Pro-Palestine Protestors Crash Democrat’s Victory Speech

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, former Rep. Tom Suozzi’s (D) victory speech following his win in the special election was interrupted by pro-Palestinian demonstrators who claimed that he was supporting genocide. 

Suozzi had just started delivering his speech in Woodbury, NY, when a person carrying a Palestinian flag tried to approach him. The protestor had proceeded to scream that he could not hide when he was supporting genocide and that he needed to stop providing his support. 

Suozzi appeared unfazed as the voice in the crowd continued with calls for a cease-fire and shouting that the newly elected Representative was supporting genocide. 

Security got involved to get the protester off the stage as the crowd continued shouting in support of Suozzi. 

Acknowledging the protestor, Suozzi argued that there was great division in the United States and that people were no longer talking to each other, but rather they were yelling and screaming. He added that this was not the answer to the problems that the U.S. was facing right now and that the answer was instead to help unite people and find some common ground. 

The Associated Press reported that Suozzi had stated that the way to better the country was through finding common ground which he acknowledged was not easy. 

During the special election for the seat formerly held by George Santos (R-NY), Suozzi had defeated the Republican candidate Mazi Pilip, managing to flip a seat in the House. This has led to the slip majority the GOP is currently holding being reduced even further. 

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