Proving Media Bias With Computer Analysis

You don’t hear the words “liberal bias” from a liberal unless it’s accompanied by a mocking, sneering tone. To them, the mainstream media plays it straight. They’re only willing to concede a problem insofar as it comes from corporate ownership. When it comes to politics, though, they’re pretty sure the country’s leading newspapers and TV broadcasters are calling it as they see it.

Nevermind how ludicrous this belief is on the face of it; now researchers are setting out to prove media bias with the use of computer algorithms. Cornell scientists have completed a survey of 275 news outlets, using the quotes of President Obama as a way to judge whether one can determine the ideological leanings of an outlet going solely on which quotes they choose to use. And, according to the study’s authors, it was very easy to do just that.

“Readers might experience very different personalities of the same politician, depending on what the news outlets they follow choose to quote from that politician’s public speeches,” said co-author Christian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil.

After analyzing the patterns, the scientists found that there was “systemic bias” in the way news organizations chose to pull quotes from politicians. And while the study surveyed outlets that claimed to be objective as well as those that rallied behind a particular ideology, it did not delve into context. That makes the study’s conclusions all the more fascinating, and it’s why the left finds it so easy to deflect accusations of bias. Lester Holt doesn’t need to stand up in front of the country and say, “Well, let’s see what these loony Republicans are up to today.” The bias comes out in which quotes are heard, which clips are shown, which stories are covered, and which questions are asked.

We may be entering into a new day in the news business. One where outlets no longer try to pretend as though they are objective. Fox News, for all its detractors, may well turn out to be a radical pioneer in a new age of information. No one has to watch that channel and wonder, wait, is this completely objective? You know what you’re getting. You watch because you want your news delivered to you with that slant.

One might argue that it would be better to work on removing the liberal bias from the “mainstream” outlets, but that is a fantasy. Editors and reporters and owners and writers all come to the table with their own preconceived ideas. Try as you might, you’re never going to separate the activist from the journalist. The next best thing is to be up front about the activism – up front about the politics – and then let viewers watch or read with the understanding that they are getting a certain view of the world. For those that worry the nightly news would turn into MSNBC, that channel’s dismal ratings should indicate otherwise. No, they would probably not change at all, and that’s what’s scary.

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  1. Stupid and Ignorant people need a product. It is simply “Demand and Supply” economics.

  2. If I listen to a media report I first listen to what is said and then the content. If it is
    useless Left wing Liberal BS I turn the dial. If it is a subject that I am interested in
    I might stay a little longer to hear what “slant” they are applying to try and justify
    their response. I hear some Liberal reporters and even some so called
    “Conservative” reporters that are a ignorant on the issued as most in the general
    public. I tune the out also. When I see them on TV I might pay attention to
    see who their sponsors are and make sure I do not support them with my money.
    That seems to have the most effect in the long run.

  3. As a former refugee from a communist hell I am eerily reminded of the basic power structure in a
    dictatorial Marxist regime:

    1) Secretary General of the Party = Barack Hussein Obama; a Marxist and a Muslim;

    2) Politburo = his 44 czars (i.e., commissars, unelected) in the White House; these WH
    advisers are in charge of all federal government departments and agencies whose
    nominal bosses are just public figureheads;

    3) Standard Agit-Prop Office directed by the Politburo – charged with Marxist-racist
    Agitation and Propaganda – consisting of the members of our Main Stream Media:
    ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, CNN, MTV, Associated Press, Reuters, NY Times,
    Washington Post, LA Times, Boston Globe, Denver Post, SF Examiner, etc., and
    many local TV and radio stations and newspapers (such as Las Vegas Sun); note;
    Agit-Prop is short for Agitation and Propaganda;

    4) Central Committee = leaders of the Democrat Party in Congress;

    5) Enforcement Branch = Department of Justice under that far-left racist Attorney General Eric
    Holder and his assistants, many of them formerly ACLU lawyers who defended the
    Guantanamo terrorists (some of them secretly photographed CIA interrogators at
    Gitmo – photos to be passed to the jihadists outside for retaliation);

    6) System of local community organizations (or soviets, as these were called in the defunct
    [thanks, RR!] Soviet Union under orders by the Mullah B. Hussein Obama, is soon
    to be armed as he had promised (“What this country needs is the domestic
    military with a budget as big as that of the Pentagon”); to this effect our
    Department of Homeland Security has already bought a large number of urban
    warfare tanks and billions of rounds of ammunitions; FEMA for its part is
    preparing a system of armed camps to serve as the future American Gulag; to
    finance that “domestic military” the Pentagon budget is being cut in half by

