Professor Says “White Supremacy” Explains Why Tom Brady is Popular

At this point, we’re not sure there’s anything in America the left can’t explain by invoking white supremacy, so we weren’t particularly surprised when a University of Rhode Island professor wrote that the popularity of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was entirely due to “the allure of white male omnipotence in Post-Obama America.” Ugh, does anyone actually read this crap?

Campus Reform got hold of a chapter from Professor Kyle Kusz’s new book called “The Palgrave Handbook of Masculinity and Sport.” In the chapter, Kusz argues that Brady gained his popularity not by leading the Patriots to an unprecedented six Super Bowl victories, but rather than he rode “the latest wave of white rage and white supremacy” to become one of the most famous athletes in the country.

From Campus Reform:

The professor’s work analyzes Brady in two ways: his representation in the media and his “relationship with Trump,” seeking to determine what these factors can “tell us about the specific ways that white masculinity is being re-coded and re-centered in post-Obama American culture.”

Kusz zeroes in on “the complex racial, gender, and class meanings that have been articulated with Brady’s body and his performances of white masculinity in the context of a backlash against the Obama presidency” and of “Trumpism,” which he claims is also rooted in both race and gender.

In addition to Brady’s representation as the epitome of “omnipotent, white masculinity” in his various media appearances, advertisements, and movie cameos, Kusz also focuses on Brady’s public image as it relates to what he calls “American myths of meritocracy and individualism,” which he says are “commonly used in sporting adverts.”

Just to reiterate: Ugh.

As sad as we find this desire to run down white Americans at any opportunity, we find it even more repugnant to read that academics are trying to propagandize young people into believing that “meritocracy and individualism” are “myths.” How deflating is that narrative? How self-defeating! Sure, it may give comfort to those who find themselves adrift in life with no success to speak of, but it also steals from them the very thing that could get them out of their situation. This country was BUILT on self-determination, will, self-confidence, and a belief that anything is possible. A belief that, no, no one is going to hand you anything, but if you have a dream and you work your butt off for it, it’s yours for the taking.

Leftist academics want to eradicate that philosophy and simply tell the nation’s losers to “blame Whitey” for their troubles. Blame Trump. Blame Tom Friggin’ Brady. Just don’t ever turn around and blame yourself, because, well, then you might actually do something about your circumstances, and that would ruin our whole scam.

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