Prior Republican Nominees Unite Against Trump

If you needed any further evidence that this is a Republican primary without precedent, you got it on Thursday as the last two party nominees for president united in opposition to current frontrunner Donald Trump.

The fireworks began at the University of Utah, where 2012 nominee Mitt Romney dedicated a blistering, 20-minute assault on the real estate mogul. “He’s playing the American public for suckers,” Romney said. “He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president.”

Romney, who expressed interest in running this year before ultimately deciding that Jeb Bush and others had already shored up too much of the donor base, was uncompromising in his systematic takedown of Trump. Drawing on a quote from John Adams, Romney insinuated that a President Trump could lead to nothing less than the “suicide” of American democracy. He referred to Trump as a “fraud,” a “phony,” and a man whose hallmark was “dishonesty.”

He said that it was a mistake to believe that Trump was a successful businessman. “His bankruptcies have crushed small businesses and the men and women who worked for them,” Romney said. “He inherited his business, he didn’t create it. And whatever happened to Trump Airlines? How about Trump University? And then there’s Trump Magazine and Trump Vodka and Trump Steaks, and Trump mortgage? A business genius he is not.”

Referring to a 1997 interview Trump did on the Howard Stern show, where Trump joked that surviving the 1970s without getting an STD could be likened to his own “personal Vietnam,” Romney said, “There is dark irony in his boasts of his sexual exploits during the Vietnam War while John McCain, whom he has mocked, was imprisoned and tortured.”

McCain, who led the Republican Party in the battle against Barack Obama in 2008, was quick to agree with Romney’s assessment of Trump.

“I share the concerns about Donald Trump that my friend and former Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, described in his speech today,” said McCain. “I would also echo the many concerns about Mr. Trump’s uninformed and indeed dangerous statements on national security issues that have been raised by 65 Republican defense and foreign policy leaders.”

Neither Romney nor McCain went as far as to endorse another candidate, however. In fact, Romney’s speech seemed to indicate a strategy that involved keeping Trump away from the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination using any means necessary. He called on voters to support whichever candidate had the best shot at beating him in any given state, a strategy that would likely lead to a contested convention in July. At that point, party officials could potentially award the nomination to literally anyone they wanted.

It’s not the first time that plan has been floated, but the drawbacks – even for those who despise Trump – are obvious. Republicans may not be thrilled with their frontrunner, but it would be suicidal to openly thwart the will of the voters. Even if Trump did not mount an independent run, his stalwart supporters may refuse to vote for a nominee crowned by the establishment. A Democratic victory in November would be nearly inevitable.

For a country that has suffered for seven long years under Obama, the prospects of a bright future grow dimmer by the day.

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  2. What better recommendation that two old failed rinos for voting for Trump.

    • Now TPs and Repubs are waking up to see Trump is the true American among all those morons except Dr. Carson who they cannot see because he was Black. I have warned TPs and Repubs to stay away from Ted Cruz, a Canadian loader who has overstayed his stay here as a migrant worker. But Texans are so primitive not to see that. They voted for Ted Cruz instead of Trump. In fact when I was in Lubbock one day, I witnessed how dumb Texans were with their strange stupid accent. So they were fooled by Ted Cruz -telling them he was from Delaware when actually he is from Toronto Canada. They should have vetted him. Now you morons TPS and Repubs in other remaining states, do not vote for Ted Cruz. Vote for Trump a true American male.

      • What freaking drugs are you on? Idiot troll medication?

      • Last I read about you, you were promoting Killary, what has happened??

        • Because I want Trump to win GOP nomination and then clean him and GOP in November. We want Hillary, our angel to be next President. Obama will soon start campaigning for Hillary. What a day to see Karl Rover, Bill O’rielly and other sexists and racists cry foul!

          • HILARY our ANGEL!! STUMPING for TRUMP because you believe DT is the candidate The Hill could win against?
            pmbalele, YOU missed your calling! One so devious would have made a wonderfully corrupt politician and fit soooooo well into our present-day government establishment. Think of ALL the money you could have stolen from the American people!

      • Pimbalele. Again you have your facts ALL wrong. Cruz was not born in Toronto, he was born in Calgary. His Mother was from Delaware. The Naturalization Act of 1790 says that a child born of American parents in another country is a natural born citizen. If you don’t want to vote for him that’s your right. But stop spreading lies. Get the facts before you accuse him of being a foreigner

        • Joyce,
          You just proved a good point. The word being PARENT(S) Cruz’s FATHER was Born In CUBA! Yes he WAS born In Calgary Alberta CANADA. NOT to TWO American0 parents But ONE American born parent. TRUMP 2016!! look up the “facts” on your browser “wordpress natural
          born citizen explained” (without the quotation marks.) The Father by English Law is the determining factor. He IS indeed a foreigner pulling the same fraud as our recent MUSLIM occupier of OUR White House.

          • Why are his birth records sealed? What does he have to hide? Show us Ted.

          • Whatsup,
            I have heard/read the same thing…I guess Ol “Ted” is pulling an Obama. HE got away with it thanks to the democrats and the MSM, so I guess it will now be the “norm” when you don’t want anyone to question you on your eligibility. There WAS a video out that Cruz said the same as Obama did, that he was NOT eligible because he was not “natural born” NOW for some strange reason this video is now scrubbed from the internet. (I wonder Why)

          • Whatsup and pappy450. His records are not sealed. I am not supporting him or anyone yet, but I am fed up with all you dirt diggers. Get your facts before you post something. And read the whole thing, not just the first line

          • I giggled it and it is on many sites.

          • Whatsup? Here is information:

   T ed Cruz birth cert.
            Cruz releases birth certificate — his mother’s – USA TODAY
   cruz releases birth cert. This should settle the discussion about his and his mothers’ citizenship

          • Whatsup? you keep ignoring his MOTHER. Yes, he was a citizen of Canada by birth. He was also a citizen of United States by reason of his MOTHER’s birth. The Constitution doesn’t say you can’t have dual citizenship to be a senator, only that you be a citizen.

          • pappy450. There is a reason it said parents in the original. It was assumed that both parents were citizens The average woman didn’t marry out of her station or nationality. And women were considered breeders, not people , so the idea of citizenship passing through a mother was ridiculous.As for English law, this is America, we use our own laws. If theirs are appropriate, that is different. You need to read beyond the paragraph about English law

          • Yes there IS a reason why PARENTS is in the original. THAT way, there is no outside influence from other countries. AND it HAS been reported on the Internet that TED HAS sealed parts of his records. Maybe this is a rumor, but is worth investigating instead of blindly following what the RNC and the MSM spinmasters tell you to think.

          • The actual meaning of the term “natural born citizen” has been argued endlessly since it was first used. So, whatever our forefathers really meant by that, we may never know. I don’t think the term will affect Cruz being president if he were to win the final election.
            TRUMP 2016!

        • Delaware is very liberal also!

        • I hope you’re not going to vote for a migrant worker Ted Cruz who has overstayed his working visa. Trump is a true American and fits the values of Repubs and TPs -They all want to be rich. On the other hand TPs and Repubs hate Trump because they won’t be able to bribe him as GOP leader. They are scared to death. I remember Trump to have given a restaurant waitress $10,000 tip after learning she was student at college working to fund her education. The waitress could not believe the tip. Both Trump and the waitress did not know each other. Trump happened to be in that restaurant for coffee. Trump is not selfish like other Repubs or TPs. May be that is why GOP elites hate him.

          • pimbalele. I told you to stop lying about Cruz. Whether you like it or not. He is an American citizen just like Trump and Carson and Clinton(although she makes me wonder about her loyalty). The point is you need to stop running down Cruz. There is an old saying and it goes like this:”Every knock is a boost” Every time you say something about him, someone is checking the facts and finding out that you don’t know what you are talking about. That makes him interesting to people who are looking for an underdog.

      • Toronto Canada is as liberal as it gets. A good place to get his training.

      • The reason Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich are attacking Trump is because they are competitors. This is quite normal.
        Many others are attacking because Trump has exposed them as the crooked, self-serving creeps they really are.
        Wake up people. Together we are stronger than them all.
        Vote for whoever you prefer;
        but please recognize the real enemies, and don’t be fooled by them.

      • There are various and different accents throughout our country. What false premonition drives you to judge those different regional accents as inferior to your regional accent? How are all of those people so dumb that you obviously believe a Queens, NY accent is the standard by which America should speak American-English?

      • A true blithering, babbling, buffoonish, bombastic bozo is what the Trumpster is.

      • I don’t think Dr. Carson’s color was the problem. I really like him. In a different era, I would have voted for him. But, I just don’t believe he has the energy or drive to handle our problems in America now. I think Trump does.
        TRUMP 2016!

        • As a Repub or TP Dr. Carson wanted AA for president position. He was in wrong party. GOPers hate Blacks as supervisors. GOP will hire Blacks to menial jobs not as supervisor. Carson should have known that given his intelligent to be brain surgeon.

          • WHY must “color” be brought into every conversation and blamed for “cause and effect”? It is nonsensical to do that!
            Every person with whom I have discussed politics has a great respect for the decency, views and intelligence of Dr. Carson.

          • In fact Dr. Carson was behaving like a Black Repub or TP. He wanted to seen as a nice guy -obedient to Repubs and TPs. He did not want to argue with others who happened to be lighter color them him. Ted Cruz even drowned Carson candidacy. Cruz lied Carson was out in Iowa. i hope Cruz loses – after all he is foreigner, a migrant workers who lied to Texan people. I cannot believe Texans did not vet Cruz that he was Cuban-Canadian. Texans who are known for their racism would have never voted for Cruz if they knew he Cuban-Canadian.

    • Rubio is their boy.
      Cruz not so much but I hace noticed that he does twist things & has outright lied. He has used some underhanded manuevers that surprised me.
      Lol… romney couldn’t beat obama because he was told NOT to.
      mccain is a full blown coward, traitor & sure as sin no hero!!!
      Both Losers.
      Trump. 2016

      • Let’s hear one instance where Cruz lied? His aides maybe, but him? NO!

        • He is still out there preaching about Trump Universty & BBBrating.
          I can get more if you wish

          • Emma, they aren’t interested in hearing the truth.I have given up trying with these Cruzbots..

          • You mean the Trump-chumps, don’t you?

          • Ed,
            Everyone has the right to their own opinion, even fools.
            Let’s just pray there are more of us than them.

          • Well said.

          • The probability is highly unlikely, especially if we had all our flue shots!

