Professor: Michigan is Product of White Supremacy

According to Professor Joseph Kuilema of Calvin College, his school and the state of Michigan in which it resides is a product of white supremacy. Kuilema penned an op-ed last Friday in response to a recent incident where a couple of students used the freshly fallen snow to draw swastikas on several cars.

Kuilema wants his readers to know that you don’t have to draw racist symbols on vehicles to be a racist. In fact, you only need to be white.

“What occurred was not an isolated incident, a freak occurrence in an otherwise loving and inclusive community,” Kuilema wrote in the school paper. “While few members of this community openly espouse white supremacy, many members of our community continue to deny white privilege. It must be clearly stated that those who deny white privilege functionally believe in white supremacy, whether they have the courage to write it on a car or not.”

Kuilema, apparently disappointed that his college hasn’t seen the exciting racial strife making headlines elsewhere in the country, went on to incite students by claiming that their school and even their home state had a disturbing history.

“White supremacy created slavery and Jim Crow, but when it was combined with its Calvinist cousin Manifest Destiny…it also created Michigan,” he wrote. “The land on which Calvin College sits was stolen from what our own Declaration of Independence termed ‘the merciless Indian savages’ by the Treaty of Chicago in 1821. Calvin College would not exist without racism.”

Kuilema concludes that anyone who denies the existence of white privilege – anyone who buys into the myth of American meritocracy – is just as guilty of white supremacy as a blatant racist.

A Dangerous Story

It would be nice to think of this as a lone liberal cuckoo who hasn’t seen the sun in a while, but Kuilema is merely reciting the new theme of today’s academic elites. And this concept of white privilege, ignored for too long by conservatives who didn’t realize how radical our college campuses were becoming, threatens to do irreparable damage to the country.

How could it be that after more than forty years of affirmative action, desegregation, racial quotas, and welfare that black Americans are still suffering? How could it be that black incarceration rates remain so high? How could it be that black income levels remain so low? The liberal intelligentsia knew they had to come up with an answer to these questions. They had one of two choices: either push the theory that blacks were inherently less capable than whites or admit that their cherished Democrat Party policies accomplished the opposite of their stated goal.

Well, they weren’t going to admit the latter, and they knew they couldn’t come right out and say the former, even though that’s exactly what they believe. So they found a way to say it without saying it. They invented white privilege and it gave them a way to look down on racial minorities without coming across like the Ku Klux Klan.

This theory is still mostly relegated to liberal campuses and extreme-left websites. But the danger here is that mainstream Democrats, realizing they have to come up with something that will let them push these same failed policies long into the future, will pick it up and run with it.

What happens in an America where white people are deemed racist out of the womb and black people are forced to endure another generation of Democrat “help”?

Ferguson, Baltimore…that’s just a preview.


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    • Blacks who can’t speak out for themselves? What universe do you live in? Blacks dominate this country…look no further than the racists in the White House.

    • So what would they speak or be proud of, their high criminal activities, first in prison population, rioting, having babies with no fathers (73% single black family households), building of huge ghetto’s, neighborhoods where it is unsafe for anyone to walk in day or night, last in high school graduation, drug selling, killing each other in huge numbers night after night? You let me know what there is to be so proud of.

      • Paula amd Glenn, I think you missed Tom’s point. For all of the diversity they spew, only 3 old white people are running on the democratic ticket. I’ve always said, the democratic party oppresses the poor, keeps them dependent, and it secures their party base.

  2. The sad thing is, the color of one’s skin is deceptive. How many Whites are actually Black, and how many Blacks are actually White? To go one step further, the White race is one of the most racially diverse races out there. Especially when it comes to many of their ancestries. The old adage is, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, or in this case, a person by their color.

    • The majority of blacks don’t have an ancestry…..
      However, whoopi jew looks like an ape from Africa~

      • Everyone has an ancestry. It’s just that not everyone knows who they are.

        • The majority of blacks are fortunate if they have
          two branches on their tree-
          In todays birth of blacks, they’re lucky to have one~

        • And I KNOW I was very fortunate to have very good father and mother. Lot’s of “societies problems” do not KNOW who 1 or either of their parents are. You KNOW a LOT of them are “obola-ites…

          • Same here, my parents were the best they could be.

          • Amen. Merry Christmas and the best to you and yours, always.

          • Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you and yours and the best to all, also.

          • Another name for them (democrats) would be Sodo-mites !

          • Sadly I think you hit the nail on the head. These islam apologists/enablers are gonna love sharia law. I”ll be dead (hopefully taking ALL them ass holes with me ) long before I get to pick 1 conversion to their cult, 2 subjugation 3 execution. I pick # 4 DO ALL I can to exterminate as many of the muslims and ANY domestic enemies I do “encounter” if “the lights go out(literally)and the SHTF”. Best to you and yours, always.

          • What really surprises me, Is the fact I’ve got 3 friends of mine that were active duty top snipers, one that was in Vietnam, has now passed along, a second one that was in on the airfield when Manuel Noriega got removed in Panama in 1989, and the third, a friend’s son, that did 2 tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a top sniper, and I’ve always wondered just how in the hell has this POS at 1600 Pennslyvania not been kissed ! Merry Christmas to all, and many thanks to all who’ve bravely served this country.

          • I’ll be happy and glad to do this for OUR country and ALL the GOOD (only) USA citizens. Just need a clear line of sight and a decent sighted in scope. 30.06 between eyes should do the trick. And I KNOW there are plenty of OUR fellow countrymen who share our sentiment..

      • You are basically saying God made a mistake.

        • I didn’t, but you did and I agree if you believe
          in that stuff- I personally don’t believe they’re
          a product of this rock we live on~

        • I believe in God but there is one thing there is no way I can even begin to answer. Why did God produce such an evil thing as a human. Just looking at the way it started out with Cain and Abel it should have been a clue the direction humans would be taking.

  3. Professor Kuilema lead by example and do a self castration. C’mon put your money where your money where your(ahem) mouth is.

    • You know this “it” is most likely a “steer or a queer”.
      I have a good short term job for this”it”
      (land) mine clearing so that at last this worthless pos left wing scumbag would finally do something “useful”
      Fire this pos asap!

      • Academia always finds a tenured position for the socialist scum of the earth. Columbia University once offered Leon Trotsky a position. Bill Ayers is a prime example. Time to restart the House Committee on Unamerican Activities and have Nuremberg type trials for these vermin.

        • Where is another Joe McCarthy when you really need him?

          • Hey. I am GOOD at “cleaning house and taking out the trash”. Now this duty I would volunteer for. And you KNOW you should think real hard usually about volunteering for “extra chores and jobs” in military. Hey I wasn’t quite all there when I enlisted and my buds used to think I was crazy. Hey I’m still here and I hope they ALL are too…Best, always.

