Professor Obama Lectures Anchorage on Climate Change

It’s been quite the week for President Obama. He kicked things off by renaming a mountain (!), he kept the ball rolling by filming an episode of reality TV with Bear Grylls, and he solidified this week as a memorable one by delivering one of the most damning warnings on climate change we’ve yet heard from a Democrat.

Speaking at the GLACIER Conference in Anchorage, Alaska, the president said, “If we stop trying to build a clean energy economy and reduce carbon pollution, if we do nothing to prevent glaciers from melting faster and oceans from rising faster, and forests from burning faster and storms from growing stronger, we will condemn our children to a planet beyond their capacity to repair.”

Funny how Obama didn’t seem to care too much about “our children” when he spent the first six years of his presidency presiding over a massive increase in federal spending. But then, that’s par for the course when it comes to liberal politics; things only matter when they dovetail perfectly with typical Democrat policies. You can bet your bottom dollar that if a brilliant scientist discovered that unregulated capitalism was the key to reducing the greenhouse effect, we would suddenly see a lot more skepticism on the left. But since it gives them the perfect excuse to grow the government, encroach on the private sector, and raise taxes, their embrace of climate change science is hardly a mystery.

“Any so-called leader who does not take this issue seriously or treats it like a joke is not fit to lead,” Obama thundered. “On this issue of all issues, there is such a thing as being too late. And that moment is almost upon us.”

On this one, the president is right. The extreme environmentalist movement has gone mainstream, and any president who hopes to restore the American economy will have to take them very seriously indeed. In league with the mainstream media, these Chicken Littles have convinced an entire generation of young Americans that the sky is indeed about the fall. A recent Pew survey found that 72% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 believe that the federal government should place stricter pollution limits on the nation’s power plants. This, despite unanimous scientific consensus that says Obama’s carbon rules will do almost nothing to change the temperature of the planet. Apparently the scientific consensus only matters sometimes.

“People will suffer,” Obama said, tapping into the fire-and-brimstone approach favored by his old friend Jeremiah Wright. “Economies will suffer. Entire nations will find themselves under severe, severe problems.”

Well, then, Mr. President, we should be grateful for one thing. Thanks to you, we’re already very familiar with that scenario. Bring it on, nature.

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  1. If cons do not get on the climate change wagon, you will LOSE the election.

    just because you old farts don’t believe in science doesn’t mean the young people of this country are willing to gamble their future on your talking point view of reality.

    • You mean Conservatives have to play to uninformed people’s fears?

      We’ll leave that to the Progressives/Democrats.

    • No? Our future got in trouble when Obama gave Iran the bomb.

    • And do what, repeat their talking points? No thanks.

    • Hey, ah, “Reality Check” — when’s the last time YOU checked reality? The only temps that are rising are in NOAA’s “adjusted” data — they took older temperature records and adjusted them downward to create the appearance of warming! These adjusted temps are not seen in the satellite data, nor the UK MET data, nor ANY other recognized source for climate data.

      Are you aware that the atmosphere cannot MAGNIFY heat? It can respond to it, just like oceans and lands. All three warm. All three release as much heat as they gain (elementary physics). The Earth system’s average temperature can only change if solar intensity changes. Perturbations around that average are caused by impacts from space, geologic activity (volcanic activity, tectonic drift, etc.), and cyclic orbital phases (Milankovitch cycles). Ice Eras, Ice Epochs, and Ice Ages (glacial/interglacial cycles) are the results of all of these natural changes (solar, impact, geologic, orbital). Shorter term changes occur when ocean currents and atmospheric currents go through their cyclic changes (El Niño/La Niña; NAO +/-; PDO +/-, etc.). These are the real causes of climate change.

      If it were possible to magnify heat using so-called “greenhouse” gases (greenhouses do not heat by “trapping” CO2, they warm up by physically trapping warmed air). Greenhouse theory is junk science that had been rejected for many decades until the charlatans (see “climategate”) resurrected it. The planet does not get warmer by creating a bevy of “greenhouses” to trap warmer air… because by confining that warmed air to the greenhouse, it is NOT free to circulate in the atmosphere where it would blend with cooler air (as it releases its heat), thus allowing the air it would have blended with to remain abnormally cooler. Were it possible to create these “greenhouse” furnaces that created energy from nothing, every home in the north would have one to help with winter heating bills.

      Believing the greenhouse warming theory is like believing a flashlight in a room with mirrored walls would shine more brightly… the light would be reflected (distributed efficiently) by the mirrored surfaces, but it would NOT get BRIGHTER.

      I hope this helps you understand that you’ve been lied to by either misinformed “educators” or deliberate propagandists who claim any legitimacy to the greenhouse theory of climate change.

      A very recent study of six rocky planets (including large moons) showed that their surface temperature can be deterministically solved based on just two variables: Distance from the sun and weight of the atmosphere. That explains the difference between the moon’s average temperature and Earth’s (our moon and Earth were two of the six; Mars, Venus and large moons of Neptune and Saturn were the others).

      This means that if ALL the “greenhouse” gases of Venus were replaced with non-greenhouse gases of the same molecular weight, the surface temperature of Venus would not change one iota!

      If you want to know about climate change… you need to learn something about natural climate first. Until you understand Ice Eras, Ice Epochs, and Glacial cycles and how impacts from space, geologic changes, orbital changes and solar activity affect natural climate, you are unprepared to weigh in on the real science.

      As a parting lesson, ask yourself whether the statement: “The Science is Settled” has any place in real scientific pursuits?

    • Old Farts! We actually had real science in school ,Earth science , Geology, astrology, where we actually studied the effects of the Sun ,an
      our lunar effects on our plant. Do you remember The terms Plate tectonics, Gravitational forces ,volcanic, causes an effects . Then we also studied those ancient movements of and shifting patterns of Earth’s atmosphere, climate patterns. And how nearly every 500 years climates shifted. You freaking morons suck up the crap about Carbon dioxide as if it is actually a non natural occurring gas when in fact it is the one most necessary gas our plant needs for all animal life forms to thrive . With out carbon dioxide, all plants die. Then we die .moron. Climate change A NON MAN CAUSED EVENT WHICH HAS FOREVER BEEN A REOCCURRING EVENT. THAT ONLY IGNORANT MORONS ,THINK MAN IS GREAT ENOUGH TO CONTROL.

      • You really so dim as to think I haven’t heard this stupid argument before?

        You silly conservative, have just laid out why you WILL lose the election.


        Well actually, not too bright conservative, Iran has no way of getting a nuclear weapon in the next 10 years, if we do the deal, and they can probably make one in little over year IF WE DON’T.

        Then the alternative becomes dead American soldiers.

        Have you signed your grandkids up for the war yet, FOOL?

        • #!.Did you keep your doctor ? #2. Did your health care cost go down while at the same time your now receiving greater an better coverage? #3. Did you keep your plan? #4. How about this; not a smidgen of evidence that the IRS is corrupt. How about the Line drawn in the sand with Sierra not only did the cross over it but completely swept it away ?, #5.What about that reset button With Russia hows that one working out ?.#6. Or how about ISIS as a JV team ? #7.Or how about Obama’s declaration war in Iraq as a victory. #8.How about the Israel Us Relationship ? Or #9 How about our relationship with our European Allies Weaker then ever ?#10 How About our relationship with Saudi Arabia wasn’t good then now its worse then ever. ?# 11 Hows the economy really doing good right Not nearly half as Good as O blow hard claims ! #12. How about race relations in this nation. Weren’t great before but one Hell of a lot Worse now Right moron. ? #13 Hows the inner city blacks fairing now with 6 1/2 years of deeper poverty under Old liar and chief. #! 14 Hows those higher food cost working out for you.? Your the dumbest ,blindest partisans fool going. Over 250 top Generals,active an retired military advisers the Israels Mo-sad secret service, US retired secret service personal say Obama is lying! Even a large percentage of democrat senators and congressmen voted against it. I hope when the missiles start flying they land on those liberal progressive morons heads like yours. Because moron there is no means by which we or the UN. or NATO can verify No Nukes. The deal leaves sole responsibility to the Iranians to do their own verification their own inspection. Which means moron Nukes in Iran in one year or less. MORON. You must love being lied to. Point in Fact I’m sure your mom lied everyday of your idiotic life when she would say your my smart little boy. She was Lying to you. For your truly a dumb ass, naive fool.

        • Unlike your cowardice ass every single generation born into this nation as well those who came here while young have served our nation. As for my Grandchildren they also are Presently Serving EVEN THOUGH THE Detest THE LOSER Scumbag Muslim interloper. Liar an chief. What have you done you freaking loud mouth , uneducated moron. I highly recommend you go back an take eight -9th 10th , 11th an 12th grade science s class all over again because you haven’t learned a dam thing moron.

    • Climate change is 20th on the list of the main concerns of the citizens. When are you old farts going to realize that? Jobs and the economy, the main failure of the democrats is the main concern. The climate has been changing since the beginning of time, Mr. Zippy!!

  2. Selling a hoax

    • Too bad so many azzwipes are buying

    • Well Gore, what happened. it is now 2015 and the polar cap is still there. Care to explain!!!

      • Not only there but has enlarged.

      • I would really like to hear someone pose that question to stupid Al. I’m sure he would weasel out of the situation. After all, he has “re-invented” himself at least twice in my memory so explaining his failed predictions should offer no problems for this scientific whiz.

      • Well, we can ignore that total (or global) polar sea ice is in fact declining. According to both NASA and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Cryosphere Today; if you analyze the Arctic and Antarctic separately — which climate denies don’t do –very different things are happening to sea ice in the two places — you realize that the Arctic sea ice decline at about 3% ever ten years since 1972. With the Antarctic, we have a slight increase in sea ice which is due to global warming and ozone depletion. But for the continent itself, its ice shelves and glaciers is declining, and all the whole we are experiencing the melting of ice atop land.
        But let’s face facts, the US is not able to face a problem like this. We don’t have the resources or the gumption to do anything about it. Plus it goes against the economic interests of many and economic interests always wins over dealing with problems.

        • Somewhere in the vast eons of the earth’s existence, both Artic Poles were green. Just as they became covered in ice. The earth has gone through many ice ages and thawings. Scientist are still studying the processes of how the climate works.
          To simply explain this as being man made does not take into account other factors: polar shifts, affects of meteor’s close contacts, volcanic eruptions, to name a few.
          Your economic interest statement in by an large correct. But, it is not only U.S. interest but every other industrialized country.

          • Other countries take it more seriously than we do. As for the factors that you have mentioned are considered by scientists. The problem is that we have had a serious and negative effect when it comes to the climate. The problem is that there are corporations that have a vested interest in denying climate change; just as the tobacco hired people to deny a connection between cancer and smoking. And, the tobacco started the whole denial of climate change. Now, for many denies you can claim that all scientists, with the exception of those paid by the corporations, are liars and that there is a vast conspiracy. The problem with that is scientists want to prove other scientists wrong. There are claims that they are doing that for more pay, prestige, and that is baloney. The scientists that get paid the most are those that get their funding from corporations, especially for those involved in medical research.
            My position is that it doesn’t matter, because we will never do anything about it. I am only talking about the US. We don’t have the courage to do it, and for many of us what does it really matter. The sea levels won’t become dangerous in our lifetime, so why bother, let a later generation deal with it. There was a time that we solved problems, made moral choices; fought wars because of our morality, etc. We are not that people now. We cannot even fix our roads, highways and bridges.

          • Well, sure…..but….why did you vote for Hussein the second time…(understand the first)…when by then…if you were awake…you knew he was trying to destroy us???

          • Who said I did? Besides, what was has he destroyed? Our reputation in the world? Already been done by the previous president. Economy – already done by the previous president and this one got us out of the jam. Healthcare? Millions now have healthcare that they could not have gotten before and others were able to keep it. There were those who lost what they previously had become it really wasn’t great healthcare to begin with. Costs of the health are increasing but at a pace slower than what we have had in the last 50 years. Gay marriage? That you can thank SCOTUS and also a lot of conservatives; not just liberals. Did he destroy the auto industry? Nope; he saved it. Unemployment is the lowest since 2007 before the crash. Yeah he has really destroyed us? Now, have there been people who feel like they have been neglected or that they didn’t get their share? Sure, but that is what you have in any type of society – there will also be those who feel disenfranchised, left out. As my economics professors always taught me, no matter what the economic system, there were always been those in the bottom.

