Professor Throws a Fit: “I’m Sick to Death of the Second Amendment!”

Mass shooting events tend to bring out some absolute nuttery from the left, and the two consecutive ones that hit Dayton and El Paso were no exception to this rule. While Democrats did their usual clamoring for gun control (combined, this time, with some pointed swipes at President Trump’s supposed white supremacy), university academics like Steven Beschloss decided they were done with that whole, inconvenient Constitution thingy standing in the way of their gun-grabbing agenda.

In a tweet this weekend, Beschloss wrote: “Can I just say: I’m sick to death of the Second Amendment and all of the damage it has helped justify.”

Sure, you can say it. No law against being stupid.

There is, however, a law preventing our Congress from enacting laws that would infringe on our ability to bear arms, and that law is the ultimate one: The Constitution of the United States, and specifically the Amendment that Beschloss – a professor at Arizona State University – is so “sick to death” of.

Beschloss’s political leanings are not difficult to identify. In other tweets, the professor slammed Trump as a “divisive, racist criminal danger that must be confronted now, not just in 2020.”

In an interview with Campus Reform, media watchdog Dan Gainor said he was taken aback by liberal professors who fail to support the Bill of Rights.

“It’s astonishing how much alleged supporters of press freedom hate other parts of the Constitution. At least be consistent. You either support maximizing rights or not. Don’t pick and choose. The Founders put gun freedom in the Bill of Rights because they knew what it was like to live under a dictatorship,” Gainor said. “Now professors who teach the next generation are teaching them to lose their freedoms.”

Well, it is a message that young students are quickly internalizing. Not only are our youth being encouraged to despise the Second Amendment, they are also being turned against the First. With a growing appetite for deplatforming conservatives and outlawing so-called “hate speech” wherever it can be found, millennials and Generation Z have clearly taken the lessons of the Steven Beschlosses of the world to heart. If they don’t like something about the country, they don’t need to argue against it or go through a lengthy, political route: They can simply ban it, either by law or by riotous force.

If giving up our freedom is our only path out of this cycle of tragedy, then we are in a dark place, indeed.

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