          • Jim, I tried getting in the National Guard about 15-18 months, but they wont allow you over 45. I thought that due to the fact I’d come out of a an automotive parts and service background, factory rep in all 50 states as a National Sales Director, and many years of upper management, I could at least help in various aspects. I wished I could have.

          • I hear you brother. I tried to go back on active duty but was told little too old and “too far around the bend”. Them ass holes can kiss my ass. I am fine. Anyway I am sad to say where I live is an “extremely target rich area ” all sorts of ass holes who need to be GONE! ASAP!!

          • With the shape this country is in, we could use hundreds of thousands of Joe McCarthys right now!

          • Whoa, sorry, but I am old enough to remember that scenario, listened to it daily. He started out meaning well and sort of went nuts and destroyed a number of people who were innocent. One of the major stoolie rats was Walt Disney, who had a hidden agenda, that worked. To this day, I have never gone to Disneyland or world, or bought any products, movies, etc, connected to him. He was a traitor, that got away with it. But I know what you are driving at in principle. Trey Gowdy would be an excellent AG, if they let him live.

          • McCarthy has been proven he was RIGHT 100% of the time……try to name one other person in politics that evens comes close…….anyone destroyed back then was a traitor and just like today traitors should be terminated/hung/shot/eliminated.

          • He was right a lot of the time but no one is right 100% of the time. He missed a few real biggies, actually he didn’t miss them he just let them off in exchange for info on others. We have traitors today in high places that would have been tried and hung in previous decades. And this is the first time in my life, at 74, that a president would welcome the enemy into this country and a congress that would go along with it. In every state there is a little manipulation here, a little there, where sharia law is concerned. This is going to end badly for this country if our armed forces leaders do not step up the plate and at least try to bat, even a groundie would be a pleasant hit at this point in time..what are we looking at, pensions versus patriotism, complacency versus cowardice? I hate it that my mind even goes to those thoughts but I am a realist. You don’t invite the fox into the damn henhouse, they will kill and eat the chickens. I am going to go way out on a limb here on something I have believed for many years, you cannot have a true caliphate without Turkey being involved. I did see a chart that shows all of these, what is the new pc word for them, oh yes, “special’ groups(sharia oriented) all lead to the aforementioned country for a base. Imagine that. Also, saw a chart showing that for a hundred miles from the outer edge of all our borders, to inland, is called No Constitution Zones under the guise of homeland security. Scared the you know what out of me as I am in part of that zone…Merry Christmas to all on this site, it may be one of the last times we are allowed to say that, after all, it has the word CHRIST in it…P

        • Sad but true. Time for a MAJOR housecleaning…

          • To include disinfecting and fumigating. Washington is in dire need of tons of WASHING…to play on the word. George, Thomas, Benjamin and their buddies who risked everything for our Liberty and Benefits would likely “hit the ceiling” if they were here to see what’s going on today. They were a brilliant bunch. Unfortunately opportunists seized onto the good thing. The current Kenyan imposter at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue legislating form his Crescent Office has created a national debt greater than that of all the former Presidents combined–thanks to low information voters who put him there. Let’s hope and strive for the best in November 2016 and January 2017. God Bless the Greatest Nation on Earth.

          • Amen. What you think about a (very large) funeral pyre for all the removed “trash”. Best, always.

      • And I will sign off on your proposal to put IT to work doing something useful Jim. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Typical progressive alinskyite propagandist masquerading as a teacher

  5. IT IS JUST all about getting the govt to pay them back for all the wrongs the white man did to generations past hundreds of years ago. Even though plenty of us,our ancestors, have been wronged also. This is the liberals ideals that the govt can right all wrongs,make life fair for all, fix any one that has been offended or a victim or their feelings hurt. Just part of the redistribution of wealth scheme and pushing for the fundamental transformation of America into another third world nation. By hook or by crook they are willing to after it with their mainstream media and public education system and public unions backing them.You see the commies,muslims, our enemies are trying to destroy the capitalist system cause they know that drives the economy and makes it go. Then they try to overwhelm the system with the record debt, millions of illegals,releasing tens of thousands of illegal criminals,tens of thousands of muslim terrorist refugees coming in, both of them bringing diseases here we have not scene in decades , overwhelming the schools with all these children coming with them, obamacare overwhelming the medical and healthcare part as well as expanding medicaid over whelmed it more, then we have obama attacking the police and that makes them back away from doing their jobs, and the social activists and community organizers stirring up black lives matter,occupy wall street, black panthers, college students, veterans dying with no care, all the foreign aid and now monies for climate change in the billions going also . obama learned this from saul alinsky, and cloward/pevin and other professors of his. Then he had frank marshall davis as his mentor,bill ayersasaf riend, rev. wright as his pastor, valeri jarret as his white house advisor, al sharpton as his point man for race relations, tony resco as his mortgage lender, and the story goes on a lot farther. Needless to say obama hates the U,S.A. , Christians, and Conservatives and has used the govt , like the IRS (not a smidegen of corruption there he said)toattac k them and lois lerner pleaded the fifth multiple times. Wise and wake up people hillary is no better and may be worse.

  6. Michigan is the product of failed democratic policies you liberal moron professor! Just like the rest of you lying POS’s.

    • Not any different than any other states who’s major cities have been predominantly controlled by democrats like Illinois, New York, California to name a few. At what point do enough parents raise up and refuse to pay the exorbitant tuition fees our liberal universities they extort from them until they start equalizing out their staffs instead of having the lunatic left outnumbering conservatives by 75-25%? These whacked out liberal professors need to be outfitted with cement boots and dumped overboard.

      • Hell yeah. I am a R stranded in a major “sanctuary city”. Solidly corrupt and solidly (sadly) D.
        On the bright side , when the SHTF I am in a “VERY target rich area”…

        • JIm – I feel for you brother, I’ve lived in several of the larger “sanctuary cities”, and now live in the bluest of the blue states and love it ! In the 2012 election, the blues won just under 67% of the votes. Traffic moves about 5-10 times faster, you’ve got far friendlier citizens residing here, the cost of living is far less here, you don’t have nearly the number of people showing you their IQ with their middle finger, you can buy gas for under $1.60 per gallon. And although I used to fly in and out twice weekly for years, I live about 27 miles from the airport, and I could make it from my house to the airport usually within 30-40 minutes (45-minutes in rush hour). Good luck and Merry Christmas !

          • I do not understand your post. Blue means democrap.

          • Sorry, my real bad, thanks for catching that one for me. I had’t slept in 4 days.

