Professor on America: “We’re Very Racist, Very Christian Oriented”

In colleges across the country, young Americans are being taught more than the facts. In campuses from California to New York, liberal professors are using their tenure as an opportunity to run mini-kingdoms of “progressivism,” hoping to change the country one student at a time. Whether you head to college for a degree in business, a degree in STEM, or a degree in law, chances are you’ll run across at least one of these rampantly anti-conservative elitists.

Liberal Paranoia

One such liberal recently sparked a furor when it was revealed that he had students recite his sarcastic version of the Pledge of Allegiance. Dr. Charles Angeletti, a professor of American Civilization at Metropolitan State University in Denver, passed a flier out to his class this semester with the new Pledge:

“I pledge allegiance to and wrap myself in the flag of the United States, against anything un-American and to the Republicans for which it stands, two nations, under Jesus, rich against poor, with curtailed liberty and justice for all except blacks, homosexuals, women who want abortions, Communists, welfare queens, treehuggers, feminazis, illegal immigrants, children of illegal immigrants, and you if you don’t watch your step.”

Dr. Angeletti, to his credit, didn’t back down under controversy. In an interview last week, he stood beside the words written on the flier and his decision to pass them out. “We’ve very racist, we’re very repressive, we’ve very Christian oriented,” the professor said of America. “We don’t tolerate other kinds of thinking in this country.”

What a joke. We don’t tolerate other kinds of thinking? The entirety of the television airwaves are eaten up with Angeletti’s perspective of America. Every liberal Democrat in Washington would agree with Angeletti’s opinion of how “conservative America” targets and oppresses the poor, downtrodden minorities.

University of Indoctrination

Claiming victimhood is not just the left’s favorite tactic, it’s also one of the most effective tactics used in cults. And that’s what the university system in America has largely become: one giant cult of liberalism, aimed at ensuring a generation of educated Americans comes out knowing that whites, Christians, and Republicans are the enemy.

Few high school students, regardless of their grades, are particularly interested in politics. At best, they tend to believe what their parents believe. Therefore, their exposure to political thought as a freshman in college is often their first. Taught not to question their teachers for the last 12 years, they bring the same mindset to the wild west of campus life. Well, if Professor Libtard said it, it must be true. A young mind is fertile ground for brainwashing, particularly when the only exploration of conservatism they get is through the biased lens of their professors. Parents who would prefer their children not turn into liberal zombies should beware.


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  1. These jerks teaching in college apparently don’t appreciate the freedoms this country affords them. In a number of other countries they’d be shot or their throats slit for their treasonist positions on our country. I hope some of our “kids” are smart enough to see thru their communist leanings.

    • This has been going on since i was in High School in the ’50’s !!
      The good thing was, back then, when students complained… teacher’s got FIRED !!
      unlike today, when they are “hailed” as “”Progressives” ……………

  2. What a joke. We don’t tolerate other kinds of thinking? Hey komrade professor, we tolerate your insane, inane, spew, don’t we?

  3. We have a lot of work to do after the ineligible, fraudulent pResident is arrested. These pinko wannabe Bolsheviks, who fancy themselves as “progressive” scholars, need to be confronted, disciplined, and removed for preaching sedition. If they hate living here so much – the effete middle class hypocrites – leave! Go to some socialist haven to teach their garbage. May I suggest Venezuela? Like Big Bill Ayers, these punks love the material life here in America, and this is the only country that gives them the freedom to talk their shit. These hypocrites disgust me! You, too??

    • I totally agree. Why don’t those who want so much “change” and liberalization, LEAVE! We do not need them here. If they are so upset, unhappy and disgustingly liberal, they SHOULD RESIDE ELSEWHERE EXCEPT IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    • Thoroughly!

  4. Solution: Stop supporting all functions at liberal ideal colleges. This means as alumni don’t give them money, and for God’s sake do not watch, bet on, or attend any sporting event. Second, organize a group or fund conservative thought by supporting organizations that do likewise

    • I agree with bpr1122: very good (grass root) ideas!

