Professor Condemned for Criticizing Black Lives Matter

Professor Douglas Muir of the University of Virginia is probably a smart fellow, but he apparently missed out on one big lesson: You can’t speak out against the new wave of black activism without serious consequences.

Last week, Muir discovered a Facebook post advertising a Black Lives Matter event coming to Charlottesville, VA and wrote:

“Black lives matter is the biggest rasist organisation since the clan. Are you kidding me. Disgusting!!!”

Muir, in case you were wondering, teaches engineering and business – not English.

But either way, it wasn’t Muir’s grasp of proper spelling that got him in hot water.

University officials released statements condemning Muir’s post, assuring the public that Muir’s views do not reflect those of the school.

“The University of Virginia stands firmly against racism and social injustice of any kind,” said the school’s executive vice president, Tom Katsouleas. “Statements such as Mr. Muir’s do not foster intellectual exploration, nor do they encourage the voices of others.”

Muir was also bashed by Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy, who said on Instagram:

“The notion that #BlackLivesMatter can be comparable to the Ku Klux Klan is not only incredibly misguided, but goes to show the lack of cultural awareness that still plagues many professors at our Universities across the country.”

Muir hasn’t released a statement of his own yet. According to the Washington Post, he is currently on leave pending the administration’s final decision.

So what does this come down to? A matter of degrees? Sure, we can argue about whether BLM is more or less racist than the Klan, but what difference does it make? They are both, by definition, racist organizations. The Klan survived and thrived using the exact same ideology of fake oppression that’s now used by the Black Lives Matter organization. If BLM does not yet have a similar track record of murder and terror…just give it time. When a racially-divisive organization is so protected that you can’t even criticize it without throwing your career away, that organization will eventually grow too powerful to control. They don’t want a discussion. They want fealty. When they don’t get it…violence is inevitable.

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  1. But the guy is right. They are no better than the KKK. I think he still has the freedom to say what he thinks. So screw the ones that think he did so bad. When you hear BLM saying crap like they are going to kill all white babies and the get away with it seems to be very unfair to anyone else not being able to say what they feel.

    • As long as Obama is in office, BLM will flourish in America!He is NOT Black, but he & Michelle were programmed by the most Racist so called preacher in the land for over 20 years! And now Al Sharpton goes to the WH every week since Obama has been in office, well, unless they are on another Federally funded trip! God, we need him out of office and soon!

      • He should have never been in office to begin with. I think Kenya is where he was born. I will always believe that.

        • You are NOT the only one! THAT is why his records are sealed! Our DO NOTHING Congress will never UNSEAL those records because it will SHOW
          them the IDIOTS & FOOLS they really are! They all KNOW, they just do not want to lose their life styles! And America has to suffer! And this SOB is pushing Hillary to take his reins! Whoever heard of a sitting president campaigning for a loser before?

          • When this all started I lost a few friends. I really didn’t care. I care what happens to our kids. This POS has done everything to hurt us and our kids. Those friends I lost have all come back and apologized because the see what’s happening now. They finally realize that he was paid for by George Soros and all the elites just like Hillary is. That arrogant fool thinks she will win. If BLM only knew what she really thinks about them they would turn and run. She has lied and so has Obama. I sort of went off course here. So mad and upset at about everything this administration stands for. It’s hard to be upset with just one thing. lol

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            You are correct Bob, when Hillary takes over, then we will have no choice but an armed revolution. Don’t even reply to these idiotic trolls like jizzbelly.

          • What you say could happen is something I have always believe could happen. I just find it strange that some people are still saying it would never happen here. I’m afraid they will find out too late.

          • Because they are not informed and, sadly, are too ignorant to recognize and admit the truth.

          • Well we can’t give up now. Sooner or later they will realize what’s happening. It may be too late for some it they don’t wake up now.

          • Unfortunately it will be too late for all of us if they don’t wake up now!

          • Yes you are correct on that. If the wrong one wins we might as well get ready to fight a revolution again.

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          • Yes, just watch Matters World. I wonder how all those beach and college beauties will like their new Mohammeds.

          • What really concerns me, we have two countries, the Russians from the East and the Chinese from the West and then on top of this, we have these sandheaded Muslims who want to come in here and DESTROY America!How do you think we got a Muslim in the WH? These countries want this country rich in many things and now we have young kids who have NO idea what is even going on in their own country going to vote and really do not care! Scares the Hell out of me!

          • That’s why I don’t care who gets upset with me. I will continue to try to make them understand what we are facing now.

          • I’m a Veteran, armed and ready for a Revolution.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            A matter of when not if now.

          • Jeff so am I and so many others also, I’m a veteran also.

          • I am a retired Police Officer with a Veteran husband, and we are ready!

          • OldHighlandGuyOne

            Ditto, also a vet. I hope there is no need for an armed revolution as I am to old and beat up to join and lives will be lost but, if it must be…then it must be.
            God Bless America!
            TRUMP 2016

          • Thanks for serving brother in arms. I’ll die fighting these dictators before living under martial law, communism, or Islam.

          • Marines 1973-83
            Semper Fi

          • Welcome Home Brother.
            U.S.Army 1968-1998

          • Glad you made it home too Brother.
            Nos Mos Vallo
            Semper Fi

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            I am an old, disabled granny, and I am getting ready.
            I will fight to my death for my freedom!
            If there is no freedom, what good is life?

          • Don’t commit suicide, shoot the invaders

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Yes, I will for as long as I can!

          • What freedom are you fighting for that you don’t already have?

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            I should have been more clear, for you libtards.
            I am fighting to keep the freedoms that I already have, idiot!!!
            Do you really believe that the hoards of invaders Obama and Hitlery will allow in will
            let us live? Our lives and our freedoms will be lost for sure!! Even yours, and the stupid
            ones who will vote for her.

          • Well, Susan – the deplorable, idiot, you are an idiot, because why would you lose the freedoms that you already have? Are you a gun owner? Ohhhh, and “they’re going to take our guns away. . . run and hide . . , ohhhhh” How childish and moronic is that? The dems have been “trying to take our guns away” for how many years? Was it ever done? No – as a matter of fact there are more guns on the market and in dangerous hands than ever. I am all for guns, what I’m not for are Semi-automatic rifles. There’s no reason in hell why any “hunter” or citizen should have a semi-automatic rifle – but to kill another human being. Period.

          • Chances are, if You don’t know yet, you likely never will– Poor dumb useless idiot, hillary can still use you for something….

          • LOCK ‘N LOAD!!

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Plug the Thugs!

          • Are you one of those new deplorables? I just found out that Bill Clinton calls us “Rednecks”! So, I am now a Deplorable Redneck ! And where does Bill Clinton come from? Guess he has gotten uppity?

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Old school redneck North Carolina farm boy now living way north of there. But still a deplorable redneck and proud of it.

          • I am darn well PROUD of it, too!! Deplorable and a Redneck, too!
            Congratulations to you fine sir!

          • Rural central California, everything the clintons and Obeyme hate….that’s ME!!

            Oath giver AND KEEPER!!
            2nd Amendment lover
            Apparently I’m now a bigot according to them because I think Muslims shouldn’t be allowed into the country (unless completely vetted). I’m a racist too, since I think the BLM is a terrorist organization backed by racists.

          • Kriss, I love that name for the Liberals. Obeyme. That is his attitude in life. Congratulations on being in a unique group from California.
            Just a Good ole Deplorable Redneck down here in Florida.

          • you gun-happy people are pathetic!!

          • We just have to look out for voter fraud. I believe it will happen.

          • Yes there will be voter fraud. We just need to catch it and I think we will see a lot of it.

          • Saw on the TV this morning scrolling along the bottom of the screen – from a Trump “supporter” – “If Trump doesn’t win – there will be a lot of bloodshed”. Really? – really ? Is that the kind of people that we want in office? I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Bloodshed” – what a despicable word to use when we’re talking about the Presidency of the US and the people that support him.

          • I wonder if you think maybe that wasn’t some freaky assed dem that posted that. You trolls are full of It. If anything like that happens you can look at your dumbass leader in charge now or Hillary who wants a war. How else can she make her money but to start a freaking war with Putin,

          • No – don’t think so – we dems don’t stoop to that level. Trolls? Isn’t that getting to be an over-used nasty name? We can actually thank the illustrious George Bush for starting something that he wouldn’t finish. Where was all the call for transparency when he was in office? Just as I thought.

          • You don’t think so, because You are incapable of thinking–All you can do is parrot hillary’s BS

          • Starting with George H Bush who sold us out to the U and on up the line and even worse with this POS we have now. I bet you voted for Obama for all this change right. He’s so transparent. Bullshit.

          • Transparency? Overrated. This transparency crap started with Obama – and he’s had more press conferences, more visiting families that had been involved with tragedies, more Freakin openness than any other Pres. In history – and I dare you to prove me wrong! I did vote for him and wished ANYONE who came into this position in the condition we were in the best possible luck to get them through from people that can’t seem to say anything positive. We’re supposed to be “United States” – but I feel that we are definitely not United.

          • Knowing what a senseless zombie follower you seem to be, I will wager you don’t even see anything wrong with letting owners of penises into the ladies room.