          • Phew. I was concerned for a minute! lol

          • Are you SURE you live in “blue” state? I was (perhaps mistakenly..?) under the impression that blue means D and R is red. I lived many years in a deep R state in the deep South and I thought it was MUCH better there than the cesspool S.City, I am stranded in. Hint it is 100% corrupt and mainly 1 party , D, and the little dick-head mayor is sitting on a time bomb (police shootings-executions(?) and all these BLM dik stains are demanding he resign.
            And the gun laws here are VERY restrictive. You know the old saying..”when guns are outlawed, I become an outlaw”… Best, always.

          • You meant REDdest of the “RED” States. …so as to not provide “fodder” for the low-information voters. May we know which State you now love? I’d like to know. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and I wish you and the Nation the very best of change back to Constitutional government OF We the People, BY We the People and FOR We the People in 2016.

          • What? Are you losing it? Or confused like most liberals?

          • TBS – The only thing I can think that caused a statement like this, is the fact I screwed up royally in an earlier post, by calling the two colored states out as the opposite of what they are. It got brought my attention shortly thereafter, and I corrected it. My bad ! I’d gotten temporarily sidetracked and can’t believe I made that kind of blunder ! The only association I’ve with blue state people, is I often find myself wanting to choke the living crap out of so many libturd’s until they turn blue in the face !

          • We all have “brain farts” now and then. Not to worry. Best, always.

          • No worry, I did correct it almost immediately B4 catching my own. Thanks !

          • How can you love living in a blue state, actually I believe you are color blind!

        • We left California in 1993. The best thing we ever did!

          • The problem is that liberals move. Wherever there’s a healthy economy — invariably the product of principles to which they are diametrically opposed — that’s where they go. Then they set about turning their new home into the nightmare they fled.

            Just look at Texas.

          • I know. Liberals remind me of Muslims. They make someplace a sh!thole. Then they decide they don’t like it, so they move and do the same thing to the next place they land.

          • A very apt comparison!

          • That is a shame. Spent a bit of time in parts of C (training, in military)and it’s an absolutely beautiful place. Best, always.

        • Me too. Having viewed some of the crap for the last 2yrs, I am amazed that anyone would vote for a democrat. I am old enough to remember when people from every state came to Mich to get a job in the auto industry and they worked hard, they weren’t on welfare, don’t think it existed then. No races were barred from working in those factories, the problem was, some segments didn’t want to work, they wanted to sit on their lazy and whine. Eventually the true working class began to move out of the 3 major working cities here and the whiners took over, the politics, the beautiful homes, etc. and destroyed what they coveted. Gotta have dem drugs and ho’s. However, the Chief of Police in Detroit was honest enough to warn the citizens to arm themselves in anticipation of attack.

          • That cop was smart. I have a lot of friends in law enforcement. They want me to be armed. All who are legal citizens and of GOOD character and morals should be armed. The sheriff(?) in Milwaukee (black guy) he is GOOD and cares about his city. He talks nothing but common sense and the TRUTH. I hope he is always well and safe. Take care, best, always..

          • My home was broken into once in daytime when nobody was present. A local policeman who investigated asked me if I owned a firearm. My answer was no. He suggested I buy one and “make sure you are licensed to carry.” I followed up as he recommended. Fortunately I’ve not had to use it.

          • And remember to “aim from the neck up”…

          • No, center mass is the easiest target to hit. Use hollow point ammo. Trying to hit someone who is moving in the head or even standing still is beyond even most police. The police are taught to aim for the biggest target also. They all carry hollow points.

          • I prefer head shots. Agree center mass easiest but I seldom miss less than 300yds. Best, always.

          • Than you are one in a million, most police couldn’t hit someone in the head at 50 feet. Heck most people couldn’t. Don’t give the majority the wrong information. You could get someone killed.

          • I hear you. With a handgun I can nail head from 100 yds. in, easily. With rifle (no scope) easily 100-300 yds. With scope up to 500-600 yds. Best, always.
            Happy New Years to you and yours…

          • Happy New Year and may God keep you and yours and our USA in the palm of his hand in 2016. God knows we need it.

          • 10-4 and Amen…

      • We could chum ’em .

      • Ill supply the cement, boat & deep water

      • Send your youth to Hillsdale. It takes no fed funds and actually educates! Wow! what a concept.

      • New Jersey, Maryland and Michigan can be added to your list.

  7. Is he talking about the whole state or just parts like Detroit? From what I see the liberals have to offer there is not much to worry about but then again some are content to live in a slum. The problem is the liberals never bother to look at what actually they are offering. They want you to believe in their form of utopia.

    • Some of these people couldn’t wait to drive ‘whitey’ out of Detroit, Flint, Pontiac. Beautiful homes where they could live were destroyed and or ghettoed and there is never enough to satiate their so called pain. They need to take a good hard look at those huts overseas they came from when their fellow citizens caught and sold them into slavery. If they hadn’t fallen into slavery, they would still be there living in squalor. It would be cheaper to purchase tickets and send you back to your desired land instead of welfaring you here. Bon Voyage.

    • I thought of Detroit, immediately. But all inter-cities are corrupt, gang ridden, run down and poor. Whose fault is that? All these places are run by Democrats…black & white.

      As for the commie-utopia, they want the “working man” to have his fair share of the pie. And you should “prosper from the fruits of your labor.” What the lefties offer is welfare, unlimited abortions, freebees and the dangerous rhetoric that whites are holding you down and back.

      But NO ONE ever brings up all the federally funded organizations that target blacks ONLY — White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. And Obama’s My Brothers Keeper…to help young men & boys of color. The list is long.
      Professors that spew that sick & racist garbage should be fired and have their teaching certificate voided!
      (Paul…sorry for the rant…this stuff makes me angry)

  8. This guy is a total idiot — if he doesnt like his meal ticket -get the hell out -we dont need u here!!!!!!!

    • James Doty Amen, he is also a Racist, sounds like HE benefited from color when he got help getting ADMITED into COLLEGE due to diversity. percentages

      • Robert we probably paid for his college also as most go on the meal ticket because of their race.

        • I’m sick and tired of all these liberal/progressive democraps that tend to occupy the vast majority of professorships in higher academia and continue to spew out their socialistic viewpoints and spread racism, radicalism/socialism and their hatred for this nation. I fully understand that most, if not all of our colleges/universities are run by the lefties, but enough is enough ! Why not start by providing them with a valid education instead of an indoctrination. Their parents have paid through the nose for their education, and both the students and the parents are loosing out big time. I would guess the reason for this is that most of them likely haven’t ever had to work hard for a living. Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve had many great teachers, but they chose their career to provide others with a valuable education instead of becoming the bottom feeders that so many of them have become. ( I hope this doesn’t offend any catfish or carp ) !

