Pro Baseball Fans Struck by Stray Bullets While Inside the Ballpark

It’s the story Oakland, CA Mayor Libby Schaaf hopes you don’t hear about. Innocent bystanders enjoying an Oakland Athletics baseball game and fireworks show were struck by bullet fragments coming from outside of the stadium.

Obviously these guns didn’t shoot themselves. The current ballpark for the Oakland A’s is located in an extremely high crime area where gunshots are a normal occurrence. Oakland Police use ShotSpotter technology to identify gunshots. The ballpark is located in “Area 4”.

No arrests have been made and there’s not much to report on the injuries of the spectators. You’ll find it peculiar that there hasn’t been much press on this — unless you’re from one of these ultra-left cities. These kinds of things get swept under the rug all the time. Donald Trump might have actually been the last person to call Oakland out.

Of course his statements were met with a snarky response by Mayor Schaaf, who failed to acknowledge the senseless violence that plagues the city.

Claiming “anti-black” racism is a common deflection from the real problem — that most often the victims of these crimes are black. Being a champion against racism is social capital for reelection, unfortunately. Here is the mayor trying to score points a week before Trump’s statement.

Too bad this was, at best, a misunderstanding. The person behind this “hate crime” was black and didn’t even care about the symbology of these ropes. In fact, he was just trying to live his life.

Perhaps Mayor Schaaf should be using her power to investigate what happened at the A’s game.

Update: Progress has been made to move the A’s ballpark downtown in a safer location.

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  1. It’s Oakland! Black gangs and violence with “unregistered “ guns!
    I think it’s a good vacation spot for both black and white anti American, anti-police woke politicians and their followers to go!

  2. Here’s the big question: Is this kerfuffle about fake news or a fake noose?

    (1) Yes

    (2) Unsure

    (3) All of the above

  3. You voted for the ass wipe communist democrat terrorists thugs into office so stop whining. You deserve everything handed.

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