEN on EVERYONE else. Does that make sense PUFF ?? Or are you to STUPID to see that ? Hey PUFF, I have a suggestion. You are a millionair, why don’t YOU give ALL your money to the black community? Put YOUR money where YOUR mouth is. See wher it gets you. Better yet, see where it gets them.

  31. Yeah ok!….checks in the mail.

  32. Hey lets stop all of the bickering and tell all of the illegal immigrants to get the hell out of our country — Everyone that came here by sneaking in or by murdering and stealing land illegally should leave — wait that would only leave the Indians and the African Americans — ooops—Golly Gee Wilickers we did allow the 10 little Indians left out of the millions we slaughter the opportunity to have Casino’s and live on reservations —- that’s a pretty fair exchange because you know we are ENTITLED to the resources so we stole it and murdered for it — everyone else needs to get off their lazy asses and work for it!!

  33. Puff Daddy, grow up, get Ur big boy pants on and realize , with Obama it was never about helping anyone but himself, he shook a lot of hands, went to a couple gatherings, smiled a lot, and thats about all Ur going to get, get a grip and vote conservative U stand a better chance there, and ……………”What The Hell Were U Thinking?” Maybe Ur not as slick as U thought………..I sure as heck didnt vote for him………………

  34. “Unapologetically spend billions of dollars to uplift black communities and black people”
    All they will do is destroy whatever the funds are spent on, always have and always will.

  35. He needs to back up and regroup. Maybe figure out what he is talking about before he talks about it.

  36. Pony up Puff….give out all your money first, then you can start on ours.
    There are enough useful idiots on this stage already, do we really need to hear from a man with no real name?

  37. Yea let’s just give more tax dollars to people that DO NOT DESERVE IT hey how about this go get a damn job and quit expecting handouts. You don’t want to work oh what a shame maybe that will change when you are starving to death in the streets.

  38. “Puff Daddy” my ass! An ignorant name for an ignorant person. A rap-crap “artist”! HA! Obama doesn’t HAVE billions to give your lazy-fans so they afford to come to your “show” and see you bop-around like a high school cheer-leader. Grow up! You’ve made a lot of money Puffy. YOU hire a bunch of them. Like Obama and Congress, you’re pretty generous with the tax-payers money!

  39. I think Obama should return Billions back to SSI so old folks can have raise and live without all stress worrying about SSI going under

  40. Hey puff daddy….Why don’t YOU fund a few hundred getto rats in a STEM 2 year college program? Education is the only way to a better life, unless a new rap star is needed. NOT. At the completion of the education program, they can repay you, just like a regular loan. I have exercised my white privilege and can not afford any more government programs that funnel money to continually rebuild the great society to the tune of a few trillion dollars. Which is close to the national dept. Hmmmm.

  41. This is good.
    I think Obama SHOULD give black people billions. As long as he gives his own money, what’s the problem?
    Oh. Wait . . . .

  42. pussy,I mean puff is a effing rapper,nuff said!!!

























    I COULD TAKE 100



  45. We have created a real Social problem by giving Blacks too much all ready. Now it is becoming a millstone around our necks as Blacks expect to be given a free ride at the expense of the working class. I say we should not give Blacks anything, but only support the needy regardless of race.

  46. All I can say puff diddly — you got what you asked for and you deserve what you got from the POS fraud — exactly NOTHING but more strife and violence . Why should the blacks get billions from our govt — are they too lazy to go out and earn money ????????


  48. Money, Money, Money. Always something for nothing. How about taking a look at where our country is going. Its straight to Hell because most of the black asses that are protesting are on welfare. Get a job or maybe it should be setup so you can only collect for 2 years and lets see what happens. We are told Social Security is going to run out of money but not welfare. Why not. People put into SS, and there are the same people that had to pay into welfare. Now that I want my money back, the Social Security back is suddenly closed.

  49. Well lets see the State Dept is missing over 5 Billion dollars when Hillery was there, Obama Care is missing several hundred million dollars and who know where other money is missing from the government. My question exactly where did this money go? Kanye and Diddy can denate money from their own pocket is they want to give black people more money. They sure have made millions for that stuff the call music. Just look at how many blacks have become millionaires from all these fake lawsuits. Not to mention the 9 people at the SC church whose families were given over 3 million dollars each from the Justice Dept The criminal Freddy Gray’s family given over 6 million dollars and the list goes on like the thug Michael Brown in Furgeson. I say enough is enough.