          • It sure appears from the profs that I know and love that are lefties that their desire to cling to the womb of university is an extension of their parents’ basement. Many are just too incapable of existing in the real world.

            “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” (And those liberals “know it” on the exhorbitant fees we all pay to their organizations of what have now become unchallenged closed mindedness.)

          • I’d agree with you wholeheartedly add to this that since they’re all protected by the various teacher/university unions, where it makes it damn hard to get rid of or fire them despite their poor performance, their going way beyond in many cases to teach what they were hired to without injecting their own personal opinions or beliefs as facts. And with the continual increases in tuition fees etc. Then depending on how long there tenure is. I read about one woman who although having 15-20 years, hadn’t performed well for years. She took an early retirement or leave and would receive close to $175K and healthcare for the rest of her life. Not much different than most of the do-nothing congress,

        • Glenn 398 Thanks for your reply Have a nice evening
          Merry CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

          • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and may God bless you and your love ones

          • Glenn398Thanks

          • You’re welcome. Back in the 40s and 50s this country was religious and conservative. We had very little crime in this nation and where I lived didn’t lock our cars or homes, kids played from morning to dark and no one ever worried if anybody was going to try and harm them, taxes were low, it only took the man working to support a family while the mother took care of the kids and home. Today none of that is true and people think we have progressed. People argue whether there is a God or not but what they don’t realize is even if there wasn’t it was a guide on healthy living and loving relationships. Those of us that know there is a God and live like God wants us to still have those loving and healthy relationships but it has gotten to the point where we are becoming a rare breed. God protected this nation when we recognize him but wonder if there is much left for him to save anymore.

          • Glenn398, From what you just sent e must be close in ages as I remember all of the items you commented on. I just turned 80 in August Take care mail me often and we can speak of the great past of the country WE both love Bless you and your family, Yes there is a GOD

          • Yes we are close as I am 75 and remember when this country was a great country and a country to be proud of, but really can’t say that today.

          • I am 81, and was born in August, and yes; there is a God that I worship. Merry Christmas.

          • Joseph Light thanks for your comment  Have a nice dayMERRY CHRISTMAS  TO you and yoursBob

          • You”re welcome and have a nice day and night.

    • Hey. He would make an excellent (live fire) target…

  9. Beware of false teachers! There are many who ‘well educated’ false teachers like Kuilema who have hardened hearts. Who is his Lord? Who does he serve and for what reason? Pursuing Jesus is what God desires each of us to do, He will be the judge. Pursue His light Mr. Kuilema, not darkness.

  10. If it is a product of so called white supremacy, thank your lucky stars. Black supremacy has done so much, right?
    So damn sick and tired of the supremacy BS. Shut the hell up and STUDY, maybe it won’t be so hard for you to learn. Always the poor poor pitiful me crap. Sick of it.

  11. Why, oh why do we allow leftist, socialist, communist professors to have free access to our students?

    When I was a younger fellow and we were all exposed to various kinds of societies by our instructors, we were also shown the hows and the whys and the realities of systems other than ours and why our was the superior system.

    If this is the best we can get for professors, we are doing something very wrong.

  12. This Professor and the entire group of Professors that are out there teaching and professing this WHITE
    SUPREMACY Crap are in one word LUNATICS. Lunatics should be treated as they have always been treated
    and put into institutions and given shock therapy.

    • Why not truly call it what it is, “black privilege”. By no means am I saying this about all blacks, as I’ve known plenty of them who had parents that were great, hard working parents that would’ve never dreamed of taking or accepting all the freebies that the democraps love to continue to handout for the only purpose of getting another vote. I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be help available to those that truly need it, but don’t let it become a way of life. I think of all the free lunches, free or low cost housing, and it’s not just blacks, welfare, food stamps and all the other federally paid for or subsidized list of freebies they receive. It only became much worse with yet another disastrous democratic policy primarily implemented by LBJ.

    • NO! I favor the “put down” like you do a “rabid” animal. And I like animals. I do NOT like scum like this POS…

  13. More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  14. So what is the answer to “White supremacy?” Is it “Black supremacy?” That seems to be what these idiots are hinting at.
    Definition of White Privilege: The privilege of working and paying taxes to support those who feel entitled not to work and who burn down their own neighborhoods whenever they get upset about something like the police enforcing the law.
    President Obama has done more to sabotage race relations by convincing blacks that they are all victims and are owed something by whites.

    • Don’t forget, both Bill and Hillary have both had their hands in places where they’ve never supposed to have been, mainly, besides all the woman, how about out pocketbooks. I’m sure that Chelsea just awaiting in the wings, that is if Bill hasn’t taken care of business first ! SCUMBAG S !

  15. Faculty lounge tommyrot. These mutants hide out in liberal colleges and probably failed at ever accomplishing anything of value. Then, they take note of the attention grabbing Black Lives Matter absurdity and say to themselves, “Here’s my chance, whitey’s always an easy target,” and off they go like flies after horse manure.

  16. If that state is full of white supremacists, then explain to me why it is muzzie central? Idiot…

  17. no there air head joe kuilemainsky dolt the “former” Michigan was created by hard working capitalist whites and people of color and true immigrants…what has taken place in the last 30 years is due to the collapse of sanity and the institution of scams, such as affirmative action, clown laws, and over taxation…Michigan is now like roberto mugabooboo darky’s zimbabwe…the communist inspired fools destroyed the bread basket of Africa with their foolishness and now they get to live in the cesspool…


  18. In the ’60s, southerners were mocked for pointing out that “outside agitators” were running around their communities, dressed in white linen, burning crosses and pleading for federal intervention.

    Plus ca change …

  19. hmmm, seems to me many blacks have had a damn good life being a member of UAW, or were a sports player
    for good ole Michigan…or did someone hold a gun to their heads and force them to drink King Cobra’s until it was time to go out and rape and pillage ?

    • you may be on to something…there has to be a conspiracy to force folks to do drugs to excess, drink rivers of booze, knock up women left and right, and then when the cash is low, break into other’s homes and steal weapons in order to hold up the local liquor store or your favorite drug dealer….

  20. One of these days with inter breeding there won’t be a white race and I wonder what idiots like this will pick on next. Maybe a slightly colored skin because they aren’t dark enough so they must be racists.

    • when you refuse to learn from your mistakes and when you cease attempting to learn you have to blame someone for your failures..then you vote democrapo and the race-baiting clowns that you put in office legislate against those those that have because they work hard and hand it to the whiners…sorry “demonstrators”….like what we saw in Ferguson , Missouri…

      • Why should they even try to learn from their mistakes as they are well rewarded by the government dole for being the worthless race they are.

