Professor: “Whiteness” Must Be Destroyed

So, have you been observing Whiteness History Month? No, this isn’t like Black History Month, where we celebrate heroes and achievements. This is about furthering the narrative that America was founded on white supremacy – a principle that continues to keep the country from realizing true equality. In other words, liberals have decided that racism itself isn’t a bad thing – it’s actually quite useful as long as it’s directed towards white people.

So what? What is this? Some nonsense cluttering up Tumblr? We can’t really obsess over every stupid thing teenage liberals do instead of living their lives, can we?

Oh, this isn’t an internet thing. This is Portland Community College in Oregon. The college has officially designated April as Whiteness History Month. Last Monday, history professor James Harrison gave a lecture entitled: “Imagine a World Without Whiteness.”

“Imagine everyone living life in peace,” Harrison said, reciting John Lennon. “And my interpretation is that he is talking about, ‘Imagine everyone living together in peace,’ that would be, not necessarily a perfect world, but a good world. And how do we get to that good world is the question? A world without conflict. And to me, my interpretation of these words is it would be a world for the U.S. without whiteness, in terms of the power structure.”

Portland Community College has a web page devoted to explaining the concept of whiteness:

Whiteness refers to the construction of the white race, white culture, and the system of privileges and advantages afforded to white people in the U.S. (and across the globe) through government policies, media portrayal, decision-making power within our corporations, schools, judicial systems, etc.

And of course you can see that, while “Whiteness History Month” may not be ready for primetime, the philosophical underpinnings are becoming mainstream. This is the kind of stuff you see in Black Lives Matter literature. It’s the logic through which Obama is steadily dismantling our nation’s law enforcement agencies. It’s the justification for the nonsense we’ve seen on college campuses all around the country.

When it comes right down to it, this is the left silencing dissent. It’s their favorite tactic, and it’s remarkably successful. It makes white people objects of distrust right off the bat. And if you dare to be both white and conservative, they can simply dismiss you as a racist trying to hold on to your power.

Laugh this off as one loony, meaningless community college if you like, but the time to stop this lunacy is now. If we wait until “whiteness” becomes a word regularly used in the New York Times, it will be too late.

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  1. It appears that for some unknown reason I am supposed to be ashamed of being ‘white.’ Oh, boy!

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      • S C A M.

        • What i would like to know is how in hell these stupid “money” making BS posts get on these forums and stay at the top of the list. Anyone?

          • jrsyshore it’s called stupidity!

          • Owners are only scanning for conservative anti-Obama posts. There is so much evidence of “scam” they are easily removed by owners but that would make too much sense.

      • What does this have to do with the topic at hand? Get lost!

      • Eat dirt and die, Lannie. This forum does not need or appreciate the scam garbage you are posting! You and other con artists of your ilk are lower than a caterpillar’s belly button!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Oh boy folks, and here’s headuphisass to dispute everything sane. ROFL Let’s see, we have to hear from his troll buddies! nastyass, croco shit, akladdy, just to name a few.. OK there headupyerass, give it your best shot! ROFLMFAO

          • So you believe the get-rich-scheme offered by Lannie is on the level, that I should not dispute such SANE opportunity as THAT?? Are extreme gullibility and naivete’ some of the conditions that affect you PTSD victims?

      • Gee, Lannie, in another post your picture was the same but your name was Martha. Are you also a transgender?

    • No shame here…I’m pleased and proud to be white. I share your sarcasm at the idea, Mary…if liberals and/or the PC Police suggest it, then it must be utter idiocy.

      • I know you are right! But I am just getting so very tired of the nonsense.
        Is the world getting as bad as it seems, or am I just reading too much news?
        It is tiresome also to have to research most of the news published about politics!

        • The world is, sad to say, getting worse. Fortunately, Mary, there are still a lot of people left like you, me, and most of the people who post on this site that don’t accept this PC ridiculousness. We need to stand together, stop it and turn it back to where the country should be, not where liberals have it heading.

          • Amen!

          • This is prophecy being fulfilled and it will get much worse, not saying to roll over, just what to expect.

          • Alicejporterfield

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          • Go peddle your stuff somewhere else, woman. I know where there’s a vacant lamppost.

          • It is as bad as you think. Verg huge amounts of money have been buying elections, people’s votes, rigging elections, causing riots to gain their goals and they have been succeeding! What a huge waste of good money as far as I am concerned. I am very concerned for our young people whose minds have been tinkered with inheriting this world’s huge mess created by these people.

          • How about if we offer anyone that hates America a free ticket to wherever they would prefer to be. I’m guessing there won’t be a big rush for those tickets.

          • Yep. Your exactly right.

          • Army Vet 92Bravo

            Unfortunately, the hatred for this country is so strong that those people prefer to destroy it rather than go anywhere else!

          • It makes no logical sense but yhen most things democrats/liberals do don’t make sense. Thank you for your service man.

          • Army Vet 92Bravo

            That is just more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.
            You are welcome; I am glad I was able to serve.

          • Tell me one nation that openly wants them? Unless their rich, or willing to live without government benefits they will never leave. Just complain like we are all rich except them?

          • Good advice but very hard to do when our own government is full of the white liberals that ARE ashamed of who and what they are. Too bad they don’t have the balls to do the honorable thing. That would solve both their problem and our problem at the same time.

          • Vote Trump he is not ashamed and will reverse the current administrations slanderous rhetoric !

          • You are right, he is NOT ashamed!
            Of his own slanderous lies about Ted Cruz, or anyone else he badmouths and smears!
            He is just like obutthole, egotistic, narcisstic and dangerous!
            The only difference, is he isnt muslim!

            But he is running as his good friend, Hillary’s Trojan Horse! He is SUPPOSED to come in second against her, and things are right on track!

          • Whatever! Your flapping mouth does not deserve a reply

          • Trump is NOT a republican, nor a conservative!
            He IS a democrat billoinaire that along with Bill Clinton, decided to run on the republican ticket, protecting Hillary up until the national election.
            And then come in second to her.

            Along with that, they destroy the republican party, likely forever. (Just maybe dot such a bad idea, since they are already democrat light.)

            Its just bad timing for the country’s future!
            It should have happened YEARS ago!

            Trump is a COMPLETE faker, and always has been! Not only has John Kasich accepted $700,000 from Communist, non-citizen George Sorros, but Trump is indeted to him for finanacing on Trump Tower!

            Trump IS a big govt, bailout, eminent domain supporter, with no more sense of foreign policy than obutthole himself! Obutthole has done nothing but further endanger us with his hair brained foregin meddling, and Trump will be at least as bad!
            He thinks that Putin is a GREAT leader, and can do no wrong! That he has never murdered opposing news reporters, and with Trumps HEAVY investments in Russia, should be banned from being president due to conflicts of interest!

            Putin actually has Trump by the “short hairs”, here, and Trump, due to that, will become “Putin’s new bitch”!
            (Obuuthole will then be “off the hook”, for that position!)

          • Trump told the media he paid as little as possible in federal and state taxes. He said he paid for and bought politicians in both parties to get what he needed for his business. He openly admitted his political views were once liberal to get political support. He said he has factories across the Globe in public. Ok, how evil is it if someone openly tells the truth in this country. I never openly supported him, yet I understand the people frustrated with outsourcing and no jobs resulting. Immigration must be done legally by people and our government to protect the people and the nation from both economic and physical harm created by open borders under this regime. False statistical date, lies, and turning everyone against each other is not working for the democrats anymore.

          • Yes, and he paid a fine for working illegals on Trump tower! Under paid and even living/sleeping on the job site.

            And this “switcheroo”, was at least his fifth time around! He only does it when there is something “in it for him”!

            He just isnt who you think, and he is pretending to be! He is a superb salesman and actor, which is why it is working almost too well!

            This one was recomended by Bill Clinton, as i said previously. Abosolutely BRILLIANT plan, but especially for Bill and Hillary!

            The claim is, that “he is an honest businessman”, but that is false as well.

            Beyond the above, he ripped off numerous Trump University “students”!

            One more way that he is just like obutthole, he is NOT who he claims to be!

          • Remember NEw York Governor David Paterson? A Democratic Party member appointed Governor, who set an honesty trend. Prior being sworn in he said, I cheated on my wife with prostitutes, used government to rent motel rooms, then went to confess even more. He was untouchable while in office, he told the world his sins and there was not any sense in bringing them up again. Look, it is basically these promises, stop outsourcing for jobs, control illegal immigration, stronger military, care fir our veterans, end common core education for more power to local school boards, replace ObamaCare, and investigate Hillary and others in the who were and are in key cabinet posts for obstruction of Justice. Few care about his wrongful behaviors in business practices for profit which he admits. Let the people decide who they want not Obama and his liars.

          • You are being lied to!
            And dont even know it!

