Public Boarding Schools? Obama Out of Control

If you take all of your cues from the Obama administration, this week you would have learned that Fox News is responsible for the plight of the poor, the first lady sees nothing but racism when she walks out of the White House, and public boarding schools are the answer to street violence.

The latter suggestion came from Education Secretary Arne Duncan as he addressed the National Summit on Youth Violence Prevention. “I think all of our schools should be community centers,” he said. “Our schools should be open 12, 13, 14 hours a day with a wide variety of after-school programming. If we could keep our kids there longer, we think that makes a lot of sense.”

Duncan’s concern – in the confines of the speech, anyway – is that kids in violent communities are being exposed to danger when school is out of session. So committed is he to removing that danger, he is willing to explore “controversial” ideas that go beyond 14-hour school days.

“One idea that I threw out that I wanted to sort of road test with the kids today is the idea of public boarding schools,” he said. “There are just certain kids we should have 24/7 to really create a safe environment and give them a chance to be successful.”

What a splendid idea! Why, public schools all over the country are failing their kids, so why not expand the school day to…well, to forever! After all, parents are screwing up that liberal indoctrination by teaching their kids a different story when they go home. This way, the U.S. government will not only have full control over the education of your children, it will also raise them right to adulthood. Don’t you worry about a thing, sir or madam, Uncle Sam is up to the job.

It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between Democrats and Communists. Is there even a difference anymore? Did any of these politicians who put a D next to their name actually grow up loving this country? Or are they all ravaged with the cancer of self-hatred, determined to make their mark on America by changing everything about it?

This sickening thing is that our streets are unsafe for children because liberalism has killed the American family. Now these monsters want to drive the final nail into the coffin and take families out of the equation altogether. Turn America into a gray, lifeless factory where kids are put on a conveyor belt at birth and turned out at 18 to embark on a lifetime of public service. Conspiracy theorists who talk of lizard-men and the Illuminati are making more work for themselves then necessary; the men who want to rule the world without restriction are right out in the open.

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  1. Has not worked well for the Navajo Nation they seem to come out of Boarding School with distrust of all whites.

  2. Keep going libs, wish you would move faster as you are going to pull the trigger that starts the event that puts you all where you belong.

  3. Amen, and amen! This is “the final nail!”

  4. All that is going on sounds so familiar, like pre war Nazi Germany, anybody remember the Hitler Youth Movement? How about nationalizing the police, remember the Gestapo? I am very afraid of history repeating itself, only this time, it wont be the Jews in the Ovens, it will be the Christians.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      It recalls the saying, “Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it”, for many years there have been those spouting the lies about how this or that NEVER happened, they’ve hidden WWII deep in the books and don’t talk about it, Time to REALLY teach History and for PARENTS to oversee what their children are learning.

      • Too many parents today are more interested in their acquisitions than their children. I have a really hard time believing that it really takes two incomes to survive; folks just need to pare down their spending. “Wants” have gotten confused with “needs”.

        • The larger the rat race gets, the more I have to agree with you. A simple life is just a lot more fun! I think they send the police after you these days if you try to live off the grid. Might try it anyway.

          • Kinda makes you wonder what government fears about “off the grid” living!

          • No CONTROL of the subordinates!

          • They fear what they cannot control! Would it not be wonderful if we could go back to a simpler time when people actually talked to each other; neighbors were good friends and their kids played together, grew up together? This rush to become some totalitarian nation is insane and is splitting, not uniting us. Our name is the Untied States of America. We MUST stand for that again and get rid of the ‘rubbish’ that is collecting in very stinky mounds of trash!! AND remember the days not so long ago when most people were in church on Sunday? A lovely day to worship the Lord, share with friends and have the family together?
            Folks; this nation has gotten way to far from our founding, our roots and heritage!

          • When you have parents who insist on Keeping Up with the parents who can actually afford Luxuries for their children you get Selfish, Spoiled and often Bullies, with Drug and Alcohol problems..

