Professor Condemned for Criticizing Black Lives Matter

Professor Douglas Muir of the University of Virginia is probably a smart fellow, but he apparently missed out on one big lesson: You can’t speak out against the new wave of black activism without serious consequences.

Last week, Muir discovered a Facebook post advertising a Black Lives Matter event coming to Charlottesville, VA and wrote:

“Black lives matter is the biggest rasist organisation since the clan. Are you kidding me. Disgusting!!!”

Muir, in case you were wondering, teaches engineering and business – not English.

But either way, it wasn’t Muir’s grasp of proper spelling that got him in hot water.

University officials released statements condemning Muir’s post, assuring the public that Muir’s views do not reflect those of the school.

“The University of Virginia stands firmly against racism and social injustice of any kind,” said the school’s executive vice president, Tom Katsouleas. “Statements such as Mr. Muir’s do not foster intellectual exploration, nor do they encourage the voices of others.”

Muir was also bashed by Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy, who said on Instagram:

“The notion that #BlackLivesMatter can be comparable to the Ku Klux Klan is not only incredibly misguided, but goes to show the lack of cultural awareness that still plagues many professors at our Universities across the country.”

Muir hasn’t released a statement of his own yet. According to the Washington Post, he is currently on leave pending the administration’s final decision.

So what does this come down to? A matter of degrees? Sure, we can argue about whether BLM is more or less racist than the Klan, but what difference does it make? They are both, by definition, racist organizations. The Klan survived and thrived using the exact same ideology of fake oppression that’s now used by the Black Lives Matter organization. If BLM does not yet have a similar track record of murder and terror…just give it time. When a racially-divisive organization is so protected that you can’t even criticize it without throwing your career away, that organization will eventually grow too powerful to control. They don’t want a discussion. They want fealty. When they don’t get it…violence is inevitable.

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