          • Emma, if one would look very, very closely at the DISASTER of which American voters has allowed our economy to become, yes, one would have to conclude we are indeed a nation of fools.
            But, MANY OF US are no longer willing to play the fool. Trump is the only candidate who even wants to have a better economy!
            If you believe he IS ONLY ANOTHER DEMOCRAT, then tell me WHY the rich and powerful are so, so very frightened of him. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure that one out. However, you may need an IQ of at least a hundred to do that.

          • Mary Brumley,
            I would suggest you re read my post.
            As for my spelling error?
            That was a typo.
            I use my phone .. a rather small keyboard.
            As for an IQ of 100?
            I would suggest you really should not brag about it.
            Then again, …. that would explain your comment .
            Have you learned to tie your shoes yet? 😉
            Go o TRUMP…2016

          • Just a couple notes: John Kerry is a Dem. & according to your post : ALL the other candidates want to have a WORSE economy; you must be clairvoyant.

          • I don’t understand. I said “candidates.” I did not realize John Kerry was running as a candidate for the presidency. I surely couldn’t have missed that!
            I gave my opinion that I believed “Trump was the only candidate who even wants to have a better economy.” I could give my reasons for thinking that. I don’t pretend to be clairvoyant.
            But, you turned that into my saying, “All the other candidates WANT to have a worse economy,” and brought up Kerry. I am lost here.

          • My insertion of John Kerry was not a great comparison. My point there (I think) was that John K. is very wealthy (by marriage rather than inheritance), was a Pres. cand., and is now a PROVEN disaster for the USA. My main point was RE: “Trump was the only candidate who even wants to have a better economy.” / ‘”ONLY” candidate’ implies that all the other candidates “want” a worse economy.

          • First of all this IS an opinion site. We are not attempting to present issues scientifically. However I did make an assertion, and had reasons for that. I live in FL, and I know Rubio’s absenteeism, My sister lives in TX, and knows the stubborn, inflexible personality of Cruz. A president should represent the entire country and must be able to deal and compromise. I know the Bern is a Democratic Socialistic, and that doesn’t produce a thriving economy. And we have all observed the Hill and Bill for many years.
            I also know that a businessperson understands more about creating jobs than politicians who seem to just be good at spending the people’s tax money.( Not all of them are bought, of course.) And he does want to create jobs. I well may not like all he does if elected.
            But to change the premises of my assertion by introducing Kerry, and to flip it around doesn’t make sense. I don’t know what kind of flawed deductive/inductive reasoning you used to reach your conclusion that I implied this or that. It’s like saying If 500 cats have claws, then all cats have claws when the 501 cat may have been declawed. That is not sound reasoning. Or saying all cats have claws therefore all dogs hate them. That is nonsensical.
            I don’t know. You have seemed to be a reasonable person if I were judging you by your posts. Perhaps I am overreaching here. It is just that I have grandkids and great grandkids and I want them to live in a good thriving economy and be the best they can be.
            I don’t see how DT could be worse than what we have suffered under the Dems and Repubs for many years now.

          • Unbridled illegal immigration WILL give us a worse economy. Not fixing the tax laws so businesses can compere here will give us worse economy. Not getting rid of Obamacare will too — the employer mandate kicks in in 2017 and it promises to create a bunch of part time jobs and its gets rid of full time jobs. I’ve heard Trump’s tax plan has been endorsed by some pretty knowledgable people.

          • Trump…2016
            I think he is just as he says….
            A “common sense” conservative.
            I believe he can think on his feet & will be the absolute best for America.
            Have you heard anyone else
            say they are offering to “Serve” because they Love America ?
            Because America is on a very bad path?
            Yes.. Donald J. Trump 2016

          • Emma, you can’t even spell “university”! You are the pot calling the kettle black!

          • The TRUTH is that America has a failing economy! The “status quo” isn’t even trying to change that. One can’t go ’round and ’round the same mountain and keep believing that going one more time will solve anything.
            I don’t think our problems can ever be solved with the same ole, same ole infinitum adnauseam!

          • Please spell check adnauseum.
            Pot calling the kettle black?

          • “Ad nauseam.” I should have left space between the “d” and “n.” It IS an “a” for the next to last letter of “nauseam.” Not a “u.”

          • No. It is a “U”.
            I googled it because it didn’t look right.
            It doesn’t matter. It isn’t important.
            We all have more important things to do instead of sniping at each other here.
            I wish you a pleasant evening.

          • Yes. Truce, okay?

          • Absolutely!!!
            Hi Mary.
            I’ m Emma.
            Nice to meet you.

          • Nice to meet you, Emma. I think that two very strong-willed ladies just met each other! I like strong-willed persons.

          • Me too!! Lol

          • That was Romney saying a degree from Trump University isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. And it isn’t!

          • It is also Cruz.
            He even sent me a diploma from Trump University via email.
            Yes. He did. With very unethical comments, even after Trump proved them to be in error.
            An honorable man does not do that.
            These men are Applying for a Position , to be in the Employ of the AMERICAN PEOPLE.
            If they are so insecure in themselves & their abilities that they feel the need to falsely discredit another applicant to better their own position, they need to take their hat & go home.
            We have enough of that kind in DC.
            That’s what we DON’T need, or want.

          • Do you have one?

          • It doesn’t automatically turn green? They didn’t tell me I’d have to actually try selling property!

          • I don’t wish. All you are doing is talking up space!

          • Don’t mind Bill, he loves the bugger eating Cruz. Yum, Yum.

          • EEEEWWWWWW

          • It would appear you may lack brain capacity to wish.
            I’m sorry.

          • Emma, you are doing good for having a smaller brain.

          • The Liberal Trolls & other Libs. that check out this site must really enjoy the childish backbiting & bickering they see going on between conservatives, Libertarians & angry citizens. We do not need to lower ourselves to the Democrat level.

          • Yes, Ron, we really do! Just one example: This past week I canvassed two big neighborhoods in Hillary’s name. As a member of the Hillary caucus and sharing a room with the Bernie caucus attendees, there was an ongoing atmosphere of jovial taunting, joking back and forth, yet both sides stuck vehemently to their candidates’ positions! I can’t remember a nicer time together with an opponent! And at the end, the Bernie AND the Hillary people came together as one for the final instructions for our April gathering for the counties!

            And we learned this together:
            IS IT NOT IRONIC BEYOND BELIEF… that the left wing people are arguing in a joyful manner between two very capable candidates for President, and the right wing extremists are fighting viciously between THREE LOSERS??! And you indecent (at least some of you) people tear each other apart as if your lives depended on one single election! Can you not do better than this debacle and can you REALLY NOT come up with one GOOD candidate in the entire Republican world? THIS… is why we on the left laugh you to scorn! You would do well to lower yourselves to Democrats’ level. It would be a tremendously positive move for all of you!

          • So Kum-Bay-Ya.

          • Sorry, I don’t associate with ‘people’ like you!

          • OK, FOLKS, We’ve been ‘schooled’ by George M Melby.(below) I hope you can learn something from his observation. However, I still wouldn’t take any of his worthless candidates for ANY of ours.

          • Please go play elsewhere.Thank you.

          • He could try clicking on free up space?

          • A calling is a calling?

          • Emma can’t even spell “university.” Ya think she knows what one is?

          • I mean, if I couldn’t make a million dollars after taking a real-estate course, I would feel like I should get my money back?


          • Walter-there is an “l” at the end of “control”, also a “y” at the end of “way”! I see YOUR IQ isn’t much to brag on!

          • A few typos? Pretty lame. Some of you need to have it spelled out exactly because there is no thinking ability with you.

          • Who the hell asked you? I could give a damn about what YOU think, Cookie!

          • STFU @sshat. You bring up nonsensical garbage about his spelling because you cannot bring a defensible argument to the discussion.

          • There isn’t even such a thing as an as*hat you dummy! What’s YOUR defensible argument? That you can’t help being stupid because you are a left-wing lunatic? I’ll buy that!

          • au contraire … Bill is either unable or too lazy to use a spell checker

          • Ted and Heidi are both Globalist.

          • May be he is not an expert on the key board like you big shot.

          • Shows what a moron you are. I’m not the one with the spelling problem, it’s Walter Flatt. You posted to the wrong person dip-sh*t!

          • No, most normal Americans can understand, but we have enough self-respect that we use Google Spell-Check, and Grammar check to make sure we can be proud of our work and not embarrassed! THAT… is the big difference! We use our education positively so we don’t have to apologize for our work! You might want to learn a few things before sputtering such drivel!

          • I have a spell check, but didn’t know there was a grammar check also. I will “check” into this. Thanks.

          • I know sometimes my keyboard doesn’t always register correctly.
            If a dropped “L” or “Y” is the criteria for judging a persons’IQ, a lot of folks are in serious trouble, lolo
            Actually, I think he hit the nail square on the head!

          • That’s because he has an IQ of 80 moron level

          • u better hurry up, if u want to catsup!

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            You must be one of those smart aee RIGHT.

          • Proofreading may stop some of these misspelled words and typos. Why not try it?

          • Good idea. And simple too.

          • Sometimes the p just won’t mix in the pudding. Proof not all is what its meant to be?

          • It really helps me, for I have a keyboard that JUST CAN’T SPELL! lol

          • Sparkitus_Maximus

            Don’t werry about it. I can’t read either.

          • Read the posts before sticking in your two-cents. I’m not the one with the spelling problem!

          • Mitchell Loebel

            ha ha

          • The comma after “control,” is placed within the quotation marks. And YOUR IQ is…?

          • Where I choose to place my preposition is the type of criticism up with which I cannot put. The Brits would say that after 220 years we Americans are still struggling to learn English. They may be right.

          • u jest jellous that’s all!

          • Shows your IQ low blow.

          • WOW, Bill. If that’s all ya’ got, I feel sorry for you.
            Such things as typos (Bill’s post has several more that you and your “obviously magnificent intelligence” failed to catch) and sticky keys do exist.

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          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Oh my god where did you hear that Trump has an IQ of 99.9% I don’t know wha

          • Re-read, re-read, re-read! The post stated that Trump’s IQ was ABOVE 99.9% of the people of the world. ( I really think he does have an IQ much, much higher than that.)
            According to the “normal curve,” the average or normal IQ is roughly between 100 and 110.
            Since I haven’t checked that stat in years, it may have changed. I think in America, it has probably lowered.

          • Out of curiosity what would you like Cruz to do regarding his staffers, apologize for their actions and fire them?

            Just my opinion, but if Trump’s IQ is that high then he has wasted his life.

          • I think Trump knows his present accomplishments will not go down in history. I really think he desires to be remembered in history as the POTUS who saved America from the certain ruin to which we are now headed!

          • Now, that could be.

          • Let’s hope & pray he gets the chance!!!
            Go TRUMP 2016

          • Agreed – There’s not a politician out there who has not had aids that went off-course or completely rogue on them.

