Private School Takes Field Trip to Sex Store

America’s public schools have fallen so far down the liberal rabbit hole that there has been a surge in both homeschooling and private educational alternatives. But if the case of Gaia Democratic School in Minneapolis is any indication, parents fed up with the public school system should research carefully before choosing a private institution. Some of them are just as bad as their public counterparts.

After all, it’s hard to imagine even the worst public school teacher thinking it was okay to take kids on a field trip to a sex shop. For Gaia’s director, Starri Hedges, the part of her brain that governs rational thought was apparently out to lunch. She took kids – some of whom were as young as 11 – to Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis for a first-hand course in sex education.

“What I saw happening on our trip, I thought it was beautiful because kids could talk to these sex educators without any shame, without any fear,” Hedges said in defense of her judgment.

Parents did not agree. At least one Gaia parent yanked both of her daughters out of the school upon learning of their escapades. “You just can’t erase those images,” Lynn Floyd said. Her daughters – 11 and 13 – attended the field trip, but Floyd said the school never bothered to obtain parental permission. Calling it a “major breach of trust,” Floyd also pulled her younger daughter – age 9 – out of the small private academy.

School officials say the Smitten Kitten removed all pornographic material from view before the visit, but adult sex toys were still visible to the children. According to Hedges – apparently proud of this fact – some of the children even bought condoms at the store. Because the school falls outside the public school system, there is nothing Minneapolis officials can do about the trip. However, they are investigating the Smitten Kitten to see if any laws were broken regarding minors and explicit material.

This kind of story would have been so shocking twenty years ago that it would have dominated national headlines for a week. Today, it will be lucky to get on the nightly news. We’ve seen so much poor educational judgment in the last decade that we can hardly muster surprise anymore. Liberals like Hedges are on a puzzling crusade to make our children grow up before they’re ready. Gaia’s misstep may be more sensational than most, but public schools around the country are introducing children to explicit sexual material on a daily basis.

Most troubling, indeed, is the movement to take parental permission out of the equation. As a private school, Gaia is only hurting its own enrollment by going behind the backs of their parents. But in the public school system, educators want to do the same thing. They want to be the ones to decide what your kid will and won’t be exposed to, and they don’t care to hear your opinion about it.

The private school movement will continue to swell under these conditions. Just…for God’s sake…be careful about which one you choose.

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  1. Michael Dennewitz

    And it gets worse, and worse…but these are the brainless wonders that you decided to trust your children with! Everything is left wing, do as I want now-a-days. What’s next, a class on penetration for 7 year olds? Or, how about, sex with the teacher, just to make certain you’re learning it right? Or, how about a 9 year old couple having sex in the front of the room, just to demonstrate how it’s done, with the teacher coaching every movement, of course!? Oh, would the kids get extra credits for this??? :-((

  2. I am just wondering, couldn’t this possibly be the actions of sexual perverts in converting the children into this kind of activity that they might win control of out children…..

  3. #!1 all parents should remove their child immediately, #2 Fire anyone connected to this travesty #3 Did the name of the school not turn a huge bright light on to the parents head….Democratic School!? The damage is done & who knows the psychological damage it will cause….more than one pervert or rapist had something happen at an early age. I will post this everywhere & I hope the school closes down. They can fire her as private schools are not under the thumb of a union I don’t think. The problem is will this go on her record & IF they fire her will she be sent to other unsuspecting schools? This is an ADULT ONLY business & MINORS by LAW cannot be admitted. I think she should be charge with some type of sex crime & be put on a sex offenders list. The parents should get an attorney & sue, she took them without parental consent, if anything would have happened she would be responsible as would the school . Sex Ed should not be taught in school & should be a family affair. I find this act revolting, it is getting really bad when private schools stoop to the level of public schools. Wonder if this teacher has had previous problems?

    • Billie June Hall

      I am with you all the way. I’m shocked and pray that God will touch the hearts and minds of all concerned.

    • I missed the “Democratic” part when first read. Eyes were too steamed up, I guess. Very telling.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, and for my part, it is just another “Case Closed” for HOME SCHOOLING. If enough kids are pulled from public as well as private schools something will have to give, and I would hope it is how these 2 institutions are run.

    • I was thinking the same thing about the school name.

  4. BTW since when are adult sex businesses considered sex educators?!!!!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Well, I think the article said that some of the children even bought condoms there! Shouldn’t /Couldn’t the owners be charged with contributing??

      • They probably hand them out for free in the principal’s office. But this was an adult experience for them to get to buy their first one. (True and sarc)

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Even so, the school can’t hand out samples of liquor, and if the kids went to a night club and were handed any, the night club would be immediately closed. Bad example, but the owners of the club are guilty of pandering, contributing to a minor and, I’m sure of other things, just by allowing them to enter!??

          • Of course. And the sex store was in cahoots with the teacher because they made MINIMAL preparations before the kids came there.
            Wonder if that is her favorite store. Next she’ll be bringing toys to school for ‘show and tell’.

