President Trump on Reopening: “We Want It To Be The Way It Was”

With a new report out that the U.S. economy saw a 4.8% annual rate decline in the GDP for the first quarter of the year, President Trump met with business leaders at the White House on Wednesday, pledging that it was his intention to see the state of the economy return to the lofty heights of pre-coronavirus America. Bolstered by a Federal Reserve announcement that interest rates would stay near zero for as long as it takes to effect a recovery, Trump said he was looking forward to the day when restaurants, stadiums, and campaign rallies could resume as normal.

“We want it to be the way it was,” Trump said. “We can’t have somebody with half a restaurant. That’s not going to pay the rent.”

In a meeting with the governor of Louisiana, Trump acknowledged the dire numbers coming from the Commerce Department, and he said that he agreed with experts who predict that the second quarter numbers will be even worse.

“I think the third quarter is transitional,” he said, “but I think the fourth quarter is going to be fantastic.”

Back at the meeting with business leaders, Trump said he was optimistic that the virus “will be gone” soon enough even if researchers don’t come up with a vaccine.

“Now, we’re going to wait until it’s gone,” Trump said. “It’s going to go. It will be eradicated. But I don’t want people to get used to this. You’re not going to have a stadium that’s 30% of the size of what it was three months ago. We want it to be the way it was.

“Hopefully in the not-too-distant future we’ll have some massive rallies and people will be sitting next to each other,” he continued. “I can’t imagine a rally where you every fourth seat full. I hope that we’re going to be able to do some good old-fashioned 25,000-person rallies, where everyone’s going wild because they love our country.”

We’re already seeing the predictable coverage roll in, of course. The Washington Post, Forbes, and the New York Times had stories up within minutes, telling their readers that “once again” Trump was claiming that the coronavirus would just “up and disappear” like a miracle. We shouldn’t be surprised. And, to be clear, we aren’t. But if the media wants to keep playing this game of being the Eternal Pessimist to Trump’s Hopeful Warrior, they may get a surprise of their own before long. This is an optimistic country. And Trump, as president, is doing exactly what he should be doing: Giving people hope.

What emotion are YOU selling, mainstream media?

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