          • You said he saved the auto industry? Wrong. He gave 30 billion dollars to the union, the group that destroyed the auto intustry, The owners of GM, the leading company in the auto industry, got nothing. Stockholders, you stupid bastard, lost all their money invested. Now the unions want more, because they don’t know how to run the company and make a profit. Labor cost is too high? Get the fuck lost Morgan, you don’t know shit.

          • Not quite true. In 2008 therre was going to be 250,000 workers. GM was out of cash and couldn’t pay its bills. Chrysler was in a similar situation. If GM and Chrysler went bankrup, there would be a collpase of the supplier industry and would lead to a 50% drop in production at Ford and plants for other manufacturers. Imports would take up 70% of the lost GM and Chrysler production. Obama created a task force to determinre the fate of GM and Chrysler. Obama told them that they had to go through bankruptcy in June of 2009 and came out of it in July.

            Between 2008=210 carmakers closed or schedules to close 16 plants and eliminate 2,5000 dealerships. You are right that stockholders were wiped out and creditors such as banks and pension funds had to write off about two third’s of their claims. The companies got6 rid of their obligation to pay for the health care of their retried works and shifted that burder to an independent trust fund run by 11 board members, five of which were UAW representatives.

            As for the UAW, it gave up the right to strike through 2016 and ended automatic raises. By getting ride of the healthcare for retired works and by the new structuring of wages, labor costs fell by a third.

            What did it cost $80 billion. Results, total employment for carmakers and parts supplies is up. Chrisyer and GM became really profitable. Ford, which did it all on their own, but its CEO back in 2012 said the bailouts were the right thing to do for Chrysler and GM, but also for Ford. If there weren’t the bailous, GM and Chrylser would have fallen and they would have taken with them the entire supply base. That would have taken us from a recession into another great dpression..

            Credit has to be given to President Bush, he laid the groundwork for this by providing $17.6 billion to GM and Chrysler to keep them going.

            Then again, maybe it would have been better for GM and Chrysler to go into free-fall and take Ford with them. Maybe it would have been better to have had another Great Depression.

          • Please understand that Morgan drinks cool aid and gets checks from Obama. His vote should not count.

          • Good retort when you really have nothing to say. Just name calling.

          • Global warming is a farce. Proof. How are we breaking 100 year old records when cars, streets, coal fired power plants were few.

          • Other countries take it more seriously than we do: except China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Japan.
            As with tobacco, other factors need to be considered. Many have smoked all their lives, their parents smoked, and their grandparents smoked without developing cancer
            Problem solving and moral choices have been eliminated thanks to a tyrannical government that thinks American are too stupid and must be led like children.
            We can not fix our roads, highways, and bridges because the people in congress that are responsible spent the money on “special projects” other programs they wanted,

          • We all voted them in – we get the government that we deserve

          • Sorry Morgan, but I did not vote for them, nor did I vote for their re-election. I have made it a habit to not vote for any incumbent. Especially if they vote against the will of the people of their state.

          • So, if the will of the people is for segregation, but the candidates are not, you wouldn’t vote?

          • Denseness does not become you Morgan. Neither does loaded questions. segregation is a thing of the past and therefore not pertinent to the issue.
            Say for instance that your representative supported an issue that benefited only a small amount of his constituency, yet the larger population was against it, and he went ahead and voted for it despite the larger constituency protest. Now suppose that this was common practice of this representative. Would you continue to support him?

        • Sorry, Morgan, but you’re short on facts:

          1) Arctic ice has been on the increase for 5 yers now and is back to 2006 levels
          2) Galaciers all over the world have been retreating since 1800, so “Climate change” due to CO2 is still a farce.
          3) Anarctic ice has been increasing without pause for many years, still is. Ask those folkes who got ice locled last year.
          4)The UK has had the three consecutive coolest SUMMERS since 1998 and it’s forcast to go on, since the north atlantic is cooling rapidly.
          5) Scientists at JPL are forcasting a new mini ice age beginning about 2030 due to continued quiet magnetic activity on the Sun. (If you havent been paying attention, the Sun is now quieter, since 1997, than it has been in over 100 years.)
          6) The planet has been much warmer in HISTORICAL times than now, as well as much cooler in HISTORICAL times. (Guess you didn’t read about Leif Erickson running a dairy farm on Greenland in the 1100’s when it was actually green.) So the AGW crowd is about to run out of propaganda as good old mother nature kicks you in the teeth.

          But, just for grinns and giggles:

          The Washington Post

          The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in
          some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a
          report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulafft, at
          Bergen, Norway .
          Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a

          radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of
          temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report
          that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes.
          Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still
          very warm. Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of
          earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well
          known glaciers have entirely disappeared.
          Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic,
          while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before
          ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing
          grounds. Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice
          melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.

          * * * * * * * * *
          I must apologize, I neglected to mention that this report was
          from November 2, 1922, as reported by the AP and published in The
          Washington Post – 93 years ago.

          The debate continues…………………. and you’ve been had. BIG TIME.

        • You’re probably right – we aren’t able to face a problem like this! Because, this is God ‘s problem & He is the only one who can change the natural changes He has had in place for centuries. And, for some strange reason, He doesn’t seem to be too concerned abt. our “economic interests”, when we aren’t doing what He tells us to do!

          “problem”, &

          • Yup!! Danna one of these days these days these Aholes might get it right! GOD is in control not them! Makes me so mad, how dare them think they can control “the climate” it boggles my mind the idiots think they are more powerful than The Lord! Wow just Wow!

      • Less ice on land, The northern cap is shrinking. The southern polar cap is slightly increasing, but that is not entirely good news. Read NASA’s reports.

    • Truly a brilliant hoax! He made at least $35,000,000 off the hoax directly, and much more as a ‘trickle down effect’ of investing that dirty money.

    • “THE EARTH HAS A FEVER” -Al Whore…………..or this:..The leader of a scientific expedition whose ship remains stranded in
      Antarctic ice says the team, which set out to prove climate change, is
      “stuck in our own experiment.” LMAO!

    • Do not FORGET ” MANHATTAN WILL BE UNDER 25 FT of WATER” now that seems to have NOT HAPPENED EITHER….Seasonal weather Changes seem to get this FAT Bastid totally confused!!!

    • Another pile of poison by a Demoncrap. Remember the actor Ted Danson saying he’d move out of the country if a Republican was elected President???? That was DECADES ago- and he’s still here. they said Reagan would wind up blowing up the world, and a bunch of other crap. Hey, Al stop trying to GORE our rights.



    He is a complete asshole, needs to back to Kenya, oops, they don’t want him

  4. Everywhere Obama goes he makes an ass of himself and as a so called world leader where everyone laughs at us.

    • Isn’t it sad that the only country in the world that doesn’t realize what a total joke, a phony, and a LIAR that King Odumbo is?! Most Americans are so STUPID that they haven’t yet figured out what the rest of the world has known for some time!

    • But inside the country Mitch McConnell and John Boehner quake in their shoes for fear of offending the mad Kenyan.

      • You have a POINT there………..those two TOOLS are working HARD to Lose the House and Senate in 2016…. Making Promises and Not keeping them seems to be the LOSING WAYS of Professional Elected Political MORONS to Public Office…from both parties..

        • A beautiful fairy
          appeared one day to a destitute Mexican refugee

          outside an Arizona immigration office.

          “Good man,” the fairy said, “I’ve been sent here by President

          and told to grant you three wishes, since you just arrived in

          the United States with your wife and eight children.”

          The man told the fairy, “Well, where I come from we don’t have

          good teeth, so I want new teeth, maybe a lot of gold in them..”

          The fairy looked at the man’s almost toothless grin and — PING !

          — he had a brand new shining set of gold teeth in his mouth!

          “What else?” asked the fairy, “Two more to go.”

          The refugee claimant now got bolder. “I need a big house with

          a three-car garage in Annapolis on the water with eight bedrooms for

          my family and the rest of my relatives who still live in my country..

          I want to bring them all over here” — and — PING !–

          in the distance there could be seen a beautiful mansion with a three-car

          garage, a long driveway, and a walkout patio with a BBQ in an upscale

          neighborhood overlooking the bay.

          “One more wish,” said the fairy, waving her wand.

          “Yes, one more wish. I want to be like an American with American

          clothes instead of these torn clothes, and a baseball cap instead of this

          sombrero. And I want to have white skin like Americans” —and — PING !

          The man was transformed – wearing worn-out jeans, a Baltimore Orioles T-shirt,

          and a baseball cap.

          He had his bad teeth back and the mansion had disappeared from the horizon.

          “What happened to my new teeth?” he wailed. “Where is my new

          The fairy said: “Tough s%*t, Amigo, now that you are a white American, you

          have to fend for yourself.”

          In the 1900’s
          there was no welfare or other public assistance programs for immigrants to
          abuse. They literally did fend for themselves.

          • Bleeding hearts would say you are a heartless republican. My parents have been there and they had to fend for themselves.
            Obama can give them all of these vote getting goodies, they’re not coming out of his, well healed pockets. I’ll bet if these illegals were voting republican, the borders would be shut tight, not one single illegal would be allowed to enter and those that were here would be rounded up and shipped back to Mexico. Does anyone believe otherwise?

          • So we are catering to the indolent, the lazy and the leeches. Enough said.

          • You got that right.

          • They also had to have money to support themselves or a sponsor, undergo physical inspections for diseases and more. No handouts by our government. To become a citizen they had to study and pass a test about America and it’s laws.

      • obola the Clintons Kerry holder and ALL rinos need to be DEAD ASAP!!!

        • our ancestors would of decorated oak trees with them long ago…or 10 paces turn & fire… or aim ,ready ,fire… take your choice,but they sure wouldn’t be breathing with the treason these clowns are getting away with !

        • If we all VOTE FOR TRUMP then we can win. But if we don’t vote for him then we are back with the same ol’ same ol’ of corrupt liars in office. It’s up to ALL Republicans, Independents, Conservatives, Tea party, young voters, and of course Democrats who truly care about making America great again.

          Trump darn well means what he says, because he loves America and is spending his own
          money. He is not only concerned with immigration, but is extremely concerned
          with our VETS. He has proven himself already in what he can do and make possible. America can’t keep running on empty as we have with this present administration.

          Clinton, Bernie and Biden are just more of the same. Trump speaks up for us – he TELLS THE TRUTH and thinks like all of us in wanting to save our “Great Nation” ~ We the people need to give Trump the chance just like we did Reagan! Reagan didn’t fail us and Trump won’t fail us either!

          Illegal’s are not in the 14th amendment ~

          I am Independent and I will VOTE TRUMP 2016!

          • Illegals are not in the 14th Amendment, but for anyone born in the US, you are a native born citizen; and if one of your parents is American and you were born in a foreign country, you are also a native born American. Now, I would like to hear what Trump is going to do with the cost of a college education. What will be the process for getting 11.5 million out of the country, particularly since the problem now is with Asian illegals. Trump wants us to go back into Iraq and steal the oil from the Iraqis. How will we then be understood? What about the infrastructure? What are his plans? He wants to get rid of the ACA, but what will he do with the millions who will lose their coverage, and without the ACA, those with preconditions will be denied again. What are his plans for them? Also the result will be a rise in the cost of healthcare – what will he do about that? And for others, without the ACA, premiums will go up, so what about that? What are his plans to fight ISIS? Iran is fighting ISIS but the Republicans want us to attack Iran – two wars again and how do we fight an enemy in one war but who is an ally in the other?
            Trump is fascinating – he is part of the one per centers – always has been,so it will be interesting if he did become president how he will relate to the majority of Americans who are not.

          • Morgan, You sound like one of obama’s organizers. What about the millions who lost their medical coverage because of the ACA. The liberals could have drafted and passed a law to cover the uninsured. They wanted control, could care less who was covered as long as they had control. The only ones who really benefit from the ACA are the parasites. Someone who is working and trying to better their selves will be penalized financially.. .

          • It’s true that insurance companies discontinued health plans that had covered millions of people who had bought them directly rather than through an employer. That’s because those plans didn’t meet the coverage standards of the new law. But those who had their policies cancelled, they still had the ability to get insurance. Their insurance company and others offered alternative plans. There was an issue of some companies existing the individual market complete.

            Nevertheless, one could shop for insurance on the federal and state marketplaces or through a an insurance broker or carrier directly. About 50% of those who had cancelled policies were eligible for federal subsidies to help pay for insurance, resulting in better coverage and lower rates for some. And, about 80% of those who got their plans through the exchanges are expected to quality for subsidies, according to the CBO.

            How many people lost their coverage? Current research at the Urban Institute has it at 2.6 million; not the 4.5 million that opponents have claimed.

