Princeton: Men Must Repeatedly Ask for Consent…While Dancing

If the ridiculous chronicle of Aziz Ansari’s bad date didn’t already push the #MeToo movement beyond the point of parody, then Princeton University will surely manage to do it with their latest advice to students. In one of the most absurd “treat women like infants” pieces of left-wing garbage we’ve seen in a while, the prestigious university sent out guidelines ahead of the annual Orange and Black Ball. In the post, which was shared on Facebook by Princeton’s Sexual Harassment/Assault resources office, men are instructed to not only ask before dancing with a woman…but several times after that.

With the hastag #ConsentisCool, the university shared an online poster that demonstrated how a proper Princeton man should conduct himself on the dance floor. “Do you wanna dance?” makes for a good opening, at which point the man should hear something along the lines of “Absolutely!” or “I’d love to!” from his potential dance partner. We assume that if she replies with something like, “I guess,” or “Um…okay,” the male student should try their luck elsewhere. At the very least, it’s probably time to bring in a lawyer and a consent form just to make sure the woman is not being coerced into a dance she didn’t want to participate in. Don’t miss the “non-verbal cues,” fellas!

After the dancing has commenced, though, the man should remember that his sacrifices to the Almighty God of Consent are not finished. The poster encourages men to “frequently check in” with their dance partners to make sure consent has not lapsed in the several seconds of dancing that have transpired. “Hey, are you still into this?” one should ask. “We can stop if you want.”

Countdown to the first feminist to introduce the word “dance rape” into the lexicon. Unironically, of course.

“The infographic,” a spokesman for the university told Campus Reform, “isn’t in response to any type of problem related to dances or dancing.”

Ah. Ok.


To be fair, this is probably as close to an honest response as any social justice-leaning campus is going to provide. Because it’s true, this infographic doesn’t have anything to do with dancing just as half of the most recent #MeToo stories don’t have anything to do with sexual assault or even harassment. No, this is quickly becoming just another chance for the feminist crazies to strengthen their whackadoo presence in the culture, emasculate men, and promote their “all sex is basically rape” theories to a mainstream audience.

The sooner the feminist left collapses under the weight of its own insanity, the better off both women and men will be.

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  1. How about letting the women dance with each other or sit against the wall while the guys do something less risky – Like have a great time while they drink their faces off! At the end of the night, they can kindly and politely ask the teetotalling ladies for rides home.

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    • Good idea Justin. Or, the guys could just go somewhere else. Why waste time hanging around where there’s a collection of man haters? To me the guys would be insane for going there.

  2. Karen VanCraenenbroeck

    Look, girls have been dancing with each other since the 1950’s and no one thought anything of it and the guys would be by the punch bowl probably spiking it for themselves. So, you are right, let the girls just dance among themselves and let everyone now think they are lesbians so I’m sure the gay right movement will get involved in this someway or another.

  3. I can tell you right now where this is headed. Men and boys and anyone else who is sane and rational and have both feet planted firmly in reality are going to become so incredibly sick and tired of shrill, screeching feminist harpie lunatics making outrageous demands and expecting the world to bend over backwards to accommodate their ear splitting idiocy that we will begin avoiding them like the plague. Ensuring that when they enter a room they will get what they’ve asked for, and no one in their right mind will go anywhere near them. Then, when they are left with no better company than other shrill, screeching feminist harpie lunatics they will quickly realize how incredibly stupid and annoying and obnoxious and ugly inside and out they appear to everyone else on earth. Then they will learn a valuable lesson in how to treat others as you would want to be treated yourself they could have learned from the start had they not listened to militantly self absorbed modern feminism in the first place.

    • John Wesley Bletsch

      It’s really simple, avoid feminists #MeToo types where they are encountered. Choose conservative and more modest women to date and dance with. Having been around some of these uber sensitive harpie types, I simply avoid any interaction beyond hello.
      I knew where the hyper empowerment feminazis were headed when they started wearing their black protest dresses (?) These are nothing more than frustrated dominatrix attempting to hold men hostage. Sorry girls, but most of us will not be pussy whipped like that.

      • Why say HELLO???

        • That’d be asking for trouble!

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        • You took the comment I was going to make. So, I will just second that emotion!

      • Good for you John!

    • Doesn’t this posturing by one of the sexes encourage the LGBT movement?
      It all dovetails nicely.
      Socially awkward people will eventually find their “significant other” .
      It may take them longer and more hurting along the way. But if they persist, they will find happiness.
      The LGBT movement seems like the instant gratification generation. It’s self centered.
      It’s ok to be yourself. That’s healthy. But you also need to work on adjusting your needs and wants with others. That happens alot in marriage. You are not an individual, you are a team. But that flies in the face of those movements. That’s why they oppose family.
      There’s a rude awakening in our country to the reality that someone has orchestrated a terrible plot against our society. They used our Constitution against us.
      I don’t blame anyone for falling for it. It was very well done on their (the plotters) part. But now that we are aware of it, it’s our duty to fix it.
      Remember to vote.

      • THANK YOU John M. Well said. It IS broke and it’s our responsibility to fix it…and at the same time try to eliminate the faction that continues to be the “bull in the china shop” breaking everything. Vote conservative!

    • The shrill, screeching feminist harpie lunatics will get a sitcom series on CBS. It will be called ‘The Shrillery Girls.’ Guess who will appear on the first episode?

      • It’s too close to call whether CBS, NBC, or ABC would include it in their weekly programming. 😮

      • …all the sluts will appear who have accused Associate Justice Thomas, Herman Cain, Judge Roy Moore, Donald Trump and other male candidates who have had that feminist filth thrown at them to hopefully discredit their suitability for office. Incidentally a characteristic or identifying feature of feminists is that they reject Christianity and the Hebrew precepts regarding the role of women in the family specifically and in the greater society in general. Take note.

      • Oh! Rosie! Paul’s girl!