          • Now – there are you are wrong – again – I don’t agree with that at all – after all I’ve used the men’s room a few times in my life – kidding and the truth aside – we were made different for a reason – to pro-create. Now if people want to “change” and mess with how God made them, that’s their business – they answer to God in the overall scheme of things. I can certainly judge, we all do and form opinions. However, I am not the final decision-maker.

          • You can’t think at all, you can only parrot the lies that you have been taught–Of course You can never be the final decision maker, someone else needs to feed you the lies and disinformation first, because all you are good for, as a ‘useful idiot’ is repeating the same old tired bulls hit–

          • My, my, my – you sound like a very angry person to mention the word “lies” so many times. And Trump “didn’t know those women” and he “did not say that, did not say that” about the women were not attractive enough; “nobody has more respect for women than I do” and then calls Hillary a “nasty woman” – really? Really? The guy lies out of his mouth and every other orifice on his body. God should help us ALL if this so-called “man” gets into office. You know several people have said they will leave the US if he gets in office – what does that say? Volumes!!!!!!! We will definitely be at a disadvantage – mainly because he only has a “good” brain – poor guy!!

          • You are finally right about one thing, everyone who has a clue about hillary’s lying is angry–Cause we all thought she was doing the job she was sent to dc to do–Instead she is busy taking bribes, killing americans and plenty of other folks whose gov’ts are on our ‘enemy’ list and should never have been sold american weapons of war. As a matter of fact everything hillary says is a huge lie because she’s been making up stories for so long, she wouldn’t know a ‘truth’ if it walked up and bit her on the @ss, much like yourself

          • Ooohhh, such a cliche statement – such a wimp – you deserve Trump. You just can’t handle conversation that is different from your beliefs. In the back of my small mind (as you would point out), I would like to see him get in there – and then all you Trumpsters could find out what a loser he is – but then again, I would be losing and all of the others that really had some sense would lose. So never mind . . . bye loser

          • Right, cause the only democrat approved bloodshed comes right after hillary takes a bribe from a country on our list of enemies, then magically is allowed to buy military weapons and uses them to kill off their people.

          • I haven’t time to address your nonsensical BS, Mr. Bill, because Mr. Smith has been hogging all of my time – but that statement is just plain idiocy. Let’s spout off mean names and BS instead of stating the facts.

          • hillary’s house of lies is falling bit by bit, you should change sides now while you can still avoid looking like the loser trash you actually are for supporting someone who is likely an even bigger liar than obama. Have fun with Mr Smith

          • Bill, Bill, Bill – house of lies? They all lie – they’re politicians – are you new to the political arena? I have to admit Trump did much better than the other two times – but – and that’s a big butt – he still came across as agitative – and how did his microphone keep moving? He kept readjusting it to give him something to do with his hands when he is personally confronted. You’re still with the losing side. Boy his issue on abortion probably set him down the ladder a few points – well see this am.

          • They don’t all lie about everything the way your candidate does–If you don’t know what a big piece of lying sell-out scum hillary is yet, you never will, you poor, stupid, brainwashed pos

          • Really – you must be naive or just plain stupid. And do you kiss your mother/wife with that filthy mouth? Then you must be a Trump supporter!!

          • BET ON THIS>>>>If TRUMP is elected he will make it his early priority to UNSEAL EVERYTHING CONNECTED to the Obama fiasco. TRUMP has been quiet, but he does not take well to losing or being made to look foolish. He will unmask the Obama ugly story.

          • I pray for that.

          • It will take that and more, but we cannot give up. God is Good

          • Trump has been quiet? Really? What have you been watching? All he does is accuse, point and blame. It would be nice if he would answer ANY of the questions he asked at the debates – instead of starting the answer out with “Well Hillary would have you believe . . . ” and making up things as he goes. He’s good at diverting the answer and NOT answering the question. I do remember the moderators saying, “Well Mr. Trump – to repeat the question . . . .” MANY times. Need I say more?

          • Conserve your energy for more fun things.
            I WROTE that he had been quiet on the Obama Birther issue… relax and read what I said and write me a nice note telling me how correct I was and how much you are saddened that you misread me….O.K.?

          • Sorry – he’s never quiet about anything – he’s got a loud mouth and makes it known. However, i will admit you are correct on stating that he does not take well to losing or being made to look foolish – unfortunately, it’s a natural look for him and he doesn’t have to try too hard at anything relating to that. There is no ugly Obama story – just an ugly smear campaign that’s going on right now. Now – I’m saddened to end this conversation. 🙂

          • You are so jaded in your thinking that you are miles away from the facts…..sick sick sick>>>shape up and admit to the facts of the matter, If you or anyone else can look at the Birth Certificate that Obama offered up as proof of his place of birth>>>>>He is even dumber than he acts if he believes anyone at all believes it is proof of anything at all. well maybe proof that someone was able to BUILD a TOTALLY FACT LESS Document…That I will give him— Wise up.

          • We shall see, Mr. Smith goes to Washington!

          • Well CANDILADI >>>>For yours and your Children’s better future, you had best hope that Mr Trump is the next President because the alternative is too horrible , and in so many ways, too ghastly to even consider. Perhaps NO future.

          • What is REALLY ghastly to consider is Trump’s “off the cuff” remarks and whatever mood

            he decides he is in, to tick off some OTHER important guy (besides himself – I know he thinks he’s the ONLY one that matters) – like maybe North Korea – and Kim Jong-Un has his finger right on the button for nuclear holocaust because Trump didn’t hear what he wanted or didn’t get his way – THAT is what is REALLY ghastly!! And if you don’t think it can’t happen, you better do some serious soul-searching!!!!

          • Come on >>>>Your worried about words when that ‘Woman” is doing stuff all around you and has been doing things that should scare you…but you are too busy building a case( (All Bull-Shit ) against TRUMP. Open your eyes and use your brain. If he were as scattered as you want to believe, would he have accomplished what he has? Look at his marvelous children, think about that. Wise up, I know you are a lot smarter than you are showing here, you would have to be.

          • Well I do have to say that his children ARE smarter than he is – their speeches were impeccable – however, they aren’t running for Pres, he is – and he’s a moron. All he’s successful at is hiring the right people to move his money in the right places at the right time. He’s too much of a bully and pig to be that smart. What has he accomplished? You mean monetarily? We are not judged by how much we have but what we do with ourselves during this time on earth. No one is impressed by him – especially anyone that can see through him. I think you are starting to be condescending and you would be the wiser to “wise up” – cause I think you’re a lot smarter than you are showing. . .

          • Look>>>>>You are refusing to see past the most obvious. I will never be able to make you get away from your prejudice and look at the BIG PICTURE and were you able to see that, you would not be so stuck in your belief. So be it.
            But how about the alternative>>>>>You seem so set on the negatives of TRUMP is that same observation not being allowed to see the OMG Horrible facts of the matter regarding Hillary.? If you see her as the alternative to TRUMP being a wondrous idea….then you really are stuck in your distorted belief system and it will take reality, maybe, to make you wake up. I’m sorry, I have done my best. and it is all I can do for YOU……But TRUMP will be THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER///// TRUMP’16

          • Look>>>>>> Gene – If you really had LISTENED to me, I stated that he doesn’t have the smarts or the EXPERIENCE to be President. Just because he is a “good” businessman, (and I’m only saying that because he only has a “good” brain – not) doesn’t mean that he would be a good President. There’s no prejudice – just the better qualified person. I never said she was “wondrous” or the best “since white bread” – did I? No, she has the experience with other heads of state and is not trigger happy with her fingers. You see his hands flying all over the place – so agitated about personal attacks – let’s hear some concrete substance on issues – you never hear it. He’s more concerned about who is screwing who – ridiculous. I could go on and on with you about this – you are correct – I will not change my mind and nothing that you try to “implant” – like the other lemmings for Trump – will make me change my mind. Am so looking forward to her ripping into him tonight. She’s good under pressure – he just crumbles and gets into the fetal position -and will pace back and forth – stalk behind her back and forth – and don’t forget that water bottle! I really think he’s doing some coke before hand, cause I really get tired of that snorting at all of the debates. Blow your nose, man!!!!

          • The mark of a GOOD and successful businessman is not that he knows the answer to every question, but that he surrounds himself with advisors who do know the answers and / or where to find them.
            She has UMA ABEDIN>>>>MUSLIM and God knows who else. Obama who you must love, has an entire platoon of yes men Muslims around him plus Valerie Jarret etc etc etc.more Muslims.Anyone who sells TRUMP short, does so at his own peril. And by the way, HILLARY on her best day can’t matech wits or anything else with TRUMP.

          • You’ve got to be off your meds- on her WORST day she could run circles around Trump – but that wouldn’t confuse him- he’s used to going in circles. Like I said its what you do with your life and time on this earth not your worth in dollar figures. But how would we know how well he does, because we haven’t seen his tax returns. And you must be wealthy to not think that’s a problem, when this supports our veterans – so that means he doesn’t support our veterans – plain and simple. He doesn’t want to keep jobs in America – why? Because he doesn’t make his own products on America. You can’t get people to believe on what you say if you don’t practice what you whine – I mean preach!