            Those who got their healthcare plans through the ACA are not parasites; they do have to pay although they will receive aid for it. But you would rather pay for the healthcare of those who couldn’t before get healthcare. You are paying for every time they go to the ER through what you are paying for your insurance plan. And if you still consider them parasites, then so is everyone who sends their children to public schools, instead of actually paying for their children’s education by sending them to private schools. Public education was the public option. There is no constitutional right to an education.

            The government is not governing healthcare because the insurance companies are still in charge.

          • Pertaining to the ACA, what difference will that make to them, when the premiums jump so high they can’t pay them, & the deductibles are so high, they can’t go to the dr., because they can’t afford them?And, the law pertaining to babies b. here, that was written for babies born to people who were here LEGALLY, not those who came here illegally. They have NO rights, per our constitution!

          • If a child is born in the United States, they are American citizens. Now, Trump and some other Republicans want to strip them of their American citizenship or simply expel them from the country. That will be a bit problematic – is there going to be an age cutoff? If there is no age cutoff, then those who are in the military will have to be detained. In fact, if you lived here your entire life as an American citizen, and now you are not – well what are you going to do with the 50, 60 or 70 year olds, some of whom served in the military and fought our wars. Now, we will be telling them thanks but no thanks you have to go because when you were born, say, 50 years ago, your parents are illegal and so now you are no longer an American.

          • Morgan you are incredibly ignorant

          • Well they have the option of finding a better deal, plus state and federal aid to make up the difference. So, you want to go back where if you have a precondition you won’t get health insurance? For some companies a precondition can be pregnancy. You think it is better that we who have insurance should pay for those who can only go to the ER and clog it up? Yes, we would be paying with higher premiums. Frankly, if someone is too lazy or stupid to shop around, making use of the broker or going to a carrier directly, tough.

          • The only way a foreign baby is an American is if the parents are here legally.

          • Nope. We have American citizens whose parents were illegal, but since they were born in the US, they are US citizens. What the Republicans want to do is strip those Americans of their US citizenship.

          • Morgan, That is not true. What they want to do, and should be done, is to end the practice of automatic citizenship for so called anchor babies born to illegal alien parents while in the United States.

          • Trump has talked about them having to leave the country, even though they are citizens. He then said that he would make it easier for them to get back. Only probably is that depending on the country, you have to wait from 7 to 25 years to get back in. Other candidates have talked about stripping them of their citizenship. Some have walked that back. Scott Walker, not a profile in courage, has been waffling all over the place on it.

          • Only if the offspring are a naturalized citizen under our laws

          • What would it take to send ” Unhappy” types who parade with ” BLACK LIES MATTER” south of the border for happy workers willing to take jobs available HERE?/// coukd this be called jUSTICE??? TRump better get with rEAL issues and quit practicing the Clinton/Alinsky Doctrine of Nothing but personal attacks….One OBLAMO is more than Enough…he has time to convince me but a long way off…still we have time for him to learn to be presidential instead of just being an attack puppy

          • Redhawk what planet do you live on?

          • Don’t forget Carley Fiorina. They would make a nice pair, President and Vice President.

          • Fiorina can have Hillarys old job… Carson for VP …

          • Vote Trump! or our only other option is taking our country back by force if needs be…

          • I also like Trump. I think he would be a very good POTUS. R party has quite a few quality candidates. 14th amendment was never intended to give citizenship to illegals. It was intended to give rights to former slaves after Civil War…

          • So am I Shirley he has the whole package that we need.. sharp aggressive , too many adjectives he will be our Superman !!!! firmly believe

        • Do not forget Boehner and McConnel

      • Sure thing! Isn’t that the truth?

      • Who care about this Kenyan? I did not vote for this community organizing worker.

    • Actually most nations laugh at Americans since we have become the most powerful third world nation now.

      • You’re absolutely right! They’re laughing because obama has put us in that position- “THIRD WORLD NATION” And you still defend him??? I think you need your head inspected!!!

        • No, the reason why other nations laugh at us is because while we constantly claim that we are the greatest country, we are not first in anything other than our military, the number of people we have in prison; intentional homicides (first for major nations). We are not first in education; medical care, life expectancy, quality of life. Of all of the major nations, we are the ones who reject science and favor religion.

    • and Wonder why the World now CALLS HIM HEADINASS BARRY…. GO figure that PSYCHOPATH!

    • They are not laughing at all of us. Just the ones that voted for Obama.

      • No they are laughing because we claim to be the greatest country, but that only counts when it comes to military power, the number of people in prison, intentional homicides (for the major nations) and gun massacres. We are 30th in matth; 20th in reading; 26th in life expectancy; 10th in quality of life; 37th in healthcare (prior to Obamacare). We are 12th when it comes to internet speed; and 12th in economic freedom.
        We are the only major nation that denies evolution, climate chain, and scientific theories based on religious beliefs.

        • Well Mogan, I have a solution for you. Move to one of those other countries that you so long for us to be like.

          • Thanks but why should I? I love my country and wish it would be great again, but don’t see it coming any time in my life time. And yes, other countries are more exceptional than were are now. However, there is hope because the vast majority of Americans are not like you.

          • Actually, the vast majority of Americans are just like me. We have had enough of the European model of what we should be shoved down our throats!

            Our country once was great, until liberals used cultural marxism to control our speech, thoughts and and our attitudes. The other country’s are not great, they are hanging on by their fingernails, allowing muslims to pour into their country’s like cockroaches, implementing sharia law, and unlike in the past, when our strong military saved their sorry azzez, there will be no one to bail them out when the sh*t hits the fan.

          • hadenough57 – I am one of the vast majority who thinks like you and very proud of it. Our beliefs is what will “Make America Great Again”… Kudos to you and all Americans who believe like us!

          • Thanks Shirley. Likewise.

          • That is all bull. We were once great because we dared to be great. We solved problems; fought the good wars, invented cures, etc. But we don’t do any of that any more. Now, let’s get rid of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, unemployment insurance, federal aid to college students; the Center for Disease Control, etc. All of those liberal, marxist programs. Along the way there should be no federal aid when it comes to schools, hospitals, medical research, space exploration. To be honest, I am sick and tired of hearing the whining from those who depend on liberals and their programs. Liberals have fought in every war. Did you know that more Democrats in Congress have been in the military than Republicans? I am sorry that time and history has left you behind., and for those who are like you who want to take the country back to the 1950s. Actually, in some ways that would be better – it was in the 50’s that we did make progress and we did it without whining and complaining and being scared of everything.

          • Continue to drink your kool aid, and we will continue to remove the blight of marxism from America. Btw, I use to be a democrat, then came Carter. That idiot and all of his liberal policy’s helped me see that I wanted no part of his or your socialist utopia!

            The only thing the dems did in the 1950’s is to fight, to keep blacks from being equal. As for Social Security, people paid into that, so that all of your political saviors could rip them off for their personnel pork projects. SS is not an entitlement, people paid their hard earned money into that program. As for our veterans, they fought so people like you can wish that we could become the very vermin that our military fought to keep out of our country!! They deserve the help that we give them, because they paid for it in blood! As for all of those other entitlement programs, dismantle them! That will get rid of millions of illegal parasites, as well as millions of legal parasites!

            This country was great, people created, and then came the politicians on both side, that crawled into bed with their lobbyist buddies, and big corporations. Those are the same slime that you support!

            America has been great, because of the freedom that people had top be or do whatever they wanted! Not because of some da*m politician that can’t keep their hands off that very freedom!

            If your kind had been in charge of America at her founding, we would still look like the midevil times! Freedom is what made us great, and misguided people like you want to take that freedom away!

        • No, we use to be the greatest country in every way before Obama came in to take our Great Nation down. He should be IMPEACHED (or thrown out) before we have nothing left of America to salvage – PERIOD! He opened our borders to let in everyone and along with killers, rapists, drugs, thugs and even terrorists like ISIS.
          He is a weak illegal himself. A Kenyan (he even says so in his book) who should have never been elected. The truth has been spoken here!

          • Sorry, but this has been going on for decades. ISIS is not in the US; When it comes to illegals, for the most part, they commit less crimes than legals and American citizens. He is not illegal. He was born in Hawaii and his mother was an American, hence, native born American. You have not spoken the truth except in your distorted mine.

          • Go ahead and keep believing Obama lies, but first read his book and when I find the statement from his wife and grandmother saying he was born in Kenya – I will send it to you.

          • Doesn’t matter where Obama was born. he is evil, and he is out to destroy our country. Thanks to people like mogan, he has had a good run at that destruction. Mogan is like the brown shirts of Hitler’s time. He should research what happened to them after they outlived their usefulness.

          • You are an absolute idiot. You can’t provide a single logical argument and the only thing you can do is compare me to a brown shirt. I am sorry that you life is so pitiful that you are completely filled with hate for those who have done better than yourself. I am sorry that the world has left you behind. It must be very hard and tiring to be so miserable. It must be tough to see yourself as a loser and then see a black man become president.

          • “A black man become president”. If it were someone who actually served and fully understood our nation.

            Dr Ben Carson or Col Allen West, or any other black man that had an ‘Open history’ of his life,… for all to inspect,…. was ‘without any doubt’ born in the USA,…. attended a church that the leader realized the USA was one of the last vestiges of freedom and opportunity….. Did not submissively bow deeply to a Saudi King and a black man that spent the formative years of his life in and loved his/ours, this country above all others, there would be no problem.

          • Yeah, yeah. Yawn…. Can’t you liberals come up with new material. Your mantra about the poor black man and how conservatives hate him are just boring. How everyone is a loser for disagreeing with your token black/biracial man. Obama isn’t black, but biracial. Obama is old enough to take care of himself, but you believe that your superior, and need to protect him. That superior attitude makes you a racist. There are idiots, and if you really want to see one, look in the mirror.

          • It must be hard to not have a thought that hasn’t been given to you by your borg masters. Your post is the usual liberal rant. It is obvious that you have already lost when it comes to this debate. Liberals always stoop to insults and attacks when they are losing. Not surprised though. When it comes to Obama, you can’t use logic or facts to defend the indefensible.

            No, didn’t care that a “HALF” white man became president.

            Really thought he would be a good one until I realized he is nothing but a marxist, that enjoys taking other peoples money, and handing it out to parasites to buy votes. He is also an elitist, and fancy’s himself as a rock star president. Obama may have the title of president, but nothing he has done has been presidential, and it is America that has become the loser.

          • Still got your head up your ass Morgan

    • Clinton is the same as Obama ~ I hope that blacks are awake now from the destruction of Obama & can clearly see that Trump will help them ~
      Obama is a Communist Muslim like his father and wants to be like him. He even says so in his book. He is illegal and should have never been elected.

      He should be IMPEACHED RIGHT NOW before we have nothing left of America to salvage. He and
      Clinton are DANGEROUS! Wake-up Congress – we must IMPEACH OBAMA before the end of his term. IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

      Iran official:
      “We’ll bolster our military until Israel is overthrown”~ With this
      threat to Israel one can see Iran cannot be trusted ever ~

      Hillary backs Obama on the Iran deal: “Dealing with the Devil Iran”~ Giving them $150 billion to help them build the bomb ~ This will mean WAR in the near future!

      • So, you want another $3 trillion war? How are we going to pay for it? The other major nations would follow us because they support the Iran deal. Don’t claim that we should up the restrictions, because the other nations won’t go along with it. So, again, you want another massive invasion? Bombing their 19,000 sites will not be enough, even if we could do it.

        • The ‘Deal’ is the kicker. It states that the USA will effectively prosecute any nation that interferes with Iran’s goals… including hindrance and sabotage from within… remember stuxnet?.

          That part of ‘The Deal’ legally (if you believe formal govt documents as fact… like the American Indians did), rules out the last effective source of espionage and counter to the nuke threat… subversion and intervention from Israel, the only nation that is presently threatened by Iran with annihilation.

          Now appears that the collective socialist USA is ready to enthusiastically join the coalition that finally goes against Israel… ending in Utopia with world Peace ….and free flowers for everyone.

          Good history read for anyone interested. Of course none of that documented history and prophetic future (by ‘The People of The Book’) stuff ever occurred or will occur, it is now considered only fiction…. or is it not?

          Of course when common sense is considered, there is very little coming from the present USA, now naively seeking to grovel before the United Nations of the world..

          Definitely the world would have been a far different environment (to say the least), if this formally accepted administration voted into power by the people, were in place in 1941.