    • RIGHT ON Natalie!! Men today — even decent ethical men — don’t know HOW to treat a woman any more….one told me she would NEVER allow a man to open the door for her! I NEVER asked her for a date after that!

      • Wise move, if you had touched her hand or shoulder by accident, she would have cried rape!

        • … or some form of aggravated assault and battery.

          • It’s time we reverted to EQUAL Justice Under Law. Gender and color should not be granted Carte Blanche immunity. Sluts who cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt their claims that decades ago some male candidate had an affair with them should be charged with attempt to defame character then required to face the laws in court with the possibility of heavy penalties.

        • Like Anita Hill, never knew a shoulder was an erogenous zone.

          • And how bout that idiot, big mouth, Ashley Judd? What a piece of work that one is. They are mostly women with a chip on there shoulder! Men are people too. Think about this…..a man likes to dance, he must scope out who can dance his style, then he has to walk across the floor with “eyes on him” hoping he doesn’t get rejected and has to turn around and walk back, and you’re going to deliberately be mean? And this is after you’ve gotten your sexy on to make them look. Grow a heart and get real!! And yes, I’m a woman.

          • So am I and honestly, a lot of these women are an embarrassment to our gender. I want to stand up and apologize to men in general, although I’ve met my share of jerks, too, along with some decent guys. The world has gone crazy and some women seem to be leading the way.

          • You need not apologize. We will always have jerks amongst us. It’s life.

          • Thank you, sad but true.

          • Give me a real woman any day – I have been married to one for over 50 years and she is nothing like the snowflakes of today.

          • Good for you! And I’ll take a real man. All this weirdness is mental instability at least and deranged at worst.

          • These feminists are the least feminine people I know. Real women are feminine and like for men to be masculine. We just want to be who God made us to be.

          • Amen to that and we know God doesn’t make “junk”!

          • You came down DrBarbara on a very important point. “…God made us…” The central point creating the friction is their convoluted perception of “God”. We have a faction of misfits who are trying to retrofit the world to conform to their image and wishes about how things should be. Unlike normal people they fail to adjust to life circumstances. The story of Creation and subsequent history runs counter to their warped views. Their convoluted perception causes them to miss the point and conclude that “God” does not like them.
            Therefore they go to war against Christians in particular. It’s interesting they don’t go to war against Muslims who present a most blatant threat to humanity nor against Hindus, Buddhists and Shintoists to name a few more “people of religion”. Perception is the clue here. They see the world through “dark glass”.

          • You made a good point when you said these people think God is mad at them! When a person can come to grips with the fact that God is not mad at them it brings great spiritual freedom. God’s not mad~~ wonderful words to take to heart. They just can’t fathom that Jesus took all their punishment on Himself on the Cross. All they have to do is take Him as their Savior. Pretty easy thing to do if they can just understand that God’s not mad!! Great point!

          • You explained it beautifully DrBarbara. Thank you. They are mad at the world and rationalize it 180 degrees off. It’s possible too that some of the “fundamentalists” turn them off with negativisms. Christianity is actually a very big positive, loving INVITATION. The “New Testament” is GOD’S Valentine message saying I LOVE YOU.

          • Thank you for your kind words. As I’m sure you know, not everyone is kind when we speak of our Christian faith. And yes, the New Testament is full of the love of Jesus~~ so Happy Valentine’s Day to all Christians! :o)

          • Thank you DrBarbara and Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. And borrowing from Tiny Tim in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, “God Bless us EVERYone.”

          • Personality disorder.

          • Congratulations Oscar! I have been married to my husband for 50 years~~ the reason I first went out with him was because he just wouldn’t stop asking. Today that would be “sexual harassment.” But we married and have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. If he had taken “no” for an answer way back then we wouldn’t have the family we have. So I say to women, “You’d better knock it off before the human race becomes extinct.” And to men is say, “Don’t let these left wing nazis take the fun out of dating. Just find someone who like for you to open the door for her, and likes for you to hold her chair for her in the restaurant, and likes for you to help her put on her coat, and likes for you to walk on the outside of the sidewalk, and put your hand on her back to lead her through a crowd, and likes for you to pay the tab at the restaurant, and likes for you to give her a compliment such as, “You look nice.” Because YES there are women who are very much feminine and like to be treated as such. The loony lefties can b)(*%^ all they want about men being not letting them be equal~~ but some of us are “equal enough” and we like it that way.

          • Thank you, DrBarbara! I am so ashamed of some of these idiot women! I was told one time when dating, that “every young man in town knew better than to misbehave or act like an oaf with neither my sister or me because all of them them knew those sisters were ladies. Consequently, neither of us had much trouble with the fellows we dated. Of course, both of us were taught that unlady-like behavior was NOT going to be tolerated in our family! PERIOD!! Neither were we allowed to dress in a suggestive manner. Just sayin–act like you want to be treated and most men will treat you that way.

          • Mary, it is truly embarrassing the way these feminists are acting. And yes, if a woman acts like a responsible adult that is the way she’ll be treated. It starts with Mom and Dad, right? My sisters and I were expected to be ladies and our parents also expected the young men who asked us out, to treat us with respect.

          • Also, today’s “women” like to wear low-cut, short-skirts or pants that look like they were molded to their bodies and then wonder why men think they are “easy women”. It’s insane!!! Act like a REAL lady and be gracious to all.

          • One thing I don’t understand is why people call them feminists. I don’t see anything feminine about them. They remind me only of feminazis.

          • No, they are really not feminine. Some of them are down right scary. :o)

          • YES we will mary. Thanks. It’s great to see some Ladies here coming out and telling it like it should be.

          • Thanks for that wonderful very appropriate commentary DrBarbara. As a kid and teen I was brought up to DO the things you just suggested. I DO them. Some of us old geezers like to treat a lady like she is a Lady. Thank you for being a Lady. Wish there were more like you around. Feminazis have a personality disorder. Thanks for kicking them in the butt.