  21. And Detroit is a product of corrupt and inept black progressive politics.

  22. another dickhead that should have been ignored… more filler BS … :O

  23. This is the sh!t being taught to our kids , and we pay for this tripe ….. Liberals are sick in the head and it’s a contagious sickness , it spreads by blowing hot air and spittle sprayed by elitists who think they are the smartest people in the room who’s hearts are filled with hate …… and we’re to blame because we allow this sh!t , that’s right , either you ( the sick ones ) are a sh!t for brains who actively supports this cr@p , you know this sh!t is happening and do nothing about it you just pay tuition and ignore this cr@p , or you know , you don’t support this and still do nothing .Get off your asses and start putting pressure on the schools to end this

    • Yes they are and it starts at a much lower level of education now, try my pre-school grand daughter. all the BS liberal garbage, PC, Muslim holidays, etc……You should hear and read the stuff that comes home with her.Even classes for the parent not just PTA.

  24. How stupid can a professor be? If you go back to the beginning, this country was started by white supremacy. European immigrants along with Americans born here made this country great. Now I know it won’t sit well with the professor, but it was through the actions of white supremacists that minorities have earned the freedoms they have today. Liberals always have to exploit race baiting because it fits their narrative of hate for this country and the principles on which it was founded. No one has forced minorities to quit school after their education was paid for. No one has filled the jails with criminals who refuse to integrate into productive society. All liberals do is make excuses for failure.

  25. Another reason we must limit this PC BS. Our racist President has opened up a race war after America had become a fine place to live for all Americans without any real prejudice or racism. I guess because racism had all but disappeared, the folks in the White House had to find ways to recreate it and blame it on “white privilege”. Well, that is not going to cut it. Time for a real change, and I would go for the Donald to make it!

  26. Old Joe is desirous of becoming a professional “Community Organizer”.
    Nuff said ????

  27. Just one more example of how inept and mindless the twits are that are teaching our children in our schools, thanks to our inept corrupt political leaders. And is the fault of we the people for allowing this kind of trash to be in those positions of influence both as teachers and politicians.

  28. Every white student should withdraw from his class. See how much longer he has a forum to expouse this drivel…

  29. And, guess what………In modern American the folks in Michigan can’t even consider firing this person. Being in Education is like being a government employee, no matter how poorly you do your work, no matter that you don’t even show up for work, you simply can not be fired. At worst, they can be sent home, with pay as a punishment. And, idiots like this are busy destroying your children, Period!

  30. This, from a prof who “teaches” at a school with annual tuition of $43,000! If it weren’t for “white” Christian Reformed Protestants, he’d not be living the luxury of a college prof!
    So, with that information, as is asked earlier, how do we know this guy isn’t black wanting to be white? Is he disguising himself so that he can reap benefits of “race”?
    I’m all for freedom of speech, as I’m a Constitutionalist, but with freedom comes responsibility. So, if this guy really feels this way, then let him prove it by walking away from the “white” money that’s paying him!

    • Most, if not all, institutions of “higher learning” rake in tax payer money, especially for “minority” students. In addition they are supported by PC liberal groups funded by Georgie Soros and other UN and EU socialist. Then they beg the alumni for tax wright off donations and fees. Then there are the student user and institution fees. They all have $billions in reserves and even gamble in stocks and bonds of industries that they hate, all because of money.

  31. Ever notice what is being called “White Supremacy” is a strong education and work ethic?
    Now compare that to the (majority of) black people, midnight hoops, ripple, drugs, no education, no sincere effort to work and dressing like a Sally Box resident.

  32. This SOB Professor Should Be Arrested He Is an Anarchist Working For George Soros.

    • Old Georgie Soros, the Puppet Master, and his UN and EU minions and sheeple, have their dirty money and influence everywhere. He is a hard core socialist from the USSR WWII era and Britain and America made him his fortune. This is his “pay back” for his success, even though most of it was/is ill gotten with money market swindles and international money corruption. He is the Devil through and through.

  33. Just saw this morning that the New Orleans city council voted to remove ALL statues, plaques and memorials that have anything to do with Confederate history that are along roadways. Must be trying to remove anything that might look like white supremacy. Now whats next, the Constitution?

  34. Learn a deeper history. The swastika was stolen by NAZIS. The original meaning is good luck, Through liberal NEWSPEAK they change the meaning of words and symbols.

  35. Stupid Prof. It was Black Nations that caused slavery. They were the mainstay slave owners. Economics was the touted reasoning that Europe brought with slavery to America. Remember the Irish and Jews were slaves long before America ever even considered or even the European Nations for that matter. Stupid Professor Joseph Kuilema of Calvin College,doesn’t know history. Swasticas are religious symbols, but idiot professors are attempting to create more racism. They promote it at every oportunity.
    We alloww freedom of speech in America and we allow ideas to be presented. Here this professor an opportunity to get it right and what do we get – phobias base on demorcrat fascism. Nice, so nice professor.

  36. Is this Michigan man Obama’s brother

  37. Don’t you just love it when these liberal fools make total asses of themselves? I guess one could suggest that they open up their eyes and view what is actually happening in the world instead of what is happening in their twisted imagination. Have they never noticed that there hasn’t been one incident of “White People” rioting, destroying property, injuring other people, stealing anything they can get their hands on, and all the while claiming it is the fault of the “White Police”? Are they insane? White People seem to be the only reason that the People of other Shades of Grey are still walking the streets and not dead or in prisons. Maybe a dose of reality would be a good medicine for these fools.

  38. where do these low life morons keep coming from,do white people ever do anything right in their warped minds,I am really sick and tired of these scum bags blaming no one but white people for their position in life,,,they are truly worthless.

  39. If’n he don’t like it here, simple solution! LEAVE! The sooner the better! I’ll even volunteer to help him pack!! I hate, loathe, and detest A$$HOLES like this! Just about as much as the lying socialist aka DemoRATZ!

  40. Racism, sexism …. and all *isms are all a product of radical liberals, progressives, socialist and commies. The Founding of America was by a variety of races that, for the most part, got along with the natives until the early 1800s. Hell even the Native Americans warred with each other. The historic slave situation was similar to todays illegal immigrant problems. The difference being the origin of the immigrants and the reason for coming here. Yes, slavery was bad, very bad. Human rights took a massive hit. Today, we have improved many times over what once was. There are minorities excelling every where. The latest Heisman Trophy winner is among many from the past that supports this. They live among the rest of the population enjoying a modern day life style. I have always had minority friends at work and play. Yes, there will always be radical hate groups …. just live with it and maybe, just maybe, they will eventually go away, someday. All we can do is work on it. After all, we are Americans and live in the most exceptional Nation in the World.