          • That is just plain bull. Iran will not be able to develop a nuclear weapon. You have 24/7 inspections. Now, the only alternative is war. No one else is going to negotiate. And, if we go to war, we will be doing it on are own. Israel won’t join probably. The Israeli cabinet has voted twice not to attack Iran. There are 19,000 nuclear facilities – it will mean that we would have to carpet bomb a good part of the country as well as using strategic missiles, and then we will need to invade and occupy. The Iranians are not pushovers like the Iraqis, even though the Iraq war is our longest war. Now, just as ISIS appeared in 2007 because of our mismanagement of Iraq, who will appear if we attack Iran? Where are we going to get another $3 trillion to fight this war? Borrow more from China? Just keep it off the books the way the Bush people did it by having it as discretionary spending instead of in the budget?

          • ‘The Budget’? The USA has no ‘Budget’. Hasn’t agreed to one in years.. At least one that is formally, officially announced. With the accumulating national [international] debt as high as now, only war {unless a magic formula for intense manufacturing and exporting, sweeps over the USA} will rectify the situation. History always ends the focus on debt and political fracturing, unemployed people….. with war. Everyone [presumably] works. After all, we are just now seeing the accumulating results of ‘The Great Society’.

          • What I meant to say is that the two wars didn’t figure into the deficit. Bush, Cheney and the Republicans wanted to keep it, in a sense, off the books so that they would not be seen as adding such a drastic amount to the deficit. Thus, it was paid with discretionary funds, like funds given to earthquake or hurricane victims, etc. Obama included it in the deficit, where it should have been.

          • The inspection are performed by the Iranians do you see the fox watching the hen house. Idiot

        • Morgan – Obama is giving Iran $150 billion to help them make a bomb to blow us up and Israel too. They consider America the Great Satan. Obama is the one who will be causing a war. Did you not understand my previous comment?

          • The $150 billion is actual theirs to begin with. Now, with this deal the Iranians will not be able to make a bomb. To be sure they can use that money to support terrorists, but what would you rather have, them getting a bomb and their supporting terrorists, or their not getting the bomb but still supporting terrorists? Less of the two evils. Also remember that when it comes to the actual citizens of Iran, they are proWest and they actually love us. But, what is the alternative? Another major war with no thoughts about what would then happen is we attack and invade. What would be the repercussions. We screwed up in Iraq and thus ISIS appears in 2007. So what will appear in Iran if we take them down? Plus, another $3 trillion war? Do you want to pay for it?

          • Morgan then why do they want to kill all of us even you dumbass.

          • Morgan has sever rectumitus (head up his ass)

    • You’re absolutely right Peter. I’m with you 100%. Please keep it up. I love your comment about this .

    • He is a world leader in insulting our country before the entire world. This president is totally incompetent and has an ego that is beyond the worst I have ever known in my over 80 years on this earth. And it is usually a truth that when a person thinks they know everything about all things, they usually know nothing about anything.

  5. Preaching what he knows nothing about! There is no empirical evidence for what he, and other alarmists claim.

    All of the data they invoke are based on computer modeling (which has been proven wrong, and fraudulent in some cases, when investigated) and inferred temperatures from a limited data base.

    Satellite mapping has shown no increase in the Earth’s overall temperature in at least 21 years.

    It is right to take care of nature and our environment. Before it was politicized, it was called ecology, and it was good.

    I’d rather be a denier than a liar.

  6. “God is bigger than any problem I can or can not see.”

  7. He doesn’t realize he is the emperor with no clothes.

  8. Professor Obama.. LOL LOL

  9. Obama says he is concerned with the planet that we are leaving to the children. What children since he is aborting as many as he can. Our society says they are not a person until they are born but the Chinese says that the age of person begins when it is conceived. So they are all almost a year older than we are.

    • Well if we quit shipping children in from south America the north will stop melting, and the south pole will remain the same so I’m guessing he’s not really concerned about the north pole! lying Azz,
      I want’ta see his credentials!

      • Yip, I remember him promising us change and it appears to be change no matter what the consequences. The will of the people be damned.

  10. If you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth at least so believes these lying idiots that promote the lie of global warming and evolution.

  11. Stephan J. Benedict

    While there is Global Warming, it’s not man made! It was never proven scientifically and the phrase that “97% of scientists agree that it’s man made” is a big lye and a political tool of the Democrats. This issue, not being solved yet by the science, it became another “religion” simply because it is only based on believes and not on facts. The Democrats brought this problem to the world and as originators, it’s their burden of proof to begin with, that it’s man made! This assumption forces companies and whole nations to unjustified expenditures. Yes, the reduction of gas emissions, air pollution and green design it’s not a bad idea, but to force all the nations of the world to standards that they are not ready to adhere, or not having the means to do it, it’s a source of anger and estranging of US friends & allies. In spite of all anti pollution and green design that was applied in the US in the last 20 years, there is no evidence that any progress was accomplished in the reduction of Global Warming!

    • The warming in North America has stopped…….Winter will bring Climate Change just as it has for the past 450,000 years. So what is new Al Gore?

  12. There can be no question that the forcible imposition of the global warming hoax with the police power of the state will be the means by which the criminal traitor regime keeps itself in power once it obtains complete control of the country with the aid of the central American lumpenproletariat that it is now importing. Those few English-speaking Caucasians who remain after Farrakhan, Black Lies Matter, and the Bloods and the Crips get through will have lucrative jobs in the climate change bureaucracy. As with almost everything else that is wrong with this country, the answer is to tear Obammunism up by the roots by whatever means necessary.

  13. Damn , the Bears didn’t get him evidently the smell was even to bad for them to stand.

  14. Liberalism sounds smart to stupid people.

  15. In the 80’s the govt. imposed regulations to combat Global warming. However global warming can be proved or disproved so the farce needed to lay dormant until people forgot the name. Now it’s back and now being called Climate Change which if anyone disputes it is soundly called an idiot as there is such a thing. Now prove it is man made climate change. As before in the Global warming warming days the Democrat’s are all into it. Now however there is a whole new batch of young Democrats ready to believe.

  16. Once ‘AGAIN”!………His majesty, “King bath House Barry”, plays the “fool” on national T.V., & this is broadcast all over the world……making Obammy, look “stupid”, again!
    With all the world’s “Ills”, & critical problems………Obama, is harping on “climate change”…..something that is going to “happen”, *with or without human effort*… it has been happing for “MILLIONS OF YEARS”!
    Bath House Barry, is on a ‘fools mission”…..The Emperor & his “new clothes”……as his political agenda is “nude on the world stage”!
    “Sorry Europe, & all the third world countries”…..”Please bear with America”, as we try to rid ourselves of Liberal “dumb arses”……..{ a monumental task!}

  17. Has anyone ever seen any of Obamas records? Why are the Progressives still hiding them? Boy are the Citizens of the USA challenged mentally.

    • at least 47% are….the rest of us voted for the adults, but the parasites voted more than once and then they got the votes from the American Cemetery Residents Association and cast those votes three or four times…hoping that Real Americans get out and vote this time…then we can throw out the democommies in the house, one third of the turd$ in the senate and elect an American for the office of president….need to get rid of all the rag loving commies that kenyan boyo has infected the WH with….

    • That’s a nice way of saying that they are STUPID!

    • Maybe the general population is a bit like children and Santa Claus… they WANT to believe.

  18. just think the parasites and the pseudo intellectual coffee shop philosophers that voted the african pretender into the oral office think that kenyan boyo is also a constitutional law professor..wonders never cease when you are confronted with the “no information” citizen…or illegal immigrant…

    • Oral Office while Clinton was there…now it is ‘oval orifice’ for those Gay Bath House Addicts. And Peter Pan is a Bath House wash basin not a peanut butter.

  19. Condemn our children to a climate they can’t fix? That pales in comparison to the hellish politican regimes he is handing them over to. as for climate change, it has happened many, many times throughout the ages.

  20. OMG, Odumbo, please go away and SHUT UP! You have already condemned the children of this country, and not because of this phony climate change crap! If in fact there is any climate change happening at all, it is not a serious problem! It is nothing compared to the national debt, millions of illegals taking over this country, and the growing terrorist threats of ISIS and Iran, just to name a few! This climate change bullshxt is nothing more than a liberal ploy to take more control of people’s lives! I despise liberals, and I hate some of them, but I never thought that I could hate any person as much as I HATE King Odumbo!

  21. We have heard enough BS to last twenty lifetimes.

  22. My Chihuahua has more common sense than Obama.

  23. Somebody needs to provide “professor” Obama with a copy of Dark Winter.

  24. They are called the low information voters/morons, Roger

  25. John and Mitch should have been democrats

  26. gee,even the bears can’t stand Obama. when they were offered a free supper with Obama as the entree they all said no thanks and went home.

  27. Can you believe this clown? Obamao’s a bigger threat to the human condition than any danger this nation has ever faced. Especially Climate Fraud/Extortion. The shim is EVIL……………PERIOD!

  28. The “professor” is the typical libtard idiot who teaches our youth to be liberals in our halls of higher learning. None of them have lived in the real world, nor have they held a job where they have to get their hands dirty with good, hard labor. They are all glorified idiots with a penchant to try to “save the world” by dipping into the working class wallet, but NOT their own. After all, they are sooooo much more worthy than we poor working stiffs and “they” deserve so very much more at the trough! My sentiments on the subject – “If you do not work, you do not eat!”, “People in glass houses should not throw stones at your neighbors.”, and “Get a life you bunch of fecking ‘tards!” The only global warming going on is the friction of our dollars leaving our wallets to support an idea that is so absurd that even real scientists are hopping on the bandwagon to bring down this idea. Yes, we need to clean up our act, but, NO, the earth is not suffering from global warming. It is going into a different phase. Next time one of these blowhards yells at you about global warming, ask the dip-hi- how they are going to prevent volcanoes from erupting. You see, a single volcano can throw more crap into the air in one burp than all the humans have done since recorded history! Maybe we should gather all these boneheads and sacrifice them to some volcano god??? Works for me!

  29. Obigears opens his mouth and we know when a dumbacrap liberal open his mind th – he is LYING!!!!!

  30. The problem with Obozo is, like Hillary, he’s way too much a fan of Saul Alinsky, the late author of “Rules for Radicals.” One of Alinsky’s rules was, “The issue is never the issue. It’s alway about the revolution.” So, the ends justify the means. Deception is good, a lie might be better if it serves your needs. Do what you need to do to aggregate political power. In order to get his trillion dollar “Porkulis Bill” passed in 2009s, Obozo told us it was needed to support all those “shovel ready jobs” just waiting to repair the nation’s infrastructure. When that failed he just laughed it off and chuckled, “I guess those shovel ready jobs weren’t as ready as we thought they were.” HaHa, the joke was on us. We got screwed, but Obozo got his trillion dollars to advance the revolution by funneling most of that money to unions and other collectivist power centers. And he’s been pushing the global warming hoax from the beginning. But, it’s not the warming that is the issue. The issue is really to end free market capitalism as we know it.

  31. The guy is a joke! A real, certifiably insane fuc***g idiot! Can’t wait until Trump, Cruz, or Carson starts digging into his origin of birth and college records after the election and he is gone! I wonder if he can pardon himself?

  32. The people of Alaska are usually quite astute with the exception when they fell asleep at the switch and let useless RINO dimwit Lisa Murkowski slither into the position. Through her, they are now able to detect a bona fide liar like obama when he shows up. Preparing for high energy bills that he promised, the people already accept the fact when he brings his phony rhetoric to their state, that he is as full of shit as a Thanksgiving turkey.

  33. Are we experiencing climate change? Absolutely. That has been going on since the earth began. I live in the Great Basin, which is going through a drought period. That has happened many times before, according to archeologists and geologists. So what’s new? Air pollution. we now have over 300 million people in this country when we had maybe a million or two total when only Native Americans lived here. They did not have the polluting problems we have today with vehicles and industry. So it makes sense that such pollution is having a negative effect on the planet. Therefore it behooves us to develop alternatives. That is logical. But until we develop those alternate energy projects into ones that are competitive with fossil fuels that is not going to happen. So, let’s not panic. Solar and wind project development is moving forward about as rapidly as possible. Meanwhile, we use what we have.

  34. every day , every month, and every year the climate changes. Man has never been a cause of this and is not now. All this liberal hype is about controlling the people

  35. Obama is the stupidest person on this earth. The earth takes care of itself and the human race needs to take care of itself by growing jobs and taking care of thier families. The earth goes though cycles, it’s done it ever since time began and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

  36. The JACKASS POTUS Renames Mountains… LIES about Climate Change..and IRAN . While COPS get killed by HIS unleashed ‘ BLACK LIES MATTER” tools… and says NOTHING ABOUT IT…. Meanwhile Russia Builds Air Power,,, Naval power and Troops near Alaska with a fleet of DOZEN Ice Breakers to OUR TWO and Chinese NAVY ‘CRUISES Alaskan Waters…. IS THE MORON ever going to get off his Skinny A$$?

