Private School Takes Field Trip to Sex Store

America’s public schools have fallen so far down the liberal rabbit hole that there has been a surge in both homeschooling and private educational alternatives. But if the case of Gaia Democratic School in Minneapolis is any indication, parents fed up with the public school system should research carefully before choosing a private institution. Some of them are just as bad as their public counterparts.

After all, it’s hard to imagine even the worst public school teacher thinking it was okay to take kids on a field trip to a sex shop. For Gaia’s director, Starri Hedges, the part of her brain that governs rational thought was apparently out to lunch. She took kids – some of whom were as young as 11 – to Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis for a first-hand course in sex education.

“What I saw happening on our trip, I thought it was beautiful because kids could talk to these sex educators without any shame, without any fear,” Hedges said in defense of her judgment.

Parents did not agree. At least one Gaia parent yanked both of her daughters out of the school upon learning of their escapades. “You just can’t erase those images,” Lynn Floyd said. Her daughters – 11 and 13 – attended the field trip, but Floyd said the school never bothered to obtain parental permission. Calling it a “major breach of trust,” Floyd also pulled her younger daughter – age 9 – out of the small private academy.

School officials say the Smitten Kitten removed all pornographic material from view before the visit, but adult sex toys were still visible to the children. According to Hedges – apparently proud of this fact – some of the children even bought condoms at the store. Because the school falls outside the public school system, there is nothing Minneapolis officials can do about the trip. However, they are investigating the Smitten Kitten to see if any laws were broken regarding minors and explicit material.

This kind of story would have been so shocking twenty years ago that it would have dominated national headlines for a week. Today, it will be lucky to get on the nightly news. We’ve seen so much poor educational judgment in the last decade that we can hardly muster surprise anymore. Liberals like Hedges are on a puzzling crusade to make our children grow up before they’re ready. Gaia’s misstep may be more sensational than most, but public schools around the country are introducing children to explicit sexual material on a daily basis.

Most troubling, indeed, is the movement to take parental permission out of the equation. As a private school, Gaia is only hurting its own enrollment by going behind the backs of their parents. But in the public school system, educators want to do the same thing. They want to be the ones to decide what your kid will and won’t be exposed to, and they don’t care to hear your opinion about it.

The private school movement will continue to swell under these conditions. Just…for God’s sake…be careful about which one you choose.

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