Princeton: Men Must Repeatedly Ask for Consent…While Dancing

If the ridiculous chronicle of Aziz Ansari’s bad date didn’t already push the #MeToo movement beyond the point of parody, then Princeton University will surely manage to do it with their latest advice to students. In one of the most absurd “treat women like infants” pieces of left-wing garbage we’ve seen in a while, the prestigious university sent out guidelines ahead of the annual Orange and Black Ball. In the post, which was shared on Facebook by Princeton’s Sexual Harassment/Assault resources office, men are instructed to not only ask before dancing with a woman…but several times after that.

With the hastag #ConsentisCool, the university shared an online poster that demonstrated how a proper Princeton man should conduct himself on the dance floor. “Do you wanna dance?” makes for a good opening, at which point the man should hear something along the lines of “Absolutely!” or “I’d love to!” from his potential dance partner. We assume that if she replies with something like, “I guess,” or “Um…okay,” the male student should try their luck elsewhere. At the very least, it’s probably time to bring in a lawyer and a consent form just to make sure the woman is not being coerced into a dance she didn’t want to participate in. Don’t miss the “non-verbal cues,” fellas!

After the dancing has commenced, though, the man should remember that his sacrifices to the Almighty God of Consent are not finished. The poster encourages men to “frequently check in” with their dance partners to make sure consent has not lapsed in the several seconds of dancing that have transpired. “Hey, are you still into this?” one should ask. “We can stop if you want.”

Countdown to the first feminist to introduce the word “dance rape” into the lexicon. Unironically, of course.

“The infographic,” a spokesman for the university told Campus Reform, “isn’t in response to any type of problem related to dances or dancing.”

Ah. Ok.


To be fair, this is probably as close to an honest response as any social justice-leaning campus is going to provide. Because it’s true, this infographic doesn’t have anything to do with dancing just as half of the most recent #MeToo stories don’t have anything to do with sexual assault or even harassment. No, this is quickly becoming just another chance for the feminist crazies to strengthen their whackadoo presence in the culture, emasculate men, and promote their “all sex is basically rape” theories to a mainstream audience.

The sooner the feminist left collapses under the weight of its own insanity, the better off both women and men will be.

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