          • From your post to God’s email!

          • HEIL Trump!, HEIL TRUMP !

        • really? You must have missed the debates.

          • Debates don’t mean a thing! Candidates are going to say things they don’t mean to get votes! Do you REALLY believe Trump can MAKE Mexico pay for a wall for instance?

          • Not only do I believe Mexico will pay for the wall, but I KNOW they will. You obviously have no knowledge of business strategy or negotiation techniques.

          • And who the hell do you think you are? You said NOTHING that proves Mexico will pay for a wall. Trump is a flip-flopper, bottom line. He has given to Hillary and other Dems through the years. IF he elected president, I’d be willing to bet he will give up his “Mexico will pay” bravado once he is in office!

          • Mexico pays for the wall!

          • I tell yea what? I like how EX- presidentee Fox thinks he’s going to pay for it! Like he’s the only Azzhole with money in Mexico?

          • I am not a man without portfolio. I do possess an earned doctorate in business administration and have been the owner of my consulting business since 1984. Who in the hell do you think you are?

          • Congratulation WVF. I’m with you 100 percent. Please keep it up

          • Andrew, thanks, I guess I get frustrated with people who just don’t get it! Our country is in its death throes, and the RINO Party is hearing the death rattle.

          • You are not the only one Sir.

          • I know, and thank God for that.

          • If we stopped all freebies to aliens, enforced already existing laws on employers that hired aliens, disavowed anchor babies, deported alien criminals and fined protection cities, maybe Mexico would build a wall to stop the millions of aliens from returning home to them! LOL

          • Richard Trundle

            I don’t about that. But I remember last election Romney saying that if OBAMA is re-elected it going to be a DARK TIME IN AMERICA. How many can remember that being said by him? If anyone can’t,just holds your comments. Now what’s going on in America now,all them refugees over here and maybe some terrorist in with them waiting on time to come alive,like the couple in San Bern. Cal killing all them people they knew well.

          • Of course he can. There are more ways than by getting them to write a check. Take it from the aid we give them or put a tariff on their incoming products. You’re certainly no Einstein are you?

          • Thank you!That is what he said.He would put a Tariff on the goods shipped from Mexio.that would bring in the money to pay for the wall.He is right.

          • Not only that, with the wall built we wouldn’t have to send billions every year to have them fight the government drug cartel!

          • I also not a damned fool taken in by a circus-barker like you Trump-chumps obviously are! CRUZ-2016!

          • Bill, you are a foul-mouthed ignoramus who only knows how to scream, yell, criticize those who disagree with you, and bully your way with no facts, no comparisons, nothing to lend credence to your simple mindedness. We’ll keep you in prayer .

          • Bill is just angry because its Trump 2016.

          • TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!

          • Trump 2016!

          • Just in case you missed it!


            your welcome!

          • You don’t know how much I thank you for this! Thanks. Thanks!

          • You betcha !!!! Lol

          • If you listened,he said how he would do it

          • If I want to listen to a lot of hot-air, I can always listen to Obama’s nonsense, I don’t need Trump!

          • That’s your right,but respect others rights also. Opinions of others count also.We all have our choice.This is the American way.

          • I knew before he said it. These establishment and liberal dopes know nothing.

          • You bet your bippee Mexico will pay for the wall and thank Mr. Trump for letting them do so. They have no idea exactly how the payment will be made, but mark Mr. Trump’s words, it will be made. Then again, perhaps they do know how the payment will be extracted and that is why they are screaming like piggies against Mr. Trump. TRUMP 2016!

          • First of all, there is no such thing as a bippee! Second of all, the illegals are STILL pouring in. If they are afraid of Trump becoming president and deporting them, then why are they still coming?

          • The word is spelled b-i-p-p-y, and was coined on the Rowan and Martin “laugh-in” show. It has no specific meaning, but did find its way into the dictionary.

          • I love that saying and I remember that show.

          • YEP I certainly do believe Trump will make Mexico pay for the wall!!!!!!!!!

          • Ex-presidentee Fox and other high officials from Mexico have already tried setting up a meeting with Trump and the second candidate to try and get a discount on the building of it!

          • You betcha I believe it!!!
            They know it too.
            That’s why they are so angry! Lol

        • Oh yes Cruz does lie. He has often purposely cited Trump’s policies in direct opposition to what Cruz actually said. The stunt that was pulled on Ben Carson when Cruz’ team misquoted the report saying Carson was taking a break in his campaign was childish. And Cruz lies every time he says he is eligible to be President, when in actuality he may not even be eligible to be Senator.

        • You don’t think he knows what his aids are doing,get real Bill.

        • He lied about not signing the amnesty bill for illeagles and about being a Canadian Cuban and that he just recently became an American so that he could run for president and I’m sure that I could tell you more of his lies if I had the time!

      • Please allow me the exact lie for which your claim against Cruz exists. Isn’t it really a case that you have a preference for someone other than Cruz and must demonize Cruz to bolster a hollow argument you’re pursuing?

        • Not at all.
          He lied about his stance on PP, the taking of a little old lady’s home,
          BBB grade, even after Trump proved it in error,
          So many things.
          Actually, I was for Cruz, then I started studying them all, researching, paying close attention to what each said, how they said it, body language.
          Even donated to Cruz at one point.
          We need a LEADER.
          Trump has my vote,
          Maybe Cruz for VP.

          • You must have missed the comment on Hannity 1 night. Used to say that he would hire experts to fill vacancies, now he is saying the he will have to hire politicians to fill the vacancies because he is inexperienced in running a country.

          • He will get the best &brightest for the job at hand.
            Would you prefer the status quo?
            I don’t.
            Go Trump 2016

          • The status quo is a politician the same that we have now.

          • There are a few who actually do what we elected them to do. Very few.
            The rest sold America out a long time ago.
            Is that really what you want?
            The destruction of Our America.?
            Trump must keep his word.
            He built his business on his word. If he does not do as he has.promised, he is finished .
            He garners great respect, even from those who do not like him.
            They do respect him.

          • Why do you keep asking “Is that what you really want?” I am just telling you what I have heard him say. I have not made up my mind yet. You say he must keep his word but yet I am hearing him change his “word”.

            You also say “if he does not do as he promised, he is finished”. Well, what are we going to do to him if he does not keep his promise. We need to pay attention to what is being said and what he is changing is all that I am saying.

            You seem you have your head in the clouds and don’t want to believe that he is changing what he has said in the past. I don’t like what he has just said about the H-1B visa. We have IT people capable of doing the job but it seems to be OK with him that companies fire these people to hire the immigrants. Check out that article.

            I want this cesspool cleaned up also, I have great-grandchildren.

          • I had doubts about Trump also. Actually it was the wave of the rich and powerful and other status quo politicians that have convinced me that they are very afraid that he really will do some house cleaning. So, perhaps they know they have reasons to be afraid of him.
            I just want JOBS for our people in America! I too have grandchildren. I think a businessman would be best.
            Thank you for your honest and caring post!

          • Well said Emma!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO and I am with you TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!! The people have spoken yet the politicians aren’t listening like they normally do. WE the PEOPLE don’t want another politician in office and you better believe there are more and more coming to Trump’s side because of that very fact. God Bless

          • Trump is not a politician. He tells the truth that he will need experts AND politicians to give him sound advice. He ADMITS he “bought” politicians. What more can one ask but that he learns and that learning changes his “opinions.”?

          • I believe it was Trump who was behind a suit for the domain of an elderly widow in NY, in order to clear the way to build certain planned building. What kind of lie is necessary in an Eminent Domain action, where a court must investigate legitimacy of the suit in the first place? How did Cruz figure into the issue in which you state he lied? The accusation of “liar” has been tossed about lately as if the label can be hung on anyone to favor someone else. Do you think that building tycoon Trump has been pure as driven snow in order to profit in his building empire? Do you really think these types don’t take “short-cuts” resulting in what we commoners term as “lies?”
            Obviously, the supposed merit of your accusation against Cruz has no basis in fact unless you have specific,quotable, confirmed, knowledge. Mr. Trump throws the word “liar” around too frivolously, it is a serious and degrading accusation. You use such an accusation to choose a leader, to justify poor judgment in order to call it forthrightness.
            It’s doubtless a combination of Trump at #1 and his #2 to be a man who could be a text book of our Constitution, while the #1 lacks anymore knowledge than any other lay person. That is what makes your #1 attractive, he’s vapid enough to be more common. If elected, he would become the 2nd one for the Oval Office who danced his way into the presidency by repeating populist language. First came “Yes,we can”…… and now “We’ll make America great again.”
            Notice, I’m not touting whom I’ll vote for, the process is less than halfway through and ongoing. You may not recall, but Obama bamboozled the people with boasts that were never meant to come true….and didn’t..Enough said.

          • You are correct. He was, & dropped it.
            No, I do not expect any to ne pure as the driven snow, however, it has been astiness from the beginning toward Trump.
            They are, indeed afraid of him.
            Yhr u are applying for a Position with the American people.
            If they cannot be the chosen applicant on their OWN MERIT,
            go home!!!
            I have watched & listened.
            Moreover, I research &study the applicants.
            I notice Mr. Trump does not attack first.
            The entire process is a cess pool.
            I want it cleaned up,
            Mr Trump has my support.

          • My compliments upon your intensive research and good luck.

          • Trump had nothing to do with that.give out false press and that is all it takes to make some people start parroting.Has worked for centuries.

          • OK, OK,…the man is an angel! :):)

          • One lie Cruz has said repeatedly is that Trump approves of abortion. he is not. The story about the poor lady and the eminent domain issue? So, Trump offered her money for her property. No one including Trump tried to force the woman our of her home. The two ineligible candidates, Cruz and Rubio, are definitely lying about Trump. Trump has every right to call a liar a liar.

      • Mitchell Loebel

        McCain a coward? a traitor? You’ve got to be kidding or downright stupid. You can disagree with positions without being vile.

        • I sent him an e-mail awhile back and told him that he fought for our country before, why wasn’t he doing it now? Which he has not for a long time. Who ever replied did not like what I said.

        • Believe this..
          It is the absolute truth.
          Catch me on a really good day.
          Do your homework, then come talk to me.

      • And Trump changes his message on a dime. Says one thing one moment and then less then 24 hours later something else. Usually opposite. Now isn’t that the definition of twisting things or “lying” . Let me guess, you will call this deception: “EVOLVING”
        Ted Cruz for POTUS 2016

        • You know, I did a lot of research into all of them.
          I watch them when they speak, their faces, body language, not just what they say, but the way they speak.
          I watch & I listen.
          Further, I even donated $100.00 to Cruz that I could ill afford.
          Then some little bits here & little bits there….eh..
          I so far have moved to the Trump camp from Cruz.
          We all have to do what we feel is right.
          Trump & Cruz are the only 2 viable options.
          A Trump / Cruz ticket would be a dream ticket I think.
          Pretty much promise the next 16 yrs. prosperity & good leadership.
          This is the last one I will see. I really want to see America strong & back in Her Rightful place as Leader of the Free world , prosperous, strong, free.