  50. How about giving a few hundred thousand to WHITE Folk for having to put up with Niqqers ??

    *** TRUMP 2016 ***

  51. Billions to black people, we have already spent over 17 trillion alone on just Johnson’s great society so a few billions would be just a drop in the bucket to what we have already paid. Now what did we get for those trillions, the ghetto got a lot bigger, single black families grew a lot bigger, crime greatly increased, so a few billion more may help those areas grow even more.

  52. Sure PUFF…. You Moron, he already has wasted sufficient moneys on Street Thugs via sharpton.. but he could probably Borrow more money to PIZZ away on welfare for them…

  53. [People who vote for Democrats are not, by and large, evil people.] Consider the words we read in the Bible:
    The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. Psalm 14:1
    The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good. Psalm 53:1
    For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood. Proverbs 1:16
    I judge no one but I firmly believe, anyone who supports the shedding of innocent blood in any way is viewed in God’s eyes as being evil and whose blood in more innocent than that of the baby in an abortion?

  54. Why SUUUUURE! MOAR FREE GIBS MES fo da BLACK folks, who, in their usual grateful manner, will spend it on dope, illegal hand guns, whores, pimpin’ out dey hoopdela and raping, rioting and looting their communities in gratitude and glee all while screamin’ about racism and how we white folks STILL be holdin’ dey nigga asses down!

  55. Hey Puff next record you do give all the proceeds to all the black people and shut up.

  56. I agree, Puffy is not to tightly “Rapped”(pun intended), and only knows the freedom that excessive wealth provides!
    I think he has success figured out, but has no clue as to what the “Little People” have to endure to achieve success!!
    Government won’t save anyone, Ever! The grandest lie ever told was “Im from the Government, and Im here to help you”!!
    The only way to achieve success that has any meaning, is good honest and long hours of Hard Work!!
    Some, Like Puffy, may “fall” into success, some have it handed to them; most of us have to do it the “Old fashioned way”!
    I agree, we desperately need to bring “Jobs” back to America, and there needs a way for the
    “Truly Disadvantaged” to climb out of poverty, regardless of color or national origin!
    This will never happen as long as “Our Government” continues to give support to millions of people who have “No Right” to the benefits!
    AMERICANS, bona fide, born-here to American parents, REAL AMERICANS have a right to the assistance when needed!
    It was certainly never Intended to be used as “Bait” to Tip our nation to the Left!!

  57. Obama introduced the worst of times in the best of times so for both Obama and Puff Daddy I’ll paraphrase Shakespeare: “Out damned spots! Out, I say!”

  58. It NEVER occurs to many blacks that “reparation” began when 100’s of thousands of Union Soldiers gave their lives for Unity of Country and to FREE the SLAVES!!!! You do realize that NOTHING will ever be enough for MANY black citizens. If you want FREE everything from the Government, you are BACK to being OWNED by someone or something – BACK to the plantation. When an entity gives you, that person or thing can snatch it away if you disobey!!!!

  59. If Puff Daddy is so concerned, he should share his fortune with his black brothers and sisters…

  60. Puff Daddy is on to something here. Obama is going to waltz away with millions in his pockets, having skimmed the cream off DC. Why not spread the bread around?

  61. Hey puff send all your money you want, take action quit waiting for others.

  62. WE have given them billions, trillions of unaccountable money, and look what happened. To this day, they could get a free ride education, but that takes work. They could get a free ride training program, but that is work. They could be a quota hire, but to keep the job takes work. They could eat well, but they buy booze and drugs. There are some people whose values are so depraved, they can’t be helped.

  63. If that idiot puff daddy wants to give them money let him get his money in Obama’s money and carries money in the Clintons money and leave ours alone. I’m tired of taking for my family and given to a bunch of people who are being used by the Communist Party as we have since the 60s given over $20 trillion to bring the so-called Poor blacks Out of poverty. They will never come out of poverty as long as they follow the Democrats to keep them on the plantation.