      • I took my children to the library often. You can check out all the history and etc books, for FREE. My children did the summer reading program also. They loved it. The library does other events for the children also. They have story time, read to them. They have movie time, they have history events. ( If mom works, ask grandma to take them). If your child is middle school age and you live within a safe walking distance from the library, let your child walk to it. Good hang out place. Books, DVD’s, computer to work on, etc. Kids will spend hours and hours in there. And they can take a sibling with them or a friend. I did this as a child, my children did it and my grandchildren do it. They love to get all this information for free. Freedom to learn different information. Not just what is taught at schools. God Bless.

        • My children and grandchildren are all grown, BUT we made sure that the History that this family is steeped in, was related to them, not while washed by the Gov’t. FYI, Libraries have been stripped of a lot of books not deemed PC, yes here in USA, there have been BOOK BURNINGS. I know my family history from England over here n Mayflower and through all the REAL history of this country, incl. marriage to a Dutch sea Captain lost at sea, being Scotch due to Cromwell’s actions, one very distant cousin became Pres., these are NOT in History books. I was taught well in Catholic schools, and even during WWII we were not white washed.

          • Sending our children to private schools is a must these days with how the public school system is….they are indoctrinating them into the rubbish of communism as the colleges are… is TOO important folks…this is America’s future! If they do not learn our heritage and theirs before coming to America they will not understand what a wonderful and distinct country the US is! No country gets by without making some mistakes here & there; we are no different!…HOWEVER: there is not one country whom has done as much for ourselves and the world as America in the shorter time that we have been a nation. It took Europe and the rest of the world thousands of years…it has taken us about 300 years! l’d say it makes us exceptional, unique and a great nation!!!! We have shared our wealth, our knowledge and our precious blood in soldiers to defend FREDDOM world wide………..yet most hate us!! Makes me sick! If we do not continue to stand firm, tall and strong then the nation & world is in grave trouble! With the looks of all that is going on; it has arrived in spades! My ancestors had a wonderful heritage before coming to America and a after… is wonderful to know where I came from and who my family really is!!! That is what has made America a great country……OUT OF MANY: ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

        • Many children today will never know what it is like and how great the Rewards to have worked your way through College because the Taxpayers are paying for their Education. We have Administration who wants to Control the Country perhaps even the World and so he starts with Free Eduction, Free Phones etc.. If you are Illegal you will depend entirely on him.

          • i’m sorry ??? the rewards of having worked your way through college are what exactly?? 😕 and i don’t think it’s possible to do it these days anyway .. it might have been possible for the upper middle class when it didn’t take two incomes to makes ends meet…. but that was a really long time ago around the time of say JFK being president.. after Eisenhower … forget about it 🙁 even with the Reagan’s quote “reforms” not likely to happen for most people … and don’t get me started on Reagan/Thatcher who btw did almost nothing to help Average Joe… and about the Soviet Union would have collapsed anyway .. Pope John Paul II . rest him as a saint.. he helped make it happen a little faster i’ll give you the Free Phone is excessive though

        • My daughter was at the WMCA during the summers while she was in school and had a Valley Big Sister which was great for her. I tried to keep her busy with organizations that were healthy and had good programs of activities. She also went to Vacation Bible School and the activities’ of our church. It gave her a well rounded time of fun, learning, friends and
          foundation. I did NOT have the money but she was too important not to see to that she was grounded and safe. Parents have LOST the art of parenting and just let kids be like lost wild animals instead of their children. Have you stopped to listen to what young people talk about and HOW they talk…the words they use… makes one very sick to think they are the future of this nation!