            Just like the stupes who supported obutthole!

          • Jug still think you are a moron

          • so what are you Oh I know a moron

          • What are I?
            I have been a republican all my life!
            I am a supporter of the Constitution, big time!
            Those Founding Fathers were VERY smart guys!

            Lots more so than any of our later day leaders, by far! Ben Franklin said that we “had a republc, IF we could keep it”!

            And our F’ ing leaders ever since have been trying their best to destroy it!

            We are at that point, right on the line, if not already over it!

            And along comes a man who has spent his adult life, trying to reclaim that greatness, first in his home state, next, just lately in DC, not really very well liked, because he is trying to throw a wrench in the corruption that is DC.

            And who comes along and all but destroys him with vicious lies and smears, but a liberal democrat, masqurading as a “changed man” and a republican!

            And the fools all believe in “The Second Coming of obutthole”, this time only without the muslim part!

            Sad, sad circumstances!

          • They are not ashamed of being white, there is just no limit to how low they will go to keep their power.

          • Nobody has a choice of what race they are. Thus your race is neither something to be either proud or ashamed of. The notion that we are guilty of things that were done before we even born because of our race is false and downright destructive.

          • We may not be guilty of things done BEFORE we were born, but we ALL are responsible for what we do now.
            You may not have a choice of what race you are, but you DO have a choice of how you represent yourself in relationship to how the world views your race.
            You can help to heal or to hurt, it’s YOUR choice.

          • Look white supremacy is bullshit, now ultra rich whites like ultra rich minority folks have privilege. How can they label an entire race with a stereotype or stigma? African Americans deserve a fair chance, there is some racist morons, however their interpretation of an entire race us in itself racist.

          • And racist morons come in colors other than just white.

          • That is just like some blacks now still want the whites to keep paying them for what their grandfathers or before went through. It didn’t happen to them but they are still trying to get something for nothing and not working for it. Now that is destructive.

          • Yes, we DO need to stand together, and we need to do it SOON.

          • Not just whites but all Americans. We are against the government that wants to tear this country down and create another 3rd world country, just like the one they left. Believe it or not Obama isn’t an American and just being put in the job because of skin color alone wasn’t right. A corrupt President is what America is coming to so just be ready.

          • The Muslim-In-Chief’s presidential library should be a circus tent.

          • sox83 sorry to say it is way too late as there isn’t enough people left that want to change what is happening.

          • Too many have been paid off by Soros and Koch Brothers. They value money above all else, even their freedoms.

          • I think you left out the biggest one by far, the federal government.

          • This is not fact but rhetorical slander.

        • You end up not believing anything you read anymore. The way the RNC is always attacking or changing the requirements to get the nomination is rediculous. As long as someone gets the most, they ought to get the nomination. But the way Cruz is doing he doesn’t have any credibility anymore. He is lying and cheating but the RNC doesn’t want him either. So now what?

      • then what will happen to George fox university? first the Shootings then the Hillary Email scandal now this soon the black people is going to be locked up in some machines and the government is going to Experiment on them and now the war from star wars cartoon might take place

    • I’m white, and have been all my life. I expect to be white for the remaining years of my life as well. And, funny…. I don’t feel one molecule of “shame” for being white. Nor do I bow my head to some racist imbecile who thinks just because I’m white, I should be ashamed of myself. I am not now, nor do I ever expect to be, ashamed of my race. To those who don’t like that, let me put it this in the vernacular: F– Off!

    • Ok Mary. Now tell us what you did to blame whites for their screw ups. lmao.

    • We white people need to step aside, after-all just look at how great South American and African countries are where whites are non-existent or are small minorities. I wonder why the idiot professor and those like him not use these examples, well we know why.

      • South Africa is once again sinking into the stone age after kicking out the white people from any position of importance. Funny how minorities bitch about white people yet they are the main reason they are able to live the lifestyle they do.

        • I live in a pretty ordinary Midwest city with an average population mix. In the past 40 years I have seen 4 very nice fairly large retail shopping centers literally destroyed because they were surrounded by or were vey near neighborhoods of mostly minority individuals. Slowly they began to look like Detroit after the riots. Gangs of punks took over and white shoppers abandoned the centers for their own protection. Now destroyed, these people travel miles to existing shopping centers near to or surrounded by white neighborhoods. Whose the blame for this?

          • Isn’t that a shame, maxx? I wish it wouldn’t have to be that way but it is. Nobody wants to get rolled and robbed (or worse). Wish I had a solution.

          • I do and it is a 9mm. along with a permit to carry.

          • I guess these days it’s the best way. I remember growing up we didn’t even lock the doors, and I grew up in the city!

          • I think we know the answer.

          • When there is a problem, why do they burn and loot their own neighborhoods? Why is the blacks keep killing just other blacks? I guess they own someone $5 and don’t have it to pay back plus a ton of interest. When all the blacks are dead except the killers it will be easy to find them.

          • I could never understand that either. Rodney King was beaten and they burned down a whole neighborhood and businesses that were serving them in LA. In my town they didn’t burn down the shopping centers, they physically drove other shoppers out. Scared them off with roving gangs of thugs looking to het back at “whitey” or something. Maybe born with brain damage.

          • Jessica Chambers, raped and set on fire while alive, and a 61 year old white man beaten nearly to death for asking two black teenage girls to not fight in the back of his pickup truck, brutally attCked by mob 50 of black teens. Where was the DOJ the champions of civil rights with the pressing of federal hate crime codes? There is more black on white crime, and black on black crime then white on black. There are far more atrocities by whites against minorities that occurred prior to when most of us were born,mew acknowledge that. Laws were created to prevent that and under law guarantee civil rights and liberties of minorities under law, in education, and employment. The narrative of unfair was a key point of this administration that entered office with the goals to transform America into a broke socialistic state. What ever the problem, it is blamed upon whites, the break down of the black family they said was due to black males unable to support the children they pro created in relationships. Poor school performance is blamed not upon poor behavior making it impossible to learn in a classroom, but money, and society. To address this means being labeled a racist, why because only their opinion has value no one else whom is not effected by these issues directly are allowed to comment. Blacks. Worked and fought in every war and must not be discriminated, yet in crime held accountable fir their actions like most whites who are not wealthy, privileged, or hold positions of supremacy as they in delusion claim.

          • Yes Maxx then they blame the businesses for leaving them with no place to shop

      • Yes, we do know why! Even more so if those minorities are very liberal Democrats.
        Sometimes we generalize and call all Demos libs, but they aren’t all liberal. I know many Demos who think very much as I think.

        • I know some liberals that are friends but I think they are stupid in their thinkings. I hope you are more concerned about what is happening other than agreeing with them. Don’t be stupid like them.

    • I think God everyday that I’m white!

      • I wish all people would just be proud of who they are and not expect special treatment help them respect themselves.

        • Mary, I agree with you. There is a reason we were all born in a certain way, and I think we should all have respect for ourselves and others.

    • This is how God made me and He doesn’t make any mistakes. Besides if whites are destroyed who is going to pay for their welfare?

  2. Looks like Oregon is doing it’s part to keep up with the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia and Washington state in ter,s of liberal idiocy.

  3. Dear Admin: Whiteness is not the problem. White republican ammosexual MEN are. Very scary dudes.

    • What is ammosexual?

      • from mary friedman: Ammosexual: “A person who exhibits an extreme love of firearms, possibly to the point of fetishization.” Add to the denotation, the connotation that a gun is an extension of the penis, thus all kinds of inferences can be made like: the longer the gun, the shorter the penis; or the man is not successful with ladies, thus he has a stockpile of guns, or the man is impotent, again with a stockpile of guns, etc. Use your imagination.

        • “Use my imagination,” hmmm.
          Since I am female, what nonsense can you devise about my owning guns?

          • Only 6% of ladies own a gun. No nonsense.

          • It should be 100%, with the exception of you.

          • I DON’T know where you get your statistics, but just in my middle-class cul-de-sac (do I need to interpret that for you Dakota?!?) of 16 homes,I know of 4 ladies that conceal carry and I know that at least 10 of the homes have “home protection” with the women perfectly capable of protecting themselves & their families. We don’t have “gun registration” unless for conceal carry, so , no , you can’t say these women “own” the gun, but I’ll tell you what – I sure wouldn’t want to be prowling around their house!

          • If you live in a red state or in a community that advocates for gun violence, you will own a gun. Just like living in a fishing comm.; more people will fish, so it is entirely possible that your experience is absolutely true. I believe you. However, your very real experience does not reflect the whole US. Just google something like: % of Amer. women who own guns. You’ll get your own answer…or range of answers.

            Franky, I think all girls about the age of 14 should be issued a gun and given instructions. Then, they can take down a rapist or kill the man beating her college roommate.