          • I give up. You are just beyond salvation and too thick to allow a decent argument to penetrate.
            You are a dyed in the wool admirer of Hillary and let’s forget TRUMP for a moment and instead of damning him for making ties overseas….how about considering the dead Americans in Bengazi, they were overseas too. Which,in your mind, is of greater importance? He is a businessman, like I was, and when you have things made you do your best to make them here but sometimes you can’t. Sure, it is better to do things here mainly because you can maintain control of the process…..not so much elsewhere. But then there is the problem of being competetive….if you haven’t been listening TRUMP has from the beginning of his campaign spoken many times about bringing jobs back. What do you suppose he means by that? Wake up. You are backing a LOSER and if she wins , then we are all losers….we are, and our children and their childre, all losers. Do a bit of homework and see EXACTLY who you are backing so bravely. OPEN YOUR EYES AND EARS and allow some of your built in prejudice to be overlooked for a moment/

          • It’s about time you give up! Just because someone doesn’t see YOUR way, doesn’t mean I’m ” too thick to allow a decent argument” – hello – I though we had a decent argument – you’re just like Trump – you don’t like to lose. Bringing jobs back? REALLY? Do you think he was including his entities? Wow – you are delusional. Even if he loses, he should still want to make America ALL OF THE TIME! Not just if he wins, but if he loses – and he will. and another thing – if you know so much about Benghazi, you would know that you spelled it wrong! We’ll see how the debate goes tonight!

          • I do my best to keep the audience ( Combatant) comfortable by spelling at their level.

          • Surely you jest. . . – you’re just spelling at a Trump level – with that “good” brain and all – now I understand.

          • L>O>L>…..I like you.

          • I kind of gnaw – I mean grow on you! ??

          • Did someone accuse you of that, or did you come up with it through very honest and
            thorough introspection?

          • No – I did it all by myself. When I believe I’m right or passionate about something, I will fight for whatever to the very, bitter end. ? Enjoy the debate!

          • CLASSIC !!!….You enjoy it as well. I hope this was not a “Bitter End.”

          • It was not!

          • I’m glad for that….Be Well.

          • You also.

          • Mr. Smith – I thought I would be hearing about something from you today regarding the results of the debate. Change your mind yet? Are you coming over to the side of the WINNERS – and I don’t mean Charlie Sheen. I have to admit Trump did much better last night than he did in the other two debates, but . . . he still is an idiot!! So many issues he is clueless about. Darn shame.

          • Well how nice of you to write.
            Of course, and as usual,you were only seeing and hearing what fit your narrative…..but the folks in the know ( Anyone who detests crooked Hillary) has given TRUMP the Checkered flag for this one for sure. So be it.
            And since I know you will be carping about his comment regarding accepting the results of the voters>>>>>Well let me tell you this>>>>Just take the title of his best selling book,
            “The Art Of The Deal” and ponder that for a moment ( Maybe longer for you) and you will see what he has in mind. He is brilliant.
            I hope you are not getting dehydrated from licking your wounds. Poor baby.!!!

          • Sorry – no wounds to heal. But that Trump – he sure does get dehydrated himself doesn’t he? – he was gulping down that water again last night. And what’s with his microphone? He had to keep adjusting it – how was it moving around so much? He just does nonsensical things to keep himself busy when he’s being confronted – because he doesn’t know the ANSWER . . . and he doesn’t want to show himself losing his cool. But then as confusing as that seems, he really has no cool – therein lies the problem. He wrote a book? Wow – didn’t know he knew how to put that many words together. Nooooo – he had someone write the book for him and then he took credit for it – and I bet he didn’t even pay the person. Yep – that sounds like a Trumpism.

          • If you look back at what you have written here you will see NOT A SINGLE REASON to elect Hillary instead of TRUMP. All very petty insignificant items that in no way would make him a bad choice for a President. And while doing this you have chosen to completely ignore the horrendous and felonius Security breaching dangerous things that your heroine has done repeatedly, not just once, over and over without regard to the consequences of her actions.
            BY THE WAY>>>>>A point >>>>>Some of us older folks are taking medications that cause drying in the mouth…..I do, so I know about this. Perhaps you are a fortunate younger person or one who does not take that particular drug. Maybe TRUMP does.
            All of this merely points out the truly misguided adoration you have for a very poor choice for President of this Country.

          • Well, now just wait a minute – Hillary is on medicine and you know Trump is on medicine – even though he swears that he is in excellent health – better than Clinton. I guess the medicine that he’s on is called “crack”. 🙂 No I’m not a younger person and I am on medicine myself, but you are correct it does not dry my mouth. And also, younger people can be on medicine also, age has nothing to do with it. You are correct there is not a SINGLE REASON – there are SEVERAL HUNDRED REASONS to NOT elect Trump. He has no clue about the abortion issue – really? “Those judges when they get in there, they will AUTOMATICALLY overturn Roe v. Wade” – really? When has that EVER happened with any judge coming on board? So clueless – it makes you laugh, makes you cry and makes you sad. I do not consider this an INSIGNIFICANT item. He can’t even – here I go saying it – say that he will accept the final answer – because if he doesn’t win – it’s rigged and if he wins – is it still rigged? Or is everything OK? Such a poor loser and a poor winner. Anyway you look at it, he’s a poor choice. Period. 🙂

          • It is you with the poor choice because you are blind to the opposition that is so obvious if you would just open your eyes.
            As poor a choice as YOU might imagine him to be, HILLARY is far worse and in far more meaningful and dramatic ways that can HURT you and your family….BIG TIME.
            His comment about conceding the election etc>>>>>Read his book.His detractors are
            ignorant of the genuine ART of negotiating as has been proven over and over by the very poor deals they make for this Country. It is common knowledge that the elections are not straight up as proven by the Democrats continuing reluctance to VOTER I>D> being required….so he is well within his rights to make certain that his investment is being properly overseen. His comment is sensible…..READ HIS BOOK and get some knowledge. As for who wrote it >>>>>come on, the man is brilliant and far ahead of his
            peers, he is however different from the schmoozing politicians that some are comfortable with. He is outspoken and matter of fact, yes, a little difficulty when unaccustomed to it.
            Smile and Lie is not his style.

          • Au contraire – you didn’t seem to address my issues above so, therefore, I know you are a Trump supporter – he doesn’t address the issues either. You just keep giving yourself away – free. And you keep repeating yourself – can you just play a recording and copy and paste and then you wouldn’t have to re-type everything all over again. Look – you can’t run a country like you run a business. If you are not happy with the business deal – you go elsewhere and do business with other people. He is NOT the only one that has the say in what our country does and doesn’t do. Well, really – he has no say. It’s the Congress that dictates what happens and guess what? He listens. He’s not used to that. So you can’t say to another country “I don’t like your answer, you’re not being or playing fair . . . blah, blah, blah” and then what? He doesn’t negotiate well – it’s his way or the highway! You’re fired!! Or I won’t pay you? Well he knows that game all too well. Go some place else and do business with some other country? That’s not how it works, my friend. He’s not the only concerned party in this big-ticket, high-stakes situation. Anyone can see that.

          • LOOK >>>>>it should be quite obvious to anyone reading this stuff between us that we
            are not going to be convinced either way different from what we already believe.
            REMEMBER THIS >>>>The President is a LEADER….understand that? Know what a LEADER is? So forget the rant about him doing it alone and only his way and all the other senseless crap you find so comforting….it is just that CRAP.
            We currently have NO or piss poor leadership including the Congress that quite frankly should all be thrown out with very few exceptions. They get nothing done because apparently, despite all of their talk, they like things as they are, EXACTLY as they are.
            Just a few moments ago on FOX ( LOOK>>GUESS WHAT?>>>>>Voter fraud. Wake up person( Lady or gentleman) and see what is going on in YOUR COUNTRY.

          • LOOK >>>>>> So if there is voter fraud – why do we vote? Apparently there seems to be no system that is not riggable – which is very sad. You make it sound like it’s the first time this has ever happened. Oh, and FOX isn’t pro-Trump are they? If you think Obama is doing such a crappy job, not sure what he could do to meet your expectations. Crappy job for anyone in there and SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE would find fault – as if they could do any better. That’s quite an insult to the current President as if he’s DONE NOTHING to lead this country. That’s just very blatantly disrespectful. Not sure where you say I’m ranting – Trump said that himself – he will, he will, he will – there’s no “we the People” in his speeches – it’s I, I, I, me,me,me – pathetic. Yes, he THINKS he is a leader in his own mind – who has he lead? No one but himself. He is a leader of ONE. The only statement that I agree with that you made is regarding Congress. I agree with Trump that there should be terms set because they absolutely get NOTHING done. They do like the status quo – unfortunately, we are in different times and different situations that require smarter thinking than the same old, same old. Sadly to say, I find NOTHING comforting about him.

          • And so be it >>>>>If you are ALSO an OBAMA lover then you are far past and beyond any help from me or anyone else, well maybe GOD could help you and to him I will pray for his help for you.
            Whoever and wherever you are….GOD please reach out to this person and offer some intelligent thinking…..oh, and get them a cable set-up so they can watch, if they are able to find the channel, some legitimate broadcast that MIGHT enlighten their darkened and cloudy thinking. There you go, like TRUMP, I am a person of action.

