Progress? Medical School Announces Transgender Training Program

In a sign that transgender-mania is only just getting started, Drexel University’s College of Medicine announced this week that they are starting a Transgender Fellowship Training Program at their teaching hospital. The program – the first of its kind anywhere in the country – will educate plastic surgeons and urological surgeons on the finer points of the transgender transition. There, directed by Dr. Kathy Rumer – a veteran of more than 400 sex reassignment surgeries – a new generation of doctors will get the tools they need to meet the growing demand for sex changes.

“These are complex procedures, so we want to ensure patients have access to compassionate, capable surgeons who can help make their transitions successful,” said Rumer.

Complex procedures, indeed. We actually can’t even bring ourselves to think about it too much, for fear of losing our lunch.

But according to the Washington Examiner, this is just the kind of bigoted dismissal the program hopes to combat:

Jess Ting, director of surgery as well as surgical fellowship director for the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Mount Sinai in New York, spoke to the supposed historical ignorance associated with the program’s concept.

“This specialty has been the illegitimate child of American medicine for many decades,” Ting expressed. “It existed on the fringes of ‘accepted medicine,’ and for many years no respectable hospital would allow transgender surgery to be done on its premises.”

“The barriers, like social acceptance of being transgender, and the legitimacy of having gender-conforming surgery has all changed in recent years,” Ting added.

We like how Ting acts as though these medical barriers have fallen alongside the social barriers in some happy coincidence, instead of being forthright with the truth, which is that the medical barriers have fallen BECAUSE – and ONLY because – the social barriers are coming down. It is the same reason that transgenderism was removed from the DSM IV. Not because some new, rigorous scientific discoveries shed enlightenment on the world of mental illness, but because “gender fluidity” was suddenly trendy in liberal circles and psychiatric leaders didn’t feel like putting up a fight.

And that is what worries us. When we have surgeons and psychiatrists blindly following the left down the path of “Nothing is real, do whatever you want,” people are going to get hurt. The studies are as clear as they can be: Sex changes lead patients down an unhappy road of depression and suicide. We need to focus on getting these people the mental help they actually need and push back on this idea that you can turn your gender this way and that like a goddamn light switch. Alas, we fear the horse has left the stable.

Incidentally, if you identify as a horse…

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