          • Yes, there are still some around that want to be treated like ladies. I have a daughter and 2 granddaughters who were taught that if they have self-respect then others will also respect them. I really believe it starts with Mom and Dad when children are very small. You were brought up right, and I’ll bet you started when you were just a toddler learning how to respect others. And WE ladies are very glad that there are still some of YOU gentlemen left. I think more men would be courteous if they weren’t afraid of getting smacked by a feminist.

          • I don’t understand why those women take that attitude. What made them that way? What is the meaning of it? What do they want?

          • ziti they refuse to adjust to reality. The world can and does accept same-gender attraction. It’s only when people of that persuasion try to force their lifestyles on the majority that friction begins. Some of them are like brats in the nursery. They are not satisfied with the toy/candy they have, they want the toy/candy another one has. Have you ever seen a dog gnawing on a bone drop it and run after another dog carrying another bone? These misfits run on the same principle.

      • I can’t wait to meet that one!!!

      • Good for you.

      • I have two grown sons who have turned into fine men and gentlemen at that! They were told by both their dad and me to avoid any woman who didn’t want to be treated with respect because we know that if you don’t want to act like a lady, you are probably not one and will not treat the men in your life with any respect either. NOT GOOD!!

        • Wonderful teaching mary.

        • Mary, you are absolutely correct. I had two daughters who married wonderful men and I have three grandsons who are growing up just as great and I advise them never to date these militant females that may endanger their lives and reputation. I frankly don’t care if they ever find someone to take them on and it would be better if that part of the population died out! They can have their abortions if they had an accident!

      • Had a supposed friend try that on me one time. As I got to the door first I opened it. She said, “I can do that.” I told her I know that but it doesn’t mean I have to quit acting like a civilized human being. She got the message and never mentioned it again.

    • I like that phrase “shrill, screeching feminist harpie lunatics”. It seems pretty accurate.

      • Ha ha Sol. Me too. I’ve observed two different lesbians on two different occasions getting red-faced mad and shouting at men they were questioning because things didn’t go their way. Both were in law enforcement. Notice the jobs they held enabled them to have “authority” over men. Without their badges they were almost nothing but screeching lunatics.

        • Yet another reason women shouldn’t be cops Or in ANY position of authority over men.

          • I agree metal. Females are governed by emotions, not rational thought. That’s a major reason why the self-appointed Empress Hillary with her list of 50+ suspected assassinations and others like her should never occupy the Oval Office. Otherwise it would be a fiery Pretzel Office.

          • Joanne Aulenbacher

            What about male cops who overpower women? I believe most law enforcement is justified.

          • I don’t know as I totally agree with that position. Women could say the same about men having authority over them.

          • I think Margaret Thatcher was one FINE Prime Minister of Britain and I think many Conservative Brits would agree with that, as well as many intelligent, Conservative Americans. Just sayin’.

          • God Himself ordained this. So take it up with Him!

    • Joanne Aulenbacher

      I remember when men used to open doors and let the lady go first, pull out her chair at the table, stand when she entered the room, take off their hat when inside, greet her verbally, and treat her with respect. Now with all these demands by women they won’t do any of that. Of course manners in general are a thing of the past much of the time.

      • Joanne you are correct about “manners”. As a youngster I was taught the things you mention. “Elevator courtesy” –(most men today give you a blank stare when you say that. They have no clue.). I’ve held doors open for women and elderly gentlemen and they look totally surprised. Do it for young people and they just walk right past you as if you’re some kind of mechanical device that opens the door when they get near it. We live in a crude time now. No appreciation for or recognizing of courtesy.

        • I am a woman and I hold doors open for people.

          • Good for you. You were taught “manners” and common courtesy.
            I think our era is about to fizzle out. We are today surrounded by a
            faction of “everybody owes me a living” people.

          • So do I, and I am still appreciative of any gentleman of any age who does the same for me.

        • Joanne Aulenbacher

          I guess we just have to accept it but it is sad.

          • I just move on realizing that boorishness has become the order of the day since the 1970s. We do still have some people of “culture” who are pleasant. We just let the cattle and swine have their way as long as they remain within the confines of statutory law. For example kneeling during the National Anthem merely exhibits lack of civility and zero respect for the very principles that made possible their large payrolls. In their minds, they have “arrived” so everybody owes them a living.

      • Why don’t feminists open doors up for men? Pick up a dinner bill? Give men expensive gifts?
        All in all Feminists are RACIST!!!!! Just want it all their way. Like Sharpton and Jackson……..

        • Joanne Aulenbacher

          I don’t think I am a feminist. I just think the world would be better if we treated each other well and with respect regardless of our gender. You seem angry.

          • Not angry just wondering.
            The goal of the feminists movement, is for women to be 100% to men. I know you can’t judge people by outer appearance. In my life I have never had a woman open a door for me. Surly at least once a feminists was there to assist me. Back when I dated, sometimes my date would offer to pick up the tab……

          • Joanne Aulenbacher

            Glad you are not angry🤒 I probably agree with you most of the time. We all have had different experiences.

          • Think you’ll find it is more to do with equal rights – pay, suffrage, opportunity.
            Chivalry is not part and parcel of that.
            America still hasn’t passed the Equal Rights Amendment despite being around since the ’70’s. Some Middle East countries have meanwhile managed to instigate it.

          • Can you name some Arabic countries who treat women 100% equal to men? I have looked at a human rights website; map and data it does not list any. Actually out of the 27 Arabian Countries, only 4 permit dancing…. Five countries women cant even drive cars. In 12 Arabic countries women are denied education and employment opportunities.
            From what I read on the human rights sites, the Arabic countries treat their women like livestock.
            Anyways over here equal rights actually only addresses voting. According to the them of the Bill of Rights; if you can vote you are equal. The rest is up to you. I think no-one should be held back depending on gender alone.