          • For your info I have Comcast – so I have all of the Fox and CNN that I can handle – and I’ve asked the Lord to pray for you also – that you will see the light. In all seriousness, we will need some heavy prayers for everyone. And now I must go to physical therapy and fight with you later. 🙂

          • L.O.L……good one

          • Seriously – had broken my leg in July am now just getting to put weight on my foot. Or was physical not mental therapy ☺

          • Good Lord, Mr. Smith – give up the Birth Certificate drama! – some people in denial just can’t get over . . . what that a black man was elected to the highest position in the world? – and that for 8 years, you’ve been searching and trying to make a lie of something that possibly couldn’t have happened IF HE WASN’T BORN IN THE US!! Don’t you think this was looked into – and all of his background crap was taken into consideration? Really? Are you losers that hard-up that you have to find SOMETHING, SOMETHING, ANYTHING – desperately trying to find something. Go to the place that houses the Birth Certificates and find out yourself!! Get a life and move on, jaded one!!

          • I like the sarcasm and humor in the way you write….your thinking however is a bit short of common sense and just plain logic.
            typical of the Liberal follow the leader right over the cliff adoration.

          • Congress is just an old folks retirement home.

          • You can bet that he has been promised a hefty reward for neglecting his primary job of running this country, something he has neglected for seven and a half years now, in return for campaigning for a lying criminal. Probably he and Michelle both!

          • You’re very ungrateful!

          • JUST BE PATIENT >>>>I predict that TRUMP, once elected, will get to the bottom of this entire matter ALL OF IT….he was made by the media, and others, to look foolish because of his persistence in the Birther thing. He backed off>>>>BUT NOT FOREVER>>> I just know he will show the folks, you and me, that he was not a fool.

          • gene smith, I think this is the MAIN reason this Fraudulent SOB is campaigning for Hillary along with his wife doing so, also! He DOES NOT want the TRUTH to come OUT! The DO NOTHING & USELESS Legislature will NOT do anything but condemn TRUMP, because they have it made for the rest of their lives for WHAT? If I remember when he campaigned against her in 2008, Hillary was a LowLife ! bUT FOR SOME REASON SHE BECAME his Secretary of State! Wonder what she & Bill had on HIM?TRUMP just does NOT put things to bed and let it go and Obama KNOWS that!

          • Well THANK YOU >>>>I am so happy that you are in agreement. I have faith, and I just
            know this is all going to play out correctly. And I am equally certain that TRUMP will be an amazing President.
            Enjoy the debate.

        • …go to your grave as a fool. “Here lies Bob, a tool of right wing fascist radio myth”.

          • Your name says a lot about you. You’re a blow hard. I guess you really look forward to those muslims coming here don’t you? I’d love to see you walking around with your head in your hands unless they put it back where you had it which is up your rear.

          • Question: When have you EVER heard Obama or the Clinton’s humble and apologize for any wrong doing? NEVER and why is that you ask? It’s called the God Syndrome. Shall I explain? They have never nor do they ever intend to admit to any wrong doing because they truly believe they are perfect and godly and owe no one anything only themselves. Be careful they will use their godly opinion of themselves to put us all under their boot. Soak that in for a minute and really think of one time any of them apologized to we the people. You won’t ever find it and so instead of working for WE THE PEOPLE like a republic is meant to be they truly believe they are above us. Dangerous slippery slope! Not most certainly what I want running my country where rules don’t apply to them only WE THE PEOPLE. It has been and has continued to be that way and you honestly think you want someone who actually believes she is above being human as our leader? Everyone has faults but not this one nor the one in the WH and WE THE PEOPLE need a human not someone who believes they are god.

          • I have heard Clinton apologize several times, I’m not a Clinton voter; unless of course Putintrump gets close, take a lot of ignorant voters to accomplish that but…. Thanks I learned the God syndrome in college, Orange Hitler is text book example .

          • There is your problem, your already doctrine in school, liberal moron!

          • Don’t reply to Jazzbelly. ultra liberal, might be on clinton payroll. Non-veteran; Can’t Understand Normal Thinking.

          • OldHighlandGuyOne

            Good post. At one point I thought Obama was the anti-christ but since Hillary has shown her true colors I may have been a bit hasty.

          • Maybe, Phoebe Isley – they don’t apologize because it REALLY DOESN’T MATTER. Would you think differently of them when you are already biased? Hell no. All people can do is pick and pick and pick. Why don’t the people that are SOOOO unhappy with everything step up to the plate and run the country yourselves? Everything he does is wrong – he can’t win for doing anything right. When he got Bin Laden – was there a big hooplah and a BIG THANK YOU for doing that? Hell no. Why would he apologize or Clinton for that purpose. We all think for some reason that an apology makes “everything better” and will make the unhappy ones think differently – well it doesn’t and it DOESN’T MATTER – you know it and I know it. You either sit back and say “he’s full of ____ “, “he’s not sincere”, “he’s lying” – so it really DOESN’T MATTER. Like Trump saying that Hillary can’t say the words “extreme Islamic terrorists”. So what if she does? Does something magically happen different than before? Hell no. They’re just words – I think they know what they are doing – no matter what people think. There have been more threats averted and thwarted than we know about – there’s just some that you hear from the media – the ones that really want to report the news. Thank you BBC!

          • That’s how just what hillary does, she says “well it’s too late now” right after she f ucks everything up!

          • Well Billdeserthills – get in there and do a better job – see if you can f__ up any less!! Doesn’t matter, you will offend or tick SOMEONE off – because I can’t imagine you know more than the Generals – or do you?

          • Thanks for your endorsement, unfortunately all the good generals were fired by obama, because they refused to break their oath of office

          • Well now you have someone that you “feel” seems to know “more than the Generals” – we’ll see how long he lasts.

          • Wow, so Trump is gonna win after all, eh? Thanks for the great news!!

            Make America Great Again
            Vote Trump 2016

          • Keep telling yourself that – and maybe your dreams will come true!!! That’s it – wish hard!!

          • Long as hillary doesn’t get in, I’m not sure I care

          • Here hoping Karma hits you hard, Strong and often!


          • Bob, People like this Jazzbelly make me laugh! A Muslim comes at him and he craps in his pants before they even get their sword out!

          • I’m sure he will be crying like a baby wanting his mommy.


          • Satan! That’s hilarious! oogie boogie supernatural ooOooOO00oowwaaahhhh ha…

          • That’s a real mature comment from a liberal college moron! That’s what you learn slander, and adolescent comments .

          • That is confusing – you’d think Jazzbelly would be voting for Trump – that sounds like his requirements to be a Trumpster in the Dumpster voter!!

          • OldHighlandGuyOne

            I don’t think you made any points with that comment.

          • Certainly all lives matter, that’s the point .

          • Jazzbelly . . .

            It’s a documented FACT that obamba actually started his “Birther Movement” with his book and his first college matriculation as a foreign student.

            Even Snopes got it right, when faced with undeniable FACTS!


          • Who cares? Drop it!!! They started it first, no they did – no, they did – a bunch of immature morons!!!!

          • Here IS what lies for BLM


            Both are peaceful hate groups.

          • You’re a fucking idiot like all of the Hilliar backers.

          • OldHighlandGuyOne

            Try to keep it a little diplomatic, please. No need for low life profanity.
            Of course jazzbelly has a problem but don’t make him your problem. Take the high road, my friend, and make America Great Again.

          • Wow – you’re so dillusional – there is no “high road” with Trump – he stoops to every low that he can manage!!

          • Jazzbelly, why do you call us names?? I am so tired of political correctness and if Christian, called right wing extremist!! You are the ones who are intoler
            ant toward us! us!

          • Just a dumb liberal.

          • You are such an idiot!

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          Loretta Fuddy knew it too, she got Clintoned for that.

        • I saw a show that had a story on him around 2005 and they said he was born in Kenya there was also a magazine article or something about him put out in 1991 that said the same thing

        • His grandmother said she was at his birth there in Kenya, so where else could he have been born. I find it suspicious that there is a dead Hawaiian birth records person that was the only one to die on a water landing crash and no one else had a scratch, the doc’s that were provided do not have a doctors signature, A man can not get his sisters birth certificate after her death. Her birth was on the same date and time as Obama’s.

      • I wish he would’ve been prosecuted and released years ago before he destroyed America.

        • I think tht is why he wants to get rid of GITMO, Cuba. He does not want to spend his life down there!! He should never be released and ALL of the Congress and Senate who has kept him in office should join him, as well!

    • Bob not he doesn’t have freedom of speech or at least not at the universities in today’s world. You know without a doubt he will be fired for his comment.

      • I’m sure he will be fired. I hope if Trump wins he will make sure things like this doesn’t ever happen again

        • The complete system has been taken over by liberals including our high and now it looks like grade schools also. Doubt anyone can change that as it is too entrenched into the system. For decades people ignored or cast a blind eye while our colleges were taken over by liberals and of course those graduating from college carry the message taught to them into our schools. Excellent example, it was the college kids that voted for Sanders so they are showing truly communist beliefs.