          • I can respect that. I would much more prefer Cruz/Trump.
            Again for me. I live in Texas.
            Cruz has done every thing he promised he would do.
            He has fought for the Constitution of the United States
            He has spent time in The US Supreme Court Fighting for the Bill of Rights
            I cannot say that about any other candidate.
            Ted Cruz for POTUS 2016

      • I agree with you about both of them McCain was a coward and a rat and romaney is a joke and if all I had to vote for is cruz then I’d just as soon vote dem…(na) i’ll never vote for that lizzy murdering lieing teasonest b@#$ Hillary for any reason….we’re backing trump 100%

    • The Constitution does not involve itself in the internal machinations of these political parties…in fact, it doesn’t touch on political parties at all. That being said, if the RINOs move forward with the “against-the-will-of-the-people” agenda they seem to be trying to run up the flagpole, they WILL be creating the mess you mentioned as well as signing the probable death warrant of the once-great Republican Party. Sic Transit Gloria! Rig for heavy seas, America!


      • Kasich is just as bad as Rubio or Cruz.He thinks he will win Ohio,if he does,believe me,the voting was fixed.I know no one who will vote for him.

    • Its weird how they fail to mention why these guys and the republican establishment were put in office !!
      They failed to govern, even when they had the power of the purse strings to stop Obama they just roled over and gave in to Obama care, and the tax penalty for not buying it, and also the budget.

      Now all that gave rise to Trump and they want to control who we vote for. No thanks. Trumps my guy. Now this elite failed bastard Romney thinks he should further destroy the party by sticking his nose in. This only demonstraits that they really are corrupt and we do need Trump. Cruz also is a 2 faced bastard going along with the party to gang up on Trump to limit his del. count. The very party that hate’s Ted Cruz’s guts. What a two faced turn coat. Just shows that Cruz can be bought for his own self gain. No integrity at all.

      • Right on,the man can not be trusted.Trump is the only one with enough brains and courage to get things done and clean house in Washington.

    • It doesn’t matter what the two of them want. Though I don’t agree with either of them, they are as free to exercise free speech as anyone else with either the money to buy media time or express himself as a failed presidential nominee or a U.S. Senator. Neither would I favor the choice of Rubio,which the two also have the right to support. If we, as citizens, would resent being “shut up” by the powers to be, or the press, rather than to be free to express ourselves, by the same token they have the same right.
      We are here and now expressing ourselves..

    • You wingers just keep on rejecting and repudiating reputable Republicans as “rinos” because they don’t line up 100 percent with your ultra-radical and unrealistic conservatism and see just where that kind of ignorant and childish behavior takes you and your party.

    • Actually the Establishment REPUKES want TWO TIME LOSER Romney as PLAN C…Since Plan One…Jebby Bush Flamed Out…And Plan B Rubio is about to go up in Flames…Even though the Establishment does not like Cruz…He is not Better….TRUMP ALL THE WAY 2016…

  3. These idots trying to stop Mr. Trump should be in Court and have a Gag Order against their traitor running mouths! It is still the Truth “That America and Americans can run for President ” Poor or Wealthy”! They are all bad losers….”can’t they all get it from Us the We the People” want no more in the Politics that We have had?” No more liars, traitors, turncoats on America, no more gays, no more whore chasers, no
    more giving of Our Money To the enemies of the World, No More dumping of Our Military…On and On Wrongs being opened in the White House Scandals that embarasses America and Americans!


    • That would be the outcome

    • They DO!!
      The gravy train will continue unless Trump is elected.

    • I will vote for Hillary, if Trump wins GOP nomination.At least she’s aware of the many dangers the world holds,that the average citizen, knows nothing about.

      • too much fool-aid..

        • You tump___ets, are the ones with the blinders on! Think with your brain,not with your hearts.Wake Up,Trump__ets.

          • Kenny 1957. That would be out of the frying pan into the fire.If you think Hillary could or would do anything good for this country, you got another think coming son.
            Hillary has never done anything for anybody except Hillary. She doesn’t give a damn about womens’ rights. or she wouldn’t be a fan of Margaret Sanger. (who was also admired by Adolph Hitler for her stand on eliminating inferior races).Hillary isn’t worth the misplaced devotion the liberal voters give her. She has blood on her hands just like Obama has, not from a waged war, bur from ignoring the threat of terrorists

          • Joyce White – you forgot to mention that Hillary LIES every time she opens her mouth. That fact alone has turned a lot of diehard Democrats against her – along with the other valid points you made. She also has health problems that they are attempting to cover-up………the list goes on and on! We are finished as a country if she is elected and lots of Democrats are now waking up to these truths!

          • All you disordered wingnut goobers were predicting that the country would be finished if Obama got a second term. DID NOT HAPPEN. Now you seem on the verge of selecting a foul-mouthed, braggadocious, womanizing, blithering, bombastic vulgarian as your candidate. Even his fellow Republicans are aghast at his ignorance and extremism. The rest of the civilized world is astonished that such a varmint as Trump could be seriously considered as President of the US and leader of the free world. The dumber-than-dumb conservative electorate will reap the whirlwind if the Trumpster should win the 2016 election, but I have every confidence that will not happen. For the first time in the history of this great nation (that does not need to be made great “again”despite the ranting invocation of that theme by the dingbat Donald) will refer to its chief executive as “Madam President.” And her husband will be the most effective and successful Presidential spouse in history.

            It’s a twofer that just can’t be beat! REJOICE!!

      • She sure should!!!
        She was Instumental in CAUSING. a LOT IF NOT MOST of it.

        • I’m reffering to the old establishment, those who put their personal interest, before the people will.Only think they are fighting for, themselfs and not us the ” little” people, whose day by day life getting harder. .

        • Experience counts,especially in the well being of my country, and my family.

          • She gets an
            “A” in Treason
            “A” in Murder
            “A” in Fraud
            “A” in Dishonesty
            “F” in Morals
            “F” in Patriotism
            “F” in Honor
            She needs to be arrested, charged, tried. Sentenced. & eecuted. Period.
            I have listed some of what are possibly some of her
            nicer “qualities”
            I am glad I am not part of your family you are concerned about.
            Killary will get us killed.

      • Kenny, are you aware of the dangers she promises?

      • Richard Trundle

        I WANT FOR ONE REASON MAYBE 2 BENGHAZI FOR ONE. SHE OK THE STAND ORDER THAT helper those fellow AMERICANS. I served in the US ARMY FOR 21 YEARS never heard THAT. Then They fired the ones that tried to help. Had they done what they should have sent that help and then worry about it. Help was only 45 mins. away by air. Those DEMO-RATS NOT GOING to fool me. Yes she a wear of the dangerous world we live in,cause her and help make it that way. There the ones that sent SYRA the weapons to do it with. And 1 more thing STEVENS asked for more help several months before the attack,Clinton and Mr. O. decline it. The word is he ASK them around 600 times before. You guys can’t their setting this country up for the terrorist to take it over. Remember 1 thing there is around 14 million retired VETS. in this country that still able to SHOOT. If they get here I sure hope you guys know how to shoot. The blood bath will start then. If you thank you be spared,thank again.

  5. Even coming from a looser, (Romney), is right: ” “He’s playing the American public for suckers,” Romney said. “He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president.” – See more at:

  6. Ronaldus Maximumus Reganus

    Sheeple, the whole Establishment is against Trump. That now is enough for me. I was for Cruz, no longer.

  7. You guys are just afraid your way of life as liers will change and you won’t have control anymore. Oh well it’s about time for a good change,and not an Obama one.


  9. The reason our nation and the world has suffered so much under Obama is because the Republicans nominated two men who had no chance of ever being President. Romney and McCain combined have more political baggage on their backs than possibly any other two politicians in recent years. McCain never should have made it out of the 80’s as he should have faced a multi count indictment for his frauds and corruption associated with Charles Keating and the Lincoln S&L. Romney may be conservative in his personal life but his politics are straight out of the Progressive Socialist aka the Democrat Party agenda. He destroyed Obama in the first debate and then retreated and let Obama off the hook. If ever there was an incumbent President ripe for the taking it was Obama whose complete failure at every turn had made it almost impossible for the next President to repair the damage. Romney’s failure became a complete failure for the American people. We were saddled with four more years of failures by Obama and the damage is now irreparable. Hopefully the good citizens of Arizona will finally rid themselves of Mr. McCain this year and Romney will simply retire to his estate in La Jolla and just fade away. I pray to God our next President is anyone but Clinton or Sanders.

    • We have had terrible choices of “speaker of the house” Boehner was just a drunk and RINO. Now we got Ryan who although not a drunk is a horrible RINO. And for the Senate, we have McConnell? well that should speak for itself.

      • the word your looking for is TRADER instead of horrible. Rubio,Romney,Ryan,Gowdy etc. are Traders, the also Want the ENLIST ACT. a fast track to citizenship by way of our Military while Americans are being denied the right to join. obama and Rubios own personal army if Rubio gets in. Rubio gets paid back by obama with obamas lifting of sanctions and opening the boarders to Cuba,

    • McCain also got off the hook for being charged with treason for spilling his guts to the Vietnamese. He was known as the “songbird” and told them all about military flight paths and giving them other information so he would not have to endure much torture. McCain also crashed 5 planes during his illustrious military career. Those facts, and many more on McCain are buried. Trump was exactly correct when he said McCain was NO war hero!!

  10. The RINO garbage don’t even see it coming, do they?
    Looks like we will have to destroy the Republican Party before the RINOS begin to listen.
    If that is it takes, so be it.
    The last couple of Tea Party meetings, that I have been to, much talk about voting Cruz or Trump and after that a straight liberal dem bloodsuckers ticket

    • They are hoping to give another 4 to 8 years to the Progressive left. Romney and McCain were both shills and RINO Plants to ensure Obamination staying in control. It’s really pathetic, because they know, as Romney said this morning: I will write one in if I have too. Knowing his vote is a vote for HilLarry

  11. The political elite is trying to protect what they think belongs to them!! Don’t forget those same politicians are the ones that have been there while our country has continuously declined. I would vote for Donald Fucking Duck before I would vote for any politician today.