    • Recently on Fox News was a man that had given money to a college/University in IL in the past and he was ready to give 2.5 million when he found out they were going to hire a murderer that had gotten out of jail. He decided to write them a letter and tell them that he was not going to give the rest of the money 1.5 million and that there would be no more scholarships if he was hired. Has not heard from them yet. I think I got all the facts right, it was a few days ago.

  5. the focus is all wrong. one should point out the fact that the professor is wholly ignorant of the law. At least he called them illegal immigrants, in which if he was towing the line, a liberal should point out that he didn’t call them undocumented workers.

  6. Scumbags like these communist professors are the reason so many white college kids voted for Obama. They brainwash these kids into nothing more than left wing robots filled with hate for anybody who’s a white Christian conservative. And then when those kids get out into the real world they find out how wrong these so called professors are.

    • Fortunately not all professors feel the way some of the liberal profs feel. My father was a professor in a university and he was never liberal in his teaching or in life while he was alive. There are some who are conservative but very few these days. GOD BLESS THOSE WHO SEE THE LIGHT.

    • Well put….sad, but accurate. They are definitely part of the problem. That. and a serious lack of U.S. as well as world history being taught.

    • Yep, and this is how they progressively change a country, without anyone noticing until it’s to late.

  7. Professor “Dingleberry” is the one who is intolerant, bigoted, and the town idiot!

  8. THEM that CAN – – DO!!

    THEM that CAN’T – – Teach… and get a year’s salary for 7 month’s work, PLUS every Holiday off,

    PLUS Tenure (You Can’t get fired) – PLUS big fat UNION pension! ………

  9. Some people are just horribly confused…stupid is as stupid does.

  10. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Christians for the first to want to end slavery, and at the forefront of the civil rights movement. These guys always talk about tolerance but what they really mean is that they tolerate only those with agreeing views!

  11. Liberals don’t tolerate other kinds of thinking, only they have the right answers and look at the state of affairs with them in charge. When he says we, who does he mean?

  12. I have seen intelligent young people tolerate the ignorance of their professor’s to attain their educational goals. They are pretty smart and able to make up their own minds once they join society. A few who are not so smart are spun into the ideology. What is important is that the intelligent ones are able to shed the tentacles.

  13. While we deal with race and racism (not that the left helps us at any point…Charles Rangel…Eric Holder…Jesse Jackson…Al Sharpton…and racism’s grand poobah: President Obama), events like this and teachers like Angeletti indicate regression. So much for the art of discussion and debate, this professor, a marginal graduate from Bozo University, shows his students and us how narrow and shallow he is. Is he disgruntled with US policy? Join the club. He and his ilk have had 6 years of Obama – why no happiness? Ah, the liberal ruse of looking for scapegoats and straw men continue. And why this sophomoric slam against Christians? If anything, Dr. (and I use that term very loosely) Angeletti: allow us dissent when it comes to homosexuality, illegal immigration, abortion, welfare and the like. We disagree…and we can disagree under one flag. Deal with it.

  14. The Infection of eastern US universities and liberal thought is a mental disease is. These typical liberal academics poison young moldable minds to say stupid S_IT like this. They hide in their ivory towers hiding from the real working world because the SUCK and they know it. They hate America; they hate the free enterprise capitalist system. So they gravitate to an easy unaccounted job…… Today’s modern college professor. They are 180 degrees opposite of the old college professor, up until the early 1980s. That’s when colleges and universities were starting on the early stages of infection by the liberal hippie’s anarchists and general lazy SOB’s from the 1960’s and early 1970’s

    These liberal academics hide in academia to pay their bills, have no personal accountability. The saddest thing about working around a lot of leftist academics is that they are truly incapable of seeing themselves for what they are. They believe they are neutral. They think they have a diversity of viewpoints already. Because they quarrel with each other over picayune differences, they don’t see the suffocating lockstep nature of their beliefs. Worst of all, they think they are kind and benevolent people. Just the opposite……They reek of the awful smell of self-aggrandizement, selfishness and out and out negativity wrapped in $50 words, essays, papers and books to massage their fragile sensibilities and egos.