            Conversely, because of all of the mass killings (by men), I don’t believe men should own guns….ever. I believe that all police forces should be 90% female and judges should be 100% female for the next 420 years….the amount of time that only men could judge. Then men can seek a juducial appointment.

            I believe that Stand Your Ground should be a legitimate defence for women. I know that the republican Kochsuckers and ALEC wrote the Stand Your Ground law to be just for white men, but I think the ladies need it more than white men.

          • It doesn’t matter WHAT you believe – look at the facts – Every major city at the top of the crime statistics has and has had “Progressive” government for years, even decades. Chicago. Detroit. LA. NY. on and on.
            Since progressives make it HARDER for one to own personal protection, then, yes, there are going to be fewer legal owners, but considerably higher major crimes – rape, murder, etc.
            You really need to get your progressive head out of the dark & check reality instead of the obama-world

          • Get real. Advocates for gun ownership are against violence – not for it. The problem with gun violence is not and has not been with gun ownership by citizens. The problem is with the fact that local authorities refuse to come down hard on those who obviously should not have guns – mostly inner-city occupants. Good grief – look at Baltimore for Pete’s sake. Instead of cracking down on rioters/looters the mayor pulled the cops back. The message was instant. It was suddenly safe to loot and burn because the police were ordered to not interfere.

            Therefore, honest, hard working , legal citizens, regardless of race or gender should be armed for the protection of themselves and their families. Because our beleaguered law enforcement personnel are no longer allowed to respond under orders of our so-called community leaders.

          • Yes nonsense. Between 2005 and 2011, the percentage of women who own a gun has nearly doubled, rising from 13% to 23%, according to Gallup poll data.

        • That’s why obama wants to take our guns….leaving him the biggest dick around!

      • Mary pay no attention to dakota, he is really beyond help, don’t waste your time on him.

    • The ‘problem’ with the ‘old white guys’ is that they CAN READ and understand the English language. Some are even lawyers. So time to better yourself Dakota and read the Constitution of the United States of America. While you are at that, read the Declaration of Independence & The Bill of Rights and become a better person that understands politics. Then and only then you will know there is no such word as ‘ammosexual’

    • With a name/moniker of Dakota, you are definitely NOT up on your history! If it weren’t for “ammosexual MEN” Dakota would still be a wastelands, not even part of the USA which wouldn’t even exist.
      Weapons/guns are what has made America unique and brought power to the individual person (M or F), against a tyranny or mob.

  4. And this fuzzy headed coon is allowed to retain his position? Imagine a world without black savages contaminating every aspect of society. No crime, no squalor, no drain on the economy, no everything!!

    • You seem to be a Dylann Roof wannabe. You are what’s wrong with our country. Stop the trash talk.

      • So it’s ok to say whites need to go but as soon as someone says blacks need to go then that all of a sudden shows what is wrong with this country. You did not read this article about the hypocrisy of the left did you.

        • Screw him

        • You beat me to it. I am SO sick of this sh*t. No one is standing up to tell these affirmative action professors to shut the hell up! You are there to teach not to preach! We need to unite and bring this racist garbage to an end! It’s dangerous in so many ways.

          These white haters are no better than the muslims that are running rampant in Europe!

          • Isn’t it strange they never list any utopian countries where whites are practically non existent to make their point; surely there must be plenty in South America, Africa and Asia.

      • She SAID the “savages,” nothing about the hard-working good Black folk!

    • But their only 13% comititng 85% of the crimes They can’t be THAT bad can they?

    • Maybe they should offer classes in Hari Kari at this school?

  5. Francisco Machado

    François Duvalier comes to mind. And Idi Amin. Sure, governments run without whites will bring us eternal peace, safety, comfort and prosperity. This guy is an History professor? Must be a very interesting class.

    • Remember South Africa

    • Mr. Machado if you do not like it in this country please feel free to get the hell out!

      • Francisco Machado

        I don’t live in Haiti or in Uganda. I’ve never even visited either one. So in whichever of these you live, I would first have to go there in order to leave it. Amin is long gone, I have no idea what’s going on there now. Haiti just deposed their president via riots, which is politics as usual there. Harrison is the party who seeks peace and order under a government without any whites. I’m not the one who expressed dissatisfaction with whites in government.

        • Mr. Machado if you look at governments without white people what do you see? Nothing good. I’m white and damn proud of it. So before you spout off about white people take a good hard look at this world, then feel free to comment.

          • concerned educator

            A d white societies are always footing tje bill to cure diseases in the minority majority countries ( AODDS
            AIDS, ebola ,zika, malaria

          • Unfortunately, this is true. These hardworking scientists (of every color) struggling every day to find at least a way to try and slow down these diseases. Ebola, Marburg, Zika, AIDs, and malaria all have their origins in Africa, and have taken many millions of lives. What a shame.

          • concerned educator

            Well I’m tired of my race being knocked and having to pay to cure their diseases

  6. And if it weren’t for “Whiteness”, there’s have been only Africa, Asia & Middle East?!?What would our world have looked like without Western Civilization? Indians butchering each other, Aztecs & Mayans sacrificing young virgins & captured enemies, African tribes fighting & enslaving one another, selling each other to the Moores, the Islamics. Middle East butchering & stoning each other over burqas & pork chops and whatever the orientals can do to each other (Khmer Rouge, Mao Tse Tong, etc.)… I don’t pretend that this is exactly accurate or even complete, but pointing out that Whites aren’t the only or “worst” sinners here.
    There is basically no striving for greatness, accomplishments or real knowledge outside of the “western Civilization” and its influence.

  7. Egor von Johnson

    White Good, Black, mostly, really BAD in America.

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    • Not in today’s world….white good.

      • Egor von Johnson

        Richard Pryor would call you a black ass nigger and racist besides, my dear.

        • awww you hurt my feelings, my dear. BTW no one has ever called me a black ass nigger before…I must add that to the other bullshit you commie sling on command.

          • Egor von Johnson

            Egor apologizes, though you sound like one. Nice picture by the lake. Obviously, you`re white and full of cake and donuts.Would not advise swimming over your head, with that huge gut sinking you under. You look too old for sex, but niggers don`t care. My white nurse tells me, once you have black, you never go back. Also says, “size matters”! Take a tub Saturday, jam into your pantyhose, go out, find a nigger and try it. They are not particular. Good Luck

          • You are shameless! One can deduce little from the pic!
            Are you just looking for someone to dump on?

          • Egor von Johnson

            Mary, being clairvoyant, I suspect you have been dumped on all your life. I am sorry for your fate and warped outlook on everything. When Trump wins New Yory today I suggest you cease and desist from the Internet. All my followers would be ecstatic!!!

          • And just what is with you saying “New Yory”? It was New York and he won! Wonderful. Good job Trump.
            I think this retired school teacher had better stay on the web to help you learn to spell correctly. “New Yory,” good grief. And please don’t call this a type-o!

          • Yes, I think he is because he dumped on me the same way, I didn’t even reply back to him.

          • I know! We should not even reply to many of the abusive comments. BUT! Sometimes their abuse makes me feel sick and I do.
            The comment sections are an ideal place for bullies to act out their aggression, for no one can put a fist in their teeth.
            In real life, when I encounter a bully, I put my face in theirs and stare into their eyes. It takes very little dialogue to just watch them melt in fear.
            But they don’t bother me, nor whom I am defending again.
            I admire your self-control in not replying to them! Pray for me that I will be that wise.

          • Some people can bully others on the Internet, but if they would meet the same person face-to-face they would be a total coward! Your way is really the best way to put a bully in their place in person. I admire you for that. Believe me I have a very hot temper sometimes and it doesn’t take much to set me off, but I’ve never actually hit someone. The things that really get me going are injustice and cheating. Thanks for the great reply.

          • I have never hit anyone either. But, a couple of times when I was defending or housing an abused person and dealing with a bully, I have let it be known this this ole Okie woman was “carrying.”
            They scurry, believe me.

      • Isn’t it a shame Paula?

      • Egor von Johnson

        There are exceptions. Beyonce really, really good and has a fine looking ass. How`s yours, Paula. Maybe, unclasp your bra and set them puppies free once in awhile, so they can relax and breathe.

        • Have no complaints…how about you? Girls like you for your studly ways or for your intellectual banter?

          • Egor von Johnson

            Dear Paula, I prefer the intellectual banter for now. I sense beautiful features and confidence. Perhaps after you shape up with 20 lb. wt. loss, we can engage in studly matters. Anticipate Cruz will be Trumps VP. Trump will buy him and vow to run only 4 years. Sources tell me Trumps wife is pregnant and there “ain`t no nigger in the woodpile”. My Best to you and wish an ongoing relationship.

          • People who feel the need to critique someone’s picture..yet post no picture of themselves..are insecure, negative in nature and have the need to sit in the dark and throw out barbs to make themselves feel better about themselves.