  12. Time for the RNC and the establishment rinos to have a moment of clarity in their thinking. The people are pisssed at them. They get put in office and than write big checks to Obama ( not why they were elected.
    The republican base ( quit the conservative labeling crap) wants a change in how the party works. If the conservative arseH_les want their own party fine go start one. It will mean that Hilary wins from prison.
    The republican voters want a new type person and a new direction for their party.

    • Agree,but we don’t want populists, Donald World.

      • Who do you think can help us pay off 19 Trillion in debt? Some conservative constantly yapping about abortion and knowing all along nothing can be done about it at this time? In my home state of Minnesota we got gay marriage because of our arrogant conservatives. No wonder the liberals insinuate we are dumb.

        • all of America will have to help the cause as well as bring back jobs. But the RNC and Millionaires and Billionaires are all supporting Rubio because the want cheap labor. Our Unions are responsible for the Greed that put this country in to overdrive on high prices and high wages. the Automobile, Brand new used to be around $3,or $4 thousand dollars. now look at the prices.
          overtime their is a tax cut, prices go up. overtime the Union wants more money the sand the workers out to Strike for more money, Many of them are making Hundreds of dollars an Hour so you can’t blame Ford for wanting to leave. the DemoRATs need to stop supporting the Unions.
          overly priced Union jobs was the start of the corruption in our government and around the country. I know many of the Employers cheated their employees for their own greed now their at it again with Foreign workers.

  13. All of you go to HELL! and take Romney & Co. too Failed party and self served..

  14. Mitt needs to shut up and crawl back under his rock
    and stay there! We don’t need him!

  15. Trump is not my favorite candidate but he is a whole lot more inviting than the Dem choices. If Trump is the GOP nominee he will get my vote.

  16. How someone who lost to Obama fells anything he says is worth listening to is beyond me. He should gather up his wives and shut up.

  17. Prior Republican Nominees = List of losers . There is a reason why …..

  18. NO ONE CARES! McCain and Romney. Now there are two giants. NOT! LOSERS and CHOKERS club. LET the American Voter’s will prevail.
    I will continue to support TED CRUZ.

  19. Romney – who couldn’t win a shoe-in 2012 or even get nominated in 08. Who bought corps & chewed them up & spit them out to make HIS money, has the nerve or senility to counter Trump? It’s not that I’m pro-Trump, but THIS is the reason the GOP is in the shambles it is! Instead of bringing out a solid fresh conservative to “vet” Trump, they bring out….. Romney?!?
    Then, McCain. A war hero,yes, because he was shot down, captured & tortured….and kept his mouth shut… but what did he accomplish as a warrior? Yeah. His Dad’s shirttails got him where he was. Again, another who should have easily been able to trounce Obama, but was too much the “diplomat” trying to find “middle ground” when we needed a warrior.
    Now, when we need that warrior more than ever, what does the GOP do? What does 2 has-beens do? Yep.

    • No he isn’t.
      Talk to some men who were there.

      • I’m sorry, but WHAT are you talking about!?!

      • Actually Emma, I am a combat wounded veteran of Vietnam.I have many friends that were POWs and I have yet to find one that has anything good to say about McLame.He has stabbed veterans in the back from day one, just like he betrayed his fellow POWs in Vietnam.He was know as the “Songbird of the Hanoi Hilton” for spilling the beans.Don’t believe me? do some research.

        • Edward ,
          You misunderstood . John McCain is no hero.
          Ask those the sob served up.
          I know a couple of men who served with him .
          One who was in the HH .
          NO.. He surely to God is no hero.
          Thank from my heart for serving & protecting us.
          I am glad you came home.

    • McCain DID NOT keep his mouth shut, and was spared a lot of torture simply because of that! He was known as the “songbird” for trading military information to his captors in order to save his own skin! He was up on charges as a traitor to the U.S. until he was “pardoned”. Please do some research before spewing RINO garbage and lies! You are a poster boy for misinformation, and obviously too lazy to check facts that are easily accessible!

      • If he was such a “songbird”, then why did he come back so broken? Besides that, read the whole thing, oh brilliant name-caller! I’ve already dissed him for that being his only “heroism”, so get your all-righteous head out of dark places & read the whole thing instead of calling others, especially a very right wing tea partier, a RINO.
        Don’t we have far better things to do than find picky snot-nosed arguments to fight about? While we’re standing in circular firing squads, our country is going to hell!

  20. Here is a laugh:” McCain, who led the Republican Party in the battle against Barack Obama in 2008″ (what FN battle?)
    Lets hear all about Romney’s accomplishments, starting with his “fortunes” from his Mexican father?, then on to MASSHealth, the program which has been said is a forerunner to Obamacare………, start with it’s failings even with federal subsidies….. Ready, Set, GO!

  21. Forgot in my last post – These 2 sure weren’t dissing Trump when they were after his money! I know Romney played the hands-out game, surely McCain did, too….

  22. davesnrakleberger

    who gives a flip about what the two losing cowards who refused to attack Obama’s many weaknesses and gave two terms of the lousy muslim America hating sexually confused has to say about anything? McCain is senile and while Romney is a decent person, he still let America and the gop down.

    I really wonder if the Roves and Preibus types are threating candidates that won’t bend over for them?

  23. Romney & McCain….., two freaking EUNUCHS!!!!!!
    Do us all a favor you two. Curl up in a tight sixty-nine, and cartwheel the hell out of here……!

  24. At best these RINOs will start a war they will not survive

  25. The republican party still continues to hang out with LOSERS and mitt is the biggest one.

  26. Nothing better than a united bunch of losers trying to make sure we lose again. Take their names and vote them out the next time they are up for any type of re-election. How dare they preach to us! AGAIN, THEY LOST!

  27. Who is paying these turncoats off?

    • Soro’s and the World Bank, the One World Order that Bush Senior spoke of and God told us about in Revelations, is who is paying them and has been funding for a life time.

      George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 …
      ▶ 1:52
      Dec 3, 2011 – Uploaded by MrWolfenzA More Clearer Version of the NWO Speech of George Bush SR ! … +Pete S Yes, that was another speech …

      • I have never liked this POS! He and his NWO can jump off Mr. Trump’s tower without a parachute! The day I watched president Reagan get on the helicopter for the last time, my eyes filled with tears, because I knew what was on the way, and boy were my fears realized.

        • Agreed WVF
          Did you hear Nancy died today.

          • Yes, I did. She was President Reagan’s loyal wife and First Lady. From what little I know, she helped make a positive impact on America. Interestingly, I’ve not heard a peep out of the Obamas.

          • I read a short Tweet on my Facebook of Trump saying she was a great lady and will be sorely missed. Obamination, the Camel Dung King only honors Traitors, and other Islamic’s and people with the character of Michael Brown the THUG

          • My friend, I couldn’t have said it better!

          • Because he is busy wasting our tax dollars Doctor.

  28. When two of thegiggest losers want to take down the front runner then all of us out here know we are supporting the best there is. Talk about liars. Romney was the candidiate who was accused of buying up businesses and then selling them and putting the owners right out of business. Talk about being greedy that is like the pot calling the kettle black. We as the noisy people who the feel are not worth any thing. Me I am sorry that I voted for a man that I feel was bought buy the establishment AND THAT IS WHY IN JUNE HE GAVE UP. SO HELLO OBOAMA. THE REASON THEY WANT HIM OUT IS BECAUSE HE CAN’T BE CONTROLED. MAYBE WE SHOULD BE ASKING ROMENY WHY HE DIDN’T COMPLAIN WHEN MR DUKE WAS RUNNING FOR CONGRESS AT THE SAME TIME HE AND RYAN WAS RUNNING FOR THE TOP OFFICE. mR BOYD ANOTHER KKK MEMBER DID WIN AND WAS IN OFFICE FOR QUITE SOME TIME AND WAS ONE OF HILLAIRYS ADVISERS FOE A LONG TIME. WHERE WAS THERE ETHICS THEN? Maybe we should be looking into their finances and see who is still paying them off. They are still acting like they are still in school and didn’t win in PE. To bad get over it we are still a Trump supporter and will be untill he stops running or wins. WE ARE NOT THE DUMMIES THAT YOU SEEM TO THINK WE ARE.

  29. The best way to affect this bunch is to stop contributing to any Republican cause. That will get their attention. Shut off all donations until they listen.

    • Exactly! I have stopped long ago and most recently wrote the GOP and the RNC and told them they are not pulling the wool over many who understand the treachery of this Progressive branch of the Democratic Party, the GOP.

      • If they pick a Rino, need to protest in DC and where the Convention will be held (Chicago??).

        • Like Newt Gingrich said, if they deny the will of the voters they will start a civil war within the party. I am not sure it is even preventable at this point. Ppl are really pissed at the establishment targeting Trump and those that support him. I think the party is going to pay dearly for this long into the future. And I do not think this movement is going away. The genie is out.

          • I think it’s an intentional move to split the vote. It’s their way of Keeping the Progressives in power and the World Bank happy and Soro’s spinning his web.
            The GOP today as devolved to being nothing more than the ugly twin sister of the progressive movement. Look at all that has OT been Changed or gotten done since electing new blood to Congress? Why would that be?

          • I hear you but hope that is not the case, although I think you may be right. But I do think the ppl are going to resist this time if it is rigged. Will not be pretty.

          • I hope you are right Broker, because the whole purpose of FEMA Camps, Arming organizations such as EPA, are being done for a reason and it’s not to house the Obama administration. I would like to believe there are more Patriots left in the Armed Services who would stand up, but the progressive mindset, as the DNA VIRUS it is, has permeated the brains and hearts of the fence sitters and I think they will over take what we see as the warriors America has always produced.

        • They have picked RINOS for YEARS and it’s all about the subversive progressive globalists we allow to heard us.

          • I know that. I am talking about now.

          • Well I agree with you which is why I gave you a thumbs up. However: I write and call the GOP, the RNC, contact the people like Romney and Rubio and even Trump and share what’s on my mind and heart. I use the email, the tweets and the phone to make them aware of the truth. You can only do what you can do and additionally pray. So that’s what I did then, do now and will until I know longer have access to the tools.

          • I e-mailed Trump about Disney and the H-1B Visa before the debate that it was brought up in the 1st time. He never responded and he was like a deer in headlights when it was brought up. He said that the tech companies (he mentioned Mark Zuckerberg’s name) needed low wage workers and that the US did not have IT people that could do this. Disney and Toys R Us laid full time computer tech’s off and made them train the immigrants that replaced them. He said he was going to call Disney and tell them to hire the Americans back. It was brought up again at this last debate and he protects his friends. Trump is not going against big corporations/friends.

            What is being exposed now does not make him any better than the rest. Trump said he was going to hire the best people for position vacancies, now he is saying he will have to hire politicians.