    These liberal progressive academics have disengaged themselves from the free enterprise capitalist system because it requires too much work on their part. They would rather teach, write and collect a check each week. They are true cowards. They don’t have what it takes to compete defend or stand. But god forbid if someone come along and says that their constitutional rights are threatened, the call them Republicants or paranoid, when their behavior is just an old tactic of putting the attention off of themselves and putting onto something or someone else.

    The reality is that the liberal academic mind is NEUROTIC. They hide in Universities because they would be exposed in the real working world. Liberal politicians are good examples of role models for these academics. The liberal politician makes a career in politics because anywhere else they would be failures. They never worked a day in their life. Watch Trey Gowdy rip these types apart. Just look YouTube and watch him rattle their fragile sensibilities and expose what little common sense they possess

    Liberal academics, liberal politicians and liberal voters open up their mouth to remove any doubt that Liberalism IS a MENTAL DISEASE. Ranks up there with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases. In spite of all the data that shows their visionary fantasies and stupid remarks are all failures, they persist in this agenda, despite its madness, and therefore fall under the old saying insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. Yet, despite all the evidence against it, the modern liberal mind believes their agenda is good social science. It is, in fact, bad science fiction. Moreover the liberal always has scapegoats, far flung theories, distortions and above all LYING, to prop up and keep their mindless fantasies and doctrines moving, and when the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains, speaks of conspiracies and credulous statements seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious.

  15. Sometimes it is better left unsaid what you really think. This is obviously that case in point.

  16. The problem is that we allowed the learning institutions to stop reinforcing the morals and values that are taught in the home. If you have young or teenage children then you know that your child is going to believe what the teachers says over what the parent says. They don’t teach personal responsibility. They don’t punish the instigators and blame the victims instead. They don’t teach true history. They teach math in such a convoluted way that it is impossible for the parents to help kids with homework. They don’t teach abstinence and instead teach children what “feels good”. They don’t teach the dangers of drugs. They teach to the state tests only. They don’t teach children how to think for themselves. They allow the kids to be disrespectful to the teachers without disciplining them. Teachers are having sex with students- both men and women. The school district’s curriculums are not debatable. Parents have no say in what their kids are learning. A lot of schools are requiring that the parents provide the materials for the classroom. One school in Texas requires the parents to provide reams of paper in order for the teachers to make copies of assignments for all the students. Parents have to purchase the pens, pencils, erasers, crayons, glue, tissues…and the list goes on. There are ridiculous fees for participating in sports band, the flag team, clubs, etc. It’s all about money.

  17. Marxist professors preaching class warfare, victimization, and oppression are causing many problems.

  18. Most of the oldies like myself recall that during the Korean Conflict that many Proffesors were turning “PINK”. They became “RED” and worse and soon outnumbered all the others, It was not controlled, by the Regents of most State Colleges and Universities, until it is out of hand. The REDs are now in control, because of it. What can we do?

  19. stop into a va hospital,see who paid the price for your freedom,we have the best country on earth,race is part of life you must teach a person to hate,we don’t believe in hate we are soldiers of jesus christ,he told us to love one another as he loved what the problem live love and be happy the clock is running and you will be a memory

  20. The NEW World order is doing all they can to remove Boarders in North America. They will try and take this Christian based Nation and turn it into an anti White, anti Christian, anti Contitution country with heavy taxes on the White Working class to spread the wealth, support the illegal immigrants, and take this country that was made great by the blood and work of American loving citizen who were Anti socialism. This country was build by GOD fearing people who came here to stop socialism and not except people who weren’t willing to go through the proper Chanel’s to gain their citizenship.