            Please bless me with your intellectual prowess and enlighten me with your comment about Trump’s wife. Before you break a sweat over this, I am familiar with that archaic phrase.

          • Egor von Johnson

            I am a public figure hence, no picture. However, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, You are in your 40`s, blond, streaked, a few grays, shoulder length hair, 5`6″, 134 lbs. size 8 dress, 6 panty, 9 shoe, 34-32-36.
            Light breeze with temp in the upper 50 `s, a chill in the air, wearing glasses on lakeshore with moonbeam or sunbeam on lake, setting or rising on the eastern or western horizon, casting shadow on the beach. Picture taken in “Land of the Midnight Sun”?

  8. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Dakota Ericson, does that mean a car collector is carsexual? A person with more than one DVD is DVD sexual, a person with more than one dog is dogsexual? Your comment was extremely SILLY!

  9. Racist pig! Two can play this game.

  10. Whiteness will never be destroyed.

  11. Ask the Professor who paid for his education….I bet you it was a white person. See what happens when you try to educate a Jungle Bunnie. Send them back to Africa (KENYA) Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Obama brith place.

  12. Who cares what the pile of black shit says, I certainly don’t. I am proud to be White, not ashamed of my race, but you must be ashamed of yours.

    • White Liberals are ashamed, strange they don’t use the Utopian countries in South America, Africa and Asia as examples, surely there must be plenty of them because white people are practically non existent.

  13. I-D-I-O-T, or as my grandpa used to say idjit!

  14. I love being white. What happened to the races getting along? I’ll tell you. Obama and his hate and race baiting society to divide the races and cause discord to mask his agenda of making The United States of America a Muslim Nation and crowning himself king. Make no mistake. Obama is not for the blacks or the whites. Only Muslims.

    • Mostly is arrogant narcissistic sociopath self!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      This is why I have said, and keep saying… geo soros is the owner of the media AND the PMIC’s boss. He and the PMIC will cause the biggest racial riot in history and then the PMIC will declare martial law. Results: government shutdown, no election, COUNTRY LOST! !

    • This is part of the plan that will cause Chaos, same goes for massive migration from countries with people who despise the West. Look at many countries in Europe, chaos [Great Tribulation] will give rise to that figure the world knows as the Antichrist, the Scriptures have many names for this possessed man one is “The Man of Sin” interestingly this can be translated as The Man of Chaos. Out of the ashes comes order a New World Order. This world is controlled by dark spiritual forces who use evil men and women to carry out their plan against Yahweh.

  15. Well make our day and bring it you ungrateful POS. Lets see you get a welfare check, free food stamps, free housing, free medical care, and all for just sitting on your fat @$$’s. Then you have the gall to complain. Please please bring on your threats and your bull $#!/. Whitie is locked and loaded

  16. This is called BLACK ENTITLEMENT!

  17. Besides North Africa (the Arabic part…example: Egypt), what did Sub-Saharan Africa contribute to the MODERN WORLD???

  18. Just like if the ‘Palistinians’ and Arabs would cease their hatred and aggression toward Israel there would be peace, the Blacks need to STHU about ‘racist’ Whites…because racist Blacks have them beat by a mile.

  19. How about instead we imagine a world without Libtard Whackadoodle Douchebags and their continuing struggle against Reality?

  20. So what color shall I paint myself? Or does it matter as long as I do not use white. sorry, but the white does not rub off. Neither does black or yellow or red. Now what?

    • Use black paint if applying for welfare, or when filing suit when offended by something/anything or if paid to riot…..good luck!

      • Jarhead,
        I live in an area where there are a lot of Hispanics. On occasion I get into the H&W office and I love to sit in the waiting areas and listen to the Hispanics talk while they wait. I speak Spanish so I get an earful. They speak in Spanish because they think no one can understand them.

  21. All those in favor of whiteness being destroyed can stop by my place for directions to a nearby cliff that you can jump off.


  23. Since comments such as that are a result of envy and jealousy, who would this professor shame next if there were no whites? I’m part Native American, so perhaps blackness should be destroyed, too, because my people never got paid for the lands that the blacks now enjoy.

  24. Actually, I think living in a white world would be better than in a black one, has this moron been to Chicago lately.

  25. I’am proud to be a white American conservative, anyone having a problem with my declaration bring it on.

  26. What a total idiot — white is white, black is black, men are men, women are women — this is the way it’s been for thousands of years — yet these stupid liberal ideas want to change things — never going to happen. These dopes should just get over it!

  27. Hey harrison . what is the color of the sky n your “world”?

  28. I really don’t care about all the rants, however I will speak my mind. For decades the “white race” has been put down every way possible. While it is fine if you are black to have things such as: black history month, black negro college fund, etc……the black people complain about every little thing from “why didn’t any black people win the award for ……..” Everything is so racist to white people. I have many black friends, however they never throw in my face anything that happened 100 + years ago. They are smart, t hey know I had nothing to do with slavery, etc….. Now in order to NOT offend anyone, we should take down anything that gives the “white people” pride. Tell me….how does this bring unity to ALL races????????????????? TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It doesn’t ME. Did you ever notice that black history month is in February, the shortest month of the year? None of this crap makes one bit of sense. I know many fine black people who are outstanding members of their community. They aren’t out looting, robbing, burning down buildings, etcetera and then crying pity me. Enough is enough! I’m proud to be a white person.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        The most hilarious thing is that, when the porch monkies get pissed off, THEY LOOT AND BURN THEIR OWN DAMNED TOWN DOWN!! ROFLMFAO !

      • I see you understand my feelings. I am just sick of supporting lazy ppl period. My point is….why does most people that isn’t white, but on the system, try to play the race card….it has nothing to do with race. Yes I too am proud to be white.

        • Because they have a victim mentality. They think because they are black that the world owes them a living, and I saw an interview with a young black woman who said she would never get a job because she loves being on the dole. Just plain laziness. I wish I could afford the latest phone, or get my nails done at a salon. Can’t afford it. I’m unemployed right now but am actively searching. Plus, I’m going for a second college degree (this time a bachelor’s degree). It should be if you do not at least try and find a job you’re benefits will get cut. Too bad!

          • i WATCH EVERY TIME i SHOP AT THE fOOD LION, they have the best clothes on, nails done, hair done, always on the top of the line phone, then pay with ebt card. Get in a brand new car with their 3-6 kids, who are dressed to the hilt also. God Bless. and Good Luck on your new adventure.

          • Thank you ME. I really am trying so hard to get somewhere, and because I can’t afford a car right now I’ve lost out on some great jobs. It really sucks.

          • Hang in there, God is Awesome. He will make a way for those who are trying. God Bless

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Shiiiitttt, ask a black kid who his daddy is and he can’t even begin to tell you. And the other 6 kids in the house – same thing, and NONE of them are REAL brothers! Momma was busy!!!

      • Yes, and I guess the welfare check and food stamps look real good too. These women who are knocking out babies just to get welfare should be sterilized. They don’t care about these children, they see money and food stamps, though I’m not saying it’s everybody though. There are single moms who do work hard to support themselves and their children and they deserve to be applauded.

  29. I was born white. What am I supposed to do about it? I’m not ashamed to be white, despite of what these people want us to feel. Just utter ridiculousness.

  30. I’m not ashamed of being white, I’m just an American and if the rest of the people in this country would adopt that philosophy and stop raising Hell because of their skin color we’d have a whole lot fewer problems.

  31. Well I’m proud to be white.. No cotton picking pin head liberal, commie, progressive, socialist is going to shame me , or cause me to hide my whiteness.. I’ve earned all of the benefits I have by toil. Not sitting on my rear drawing aid of all varieties from tax payers… There is a spiral hardware item that should fit idiots like the prof…

  32. I am “WHITE” and very proud of it. I am also an AMERICAN. I am very proud of that fact too. The only thing that needs to be destroyed are so called professors who are on some hate mission of the “WHITE” Race. Their arguments are ignorant, racist and intellectually dishonest.

  33. I certainly can’t wait to see who is gonna be able to afford to pay for all the gov’t handouts, if all the white people did disappear

  34. I just love the part about PEACE. Guess this MORON hasn’t looked at the wars and destruction in Africa and the Middle East. And guess what??? NOT WHITE !!!!! How do so many IDIOTS and MORONS get to become college prof??? I understand they are incapable of actually doing anything productive. I think that weeding this trash out must start at the top…

  35. This is racist evil run amuck, being fostered at a community college! Stop it!

    • If it were a white professor spewing this filth they would be fired on the spot! This is absolutely ridiculous!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      This is exactly why I recently purchased my FIFTH weapon, and it’s a sweetie.. It’s a .357 magnum with a silencer. Mine are all loaded, cocked and ready!!