  37. This dingbat almost became president. Makes one believe that there is a God watching over us. One thing he has in common with Obama besides being a Democrat is that they both believe when they say something, it is the truth.

  38. obama is nothing but a traitor to America and it’s citizens, just look at the Iran deal. There is no global warming and it’s another lying scam to take more money from the American tax paying citizens. al gore is a liar and just a steaming pile of obama. lying to the American citizens is what the democrat piece of obama does best.

  39. independent thinker

    What is happening now out west and in Alaska is part of the cycle of climate and man can do nothing about it. This same thing happened 1,000-1,500 years ago and caused the decline and eventual disappearance of several Indian civilizations. Even NASA said this was the case although that report disappeared rather quickly.

  40. oh where oh where has the polarized cap gone, nowhere it is still their. .GORE, YOU SHOULD BE-GONE…

  41. Sooooo. Now mr velcro head thinks he’s a professor??? That moron hardly knows how to wipe his own ass, WTF ???

  42. The Progressives are planning on making so much $ from this scam and closing down American industry to boot. Their muppet in the W.H. can’t say anything else.

  43. He’s a nut! Not written anywhere in God’s word! Genesis Ch. 8:22 KJV there will always be spring time. Fall, winter it snows. Summer is hot! Something to make lots of money on! Bunch of liars! Don’t listen to a fool because you are even a bigger fool!

  44. Anything to put more people out of work and on gov payouts. The frigin icecaps have never seen such growth in ceturies.

  45. Obama is a patently absurd pathological liar who has no climatalogical training but ”EXPECTS” all of us to follow his unathoratative statements on the matter. He acts like failed dictators throughout history.
    He is a certfiable NUTCASE and should be removed from office for malfeasance !
    His thinking put to action has repeatedly put us in great danger and caused thousands of deaths to the allie people of countries we liberated including our service personnel !
    He and his Democrat party be DAMNED!!!

    • Psst.
      I have a feeling that some scientists were involved in the decision.

      It’s not like this just happened silly con.

      • It was the coming ”GLOBAL COOLING ICE AGE” 1970 to mid 90’s .
        That lie failed and the same whackos switched 180 degrees to ”GLOBAL WARMING”
        and their useful idiot minions never asked, huh, how could that be? The paint on their global cooling signs was not dry yet.

        • Despite active efforts to answer these questions, the following pervasive myth arose: there was a consensus among climate scientists of the 1970s that
          either global cooling or a full-fledged ice age was imminent.

          A review of the climate science literature from 1965 to 1979 shows this myth to be false. The myth’s basis lies in a selective misreading of the texts both by some members of the media at the time and by some observers today. In fact, emphasis on greenhouse warming dominated the scientific literature even then.

          The research enterprise that grew in response to the questions articulated by Bryson and others, while considering the forces responsible for cooling,
          quickly converged on the view that greenhouse warming was likely to dominate on time scales that would be significant to human societies (Charney
          et al. 1979).

          However, perhaps more important than demonstrating that the global cooling myth is wrong, this review shows the remarkable way in which the
          individual threads of climate science of the time—each group of researchers pursuing their own set of questions—was quickly woven into the integrated
          tapestry that created the basis for climate science as we know it today.

          • Very good, but you are ‘preaching’ to the crazy choir. Scientific facts don’t count unless they agree with their predisposed beliefs. I love it when politicians say I am not a scientist and then don’t take a position. With most people here it is I am not a scientist and so I know better than the scientists.

          • Paid off leftist agenda driven man made climate vacillations drivel !
            All the enviro groups combined income from calendars can’t pay off the every two year election cycle need for campaign money that they spend on the democrats to push their lies. The foreign business interests can’t legally fund the campaigns but the U.S. based enviro groups can. The foreign oil, coal and timber interests have successfully paid off the enviro groups since the plans were made in the mid 60’s to lobby the democrats who were willing accomplices in the destruction of our domestic production in these and more so they could sell us theirs.
            Useful idiots go along with the enviro lies thinking their saving the planet not even thinking about the previous ice ages and warmings that melted the ice that occurred for

          • nice link.

            useful idiots post crap and don’t BACK IT UP.

            your children will be so proud you made their world uninhabitable.

          • It’s ”NICE” because it is HISTORICALLY FACTUALLY BACKED UP that can’t be changed because you don’t like the hard facts, which is Criptonite to leftists.
            You can stay delusional at your own peril !

          • I love hard facts Wayne.

            When are you going to link to some?
            Conservative flapping gums are notoriously inaccurate.
            I.e. LYING

          • I enjoyed the holiday and answer at my leisure.
            Your ilk LIES as you breath. Witness your own statements !
            Answer: Muhammad Fazl, Abdul haq Wasiq and Norullah Noori

          • I answer at my leisure and enjoyed the holiday.
            Your ilk LIES as they breathe ! Evidence your previous statements !!
            Cryptonite Answer: Muhammad Fazl, Abdul haq Wasiq and Norullah Noori .

          • I answer at my leisure. Enjoyed the holiday.
            Your ilk LIES as they breathe !
            Cryptonite Answer: Muhammad Fazl, Abdul haq Wasiq and Norullah Noori

    • “His thinking put to action has repeatedly put us in great danger”

      NAME ONE event

      you cons are so full of HOT AIR.

      I will predict you got nothing and will make up some silly excuse and bail.

      • silly lib, Pulling out of Iraq.
        Currently his Iran nuke deal.

        • Leaving Iraq was decided in 2007 by Bush. And, the Iraqis would not exempt our troops when it came to Iraqi criminal law. So, go blame Bush for the time of our withdrawal.

          • They are both at fault but Obama did it when he was advised by military assets not to for the very reasons that presently exist..
            Obama released prisoners from GITMO that became ISIS and another example of an action that Obama took that has caused deaths throughout the regions.

          • You tap dance there Wayne.

            You’re going to make it Obama’s fault if it’s the last thing you do!
            like a good little conservative.
            You carry water no matter what.

          • “Obama released prisoners from GITMO that became ISIS”

            Oh that’s a new one.
            Tell me Wayne what prisoners of those?

            You people are so ignorant is freaking scary that you can vote

            “The insurgent group was launched by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi,
            an Arab of Jordanian descent, and flourished in the sectarian tensions
            that followed the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Zarqawi had
            commanded volunteers in Herat, Afghanistan, before fleeing to northern
            Iraq in 2001. There he joined with Ansar al-Islam (Partisans of Islam), a
            militant Kurdish separatist movement, for whom he led the group’s Arab
            contingent. Analysts say this group, not al-Qaida, was the precursor to


            I await your links attempting to prove Gitmo prisoners started ISIL
            (you freaking moron)

          • Wayne must still be looking up what prisoners became ISIL.

            I guess Wayne was lying, like most conservatives do.
            they post POO on the Internet and hope it sticks.

  46. “No need to panick about Global Warming”; Wall Street Journal; 01/27/12. Collaborated on by 16 scientists with names in the article. ” Oft repeated claim that all scientists demand that something be done isn’t true as more scientists don’t agree with idea of Global warming?” On September, 2012, a supporter of Obama resigned from American Physical Society as he didn’t agree with Climate Change/ Global warming;?
    The most inconvenient fact was the lack of Global Warming for over 10 years? In 2009, Climate scientist Kevin Trenberth stated:” We can’t account for the lack of warming and it is a travesty we can’t. Faced with this embarrassment, supporters of Global Warming changed from Global Warming to Climate Change.
    CO/2 isn’t a pollutant but a colorless and odorless gas and is a key component of our life cycle. Plants do better with more CO/2 with concentrations of 3-1 or 4-1 with creating better growth of plants for photosynthesis. Plants and animals evolved with a concentration of as high as 10-1 concentration of CO/2. People who dispute Global Warming lose their funding or their jobs for disagree with the idea. Alarmism on Global Warming creates more funding for academic research; tax increases; tax payer funded subsidies for some businesses; etc. ( we saw that when some of those Green Companies went bankrupt that there were many DEM investors with money in the businesses as they were prepared to make a large stash of cash with their investments? Due to time and space, I didn’t preserve the whole article but you should be able to get it on line and read the article?

  47. We’ve actually had a nice run of missing Hurricanes hitting America, and the grain crops were bumper harvest this year.
    Obama would take anything and demonize it for getting more hundreds of millions of dollars into his .Legacy;/Library/slush fund..
    Like the ACA, his solution actually fixes nothing but making those vested in the sector wealthy of the back of the middle class.

    • Tell me make how climate change funding is making it into Obama’s library?

      It’s really important to understand how the twisted conservative mind actually works.

      • Like every President in recent history, the commerce participators under an administration make those hundreds of millions of dollars of donations above and beyond the cost of the Library/Legacy.
        When power prices move up, revenues move up, stock prices move up.
        Its really important you start to understand the reward system for presidents, how ‘Library’ foundations are tax exempt, how exemption means no listing of donators and donations are required.
        Its important you grow up. Bush came out ahead 250 million, with the ACA and ‘Carbon, Obama will dwarf that.

    • Oh I see Mike is a little shy on ACA facts.

      Mike does not seem to know that the ACA changed many things in the insurance industry.

      The ACA provides NO LIFETIME LIMITS.
      For the simpleminded (Mike) that means your insurance company can’t cut off your funds AND KILL YOU

      They could before the ACA. Those were the death panels.
      Sarah Palin just got confused, all those words and all.

      The ACA allows your child to stay on your insurance policy up to the age of 26.
      That very is beneficial to young people.

      The ACA provides for no pre-existing conditions, which of course the health insurance industry used to their advantage and punished millions of Americans by not allowing them to get affordable health coverage

      The ACA provides for free yearly health checkup.
      Free is good. It promotes people getting checkup before the second cost tens of thousands of dollars, instead of a bottle of pills.

      I know that kind of logic is a little over the head of your average conservative, but in the long run it saves money for insurance companies.

      The ACA also requires insurance policies to cover psychiatric and mental health issues, which previously many insurance policies did not cover.

      Any questions Mike let me know

      • Get off your simpleton assumptions that everyone is like YOU, wanting someone else to pay for YOU, with higher policy costs.
        The Insurance sellers all made huge increases in stock prices… that’s why they designed this mess.
        Obama will get 100-200 million dollars donated to his library fund, above construction costs, that’s why Obama created this monster.
        People are not happy with the ACA as one can see many, (Ca. has as much as 50% last year) don’t take ANY… form of insurance that had it in 2014. Number one reason given- cost.

        All your glorious assumptions on benefits doesn’t mount to hill of beans if one cannot afford the ‘Affordable insurance’, premiums or deductible.
        All your postulations mean nothing.
        Don’t bother answering with more of your ridiculous claims people cannot afford under the Affordable Care Act.
        And just so you know, people aren’t using anymore ‘checkups’ than before.

        • Mike acts like insurance was cheap and didn’t increase by 10% every year.
          He also forgot to post any links to back up his “Facts”

          Some people’s rates went up, some people’s rates went down.

          Mine didn’t change since I’m covered by union health insurance and kept my doctor.

          We really should go to a universal healthcare single-payer system.

          That’s really the only way to do it efficiently, and cost-effectively.

          Unfortunately people like you want to scream and kick as we drag you that direction into the 21st century.

          • Do you need a link when it has been on the news the Policy providers are asking for 40% increases? Really?
            You wish to ignore that everyone that has income has had more than 10% increases already?

            Unfortunately Unions, unless government/Public, will get hit dramatically also, it is part of how legislation unfolds in the ACA. If you work under a Public union, who cares what you think as Central Planning that provides underwriting paid by 70% of the jobs- private employers/employees taxation- is all you are concerned with.. getting someone else to pay for you regardless of the annual percentage increase.

          • “You wish to ignore that everyone that has income has had more than 10% increases already?”

            If only that made sense

          • All I am concerned with his you conservatives making up poo, and posting it like it’s fact.

            Links would help that

  48. The Lord God Almighty, alone, determines our climate and weather. He, alone, controls our atmosphere and ozone. He controls everything that is.

    • why does God insist on destroying and killing all the time?

      your God is evil.

    • If that is the case, then he really hates Kansas with all of the tornadoes. LOL. And I take you that you believe that all meteorologists are liars and fakes. Just go to your minister to get the latest weather report.