  21. I don’t agree with the premise that we are racist (BHO), or overly Christian (The expulsion of Christian values from the public and private sectors). I do however believe we are way to complacent if this man is allowed be in a position to influence students. Further, it is impossible to understand why the majority of institutions for higher learning are allowed to be so drastically biased to any social philosophy let alone one that undermines our society.

  22. The trouble started with the 1960’s rabble rousers. We conservatives thought we had shut them up and preserved our moral, god-fearing culture that God had always blessed, even though it was far from perfect. But, while we pursued our own goals in life the rabble took government jobs and rose to positions of influence. They wrote new laws, they changed the culture to one of entitlement, not responsibility, from self reliance to servanthood, victimhood, and pleasure seeking above service to others. Let the government do everything they said as they wrapped chains of servitude around us. They have brought our nation to bankruptcy, immorality and corrupt dictatorship even while the sword of the Spirit remains in the scabbard.

  23. Thinking such as that professors is exactly what creates this country’s major problems now. It is reminiscent of what Germany was like just before Nazi control became the gospel of Germany. If a liberal progressive can undermine the basic foundation and moral compass they can completely change the direction of whomever they misdirect. One by one they break down society by convincing the young or the simple or the socially depraved that society’s rules of conduct and ethics are contrary to fairness and progressive thought. In essence, they do what Obama has been trying to do since before he got into the White house. Fundamentally change the landscape and minds of whomever will comply. Try to discredit the people who hold moral values that are contrary to what they hope to achieve and go after the ones they perceive as the weak first. Progressives thing of Christians as being weak. They see them as being unable to argue and because Christians , unlike Islam, does not dictate kill whomever disagrees and does not comply with the collective thought, they embrace that group they see as stronger in hope of using them to further their own ends later.

  24. Pretty observant for an academic.
    Conservatives are Christian/Religious. And Dems/Liberals are Racists.
    He nailed it first time.

  25. i guess we are racist when there is a Black Coaches Assoc., a Black Miss America Pageant, a Black Entertainment Television and these Negro colleges (

  26. Hillsdale College: Pro Academic Freedom, Pro American Constitution. Strongly supported by Rush and many black conservatives like Walter Williams.

  27. I was taking a college class like this article and challenged the professor and he could not come up with an answer to my statement. The next thing he did infront of the complete class was held up the gradebook and said that he will answer me with my grade. I then told him is he does I will take the video tape of him saying that and put it on the national news.. GEEEEEEEEE I got an A out of the class!!

  28. Higher education is a place where freedom of speech is encouraged. Critical thinking should also be encouraged. Students don’t have to agree with him. Many religious schools teach one line of thinking, so the liberal professors can just restore the balance.

  29. these scum bags are traitors and are destroying the minds of the young at the request of our corrupt government and our dictator. hang all of these scum bag professors.

  30. I am currently enrolled in a College in NY. Under the VR&E Program the VA has. My 1st semester a Political Science prof said to me that he had heard that Navy Chiefs were not well read. I told Him that a a Ret Master Chief,I didn’t dabble in Quantum Physics,But I could spot an asshole a mile away.He was quiet after that. One more semester and I Graduate.

  31. I’m Batokeback Obola and i approve of this debit driven circus called higher edumacation…………………….

  32. This idiot is the reason we have to do away with tenure, he belongs anywhere except a college university, now he is brain washing American youth. If he didn’t have tenure I wonder if he could make it in the real world, I seriously doubt it he would be standing on a street corner selling pencils, just where this IDIOT belongs !!!

  33. Metropolitan State University? As a three-degree Alumnus of Stanford, I do believe this “university” speaks for itself? Is this a real school, or one of those correspondence schools sold via 900 numbers at 3 AM?