            I was for him in the beginning and defended him but he is changing what he says too many times.

          • I said recently to someone “I agree and Disagree” and that took me down a deep Rabbit hole, so I hope we do not go down that same trap.
            I am still on board with Trump, yet I have a lot of respect for Cruz. Itoo am worried about Trump, but I am also worried about Cruz.
            Personally, I can’t stand and do not support any of the other candidates. There’s a lot I like about Trump and can, from a management and sales point of view, understand how he can make it work. However, I am a firm believer that people don’t really grasp, the full deception of the so called Conservative Republican party. There is no such thing, at least at the leadership level.
            I believe the complacency and tolerating sin in the camp, of the American people, has brought this down upon our heads. I believe the Lord has allowed it to bring about revival and a heart turning of the people toward Him.
            I completely understand and embrace what you are saying because no one wants a wishy washy representative. One wants to feel secure that they are doing the right thing for all the right reasons.
            I do however wonder how much of the media twisting and tangling, is the direct attempt and making Trump look like a fence sitter and blowing with every wind.
            I don’t believe he/Trump is really a born again Christian and thinks Christianity is a Denomination thing, more than being saved and obeying the Lord. However that’s not for me to decide. I do know the Lord can and will use anyone and or anything to make His will come to fruition for the purpose and plans He has already laid out. Now it’s up to us to do our part and there in lies our responsibility that we have been shirking for a very long time as a citizenry.
            I hope that doesn’t upset you and we can agree to disagree and find common ground.

          • What I wrote about was what I heard from the Donald’s own mouth. I don’t get upset about what other people say, we will each will have to pay for what we do in the end. I sign petitions, call politicians (called all 40 of the Freedom Caucus to get rid of Boehner and about 25 on the Rules Committee). My Congressional distract just changed and I have signed up to be a delegate to keep my new Congressman on the ballot in Nov., I will have to go to the state capitol to vote. I want to be a state delegate, will work on that next. I just got involved in all of this approx 6 yrs. ago when I retired. I am a grandma and great-grandma, I also quit high school but that has never stopped me. In 2000 I was the Employee of the Year in my distract office.

            I worry a great deal about my 2 and 3 yr. old great grandchildren and all the children. I probably won’t be around to experience much of what will happen here on earth and it might be sooner if I keep speaking out about everything. I am trying to prepare my grandson for what they might have to deal with.

            I am ashamed of the elite globalist that are greedy and others that are making decisions that are causing the downfall of what was a great country. I have cried and prayed for our country. We have to stand strong together.

          • Amen and Amen to your patriotism and fervor for this country!
            I too far for my grandchildren and what lies ahead. I am 67 and this is not the America I grew up knowing and believing in.
            You should be commended and Thanked for all you are doing for all of us.
            Like you to a minor degree, I called Boehner’s office, Ryan, Reid and the rest of the pukes and liars, signed petitions, wrote the White House, pres and VP and worked the polls as an inspector for 3 elections and called fence sitters on behalf of my candidates.

            Keep up the good work and the care for your children and grandchildren. Mine are 10-8-7.

            Are you familiar with Michael Savage? Here’s a short newsletter from his pen:
            Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily report on all things “Savage.”
            In today’s issue: Michael Savage summed up for his “Savage Nation” listeners why Republican presidential primary front-runner Donald Trump is so hated by media and the establishment.

            He began with a warning that if “the party of class warfare, race warfare, sex warfare, meaning the part of Hillary Clinton, wins, we will descend into medieval times in the United States of America.”
            “Now, all the guns of the media are aimed at Donald Trump, because he stands for America, in plain English,” Savage said.
            He is, I would say, a moderate nationalist. He stands, certainly, for our borders, which means he stands for our language, which means he stands for our culture, which is why the vermin in the media hate him. Which is why Mexico hates him. Which is why China hates him. Of course, they’ve had such a good deal, Why would they not hate him?
            If you were robbing a country blind because you were able to buy off all the politicians for so many years through their lobbyists, like Madeleine Albright. If you were able to buy off lobbyists and sell your garbage and manipulate your currency and bury a nation in trade war, why would you not want it to continue?
            A man comes along and says, “Enough is enough. I’m not going to let you do it anymore. You’re going to have fair trade. You’re not going to do this to us anymore. Of course you’re going to do everything you can, including buying newspaper, magazines, owning the stooges in the media, one way or another, and have them tell the people that the man who is trying to save the country is actually the man who is trying to destroy the country.
            You know, I hope that you don’t have regrets after the election in November and say, “Why didn’t I listen to guys like Savage, who was trying to warn us that the race baiting of Hillary Clinton, the class warfare of Hillary Clinton, would lead us to medieval times in America. Why didn’t I listen to them? Why did I dismiss Michael Savage?
            I want to tell you something. The very same things that you’ve heard about me that are not true, have been promoted by the very same forces that are attacking Donald Trump.
            Just make no mistake about it; that’s exactly what is going on.
            If I were running for office — which I told you I would never do; I told you that many times; I don’t have the nature for it — and I’m watching Trump; I don’t know how he takes it.
            To be frank, I didn’t know he was this tough.
            The hatred that is being heaped upon this man is like nothing I have never seen.
            When you think of Lilliputians like Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and the others in the media — Lilliputians, they’re small men — and you think that they are expending more hatred on Donald Trump than on the head of ISIS, who orchestrates the rape, the industrial rape of young girls, the kidnapping, the blowing up of houses of worship, does that not tell you
            everything you need to know about what’s wrong with the media in America?

          • I get hundreds of Conservative letters, I get Oath Keepers, The Dave Hodges show/letters, following the mess in OR, NEV., UT, and other states of the land grab by the BLM. If you haven’t, watch Congressman Greg Walden’s speech on the Senate floor about the rancher Lavoy Finicum’s murder dated 1/5/16 (google it). I subscribe to Ann Corcoran’s “Refugee Resettlement Watch” and another “American Resistance”. I feel I know a lot about what is happening in this country.

            I will vote Republican if there is an election and it is not suspended by Martial Law. Undecided about Trump or Cruz, both have said things I don’t like.

            Hang in there and keep up the fight. God Bless America.

          • Amen and we feel the same for much of the same reasons. I too believe King CamelDung and his Islamic thugs aren’t through with us yet. Martial Law is a subject he has been gearing up for and strengthening laws/ Executive Orders for the Governmental takeover.
            I am with yu Jaybird and there is nothing more reassuring than a well versed voter.

          • I do the same things. I was for Trump in the beginning and defended what he said, not anymore. He is changing what he says too many times. I warned him about Disney and the H-1B visa before the 2nd debate-never heard from him and when it was brought up he defended the tech companies by saying they needed more low wage workers and that America did not have enough people to fill these positions. They are laying full time Americans off to hire the H-1B visa immigrants. Goes to show us that he will stick with his friends and buddies that run these big corporations. He is no better than the rest.

            I sign petitions, e-mail politicians and have recently applied to be a delegate for my Congressman in the Federal Gov. Will go to the Capital of my state to vote to make sure he is on the ballot in Nov. Our district lines were redrawn and he was not mine last year but I supported him anyway. Now I am in his district.

    • They called me for a donation and I unloaded on them and told them to not bother me any more.

    • I have already done that. I only donate directly to the candidate’s PAC. It has been incredible how many requests I have received in Trump’s name by the RNC!

      • I have not donated to anyone, because Mr. Trump is self-funding his campaign.

        • I donated to Scott Walker. The Governor from Wisconsin that did a fantastic job in his state. He got mixed up with the establishment Republicans for support people and they drained him very quickly. I also donated a bit to Ben Carson just because I felt sorry for him. I buy Trump signs, hats etc from Amazon and I have no idea who makes the money there. None of these campaigns are going for more than 10 seconds on my donations. But it makes me feel good.

    • I wouldn’t send “rinse your mouth out” Pribus of the RINO Party a dime, because he/they would use that money to submarine Mr. Trump! No way will that outfit get any money from me!

  30. Mitt Romney made his SEED MONEY from? He is making millions off the public as a FAT CAT of Wall Street, through a brokered retirement and wages he profited from through out the years. Yes, he worked very hard and made wise decisions and is a very intelligent man. However, his law degree, his college education was paid for by his parents and he benefited by the relationships his family had established over the years, as the golden spoon.
    So who is he to speak negatively about Trump?

    Damon Corp.: Under Romney, one of Bain Capital’s more questionable deals was the firm’s 1989 purchase of Damon, a medical testing company that ended up pleading guilty to defrauding the government and paying a $119 million fine. Although he sat on the company’s board, Romney was never implicated, and Bain tripled its investment returns before selling the company in 1993. Romney personally got $473,000 from the deal, according to the Boston Globe.

    DDI Corp.: When Romney touts his private-sector job record, his opponents are quick to point out Bain Capital’s 1997 acquisition of electronic circuit board manufacturer DDI Corp. According to Politico, Bain took the company public in 2000, reaping $36 million — but by 2003, DDI had filed for bankruptcy protection and laid off 2,100

    Romney was a shill in the last campaign, in order to secure another 4 years for Obama. He spoke more degradingly of Trum than he did the liar and usurper Obamination.
    BTW: He’s still lying about the KKK and Trump University.

    Here’s Starbucks Rating:

  31. LOOSER … MITT ROMNEY should shut before someone .. ‘plugs him,’ period! He should have been so “Verbal” and viral against Obama … maybe he would have amounted to something in that POTUS Race!

    ROMNEY …. LOOSER, LOOSER, LOOSER …DUMB F’ING LOOSER, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. McCain and Romney both had the chance to restore this country and they blew it. Their time is past. I do not know how good Trump would be as a president, and neither does the GOP. But he is speaking to the needs of the people, and that is something the GOP seems to have forgotten. Politicians are SUPPOSED to serve the people who elect them, not the other way around. That was the whole idea of the Revolution. They were being taxed and had no input in the government. Much the way things are today.We pay our money and take our chances, which over the past 12 years have become slim to non-existent. Many of our young people are embracing the socialist rhetoric of Bernie Sanders, without knowing what it actually is. They hear words like free education and healthcare, And they fall prey to the Robin Hood syndrome (take from the rich and give to the poor) Which in theory sounds good but is not feasible. The government has created system which has become a heavy yoke on the necks of the people. It is time to make a fair tax. It is time to restore a favorable business tax which would bring jobs back to this country. It is time to buy our country back from foreign loan sharks. It is time to bow to the will of the people who are paying for all the benefits that non-citizens are reaping. We don’t need another liar or terrorist sympathizer or socialist dreamer. We need someone who can run a business and knows how to make a profit. If Trump is who the people want, so be it!. He couldn’t do any worse than Obama has

  33. o all the sore losers are willing to implode the GOP rather than get behind the choice of the people.How pathetic.Once this election cycle is over I am drop kicking the back stabbing GOP..R.I.P. GOP..You have destroyed yourself finally .