          • It is amazing that the moslem trolls on these boards (paid for BTW by islamic infiltration groups in the US and other Western nations) would think we could see through their lies. But they are desperate and persistent in their jihad to conquer in the name of their false political/religious system. But they are certainly pigheaded as they go about it – very offensive they are.

          • Only 22 Arabic nations, only one prohibits female drivers. Dancing no problem, have been in a number of nightclubs were the girls wear as little as they wear in the West – equally have very pleasant memory of mini skirts in Egypt and an embarrassing one in Istanbul were a friend’s daughter gave me a guided tour resplendent in hot pants.
            In the Middle East, Lebanon and Turkey, off the top of my head, have passed Equal Rights. An Amendment to do the same, with regard to pay and conditions, has been on the agenda since the 1970’s in the US.
            No they ain’t perfect but we don’t have the moral high ground either.
            Fact check over!

          • The Equal Rights Amendment is completely redundant.

          • In that they’ll never get the Bible Bashers to pass it – yes!

          • And that comment ruins all the good comments you have made before. So sad for you.

          • Technically correct – it’s the Mid-West that has held it up.

          • This women’s movement doesn’t want equal rights. They have better than that now. They have affirmative action. What THEY REALLY WANT IS TO MAKE ALL MEN THEIR SERVANTS AND A COMMANDING GENERALS APROACH TO SUCCESS. No—I’m not mad I’m disgusted.

          • So it’s not about equal pay and conditions. Heh-ho!!

          • Nope! According to the wage an hour laws they have that already. I could cite the many laws we have to post concerning this.

          • Please don’t bother – t h at merely applies to minimum wage and a few set one’s, nothing to do with opportunity or conditions. Fail!

          • Yep, they don’t need equal rights in our house – I’m way down the pecking order. Wife, two daughters, cat, even the dog’s a bitch!

          • They are misfits wanting to re-create the world in THEIR image. They come across as men haters. Nobody wants to be supervised by a mal-adjusted misfit. Like typical liberals one of their earmarks is that they reject Christianity. They think Christianity is against them.

          • Its “feminists” who come across as angry. They strike me as mad as hell they can’t create the world in their image.

    • I may start dancing with guys – or maybe wolves.

    • It’s THEIR way of “population control.” Just like “abortion on demand.”

    • This sounds like a good way to combat this problem but if you avoid them you will then be accused of being prejudices against feminists of course if you also refuse to dance with the transgender guys then you will be even deeper trouble

    • NATALIE: Well-written and sensible post. These idiot feminists are working to make males a thing of the past. Their world will be rather scary if there are few or no males in the US — and yet they continue to exist by the millions in the Middle East and N. Korea and other countries that despise the US. Good luck, ladies (I use the word “ladies” wrongly, but am trying to stay moderate) when you are “free” of the existence of American men and will have to defend yourselves from the men from other countries.

  4. Stupid is as stupid does.

  5. It’s time to bring back the “Drive-in Movie” which would work well for most of the guys and girls to not have to worry about having some stupid Liberal destroy the fun of just being guys and girls! Life is too short to allow morons and idiots to ruin being young.

  6. This is as idiotic as it gets. All the woman or lady needs to do is request she has had enough and thank the young man for asking. End of dance completed. I guarantee that most any woman would only become irritated with the constant asking. End of story. This would be the proper way for grownups.

  7. This article is right on point. Why diminish a man period? Normal society has ways of dealing the VERY few offenders. Let them do their job! With the feminist harpies running the show, we can only expect more of the same. Most men are honorable and would defend a woman set upon by any lone wolf.By making men repeatedly ask if dancing is still ok, they run the risk of not only alienating their partner but making themselves look idiotic but but insulting the intelligence of women as well. I know of no women, except a feminist, that would even welcome this kind of “manly action”, anyway.Most women want to be protected and most men actually want to do that. I recommend that men simply ignore the dictates of these self serving nutcases and see what happens. If you occasionally run into one of these feminists, just politely don’t ask them again. That should weed them out fairly quickly! 🙂

  8. I will make a “prediction” that if these feminist freaks continue down this “path’ there will be many (if not ALL,) that die single, and lonely, because MOST intelligent men will avoid them like the Plague. Anyone that marches with a faux “sex organ” on the heads isn’t really hitting on all eight cylinders , and DESPERATELY needs “professional” help.

    • Or like the story of the fisherman and the Surgeon, the women will eventually lose all their rights. The will be treated like conservative Islamics treat their wives, or women.

    • Well, if not professional help, a lot of alone time. Time alone allows unhindered meditation on why things are the way they are. Good for the soul, too.

    • I’m a woman and I feel so sad for men supporting women in the ‘March for Women.’ As a woman I don’t support killing unborn babies and if you want to avoid getting pregnant, go and buy protection with YOUR MONEY, not mine! Just so we understand, the only ‘safe sex’ there is is called abstinence. Teenagers are sold a good of trash by PP telling them ‘safe sex’ exists.

      • The only thing “PP” is pushing is abortions on demand.(more MONEY for them from “procedures” and the ILLEGAL SALE of “baby parts” which one woman ON VIDEO said would help to get “cash” for her “new car”. These disgusting animals should arrested, thrown in jail, and their “clinics” should be closed down forever.

        • They are sacrificing children as they continue to worship the God Molech of the Hebrew Old Covenant. They derive pleasure from so doing–they make money.

  9. Soon it will be a requirement for a man to carry a contract with him if he wants to speak to a female.
    It will have to be filled out by both party’s involved.
    This is why God created “MASTERBATION”
    It protects both male & female from what was once called “DATING”

  10. Why bother to attend a dance that has ridiculous rules. There are plenty of other places for a guy to go. If the men stay away then the woman can dance with themselves! This what happens when stupidity takes over!

  11. There is an easy and safe way around this. The males? should limit their requests for dancing, and actual dancing, to other males? only. The issue of dance rape would at least eliminate any females (but not shemales) from having to submit to public humiliation from a possible dance rape accusation.