      • I never meant they are liars or fakes. I was, merely, posting the truth. The weather and climate will be as God deems it to be.

        • God is one sick puppy
          hundreds of thousands of people are killed every year due to bad weather.

          Why does he slaughter so many of his children?
          I thought all life is precious?

          Was that only when it is in the mother’s womb?

          God is a hypocrite on top of everything else

          • May He have mercy on your soul because with your attitude you are going to need it. Don’t bother me anymore. I tire very easily and someone’s insidious countering for the sake of countering. Reality Check? Yes, you need one.

  49. My grandkids are now staunch believers in a massive totalitarian government of restrictive, regulative Control that will solve all problems and guarantee everlasting utopia. Thank you education system. ‘You done good’…

    The problem is, you have left them all intellectually immature. They understand very little to nothing about history (they do believe in ‘twistory’ as fact). The plus side? They are now programmed for their ‘Government Jobs’ ……and a govt subsidized lifestyle.

    • your grankids are just smarter than the old folks.
      they believe in science.

      which feeds evidence to what I say about the millennials.
      they are not voting for a pres who denies climate science.

  50. It’s obvious that we must teach “Truth” to 6 yr-olds to Deny ‘Lies told by “Rich Politicians”-! #1-Co2 is a
    heavier gas that normally doesn’t “Float Upwards”-! #2-At altitudes above 20,000 ft.–temperature are
    under 40 degrees-! #3-Cars are strangely absent–at this Altitude & Cold Region-! There are no Factories,
    nor Coal-Fueled Power Plants in this High Region-! Normal animals do not live above 20,000 ft. usually-!
    #4-18,000 commercial Jet-Liners visit this cold-thin Atmosphere–Each Day-! The Jet-Liners’ Engines do
    carry Co2 Gases into this upper atmosphere-! Most of the Co2 Gases here, were transported by Aircraft,
    not by car, nor by Factories or Power-Plants-! Our deposits of Co2 Gas have become a “majority” in this
    “Thin-Atmosphere” Region-! #5-Hot Co2 Gas heated by Jets normally “Goes Up & Gets Stuck” above these
    Cold-Air Layers-! #6-Can Idiots & their books on the ground–Change any of the Above Facts-!? You must
    understand that a Jet-Liner uses more fuel during just it’s “Take-Off” than 500 cars-! The size of one Jet-
    Engine Exhaust compared to a car’s tail-pipe–is clearly seen by a 4 yr-old, you don’t need a Phd to realize
    the difference-! Almost anything that is done on the ground–will not change the fact that the majority of these
    “Green-House” Gases were carried into the “Upper-Atmosphere” by Jet-Liners-! Those gases that were
    already ‘deposited’ up there–will probably remain there, unless Climate Conditions say otherwise-! So now–
    the ‘critical question’ can be asked–“Is There Anything We Can Do About It”-? That’s a “Loaded Question”-!
    Because no one wants to Do IT’-! And yet, the answer is simple–“Ground 1/2 of the commercial Jet-Liners &
    Reduce the Number of Airports”-! (Believe me, I don’t like this ‘Solution’ Either-! ) But idiots on the ground–
    insist “We have to do something–to help raise “Our Taxes”-! So they’ve used every Excuse to do so-! The
    18,000 commercial Jets are the #1 cause of the Co2 Pollution in the ‘Upper Atmosphere’-! I found a Web-site,
    where the British Air Minister disclosed their “Scientific Study for 2008–which named this Jet-Travel as-the “Top12% & the #1 cause to all Co2 Pollutions in the Atmosphere-! Here’s an example-(12% x 5yrs.= 60%)–
    a “Solid Majority” of those Co2 Gases-! (Shock-!) That not what Al Gore Says-! ( “An Ounce of Brains” is
    worth a “Ton of Bull-Chips”-!) Obama won’t understand this either–He was “Brain-Washed” by Al Gore-! He
    doesn’t like to “Read Facts”-! Do cars in CA & FL effect Kansas, NY–or their upper-atmospheres-? Nope-!
    And it’s the same answer for factories & Power-Plants in Michigan, OH & VA–None of their industries are
    ‘Based above 20,000 ft.-! (Nope-on each one-!) Yet, Obama wants to “Cap & Trade”–put “Fines” on Gas &
    Electric industries & ‘Buy Credits’ by his standards, that “Gets Rid of Nothing” & gives him “Lot of Taxes”–
    which trickles-down to the average consumer–paid by the “Tax-Payers”–who make less than $90,000/year-!
    You Tax-Payers get your “Hidden-Taxes” raised by having your Electric & Gas Bills “Doubled”-! (Isn’t this
    the “Fair-Deal” Obama was talking about-?) In a ‘recent news forum’, Southwest Airlines stated their Jets
    made over 1.5 million “Climbing Ascents to Cruising Altitude”–during one year’s time-! (This is like having 3
    continuous “Freight-Trains” dumping “Box-Car” Loads of Co2 “Green-House” Gas into the Atmosphere-!) Oh,
    Oceans & Volcanoes were #2 & #3 for the emissions of Co2 Gas–but you can’t stop either one of these either–
    why are you so anxious to be “Taxed on the FREE AIR” that you Breathe-!? The USA has it’s share of Liars-!

    • You really think your conservative brethren have the attention span to read this much drivel?

      If this manifesto wasn’t enough evidence of your insanity,
      thinking they’re gonna read it, should seal a deal.

  51. What a joke from someone who doesn’t know what country he’s even from!

  52. Mr.Obama,their is NO such thing as man made climate change.Climate change is created by the activity on the
    sun!! If their is more activity on the sun,the temperature goes up(A LITTLE). If their is less activity on the sun,
    the temperature goes down(A LITTLE). The earth’s temperature has decreased for the last 17 years,and it’s

    going to continue to decrease for who knows how many more years!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lets see the info to back that up silly con.

    • Republic of Maldives: Vulnerable to sea level rise.
      Sea level rise

      Global sea level rose about 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) in the last century. The rate in the last decade, however, is nearly double that of the last century.

    • Global temperature rise

      All three major global surface temperature reconstructions show that Earth has warmed since 1880.
      Most of this warming has occurred since the 1970s, with the 20 warmest
      years having occurred since 1981 and with all 10 of the warmest years
      occurring in the past 12 years.
      Even though the 2000s witnessed a solar output decline resulting in an
      unusually deep solar minimum in 2007-2009, surface temperatures continue
      to increase.

  53. What an IGNORANT FOOL!! Wait untill your kids & grandkids have to fight an entrenched ISIS who most likely will have NUCLEAR WEAPONS thanx to obozos deal with IRAN & letting themselves self inspect!! Yeah global warming is the most dangerous thing facing the planet huh?? That’s why the EU has an influx of people hauling ass go their birders! To escape ISIS!! Obama is a frigging JOKE! I just hope he’s vaporized when were hit by Iran

    • now the fools have gone all the way to “ISIL has a BOMB”.

      I heard ISIL was in camps in Mexico about 10 months ago, RIGHT HERE on this silly BLOG.

      I wonder if they got lost and went to Alcapolco for some sun instead of coming up to kill Christians.

      Funny that the 2 countries WITH a common boarder are barely getting

      are those Arabs braver than the average American conservative?
      you guys are 6000 mile away and still hiding under your beds.

    • “I just hope he’s vaporized when were hit by Iran”

      you DO KNOW that he will be out of office for some years before they could make a bomb, right silly?

      Patriots don’t make up POO and post it on the internet.
      That is what Terrorists do.

      you are like ISIL.
      terrorist propaganda spreading un-American human.

      • Sorry I’m not ISIS. I’m a realist. Do you have kids?? Do you want them living in fear? At least the soviets had enough sense not to use the bomb. The Iranians are nuts. After the 1st gulf war when we stopped I told my friends ( well our kids will have to finish it! & guess what?? They had to unfortunately. Obama being out of office is a mute point! A nuke depending on the yield doesn’t even have to hit its mark!! Also people are fools not to think Iran isn’t going ahead building them. Their ICBM program is in full swing & they don’t need 100% enriched uranium to pull a bomb off!! ( dirty bomb) may not have the damage but the contamination will be 100x worse than the Fukajima meltdown. Seeing people die of radiation sickness makes you sick!! & Iran & ISIS are nutters who would do such a thing. I spentv6 weeks in Norfolk at the CBR school only to come away knowing if we were ever hit were all dead & all I said was when Iran hit us or ISIS is that I hope Obama & his whole family are wiped out if not I hope they die horrible deaths from his BAD deal because he just paved the way forvIran to lrgaly get ” the bomb” doesn’t matter if its 10 yrs down the road! If you have kids tell them your sorry before its to late & get your head out of the sand!! ISIS is already using mustard gas against the Kurds!! Even Saddam insane didn’t usecit against our troop but he did on thevKurds & now its ISIS!!
        History will judge, & I hope The Devil makes Ovomit relive his lies & BS

        • tell me HOW they are making a bomb when IAEA is there 24/7?

          AND we have taken away 96% of there Nuclear material.

          Will they pray to Allah to help them?

        • ” After the 1st gulf war when we stopped I told my friends”
          God your STUPID.

          “BRINKLEY: One other question — it keeps coming up. Why didn’t we go to Baghdad and clean it all up while we were there?

          Sec CHENEY: Well, just as it’s important, I think, for a president to know
          when to commit U.S. forces to combat, it’s also important to know when
          not to commit U.S. forces to combat. I think for us to get American
          military personnel involved in a civil war inside Iraq would literally
          be a quagmire.

          Once we got to Baghdad, what would we do? Who would we put in power? What kind of government would we have? Would it be a Sunni government, a Shi’a government, a Kurdish government? Would it be secular, along the lines of the Ba’ath Party?

          Would it be fundamentalist Islamic? I do not think the United States wants to have
          U.S. military forces accept casualties and accept the responsibility of trying to govern Iraq. I think it makes no sense at all.


          obviously cons are either very stupid or disingenuous.

        • “Their ICBM program is in full swing”

          YOU’RE A MORON.

  54. Obama is the most dangerous malicious devious person in this country’s history, he has done more to destroy America then any other person, he reigns with Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini with this crazy Iran deal and the rest of this mental idiots doings I wonder if America will ever be able to be turned around when he leaves, he deserves to be held accountable for what he has done.

    • ” he has done more to destroy America then any other person,”

      oh really?
      please name something that is destroying the country.

      • Obama and his corrupt administration you idiot!

        • cons are such bags of hot air.
          must be rally serious of the silly con can’t come up with an example.

        • Be specific. Where are the Gulags? The mass killing of political opponents? Opponents simply disappearing and no one hears from then again? Who has come into your homes and burned your books (providing you have any)? Have we had another 9/11? Has he destroyed Wall Street? etc? Proof?

        • Is Michael still looking for examples of the evil administration?

          You had four days fool , what is taking so long?

          I guess you’re just a lying conservative

          • Anything is better then being a stupid progressive liberal dema crap go hide under a rock with the rest of your kind were you belong, you must spend most of your time there since you don’t see what obama and his corrupt friends are up to.

  55. Professor Kool’s Fun School…. phucking clown I want to see the collage transcripts ! Professor of Pot & Coke sales is more like it…

    • NO presidents transcripts are available.
      I wonder why you cons have a double standard for the black President?

      put yours online.
      the world needs to know.

      • Bull Fok ! they call him the Great Pretender… oh & he’s not BLACK he’s 1/2 WHITE !!! stupid Jamoke … 😛

        • so was that you explaining why you want to see his transcripts when NO OTHER president has done so?

          • No Other President claimed to be a Constitutional Scholar beyond reproach… I say Bull Fok ,PROVE IT !!! Come on PROVE IT big mouth !!! We’re being subjected to a Post-Constitutional Republic because of this nit-wit…

          • That’s because none of them were. As for transcripts, they are all private; not just the president’s. No one but myself can get copies of them.

          • Good God Almighty… if only U can get the anointed 1’s transcripts than POST THEM FOR ALL TO SEE… I say he has the IQ of a Regan Jellybean… 😛 how’s that for reading comprehension… 🙂

  56. If that’s right,why then has the earth been cooling for the last seventeen years?? I live in Arizona and remember
    the hottest day on record.The hottest temperature was 122 degrees.That was about seventeen years ago.Since then the temperatures have decreased and it has been quite comfortable.BORAT OBUTTHEAD keeps pushing
    his climate change hoax in order to have an excuse to inflate energy prices through the roof.Can you afford to
    pay for electricity when the price goes through the roof?? ‘NO’ No one can.That’s BORAT’S plan,to make every one poor!!!!