          • Yes, i’ve heard them too. You can’t help but hear them. They have no manners and they don’t care. You went to the YMCA and sent your kids to Activities. My parents sent me and my siblings to The YMCA also. WE learned to swim and play ball, etc. We also went to vacation bible school every year. Sill have my cerif and class pictures. I also sent my children to vacation bible school every year and they loved it. My children have also sent their children to vacation bible school, They loved it, I took clothes, coats, blankets and food to our city homeless shelter, took my kids with me and they helped and was very proud to help. My grandchildren also went to vacation bible school, etc. But to make a long story short, what i’m trying to say is,, you have a pattern with your family and I have a pattern with my family. And i think that is the big difference in us and these other children. They don’t have parents that do these things with them and teach them how to be polite, caring, giving people. It is a pattern, generation after generation. If we could get these teenagers and young adults now–to see that there is other things they could be doing besides hanging around in alley’s and on street corners waiting to rob someone, things would start to change. They could go to the YMCA and help younger kids learn. It would help them, by helping someone else. They wouldn’t feel worthless. They would have pride in what they are doing. There use to be a Big Brother program years ago, but i’ve not heard about it in years. Don;t know what happen to it. It was for black kids. Most of the youth don’t even know they can go to all these things for free. God Bless you and your family.

      • Iran, a friend of Obama and Birth Place of Valerie and where her family lives said the Holocaust never happened. You can find Valerie on the Internet telling everyone that she wants to make America a Muslim Country.
        She and Al Sharpton are Obama’s Advisors. Perhaps Al will be removing Rev from his name and replace it with Iman, if the Muslims will allow it.

      • Douglas W. Rodrigues

        I believe that the subversive left hasn’t forgotten about history. I believe that they think they can improve upon the failures of the past in order to achieve a socialistic society. These are people who don’t believe in freedom, but only believe in government control…for your own good of course. The pathetic thing about this is most subversives are educated people too stupid to understand what their desired end result would be. Barack Obama once mentioned that he respected the way that Joe Stalin was able to control the Russian people. Is that a liberal ideal? In Obama’s mind it apparently is.

    • Dear Ron, you are so right. I just hope you are not prophetic. Where you are incorrect is that Jews will be left alone. In all the history there was not a single totalitarian regime which failed to persecute the Jews. They have always been such a convenient scapegoat! Notable exceptions – regimes where there were NO Jews to persecute, like Mao’s Red China, or North Korea.

    • I recently saw documentary called ” The greatest story never told, ” about Adolf Hitler on YouTube. Hitler was different than what we were told. But I agree that there are people trying to change our world into everyone being slaves for themselves. And they seem be getting away with it.

    • Many people agree with you! Remember Hitler was a Member of The National Socialists Party. He wanted Blonde Blue Eyed Children in his Army.

    • It also must be remembered that the Soviet Union indoctrinated children, even having them “spy” on their families.

  5. As if our children were not indoctrinated enough in public schools. Parents YOU are responsible for your children’s education NOT the Government

    • But the HEADINASS POTUS is NOt of that Mind set!!

    • Remember when they were saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”? Keep your village away from my children!

      • Remember who uttered those words? Wonder what “village” raised her little hobgoblin?

        • Oh, yes. Understand that nonsense doesn’t apply to them …just us common folks.

        • Chelsea and her Daddy were in Africa recently trying to Save The Elephants. Motherhood must be agreeing with her to make her run off with daddy. Of course Charlotte may have gone with her and her grandpa.

      • That was ”Hilly’s” Socialists Agenda. “It takes a Village.” Having her and Willie back in the White House will be like having Obama for a Third Term. ”Hilly” and Obama are asking us to ”give up,” our Faith/Beliefs so things such as ”Murdering The Unborn won’t bother us. If you are a Christian, you have a Conscious and want to ”protect” the innocent.

    • Arne Duncan is one of the most vile and despicable of the administrations communists. He is joined at the hip to George Soros. Nothing is too radical for him to propose.