          • have you noticed how these kids no nothing of what’s going on in this world? College students have no idea what Sharia Law is. Most don’t know what the civil war as all about and don’t even know who was fighting. Scary

          • Watched a program where a reporter was on a college campus and asked different common questions. They setup a map of the world and asked the students to point out where on the map a state was located. The one’s that really got me was when some put our states in South America, Europe, Africa, Canada and so on. To me the lowest I.Q. have for generations now been having the majority of the kids, so what can you expect.

        • What world are you living in? This “that it never happens again” statement that people make is not the reality that we deal with – whatever happens/ed WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!!! Stop making that statement!!!! Nothing is foolproof!!

          • Look as whole. You believe what you want and I will believe what I know. Don’t tell me what statements I should or shouldn’t make. Another words fuck off.

      • OldHighlandGuyOne

        And that is why your children and my children must go to private schools. The public school system has totally broken down. I know, many private schools have their own agenda also but not like the public school system.
        I was sent to parochial schools my entire life and my freedom of speech was never suppressed and actually encouraged.
        Boycott, if possible, the entire public school system and especially the state run university and colleges.

    • if Martin Luther king were alive today and sees the people of his race creating a Orginization that Seprates themselves from other humans just because they are white well he would preach against this Orgnization

      • I know he would and he would condemn these people. But let’s remember who really started the BLM. George Soros

      • I believe you are correct, Jay – he’s probably turning over in his grave. This is something that he does not stand for or condone. What the police should do is ignore phone calls for people that need help and don’t respond to police calls and see how that fixes their little red wagon. Let them fend for themselves. It’s getting way out of hand.

    • Bob Trahan, Did BLM say that white babies should be killed? I know that the head of The New Blabk Panthers said that “All cracker babies should be killed at birth so they can’t grow up to be bigots. I shouldn’t be durprised that BLM said it too.Where is all the outrage from the race police like Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson, B&M Obama,MSNBC,CNN,etc.?

      • Yes Maureen it was said. I reported that to fb and I haven’t seen it again since then. So many things have been said by blacks and nothing gets done. But I don’t think they want to start another civil war.

      • Agreed – Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been poison for a long time. They feed the frenzy and make things worse. A disgrace to all.

    • Maybe the BLM movement was started with a peaceful purpose, although they should have added “all lives matter” to their slogan. However, their spokes- people are radical racists themselves, using street thugs for looting messengers!

    • what…..exactly do they do to make black lives matter……further destroy where they live…..kill their own people…..destroy their peoples businesses…steal….sell drugs…..and just keep on destroying. when will one of them stand up and stop this shit. all lives matter….what you do with your life is what is important.

      • They just want everything free. The want to be able to steal and murder at will just like muslims do.

        • . . . and not work for living. Everything should be “given to them” – always looking for an easy way to live without giving or working hard. Darn shame.

    • Yes, but he is now on administrative leave. So much for free speech and a dissenting opinion – unless you are a liberal Democrat “gimme” – then you can slander at will.
      I think America is in for a rough ride for the rest of history.

  2. Sorry ! BUT BLM has already PROGRESSED to a — RACIST — Group. I would not trust them !

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      It always was a racist hate group, founded on a lie, paid for by George Soros specifically to CAUSE racial unrest. Communism and NWO are staring the USA right in the face. Too bad the blacks do not realize they are being completely used and they also have no place in Hillary’s Amerika, that space is being reserved for the Satanic Muslims who have funded Hillary for years.

  3. Any organization that hates another race is racist, scr*** them

  4. They should be hanging medals on anyone who condemns this radical criminal group.

  5. The Professor’s comments may not “foster intellectual exploration, nor do they encourage the voices of others,” but, they do tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And if the poor little student snowflakes are hiding away from these brutal micro-aggressions, well, tough. This whole dippy organization – BLM mutants – was born out of lies surrounding the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and boosted by the President himself and his Attorney General who, for political reasons, thought dividing America even further would be great for the Progressive democrat loons in the next election. And it seem to be working.

    • What some people don’t want to acknowledge is that most of these people were in the midst of “committing a crime” – Michael Brown? really? Show us a picture of him in his graduation cap and gown? What is that supposed to tell us? He was stealing from a store owner, why do you think the police were called? He had a rap sheet – so did many of the others. Forget that he was committing a crime. Period. These people are not angels.

      • Subsequent investigations demonstrated the “hands up, don’t shoot” credo was a fabrication and that Michael Brown had indeed attacked the Police Officer Wilson in an attempt to get his gun. Brown was a thug, high on THC, and was shot and killed as a result of his own criminal behavior. Even Obozo’s dippy AG, Eric Holder, signed off on the investigative report that ruled Officer Wilson’s actions as justifiable.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      What the BLM fail to realize is that they are being used to foment social chaos in order to put MUSLIMS in their places. Leaving them out of the goody basket that the Shariacrats continually use to control them.

      • It’s well known that globalist George Soros, a billionaire and liberal fruit-loop, has spent millions to foment the rioting and burning and other BLM racist activities in Ferguson, Mo., following the Michael Brown debacle. I’m not sure how the “Shariacrats” play into the whole social chaos thing. I do know that Saul Alinsky, the communist and original community organizer of the 60’s who taught Obozo and Hillary everything they need to know about “revolution,” was big on creating social chaos in a society in order to change it.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve been saying the exact things for years. He, Eric Holder and now Loretta Lynch. Ferguson, Baltimore Treyvon Martin and several other. Let’s all go in there and claim it was racist within minutes before the facts of an investigation comes out. Typical demoncrat policies. Rush to judgement.

  6. Univ. comments reflect a CYA attitude not clearly recognizing the enourmous problem we are confronted with. BLM is in fact promoting racism in the worst way by promoting violence and hiding behind their front of descent.
    Professor Muir is correct in exposing this movement for what it is!

  7. need to put the pc police in jail for disturbing the peace , black lives matter is not a viable group , if it were viable it would put education in the intercity on as a project to help the black poor in the intercity get out of the intercity. educated people don’t kill each other

  8. What it comes down to is the internet, the college professor ability to think for themselves and make opinions have been taken over by the thought police.

  9. What happened to free speech? Or is it only one direction? It goes both ways – BLM can say what they feel and so can the people that believe ALL LIVES MATTER.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      I must go to my safe space and ponder that, while I get into a fetal position and worry about all those evil right wing white Christians planning to do unspeakable things. Sarcasm off.

    • Does saying what you feel include robbing, vandalism, and burning down their own neighborhood.

      • Absolutely not – those would be considered crimes and there are LAWS in the books for people that do those types of “free speech” expressions. That certainly gives them what they feel the “excuse” to do that and then they can call it “free speech”. Apparently they can do damage to property because it seems like the police may not be taking care of those issues. Or maybe they are behind the scene.

  10. This is disgraceful! Most people know b.l.m. are a bunch of racist thugs!

  11. BLM should all be jailed as a terrorist organization.

  12. George Soros sponsors BLM and most of the awful socialist/progressive problems we have today.
    Watch us lose the Bill of Rights if Hillary is elected.

  13. The country is headed for civil war. It will come in November. There will be no Thanksgiving this year. Nor Christmas. Survival will be the order of the day. I for one am salivating waiting for the opportunity to snuff out the liberal scum who infest our nation. Along with the BLM movement, the PC police and other undesirables.

    • So you are looking forward to killing a bunch of people just because they don’t agree with you? You are so totally UN-AMERICAN and need professional help.

    • …and you probably call others …anti- American, but the label is owned by you and yours.

    • Yes, we need to be ready for another American Revolution in the name of the Founders. Arm yourselves and stock up on ammo. Break out and lube up the old reloader and dies, stock up on casings, powder, primers and bullets. Sight in the scopes at the local ranges. Get ready for the American Communist Party, the radical islamist and their minions and sheeple. Show no mercy, take no prisoners. Send them to commie heaven and to their 72 virgins. US Navy vet, 1966-1969; HM2, FMF Corpsman “Doc”, Pharmacy Tech; the “Big E” (CVN-65), USS Repose (AH-16), USS Lexington (CVA/S/T-16); Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, Ooorah; Freedom is NOT Free; America, the most Exceptional Nation on the face of the Earth, and don’t anyone forget it.

    • I am certainly glad, that I am a deplorable. GO Deplorables, Trump 2017.

    • IMO we are wasting time, energy and money fighting among ourselves when the real threat is Islam.

      • Islam = liberal Democrats. They are one in the same. Don’t be fooled. Why do you think Hillary’s most trusted aide is an Islamic whore? Married to a pedophile no less!!! And Bill Clinton takes long weekends on pedophile isle? Wake up!!! Islam is a threat, yes. But the Demoncrats love them. They are out to destroy our way of life, plain and simple. It is kill or be killed from here on out.