  36. I believe there are countries in this world who feel the same so be my guest and get the H$LL out! Go ahead and keep it up…we white folk are getting a bit tired of it and it will come to a point where we won’t tolerate this PC BS much longer. Don’t irritate a sleeping giant…it won’t be pretty.

    • I cant understand why they don’t move to one of these utopian countries where whites are pretty much non existent, such as there are in Africa, Asia or South America surely there must be some. I wonder why this professor didn’t list these Utopian countries to make his point? Of course we know why the Dirt Bag didn’t.

  37. When Amaerica was formed the Whites that came here from Europe were the only skin color appearing on the shores to meet the Native Indian The True Americans!
    They were not coming to form this Country over Race or being Supremists……they came here for Religious Freedom that they did not have in Europe and they made sure that all future generations would have Rights and Freedoms in America!

    Professor you are as full of S_hit as a Christmas Turkey before slaughter! Your teaching license needs to be revoked for teaching propaganda in a Public School!
    You are talking like a terrorist and tyrant!

  38. Retiredextremelydangerous

    Any Negro, that is in the U.S. and not here as a proud American. Should pack their bags and head back to the Land of Africa! Go back to living in palm tree huts, drinking from a Crock infested river, and living the life they have endured for thousands of years.




  40. A world without whiteness” would only last for about 1 month. During that time the blacks would have either murdered, burned, or somehow destroyed each other and everything in their path. All one has to do is look around to see it for yourself. There is such a place where they can go and live without whites. It’s called AFRICA. So Mr. Professor buy your ticket and leave and I bet you won’t be missed. FREE, WHITE, AMERICAN MALE and PROUD of it. So take your race-baiting CRAP and leave!!!

  41. Retiredextremelydangerous

    I have friends that are black males married to white females and white males married to black females. Other friends that are blacks married to blacks. I would lay down my life to protect them, should the need arise. But there are some blacks and some whites, that I would not piss on if they were on fire!

  42. There is white racist, yet white supremacy for the majority of whites is absolute bullshit. Funny how the morons in the DOJ concern themselves only with hate crime or racism towards minorities, while racism towards whites is acceptable to these morons of Justice. This bullshit fed to them by two racist that sit in the White House and most of their racist buddies holding key positions in the executive branch. Any opposition to policy gets you labeled a racist by the racist. Hillary will walk away from committing felonies, due to her ties to the most corrupt and dishonest executive branch in our history. Making hatred talk and hate crimes towards whites the acceptable norm is creating a racial divide, never seen in many decades. The majority of blacks are not like this, they are decent civil people that deserve equality and far more than rightfully earned their seat at the table. I just want this administration to just go away, they did enough distruction to all the people and future we leave to our children. They can break laws or avoid enforcing laws, I accept that, they are above all laws, the DOJ a toll for obstruction of Justice is just plain dishonest and motivated by their racism towards all white people. I will pray for them, yet their to ignorant to understand.

  43. Look at the “bracketed” portion of this page from Congressional Record (1957). This might help to put all this “Hate Whitey” into perspective.

  44. Retiredextremelydangerous

    If this country didn’t have whites working and paying taxes, the majority of lazy, worthless, blacks, would starve to death! No “entitlements” No food stamps! Blacks should be kissing the rosy red asses of white people!

  45. Kiss my derriore. I am proud to be white.

  46. idiot left winged press. There are no jouranlists any more in America.

  47. Retiredextremelydangerous

    There is an old joke from the 50’s and 60’s, it goes like this. How do you starve a black person? Answer: put their food stamps under their work shoes!

  48. Yes without white people America could become as great as most South American and African countries are.

  49. I am a senior in college, and I have never seen so many idiots. The professors don’t teach, they can read their cue cards, there is very little discussion on topic they are supposed to be learning. I had one teachers assistant that stated in class, that there was still money in welfare and that was not correct they still get money but he either does not read a paper or headlines on line but if you are going to teach something you need to know something about.

  50. Having lived and worked in Africa for 7 years, with its total “Blackness,” I can say with some certainty that if America had been founded on Black Supremacy, we would be a third-world, shit-hole just like most of Africa is to this day.

    Oh Joy!

  51. This dude is a total MORON,,,,,,,,just for the this IDIOT infrmation , I am proud to be WHITE , Born White DIE WHITE,,,,,,,,,

  52. Racism is racism is racism. When we begin to live in the present instead of the past we will be able to see one another as human beings. No one should be ashamed of their skin tone; to imply otherwise is simply a political ploy.

  53. “And how do we get to that good world is the question? A world without conflict. And to me, my interpretation of these words is it would be a world for the U.S. without whiteness, in terms of the power structure.”

    I can’t believe ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND could possibly talk about a peaceful world, without whiteness??? If they mean, without “the racism that blames whiteness”?? Yes. But, anyone been to Africa lately? Anyone been to North Korea? I’m not sure of their color, but the centuries of killing in the middle east?? The ONLY place in the world, that has been pretty peaceful??? Majority white Christian U.S.A.!!!!! And this stupid person is teaching our youth???? He is what is destroying the nation, being paid to do it.

  54. What if we whites decided that all “blackness” should be destroyed. What an uproar that would cause. What makes them think they have a right to be so righteous? This is just plain ignorance on the part of the so called professor.

  55. The message is being lost because it is such an emotional issue. It is not about the hating of whites. I am about as white as they come, with family roots in England, Scotland and Sweden.

    If you look at the total number of white people in the world as a percentage of the world population, and then you look at the number of people governed by white leaders and the amount of assets that white people control, there is a huge disparity in the numbers. White people dominate both categories. To bring the world more towards real, lasting peace and a common purpose for the survival of our species, there needs to be a more balanced distribution of leadership and economic assets. If we continue to have the continued dominance of one particular race there will continue to be violent conflict between the “haves” and the “have nots”. It is human nature. This does not mean the haves should give up everything they worked for. It means we need to do more to lift up others. The more we help others, the less violent conflict will proliferate among those near the bottom. It is common sense. Some people, the alarmist types, will call this a “war on whiteness”, but it is no such thing. It is just a perfectly rational direction for humanity to go.

    • You are living in a dream world! White people are the brainchild of a truly civilized society. They are at the forefront and leaders of great inventions and strong productivity. They have the motivation and determination with the logic and courage and brains and strong creativity that are needed.
      Some races plain hate white people because they are insanely jealous of them. Why do you think they want to mix with the white race in the first place. They’d like to destroy everything what has ever been good and right about the White race. There are of course good and bad people in all the races, but the Whites have given most of the largest contributions and advancements to a world and society and that is why we are the most the hated and nothing will ever change that. This “World Peace” talk is a bunch of PC BS words. It will never happen. Not until the day Satan is sent to the bottomless pit and Christ returns.

  56. Time to separate ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers, obvious to everyone we can no longer coexist with them, it is the only way to avoid civil war.

  57. This professor must have his nose up Obamas or Sharptons butt

  58. A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots! AND TYRANTS AND BUREAUCRAPS!!!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but 
not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or 
to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a 
check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not 
to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that 
was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from 
owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty 
F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but 
not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make 
you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is
 run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a 
wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman 
in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head 
searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but 
is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions 
of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his 
teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class 
in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more 
government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with 
Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free
 cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses 
but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to 
provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment 
checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was 
diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest 
big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a 
wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government 
forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a
 nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself 
makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, authors unknown, please spread it far and wide!

  59. I think professors should be destroyed.

  60. This is absolutely sick! This fool should recognize that it isn’t the color of the skin that counts, but what is beneath the skin! Who is the person in the skin? This guy obviously doesn’t know the Lord, nor does he believe that he was created! He is like a “spoonful of poison” that separates people instead of bringing them together for the good of each other! He isn’t contributing to the healing of racial division, but rather stirring the pot to see if he can create a greater problem! I’m White. I have some very dear friends who are Black! I love them because they are who they are, not who I want them to be! I also know Whites who are not nice people! I also know some Blacks who are miserable. But it’s more than just skin color! It’s personhood!

  61. Maydell Harper Sims Bolding

    God is the one who made the black man, due to Ham’s disrespect for his father’s (Noah) nakedness. God put the curse on Ham’s decendants. God is the one who said that Ham’s decendants would serve others. So, you can’t blame white people for what happened many years ago. There is not one white person who was born knowing he/she would be white. We didn’t make that decision, it was made for us, because two white people came together in marriage, thus producing a white baby. I have never mistreated a black person, or any other skin color. I have respect for my fellow man regardless of their skin color. This professor forgets that he is not in control of whether or not the white people are eleminated , or whether all skin colors are eleminated. I am proud to be white, and I would be proud if I was another color, because God made me. Get off your high horse, Mr. Professor, and quit trying to change things you have no control over.