  6. Why are we allowing this Corrupt Administration to continue its illegal ways. Obama is a hypocrite, he sends his kids to private schools , he went to private schools , fraudulently by the way . He got a Fulbright Scholarship to Harvard , how is that because they only give those out to Foreign Students , so was Obama a non citizen or was he just qualifying for this scholorship illegally telling the administrator he was a foreign student when he wasn’t . That’s breaking the rules , if it is true he lied on his application than he needs to pay that tuition back. What really upsets me about Obama , is that people working for him at the White House ,his democratic cohorts all know this man is a fraud , however they keep their mouths shut , they are not true Americans just like the 100,000 federal employees that owe this government over $1.14 billion dollars in back taxes . Those figures come directly from the IRS RECORDS FOR 2014. Some federal employees don’t even file income taxes, this government presently are stealing taxpayers money and no one is doing anything about it . Must we go to WASHINGTON DC and shut the town down and clean house of federal employees , administrators at all the agencies in the Executive Branch ,either the military takes over or WE THE PEOPLE WILL DO IT OURSELVES , WE HAVE THE MANPOWER AND THE WEAPONS TO ACCOMPLISH THIS AND NO MILITARY OR POLICE WILL BE ABLE TO STOP US, SO THATS A WARNING.

    • I wonder the same thing….why are we putting up with this? take back the country, either impeach or arrest this traitor Obama. arrest is faster.

    • mthammer … I agree with you…. Beautut

    • headonstraight

      The Fulbright stuff you are ASSerting is pure bull, as is a lot of other stuff about his education. Read up on the truth:

      • where the hell can you read about obama ALL his records are sealed and HIDDEN .probhably buried with jimmy hoffa

        • headonstraight

          You can read a lot about Obama in what I posted earlier–a lot of information that proves that the wackos who have tried to make aspects of his academic experience some kind of indicator of his non-citizen status are full of the well-known barnyard commodity. You apparently did not find any basis to challenge that proof, possibly because of your embarrassment at having been conned into believing all that malarky from the lying wingnuts.

          • You should have read obamas books before Snopes got paid to rewrite history. I read Snopes before Obama ran for president, he braged about being born in Kenya to promote the books. Before he was elected to the Illinois Senate he gave speeches in his own voice, talked about his heritage and that he wasn’t born in Hawaii and wasn’t an American citizen. He also said in one of his books if he had to choose he would stand with the Muslims clearly admitting that he was not a Christian.. Michele also wrote about the two of them burning the American flag, her hatred for America and their visit to Kenya his country of birth. She wrote of their taking AIDS tests to show the Kenyans that it was Ok. Why can’t you find anything about him or his Education that was written by him. The only thing you can find is documented by Snopes and it is either confirmed or denied by Snopes. Everything you see now is a rumor. obama is a figment of his own imagination, who knew him growing up? Where are his Diplomas? Who can you find that knew him as a person before he became a politician? When did he live in Connecticut to get his Social Security number? Did he re-apply for citizen ship after he returned to America from Malaysia? You can ask all these questions but he can’t give you an honest answer. He remains true to his character. He invented himself and you got caught hook, line, and sinker.

          • headonstraight

            Citations to sources, please.

            As an example of why I do not give you any credibility, I would cite that viral internet LIE you and others are perpetuating with that “he would stand with the muslims” thing. He never, never said that, although it has gone around the world many times as though it were indisputable truth and has persisted in the loony litany of the right wing blogosphere for going on 8 years.

            Experience has taught me to be wary of short, one- or two-sentence quotations that are submitted without accompanying written context or without other useful
            information on the setting in which such statements were allegedly made. Really wanting to KNOW what lay behind that alleged quotation, I tracked down its
            source and guess what I found? First, I found that the “quote” is not a correct “quote.” Most notably, the word “Muslims” (!) is NOT in the sentence
            purportedly quoted from Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope.” Here, in context, is what Obama actually said (See pages 260-261 of the book):

            “Whenever I appear before immigrant audiences, I can count on some good-natured ribbing from my staff after my speech; according to them, my remarks always follow a three-part structure: “I am your friend,” “[Fill in the home country] has been a cradle of civilization,” and “You embody the American dream.” They’re right, my message is simple, for what I’ve come to understand is that my mere presence before these newly minted Americans serves notice that they matter, that they are voters critical to my success and full-fledged citizens deserving of respect.