  41. Good stuff, like Lewis Carroll’s no longer exist on campus….

  42. So what?
    Better a product of White Supremacy than anything else!
    Thank you Mr. Professor!

  43. had enough?
    Anyone still think that we can coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers?
    We must physically separate ourselves from the ersatz life forms, it is the only way to prevent civil war,

  44. Why can’t these folks stick to teaching instead of inciting hatred. I have not ever treated anybody in a racist manner, nor has my family. We are a family of mixed races but we look well beyond that. We love and care about each other and that is what matters most. Stop your whining and do something constructive with your life.

  45. So, the professor is racially biased against white people. That makes him just as racist. Once again, stuff the PC crap.

  46. Send him walking quit complaining, just fire him.

  47. This stuff gets more ridiculous every day.

  48. Is this writer another racist black person. You can say anything about the white person and no one stands up and calls them racist, but say or object to comments about the blacks and you are labled a racist. Does anyone see something wrong with this picture besides me?

  49. Then,”professor”, you must consider God a “racist”, because snow is white, and that’s the way God made it. Also, when I think of the shape Detroit is in these days, I see mostly non-whites there. The downfall of American carmakers has been perpetrated by people of all colors who, allowing the U.A.W. to do their thinking for them- continually demanding more and more, with almost no corresponding increase in productivity. Boozing on the assembly line (employees of Dodge in model year 1969), more Chrysler employees drinking beer and smoking pot on their lunchbreaks, sabotage of vehicles on the line by GM workers, etc.. These things can be traced to NON-whites, as well as whites. Id like to add one more thing: It’s mostly because of whites that a lot of non-whites had (have) jobs in Michigan. That’s not a contention. It’s fact. Look it up, “Professor”.

  50. this A$$ just used the right of FREE speach even though he is a muss lam ! and not that smart for a teacher !!!

  51. As far as I am concerned, “white privilege”, is right up there with “global warming”. They are both a crock and everyone with a brain knows it.

    Wasn’t it a few years back that Al Gore said that the North Pole would be ice free by 6 years? He is probably a believer in the Grinch.

  52. This guy is as full of shit as the Christmas goose….

  53. Michigan: A product of white supremacy. A victim of Muslim insurgency (Dearborn).

  54. “How could it be that after more than forty years of affirmative action, desegregation, racial quotas, and welfare that black Americans are still suffering? How could it be that black incarceration rates remain so high? How could it be that black income levels remain so low? ”

    You’re kidding , right! After 200 years of enslavement and almost 400 years which included, black laws,segregation, , jim crow laws. government approval of lynching, discrimination in hiring, housing and education, you are asking why black people in this country have not recovered in the past 50 years? How long did it take you people to come out of your craves and create this civilization which you think is so great?

  55. Most likely the professor or some black student did it……to stir the pot.

  56. I just love it when I hear the Libtard Whackadoodle Douchebags cry “racist”. They only do that when they cannot come up with anything more intelligent to say.

    Crying “racist” is really just their cry of surrender.

  57. Think of the billions (I do mean billions! of dollars spent to bring them up to par with the ‘privileged’ white class and still they are pictured as downtrodden, helpless and a victimized minority struggling to throw off the yoke of white ‘supremacy’! (Oh, btw: think of Detroit and Gary In. as two examples of their homogenous environment !) It seems they don’t have the capability of living and achieving a lifestyle that is so common with the white race. Why is that?

  58. I totally agree with you John Doe

  59. Why is all our college professors & teachers seem like a bunch of foreign nuts that want to teach our kids “how bad” American is??!? Does any of these sorry worthless SOB’s have anything good to say & teach our kids about??!? If not, then why are they absorbing all the “goodies” they can, pretending to be “American” teachers?? They are breaking apart the greatest & most free society in the world, all at the same time they’re sopping the “American gravy”!!!!! They should be rounded up & given a choice of what country they prefer to live, because they are NOT going to stay in America,……I don’t give a damn HOW free this country is!!! If they don’t love this country, then get the hell out of it!!!

  60. Lemme see now…this so-called “White Supremacy” has produced a Black Chief of Staff; a Black AG (although he was a racist, incompetent); voted the first Black POTUS…not once, but stupidly, twice); has notably opened various sports from football through soccer with Black players, coaches, referees, etc.; elected Black mayors in major cities and towns, appointed Black Police Chiefs; has Black CEOs heading Fortune 500 companies, for example, one of them you should never leave home without their credit card; A Black lady Secretary of State; and so on and so forth.

    Perfesser Shoe…oops! I meant Professor Kuilema seems to have lost his per rock while out walking it, while drinking Kool-Aide made with toilet water.

  61. Michigan is a product of Liberal policies. Failures…, all of them.


    Fact Check: Does George Soros Own an Overseas Company That ……/fact-check-does-soros-own-an-overseas-comp... – Similarto Fact Check: Does George Soros Own an Overseas Company That …
    Sep 13, 2012 … The Obama Government has outsourced the counting of votes for the …Scytl’s acquisition of SOE software does not equal a vote-counting …
    Scytl: Voter Fraud Facts and Fiction by Michelle Malkin on … – Similarto Scytl: Voter Fraud Facts and Fiction by Michelle Malkin on …
    Michelle Malkin Opinion Columns – Scytl: Voter Fraud Facts and Fiction. … Foreigners will oversee the nation’s entire vote-counting system. The fix is in, and all is …
    Obama Sold Vote Processing Rights to SCYTL? : – Similarto Obama Sold Vote Processing Rights to SCYTL? :
    Apr 8, 2012 … The Obama Government has outsourced the counting of votes for the 2012 … But wait, it gets murkier: SCYTL is shadow owned by Pere Valles, …
    Online Voting – Scytl
    Internet Voting. Scytl Online Voting enables voters to securely and easily cast their votefrom any location and on any device with a stable Internet connection.
    Scytl Kiosk Voting – Similarto Scytl Kiosk Voting
    Scytl Kiosk Voting uses a standard PC as a secure, accessible, and reliable … Aftercounting is complete, the receipt can be used to validate whether the cast …
    [ More results from ]
    Scytl Results Consolidation…/scytl-results-consolidation/ – Similarto Scytl Results Consolidation
    Speed-up the counting and tabulation process, consolidating the results from differentvoting channels, and publish results in hours rather than days with Scytl …
    Soros-connected Vote-counting Firm Expands in U.S.…/16724-soros-connected-vote-counting-... – Similarto Soros-connected Vote-counting Firm Expands in U.S.
    Oct 12, 2013 … Scytl, the worldwide leader in secure online voting and election … light of his influence on the machines that count votes in American elections.
    Spanish company will “Count” American votes overseas in November – Similarto Spanish company will “Count” American votes overseas in November
    Apr 10, 2012 … When the Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest voteprocessing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the …
    Foreign vote-count firm: ‘Trust us’ – Similarto Foreign vote-count firm: ‘Trust us’
    Oct 3, 2013 … Scytl, the foreign-headquartered company that recently purchased the leading U.S. electronic voting firm, wants the public to know it can be …
    Fox Pushes False Soros Vote-Rigging Conspiracy Theory | Blog ……vote…/186617 – Similarto Fox Pushes False Soros Vote-Rigging Conspiracy Theory | Blog …
    May 18, 2012 … … George Soros will somehow corrupt vote counting in the United States through a Spanish company, Scytl, “that Soros owns a big share of.