    • I wonder how much jail time Jimmy Carter would have received for “Lusting in his heart”? Back then people were shocked. Today you can get your blus dress stained and no big deal.

  12. This is why legalizing prostitution is on some ballots.At least you know what you’re getting.

    • That may be what it takes for the feminists to realize their agenda to make women irrelevant is working. Men will just pay, have fun, then go home, problem solved.

  13. Women and their peculiar thought process is fine – it’s what Nature intended. But men aren’t women and shouldn’t act or think like women. Men need to hold the line and proclaim our right to be men, through and through, not just women with penises. If our testosterone offends women, then too effing bad!

    • You don’t get this. Normal women are different but not peculiar. These women are uneducated nutcases, spoiled, swallowed the feminist propaganda. Real women want real men. That’s the bottom line. Maybe if we don’t give these harridans face time, they will go away from being ignored.

      • Thats an excellent observation oldwhale. They thrive on publicity for their idiotic antisocial stupidity. IGNORE them.

    • I fully agree with you Mikey. There is no law, natural or statutory, that requires women to hook up with testosterone. Nor are men required to hook up with estrogen. Most do prefer “hooking up” and that’s natural. It is also natural FOR SOME to reject the traditional. Only “Church Ladies” and “Church Pillars” will argue against the latter. Jesus of Nazareth gave essentially the same answer but in different wording about Eunuchs. He was one of them! Surprise! Now you traditionalist get up off the floor after your shock.

      • You did not get that one out of The King James version of The New testament.

        • Oh yes I did. It is in the original manuscripts from which the 1611 version was translated. For those who question that pay attention to what Jesus said. Matthew 19:11-12. Pay careful attention to verse 11. Then “He that is able to receive it, let him receive it”. If you cannot receive it (understand it) then it is not given to you to receive it. Today’s “Pharisees” will outright reject it like those who rejected what Jesus said 2000 years ago. Beware the “TRADITIONS of the elders”.

          • I can see that you are a verse snatcher. Chapter 19 of Mathew refers to a marriage the sanctity thereof and divorce between a man and woman. You left out a lot concerning eunuchs ( meaning men with no testicles. It inn way says or infers that Jesus “was one of them” as you put it. If you want to verse snatch, remember it also says in another book “To add to or delete from” this is a mortal sin.

          • You obviously do not comprehend what Jesus said. You “snatched” over to something having nothing to do with what Jesus said about eunuchs. Also, there is only ONE “mortal” sin. You appear to not know what that ONE is as discussed by the Apostle John in his First Epistle, Chapter Five. A “eunuch” can be a man who chooses abstinence from sexual activity for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake. Jesus fit that category perfectly during His earthly Life. He chose to be one. He explicitly stated that “All men cannot receive this saying save they to whom it is given”. If you do not understand what Jesus said then it is because God has not allowed you to.

          • Definition of eunuch
            : a castrated man placed in charge of a harem or employed as a chamberlain in a palace
            : a man or boy deprived of the testes or external genitals
            : one that lacks virility or power political eunuchs

          • Sorry bud. I side with Jesus of Nazareth, not human dictionaries and prejudices. But have it your way for yourself. I recommend you take up this issue with my Boss instead of me. He created all things.

          • Are you talking about the epistle of John or epistle to the Romans or the epistle of James or the epistles of Paul or the epistle of Barnabas? Incidentally check out Rev. 22:19.20,21. This is the last book in my Bible. Is it the last Book in yours?

          • You did not pay attention. I cited the FIRST EPISTLE OF JOHN, Chapter Five. John penned his Gospel, three Epistles then the Book of Revelation. FIRST EPISTLE OF JOHN, Chapter Five, the last chapter. Are you new to the Judea-Christian Bible? May God help you understand.

          • You seriously need to go into your closet and pray, because self-righteousness is mentioned 79 times in the King James Bible. I will not argue the contents of the Bible. Goodby.

          • Thank you Been There for the high compliment. I’m not actually where you think I am. Your perception is distorted. You perceive things distorted from reality. I do detect envy on your part and that is not good because I’m not all that “righteous”. By the Grace of God I am what I am and will be what I will be. God Bless you friend. God loves you. Have a wonderful weekend.

          • Your response very much interested me. You asked “Are you new to the Judeo-Christian Bible?”. Many non-believers say they are and cite verses (almost always out of context) to reel a Christian into circular, meaningless arguments. To those of us who have been redeemed into Christ’s salvation we have the benefit of the Holy Ghost to lead us into all truth (Jn16:13). And behold, the reason that non-believers are incompetent to interpret Holy Scripture is answered by St. Paul at Rom. 10:14 – a) they are unbelievers; b) they have not heard, and, c) they have no preachers to tell them.

            I have observed that the vast majority who try to engage Christians on here HAVE heard the Gospel preached, but have CHOSEN to reject Christ’s proffered salvation. That places them in Satan’s service and makes them blasphemers of the Holy Ghost. Therefore, they have nefarious purposes in arguing.

            That is why, in general, I do not profane God’s Word by entering fruitless arguments over scripture. I do, however preach the Resurrection of Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ). That means telling them the story of Christ’ life, suffering, and death on the cross. That on the 3rd day he was raised from the dead and lives forever interceding on our behalf in front of the Throne of Justice by the power of his shed blood. IF ONE CAN ACCEPT IN HIS HEART AND CONFESS WITH HIS MOUTH THE RESURRECTION OF JC, then that person shall obtain eternal life. And rebirth brings with it the added benefit of beginning to understand other mysteries of life: creation, virgin birth, our eternal future.

            Non-believers have no foundation upon which to resolve those spiritual issues that affect their physical lives, a good reason why they are labeled as ‘lost’.