            “Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

            That “dark underbelly,” with its forced detention of Japanese AMERICANS, is something this nation should regret and never repeat, and that is clearly
            the kind of thing Obama was opposing as regards treatment of naturalized American citizens of whatever national origin. Note also, that the “them” (NOT
            “MUSLIMS”) with whom Obama committed himself to stand were “newly-minted Americans” and “Arab and Pakistani Americans”–in both cases AMERICAN
            CITIZENS, and in no way subsumed the greater community of non-American Muslims the world over. But, the obvious intent of misquoting what Obama said and leaving out the contextual setting was to cultivate within the unwary reader a false impression that he is committing categorically to stand with Muslims–whatever the issue and whatever the conflict.

            I do not have the time or the inclination to research and analyze the other elements of your standard array of wingnut accusations against the president. I believe the example I have described above shows just how desperate his detractors are to attack him, even going so far as to continue to spread this bogus “I will stand with the Muslims” garbage, which has been fully disproved over and over for the benefit of clueless clucks like you.

            Many careless, gullible folks have been suckered in by this kind of e-mail and have unwittingly mislead others by forwarding it again and again.The furtherance of TRUTH in this matter would seem to dictate that those who-for whatever reason–have forwarded this piece of rubbish should once more hit their keyboards and advise recipients of the obvious erroneous nature of the previously forwarded material!

          • peddle, peddle, peddle – and when you’re done – peddle some more!

          • headonstraight

            Just like a wingnut! You can’t rebut what I posted, so you resort to childish, inanity!

            It is dumbed-down and dense robots like you who perpetuate rancid lies like that bogus “I will stand with the Muslims” nonsense and keep it alive for years on end, even when it is decisively proven false. Anyone who wants the truth on that matter can simply go to page 261 of “The Audacity of Hope” and read what it actually says, but that would not be a happy thing for the lying wackadoodle right wing scum who care not for truth.

          • You should have Read ”Dreams From My father.” He did write more than one book. However, Bill Ayers, his Friend, Cop Killer and now College Professor said he wrote the Books for Obama. Sure everything was written down on a Teleprompter and read to Bill aloud. Too bad Selfies were around at the time. We could have witnessed the action between Bill and Obama.

          • headonstraight

            I see above where you posted some nonsense continuing to ASSert that old bogus tripe about Obama allegedly having said that he would “stand with the Muslims.” Glenda I have decisively shown you and others what a total lie that is, but you and your wingnut friends apparently don’t care about the truth. You just go on lying non-stop with all the energy and determination of the Energizer Bunny. You have zero integrity!

          • You mean like Obama peddling a ”girls’s bike” on one of his vacations to Martha’s Vineyard riding with his daughters.

          • In his Book FROM AUDACITY OF HOPE.” He says this: ”I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in .
            From Dreams From My Father,” Obama says this: ”I cease to advertise my Mother’s Race at age 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingrating myself to Whites.” ”I found a Solace in nursing a pervasive Sense of Grievance and Animosity against my Mother’s Race.” ”There was something about her that made me wary, a little too sure of herself, maybe and White.

          • headonstraight

            I cited above precisely and accurately what he said in “The Audacity of Hope.” I read it directly from the pages of that book. YOU undoubtedly are relying on some second-hand LIE about what he allegedly said in that book. You and many other duped, gullible, ideologically-deranged clods simply believe and robotically repeat false reports you get from other wackos without ever checking them out to see if they are true. That is a shameful thing, but you apparently have no shame. You and your ilk are a truly disgusting bunch!