  64. I thought that he had already did this … and more !!!

  65. Another one of obies gangster followers! If you gave a million dollars to every black person in this country……..they still couldn’t read & write & would continue to kill each other & blame it all on whitey? IMO!

  66. Seems to me there are too damned many of these so called “entertainers” who think they know what is good for everyone. They need to stick with entertaining (or whatever the hell it is called in this day and age).

  67. obama should NOT give the blacks one cent. There are too many on welfare already that are being supported by the legal American taxpayer. I for one am so tired of supporting these deadbeats and women who keep having a new baby every year without ever getting married or having the same man around that fathers the poor babies. And it is a never ending process that is carried on from generation to generation. If the blacks want something, then they should go out and work for it like everyone else. AMERICA DOES NOT OWE THEM ANYTHING.

  68. How much money has Puff put into the Black community?

  69. I like the name Puff Daddy, yes he is totally ignorant. He cares nothing for America, or American citizens. There is not reason that he should give billions to blacks, he should give to the homeless and sick vets. They deserve it more than anyone.

  70. Puff Daddy has a net worth of $700 million dollars. Hey, Puffy, why don’t you give your black brothers and sisters $500 million dollars so they can have a nice house and BMW and you are still ultra rich. Black people have been on entitlements since 1965 and have made a career of screwing the tax payers. Dream on!

  71. Like I have been saying for years and years and years , all liberals are morons!!!!!!!! It certainly is easy to say that ,now if only the dirtbags themselves can see what they actually are. “I seriously doubt it”.

  72. P Ditty, Obama and the Dems keep them on welfare. Career opportunities are dead under this regime.
    That is why over 50 million are on food stamps . This is the highest ever recorded !
    Obama is not bothered by the ”MISERY” he inflicts, his ”T” times are not affected !


  74. Well of course that’s the ultimate dream…… But…….. How about loud mouth Diddy or whatever the hell his name is today gives his peeps the damn money if he’s so freakin worried about it!! Asshole!!!

  75. Puff Daddy aka, P Diddy…the daring gunslinger of old in New York nightclubs; the Prince in dull armor of J Lopez; the cool companion of Queen “Oprah Winfrey wannabe” Latifa; joined at the hip with Filthy-mouthed Snoop Dog; a poor excuse of a human being who has done nothing for the black community, except sell them misogynistic, anti-black crap.

  76. Tell ya what, let puffy and all the other “high achieving” blacks give their “community” millions, of their money NOT OURS.

  77. What if reparations were made? Specifically to those who don’t like this great country of ours?

    Let’s make the money…tax-free. With a pro-rated determined amount of millions given to each individual who accepts the offer.

    But, with two stipulations: Every black person who accepts this payout of millions must agree to:

    1 – Relocate to another country of their choice that agrees to accept them;

    2- Renounce their U.S. citizenship upon leaving America.

    In other words, you got paid, so take your money and go home.

  78. We already have given not billions but trillions to Blacks. It is known as welfare in all it`s different forms.Puff can go suck an egg,.

  79. I’d like to see what Reality Check has to say about this! That whatever he/she is, tries to talk like an intellectual, and only knows how to call us conservatives names! Where are you, Reality Check?! I want to see your “wisdom” on this issue! Is Puff Daddy right? Should King Odumbo give his bros billions, like they’re not getting anything already?!

  80. It’s bad to say, but puff is an ignorant “N”

  81. Why not give the black community an island and give them the trillions, send the to their island and let them govern themselves but give them no more money and see where theyvare in ten years

  82. The great war on poverty (democrats) started in the 60s. 50 years later and 20 TRILLION in debt, and we ain’t scratch the surface. It is not worth having, if you don’t have to work for it. The democrats have taken a great thing called “WORK” from a lot of people and turned them into slaves. How sad.

  83. What is Puff Daddy, or should I say Blow Hard want with millions of dollars from our government for? Maybe a sun tan!

  84. obama that idiot don’t need to give blacks or anybody else anything if you want something you got to get off your ass and work for it instead of selling drugs or stealing it or living on welfare which the ones who do work pays for

  85. Puff Daddy and Puff Daddy in the Rainbow house. They both blow guys. The Rapper or whatever you call that rant should realize that the other puff daddy only gives to blacks if they Muslim.