          • Thank you Ezra for your wonderful response. Beautifully stated. Much of what you said reminds me of the New Testament commentary about Jesus speaking in parables to the multitudes whereas privately with his Twelve He would explain the meanings. His parables were commentaries based on logic which He likely hoped would draw some to request more details. HIs private commentaries to his Twelve were Spirit based with the intent of strengthening their Faith in Him for their later going out into the world to spread the Gospel. He was in essence setting a Foundation for his Twelve pillars. I agree with your position about atheists and the uninformed tending to foment as you said, “circular, meaningless arguments”–with emphasis on ARGUING. Their goal is an attempt to prove via verbal debate they are right and the Believer is wrong. They are like someone aged 95 years old emphatically stating that neither computers nor cell phones will ever work. They are unable to see the fruit already on the tree. These sites can be used by the Holy Spirit to reach some who might not be reached via other means. When it comes to understanding Holy Scripture the mind can be like a computer sitting on a shelf gathering dust, neither plugged in nor connected to the internet. Connect it to the internet, plug it in and marvelous things will happen. Thanks again for your comments. God Bless our Nation, our President and family, you and yours. Shalom

          • Shalom. I loved the challenge computer analogy as I use it and the internet (judiciously) as a font of information upon which to draw fact.

            You ended your post with ‘Shalom’. I am not Jewish, but over the past decade or so have come to love God’s ‘bride’ – the people He chose to introduce his Son into the world )do Note, that the Church is the Bride of Christ and that the two brides are in different roles in the plan of salvation). I chose an additional name, ‘Ezra’, as my ‘army’ name ( you can look up its meaning). Also, I am not a ‘judeaizer’ as St. Paul warns against, but I do believe the foundation of Christ’s Gospel of salvation rests firmly on Hebrew revelation beginning with the mosaic law (from which Christ delivered us but which has NOT been set aside). What many, both Christian and unbeliever alike, fail to understand is that Holy Scripture is a tapestry of history, theology, culture, poetry and prophecy to be rightly dived in order to understand the revealed Gospel. Via that instrumentality God has spoken to mankind culminating in his FINAL Word, none other than in the person of Yeshua Hamashiach or in English, Jesus Christ. Contrary to the denominational ‘Church of Christ’ slogan ‘God is Still Speaking’, God has spoken once for all time in his sole Word, Jesus Christ. He will not speak again for his word is forever, although all has not yet come to completion. Now it is true that the Holy Ghost speaks to each of the redeemed, but his revelation to the individual is NOT incombant to be followed by the Church. [the Church of Christ coined their slogan to justify an anti biblical social stance adopted by the denomination].

            All that to say thank you, lol.

  14. TheRealLibertarian

    I like women as much as the next straight guy, but at this point you almost can’t argue with a dude deciding to be gay. Women ain’t worth the headache nowadays it seems. I guess it’s one way to keep the world from being over populated. Take away the desire to even talk to the opposite sex for fear of being labeled a sexist if you open a woman’s door for her, and people will stop breeding I guess. Holy shyt the world is getting ridiculous…

    • Nobody “decides” to be gay, lesbian or “straight”. The interest pattern is formed at conception or during embryonic development. Nobody yet understands the phenomenon of HOW one’s gender interest got started. Problems arise ONLY when there is an attempt to “connect” with someone who has no interest in the desired “twosome”. Two people of the same gender living together, sleeping together, loving each other is NOT a problem…it is THEIR private business. But if/when they try to force someone not into their interests to do something the other person objects to then we have a problem and we refer here for example to trying to force someone to bake a cake against the baker’s personal belief system, forcing a florist to make flower arrangements, or a photographer being forced to make pictures at a function she/he choses to not work with. Merchants have a right to refuse service to anyone. Likewise people who don’t consume pork in any form for any reason whatever have no right to force their wishes on a merchant who makes a living serving pork products. Special interest factions have no right to force non-interested people to bow to their special interests. Authority: Amendments 1, 4, 9, and 10.

      • TheRealLibertarian

        Liberals. Where did you see that I said they all choose to be gay? I said I could see where they would choose to. Please excuse yourself when the adults are having a conversation. Nobody wants your bs tangent about “people are born that way”

        • Go back and read my post again CAREFULLY. Nowhere did I either say or hint that YOU said “they all choose”‘. Nor do I find your words, “I said could see where they would choose to.” Suggestion: Polish your civility. It is tarnished as evidenced by your last sentence. By the way, do you believe that people select their gender orientation?

          • TheRealLibertarian

            I’m not known for my civility especially when a liberal tries to school me on my opinion with half azzed science. You seem to imply gay people have no choice. I do not subscribe to the crap that is peddled as scientific fact that people are born gay. Select gender orientation? What exactly do you mean by that? Suggestion to you, learn to have a sense of humor about life, you won’t get out if it alive so there’s no point in being uptight about everything…my original post was filled with sarcasm, you’d do well in life to recognize it and not be so sensitive…

          • Your civility just sank. I am conservative. I don’t waste time arguing.

          • TheRealLibertarian

            Conservative? And yet you present liberal “facts” to me as science? Show me any legitimate study that says sexual orientation is determined at birth….don’t worry, I’ll wait…I’m known for being brutally honest, not for coddling anyone’s emotions.

          • You are one of the nutcase liberals who will argue about anything. I don’t have time for your sophomoric stupidity. You’ve won yourself a block party. You are no longer on my screen. The gate is closed! Find somebody else to take your nursery school level griping to. Your limited post high school level education is showing. You are a disgrace to the USN.

          • TheRealLibertarian

            Coming from you, I’ll take that as a compliment. Carry on snowflake…

          • Go take a cold shower. Your liberal anger will create another geyser out the roof of your dwelling. You liberals argue over everything. It’s your earmark. Carry on…

          • TheRealLibertarian

            This another one of those liberal Marxist tactics where you try to accuse me of being what you are? Gonna try to call me a racist or sexist next? It was my pleasure revealing your true colors!