    7) Democrat Party’s program of disarming the general population is under way here (as per
    Stalin in 1926, per Hitler in 1938, per Mao in 1948), with the first step in
    that program accomplished by a stream of Executive Orders being issued by
    Obama; after this first step the complete annulment of the 2nd
    Amendment will follow by a “diktat”; the first attempt in this endeavor named
    “Fast & Furious” ended up in failure and a murder cover-up – now shielded
    under Obama’s “executive privilege” call; the inventor of the Fast &
    Furious program is now the new ATF head and is in charge of renewing that
    effort under another name. You cannot establish a communist regime when the
    population is armed.

    • And now the “Thin Blue Line” is being coordinately attacked politically, socially, economically, academically and structurally by those within the power structure, from elected and appointed officials to the aforementioned media. Their quest is to emasculate, to reduce Police Officers to “care-givers/social-workers/community baby-sitters”; law enforcement becomes secondary.

      Through blood lust reporting and politicking any incidence of police action in a negative light, e.g., the cop-hating Empty Suit currently occupying the Oval Office, who admitted knowing nothing about his friend Gates arrest, then stating the police acted stupidly; his AG Holder, NYC Mayor Deblasio and Al Sharpton; placing additional onus on Police Officers irregardless of circumstances, ranging from Wilson shooting of charging Brown in self-defense in Ferguson, MO; current media lynching of six Baltimore Police Officers over Grays’ death while in police custody within waiting for the facts to become known; to the Deputy US Marshal destroying a woman recording a joint police/US Marshal operation during a take-down of a motorcycle gang, “Because it was her Constitutional Right”.

      As a former Police Officer, the DUSM was correct to intercede, as in most cases of a joint operation take-down of this kind, an under-cover officer has infiltrated the motorcycle gang. Said woman was exposing and endangering the life of the UCO. The DUSM should have simply confiscated the camera, given her a receipt after the arrests were made, turned the camera over to the local DA’s or Federal US Attorney’s Office for disposition and return.

      With the growing public disrespect and animosity toward Police Officers and law enforcement in general, especially high-crime minority communities – communities mostly in need of police protection will suffer the consequences. It will become much more difficult to recruit and retain high-quality personnel – those most capable and most sought out to become Police Officers.

      This is not the first time Police Officers have come under attack per the Boston Police Strike in 1919; the most recent NYPD work-slow-down costing NYC millions in parking and other violation fees.

      I and Police Officers I know are disgusted with North Charleston, SC Police Officer shooting unarmed Scott in the back, and Tulsa, OK Reserve Deputy Sheriff Bates shooting Harris. Many of those, particularly those close to retirement can’t wait to get out; many are talking prospective Police Officers out of applying for the job.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      The only way our “God Given, Constitutionally Protected Rights” are going to be protected is if we who “Formerly Served In The Armed Forces”, become this regime’s worst nightmare. Which is exactly why they’re coming after us. When this speech becomes illegal, I’ll become a criminal: “I may become an enemy of the state, but never of the people”. Remember this: “Always aim just below the blue helmet. No matter what color it is.” “μολὼν λαβέ”

      [As an Addendum, I would include the continuing spate of cashiered [both line and flag] officers amongst the cadre of those willing to stand up for the Constitution and the principles upon which it was founded; for, after all, that’s what they were really cashiered for – not agreeing to fire on American Citizens if they refused to give up their firearms. Hence, the rapidly expanding and arming of the DHS and other “Alphabet” Agencies, the USPS and militarization of the police. It’s not undergoing “Mission Creep”, it’s a “National Police Force” and that’s what they were really created and/or subverted for or to – enforcing federal rules, laws and edicts, if the military, local or state law enforcement refuse to.]

  4. The CFR corporate media has nothing to do with truth and its primary purpose is public opinion creation. It has an agenda and does not deviate from achieving it by controlling the media. Read Dan Smoot’s book “The Invisible Government.”

  5. The main stream media is a lying machine. Anyone who believes they don’t slant the news in favor of the Socialist/Communist Democratic party, should get serious, and get other points of view from other channels, such as FOX. Also, they might try reading other newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, and perhaps listen to Conservative talk radio, such as, Rush Limbaugh and Hannity. By listening to both sides they may be able to weigh things and pull out the good and bad pertaining to the philosophy that fits them best.