  86. Why should he do that? Because they’re too lazy to work? I don’t think so! Just another ploy to buy democratic votes! Hey Puff Daddy, why don’t you give some of your millions to blacks? No? I didn’t think so! SHUT THE HELL UP MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Puff needs a serious meeting with the members of the KKK! Let him tell him his demands for the blacks from the Obamamonkey! I’m sure he will get all the attention he needs to resolve his problems! Go stretch a rope!

  88. Nothing is for free, puff daddy. Did you really believe that the most accomplished lier in this country would help the needy communities? the people that actually pay taxes never signed up to help communities that are failing….you brought that on by voting him into office. Paybacks are rough!

  89. Free is never Free and all this Free Stuff is costing this country Trillions!
    When the government gives Free Stuff, it’s never enough, people keep holding their hand out for more and more and more, so they Don’t have to work. It’s called lazy where I come from.
    When people have to work for what they have it is appreciated more and you feel good about yourself and it builds self esteem. No matter the race or gender.
    When I hear this “White Privilege”, will my white privilege was working my a$$ off to get through college (no Mom and Dad didn’t pay way) I did.
    I have worked all my life and the government has done nothing for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  90. I say the government confiscate the assets of Oprah, Puff Daddy and all the other right blacks and distribute it to the poor blacks and see how he likes it. These people always want some else’s money, so start with theirs.

  91. Would the negro Puff Adder be happy if a white guy, say named Donald Trump said send BILLIONS of dollars of aid to white people?

  92. Don’t say Obama should give billions to anyone. It will be our tax billions, nothing out of his pocket!!

  93. We already did. Should have let Lincoln send all back to Africa…they have been a real drain on the land…

  94. independent thinker

    Hey PP Ditty, if you are so interested in the “plight” of poor blacks lets see you give away your millions to them.

  95. Is this P Duddy idiot stupid enough to think that this lawless self serving government gives two shits about black’s, or white’s, or anyone else for that matter. Ask an Indian what the government has done for them lately. If fact, shut the fuck up and try learning a lesson from the Indian folks, they have decided that they will take charge and create their own wealth, they opened casino’s and are raking in billions doing so. Shut the fuck up all you black whining babies and take some responsibility in your life. Hell, if an asshole like Obama can become president, what the Hell is your excuse? Are you really dumber than that worthless fucktard?

  96. If Black’s don’t like this country , Get the Hell back to Africa.

  97. America already does! its called welfare, food stamps and medicaid

  98. Puff licker should start by giving away his own Millions Hypocrite

  99. The view of the black community is that if you are not black you are racist and therefore owe them more and more free stuff to male up for their inadequacies.

  100. You start first, Brother. If you give those people MONEY, they will do just like they did after Katrina. They will go buy big screen TV’s, Tattoos, and spend it on strippers and cocaine. They need JOBS, and MOTIVATION.

  101. Billions even trillions of dollars have been spent by Socialist-Democrats already to buy the black vote and keep blacks subservient to the Democrat plantation.

    Where will Obama get the billions Puff wants for black people…”from his stash?” Obama’s stash comes from we producers who not only employ others to give them a livelihood and we and they all pay taxes, in other words the taxpayers would pay any reparations or money, even though my family never discriminated against anyone, not even the takers, who benefit greatly from my taxes, and never owned slaves or bought or sold people of any race or culture.

    Why doesn’t Puff set aside some of his hundreds of millions and get other rappers and similar artists to do the same and put in a fund to support all their kindred and former neighbors. They could set up a fund and NBA and NFL well paid athletes could contribute and it would not be too long they would have the billions Puff wants.

  102. P Daddy like many other Liberal Progressive Socialist believe that this PRESIDENT owes something to a single
    segment of a population. Well I was under the impression when we elect a President we elect him for the entire
    COUNTRY not just a 10 Percent segment of that population, Besides that what has the TRILLIONS of dollars
    done for the Black People of this country since Lydon B. Johnson started his war on Poverty?

  103. News flash Puff Duddy………They already get billions of dollars. Tell you what you ignorant &^%$. Why dont you give them some of your thug money to tide them over.