          • You might want to read ”Dreams From My Father,” if it hasn’t been censored as his College Grades are Censored. He either has something to ”hide” or his grades are so ”bad.” If he had ”good” grades we would have definitely heard about it…wouldn’t we? Perhaps he will take a ”selfie” of himself holding up his Grades with a Notary Republic Signature.

          • In one of Obama’s Books he says he was ashamed of his Mother because she was too White.

      • Snopes is unreliable. Pry another government propaganda machine. The particular article they’re wrong about is regarding Martin Luther King Jr

    • Be careful. The head of DHS (who said that the 4th amendment was outside his comprehension) will be banging your doors down with his costumed raiders because such talk might mean you are a “terrorist”. Naturally, he’ll be too busy with you to stop the flood of illegals invading our country.

  7. all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. impeach this madman!!!! NOW

  9. Apparently the Headinass Potus is Undergoing more Problematic ways to show his total Idiocy…
    Blames Boehner for lower Education levels BUT it was Boehner who Fought to Reinstate Choices for parents about where children in DC could go to School,,, Is it any wonder that 3 Kings did not show upo for the “:ARAB SUMMITT”? Imagine this:” going to vierw Horses with a Queen or having to Listen to WEASELY POmtifications from the American (?) LYING Horse”s a$$???

    • I bet the Arab King knew just when to Toast the Queen..Obama didn’t know or he was too anxious to be seen, and didn’t want to be Upstaged by the Queen in her own home. She did, however, put Obama in his place, just left him Standing all alone. .

  10. This is straight out of Glenn Beck’s “Agenda 21” and is an idea that even the government of Oceania in “1984” was considering for future implementation but had not done yet: taking children from their families and raising and indoctrinating them in state institutions. This is megalomania, this is dictatorship and this is totalitarianism. The Congress must reject this clearly in advance and Duncan should be made to resign by an outraged citizenry. If Obama or Soetoro or whatever his name really is attempts to impose this by executive order, he should be impeached. If an attempt is made to impose this over the objection of Congress, it should be resisted in the streets.

    • Whining Mitch and sobbing John haven’t the boy parts to stand up for themselves, let alone the citizenry. As long as those whimp RINOS are running things there is little chance of change.

      • You mean as in”If You Like Your Doctor You Can Keep Him,” or ”If You like Your Insurance You can Keep It.” Better yet, threatening Syria not to step over Obama’s Red Line. Problem being, Assad realized the Red Line was within the 19th hole at some Golf Course and he had nothing to worry about.

      • What would you know about their ”body” parts. Must be ”boring” running to and fro to men’s room on Capitol Hill.

    • Go to You Tube and look up Fema Camps and Fema Trucks, you will be ”angry!” Obama’s Goal is to ”destroy” this Country.

      • headonstraight

        Go to You Tube and look up Fema Camps and Fema Trucks and you will encounter a whole boxcar load of vile and bilious propaganda from the lunatic right wing wackadoodle fringe.

  11. NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Back in the old days before the government at levels took control of educating students. It was much less expensive and did a far superior job. The huge expense of todays federal indoctrination system isn’t teaching very well but doing an excellent job of indoctrination into everything which does not represent the good values of our country. The solution to end this waste of taxpayer money is to eliminate the illegal dept of education (indoctrination) and return the responsibility for educating young people entirely to the local levels.

  13. And people give me flack when I advocate to remove their children from government indoctrination centers and put them in private school or teach them at home. Government schools are NEVER an intelligent alternative.

  14. headonstraight

    Maybe we should revive this program:

  15. To hell with Obama.

  16. WTH are the liberals in DC trying to do now take over the responsibility of so-called families in raising their offspring. That will never do in this nation. We don’t need any communistic indoctrination for our youth. That is the job of parents. And taxpayers are not responsible for the upbringing of any children but their own. So the idea is just asinine to the nth%.