  62. I’m NOT ashamed of being white and if blacks don’t like it – TOUGH!! Get over it.

  63. As long as their are ignorant and strongly opinionated educators, educators like this one there will never be peace. There is no such thing as”race” among human beings! There never was.
    It was a made up description to cause trouble, division among the people. Until Obama came in office there were no longer real problems of this sort, but he and the big money backers have been fomenting this agitation quite deliberately to obscure what he has been doing to destroy America and very strongly support Islam! We the stupid people are blind and ignorant enough to allow this to happen! Our country is evil and crooked from the top down in government all over the USA. They either follow blindly and or believe the hog wash they are told without any analysis, research. What has happened and continues to happen is our own fault for not taking an interest and doing our duty to be well informed and nominate in order elect decent law abiding, honest,, well informed individuals. The few that were and are in office are over whelmed by the crushing union iof crooks that are in offices every where and in control of what happens to legal US citizens. We are being destroyed from within our own borders as well as being attacked by Islamites!

  64. when I imagine a world with whiteness What I see is Chicago everywhere..rampant crime,, poverty and death


  66. This isn’t new it’s just part of the Karl Marx cancer that’s been festering in this country. It was given steroids when the Marxist Fascist settled in the White Mosque aka White House.

  67. I am glad we are a color blind society just like Martin Luther King wanted it; Right!

  68. If it wasn’t for white liberals and welfare there would not be a “black lives matter” organization.

  69. Would it be rude of me to sa fu k you?

  70. It is more of the PC crapola and we should be asking who manages this idiot at the college he teaches at. It is time they reigned him in.


  72. charles johnston

    Another liberal tactic to divide the population even farther, and our once competent colleges and universities are leading the liberal insanity. Never any attempt to address the actual problems of the black community at large- pat them on the head, tell them they are definitely victims deserving pity and, above all, money for their woes. Liberals are some of the nastiest, most racist agitators on the planet. Trouble is, democrat politicians have been cultivating the black vote for 60 years in an attempt to make it a dependable block. The fact that these tactics are destroying the fabric of our society bothers them not at all.

  73. That professor should imagine a world where white people never existed. He could right now be running around Africa wearing a loin cloth, chucking stone pointed spears, drinking maggot infested water, all while saying unga bunga bunga and other highly refined phrases. Well at least he would be where he truly belongs.


  75. The absolute dumbest fools in the country are these leftist college professors who do not live in the real world. The world they exist in is one where everything is a concept. But for far too long, the racism of liberals, blacks and Hispanics has been excused. The reason liberals excuse themselves is because there must be a villain that the victim classes need to be protected from. They can no longer find any examples of white supremacy, so they invent their own through racist hoaxes, and we have seen many of those in recent years. Or they create new words like micro-aggression, or white privilege to justify their continued legalized discrimination of whites in hiring, promotions, college selections, etc. There is institutionalized racism in America, the victims are whites and Christians. It’s become increasingly more difficult to justify the preferential treatment, but every time a black student is admitted to college over a more qualified white student, the white student is victimized. White privilege is a huge lie, whites are privileged to be last in line for everything in America. New terms like white privilege are needed, otherwise the victim classes would have to accept responsibility for their individual situations.

  76. My daughter was 12 yrs. old, before she actually realized that the 2 women she called Aunts, were not related to us. They were black women I worked with and rather than not seeming respectful, she called the Auntie. Her friend said “they can’t be your aunts because they are black”. My daughter got angry with her. She didn’t see what difference it made because they were a different color. I am glad to say she still has that same attitude.


  78. CALL it Revenge Of The Hippie/Freak Generation.

  79. Let’s look at the facts. The Middle East culture, the religion of peace, where they have been at war for centuries, no whiteness problem there. How about Africa, with tribes still warring over control, no whiteness there. How about South America, pick a country, still dangerous, no whiteness there. China?

    We could talk about technilogical advancements, standard of living, charitable giving…pick you measure remove the whiteness factor and you are left with third world tyrannical dictatorships. The fact that this professor got his degree and draws his paycheck from an education system developed and built by the whites who settled this nation, seems to escape him.

  80. Ken Dometriosis .

    The white race has invented, created, discovered, shaped, molded and designed over 99% of the entire worlds creations yet we are the evil ones. If it wasn’t for the sadistic Arab and Jewish slavers in the 1100s, the negroids would still be in their stick huts and dirt floors, chucking wooden spears at warthogs to feed their families of 13 illigitimate primates.
    Ever wonder WHY the negroids have NEVER had ANY great civilizations or cities like Rome, Constantinople or Venice or Athens? Because the negroids have an IQ that is below retarded! The American negroid, even AFTER 200 YEARS of white education, medical, free food, free schooling etc…they are ONLY 22 IQ points ABOVE the LOWEST IQ negroids in Africa, the Ethiopians, who have an IQ of 58. AFRICANS and BLACKS are RETARDED! How can we expect them to EVER build anything of use to the white race, whose average IQ is 100-105???
    Do you know WHY, in ANY picture of a Utopia where it is all safe, clean and healthy? Because there are no minorities to muck it up!

  81. Vote white Mr. Donald Trump in November to put a stop to this political madness. Congress and the halls of the White House need to be purged of the Enemy, and in many federal agencies. Vote GOP and flush the DC toilet!

  82. They are working at changing the way we “feel” about being white. They think we “feel” superior. We don’t, we know our race has faults (as a race) as all people do. They are busy projecting their stereotypes of us that they have drawn from their own insecurities.

  83. And, after “whites” (actually, we’re kinda pink) are exterminated, who are they gonna exterminate next?

  84. Without the White Race, there wouldn’t be a U.S.A.! Those supposed students wouldn’t be going to college to learn about the world. Obama wouldn’t have polluted the minds of once smart Black students into thinking that America owes them everything and the Whites are responsible for anything that is wrong in their lives.

    Yeah, go on obamaass, shove the 1/2 part of you that is WHITE — yes, I repeat WHITE, into a hole so you feel powerful enough to twist young Black minds into your own warped and disoriented thinking. BHO, YOU ARE HALF WHITE AND HALF BLACK…so you’re choosing the Blacks to divide this Nation while you rub elbows with the rich Whites that provide you luxuries???? You are despicable, you black snake in the grass. We can’t even call you milk chocolate, just dirty muted black trash. The Whites don’t want you and your status doesn’t allow you to be part of the Black population (wait til “they” discover who you really are and it’s NOT someone to help the Black brothers and sistas of your color).

    So who wants you? Kenya wants you to come back where you were born. They have a “hut” ready for you and michelle…hope you can hunt with a spear or blowgun…no Ralphs or WalMart over there.

    Portland Community College in Oregon — a place where those who can’t afford to go to the Higher Educational Universities, but want some kind of college instruction? I’d ask for your tuition back from that school. Their classes are crap, instructors liberal, and course studies pathetic. Black Moms and Dads, don’t waste your monies on that school’s education…you can “Home Teach” your child and they’d get a better education than attending that low class, poor excuse of higher education. That’s NOT educating, but just plain Brainwashing.

    Time to close down all Institutions like these that represent our great Nation’s founders as Racists and White Supremacists. If it weren’t for the White Race’s courage and determination, not to forget Intelligence, there wouldn’t be a U.S.A. United States of America is a good place to live. If you Blacks don’t like what is going on here, please feel free to leave and find a country of your choice where you’d like to live…don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out. Once out of America, NO returnzies…don’t come back! You are on your own, We don’t want any people who hate our country living here…so stay gone! You can hate us from on the other side of the border — that will soon be built and armed against anyone trying to sneak into our Nation. Hate us, we Hate you…stay out!

    • Just because Portland has a School of Idiocy, doesn’t mean that every Black person feels the same as those students or teachers. When those two groups are thrown together (liberal teachers + naive students), they melt into a gooey mess that can take any shape or ideology.

      There are many Blacks who are highly educated and brilliant, who know that this whole Black Lives Matter stuff is just bho playing games with our Society — or perhaps it is Soros playing games. A rich billionnaire with idle time on his hands, too much $$ for his own good, and a mean nasty streak that likes to destroy things. As a boy he probably caught flies and pulled off their wings to watch them crawl around until they died. Some people are just “Bad Seeds” and he apparently is one.

      So don’t think that all Blacks are in agreement with the Black Lives Matter crap, many know this isn’t what it seems, but a ploy by bho to disrupt and keep the races divided so he can continue to dissect our Nation and her virtues. The only people falling for that charade are the Black students/faculty who haven’t figured out they are just pawns in a huge game of Chess, Soros is the King, Hillary is the Queen, and Obama is the Horse’s Ass, oops, the Knight. Whatever….