  104. And just what has Puff Daddy done to enhance the black community? Did he “dump” a large portion of his riches into the community? We have had 50 years of siphoning money into welfare, housing, food, and medical programs into black communities. The only result has been the creation of generational welfare.

  105. Obama only likes wealthy black people, and is inciting the blacks to use violence. Exactly what for? Haven’t noticed too many people other than Ben Carson, and HE is attacked by the blacks. Nobody ever said Diddy is brain surgeon nor has he done anything to HELP the political process. He probably wants Hildebeast for POTUS! I say #JailClintonIn2015

  106. All black people pretend you are a Mexican illegal alien or a Muslim ISIS Muslim Brotherhood member & barack hussein obama will give you anything you want.

  107. Puff is nothing more then a thug. It’s time to eliminate all those social programs. Enough already. You can’t jump around and burn down communities, shoot cops and scream you want equality. We have been throwing money at this “problem” for a while now, it’s not working.

  108. Then let me rephrase my comment. The headline says, Obama should give billions to black people. My answer to that, if it goes towards for jobs training and education and creating jobs. Then the second half of it states poor southern white folks. Well i’m not a poor southern white folk, I`m from the north, I have two jobs, I`m a caregiver and work part time at a restaurant as a cook.

  109. Give them the money and a 1 way ticket back to africa where you can loot & do drugs,rape pillage like you do here; only you can abort your children and go to HELL. Good RIDDANCE PUFF LOSER !!!!!!!!!

  110. First off, Presidents, or politicians for that matter, don’t create jobs. They may improve the economy so that local job creation can happen. Handing out “free money” doesn’t create jobs. Increasing taxes doesn’t create jobs. More regulations don’t create jobs. Giving elaborate double speak speeches doesn’t create jobs. Going to the UN and on elaborate vacations doesn’t create jobs. Getting out of the way of the actual job creators creates jobs.

  111. Lets spend the money on boat fare to ship all those who actually want to go back to africa their chance to do so

  112. What a puff brain this moron has, he just want to fill his lazy pockets with others cash.

  113. What American needs to do is impeach that useless, lying Muslim in the white house.

  114. Puff Niqqer should give HIS millions to the darkies & Sambos……..

  115. I don’t know whether peter puff daddy or krazy fu-k kanye is the biggest piece of racist shit. How about paying billions to the Irish,Chinese,and the only true deserving race the Indians. Just think if their ancestors had not been brought here by the dutch they would be living in one of the biggest piece of shit continent in the world. I think the black race need to shut the FUCK up and appreciate what they have and all the free shit they have gotten due to white guilt .The only thing you deserve is a kick in the ass and cut off of all the free shit get moving you freeloading shit bags

  116. Why is Puff Daddy trying to make millions off the back of the slaves of long ago? Blacks today do not deserve anything they haven’t earned themselves. Their ANCESTORS that were slaves would be ashamed of the whining and ignorance of their desendants today.

  117. You would think that there are all sorts of jobs in the black community, like rebuilding what they tear up and destroy because they think something has offended them which it hasn’t and being held to a higher standard. The excuses need to stop, and they need to be truthful, their communities suck because of their own beliefs.
    Like crime, they know who is committing the crime, who breaks into houses, steals, and deals drugs, but they don’t want to tell the police to clean up their communities from crime. Or pick up their own garbage and keep their houses clean from garbage, they look for excuses….

  118. All the tax waste is to keep the lying, thieving politicians in office. Nothing else. It elected Pinocchiobama and re-elected him after failure after failure. Expect the same from Hillary.

  119. Black people elected Obama because of his color. None of them actually considered his ability or his record. Just that he was black and could talk and wear a suit . Black people talk about their skin color in nearly every conversation. They are incapable of thinking beyond that apparently. They seem to think it gives them a status. One moment they are the poor, the down trodden and the needy. Then they are the greatest, the best, the beautiful and the ones that deserve more because of again- their skin color. They seem to be so filled with jealousy and hat that they refuse to understand what they have done to themselves. They blame. that is their most dominant feature. They blame.

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  121. We already have its called welfare for lazy people in the cities.

  122. Puff more cause your’re not gonna get green because your’re black not Islam or from African. Now if you were in Africa Obama would give you money SO GO and don’t come back YA HEER !

  123. That is the dumbest thing I ever heard.

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