    • we on the left have been telling you cons that you are working for the Oligarchy.

      maybe now you will listen.

  34. Grandma’ just can’t understand the RNC. Finally one who is shaking up politics as usual and they want to knock him down and out? People are more involved in the Rep Party than in years and they will kill it? Stupid is the word for them!

    • the GOP are bought and paid for.

      it’s about time you cons smarten up

      • Well, there’s old Reality Check with his smart ass remarks. Hey Dork, perhaps you’re not the shining light on the horizon, but you can make disparaging comments on anything which makes you look more like the asshole you seem to be. So you voted twice for the muslim in office? Makes you even more stupid than your insidious comments. Have a nice day regardless of who you try to upset. Troll on RC. Just sayin’. 🙂

        • only the retarded think Obama is a Muslim.

          • Just stupid, stupid. Everything he does points to that. Open, no, keep believing.

          • killing and bombing them makes you think he is sympathetic?
            sure old man.
            maybe it’s the killing off of all the top leadership that make him sympathetic?

            maybe you would like to cite some examples.

          • HAH! Obama gives lip service and plays make-believe when it comes to killing Muslims. Don’t you pay attention to the facts that the current military are saying about the supposed “bombing” of ISIS? They are the ones who KNOW, and are saying that it isn’t happening the way Obama the liar is trying to make us believe. Reality Check?? You need one.

          • well fool, the only thing I have heard the military say is that we are doing a god job NOT killing civilians while reducing ISIS capabilities.

            turns out the Russians who you traitors support more that US forces, were bombing everyone BUT ISIS.

            maybe you can link me to a story that won’t make me laugh.

          • I have no idea what you are rambling on about in your response. Who is bombing whom and who is supposed to be sympathetic? I don’t need to be bothered with your comments unless you make them more specific. If you have nothing other to say than to be an obstructionist; then do us all a favor: STFU or talk to your mother. Have a better day. 🙂

          • lets review for the brain dead old man.

            YOU claimed Obama was helping ISIS and I pointed out how stupid you sound.

            got IT?

          • Not yet. Give better proof. Otay “buckwheat”? So you’re a liberal democrat; you have the answers?

          • If I didn’t respond to this, guess why?

          • Psst.
            YOU DID.

          • Sorry RC, I have no time to respond further to your remarks. Crawl back under the stairs with your mother.

  35. The people are speaking you moron Rino’s…Don’t you get it…and how dare you even try to extinguish our vote. You will go down as lower than worm dung.


  37. “Nit-Mitt” Romney and “McShame”, the Manchurian candidate, were nothing but fall-guys for the Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse”! They are part of the NWO elitist, two-headed, one party totalitarian oligarchy that is out to make the “TRANSFORMED AMERIKA” a living hell for everybody but them! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr———————————————-?, you will be needing them if you would rather be free than a serf of the State living a life of misery and squalor! Our election process has degenerated into a third world banana Republic’s system. Remember, it was a former Soviet leader who had said: power does not rest with those who vote but rather those that count the votes! mInr, NSA!

    • “”Nit-Mitt” Romney and “McShame”, the Manchurian candidate, were nothing
      but fall-guys for the Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse””

      PROOF that you have the intellect of a radish.

  38. Mitt Romney, Rubio and all the other rinos want the refugees here, Paul Ryan signed on to bring in 300,000,I don’t even trust Cruz,being that he is associated with Goldman Sachs

  39. It is time for Trump supporters to unite if the republican party tries to stop Trump. We should have a mass movement to take out every Republican senator,congressman, Governor.


  41. They keep telling us that by screwing Trump, a Democrat in the WH is guaranteed. What they are leaving out or maybe don’t even think about is the fact that we will be SO pissed off we will not vote for a Republican at all. meaning Senators and Representatives. That would effectively eliminate the Republican Party. They better think long and hard if they want to commit political suicide!

  42. GO TRUMP!!!!!!!2016 lets have a march against the donkeys and the corrupt elephants. TRUMP 2016 Wake up people.

    • Join With Us Pledge Your Allegiance to Trump (Not To A Flag)

      Trump For Fuehrer

      Make America White Again

      Worship Trump

      Trump Is Our Savior

      Trump Is White America’s Messiah

  43. How about they READ a very TELLING Article Written by William Bennet, regarding why EVERYONE is TARGETING TRUMP..Explains it ALL!! EVERY SINGLE “BIT” OF IT..

  44. these two jokers had a hand in the mess that we have become——-I place no value in anything they have to say. They should shut up and go away and be thought of as the loosers they are

  45. Both Republicans and Democrats are among my many friends. Essentially, these are the differences: Democrats sincerely believe that social welfare is compassionate and redemptive. Every human being should be provided the basic necessities of life. In this manner, good government serves the people. On the other hand, Republicans sincerely believe that government-provided welfare is only a bandaid fix that does not solve the problems of poverty; but traps people in permanent dependency upon big government for survival. The only people served by such a system long-term are the big government bureaucrats. No matter which view you choose to support, corruption defeats the entire purpose. The radical left and RINOs are members of the same self-servicing club.

  46. RINO Romney should sit down and shut up! He is a loser, and most thinking people know it! Mr. Donald Trump will lead America back to greatness!

  47. We need to keep fighting for our country at the polls and destroy the progressive elite establishment RINOs who continue to ignore the will of the people. Trump can get the job done as a business man not a politician that is bought by special interest groups.

  48. I believe the republican party is trying to commit sideways. They have put thier shoes in thier on mouth and the democrats don’t need to do nothing, except just set back and watch. I’m voting Trump and they can go to the big H. Do not railroad Trump, we will not be happy.

  49. After 50 years of the teacher union goons the education of this country has finally reached the level of Zimbabwe. We have now a remarkable choice;
    1) the wife of that impeached disbarred felon Bill Clinton with her list of 46 unexplained suicides, death accidents, and murders of their acolytes, friends, and supporters who suddenly became unreliable; and who invented a new name for Marxism (“the politics of meaning”); and
    2) that conman Trump who had never read a book but who shouts personal attacks, logical non-sequiturs, while suffering from a real psychological sickness called NPD (narcissistic personality disorder).

    • There are varying degrees and types of NPD, SPD. Some can be used not as service to self and to take what you want and hurt others, but as service TO others. Many soldiers have some sociopathic traits, (this term unfortunately always carries a negative connotation), which allows them to function in a dangerous high adrenaline alpha male environment and kill without breaking down. So in this scenario, they are using their strengths to do things that many of us couldn’t in the service to others. Talented surgeons, and emergency medical workers who can thrive in high pressure blood and guts atmospheres, witness death and keep on functioning without breaking down also have some of these traits. I was one. But they can be applied to do acts of good. Let’s see where he carries this. It takes a certain amount of narcissism to think you can win potus. Hoping he’s of service to others;) The others certainly haven’t been, they’ve pretended to be, which is the most dangerous. “The devil doesn’t come with horns, a pointy tail and a red cape; he comes as everything you ever wanted”.

  50. This goes to prove that the pandering squandering leaders of the Republican Party have been paid off and their absence in fighting for our entitled Freedoms & Liberties for the last 12 years, singles them out! Their fear of an Outsider like that of Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. scares them all to “DEATH”! Instead of jumping on board with a real Winner that can annihilate the Demonrats and capture the Oval office Prize. These Judas’s rather greedily hold on to their new found wealth, canning our Blessed Constitution, Bill Of Rights and Declaration Of Independence for a mere 30 pieces of Silver! A shameful group of opportunist whose only goal has been to rob the tax payer and hand our beloved nation over to the European Socialist Commie Marxist Pigs like Obama’s Puppet Master, George Soros!

    By staying Patriotically Strong and well informed is the only way to overcome these Socialist Commie Morons!

    SO BE IT

  51. Obama, Clinton, Trump and Cruiz, Repub and Demo, along with their other lawless brothers are in for large surprises. I hear God calling all his family to evaluate all of the candidates they desire to replace and make wise and careful decisions after in depth prayer

  52. Both Romney and McLame….are Great Examples of ESTABLISHMENT REPUKE Candidates…..Collectively they are TOTAL LOSERS….Both as Presidential Candidates and at most everything else Politically…..Since the Establishment REPUKE Agenda….is NO DIFFERENT that the MARXIST D****RAT Agenda…..They are just TWO Equally DESTRUCTIVE Factions of the POLITICIANS PARTY…

  53. Henry J. Gilbertson

    Trump all the way no half breed Canadian cuban or cubans!!!!!!!!!

  54. Yep – The republican party wants a RINO, or a YES man that the party can control and that will toe the line in sending the United States into the NWO (New World Order), without the voters approval. All the Established Republicans are so afraid of losing to a real leader that they are DIGGING out some of their LOSERS of the past to take on Donald Trump. All of them have constantly criticized Donald Trump, but none of them have stated how they plan to make America great, except Donald Trump. Americans have finally gotten someone to step up to the PLATE with the right ideas on how to straighten out many of the “Mistakes, Errors, or just plane INCOMPETENCE, that people before him have made oin guiding our government back into the status of a World Leader Nation. Let us NOT loose sight of our goal by listening to these disgruntled political losers. Let us send Mr Trump to Washington, DC as our next president. Vote for Donald Trump.

  55. This is History now.

  56. Unbelievable that two total and complete losers are making all this noise about Donald Trump! Everything they say is half-truths or completely delusional situations! They are the losers and they are the ones to blame for the pickle we are in now! They both had their opportunity to defeat Barack Obama and both failed miserably! They have no business lecturing ANYBODY about Trump! They should be hiding their heads in shame for their participation in the mess we are in now! Hopefully, Trump can turn the tide back in the favor of American ideals and principles!

  57. If the American voters WANT Trump, who are these two has-beens to say otherwise??!? If IDIOTS like these old “RINO’S” had been doing a decent job for the American people instead of playing “kiss butt” with the democrats, maybe they wouldn’t have to worry about Trump NOW!!!!

  58. Colleenesierra1

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  59. Romney is a pos, period. Now John McCain. I’m a three time combat vet who served in ‘Nam. John McCain was a prisoner in the Hanoi Hilton ;by his own doing. He was “hot dogging”, showing the younger pilots “how to do it” and he took a hit in the process, getting captured. There is an old saying among fighter pilots. “you may see some old fighter pilots, and you may see some bold fighter pilots. But you want see any old, bold, fighter pilots, not for long. There are rules of engagement in air combat. McCain violated those rules and it cost him. While I respect his service and his pow status I don’t give him the right to use the pow status to do what he is doing now. He has placed himself in a position for criticism he deserves.