  17. A gimmick to separate parents from their children to indoctrinate them into communism/socialism or since he’s a Muslim into Islam. With this POS anything is possible. Castro did that in Cuba after Russia and Germany. to mobilize the youth to fight for their evil believes. A child’s brain is very easy to influence and program. The evil’s strategies have not changed. Open your eyes, America. Don’t allow this to happen to your child. That will really be the end of America.

  18. ie: ….Obama Yoot….kind of like europe in the 30s..

  19. What’s really sad is that a young teen can name which star wore which designer to an awards show but they can’t answer a simple history question, which is very sad. Parents need to come out and say “enough” but their voices aren’t really being heard. Disgusting POS in the White House.

  20. carlton goodson

    Hitler did this it worked for him.

  21. disqus_fPh2QejLBf

    Lord, will SOMEONE please DO something about the MUSLIM DOGS in the White house?????

    • headonstraight

      Not Muslims; both the White House canines are Portuguese water dogs. And from what I have read, they are both very well behaved.

  22. What a wonderful idea, “The Adolph 0bama training center”, then he would be able to hasten “The Islamic States of ISIS.”

  23. Hitler already did that. And Obama thought he was being creative, didn’t he?

  24. Spirit of 1776

    1,236,200 juvenile delinquency cases were processed across this nation in 2011 and that 100,300 Involved were children that are 12 years of age and younger.

    The truth of the matter is that too many so-called parents just don’t care what their child does at any age, and then when they get into trouble those same parents are the first to cry-out foul and that their child is a perfect angle and would do noting wrong. But in total reality these same patents know nothing about their child.

    • headonstraight

      Those parents must not have been told that it is all that ole liberal gummint’s fault, that Obama and his liberal predecessors have corrupted their sweet chillen!

  25. Well come to the world of totaliterism. I was there I grew in the syatem. From age 2 to age 14 this was government controlled. First by the socialists, then by the Nazi, followed by the Nuns and the last 3 years by the socialist. To finish my eduction I worked for 3 years under the comunists (Job controlled by the Russian Army). I got a well rounded education. The problem I am 80 now and I still have to stop and think to overcome planted ideas. The rain washing you receive as a child will always be in the unconcious mind.

  26. The only difference between an American Democrat and a Communist is that the Democrat Party is also home to Fascists, or Nazis. If you know a Democrat, you know your enemy.

  27. Public boarding school? Nothing new here. We called it reform school.

  28. If you want a real eye opener: google “The real cost of public schools” by the Cato Institute. Reading this, you have to wonder why they publish one figure knowing that the real cost is much higher. They simply don’t want parents to know what is being spent. Public schools are a monopoly. They never produce a quality product at a reasonable price. Until we have choice, we will continue to send our kids to unsafe schools where they don’t learn and where they will too often drop out. Look at Baltimore. Only one city spends more per student, per year. They celebrated when the dropout rate dropped below a third.

  29. Please recall that, in his State of the Union address, President Obama endorsed free day care and free first two years of Community college. It seems that this administration is attempting to control our children and grandchildren from cradle to adult maturity. The intent is to remove, as much as possible, true parental guidance and to instill socialist government ideas and principles into their mind and outlook. Please do NOT support Obama’s efforts to accomplish this goal!

  30. First off, teachers are being beaten by these kids during normal school hours and you actually think people are going to stay around for more. The biggest problem in those areas with all the trouble are lack of parental involvement. Start punishing the parent for the disobedient kid and see how long it takes to clear that mess up. The mother that went after her child in front of everyone in Baltimore, is the way parents SHOULD BE INVOLVED IN THEIR KIDS LIVES. KEEP THEM FROM DOING STUPID THINGS. KEEPING THEM IN SCHOOL LONGER, IS ONLY GOING TO MAKE THEM MADDER, NOT HAPPIER

  31. And for decades and decades the world has asked the question “how could the German people allow Hitler to take over the country so easily?” . The very same way America is being taken over today, is how. What are we doing to stop Obama and the communists from doing whatever the he!! they please? Not a dam thing but spouting off in these newsletters. This is not going to help one bit. We need to start performing “citizen arrests” on the politicians that are violating the laws, the Constitution and their oath of office. If we don’t there won’t be a 2016 election worth having.