    Subject: 911 DANNY BOY WE REMEMBER

  63. There are no bigger racists than the black community. They blame and blame and call white people cracker and honky ect.

  64. Another Radical Liberal who is exposing the Standard line of Liberal BULLSHIT….Using EMOTIONS instead of FACTS to push their DANGEROUS AGENDA…..We do not have an EDUCATION SYSTEM…We have an PUBLIC INDOCTRINATION SYSTEM to push the Liberal Lies and Distortions so as to push their DESTRUCTIIVE AGENDA…

  65. The prof is right. Mich has been controlled by dems for the past eons. If you look just at Detroit, you have the spouses of sitting congressmen/women who stole gazillions of tax payer funds, even the authorities had to take action and file charges. Almost every city these parasites have controlled is in the same condition.

  66. When are we going to wake up to the FACT that we are RACIST, and it is ignorant blacks like these that are causing it. The growing backlash is not pretty and these guys will be hurt bad!

  67. PatriotParatrooper

    Here’s a heads up professor, Africa is the product of black supremacy, and let’s see, there’s raping, killing, slavery, I believe I’d put Michigan against Zimbabwe anytime.

  68. Is it just me or does this moron sound like HITLER in the 30’S. There is absolutely no proof of what this idiot says. He seems to be just race baiting and spouting typical Leftest B.S.


  70. Michigan is the product of White Liberal Progressive Marxist Communist Democrats

  71. Michigan is a product liberals.

  72. “In fact, you only need to be white”… that is a racist statement in it’s very nature professor.

    “White supremacy created slavery”… NOT QUITE…the blacks were sold into slavery by their own kind and you do realize don’t you that blacks owned slaves in the Northern States???

  73. IF,he doesn’t like Michigan,WHY DOESN’T HE MOVE TO iran ??With his ATTITUDE,I CAN’T IMAGINE HIM BEING MISSED!

  74. Sounds to me like the “professor” is a 3rd rate dumb ass! I personally don’t like Michigan, but am reminded of the Unique Greatness a City Detroit, Michigan brought uniquely to America. This through the Blue Collar worker. Every vehicle one sees on the road has DNA that goes back to Detroit. I am also reminded that Blue Collar Workers were all American. Meaning all people groups. A fact that flies in the face of some dumb ass professors attempt at character assassination. My reasoning behind my dislike of Michigan are my own. Dealing with a strong dislike for the politically correct mental illness that appears to run the once great state of Michigan

  75. Academia definitely resides in their own fantasy world of self absorption. One could get back at them by asking who and what gave them the right to declare anyone or anything a racist when they themselves are so removed from the real world today.

    By inciting naive and impressionable students to riot or demonstrate, they are forcing their own narrow mindedness on to an already hormonal driven kid who has not experienced enough of the world to acquire “wisdom”. Actually these kids become pawns of academia as they play a dangerous game of chess trying to check mate society because it doesn’t follow their mindset. Not fair to the students and definitely not fair to Society. Strip academia of their educated field of expertise and all you’ve got is an older naive student lost in his/her delusional reality.

  76. Ignorant motherfugger, democrats created jim crow and Africans created slavery. How is this shlt for brains a professor? I hope his job gets stolen by an illegal alien.

  77. James Elliott McDaniel

    I admit it, I’m white and a racist in that I hate trashy people, whatever color they come in, because for me there’s only one race: THE HUMAN RACE. That said, I wish this racist asinine over-educated ignoramus would come down here and say that PC manure to my face. He might walk down here, but he’ll be limping or crawling back to his lair.

  78. Blaming whites, for your excuses of failure huh professor? why don;t you get a clue dirtbag..your propaganda is getting old.

  79. Michigan, like Detroit? Ok I’ve said all the good things about it. So what’s next, the sandni@@er problem o’slime a has really started. That ni@@er has totally ruined this country, It’s a democrat/liberal backed invasion. Oh the poor sandni@@er has a terrible country to live in, the people aren’t treated very nice, So fukkin what? It ain’t our problem. We have enough as it is. Look they screwed up their country, now they want ours. B.S. Do I sound like a racist? Well I ain’t got a race car, so how can I be.A racist that is.

  80. Most people cannot do this. But if you can or could all you have to do is take a tour of some of the major cities in Michigan. There is the true story of failed liberal agenda. And we are on the edge of the cliff. If this is not corrected the spread of the failure will engulf the nation within 5 years. Many of the small southern towns are well on the way to identifying with Detroit’s failures and corruption now.

  81. It is sad that this sort of hyperbolic bullshit makes the light of day. I want to meet this whining little shit of a professor.

  82. This Professor is a product of the US Dept. of Education and the national teachers unions.

  83. The only thing Michigan is a product of is corrupt black politicians!

  84. The upper mid west was settled by people from Scandanavia, Sweden, Finland, Russia, so, of course it is a little white. This professor needs mental help.

  85. Typical liberal whiner!! He should talk to Dr Ben Carson whom I admire! Look at what Mr Carson has achieved! All this piss ant professor is doing is keeping racial hate going!! Why doesn’t he visit poor white neighborhoods and see 1st hand this WHITE PRIVELAGE! HE’S SPOUTING OFF ABOUT!# seems to me a little Gorilla glue and duct tape are in order for this racist schmuck! Poisoning the youths!!

  86. And this idiot is teaching. Says a lot about the college.

  87. it might have been a lib-trud putting on the swastikas, on the car windshields, an blaming the white supremacy,

  88. they need to fire that professor cause he’s to dumb to teach and he’s using the students and the school to get money from the media and the liberials and just to be reconized…and that’s sad that that school would let him use them that way…all it does is hurt the school and students

  89. Just the kind of person I want educating my kids. NOT! What a dick.

  90. damn right and proud of moron!!