  60. Little Bright Feather

    Judge Jeanie spoke for most of us. She said it all ! As for McCain – he was not a war hero he was a TRAITOR ! He was not tortured, his men were, as he sang like a canary to the enemy ! Several witnesses to that ! McCain is a liar like Romney. They are so fearful hat Trump will win so the entire last debate was a planned full on attack by all of them on Trump all at once ! Al of them spewing lies on top of lies to burn it into the minds of those watching. They are so afraid he will win both Florida and Ohio – the two deciding states. THAT is why they did that attack ! .
    Plus they had super hot and blinding bright lights only on him hoping he’d sweat and be disoriented – he didn’t.
    The whole thing was a set up !

    Judge Jeanie Tells it like it is on Romney !


  61. Mitt Romney is doing to Trump what his father did to Barry Goldwater in the 1964 primary. George Romney got the nomination and as with his son lost dramatically to Lyndon Johnson. How much better off would we have been if Goldwater was President. (no great society) and the big crook retained office. Mitt Romney make me ashamed that I voted for him twice holding my nose both times. Oh Mccain, held my nose doubly tight voting for him. Both phonies and they know phonies when they look in the Mirror. Mitt get over it you lost and you were the architect of your loss, reason, no guts. Lay down your mouth and pen you have made a fool out of yourself again.

  62. Be afraid GOP be very afraid! You are why I am leaving the Republican party and going Independent after this election. What a disappointment you all are…desperate maneuvers and all Establishment politicians. That is the very reason I am Voting Trump!

  63. Romney is a whining loser and thats why he lost to the great liar in 2012.

  64. And again we see the power hungry GOP sink the ship. This is a hate bateing action of the worst kind, and It’s starting to make American Pissedoff. The GOP havin’t fought the Demorats this hard, shouldn’t that tell you something?

  65. This goes to prove that the pandering self serving squandering greedy opportunist Leaders of the Republican Party have been paid off and their vacationing absence in fighting for our entitled Freedoms & Liberties for the last 12 years, plainly singles them out! Their fear of an Outsider like that of Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. scares them all to “DEATH”! Instead of jumping on board with a real Winner that can annihilate the Demonrats and capture the Oval office Prize. These Judas’s rather greedily hold on to their new found silk bags of wealth, canning our Blessed Constitution, Bill Of Rights and Declaration Of Independence for a mere 30 pieces of Silver! A shameful group of opportunist whose only goal has been to rob the tax payer and hand our beloved nation over to the European Socialist Commie Marxist Pigs like Obama’s 2008 Puppeteer and forever Puppet Master, George Soros!

    By staying Patriotically Strong and well informed is the only way to overcome these Socialist Commie Morons! Jump on now and Make America Great and Prosperous Again!

    SO BE IT

  66. Have we not lost enough freedoms already without the GOP elite Rinos trying to force their choices on us? I am sick and tired of the GOP acting like we are slow learners and they know what is best for us. That is the very reason our children are stuck with Common Core pushing Islamic religion on them instead of teaching them math, and so on, why our nation is over 19 trillion in debt, why our allies no longer respect us and why our jobs are leaving this nation or going to illegals and immigrants who want us defeated.

  67. Mary Lou Coulson

    trash talk again ,they are losers

  68. jealousy over Trump being toprunner all summer and still is.. Who else is wealthy that is and has been president. Mitt Romney lost so let it be andn stay out of it… Slandering politics.. I will always be for Trump. End of story….

  69. Guy’s if you bite and devour one another, be careful you are not consumed by one another. Divert your anger to the real issues, the Socialist Democrats and the reprobate GOP…these Parties MUST COME TO AN END!
    Send the LEAD at them and MAKE them Accountable, don’t give up doing good!

  70. Are all these proven losers now claiming credibility. What a joke. Bury them.

  71. Cruz will not be a good Pres. He is more like obama in his ways and thinking. Whether you like Trump or not he should be the candidate for America. Note the following as to why:

    You’ve been on vacation for two weeks, you come home, and your basement is infested with raccoons. Hundreds of rabid, messy, mean raccoons have overtaken your basement. You want them gone immediately… You call the city, 4 different exterminators but nobody could handle the job… But there is this one guy and he guarantees you to get rid of them, so you hire him. You don’t care if the guy smells, you don’t care if the guy swears, you don’t care if he’s an alcoholic, you don’t care how many times he’s been married, you don’t care if he voted for Obama, you don’t care if he has plumber’s crack…you simply want those raccoons gone! You want your problem fixed! He’s the guy. He’s the best. Period

    Here’s why we want Trump, yes he’s a bit of an ass, yes he’s an egomaniac, but we don’t care. The country is a mess because politicians suck, the Republican Party is two-faced & gutless, and illegals are everywhere. We want it all fixed! We don’t care that Trump is crude, we don’t care that he insults people, we don’t care that he had been friendly with Hillary, we don’t care that he has changed positions, we don’t care that he’s been married 3 times, we don’t care that he fights with Megan Kelly and Rosie O’Donnell, we don’t care that he doesn’t know the name of some Muslin terrorist. This country is weak, bankrupt, our enemies are making fun of us, we are being invaded by illegal’s, we are becoming a nation of victims where every Tom, Ricardo and Hasid is a special group with special rights to a point where we don’t even recognize the country we were born and raised in; “AND WE JUST WANT IT FIXED” and Trump is the only guy who seems to understand what the people want. We’re sick of politicians, sick of the Democratic Party, Republican Party, and sick of illegals. We just want this thing fixed. Trump may not be a saint, but doesn’t have lobbyist money holding him, he doesn’t have political correctness restraining him, all you know is that he has been very successful, a good negotiator, he has built a lot of things, and he’s also not a politician, he’s not a cowardly politician. And he says he’ll fix it. And we believe him because he is too much of an egotist to be proven wrong or looked at and called a liar.

    Also we don’t care if the guy has bad hair.

    We just want those raccoons gone.

    Out of your house.


  72. Shame of both of you.Both old vicious loosers.You both, specially Romney, promote hate instead of love and peace. What really would happen if, somebody , someone will attend of Trump’s life.You take revenge of whom? You both, had a chance and you blow it. For the establishment, and Romney, shame of you. You as mormon, husband, father, grandfather.Did you learn and preach hate, revenge in your church. The mormon cult worship hate and not love and peace?

  73. They are against him because he won’t play their game of politics BS!

  74. I have to confess I had some doubt that The Donald would really do much as president. However, one can smell the fear of the very rich and powerful, and the “bought” politicians. The REALLY ARE afraid Trump will rain on their money parade!
    Trump 2016

  75. I think this is absolutely disgraceful, I have voted Republican for decades but I am giving up my Republican voter registration and signing on as an Independent. If the GOP steals the nomination from Trump I will either vote for Johnson, the Libertarian candidate or I won’t vote at all.

  76. ROMNEY refused to protect himself as well as the country when OBAMA and CANDY LIED.
    McCAIN is NOT a hero according to those who were incarcerated with him. These two “OPEN BORDER” advocates should be ashamed of putting American citizens in jeopardy by the actions of BARBARIANS practicing their ISLAMIC FAITH. It’s time for these two to SHUT UP and allow the voters to determine the election without trying to RIG the election in favor of the choice made by the “OPEN BORDER” REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT. (SDofAZ is correct)

  77. How pathetic! Two old losing Presidential candidates telling the voters what to think. Thousands of voters are just all stupid. Do not listen to all the good people who endorse Trump because they could not be right, even though some have known him for 40 or 50 years. It would be laughable if this was a joke, but these idiots are serious. McCain is a RINO fool, and Romney has all the same flip flops and flaws (including bankruptcies) he accuses Trump of. I guess that list of hundreds of buildings and golf courses Trump has built over the last 40 years does not count as accomplishments. Or maybe the list of dozens of awards Trump has received was just imaginary. And what about all the speeches Trump was asked to give, his best selling books, and of course his donations to so many worthy causes? Funny how Trump was a great and popular person til he dared to rock the boat and run for President without the blessing of the totally corrupt and failed “Good ole Boys Club.”

  78. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Hillary Clinton, BOORISH!

  79. Sorry Mitt you need to climb back in the hole you been living since 2012. Who the hell cares about what a 2× LOSER has to say. Goes for all lying scheming Politicians/RINO’S enjoy your seats why you still have them. Have a feeling alot of sorry professional liars will be replaced. JUST SAY NO to politicians. HINT HINT there can only be 1 choice since the other 3 are in the professional liars category. That’s how they got elected. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  80. What they are doing goes far beyond fair comment about why these losers favor another candidate over Trump. I have never seen such vicious personal attacks. Barry Goldwater sued a publisher for libel and got a token judgment for articles saying he was not competent to be president. This vicious conspiracy to override the will of the voters goes beyond that! What we have here is a conspiracy to deprive Trump of his civil rights to hold public office by lies and twisted half truths. I’ll bet there’s some interesting emails between the conspirators. Hasn’t McCain been riding his “war hero” image long enough? He needs to be put out to pasture. Romney is and always was a congenital idiot and should be ignored. What a bunch of arrogant bastards these losers are.

  81. Trump worshipps Satan and he is scrificng children to Molech send more Egyptians to expose Trump and his Satanic worship

  82. I consider this to be a resume enhancer.


  84. The “CHANGE” 7 years ago failed. Come on black voters, check history and see which party wants to keep you under their thumb. The KKK was the Dems. As for your thugs, clean them out. You have good people, utilize them.

  85. If either of these losers had attacked obama with the same energy that they have been attacking Trump, obama never would have been president.
    Since both of them lost to obama, and would lose to hilly or bernie, I think we should do exactly the opposite of what they recommend.
    Not doing what losers want is probably a pretty good thing for the country.

  86. Let’s be real. The prior republican nominees are RINOs a.k.a. liberal democrats pretending to be an alternative to the liberals. Check the records of Mcconnell, Mccain, boehner, graham, romney and the rest of the liberal RINOs. Certainly they don’t want someone who they can’t control to become our next president. The will of the people doesn’t mean a thing to these lying politicians and what is most important is that they don’t want someone elected as president who they can’t control.

  87. TRUMP 2016

  88. Trump SHOULD but will NOT be the next President.

  89. Being criticized by the list of losers ? Oh my ….

  90. I looked in the dictionary and under phony there was a picture of Romney and Mccain. Yes the two fellows I voted for not out of choice. When someone is washed up for screwing up they should stay that way..

  91. I think that this a bunch of crap! They are just jealous that they didn’t win wah!!

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