  57. You must understand this puppet Obama is directed by an evil coalition bound to destroy this country and then profit when they can pay the minimum to buy the wreckage. He has no talents, no credibility, just a pos made to look real.

  58. Hey, Obama is as good a professor as he is a president! Give credit where credit is due! 😉

    • Actually he’s a professor of constitutional law, graduating from Harvard.

      But in this case I’m fairly certain he’s taking advice from the top scientists on the planet.

      Unlike you fixed who takes advice from Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Fox News

      • Nope, I do not listen to Rush, and Obama’s education from Harvard is as honest as “If you like your health care, you can keep your health care”, etc..

        How pathetic that you believe the liar and chief. You obviously have extremely low expectations. Oh, btw, I will put real scientist up against Obama’s fake scientist any day. You can call me anything, as long as you do NOT call me a liberal!

        • I wonder how much it cost the evil organization that put Obama in office, to get his name published in the Harvard Law Review, as the editor?

          You WILL put up a real scientist?
          So where’s the link?

          A Real Scientist would’ve told you that Obama is correct.

        • You still looking for a link to a real scientist?

          • You still trying to convince me that you know what your talking about. Not working silly liberal.

          • Actually,
            I am in demonstrating to the casual reader that conservatives are vacant bags of hot air.

            But everybody there read through these threads is a complete idiot like you

      • As usual, when your kind has nothing, they insult. So predictable and so boring. Yawn!!! But hey, if it makes you feel better, feel free to call me anything. But whatever you do, Do Not Call Me A LIBERAL!

        • Perhaps the conservative can point out the insult in my post.

          It could be considered insulting saying you listen to Rush Limbaugh, but I think you do.

          • If I have to point out your insult, then you are denser than you first appeared. As for Rush, I do not listen to him, and do not care to. Unlike you, I do not need a master to lead me, and discern for me what I should think.

          • Sure fool.
            You keep telling yourself that

  59. Obama is STUPID! So who is he to lecture anyone? He shouldn’t even be there in the first place. He should have been IMPEACHED long ago ~ He keeps wandering around like a “chicken with it’s head chopped off” ~

    • Unfortunately for you ill-informed human, in America you need evidence before you can impeach someone.

      Conservative flapping gums have never been considered evidence in the United States of America.

      Maybe in crazy conservative land, but not here.

      Perhaps Shirley would like to give us some examples of impeachable offenses?
      Trying keep them within the realm of reality.

    • “So who is he to lecture anyone”
      Much to your dismay,
      he is the leader of the Free World, Commander-In-Chief of the United States Armed Forces and YOUR PRESIDENT.

      That’s who he is.

      America’s going down the climate change Road, even with you conservatives kicking and screaming all the way.

      Liberals are kind of used to that.

      Conservatives kicked and screamed when we got you females the right to vote.
      Conservatives kicked and screamed when we passed Civil Rights Act.
      Conservatives kicked and screamed when we pass the voting rights act.

      It’s what conservatives do, they kick and scream while liberals make the country progress.

      • Sorry to disappoint you, but America doesn’t have a President let alone a leader ~ Obama is nothing more than an illegal Kenyan who took over our country as a dictator thru a fixed election. He should be thrown out immediately before there is nothing left for America to salvage! You Reality Check is a brain-washed fool of Liberals who don’t seem to know any better. I am Independent and I truly think you and the other liberals should WAKE UP before it’s TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!

        • “Obama is nothing more than an illegal Kenyan who took over our country as a dictator thru a fixed election”

          That those everyone in the world that Shirley Evans is a complete moron

  60. Most of his ilk are to stupid to know the truth, Shirley

  61. Climate myths; #1 Alarmist have been spreading lies, telling our young children, who are now entering college that for the last 19 years “global warming” is going to flood our coastlines very soon? FACT: satellite temperature measurements, the most accurate way to monitor data of the planets temperature, tell us for 19 years temperature has been FLAT 19 years. No Warming has been taken place.
    Climate myth #2; Polar ice caps are dangerously melting. FACT: again since the 1970’s satellites have measured the north and south pole ice caps, the north pole is not melting but in its normal range…the south pole has actually increased, and in a bit of irony, this increase of ice, trapped a cruise ship of global warming enthusiasts last year at the south pole area, poor mis directed believers.
    Climate myth #3: Tropical storms and hurricanes are getting worse because of global warming! Oh my run for the hills…FACT: For the last 10 years storm intensity has actually lessened and died out. Even this August, that storm they all wished would hit Florida died out and never made it to the mainland? No major storms have struck the USA for the last 10 years, WHAT HAPPEN OBAMA….maybe he and his ilk need to go back to the drawing board to invent a new scam, OZONE Layer perhaps, oh wait that’s been done. Why is it that every time a glacier receded, scientists find ancient tree stumps under where the ice once was??? Perhaps because the planet has had over 19 ice ages in its history and forests were once where the ice had covered them, over and over again. Bottom line, no industry caused these cold/warming periods, FACT; the earth goes through these cycles on its own, AND ALWAYS HAS. Global Warming caused by little old mankind can never cause these events, only nature can.

  62. Did it top the speech that Senator Hank Johnson made about Guam capsizing?

  63. Was there a unicorn in his fairytale?

  64. This guy is a delusional idiot. He really thinks he can control the wind and rain and fire and everything else. New flash! Our God and creator is in charge. The wind and the waves and the sea obey His commands. If we were smart we would obey His commands. Then send the foreign exchange student straight to the hot seat.

    • NEW FLASH.
      God is a MYTH.

      We have been sucking fetus out of women for 40 years.
      NO GOD has come.

      He on vacation?

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      He’s just an irritant, like some pesky flea. He’s been force-fed lies from his teachers and parents who no doubt were Democrats for so long, is part of his DNA.You can start from the beginning of the comments section and follow his Kool-Aid reasoning, one after the other. I would just dismiss him, as you would dismiss a child from the dinner table. But I fear that he’s not the only 61-year-old child whose mind has been so warped, that there’s no hope for them.

  65. Is as much as there have been no reliable reports of His Royal Heinie Obozo ever telling the truth and he’s now talking about global warming, it’s a pretty safe bet that we’re in for an even worse winter this year than last year.

    • No anti climate change individual is going to win the WH.

      this issue will be a death nail for any candidate.
      young people are not drinking the “Climate change hoax” kooliade.

      they think the old farts are killing the planet.

      gay marriage isn’t doing much for your cause either.

      • You give a good argument FOR raising the voting age to 25 or 30 or having a full time job for several years.

        • Your problem Tony,
          would be that I am 61 and retired.

          • I’ll call your 61 years and raise you 20. I’ve been retired 23 years and went to college on the Korean GI Bill, our first political/UN debacle.
            Everybody believes in Climate Change, it’s man-made Global Warming that’s the hoax. The EPA is all about CONTROL and POLITICS and has very little, if any, interest in climate.

            BTW: It’s TONI, short for AnTONIno.

          • Well Anthony, I will give you some kudos for being able to use a computer at your age.

            Not many can.

            That being said, your unfortunately still an idiot.

            You act like the only people involved in climate change, are US citizens.

            Seems that 80 years of age you should know there are other countries on the planet.

            All of those countries are taking climate change very seriously.

            All the G 20 countries except this backward nation, have cabinet level agencies just to deal with the issues surrounding climate change.

            How you think the EPA has anything to do with G 20 countries, is kind of evidence to you being a vacant conservative watching too much HATE media.

          • Just using some common sense Antonio,
            how do you think 7 billion people, spewing billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year, CAN’T HAVE ANY EFFECT?

            You think the planet is a super absorbent trashcan?

            Before you mention volcanoes, the best look that up, because they produce nowhere near what humans do

        • Are you still looking for some rebuttal information, Anthony?

      • You give a good reason FOR raising the voting age to 25 or 30.

      • You make a good argument FOR raising the voting age to 25 or 30.

  66. He’s preaching to the wrong audience! The only one who can help this situation is GOD, & somehow, I have a feeling he doesn’t listen much to what obama wants, or believes!The earth has always had these temp. cycles. Next thing (if we last that long) we’ll be hearing about, will be the cold!(& that’t supposed to be on it’s way!

  67. Taking care of business!

    Gee. Sorry I missed it. Ha.

  68. He will stoop to almost anything to detract attention from his failure to negotiate a successful agreement with Iran. When will he ever be able to do his job to keep us safe!

    • Hmmm
      24/7 monitoring by the IAEA of all their nuclear sites, sounds pretty good to normal people.

      taking away 96% of their nuclear material sounds good to normal people.

      WHY do you want to go to war?

      are you desperate for your kids to die?

    • I feel WAY safer than I would with one of your trigger happy fools in charge.

      the last president you fool put up started TWO WARS.

  69. The jokes on US., Common Core education, and liberal idiot journalism has ensured that these jokers can’t even read the raw facts, both government and private sector, that disprove the Obamanation’s assertions. There is conflicting, uncensored raw data on every “statement of fact” by ole Barry. Anyone who has any idea of statistical data review knows that when you cherry pick data you can make it say anything you want it to say. This administration is the top of the cherry pickers list!

    • since Common Core is a 2 year old program, I doubt anyone advising the president has been influenced by it. So much for your broad knowledge base.

      perhaps you can link us to those RAW FACTS that will show us the big mistake.
      YOU seem convinced.

      “There is conflicting, uncensored raw data on every “statement of fact” by ole Barry.”

      wow, you seem to SURE of yourself.
      linking this info should be pretty easy for you.

      I am going to be so embarrassed for you when you bail and don’t prove your vomit.

    • “This administration is the top of the cherry pickers list!”

      So can you explain why the rest of the G-20 have cabinet level agencies to deal JUST with climate Change issues.

      they all getting info from Obama as well?

      Oh, maybe it’s evil Soros.
      He’s in your talking point library, right?

  70. These people already know more about the climate than o’phony will ever know . All obozo knows about the climate is what gore has told him — jump on to this band wagon and we can fleece more people into believing our BS.

    • Unfortunately, Gerry, your silly version of the administration is as silly as you seem to be.

      Why are conservatives such disingenuous Aholes?

      ” All obozo knows about the climate is what gore has told him”

      this is YOU being a disingenuous Ahole.

      would Gerry care to share the info that convinced him that it’s a hoax?
      Rush Limpdick is not proof.

      • You are a total waste of oxygen and not worth the effort to make you see because you are a typical libtard moron who refuses to see the truth even if it slaps you up side the head. Try obozo trying to promote solar energy to a village that sees maybe a month of sunlight in the course of a year — real intelligent !!!!!!!!!! And before calling some one else an azzhole — you had better look in the mirror and see the biggest one looking back at you.

        • Another conservative bails when pushed for references.

          You think to the “normal” reader, that makes you the informed one in the conversation?

          Just reinforces the fact that conservatives deal only in talking points, not facts.

  71. Climate change is CREATED by 15 countries using geoengineering and the climate has been CONTROLLED by over 50 years. Visit by Dane Wigington. Our appointed president is using the weather which has been created by our country as well as 14 others as an excuse to further tax and control us.

    • “Climate change is CREATED by 15 countries using geoengineering and the climate has been CONTROLLED by over 50 years”

      is there any doubt that conservatives are short a loaf or two?

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      Reality Check is just a child who wants attention,.My guess he /she can’t afford an X-Box or a Yo-Yo. My guess it’s a Yo-Yo being played with ! anything else would tax his/she reasoning abilities…..

  72. It needs to start with obummer regime change, then Hope will return into the Land! Also the entire bankrupt and morally decrepid obama legislation and outrages need to be repealed in full!
    On the top of the List is the the so called affordable care act!

  73. I didn’t know he had a PHD in global science?

    • he has a NASA and NOA and a Cal Tech to name a few.

      your degree is in?

      one needs a degree in “climate Science” not global science, silly

      • Lying sack of shit. All he has is a law degree. He was a civil rights attorney, and a community organizer. All he can do is organize racists!