  34. For some reason I feel very sad for Prof. Angeletti [Hmm. “Angel”-etti, wonder what kind of angel- good or evil?] He obviously hates Christians and thinks we are the “bad guys”. Someday, however, he will “bow his knee and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God.” Unfortunately, at that time it will be too late for Prof. Angeletti. His arrogance and hate have consumed him to the point that he is blind to everything except his liberal, anti-God political belief. Unless something great and miraculous happens such that he realizes his sinfulness and separation from his Creator, he will be lost forever! It is his choice, but then again, such ideas cannot be tolerated according to him. That is what he believes and he will pay a heavy price. Too bad!

  35. So Obama is for the black scum bag street thug, He is against how we acted to be safe after 9-11. What in the hell were we supposed to do kiss the damn terrorists. You need to be just as nasty as the people youre fighting.
    He says the CIA was wrong that should have been called war. Why not they called a Jihad on us?? Obama picked a fine time to be transparent and kill people who were responsible for our countrys safty. You greasy slime ball Obama youre an out right terrorist treasonous traitor and the american people are letting him get away with this
    Why is this? Its time to jerk this mad black man out of the white house now before he can do anymore damage. There has never in our countrys history been a double talking monster such as Obama leader of the free world.

  36. My baloney has a first name, it’s B-A-R-A-K,
    My baloney has a second name, it’s O-B-A-M-A!
    Oh, I’d like to chuck him in the trash and if you ask me, “Why?”, I’ll saaaaayyyy….
    ‘Cause Barak Obama has a way of messing up the USA!

  37. What would an ivy tower college professor know about the country outside of their academic paradise. They are tenured and don’t have to worry about job security even though their utopian economic ideas may eventually destroy the source of their income. Colleges sell ideas which in and of themselves have little if any value value in the market place. Great ideas can enhance your view of life but their can’t fill an empty belly. There are no calories in a thought.

  38. This is one sick puppy that needs to work flipping burgers,not in a classroom. I’m glad that my Daughter is attending a Conservative leaning College in an overwhelmingly Republican state. She would walk out on such a ridiculous outrageous rant,and some of the guys there would probably throw him out of the window.

  39. Tell me something Dr. Angeletti. If we Christians are so racist and don’t want to tolerate anything different in this country then why if Muslim’s come here and want to change everything America is doing…..why is it so against those countries…Iran and the Mideast countries for Christians to even mention Christianity in those countries. Why if you are not Muslim and WON’t Conform to Muslim they can kill you with one swipe of a knife or sword? Tell me who is it that doesn’t want to tolerate anything different. It is NOT America!! We have bent over backwards to accomodate the foreigners when they are “so called” offended. They continue to push their desires onto American Culture, but we’re not allowed to express anything when it comes to their countries. Let;s look at things for the way they REALLY are. It isn’t America. If they come here adjust to our culture or leave, but don’t come here with the intention of changing everything we do to the Culture they just left behind. College Professors need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  40. The powers that be (elitists) are who hire these Leftists to brainwash our young people. All funding to colleges and universities should be withheld until they reach a fairer political balance, and quit with the propaganda!

  41. All these moron Leftist elitists are convinced that when the New Utopia dba Socialism/Communism/Marxism arrives, they’ll be above the fray, with special privileges from Big Brother. What a disappointment to find out their heads may end up missing from their torsos! LOL

  42. Every one of these should be fired and lose their benefits. It is not their choice to change courses to be taught to their teaching. No wonder kids are not getting knowledge, they think school, and college is a joke. Not good for America!!!

  43. I don’t know how these idiot professors can embrace socialism/communism so easily when most of them have known nothing but freedom and a chance for personal gain. I really believe liberalism is a sickness and you only need to look as far as Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson or Harry Reid for proof.