  14. “Black Lives Matter” is a group that promotes non-discrimination in the policing of America, something that needs to be addressed. Your attitude is exactly why this organization exists. As we keep shooting unarmed black people just for not obeying verbal commands from the police absolutely and precisely, that should not end up as a death sentence. White’s do not always obey those same commands and do not seem to end up dead on the ground. There IS a racial bias in this country in the way police react to seemingly non-violent situations, either out of an unjustified fear or pure racism, and we need to address it as a nation. Your reaction to this professor’s very racist rant demonstrates the problem. The different factions, including publications like yours, need to stop over reacting to every action that you see as a further assault on white America. I am a white Anglo-Saxon protestant 70-year old male, who used to be active in the Republican Party, my Christian Church, Kiwanis and other civic groups. As the Republican Party became, more and more, the party of “No”, thanks to Mr. Gingrich, I left the party and became an “unaffiliated” voter. Now I am a Democrat because of its stand on Global Warming, pollution and other environmental issues. I have several black friends, and cherish their friendships. They are no different than my “white” friends or my “Hispanic” friends except for the color of their skin and their cultural background. They believe in the same things that most Americans do – love of country, love of God, and an acceptance of people of different ethnicity’s, races, religions and educational backgrounds. Your attitude – an attitude that certain people are “superior” or “better” comes across in the constant bias of your stories just like this one. Your disbelief in science, as shown in stories about our environment, global warming, etc., again show your bias. Global Warming is a PROVEN fact. The only people who argue against it are connected with the fossil-fuel industry or who have listened to their paid lackey’s a little too long. 190 countries came together in Paris to work on solutions to our warming planet. Those 190 countries agree that man is playing a large part, this time, in the changing climate of our planet. Only those who are bought and paid for by the fossil-fuel industry and the people who listen to them, like you, have any doubts about what is going on. You, and the Republican Party, have become the enemy of the human race because of your stance on this issue and also because of your stance on equality of the various races on our planet. Your voice, while sounding more and more desperate, is being listened to less and less, and I thank God for that.

    • Agree, but white innocents are murdered in our streets as well….color is not the most important point; the state killing innocents cannot become ok. In El Salvador the new president has had 1000 citizens killed in his first 3 months, no arrests or trials. Those who oppose BLM are unwittingly supporting marshal law and crimes against humanity. #7!

    • Nonsense, Peter, you’ve become a victim of indoctrination, or you’ve been mushroomed. I’ll support the police in every instance until they’ve been proven to have acted wrongly. In most cases their actions are demonstrably within the bounds of good policing. A recent study by a Harvard professor demonstrated that both whites and blacks are killed within the proportion of their representation in the general population, which belies the popular liberal myth that blacks are killed way beyond their representation. You need to come out of your safe space and research the available facts on these issues of crime and punishment and race. To be so deluded at age 70 is truly astonishing. I thought you may have been a senior in high school or, at most, a college sophomore in some Liberal Arts school where safespaces are plentiful and one can hide from reality.

      And GLOBAL WARMING is NOT a proven fact. If it was, the ice would be gone from the Arctic poles and Florida would be underwater, as Algore told us years ago. He also told us the seas would rise by 50 feet by now and he entire east coast would be gone. Oh, and that was supposed to be a done deal by 2012. I live in Florida and, until Matthew, we hadn’t had a major Hurricane here for a decade when we were told they were to be more frequent, more powerful and devastating because of (the hoax of) Global Warming. C’mon, man, wake up.

      • Yeah, the polar bears are still thriving, the polar ice caps have grown and humans are still in control of their own destiny. The UNs and EU elitist global warming/ climate change/ Agenda21/ Agenda2030/ sustainability/ social and economic justice / and what ever they are calling it, now, is a globalist (commie) plot for their One World Order (OWO). THE SO CALLED CORRUPT COMIE UN “SCIENCE” IS NOT SETTLED.
        Yes, we should be searching for alternative energy sources (I hate the terms “green”, sustainable, ….) but not at break neck speeds and at the expense of the hard working American Patriotic tax payers. We still have decades of conventional clean energy products available. Our lives will go on as they have been. Eventually there will be new energy making products that will be efficient, long lasting, cheap (without any tax payer monies called subsidies) to keep us alive. Geothermal wells should be one of the new ideas as the Earth’s molten core will be around for a while. Iceland has shallow geothermal wells in use. By injecting salt or untreated lake water into geothermal wells and retrieving steam in near by wells could be a viable continuous solution.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      Do you even know that whites are killed by police at over 2 to one ratio versus blacks, per FBI statistics? I need go no further as you are completely brainwashed.

  15. Michelle Minze-Bryant

    BLM promote killing cops and white people. Can we form a new nation? A nation that actually BELIEVES in equality for everyone. All this race bating isn’t what I signed up for when I vowed to be an American. Bad part is, there’s no other place any better.

  16. The Klan, formed by southern demowits after the War Between the States (a.k.a. the American Civil War), terrorized the south until the 1960s. They still exist but with little to no authority. I was invited to join back in the mid ’80s, but no. It has been speculated that “Teddy” Roosevelt admired them, for sure Woodrow Wilson and FDR supported them. Several recent US demowit congresspersons were supporters of them.
    Just like the ’60s commie led riots and protest, todays radical orgs like BLM are financed by the likes of commie globalist Georgie Soros, a demowit, socialist, liberal, and progressive supporter. During the ’70s, the radical demowits were empowered by the far left ideology of Marx, fostered by old radical socialist and union thugs Sal Alinsky (Rules for Radicals) and Cloward & Piven. Thusly, LBJs Great Society welfare programs were forced on Americas hard working Patriotic tax payers. $$Ts have been spent on these worthless programs over the past 5 decades with little or no success. But, like old LBJ said; he would keep them on the democratic plantation by “having them vote democratic for the next 200 years”. TRUMP 2016/2020

  17. They changed the name of their racist organization. It’s now called PORCH MONKIES MATTER!! ??

  18. Funded by George Soros that wants to bring America to her knees.
    Google Steve Kroft’s 60 min. article on Soros.

  19. Sounds to me like he had a very clear grasp of the situation and the action of blm speak louder than word
    by the hatred and racist actions they are pushing. I do not think the KKK was quite as violent are racist
    as either the “New” black panthers or the “blm” movement. Both are anti White, enspouse separatism and
    violent racism against others who they do not like, especially those of lighter skin tones.

  20. It’s very simple.The same traitors that did 911 to invade the Middle East and other Nations so they can under false compassion bring in Muslim terrorists to Kill more Christians.The black people who are decent moral citizens run from these murderous racists. Who supplies their money? Soros foundation, Ford foundation, Clinton foundation, etc. Who supports them in their false victimization scam, deceived and being deceived. This is not a war of colors, but of good against evil. This is being used together with false sexual I.D., perverse sexual deviancy, sodomizing minds of little children so they can have sex with them ( homophiles, Pedophiles ). We must pray for these people to be destroyed and for others to repent. It is their only hope to escape this culture of death.
    Proverbs 8:36
    But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death. His servant, Peter

    • Wow, twisted, very twisted.

    • “The same traitors that did 911?” Name one, ChaplainPeter. Soros gave his money to whom to bring on 911? I thought only Alex Jones knew, but wouldn’t say. You apparently know, so tell us…

      • Greetings Mcferguson, I looked at one of your comments;”
        It’s well known that globalist George Soros, a billionaire and liberal fruit-loop, has spent millions to foment the rioting and burning and other BLM racist activities in Ferguson, Mo., following the Michael Brown debacle. I’m not sure how the “Shariacrats” play into the whole social chaos thing. I do know that Saul Alinsky, the communist and original community organizer of the 60’s who taught Obozo and Hillary everything they need to know about “revolution,” was big on creating social chaos in a society in order to change it.”
        Sounds to me that you and Alex Jones have much in common. The same people means that they are like minded in their scheme to destroy America. Is this to difficult grasped. Since 911 these TRAITORS have by design destabilized many Muslin Nations. Then they pour into Europe millions of refugees in the name of humanitarian help. The result; rape, terror murder. Now they want to do the same here in America. The Christians, Muslims that don’t agree with the SHARIACRATS are being slaughtered. VERY FEW CHRISTIANS ARE BROUGHT IN AS REFUGEES. WHY IS THAT? Christians stand in the way of their perverse intentions. A blood bath is coming to America if these Muslims get in. BLM is being used to start race wars; as you also wrote. The scriptures bear witness to their this.
        Rev.6.9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
        10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
        11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled…Rev.20.4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. His servant, Peter

        • You loaded me down with words, Chaplain, but you never bothered to explain who “they” are. You insinuated that Soros and Ford and Clinton gave “them” moneys to bring in traitors. Who is “them”? Names please. Sooner or later ya gotta come out of the fog, doncha? In 100 words or less, please.

          • I was referring to Soros foundation giving to BLM. However I have no doubt he is and was involved in 911.
            John Major, former British Prime Minister; Fidel Ramos, former Philippines President; Park Tae Joon, former South Korean Prime Minister; Saudi Prince Al-Walid; Colin Powell, the present Secretary of State; James Baker III, former Secretary of State; Caspar Weinberger, former Defense Secretary; Richard Darman, former White House Budget Director; the billionaire George Soros, and even some bin Laden family members. You can add Alice Albright, daughter of Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State; Arthur Lewitt, former SEC head; William Kennard, former head of the FCC, to this list. Finally, add in the Europeans: Karl Otto Poehl, former Bundesbank president; the now-deceased Henri Martre, who was president of Aerospatiale; and Etienne Davignon, former president of the Belgian Generale Holding Company. ….

