Professor: “Whiteness” Must Be Destroyed

So, have you been observing Whiteness History Month? No, this isn’t like Black History Month, where we celebrate heroes and achievements. This is about furthering the narrative that America was founded on white supremacy – a principle that continues to keep the country from realizing true equality. In other words, liberals have decided that racism itself isn’t a bad thing – it’s actually quite useful as long as it’s directed towards white people.

So what? What is this? Some nonsense cluttering up Tumblr? We can’t really obsess over every stupid thing teenage liberals do instead of living their lives, can we?

Oh, this isn’t an internet thing. This is Portland Community College in Oregon. The college has officially designated April as Whiteness History Month. Last Monday, history professor James Harrison gave a lecture entitled: “Imagine a World Without Whiteness.”

“Imagine everyone living life in peace,” Harrison said, reciting John Lennon. “And my interpretation is that he is talking about, ‘Imagine everyone living together in peace,’ that would be, not necessarily a perfect world, but a good world. And how do we get to that good world is the question? A world without conflict. And to me, my interpretation of these words is it would be a world for the U.S. without whiteness, in terms of the power structure.”

Portland Community College has a web page devoted to explaining the concept of whiteness:

Whiteness refers to the construction of the white race, white culture, and the system of privileges and advantages afforded to white people in the U.S. (and across the globe) through government policies, media portrayal, decision-making power within our corporations, schools, judicial systems, etc.

And of course you can see that, while “Whiteness History Month” may not be ready for primetime, the philosophical underpinnings are becoming mainstream. This is the kind of stuff you see in Black Lives Matter literature. It’s the logic through which Obama is steadily dismantling our nation’s law enforcement agencies. It’s the justification for the nonsense we’ve seen on college campuses all around the country.

When it comes right down to it, this is the left silencing dissent. It’s their favorite tactic, and it’s remarkably successful. It makes white people objects of distrust right off the bat. And if you dare to be both white and conservative, they can simply dismiss you as a racist trying to hold on to your power.

Laugh this off as one loony, meaningless community college if you like, but the time to stop this lunacy is now. If we wait until “whiteness” becomes a word regularly used in the New York Times, it will be too late.

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