          • You met your match and lost just like Hillary. Now take your coloring book, Crayola crayons, teddy bear and go to your safe place. Ask the attending mama of the day for juice and cookies. All of you astound me with your nursery brat level of behavior. We adults excuse you as never having been taught better. bye bye.

          • TheRealLibertarian

            I didn’t vote for Hillary, I voted Trump so where does that leave your argument now? Same place as your “born homosexual” argument….dead in the water…

          • Get some civility. Trash your hate attitude. Hate-filled and argumentative. We do not choose our gender preference…we are
            born with it.

          • TheRealLibertarian

            The only hate I have is for stupid people who can’t get over their own hang ups enough to realize they are they problem. Next time stay out of a grown persons conversation and you won’t have you widdle feewings hurt. Over sensitive people like you are one of the problems plaguing America …

          • You atheists amaze me. Filled with hate, lack civility and blame others for your shortcomings. You’d never work in private enterprise.
            You lack what’s essential–good customer service attitude. Maybe your years in the military coached you on how to be a dictator. Please remain a Libertarian. Conservatives don’t want your kind.

          • TheRealLibertarian

            My original comment was a sarcastic response in regards to how ridiculous we have become with all of the sexual harassment sensitivity shenanigans. You chimed in with an attempt to disprove my SARCASM. I merely pointed out your flawed logic.

      • BS. It is a cultured behavior and affirmed by the alt-left.

        • The ones of whom you post here do not choose an orientation. They “think” they are what they think they are. But NO real change took place. They are what they came into being with. But you believe what you so desire. Your beliefs will change nothing.

          • I am not sure about that. Although I will grant that I have known through my work a large number of homosexual men who committed suicide because they hate what they became. Very sad.

          • They hate what they were from the beginning. Their problem was that they failed to properly adjust. I’m formally trained in Psychology, doctoral level. I’ve listened to many discussions by “gay” males who have said that if they had a choice they’d prefer being “heterogenderic” simply because floating downstream is a whole lot easier than swimming upstream against the current. That is essentially the gist of comments coming from them. My position is that our society should stop being prejudiced and let them live normal lives without all kinds of Victorian-Puritanical nonsense. Christianity does not condemn “gay” people–“Church Ladies” and “Church Pillars” do in violation of Christian principles. Unlawful behavior of all types is what we should concern ourselves with, not what a person happens to have been born with. I consider it immoral and a crime against humanity for school systems to teach pre-pubertal children about transgenderism and homosexual/homogenderic lifestyles. Those children have no idea what’s being discussed. Teaching such IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

          • Your logic here is flawed.
            The individual makes a choice to kiss a man or woman. Not some prim-evil
            Mating impulse.
            By your reasoning a murderer or thief was born that way too. Should they be punished or just chalk it up a genetics, and let them be? How about the rapist?
            They must of been born that way too. Should we just keep on letting them rape?
            It ALL comes down to personal responsibility. You are your actions, not the other way around.
            Go to UTube and watch Ted Buddy’s last interview. Then tell me was he a victim of genetics, or did he choose to be a mass murderer?

          • You liberals are experts at taking a concept, tacking it onto something else then trying to rationalize another unrelated issue.
            Have it your way. You have a right to your opinions.

          • I am a conservative and believe in personal responsibility. Your dime store psychological profile of me is inaccurate. No wonder you no longer practice the trade.

          • Your lack of civility is showing. You and Church Lady continue to enjoy your opinions. I judge no one and accept the teachings of Paul of Tarsus and of Jesus of Nazareth over Victorian-Puritanical Pharisaic prejudice.

          • ………and in your case probably a sheep.

  15. Yes women will drive men to the point where it just isn’t worth even trying to date one anymore. Not too long ago was holding the door open for a young women and she snarled at me saying do I look helpless. Matter of fact it has been a lot more reasonable to go to the whore house. Cheaper then divorce, you know the cost up front, they never get headaches, don’t tell you maybe later not in the mood right now, many choices and you get what you ask for.

  16. I got a better idea. It’s always worked really well. I wait for the women to ask me. Just let the women know you are available, affable, charismatic, high class, limited quantity, Well healed, greatful, respectful and don’t talk about other women. Learn that and they will be lined up, calling and knocking on the door. I am 64, not 30 days goes by that I don’t get a proposal.

  17. I’m aghast at the stupidity of Princeton. This is beyond ridiculous or absurd. This is just plain stupid!

  18. If the feminazis succeed, the natural consequence will be birth rates so low that the population will significantly decrease – like has happened to a couple of the Scandinavian countries.

  19. Why not just buy a dance Android and be done with it. This sounds like if you accidently brushed a breast the penalty would be castration. Let them dance alone or with each other! My wife of nearly 50 years thinks this is asinine!

  20. Just don’t even bother with going to a dance. Go to a MMA match and have a good time.

  21. Is this regulation for gays also? I doubt they would be disciplined for putting moves on a straight person.

    As for young men and women, the guys will wisely date girls who do not attend Princeton. Princeton girls are going to be able to concentrate on their studies, because their love life will be non-existent.

  22. May result in mail order brides or just maybe Sharia Law and Burkas with no rights for women. Look it up ladies!

  23. Most of these women’s lib radical harpies are bulldykes anyway. They’re not worth wasting your time with.

  24. Anthony Guastella

    Better to not attend this sexist and bigoted dance. Not one woman is worth the dance with this mornic Marxist school. Do not go men of Princeton, stay away.

  25. Educate them properly, no need for words it’s all in the Titty Rub !!!

  26. The meta-message is that only lesbian sex is okay, and hetero-relationships are rape and violence.

    The feminists did not hide the fact that Gender feminism was about destroying men and the family, back in the sixties.
    The pamplets and liturature of feminists were as crazy and lesbian as today, but they became, over the decades, more litigious and sneaky to hide in the hetero culture.
    The whole point of the “consent every five seconds” is to make hetero cuture and dating and courting so dangerous and litigious that men leave women to the abusive mercies of the predatory lesbian feminists.

