Professor: Michigan is Product of White Supremacy

According to Professor Joseph Kuilema of Calvin College, his school and the state of Michigan in which it resides is a product of white supremacy. Kuilema penned an op-ed last Friday in response to a recent incident where a couple of students used the freshly fallen snow to draw swastikas on several cars.

Kuilema wants his readers to know that you don’t have to draw racist symbols on vehicles to be a racist. In fact, you only need to be white.

“What occurred was not an isolated incident, a freak occurrence in an otherwise loving and inclusive community,” Kuilema wrote in the school paper. “While few members of this community openly espouse white supremacy, many members of our community continue to deny white privilege. It must be clearly stated that those who deny white privilege functionally believe in white supremacy, whether they have the courage to write it on a car or not.”

Kuilema, apparently disappointed that his college hasn’t seen the exciting racial strife making headlines elsewhere in the country, went on to incite students by claiming that their school and even their home state had a disturbing history.

“White supremacy created slavery and Jim Crow, but when it was combined with its Calvinist cousin Manifest Destiny…it also created Michigan,” he wrote. “The land on which Calvin College sits was stolen from what our own Declaration of Independence termed ‘the merciless Indian savages’ by the Treaty of Chicago in 1821. Calvin College would not exist without racism.”

Kuilema concludes that anyone who denies the existence of white privilege – anyone who buys into the myth of American meritocracy – is just as guilty of white supremacy as a blatant racist.

A Dangerous Story

It would be nice to think of this as a lone liberal cuckoo who hasn’t seen the sun in a while, but Kuilema is merely reciting the new theme of today’s academic elites. And this concept of white privilege, ignored for too long by conservatives who didn’t realize how radical our college campuses were becoming, threatens to do irreparable damage to the country.

How could it be that after more than forty years of affirmative action, desegregation, racial quotas, and welfare that black Americans are still suffering? How could it be that black incarceration rates remain so high? How could it be that black income levels remain so low? The liberal intelligentsia knew they had to come up with an answer to these questions. They had one of two choices: either push the theory that blacks were inherently less capable than whites or admit that their cherished Democrat Party policies accomplished the opposite of their stated goal.

Well, they weren’t going to admit the latter, and they knew they couldn’t come right out and say the former, even though that’s exactly what they believe. So they found a way to say it without saying it. They invented white privilege and it gave them a way to look down on racial minorities without coming across like the Ku Klux Klan.

This theory is still mostly relegated to liberal campuses and extreme-left websites. But the danger here is that mainstream Democrats, realizing they have to come up with something that will let them push these same failed policies long into the future, will pick it up and run with it.

What happens in an America where white people are deemed racist out of the womb and black people are forced to endure another generation of Democrat “help”?

Ferguson, Baltimore…that’s just a preview.


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