            Carlyle emerged from the shadows in spite of itself on September 11, 2001. That day, the group had organized a meeting at Washington’s Ritz Carlton Hotel with five hundred of its largest investors. Frank Carlucci and James Baker III played masters of ceremony. George Bush senior made a lightning appearance at the beginning of the day. The presentation was quickly interrupted, but one detail escaped no one. One of the guests wore the name bin Laden on his badge. It was Shafiq bin Laden, one of Osama’s many brothers. The American media discovered Carlyle. One journalist, Dan Briody, wrote a book about the group’s hidden side, “The Iron Triangle”, and takes an interest in the close relations between the Bush clan and the Saudi leadership.

            Carlyle Empire
            by Eric Leser

          • And you’re telling me, Chaplain, that all those names listed in the 2nd paragraph above conspired collectively to bring down the Twin Towers on 11 Sep 2001. Is that what you’re saying? If so, I’d suggest you get with Alex Jones immediately and provide him ALL these names. Alex usually makes these wild “conspiracy” assertions baldly, without evidentiary support, just to lift his ratings. And he never mentions names because he knows he’ll get his tail sued off. So, you’re in the catbird’s seat to launch a counter programming alternative because you have the actual names and organizations and, I take it, undeniable proof. I suspect you’ll get rich if you can get the program and funding support. My suggestion, though, would be to invest heavily in a legal department because you’re going to need it. Good luck! Oh, did George W. Bush know his father and Secretary of State conspired to blow up New York even as he, Bush 43, was sitting as the Commander-in-Chief? Inquiring minds would like to know…

  21. BLM is supported by Obama , Hillary and company, paid and supported by billionaires like George soros etc, highlighted by the liberal news media! All for one thing NATIONALIZED POLICE FORCE RUN BY THE UNITED NATIONS! !!!! New world order anyone, Believe It!

  22. Of course! He’s telling the truth! This country is finished, and when it goes down, the BLM folks will blame everyone else! They are cowards and fools and indeed some them are murderers! They will have to deal with God Almighty!

  23. I think Doug just hit a home run on his post, that is called a 1 world order, that is just what they are shooting for, some of these dumb asses had better wake up, there is NOT A BIG SLICE OF PIE IN THE SKY for them—NOTHING BUT TROUBLE AHEAD.


  25. Yeah, sometimes the truth’s a bitch. . . . .

  26. Sure, like denying the fact that BLM is indeed a racist organization as well as one encouraging its members to be anarchist will change the issue. And, as bad as the KKK was, their targets were mostly blacks, not whole communities, cities, or a country.

  27. Black Lives Don’t Matter. All Lives Matter. They are a corrupt and a criminal gang out to destroy this country.

  28. negro lives matter? more than whom?? deserves to be classified as as a racist hate organization

  29. Black Lies Matter is what its origins tell us. Any organization that says that only one group in America matter is, by definition, racist. The Girl Scouts? Not racist, just sexist. Same with Boy Scouts. The membership of BLM obviously thinks white lives and opinions do not matter, as seen on the video of a black man pounding on a guy with a sign that read ALL LIVES MATTER. That obviously is a motto and title progressives agree is racist. Up is down, and off is on.

  30. Lib acedemicians (communists) got their foothold at UIC (in the 60’s) and expanded from there.

  31. Once obama is thrown out with the garbage where he belongs and Trump is President I think all the hateful,false,divisive nonsense America’s worst mistake shoved down our throats will die a natural, rightful death. Sanity will be restored.
    Of course if Hillary is allowed to cheat her way into our Whitehouse, like a worm coring through an apple, causing it to rot, we can expect it to get worse, much worse because hateful, false, divisive nonsense is a democrats bread and butter.
    Which is why Trump packs stadiums and Hillary can’t fill a gym. We will not vote them out this November, we will vomit them up, like a sickness an otherwise healthy body is desperate to get rid of.

  32. The university’s action are, in my opinion, deplorable. The comments made perhaps do not reflect those of the school. However, there are comments made everyday by our schools that do not reflect the opinion of many of the staff, faculty and student body. As long as it supports the agenda, specially, the liberal agenda, it is okay. FYI, I am an independent voter that will be voting for Trump. The Democratic Party has gone off the proverbial deep end and has got to be stopped!

  33. Compare how many Riots the KKK participated in over the past 100 years with the number of Riots that Black Lies Matter has fomented over the past couple of years.

    They’re pretty much even . . . on number and level of violence, sans Riots and re-stocking of liquor cabinets, a specialty of Black Lies Matter.

    The primary difference is it took the KKK 100 years to accumulate their mayhem while Black Lies Matter took only a couple of years and has the endorsement of obamba’s Regime.

  34. Unfortunately Muir just found out he’s not one of the special interest protected groups. So speaking any kind of truth will not be tolerated.

  35. As a former professor, I assure you that professor’s are not allowed to have opinions on anything. Just be as PC as humanly possible, and you might not tick off students or administrators. In my case, I was, have been, and will always be political incorrect (PI).

  36. The most important fact ant BLM is “who” is its main supporter and who funds every event, all transportation, etc and probably the “REASON” gor yjr event — George Soros! You read right!
    SOROS. Who do you think has been pushing BLM around our country to do his own personsl dirty work? SOROS.

    So yes, BLM is nothing but pure RACIST ACTIONS AND MATERIALS, 100%. It is being used by the billionnaire who just so happens to be pushing Globalism (One World Order) and the U.S. is too strong and its people to armed for any organization to conquer us. Soros next step is RACISM & CHAOS to break down our syrength and Foundations. And he”s doing one hell of a job! Race relations are at an all time low thanks to the milk chocolate brother in the white house.

    If you hear anyone saying Black Lives Matter isn’t a racist group similar to the Klu Klux clan but without the violence and terror, you can let them know that Soros is running that and his objective IS to break apart our Nation by causing racial issues using BLM.

    SOROS = BLM = CHAOS = RACIAL TENSION = CHAOS = WEAKENING OF AMERICA! Do not support BLM in any way. It’s mission isn’t to unite the races, but to divide them.

  37. What a tragic event, and right here in the U>S.>A… much for the first amendment, what’s next?

  38. I don’t see any groups of whites destroying property, looting, or blocking traffic while demonstrating. There are opinions and facts. I suggest our country start looking at facts, not fiction or biased media.

  39. Another reason to not vote for incompetent inept incapable and unfit for public office Hillary and vote for Trump!

  40. This poor guy is toast you just can’t say anything about these useless mutts. Again what in hell do black lives matter for? I can’t think of one dam thing.

  41. I totally agree, they are the “KKK” of the angry blacks. Why is it that it’s ok to condem one but not the other? I’ve always had a bad taste for the University of Virginia, but now for sure. Professor Muir is granted freedom of speech by out constitution, but denied it by UVa. Just typical. The administration at UVa needs to practice the laws written by their founder! This country is going to “hell in a hand basket” and institutes of higher learning are breeding grounds for this type of thinking. SHAME on you UVa!

  42. So BLM is not a racist group? News to me.

  43. Colleges once were citadels of understanding where diverse views and opinions were exchanged without reprisals from those with opposing views…a place where dialogue was protected minus political correctiveness impositions.

    Now, unless an opinion is not a verbal/thought genuflexion to liberal, intolerant, totalitarianism, “progressive thought”, such opinions are categorized as “hate speech” no matter how factually they are based.

  44. I hope Professor Muir ends up owning the university. What happened to his 1st Amendment? Guess white people don’t qualify for rights anymore.

  45. Two colors same crap!

  46. Black lives matter is just another terrorist group born in USA wanting power and control just like ISIS or any other terrorist group!

  47. One professor gets it. It’s a shame the educational system and professional educators are the problem.

  48. After the terrible flooding in Lousiana, blac kresidencents complained that Black Lives only Matter when the black lives can be used for political purposes; When blacks are seriously hurting and need help they’re no where to be found. They sqid that they think BLM stands for Blavk Lies Matter.

  49. If and when Black lives matter to Black Lives Matter, I would have some better thoughts about this so-called organization! After reading about some of the statements made by their leadership, I would say that I stand with the Professor and his Constitutional Right to speak his mind! If Black Lives Matter doesn’t see things in a more
    civil way, well, we will see you in court, somewhere and sometime! Your “Dear Leader” will not be the President next year.

  50. Sad to note, but the professor seems to have forgotten that Freedom of Speech has become an artifact of the past, especially with respect to criticism of the “flavor of the moment”. Looks like the university too has forgotten Freedom of Speech, sad to note.

  51. Monica Bill and Billary…..give Monica a chance.

  52. If that’s the case, I should be condemned also! They are nothing but a bunch of racist thugs! But they get the blessing of the POS in our W.H.