    MTGOW was the response to this, but a larger, more insidious movement is men just not asking, and leaving hetero-relationships alone, and staying single and career focused. Family only tends to exists in the small town and rural churches, and among the non-college crowd.

  27. Welcome to the land of men!!! We now must handle “#metoo” along with all the power women have. They control the law media and legislators. The only arenia they are losing is men!!!Divorce rate among newly marrieds is over 70% Now we see only 29% of men want to marry!!! female accuses a male of rape and his life is ruined if false or true. Here comes a biggie divorce. No matter what the circumstances the man is screwed!!!Want to see your kids? Court and the witch will decide. She will get over half the stuff you have plus alimony and child support. Good mother/bad mother/ slut or druggie it doesn’t matter.

  28. I guess the Argentine tango is out! I’m 74. I NEVER thought this could possibly happen. After all, I went through the 60s. I liked wearing bras. They had lace. Pretty. Sexy. Skirts were short. But we wore gloves. And perfume. And we enjoyed dancing. Round them all up. Send them to a place like…Saudi or Somalia. They should never reproduce or adopt children. Something has to be said for sanity.

  29. There are too many women in the world to try to build relationships with the college coed loons. Indeed, there are far too many women from other countries to continue putting up with American feminazis. Let these psychotic left wing feminazi loons date each other.

  30. I am a woman and have danced with a lot of men in my life if I wanted to dance with a man I would say okay or sure if I did not want to dance with the man I would politely refuse the dance. This has worked great in my life time and I see no reason to use this silly charade of making a man constantly ask if I still feel like dancing while I am dancing with him the left feminists have lost their mind before now it is now just pathetic.#release the memo

  31. My advice to these wacko women is to stay away from men.

  32. I am ready to commit dance rape – just to see what it feels like to do it with a baby woman.

  33. The insanity in today’s society is astonishing, bewildering and heart breaking. Those responsible for the indoctrination and brainwashing should be removed from any further contact with young people and placed in a padded cell.

  34. Sure, you always ask if she (or he) would like to dance with you. That’s only polite. But this kind of stuff is just plain silly. If he/she is done with dancing, that person takes proper leave and goes his/her way. But always remember, no always means no!

  35. What kind of dancing are they DOING at Princeton?

  36. I wonder if this assertion that a man should ask a woman, with which he is dancing, if she desires to continue dancing, might have anything to do with the possibility that during the dance, the man might become sexually aroused and thus not be in the physical state he was in when the dance began? I admit to all that such has happened to me on many occasions, and I consider it to be a natural occurrence. I also know that I have never had a woman stop dancing with me for that reason.

  37. This Is not being respectful of a female but being overtly cautious.

    FemiNazis are making sure NO man will ever choose them in a relationship. Perhaps that is why we are seeing so many Gay FemiNazis – no normal masculine male wants a ball buster in his life!

  38. Ok Princeton Boys, let me tell you how a school dance works.
    1. You dance only w/girls
    2. You ask ONE TIME ‘Would you like to dance w/me’?
    3. While dancing you ask for a KISS 💋
    4. If she agrees with the kiss, ask for her phone number
    5. If she gives you her phone number, ask her out for dinner
    6. If she dances and kisses you all night, offer to get her a cab, or just drive her home yourself.
    My way might get you a nice wife.
    Princeton’s way will get you a husband, or abusive wife…………

  39. Just don’t go to the dance.

  40. I’d rather stay home and drink beer with the guys while watching sports. Let the girls dance with each other as they hate men so much.

  41. Here is a better idea. To all men at Princeton, don’t waste money on the dance and let the girls go by themselves.

  42. How about going back to the good old days where the women had ”dance cards” and would put mens’ names on her list of people she agreed to dance with. That would take the worry out of having her permission to dance with her. I know it’s a bit dated, but if you’re a guy that’s worried about doing something that will be misconstrued or unwelcome, get permission in advance and have the girl in question put your name on her card. Sounds simple. What ever happened to good old fashioned ettiquette? Or, maybe they could all go to finishing school??

  43. (later, that night in bed…)

    “Um, so, is it okay if I put this here?”

  44. The request is phrased, ” would you care to dance? “, not ” do you wanna dance? ” that’s even too moronic for the Ivy League. If we are pushing things into the realm of the absurd, guys can just break off dancing in the middle of the song, or if mocking is their thing, a man should ask and man to dance. Then, there also the radical idea of the prophylactic boycott.

  45. Can we have sex after, can we have sex after, can we have sex after, can we have sex after, can we have sex after, can we have sex after, can we have sex after

  46. This is a joke. Right? Right?

  47. Vaiaffanculo .

  48. I am so grateful that my husband and I met and got married before all of this abject stupidity took hold. Now, though, I fear for my children. If this idiotic nonsense continues, they will not even be allowed to talk to a member of the opposite sex. If my children were college age, I would never include one of the east coast or west coast universities on my list of where I would be willing for them to go. Hillsdale and the few colleges like it would be about all I could bring myself to consent to.

  49. Every day I think a ludicrous thing can not be surpassed it is! Yesterday it was waitress’s in the Land of ,Fruits, Nuts, & Flakes being fined, or put in jail for the second so called offense, for giving a plastic straw to a patron unless asked for. DUH! It is coming to a point if you are not a loony tune whack job you do not fit in. Well, I will never fit in, if I have to become insane.

  50. does that apply to the gays and lesbians also ,they have to be treated equally

  51. Don’t step on her toes, that is abuse !

  52. Do you wanna dance? Although that’s the title of an old song, I would hope Princeton men can speak better than that. The better solution is to make the women ask men and place the burden on them. make it a Sadie Hawkins Day dance.

  53. Has anyone else noticed that “independent” women rely on government for almost everything?

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