  6. we needed computer analysis to realize this?

  7. MarcJ you got it right!!! The Senate politburo just confirmed loretta lynch. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next 18 months. Guess we had better polish up our Hammer and sickle. God help us!

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      That would be the “Hammer of Thor” and the “Sickle [of God]” that will “Harvest” those of the “Ruling Class” who have “Sow[n] the wind and [will be] Reap[ed by] the whirlwind.”

  8. Speaking for myself only, I try not to be presumptuous, re Media Bias,since when is “computer analysis” needed to note or see anything so obvious?

  9. An article published in the Washington Times (a conservative newspaper) on Monday or Tuesday this week reports that according to FBI statistics more whites die in Police custody than blacks, even though African Americans account for more arrests than whites. My conclusion — the cops are killing more people than the liberal media will report because full disclosure would reveal no police bias in favor of killing blacks but not whites.

  10. This “analysis” will be trashed by the media as biased. I have concluded that the only way to get the message to biased print & broadcast media is to ignore them. Don’t watch their broadcast and don’t buy their newspapers…. to go further … I do not buy their sponsors products either. I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL and I constantly receive GROUP-ON OFFERS of $1 for Delivery of the Sunday paper for 19 weeks … I don’t want it AND they deliver it anyway…. for free! I have to call them and beg them to STOP! Apparently, they have found some way to discount dealership … because no one watches CNN and MSNBC. They are Still on THE AIR.

  11. Well yes. The “news” is a tool of propaganda to the left. The the right we want news that tells us the facts we are reading or watching for. The lefties just want to see hollywood news.

  12. if right wing media understood class warfare all addresses to the left would start out with phrases like communism(st bitch), collective rats, informers, saboteurs or just mimmik hillaries thoughts…”snitches” and their politicians would be rapists, un natural man lovers, bigger bunch of bitches than the women they support etc..and none of this covers the special son of a bitches in the liberal media -( ss ) feminist gestapo that are definitely gonna need a tampon to stop the bleeding while the truth we just exposed hollywood satanism and computer video evidence only needs to show a bunch of liberal rats all fkn each other and realize thats’ how you build a birds nest

  13. Francisco Machado

    That news sources display bias couldn’t be more obvious. the conservatives are a bit more open about it and the left is more extreme about it. Hence the greater necessity of analysis of what the listener hears. A single blatant example: It was presented by Obama, broadcast on the news as fact that his ACA would lower the cost of health care. Analyzing that by way of example, I’ll choose the created crisis in (not) catering a wedding: Let us imagine you went to a catering service and priced catering for sixty guests at a wedding. After the price was agreed upon (the pre-ACA cost of health care), you said “I’d like to add another fifteen guests. Here are twenty thousand pages of requirements for executing the catering service. And you’ll have to hire another staff to administer these regulations. I’ll expect this to reduce the cost of the catering for the wedding.” The Liberal news outlets announced what Obama said. they didn’t try to conceal this absurdity from the public, but they also didn’t add commentary that it wasn’t possible. Figuring out the obvious, that regulating the hell out of something, adding thousands of government workers to manage it and increasing the amount supplied is not compatible with reducing the overall cost. That didn’t require a degree in economics. It does require, on the part of the listener, the intelligence necessary to turn down a good offer on the sale of the Brooklyn Bridge. According to Gruber, not even Obama believed it when he said it.

  14. Talk about slanting the news! This PND article begins with an up-front singling out of the “liberal” media” as non-objective and an indictment of “liberals” as supposedly clinging faithfully to every word from the “mainstream media.” Only when one gets almost to the end of the article is there any reference to the slanting of news by the conservative media, namely Fox News. The first paragraph of the article says this concerning the alleged perspective of “liberals” on the “mainstream media.: “When it comes to politics, though, they’re pretty sure the country’s leading newspapers and TV broadcasters are calling it as they see it.” No reference at all to the smug assuredness of most devoted Fox News adherents, who naively buy in to the mythology of “fair and balanced.”

    The single most obvious aspect of this article, albeit inadvertent , is PND’s own bias!

  15. I think more and more people are well aware of the bias in the media and the actual relationships of White House employees and media executives. They aren’t fooling anyone with a brain.

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