  85. Obviously bigots come in all colors.

  86. I wonder how much he profited from , this WHITE PRIVILEGE , before he started wanting it destroyed, ???

  87. White people who push this should be challenged to give up their position to a person of color. I always checked to box “other non white” on the college application. Actually I am a mixture of red, white, and yellow ocher. We do need to get rid of white people because they are probably vampires.

  88. concerned educator

    Prpud of my being white. Libetal professors indoctrinating useful idiots must be destroyed

  89. THE LUNATIC LEFT !!… HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SILENCE!! ALL!! OUR VOICES (WHO ARE NOT LEFT!)… SINCE THE 1960’S TED KENNEDY PUT ALL THIS CRAP UPON AMERICA, WITH HIS FAKE! CARING!… ABOUT “OTHERS” THE “OTHERS” WHO HE SAID: “Not in My backyard” the… “others! ” who couldn’t afford to live in or around THEIR neighborhood !! just like the new World Order!… Fake Caring… Liberals! are full of “it” and that’s…. ENOUGH …. ENOUGH… ENOUGH …. We are NOT Racist’s! (Never have been! Never shall Be!) Our G-d, Believes that No One! is Better!… Our G-d, doesn’t LIKE Liars or deceiver’s (Islam claims that their god IS a great Deceiver !!!!! ) That’s got Nothing to do!… with us!! These college kids need to get a REAL Education! Not take idiot courses, on race, witchcraft, diversity… and HOW TO BE RUDE – WHILE BEING PAID!… WHORES!!…. FOR: George Soros!… The… 1 %-er !!!! who Sold Jews! to NAZI’s! for Filthy… Lucor!….

  90. YOU Dumbells !!!! have More Black, Highly, intelligent (Not All) Personsages! Representing ALL of You! in the Political system! THAN at any Time, ever before! and we… the white folk… Did that – We Fought FOR! YOU! I’m old enough to remember and we pressed the Politicians! To: give all american citizens the right to vote, also the WOMEN, had to do! the same.. thing! And Many! Both White! and Black! ARE NOT… TRULY!… DOING THEIR JOBS!… PERIOD… NO REPRESENTATION IS A SORROWFUL! THING… THE SLAVES(BOTH BLACK AND WHITE!) LIVED WITH THAT…. Tragedy!…

  91. Unbelievers with demonic thinking telling God every color you made is good accept white and so we are going to destroy it because you God screwed up! How sad is this country now??? Makes me want to cry of so many turning away from Righteousness. Being blessed has nothing to do with being White, but has everything to do with being Right in the sight of God, no matter what color. Above all I pray that you Prosper and Be in Good health was a prayer from the Lord’s lips, but there is a guide book that you follow in order to be blessed and laying on your bed expecting everything to be given to you is NOT in the BOOK!

  92. Folks, I am a Combat Veteran (easy enough to figure out). I bother/hurt NO ONE. I live my life in a rural area in South Louisiana, going about my business on my little patch of Heaven with my Wife and my little Jack Russel terrier. I have NEVER been in trouble with the law.

    HOWEVER, over the past 4 or 5 years, a hand full of Blacks have decided they disliked me due to my being White and, being a property owner who does NOT allow trespassing on my land. My few acres are for ME and MY Family to enjoy as we damned well please.

    I have literally worked my A$$ off paying for the things I wanted in life, including the land I now own. NO ONE has given me a damned thing in life! When my Folks passed, there was not even enough in their meager ‘Estate’ to pay for Funeral Expenses. Again I worked a lot of over time and side jobs to fully pay that off. I owe NO MAN one red cent. Everything I own, is paid off and 100% mine.

    This past hunting season, my Wife and I had just finished a morning ‘Deer’ hunt together. Upon riding my 4 wheeler back to our Home, three (3) black’s armed with one 30-30 rifle stood in the middle of our trail I had built to get back and forth to the back of my property.

    They stood their ground so I stopped my 4 wheeler to see what they wanted. Immediately, they started cursing me and my Wife for being WHITE (on MY property). I never saw these folks before in my entire life. I did not know them nor, had I ever done anything to them.

    After less than a minute of all three ranting and raising Hell at us, I told them they were on private, legally POSTED property. That only infuriated them more to the point the one carrying the Marlin Rifle thought it a good idea to point his weapon at me, cocking the hammer back.

    At that point, I told my Wife to get off the 4 wheeler and stand behind a large tree right next to where we stopped.

    Then, the three men made the worst decision of their lives by firing a shot in our direction, striking the tree right next to me.

    Now, I keep an AK-47 strapped to the side of my 4 wheeler as I have been jumped twice by Coyotes and injured once, requiring the whole series of Rabies shots (Not a fun experience to endure).

    Upon the bullet striking the tree, hitting me AND my wife with flying bark, I opened fire above and over their heads, expending over 280 rounds in their general direction.

    Needless to say, dropped their rifle and, all three men took off running away, still screaming obscenities at us.

    We proceeded to drive back home to call the Sheriff’s Office to file charges. Upon arriving back home, the Sheriff’s Deputies (4) were waiting for us with their hand guns drawn.

    Thankfully, my Wife had the presence of mind to video tape the whole fiasco on her Cell Phone which we played back for the Deputies to show exactly what transpired, including the first shot fired.

    The three men were known to the Deputies and were immediately arrested for Attempted Murder. All three had lengthy “Rap” sheets, two were under ‘House Arrest” with the ankle bracelets and, there was an arrest warrant out on the third for assaulting a Police Officer. Come to find out, all three had illegal concealed hand guns on them at the time they stopped us in the woods.

    To make a long story short, I am fed up with this “White Privilege” crap, started by blacks and, used as an “Attempted” tool to “Jack around” and harass white people.

    Call me “Racist” or any other name you wish, I could not care less. However, threaten me, my Wife and Family, I WILL stop you in your tracks regardless WHAT color you are.

    Moral of this true story is; “Be damned careful who you select to pick a fight with”. I was told by both the Police AND my Attorney, I would have been fully justified in laying all three down. That is the last thing I ever want to have to do but, I will NOT hesitate to do so if this happens again.

    • ProudVietVet58 I’m sorry to hear that you went through such a horrible experience. I’m very glad to hear that neither you nor your wife were injured in the stand-off with these 3 pieces of crap. Praying hard that this insanity will stop. God Bless You.

  93. Alicejporterfield

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  94. If this is true why don’t he go marry a negro!!

  95. This Professor enjoys the Privilege of Black Ignorance. Before anything can change we must wipe out the Ignorance that has been indoctrinated into Blacks by Liberal Democrat in order to keep them enslaved!

  96. Is Obama part of the whiteness shame, does he hate his mother?

  97. Imagine a world without whiteness. No USA, no advancement of humanity, no lifesaving medicines or medical procedures and on and on thru infinitude. Better yet imagine the continent of Africa, 50,000 years of history unhampered by industry or progress, yup, whites are are the problem not the solution! Some people are too stupid and ignorant to waste oxygen on!

  98. Sparkitus_Maximus

    Yes the darker colored races are the model of peace and goodwill. If it wasn’t for civilized whiteness everything would be fine.
    If you don’t like being white nothing is keeping you from moving to Africa.

  99. If what he says is true then Africa should be nations of peace especially they should have been before there was any European or U.S. settlement. Locations in cities that are totally black should also be the most peaceful part of the city. One day whites will be gone as we are a small percentage of the world population and sorry to have to say it, Russia will be the last stronghold for whites.

  100. What a lot of baloney!

  101. Vote for Donald Trump and prosper.

  102. I really sick of this evil white man garbage that seems to be the in thing today. Things like war, disease and crime are not unique to Caucasians. But Caucasians have done more to promote ideas like equality, freedom, human rights than any other race. The other racial groups have not produced anything like that as far as we know. The Mongoloid race have succeeded in producing lasting civilizations but the Sub Saharan Africans have not. That could be because the oppressive heat has a tendency to stifle activity as you can find many examples of Sub Saharan Africans accomplishments once they live outside the Equatorial zones.

  103. God is the creator of our skin color. Anyone who rejects it is an Atheist, Liberal or totally insane person and there is no place for him in a civilized world.

  104. I can’t wait for a world that recognizes people for their contributions to society based on their merits not race. I see no reason to promote a race over substance If their merits are good people will recognize it without connecting to a certain race. The problem with a race recognition only is that it brings division because the focus is a persons race over merit. Black lives matter is a perfect example it gives support to bad people in the mixture.

  105. This so called good world will never happen as long as there is people like Hillary Clinton. People that will go to all ends to get what they want. Or Ted Cruz in doing everything that is bad or to make others look bad as well as hold their bible up and swear to it. It mainly has people doing everything for money.