  44. What fools that put more faith in the wisdom of men than the power of God.

  45. There are ways to combat this tide of supposed “higher learning” (because the people teaching it, and the ones who end up believing it are high on something other than life). First, home school the children. Public schools have become indoctrination centers, just as much as our colleges and universities. Second, put an end to all tenure, regardless of the competency (or, in this case, incompetency) of the teachers. Go instead to a “merit pay” system. Make them consistently prove how competent and trustworthy they really are. The “cream of the crop” will surely rise to the top.Finally, i would suggest/recommend a trade school of some sort. Give your children the proper training to learn a trade or career. Nothing beats hands on experience. You learn by doing. They are called “life skills” for a reason-something you don’t get by just reading a book, or listen to some nut case know it all, who can’t think outside the cocoon they are in, much less a box!

  46. you know if we cant get rid of socialist in our govt. who have been brainwashed by these communist professors who have been preaching this sh!t for 60 yrs. can we get rid of education system that has destroyed America ? violence is not the answer but home schooling is 2 corrupt birds with one move .with the collapse of the dollar a lot of changes are coming and you will hear democrats crying because a lot of people will loose there jobs and a lot will continue to teach as home schooling picks up, the only kids who will suffer will be the ones parents living on welfare who refuse to change there ways no excuses .just reality of not being a American . we have a rough road ahead of us we need change and it starts with loving our children staying focused on love is the only true happiness. for all humanity .forget about control of others its useless NEVER in the history of man has it worked .and Christians believes are the biggest problem for evil to CONTROL YOU !

  47. “In colleges across the country” We have the Blind leading the Blind. Shalom!

  48. Folks, don’t rant here. Go to their website, About, Board of Trustees and hit the contact button. You can send a message to the trustees from there. Please do NOT be rude.

  49. What is very scary? It is the Progressive Liberals who hate God and Hate America who are closed minded and are do not tolerate diversified thinking and opinions. It shows in everything they do and say. It is under this oppressive administration that the POOR are oppressed. It is under this progressive liberal communist way of thinking, the rich are getting richer and the middle class and poor are getting more poor? More people are dependent on the government for food stamps, health care and more, now than ever before. Our college students are not finding employment to sustain themselves. We artificially go through the motions but the underlying truth is that there is more hopelessness than hope for our younger citizens. If we allow these type of professors to continually degrogate our Conservative REPUBLICAN AMERICAN values, without any consequences for their actions and words, the America that we know and love will truly be destroyed. Conservatives are not the racists here. Conservatives are for equal opportunity and for everyone to be the best they can be and have the ability to contribute to society. It does not matter your race or religion… BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, YELLOW, RED…It is the Progressive Liberals Communists who are holding back the under-privileged from attending the schools of choice so all the schools will have to rise to a better standard…I can go on and on…but I think you get the message. SHAME on those professors who are not wrapped in the American Flag and care more about tearing America down rather than building America UP. We need to rally against such brainwashing. These professors should live 5 years in another country under Communist Socialist Rule without a penny to their name and see if they come back thinking the same as they are professing now. WHY do people escape from those countries to come here??????? The time will surely come when people will not escape from their country to come here…BECAUSE WE WILL BE JUST LIKE THEM!!!! BEWARE.

  50. The prof should try this in Islamic states, or Russia, China….another reason family dinners..meals should happen more often with conversation and no phones, ipods etc etc etc least once or twice a week…let your parents be your heroes…the work at least 260 days a year…play hurt and injured. Don’t throw you under the bus when you you screw up like real life often does…but holds you accountable …like life should…

  51. Common Core will ruin this country because it promotes the big lie the Communits are pushing Left wing bias is in every page. get rid of it. Wake up America

  52. Excuse me, Professor Poffter, but has it occured to you that the other points of view include the very pedo Islamic Sunni Muslim, or the very twisted communist dawkins atheist, which is hedonism wrapped in a scientific sugar coating of sociopathy. Maybe Christian viewpoints give students a grounding that makes them more moral and lawful than those in Syria, busy eating enemy organs, or selling Christian blood to the sauds, or China, where prison organ sales and slavery is common, and fetuses are used to make soup?.

  53. REAL Christians are NOT racists!

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