Psaki Says “It’s OK” to Have School Kids Eat Lunch Outside in the Freezing Cold!

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said that it’s OK for kids to eat their lunches outside in cold temperatures in an effort to maintain school safety amid the still spreading COVID-19 pandemic.

With Omicron cases rising, and the far more severe and deadly Delta variant still taking its toll every day, Psaki – when asked whether the White House wanted school children to “get back to a more normal school experience,” Psaki insisted schools are having children practice social distancing measures, mask up, and eat their snacks and lunch in frigid outdoor temperatures in an effort to “keep their kids safe and keep students safe.”

Psaki said she believes the “vast majority of parents appreciate” such measures being taken by school systems to limit the spread of the coronavirus among elementary-aged school children.

The “eat outside” comment was her making reference to he own child’s experience in school. 

“I have a three-year-old who goes to school, sits outside for snacks and lunch, wears a mask inside, and it’s no big deal to him,” Psaki said. “I’m not saying that’s the case for everybody, but these are steps that schools are taking to keep kids safe.”

Psaki said the Biden administration hopes to get to a “point of normalcy for everybody.”

“Obviously, we want to get to a point where we’re turning to a version of normalcy for everybody, right,” Psaki told reporters. “Where you’re not sending your kids backpack with 7 extra masks, right, or you’re not adding two hats so that they’re warm outside for a snack. There’s no question that’s the case.”

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  1. Omicron milder COVID-19 than delta, and recoverable, just spreading faster

    “Psaki said SHE BELIEVES the “vast majority of parents appreciate” such measures being taken by school systems to limit the spread of the coronavirus among elementary-aged school children.”

    Did Psaki take that from a survey? If not, then Psaki is a LIAR.

    The vast majority of parents DO NOT appreciate having students spend their lunch and snack time outside in the Freezing Cold, not even being able to socialize with their friends.

    School is tormenting enough for kids. So now we make the 1 or 2 parts of the day that kids look forward to, a new form of TORTURE?

    Democrats WANT students to GET SICK. So they can blame it on Covid. To try to justify more control on everyone’s lives.

    12/11/21 – “The CDC confirmed today that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has killed precisely zero people in the U.S.,
    with only one case requiring hospital treatment.”

    12/11/21 – “As the omicron variant sweeps through South Africa, Dr Unben Pillay is seeing dozens of sick patients a day.
    Yet he hasn’t had to send anyone to the hospital.

    “That’s one of the reasons why he, along with other doctors and medical experts, suspect that the omicron version
    really is causing milder COVID-19 than delta, even if it seems to be spreading faster.

    “They are able to manage the disease at home,” Pillay said of his patients. “Most have recovered within the
    10 to 14-day isolation period.” said Pillay.”

    “And that includes older patients and those with health problems that can make them more vulnerable to becoming
    severely ill from a coronavirus infection, he said.”

    So NO justification for a BOGUS “indoor mask mandate” or POISON shots.

  2. Is she stupid or what! She has no brain!

  3. I will be shocked if Psaki EVER gets her head OUT OF HER A** and says ANYTHING intelligent !!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I have a LONG wait !!!!!!!!

  4. She should try going outside the warm White House,
    with Biden and Jill, to eat their lunches, on the
    lawn, when the temperature is 30 degrees.
    It is ridiculous that these kids have to risk getting
    sick sitting on the cold ground! Why can’t they
    “distance” in a warm cafeteria??

  5. If the kids contract pneumonia because of the schools ignorant decision then the parents should sue the principal, teachers and the school system for hospital and Dr. care, and if one of them should die from the sickness they should slap them with manslaughter charges

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