Protestor Puts Obama In The Hot Seat

Former President Obama was talking about the attack on Paul Pelosi, who is married to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) during a Michigan Democratic rally. Obama said that elected officials should avoid using the type of rhetoric that could insight these types of violent attacks. While Obama was saying this a man shouted from the crowd.

Quickly Obama responded by saying “Sir, this is what I mean,” and then adding that there are processes to be followed in their Democracy. As the man continued to shout, Obama said that interrupting and shouting is not necessary and that everyone has a chance to talk at some point.

Obama also noted that “basic civility and courtesy” is something that he hopes to encourage in society. He continued to say that the type of rhetoric that demonizes and alienates “creates a dangerous climate.”

He noted that those who “stir up division” are trying to break the country by increasing anger and fear. This he said is “violating the basic spirit of this country.”

Obama also said that elected officials need to do more to stop this kind of rhetoric that causes violence and should speak against their supporters partaking in violent exhibitions such as standing armed near voting places.

Obama also said that social media can often amplify this type of rhetoric and cause even further division.

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  1. Obama wasn’t born in USA ,used a made up birth certificate that Loretta Fuddy came up with then mysterious died. Democrats have cheated on that election and 2020 That whole party should be disbanded.

  2. Obama forgot to say that Nancy was responsible for her husbands attack. Her Rhetoric in the last 6 years is what is causing the hatred and violence that we are now experiencing. Plus, when he was President Racisim became rampant. His dislike for white people and for America was very apparent.

  3. Democrats preach violence…if something doesn’t go their way they pull the race card and are the one’s that preach riots and looting and violence

  4. Obama and associates, ie. Demorratic party are evil people trying to take over the lives/money of all citizens of the USA. They will do nothing short, including murder, described as suicide , to get things their way, to ruin the USA and all the conservatives. Don’t the other liberals that are not evil have to pay the same way the Rep’s pay or are they excluded? WE DEFINATELY NEED TO TURN OUR COUNRTRY RED. Red stands for elephants, and Blue stands for Donkey’s, which btw are JACK ASSES.

  5. note the intruder wanted to break Nancy’s knee caps, not Paul’s

  6. I’m an older man; went to school back in the 50’s and 60’s. I had a truly exceptional history teacher named Mr. Martin. He taught the class that back in 1776 or so, back when the country was first being built, the party that ultimately became the Democrats did not want a President; they wanted a King. With them being the kings; obviously. The then Republicans pointed out that the reason all of them left England (as well as other countries) was to get away from despotic rulers and to have the common man make up the rules that all could mostly agree with and abide in. The Dem.s, as a party, still want to have Kings and still want to be the Kings. Within the first very few days of Joe’s rule, he signed a number of orders; one of which permitted undocumented aliens to enter America; the second one shut down the pipe line. Even as he signed these papers he was overheard muttering “I’ve no idea what I’m signing here.” When I saw/heard that; I knew America was in trouble. Last for all . . . Thousands! of ballots were discovered after the fact, scattered all over the desert just north of Los Angeles. Every one was printed on paper that was not valid and every one without exception was for Joe Biden. And even after that; we are consistently being told that this was “the most secure election ever.” Right! If you believe that; you likely still believe in Santa Clause and the Easter bunny.

    • I too was educated in the 50’s and 60’s and learned civics, science, math, English, History both US and World, and Geography again both world and US and we had to learn, or we were held back and not just shuffled along. We were much better educated back then and knew the real world and what it was all about, not like today where they indoctrinate our kids with sexual information that their parents should teach them, how to protest what they don’t like, how to see the world as Whites are all Racists, Blacks have always been victimized and are responsible for building the United States and are owed everything because of it and deserve reparations’, and ANTIFA are good American Patriots. All of which is nothing but a pile of garbage!

  7. Is this supposed to be a news article? This page is 90% adds 10% content. Do better if you want to engage and keep readers.

  8. I’m 73 yrs old I have lived in California Twice, I was born in Gallup, New Mexico, I now live in Arizona. In all my years I never once in my life did I ever dream that the country that I love and Fought for would ever turn out the way it’s going. It’s not so much that it’s going to Communism. It’s more that the people we trusted to due as we asked to run the country but both sides is only interested in how much money the can steal.

  9. Obama the anarchist, is politely attempting to silence the protestors free speech.

  10. Obozo and Democraps know what speech causes attacks on Politicians because they have been using it for Decades. Democraps started it with the KKK after the Civil War and have kept it going. It was their INCITEMENT that got a Republican Congressman nearly killed and another put in the Hospital. MAD MORON Maxine, Nutsy Pelousy both have been using it since President Trump won against Hitlery. I say it that way because Hitlery beat herself. HATE speak is the Democraps tool any time they don’t get what they want.

  11. Once again a leftist liberal claims that the opposition is guilty of what they themselves are guilty of doing. Identity politics is not new but Barack Hussein Obama brought it to White House and his nonsense has divided the nation ever since. Typical Democrat accusing the right for things they are guilty of. Shameless and despicable. Words are violence when conservatives speak but actual violence is entirely acceptable when perpetrated by leftists. How can you tell when a liberal is lying?
    Their lips are moving.

  12. sooooooooooo……. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter are right wingers ?????? Sure bathhouse Bary. Whatever you say.

  13. Obama is the last person on earth that should talk civility to anyone. All obamas 8 years in office has showed Americans is how one administration can totally corrupt our government and turn it against its own people. As far as people STANDING ARMED BY VOTING PLACES that would be your party. You and the rest of the democrats actually think that the people of America have a memory capacity of a day that again would be your party small minded and down right stupid.

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