      • You would think! Today who knows, this world is upside down. They certainly could not go in a store such as this on their own…….this will create mental problems for these kids, possibly cause rape to happen,many rapist & killers started off with sex issues at an early age.I still can’t believe it.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Yet they can arrest a guy in WalMart for snapping a picture up a woman’s dress. Totally wrong, but on the other end of the spectrum, I wonder what made him that way!? DUHHH!!

      • Is there a minimum age limit to buy condoms in say, a drug store, if not, what difference would it make then, as Hillary would say.

    • Educators in perversion. That’s what the left wants.
      Look at what they consider ‘professors’. Just saying…

      • amen to that. to many of these so called teachers are just perverts and pedophiles themselves and want the kids to be like them. the nations education system is in a sad shape.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Exactly… And all we men were little boys at one time. Think what this is going to do to those “hormones in reebocks!” (sp) All the little boys are going to be losing their minds!!

  5. Have you seen the photo of the witch that did this? It looks like the kind of female you run from and would never allow your kids to get involved with. (a completely corrupted democrat slime bag street slut)
    She will get what she deserves when her days are finished by GOD. I guarantee he is not happy with her.
    The images and ideas now planted into those kids young immature minds will do nothing but help corrupt their thinking and direction in life. LUCKY FOR HER SHE DID NOT TAKE MY KID THERE.

    • Took a look. WOW! What parent would send their child to a school run by a tattooed freak? Is it the ink that makes you stupid; or are you stupid to get the ink? Also, note on web pic, her t-shirt (keeping it classy she is) has the “rainbow” on it. Are the parents THAT stupid too?

  6. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    Basically following in the footsteps of the RNC that likes to frequent strip clubs on donated money.

  7. This is disgusting to say the least.

  8. That would be one hell of a field trip (Sarcasm) !

  9. …And at the same time, if a Catholic Priest, or Minister, or Rabbi, invited them to take a tour of a Church or Synagogue, they’d be labeled as trying to brainwash children to get them to conform to their “oppressive ways”. Our enemies have been gradually and steadily shortening the time that children need to be children, while they try to turn them into obedient Commie robots.

  10. Protect your children’s future! Home school them, for the love of God!

  11. Bryan W. Carpenter

    Sex education isn’t needed in school. Period. I venture to say that my first grade classmates, back in 1941, knew more than they needed to know at the time. We have let the left wing politicians, and people in general, move our moral standard so far left that we are starting to look like Sodom when the LORD rained fire and brimstone on it.

  12. Pentax Princess

    What we have here is more of the lefty Democrats doing what they do so well, corrupt the culture and bring it on down, MAN!

  13. And now, the rest of the story; Stam, a pervert of long standing, took her charges to a porno shop for two reasons; 1) she felt less intimidated when surrounded by cute little tykes eager to learn the ways of the porno freaks, and 2) using an axiom (strength in numbers) she was recruiting new members and hoping to build a gigantic pyramid scheme. A law suit against her and the school, charging child sexual abuse, should be initiated by parents of any or all of the children in the field trip. If the parents are unwilling to follow up on this, case closed. Just another example of shoddy, misguided parenting whose children’s future is unimportant.

  14. Just sick sick sick.
    Fire the POS stupid b—-
    Sordid, horrible, perverted.
    And she let the 11-13 year olds buy condoms.
    What is wrong with people!

  15. “Lead a child in the way that he should go, and he will never depart from it.”
    This is true, even if you lead them down the wrong path.

  16. Double dongs and crotchless underwear for the first liberal vote !!
    Get ready!!… Get Set!!….(where’s your fake ID?)…..VOTE !!!!

  17. Alleged Comment

    Someone is trying to degrade children’s mind for pedophile purposes. And I bet you will find it is a group of lieberals or Demoncraps, or what we call the Elite`.

  18. it is nothing new her in Indiana in Fishers just north of Indianapolis the grade school of the 4th and 5th grades teachers invited ladies of the night and male walkers of the night to have them have sex acts in front of the kids for sex education. what are these people thinking, liberals are out to lunch and just wondering how many of them are pedophiles and perverts themselves. our nations school systems have gone to hell because of the perverts and pedophiles in Washington DC. look at how many in the past 25 years have been caught is sex rings and some even have been tied to children porn rings. our nation has gone to hell in a hand basket from all the liberal bullshit that comes out of DC. when will all true blooded,patriot and God fearing Christians say enough is enough and stand up and make a stance to get rid of all of the crooks and gangsters in our political system in DC and start putting like I said true red blood patriots who believe in God and country and the values our forefathers believed in Christian values. I know I will get more hate responses back but who cares. liberal are always calling me out and insulting everything I say but yet not one of them I bet has ever served this nation and has done anything positive to improve the downward spinning motion were heading in.

    • I am guessing nothing was done about this sex ed in school….did parents not object? I thought I could not be shocked anymore, this story & yours proved me wrong! We must speak up, stand up, & fight this perversion & teachers. Take the schools back get govco out & put God back in place where He belongs. I will pray for these children & let us all pray & reach out to our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ for His guidance. He is always here with us to help . I believe with all my heart prayers are answered & God knows what is happening. These perverted people are taking away the innocence of these children .