  91. Joe Kuilema, which is the way he presents his name at Calvin College, would rather be presented as “good ol’ Joe” rather than just Joseph. He graduated from the Univ. of Michigan, where at last glance was a predominantly white institution, which somehow restrained themselves from their white supremicist tendencies not only allowed good ol’ Joe entry into their racist institution of higher living but also awarded him with a college degree. Yet with a degree of higher learning, Joe has not stamped out all of his ignorance of who he is. Calvin College hopefully did an on-sight interview and read his resume, his name, and told him their mission which is to prepare students for competent and effective entry-level generalist practice in social work within the context of a Reformed-Christian, liberal-arts education. Now that Joe has documented his true motives and ideology the university may want to evaluate Joe’s belief in their mission?

  92. History says that blacks started slavery and democrats started Jim Crow laws.

  93. JEALOUSY and ENVY of white man again. You NEGROES MUST STOP THAT! Or pack up and go back to Africka.

    BUT YOU don’t want to do that?? Why? Because it’s more fun beating down on whites that you will never be like for being a negro. And you can’t do that in Africka can you??

    So, it is about SELF-HATRED the Demoncraps have taught you so well for the free sodas and KFC Chicken you like so much.


  94. This is another liberal idea trying to blame Conservatives for policies that the Democrats promised to get the black vote….then threw them under the bus! But liberal progressiveness and their political correct junk words like White Supreemists is a cover up for themselves because THEY want the black to think otherwise! But I think the black people are now too smart to fall again for the dirty lies Hillary and other liberals are trying to push them into! It is also a tactic called brainwashing!

  95. Really sad that so many lousy liberal or communist or socialist teachers in the public school system. White privilege, my skin is light but being Jewish I know what discrimination is. This professor needs to lose his position, get mental health care, and stay out of education. In any case, there should be NO politicking on any campus either by students or teachers. Mexico elimiated that back in the 60’s! If you want to attend college for an education and none of the social studies and stupid classes, then you don’t need to be political until you really grow up, mature, get a job and then find out what real life is.

  96. What a douchenag. Calvin is a Christian college, how did this douchebag get a position there? The left is so blatantly racist its pathetic.

  97. Has this idiot been fired? Sounds like “HATE SPEECH” to me!! Seems like the underdog is always the one barking! If you don’t like it make a change!! And I mean a positive change! Not one that will make your position worse. Am I going to fast for you? Wake Up America!!

  98. Yet another leftist idiot academician seeking his 15 minutes. Last time I looked, the bankrupt city of Detroit is in Michigan and after numerous trips to the city some decades ago, I did not find any “white privilege” anywhere I went.

  99. “White supremacy created slavery..” And you’re a professor? Actually black African tribes created slavery by selling their own people to the English. And there were just as many black slave owners in this country as white.

  100. Ah, America. The most guilt-ridden country on the planet. And people continue to fall for the never-ending b.s. coming out of these people’s mouths. Pathetic.

  101. I can’t say exactly when it started but I noticed it during the late 80’s and into the Clinton administration; a change wherein the truth was no longer empirically verifiable fact, but rather the truth became whatever the person with the most power wanted it to be, ergo, virtue could now be called bigotry, hate could now be called nationalism, hypersensitivity was now a right , liars were now the purveyors of truth and wrong answers were now considered “an answer”. Truth has been thrown to the sidelines and political correctness is the “New Truth”.

  102. I would suggest that the donors to these universities reconsider their support; they have the power to stop this madness.

  103. I wonder if ‘professor’ Kuilema is even remotely aware of his own blatant racism towards Whites? Or if his deep research into slavery uncovered the fact that the Blacks of the Barbary Coast held White slaves for over 200 years?
    Probably, but his know-it-all Liberalism keeps him from admitting the former, and his dedication to his agenda rules against mentioning the latter.

  104. ConservativeSenior

    Looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Unfit to be an “educator”. Communist.

  105. Here’s some more insanity, like there isn’t enough. Ami Horowitz polled Yale University students about repealing the First Amendment, the results of the poll was a solid majority that favored getting rid of it. You can read the story and watch the video on The Wall Street Journal’s website. Cowboy Byte and several other sites have it too.

  106. Someone needs to educate the toddler ,Professor Joseph Kuilema, in a few historical facts. Slavery is a historical fact, one that has touched every race of people. Whites have been enslaved by blacks, blacks have been enslaved by blacks, most if not all of the blacks slaves brought here were sold by their black slave owners or their muslim slave owners. What is this man professor of? Fairy tales? In fact, those who believe they have “white privilege” are as racist as one can get, they actually believe they are superior to other races, they actually believe they rule the world, that whites have always ruled the world. Lol! News flash to these white racists , in the beginning, white skin was not the color of the day, brown was. And to blacks buying into these bs, you do so not because it’s true but because you can manipulate people and find excuses for your own failures. In the end, you make slaves of yourselves, enslaved to those who consider themselves your masters and your superior, liberals.

  107. Black supremacy has failed Detroit !!!!!!!!!!!

  108. blm wants whitey dead

    When Clinton gets in there will be a mandatory buy back of ALL guns!
    Get protection the government doesn’t know exists, you know you need it> Need protection but don’t want the
    F.B.I. digging into your past and don;t want a registered firearm in your name?
    THE ANSWER IS THIS: A Black Powder Revolver and a Conversion Cylinder to accept modern ammunition!
    This one is pocket size,
    and then get a CONVERT NAA CAP AND BALL TO 22LR on
    All legal. (for now anyway)

    and is coming for you

  109. Another MORON uncovered… So how many IDIOTS are still Paying Tuition at this SEWER U ???

  110. If you don’t like it here – move to some other country! Say, Saudi Arabia. Open your mouth at the college and see how far you get!

  111. I don’t remember michigan having this problem before the state was filled with a bunch of muslims?

    • Muslims are the problem !
      Islam is not a religion, it IS a murderous fanatical pathology that is not compatible with humanity !
      They don’t even get along with themselves !
      It must be banned as was naziism for our well being !

  112. I guess that the rest of the free world can over look the decades of demowit “rule” over the state after the success of the major auto makers and the demowits unions failures. Detroit began its downward spiral in the 1960s, all on its own.

  113. Michigan is a product of Socialism… GMC/Chevrolet still owes the American People $40 billion… and, the CEO says they will not pay it back. That’s the story of Michigan… all socialists who want nothing more than gifts and welfare from the US Govt.!!!

  114. I haven’t yet heard of any black people who are feeling ‘forced’ to accept welfare money, maybe congress should authorize spending a couple of million to figure out the problem, heh heh, sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face that time



    • They don’t give a crap & he is guilty of treason for many reasons
      Our so-called representatives only seem interested in serving themselves,much like our police officers

      • I must respectfully disagree with you on this point, it’s true there are some bad ones out, there but the vast majority ourthere, are just like you’re making that as a blank check for the entire lot of them, if it were all politicians, I’d agree. But most of policemen are honest hard working men and woman that put their live’s on the line everyday


    THEY Are after all the money they can get whilei office

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