  53. “The University of Virginia stands firmly against racism and social injustice of any kind,” said the school’s executive vice president, Tom Katsouleas. “Statements such as Mr. Muir’s do not foster intellectual exploration, nor do they encourage the voices of others.” Isn’t it amazing??? Mr. Muirs statement doesn’t foster intellectual exploration, but BLM’s racist, divisive rhetoric does???? Perhaps Tom Katsouleas should be on administrative leave for his stupidity. Silencing free speech is not conducive to intellectual exploration. When I was in college, I had many professors say what I thought were provocative things. When I complained to administrators, I was told that this was college and we were supposed to be exposed to provocative ideas so we could explore and research and formulate an argument for or against the statement. So the rules have changed now that the left has completely taken over our college campuses? This, for those who didn’t study history, is the way most Communist societies work. They demonize, denigrate and punish those who don’t agree with them. We have lost our country to Progressive (code for Communist) ideologues who infested our schools and government organizations over the past 30 years. Khrushchev was right when he stood at the UN podium many years ago, banging his shoe and hollering that Russia would bury us from within.

  54. Progressive movement is the same as Nazi Germany . Obama Adminstration is the most Raciest, corrupt Government in American History. Controls the media, healthcare, banks!

  55. Don’t get me wrong there are some good honest and very well meaning people in black lives matter but there are also many liars and trouble makers. The movement has many peopel trying to affect change ingood ways and there are some in the group who are only their to create chaos. Lets all be honest and fair about this in every movement this happens. I have my criticisms because some of the leadership and the lay people are no better than the klan, I would not put them all into that group only a chosen and specific few. I heard a young man from Chicago who is one of their local leaders and he was a very intelligent, upstanding and very sicere individual who is trying to do the right thing and wants to affect change in the right ways and is obviously not one of the people causing trouble and attempting to create chaos because he does not try to make all white folk or police out to be the enemy he understands the issues and is trying to work with local leaders and police to actually come up with new training standars and regs involving any encounter that ends up possibly in the use of force. that is productive , but calling for the killing of cops or white people is not productive it creates a more dangerous environment for everyone involved and actually makes the use of deadly force more likely and a bad shoot or a n illegal police reaction because remember they are just humans just like all of us and they will make mistakes. If they were just flat out wrong as in the recent shooting of a balck man who was just siiting in his vehicle in his own driveway and there was no weapon and no reason to shoot. After watching the videos I am conviced that he had no weapon, and the police acted as judge, jury, and executioners for no reason. They never asked his to put his hands on his head and drop to his knees or lay flat on his stomach as an act of surrender and there was no weapon, if there was why didn’t they ask him to drop the weapon and step back, They did not foolow procedures and whom ever fired and killed the man should get the death penalty because it was that officers responsibility to follow procedures and not fire unless necessary. This was murder or manslaughter but either way the officer was absolutely wrong and acted in not only an unprofessional way but, that officers unethical, immoral, amd illegal actions resulted in the death of an innocent man who was not even involved with the reason they were in the neighborhood. He had the right to sit in his vehicle, even if he had been holding a gun in his vehicle he had that right. He never acted aggressively nor did he give them cause to fire.

  56. When BLM admits that blacks kiling blacks is their biggest problem, I’ll validate them. Til then, they’re just another terrorist organization. Sharpton needs to just disappear back into the muck he slithered out of.

  57. He is right He may not spell correctly, but his comment was!

  58. michael schimanski

    BLM are the biggest piece’s of shit America has seen in a long time . Them and there supporters should be shot on sight . When dealing with rabbit dogs and slim like them , it’s the only way they should be dealt with .

  59. U VA’s vice president, Tom Katsouleas, opined, “Statements such as Mr. Muir’s do not foster intellectual exploration, nor do they encourage the voices of


    Go to this URL to read what U VA’s politically correct leadership is defending:

    In the article we read: “The hatred of the police has become so bad, a young Alabama high student was recently hospitalized for daring to express support
    for cops. Four black men are facing serious assault charges in connection with the vicious beating of a white teenager who had posted pro-police comments

    The victim “responded to students wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts at his school
    with ‘Blue lives matter,’ a defense of police officers. The four responded by beating him so badly, he had to be hospitalized with serious head injuries.”

    I don’t know about you, but that certainly sounds like some of the things the Klan did during the last century.

    Professor Muir was absolutely correct in exercising his right to freedom of expression, and his superiors were absolutely wrong (though politically correct) in admonishing him.

    Is this a great country or what?!

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  61. To all of you idiots that don’t think the BLM is racist, you don’t want to see it. Nothing more than a bunch of racist blacks backed by an even bigger moron in the White House. They want a racial war, he wants a racial war.

    I’m ready, time to thin the herd…or in their case, exterminate and eradicate.

  62. Neither group is worth mentioning. they are nothing but racist hate groups. If you get in their way you are history. These both sound a lot like the Clinton Foundation as they have murdered as well as have had others do the same job of killing for them. Just like Bengazi Hillary killed a bunch of Americans with her answer of No Stand down. Even those that went against her words died also but they all took a lot of enemy with them and worried their boss about how many he lost in the fight. The USA isn’t a country to have a war against. Before Obama all those would die but with the coward in the WH they might have a small chance. Americans will not stand by while other Americans are being slaughtered no matter what the orders are from our corrupt leader. We the american fighting men and women will not stand by idly. Even though some of our Generals and Admirals might but the ones that count on the battle field will fight. Those generals and admirals will not get their hands dirty, no matter what.

  63. BLM is going to be wiped out as a terrorist organization, destruction is coming to this nation, the Democratic party and the Republican party are nothing but organized terrorists that are protected by the media. They employ BLM, ISIS …..the CIA is Nazi, Daddy Bush established the CIA under Hitler’s mandate, he absorbed much of the Waffen SS …the Clinton’s, the Bush’s, the Obama’s are all CIA, the Nazis have employed Muslim terrorists for decades, all of the evils on this planet are traceable directly to the international banking cartel who incite world wars and make hundreds of trillions of dollars in so doing, they worship Lucifer and are controlled by him

  64. Poor spelling? Why? Was it “organisation,” or was it “rasist?” I don’t know about “rasist,” but “organisation” is the way the British spell the word (like “theatre,” “civilisation,” etc.). But, more to the point, BLM probably wouldn’t like my post: Black Lies Matter…

  65. HMMMM, White Lives Matter is a racist organization, right? But Black Lives Matter isn’t? Somebody want to explain that to me?

  66. The University doesn’t stand against racism or they would not condone the Black Lives Matter movement. The Professor was right–and he is going to get fired over that? Political correctness run AMOK! It is ruining this country; when will it ever end? Maybe when Obama and the Clintons are not in power any more, and some common sense is restored.

  67. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    What will BLM do if the KKK, Arian Nation, White Supremesists, Neo Natzis, White Bikers, all join forces? It could happen very easily, if they keep pushing their agenda. They had better think again before saying they will kill all white people. They are still a minority, even if they get LaRaza to join them. It will be a very bad time for America.
    You will see rednecks, ex-military, good ole boys, answering the call to arms. We should all come together and fight the real enemies that will be let in here by Hillary and Obama. Radical Islam is the enemy, and Obama and Hillary are counting on the divisions they are causing, for ISIS to defeat us all. Little does she realize, that when
    all AMERICANS unite against a common enemy, we will prevail. We can all come together for America, we did it right after 9/11 and we can do it again. If America falls, we will all be destroyed. WAKE UP and see what they are doing to us!!

  68. He may be right but the school is a bunch of liberals so he will lose his job.

  69. I get sick when I hear racist Killary suck up and spout how dare Trump question our BLACK idiot.. well Last I Hear he was BI RACIAL NOT BLACK. But then he likes to forget that side of the family doesn’t he… And yet his Birth certificate has such glaring holes it’s a strainer… Kenya wasn’t a country when he was born.. he is a byproduct of a bigamist Father and a loose college girl. Then since when do they TYPE official Documents using 7 different typewriters??? The Brits with hundreds of colonial record keeping list his birth in their protectorate.. Another point why did Gramps take BHO to visit Marshall several days a week and his bone structure fit so much better then his claimed father?? paternal visits?? These are just the tip of the iceburg, he has already paid the attorney that sealed all his records, he put her on the highest court in the land.. also how do you get born in a facility that didn’t merge and get named as listed on your long form until years after your birth? Psychic? How did he get thru until his swearing in hiding his middle name? Don’t you love how all these IVY league Law degrees are worthless within such a short time??

    No I have always said we had a Kenyan village idiot that didn’t know how to do anything but lie about EVERYTHING … and who did the HO that is so disgusted by our country, Flag and History marry?? Sorrento or Obama?? And don’t even attempt to tell me she is a LADY she is a common street corner slut and this Democratic female never voted for either of the liars…and would love to see them in prison Killary and Bill Gitmo.. BHO and his Mate The COLDEST CELL WE CAN FIND…

  70. Black lives do NOT matter to Demorats except every four years at election time.

  71. When a person calls a spade a spade I guess you can’t do that anymore, the truth hurts and only the stupid believe in BLM or a Black agitator, paid by Soros the super liberal billion air that supports this left wing stuff.

  72. Anyone that wants to say something that might be controversial should do it from their home computer and under a user name! If this guy had done that, he could have had his say and still kept his job! In this country we have some freedom of speech as long as we speak anonymously! Even then we have to watch our backs and keep the good virus protection paid up on the computer and pray that we don’t get banned or censured!

  73. the word racist has lost all meaning – it is used and mis-used for every event occurring today . It is time to stop catering to blacks and all minorities for that matter . In reality – whites are the minority .

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