      • I agree with asking the Lord Almighty for his divine help but like with Mose and Joshua and Arron they had to take a stance against the ones who worship idols and sacrifice there young in putting them in fire and worshiping the pagan gods who they believed was mighty more than the God of Mose. There are so many lost souls who do not know about anything else but perversion and lies and deceit. we have a government that has betrayed the people and its ways of the Christian values that our forefathers once valued and worship. In the beginning when our nation was young the Congress would pray sometimes for hours before each session and I believe it was John Adams who wrote his wife and said he was amazed at seeing grown men on there knees praying sometimes crying out to the Lord for help. if you check the archives you will see that there were 14 times that the congress ask for intervention from the Lord and there were 14 times that these same men gave thanks for there prayers being answered. that is how the day of prayer really began and I know that I will get more hate emails for this but I really don’t care.

        there is a time when people have to take a stance and defend there faith and there beliefs from the ones who care more about there own agenda’s more than the nation that was given to them by men of faith. our dictator has said many times that America is not a Christian country anymore, how wrong he is and the senators and congressmen and women who support him.

        look at all the senators and congressmen that have been caught in sex scandal and corruption in the last 25 years it is appalling but Satan has his grips on the ones who worship the God of money and perversion. in Sept. of 2008 I was holding the hand of my mother and before she took her last breath and she was in a coma I promise her I would change my sinful was and then she died. I have been in a fight with that but I have changed and was baptize three months later, it is still a fight but I will not give in to what others consider a normal life which is deceit, lies, corruption and greed. I do believe that the Almighty is watching us but wants us to do for our self’s in bring back his name in the schools and in the homes.

        with the corruption in Washington DC and local governments it will be a challenge and a fight to regain the heritage that was given us by our forefathers. a few weeks ago some guy wrote me and made remarks about how our forefathers were a joke and they were no more than a bunch of perverts themselves, this is what is in store for the ones who believe in our heritage and what our forefathers wanted for us. our dictator gives praise to homosexuals and calls them hero’s and then we have young men and women dying to give him the liberty and freedom that he is destroying. I don’t know what the answer is but I will not give in to the corrupt and perversion of a government that has lost all morals and respect for this nation, the family and God Almighty. when I came back from overseas 43 years ago we were spit on and in the terminal at LAX in Cal. a groups of protest came up to us which there were three of us who just got discharged and heading home but a girl came up and threw a cup of human urine on us. if it was not for the M.P’s we would of shown them what respect was all about but the MP’s stop and anyway we all went are ways. Evil is everywhere and it is up to Christians and patriots to stand up and do the right thing before our nation falls to evil itself.

        Semper Fi and God Bless this nation and its people.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I’m with you 100%! I just can’t wait to see what (if any) action would be taken!! This alone should raise the pregnancy rate amongst teens (OR YOUNGER) if this keeps up. Wouldn’t it be something to see your 11 year old, running around the house, pregnant as hell?? WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA !!!

  19. Seems like the teachers in this country have totally gone off the deep end. Home school seems to be the only way to make sure reading writing and arithmetic, etc.. are taught instead of daily indoctrination.

  20. My goodness; the mere NAME of this “school” should have given the parents a hint of what to expect. A little research might be in order before entrusting one’s children to such “educators”.

  21. I took my daughter out of sex education class and she did an alternate project unrelated to sex instead. I don’t trust others teaching my children and it worked well in this case as I talked to her teachers during a early parent teacher conference to make my views known and the teacher respected my view and excused my daughter. The public school is trying to totally take over the rearing of our children and sex education is starting in kindergarten these days. In the 80’s my boys had a book titled Heather has Two Mommies and I was aghast! This has been going on a long time and we as parents, if we can’t afford a good Christian school or are unable to home school must meet teachers and stay abreast of the curriculum. Talk to your kids so they know to tell you what is going on in class. Thats about all we can do but childhood is such a short time of innocence and we need to do our best to allow them to have that time.

  22. there is only one sure way to destroy a nation and that is to destroy the minds of the young. this began in the late 60’s and has gotten to the point now that school teachers are themselves out of control. look at how many females school teachers in the past two years have been convicted of having molested young grade school and high school boys, what has happen to morals and responsibility for the young. now the Boy Scouts of America is wanting gay men to be scouts masters. that is like putting the fox in the hen house and the man over the scouts is Gates the former CIA Director what is he thinking or maybe he is a closet queen him self.
    this nation is in a dark time and anyone who really cares about the future of this nation and the children and our freedoms needs to stand up and make a voice to be heard for freedom and Christian values. Semper Fi

  23. Michael Dennewitz

    If they can get control of the children, soon after they leave the mother’s womb………….. need I say any more?

  24. Isn’t Nanny Government wonderful ? In most civilized places every adult present committed at least one felony, the adults who brought the kids in and the adults who let them stay in.

  25. couldn’t or shouldn’t bringing a child to a place like that be considered a form of child molestation or at least child abuse. i mean 9,10 and 11 year olds? call me an old foggy but i would not want my 11 year old granddaughter to go on a field trip like that.

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