  74. Obummer is the “JOKE”. He has been sucked in or bought by the radical liberal, progressive, commie socialist EU and UN elites like George Soros and others. Communist Russia along with the Brits Fabian Society, Cloward and Piven, Sal Alinsky, Bill Ayers and family and friends, all card carrying commies, have been trying to create the USSA for almost a century. Even Obummer’s family and friends were all card carrying commies. It has been speculated that BHO was fathered by a hard core commie named Frank Marshall Davis as his mother always had multiple “partners” in her early life. BHO and the Clintons even rubbed elbows with Alinsky, a Chicago native. BHO even lived with Bill Ayers’ family while going to primary school in Chicago. So, don’t tell me that BHO isn’t a commie. Most of his cabinet are, those that worship Mao, Che and Castro. Valarie Jarrett came from a socialist home. All of them have socialistic agendas. Remember Van Jones??? Global warming (gw) and climate change (cc) and now environmental justice (ej) are all hypes (crisis) that must be heeded immediately !!!! Never let a crisis go to waste !!!! There have always been warm spells, but it always cools down. What, a “warming trend” of ~ 1*C over the last century ??? That’s a crisis ???? My a$$. Yes, Johnny, the climate changes and has always since the beginning of life and civilizations. Hot …. cold …. hot …. freezing …. warm …. cool …. . The commies have lost and they refuse to admit defeat. The US of A needs to ship the UN and their minions to the EU, divorce our selves from the IMF the EMB and the rest of the world. Cut he fed budget by 10% per every four years for the next two decades, cut off funding to those that hate us, build a heavy duty 20 foot concrete fence with a 20 foot anchor at the the southern border, start enforcing the existing immigration laws as written, tell the US judges to not to make up the laws at BHOs will, shut down the DOE, EPA, IRS, and many other duplicate agencies, bring states rights back. Do away with political favors, pork barrel policies, lobbyist, behind the scenes visits from radical liberal, progressive commie jerks, no more million dollar vacations for the FLOTUS and kids and friends several times a year. No more mister nice guy, Obummer. No more in the face back room deals, arm twisting (like the bully LBJ did), “passing the bill so we can see what’s in it”, allowing 24 hours or less before voting on legislation. HEY !!! AMERICA, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COMMIE CRAP IN DC. IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUT THE RADICAL LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE, SOCIALIST, COMMIE TRASH, NOW.

  75. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    How can anyone believe in a proven liar like Barack Obama? He should be looked up to a polygraph machine every time he makes a statement. Then these imbeciles who follow him around like puppies, will know the truth.but then again they’re Democrats right or wrong. Okay

    • You see the problem with your premise is that Obama has never been proven a letter,
      it’s just what you conservatives say over and over and over and over and over and over again.

      I will ask you to cite a couple.
      You will of course mention, “you can keep your doctor”.

      Now is when it is going to get tricky for the conservative .

      You guys are only programmed with one lie.

      Let’s see you come up with some other ones.

      I predict Joseph will make excuses and bail

      • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

        I will have the most transparent administration in history.

        The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs.

        I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.

        The IRS is not targeting anyone.

        I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds
        conflict and cynicism”.

        You didn’t build that!

        I will restore trust in Government.

        The Cambridge
        cops acted stupidly.

        The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on

        It’s not my red line – it is the world’s red line.

        Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.

        We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and
        companies, with interest.

        I am not spying on American citizens.

        Obama Care will be good for America .

        You can keep your family doctor.

        Premiums will be lowered by $2500.

        If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan.

        It’s just like shopping at Amazon.

        I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning
        Mexican drug cartels.

        I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups.

        I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi .

        I have never known my uncle from Kenya who is in the
        illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the
        country over 20
        years ago.

        And, I have never lived with that uncle. He finally admitted
        12-05-2013 ) that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live
        with him.

        • Knowing good do is link to him saying those words.

          Conservatives are notorious liars
          take this for example
          “The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs.”

          It funded tens of thousands of jobs, all over the country.
          If you didn’t see the signs posted all over the place the construction projects funded by the stimulus, you must be blind or the moron I feel you are.

          Again, may be a link would help.

          • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

            You do enough feeling of yourself, you don’t need to feel for me.your Democratic Party is running this country into the ground.Case in point Look at 90% of the major cities in the US are run by Democrats. Now why don’t you find out how many of them are operating in the black. When you do that, then we will address another problem with the Democrats, and liberals have done.

          • Most of them are running in the black silly conservative.

            New York City is doing fine and the largest city in America.
            Los Angeles San Francisco San Diego, Seattle, Portland.

            I am a couple of red states that are about to implode.
            Louisiana and Indiana have serious budget issues.

            Of course the ignorant conservative is in aware of those things.
            Is not like right wing propaganda tells you people facts

          • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

            You’re so full of it, Most of the cities are borderline ready file bankruptcy. 90% of the black communities in the large cities, are run by black Democrats which do nothing for their constituents, except give them welfare checks. while they line their pockets. Over half of them live in squalor, and you know it too be true. so keep drinking the Kool-Aid and take your crap and peddle it somewhere else.

          • Well we can help but notice, Joseph didn’t link me to any relevant stories or articles.

            Does Joseph think his flapping gums are evidence?

            You’re really good at reciting talking points you hear on Fox News and right wing hate radio but you’re not really good at proving that your not just a bag of hot air.

          • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

            Why don’t you show me proof that I’m wrong on any of the so-called talking points. And they’re not talking points their
            facts. Why don’t you get off your lazy butt and look up these talking points and prove them wrong. Now you just want to run your mouth like all good Democrats. And it good example of a good Democrat is Joe Biden. But I say just wallow in your stupidity.

  76. This porch monkey is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Beware there is an imbecile among us and his name is morgan. read his comments at the risk of your sanity.

  78. Text books are being printed changing history. Average SAT scores are dropping all over the country.

    The raw historical data on mean temperatures across the globe without censoring compared with satellite data are all within the margin of error and most of the reports touting “warming” now “climate change”,stop short of explaining events like the Medieval Warm Period. The glaciers have retreated faster than they are today before we burned fossil fuels. The data without politically motivated opinion is readily available. Global “cooling” was the name of the game from the predictive models in the 70’s which I actually read at the time. NASA’s long term data refutes global warming. Solar cycle data also refutes (review John Casey’s work). Billions of dollars are spent supporting the IPCC whose report proved politically tainted from the internal emails of the most ardent panel members. Should we care about, and preserve the environment, of course. Should we review raw data rather than censored, time-limited, data before we put thousands of coal miners out of work? Absolutely. The liberal press prints without fact checking. Critical thinking (“climate change discussion is settled?”) is discouraged. The agenda is clearly do as I say. Raw data and the predictive “warming” models conflict.

    • I see you’re too timid to post a link to any of your vomit.

      Why is that?

      No-confidence in your sources?

      Why does every country in the G 20 short of the US have a cabinet level agency to deal with the effects of climate change?

      They all Obama slaves as well?

      I wonder how Obama convinced the Pope, considering is a Muslim and all

  79. I read somewhere recently that the problem in the arctic was that the earth had tipped on its axis slightly more than usual. That would certainly affect the arctic. But the enormous increase in people on the planet has a lot to do with climate change. Perhaps it is time to reduce the herd.

  80. F this race pimp.!!!

  81. Since the claims of climate change have been proven as lies and deceptions it fits right in with Obama’s lies and deceptions. Tell a lie enough times and people will believe it to be true. obama is a pathological liar.

    • Since every reputable scientist on the planet thinks your a lying piece of crap,
      perhaps you could link us to some of those scientists who feel it’s a lie?

      I was feeling David won’t post squat.

      Conservatives are vacant meat sacks full of talking points and hot air.

      Real factual evidence not so much

      • Your name calling only shows that you are a liberal with no facts, just emotional hissy fits. Do your own research. I will not engage in name calling with you. Go troll a liberal site where your comments will be considered intelligent.

        • Sorry David.
          You are no longer allowed to lie on the Internet.
          Post shit and I will call it out

          • Then you had better check your facts. Does this mean that you will be calling out Obama on his lies? You are going to be very busy with the lies and deceptions of the liberal propaganda. If as you say lies are not allowed, then we would have to shut down the main stream media since they don’t report the news. Just a liberal version of the news which makes them the news rather than reporting it.

          • Well since Obama doesn’t lie
            I have nothing to worry about.

            Maybe you can link me to some of Obama’s lies since they are so plentiful.

          • Are you really that disconnected from reality that you believe that? Or are you a pathological liar as Obama is? Google Obama’s lies, there is one site that list over 1,000 lies.

  82. “Any
    so-called leader who does not take this issue seriously or treats it
    like a joke is not fit to lead,” Obama thundered. “On this issue of all
    issues, there is such a thing as being too late. And that moment is
    almost upon us.” – See more at:
    so-called leader who does not take this issue seriously or treats it
    like a joke is not fit to lead,” Obama thundered. “On this issue of all
    issues, there is such a thing as being too late. And that moment is
    almost upon us.” – See more at:

  83. The government could screw up a crowbar.

  84. Stupid nigger. Talking to people that have less sunlight than anyone in the lower 48.

  85. I’d refer to him as a clown, but I have some respect for members of the entertainment community.

  86. It’s funny how all these fascist control freaks are always telling us all the money WE have to cough up, and all the freedoms WE have to do without, and that it has to be done RIGHT NOW IF NOT SOONER; all to “solve” a problem that even they are claiming won’t happen for decades. Conveniently, they’ll all be dead and gone, and won’t have to answer for their lies; but in the meantime, they will have stolen our money and made us live like Third World peasants. Not that THEIR high on the hog lifestyle will be affected one damned bit.

    Hands off, control freak hypocrites!

    • DO TELL me about all the Money you have had to “cough up” so far?

      And while you are at it, lets hear about the Freedoms you have lost?
      or will lose?

      sounds like a lot of whining with little FACT to justify it.

      additionally, we don’t have to wait long, as sea levels are rising as we speak.
      CO2 levels continue to rise.

      • Wow, the oceans are rising…wow, they’re almost at our front door! Oh NO, WE’RE ALL DROWNING…AHHHHH!!! HELP! HELP! HELP!

        Oh yeah, that’s right: its just the likes of you trying to bullshit everyone into believing that the sky is falling.

        As for money and freedom: it has taken us over a year to get this piece of shit “smart” meter the hell off of OUR house. A year during which some faceless jackass out side of our home gets to determine how much electricity we use, and when. This device was installed without our knowledge or consent. Of course, they gave us the standard party line about how its going to “help the earth” by reducing our “carbon footprint”, blah blah blah.

        You wanna be a good little slave? Wanna crawl on your knees, and pretend that you’re “saving the earth”when all you’re doing is paying more and getting less? Rich assholes like Al Gore and Matt Damon and bonny Prince Charles jet around the world in private jets lecturing us peasants about how our “selfish” desires to live like human beings are going to blow up the solar system. And brain dead imbeciles like nod ya head

  87. “Citi Announces $100 Billion, 10-Year Commitment to Finance Sustainable Growth”

    “New York – Citi announced today a landmark commitment to lend, invest
    and facilitate a total of $100 billion within the next 10 years to
    finance activities that reduce the impacts of climate change and create
    environmental solutions that benefit people and communities.

    previous $50 billion goal was announced in 2007 and was met three years
    early in 2013.”

    I guess wall street thinks it’s a hoax too.

  88. I want to thank Reality Check for supporting my “expectorant” comments that no one seems personally interested in checking the actual, raw and uncensored data.

    There is of course no point in any reference to the infamous 600 year Hockey Stick graph by University of Virginia professor, Michael Mann that started much of the debate in 1998, was expanded to 1000 years in 1999 by the same source, and then subsequently found to conveniently have ignored both the Medieval Warm Period followed by The Little Ice Age, which when added back in, smoothed things out a bit. Oops. But, of course, Al Gore still uses it anyway.

    In the same vain, Obama’s climate tirade last week on the fastest retreat of Exit Glacier and the impending climate apocalypse conveniently ignored the history of Exit’s historical retreat summarized as retreating faster between 1914 and 1917, and retreating steadily since 1816 (source: National Park Service). Not a lot of man-made fossil fuel consumption the early 1800’s.

    And then finally we can add the NOAA/NASA claims that July 2015 was the hottest month ever. Unfortunately that too proved to be false (Robert Goddard @ Real Climate Science and also by Tom Harris @ Climate Science Coalition, and also by NASA themselves that the increases were well beyond their own margin of error).

    Lots of money to made in the name of Climate Change hysteria. And when we use up our carbon credit “entitlement” I guess social media will come to a standstill (drats)! So, I apologize for the extended reply, and have decided life is too short to continue to think and suggest fact check validation. Liberal lunacy will continue (Obama, Gore, Hilary (one “L”), That said, I shall discontinue my account and any commentary going forward because I’m not sure anyone really cares about statistical validation, aka “the truth” anymore.

  89. Love how this all comes up now. Smoke and mirrors
    “We at are collecting signatures to put INDEPENDENCE on the voting ballots in over 20 states and to pressure another 11 state legislatures to vote to put independence on the ballot!

    So join us now and help collect signatures”

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