    • headonstraight

      “Spouting off in these newsletters” by right wing dingbats never will get anything accomplished except to make a bunch of deluded self-congratulatory extremists feel good about the garbage they propagate.

  32. Just as hitler has his schools for his youth groups,who were so brainwashed,they turned in their parents and close friends, to the GESTAPO .as my German friend told me years ago.all obama needs is a small brush above his lips

  33. This Arnie Duncan must have studied the old Soviet Education pretty well because it sure sounds exactly like it. Perhaps this is a clear indicator that the federal government needs to be taken out of the education equation and that education be remanded to the states and local authority. Additionally, the money that is being taken from citizens in the form of taxes for education at the federal level should be terminated. I’m sure Arnie can find another line of endeavor to occupy his talents.

  34. will somebody please super glue her lips closed, this and the removal of obama from being president is the only way to put a stop to the idiotic ideas that these two come up with!

  35. Alleged Comment

    Looks like they want longer times to indoctrinate the kids with Demoncrap lieberalism. When they leave school boys will be girls and girls will be boys and good will be bad and bad will be good and …. (well you get the picture).

  36. It does remind me of hitlers vision of Germany and definitely has the stink of naziism! National police force as capable and well funded as the military? History is what it is, did we learn from it? Apparantly not. It wont be just the jews this time folks, it will be all of us. You think we should support the jews? We always should have but didn’t do it well enough and now our government doesn’t support them at all!. Learn from mistakes and don’t make them again. Less painful that way!

  37. Why isn’t any child good enough to go to a Private School? Obama went to Private School and his Daughters attend a very wealthy $30,000 per year Private School. Could it be ”the King” he thinks he is and compares himself to British Royalty? Perhaps, it is Nazi Germany #2 in the making.

  38. We had those when I was young, they were called Reform Schools, and they enforced discipline with (OMG) corporal punishment.

    The horrible thing about corporal punishment is that it is universally understood and very effective, the two most Democrat hated attributes, because they worked and they didn’t cost much.

  39. The more Obama talks The more he scares the hell out of me.

  40. I see what he see so much in common with Castro. In Cuba almost all children live in boarding schools during the week.

  41. “Cradle to Grave” care! Women become nothing more than baby machines and toys, men become sperm donors & toys. ALL become Maynards to the Government.
    Children, IF acceptable, become sterile humanoids of obedience to the MAN (um, I’m sorry… the BEING….): asexual, bisexual, hermaphroditic – whatever they feel like. Don’t worry about learning – WE’LL fill your head with all the “right” answers!
    Needs? Wants? Whatever Uncle Sam will provide is exactly what you want or need!

  42. Douglas W. Rodrigues

    A public boarding school would amount to nothing more than total control over the young. Hitler did it with the Hitler Youth Program. We see how well that turned out.

  43. Of course the so call ‘commander-in-insanity’ is out of control!….He is out of his mind and wants a Marxist totalitarian America……sure keep the kids longer and indoctrinate them more!! NO WAY! The government needs to get out of the running of our schools, the running of anything private and get back to the job they are there for;…protecting the nation and having a decent government Of, By and FOR the people! DUH, what a concept…lest they read the official documents of how to run the nation, they would not know such a thing!! The idiots do not even know what it means to be a patriot and an America…the true blue patriotic version that is!!

  44. OH the HEADINASS PANSY POTUS is Leaving the RAILS… approaching another CURVE at HIGH SPEED ( and I mean TOKING)

  45. No wonder this bunch of libs is cosying up to Castro. Go to Cuba and see if you see any children during the week. They are all in boarding school. What better way to shape their little minds.

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