  106. This crap is being pushed BY Obama and his sick Liberal friends. This is what is going to happen if whites don’t push back on this crap NOW:

  107. White people need to sue for reverse discrimination.

  108. That idiot professor must be black and living off the dole of whites who are going to school to make a living,you will not see the couch potatoes which are mostly black living off the obama government!!

  109. This is beyond rediculous!! Hey stupid professor, and anyone else who feels this way, is it really that hard to look around and see who is always rioting? Is is really that hard to see a clip on the news and a majority of the offenders are not “whiteness”! Is it really that hard to see who commits the most crimes in EVERY city in America (and it is not “whiteness”)! Is it really that hard to see who employs the most people (of every color), who runs the most business’, who takes care of their families, helps others and not just their own color? Is it really that hard to look at a successful black person and see who they employ as a majority? I am white and proud of it! Why? Because I don’t spend my valuable time looking at the color of someones skin to determine if I like them or not. I don’t look at where they live or how much money they make or do they have a degree or not! I look at the person and get to know that person! This is the sad reality—if they are black, they more often than not will not take time to give me the same consideration. Is anyone willing to admit that prejudice is becoming more and more because of the way “whiteness” is most undeservingly being treated? I would venture to say that most (every color) living today were NOT a part of the slave days! Most living today can’t remember when blacks did not have he same rights, however, as one of those who does remember, I and most of us in that age were and are appalled and we are the very reason it has changed to benefit everyone! I, as “whiteness” am sick and tired of you who like to keep the bad at the forefront! I as “whiteness” am sick and tired of EVERYTHING being made into a racial war! Get over yourself if you are that person and look at YOU before you keep trying to blame everyone else for your failures. There are many of every race who are successful because they work hard, apply themselves and instead of always trying to buck the system, they work with it to get ahead. I could go on and on with what is wrong with our government and how they have created so much of this with entitlements and new laws that change the American (not “whiteness”) way of life. I could really go on and on about the liberal agenda of keeping you down because that is right where they want you to be (and you can’t see it for yourself)! For us all, clean up your own house before you go and tell someone else their’s is a mess!!
    Pretty sure no one will take time to read this but I feel a little better for having said it!! God Bless you and may He Bless this Great Nation in which we live freely!

  110. Where is the DOJ you know the champions of civil rights? Oh, I forgot racism towards whites is now acceptable. What about our small children are they too guilty and must be punished by the left pushing racial hatred towards all whites? Our sorry ass executive branch sucks their openly shown through ignorance.

  111. LOL, live in peace? LMFAO It isn’t whitey committing all the crimes in black and hispanics gangs. Get rid of whiteness, does that mean you get rid of all the whiteness has contributed to society? We will see how good your world is without some white inventions like cars, planes, phones, electricity, most medical advances and the list goes on. How about jobs? Who going to pay the bulk of welfare benefits? I guess the world would be peaceful and prosperous just like Africa, ME or Latin America (sarc) The people spouting this cr@p are not only racist they are too stupid to realize what the world would be like if they got their way.

  112. “Liberal jackboot/ass stupidity must me destroyed”. CASE CLOSED. Hey all you moron black people start thinking for yourselves and stop listening to stupid ,filthy ,white ,scumbag ,liberal, socialist,zombified, dirtbags….WAKE THE F$@K UP ALREADY!!!!!..

  113. Who would pay the bills? It wouldn’t be so peaceful once there was no one left to pay for all the freebies many of them feel entitled too. Another professor brainwashing students.

  114. I like the idea of getting rid of the notion of “whiteness.” But, while we’re at it, let’s get rid of the notion of “blackness,” too. Fair is fair.

    Let’s really put into practice the “dream” of Dr. King, where people are judged by their strength of character and not by the color of their skin.

    But that dream is no longer valid in the black community or in the main stream media. Let a black youth wantonly murder a white couple and that news doesn’t even make the back page of the liberal rags. News of black on black crime is even more difficult to find in the MSM. But let a black criminal suffer injury or death at the hands of a white police officer protecting ALL of society and the outrage is all over the liberal media. Equality of treatment? I don’t think so. But, then, the black community is not looking for equality of treatment.

    I feel certain that Dr. King would not smile on the likes of J. Jackson and A. Sharpton, two race-baiters who have made careers out of the stoking the fires of the racial divide in America. And while they continue to stoke, Obama fans the flames.

    The author is right. The time to do something about the disparity of treatment is now — before it’s too late.

    If we end up with a liberal or a socialist in the White House next January you can kiss this country good-bye.

  115. Imagine a world free of douche bags…….what a wonder place it would be.
    I think that professor would be at, or close to, the top of my list of people I would not miss.

  116. You mean we have to do away with “White Christmas”? Meanwhile, I’m white. I don’t think I had a choice in the matter. And I don’t believe I can transgender into a person of color whether it be the Congo or the Caribbean.

  117. well professor i.m white and I hope you’re in front of the line when you come to destroy me or mine… you’re to stupid to be a teacher and stop trying to bring attention to yourself for profit it doesn’t help america or it’s …not that you care go TRUMP 2016 go hillary to prison 2016

  118. I am perfectly willing to observe the blacks parading their achievements. I will give them as many minutes as they need.
    If they include crime, it might stretch out quite a bit.

  119. Exhausting isn’t it…..WTF…we have lost are minds and moral and ethical compass……these kids better figure it out work , play, responsibilty…respect for themselves and others…and get off their collective PC bullshit asses…we are in trouble and the parents are the blame …participation trophies….etc etc ,,,the real world hires and keeps the best…you can’t compete…you’re screwed go live with your parents and hope you die before they do…..

  120. Think about a world without idiots, there is no black skin and there is no white skin, everyone on this planet is a shade of brown period, deal with it.

  121. Hey how peaceful are blacks? Remember what the Japanese wanted to do/ and did to the world. And the ferocious Pawnee natives. The browns of the mideast for the past 2000 years. And Africa, look at the murder and brutality there by blacks. So just what exactly would the world be without whites? Gimme a break

  122. Oh goodie, so this guy advocates for the genocide of white people and he has the ear of the next generation.

  123. I am very PROUD of being “WHITE” I am very PROUD to be an AMERICAN. I could give a flying damn about what some ignorant, racist, self loathing professor, thinks or says. He can go find a cliff, stick his head up his a$$ and jump

  124. Why would I tell God you made me wrong? This is the most stupid thing I’ve heard.O NO I SEE WHITE PEOPLE. BOO! I will keep my chin up and be proud of who I am

  125. Somebody slap the dumbass. I guess he forgot someone has to work to pay his salary. Maybe he gets Obuma money.

  126. The fact that one society or culture is predominantly one color or not has very little to do with how well that culture will be. Many mixed color cultures have done very well and prospered. Likewise cultures all of one ethnic back ground have done equally well. Where things go wrong is when one part of a culture seeks to dominate the other half on what ever trumped up reason they can find. Peach and harmony in any culture requires all its members to work as one and for one cause. Change that equation and disaster will be at your door. This hold true for governments and families alike.

  127. Guess what ancestry the prof is ???? Yeah, you guessed it … African American.

  128. I’m white and whatever so-called privileges I have, I earned. Every single one of them. And in no way am I apologizing to anybody, especially some dippy, half-assed professor whose worldview is that of an Alice in Wonderland, utopian existence, that never has been and will never be, except in his liberal, diseased mind.

  129. Dennis B Anderson

    Its insane the very reasons why immigrant jerk offs want to come to this country they want to change into the country they came from. How do you combat logic such as this?
    Ive got an idea get the phuck out of our country.! Go back where you came from and change your own country leave our laws alone. Got some news for you the laws are supposed to be for everyone and not the exceptional few that you seem to gather around. Personally I cant wait till the gloves come off so I can send a bunch of you to hell.
    Remember this its our country and our rules if you dont want to live by them get out or start paying the consequences. When its cold enough to freeze snap beans in hell is when we will let illegal immigrants tell us how to run America. ASSIMILATE OR VACATE I dont see anything in the way of white priviledge? For years I have had what you would call useless dumb minorites get a job I had years of experience for because of equal oportunity. I dont see any priviledge in this. This is one of Obamas agendas because there are no jobs. I have become the minority. The thing Obama said that would be coming after his last election was a change in demographics. Hey Obama go phuck whatever color you think you are.Take that priviledge $heiet with you.

  130. Know your enemy. its the talmudic jew who hates white ‘aryan’ christians. they would wipe us out like they almost did in Russia and the Ukraine if it weren’t for our 2nd amendment. Do they really know what the world would be like without whites? it would be a tribal, slave state run by the Jew NWO elite. wake up white people. wake up America.

  131. It is NOT the silencing of dissent. Both side have plenty of opportunity to sound of about this matter. I will say that anything which makes being white somehow better that being some other race is abominable. We are not particularly favored over others.

  132. StupidConservativeValues

    White is right, but with no might.

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