President Trump Leaves a Pathway to Citizenship Open

Illegal immigrants are not sure what to expect from the Trump administration, but it’s a safe bet that the president won’t be issuing any new DACA-like orders anytime soon. Instead, he has ordered the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to step up deportations, he’s leaning on sanctuary cities to bring them into legal compliance, and he’s ridding the country of the criminal waste that floated up here from Mexico and Central America.

But when it comes to noncitizens here on visas, green cards, and other temporary visitation clearance, Trump is leaving open a long-established, expedited pathway to citizenship: military service. According to Fox News, a Defense Department official told them that the U.S. military would continue the policy, allowing troops and their families to gain citizenship through service.

“Today’s service members are eligible for expedited citizenship under a July 2002 executive order and the military services have worked closely with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to streamline citizenship processing for service members,” Lt. Col. Myles Caggins told Fox News. “Law ensures that the sacrifice of noncitizens during a time of national need is met with an opportunity for early citizenship, to recognize their contribution and sacrifice.”

You wouldn’t know it from the way the media carries on, but Donald Trump was very much a pro-immigration candidate. So this comes as no surprise whatsoever. Trump’s focus was and always will be on the criminals and the drugs and the gang violence that a poorly-secured border allows into the U.S. Yes, there are economic concerns as well when it comes to various student and worker visas, and yes, there is a problem with visitors who simply extend their stay indefinitely, but those are issues we can deal with. Those are the issues a civilized country SHOULD be dealing with.

But we can’t, because previous administrations have allowed this free-for-all at the Mexican border to get worse and worse. And no one made it worse than Obama, who resented Congress’s inability to pass immigration reform so much that he started hanging carrots out there for would-be immigrants to chase.

All this to say, it’s redundant for Trump’s critics to lean on the old “America is a nation of immigrants” storyline. Trump isn’t anti-immigrant. He’s anti-ILLEGAL immigrant, which is a distinction the media refuses to make. He has this weird belief that the United States should enforce its own laws. Crazy, right?

Immigration is fine.

But it’s also fine for us to be more selective about who gets in.


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  1. Pathway to citizenship should not include people from countries openly hostile to the U.S. especially through military services which could so easily be used against us!

    As for ILLEGALS; No line jumping, go back where you came from and do not commit any crimes in the process! Anything the allows ILLEGALS in without standing in the same line as “immigrants” is undue punishment for them as well as American citizens!

    • Go and get in line. If you are caught here without permission, you get banned for life.
      up yours achmed, chuey, and fatima,

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    • Good observation. Case-in-point: Warlord Adid of Black Hawk down operation had a son serving in the Marine Corp. After his father was killed, he returned to his country taking his father’s place as Warlord. He then demanded millions from America for invading his country.

      Illegals should go back to their own country; they should not be granted legal representation at taxpayer’s expense; “anchor babies” should not be granted birthright citizenship to illegal parents; as for breaking up families, they can all return to their country of origin; their country or origin, that if media reported fairly, would reveal their very own government encouraged them to migrate illegally through advertisments, word-of-mouth and other means…meaning these other countries use America and American taxpayer’s as safety-valve suckers to their corrupt, criminal, incompetence.

      Enough already!!

      • sandraleesmith46

        Right ON!

      • Craig Vandertie

        Well of course they either encourage their own to come into the U.S. illegally, I would not be surprised to discover they threaten their own people into leaving.

        Then you had that puddle of toxic waste running for the office of El Presidente in Los Angeles getting all the illegals riled up about us enforcing our own immigration laws, why, to get more votes from those family members of the illegal aliens here.

        • The Mexican, Government does encourage it;s people to come , here. So that they may Tax them more.
          The people, come here for the same reason that any other emigrant has ever came here. Freedom to make Money . Be Free. Before We became so hard about them coming and going . They came, worked, made Money. Then went back Home. When we stopped, or tried to stop them from coming is when the Trouble started.

          Then you had that puddle of toxic waste running for the office of El Presidente in Los Angeles getting all the illegals riled up about us enforcing our own immigration laws, why, to get more votes from those family members of the illegal aliens here.
          What are you talking about? Here?

    • I think Trump is now listening to me for I am older than him. Look, President Trump Leaves a Pathway to Citizenship Open. We have kids of people from Mexico who want to join the US Military. That means they want to sacrifice their lives for us here. Those kids should be eligible for citizenship. Next Trump should make sure all Americans -White or Black -poor or rich have health insurance and no deductibles. I have suggested a 0.01 sales tax increase on everything except food items to cover every American. Do you have suggestion how to insure all Americans? Maybe not. Most Repubs and TPs are just talk only.

    • Craig Vandertie

      I do not recall if we ever spoke before Tex, but as far as military training of people from Mideastern nations there has been more than 1 case where a Jihadist pretended to be a friendly and turned the gun on their trainers.

  2. If you enter the United States in a lawful and legal manner then citizenship could be
    on the table as long as you obey the law and do not commit any crimes. That
    would include those with work visas and student visas who are here and have
    acted within the legal system with no problems. But if you Illegally INVADED the
    USA by breaking the law and have been picked up for a crime your only choice
    is to leave before the law catches you and apply for a legal entry. If you are caught
    committing a crime and are convicted of such then you are deported and end of
    story. Criminal, drug smugglers, sex trafficking individuals are not welcomed here
    and will be either sent to prison or deported at the earliest possible date. Those
    who come here legally and volunteer to join our Military services and serve their
    time honorably can work towards their Citizenship But must served honorably
    first. I am sure there are other detail that I omitted in this but that is a general
    rule that most American would be willing to accept.

  3. more lies by liberal media, they just can’t stop lying and doing fake news

  4. Nobody who flows across the U.S. border illegally and sets up shop in our country as as “undocumented welfare recipient” should ever be granted citizenship. Period. Obama’s crew used to advertise in Mexico City and instruct prospective invaders how to access welfare and health services once they got here and assisted them to get to the sanctuary cities where they’d be protected from federal authorities. If a foreign national wants to become a U.S. citizen, fine, let him/her apply the right way. Regardless of what the loony libs and their dopey Circuit Judges supporters have to say, no foreign nationals have the absolute right to enter our country. We, the people, have the right to determine who comes in and who stays out. It’s called being a sovereign nation.

    • finaly had enough

      How much the K-12 education costs us and how many of the children of the tax paying parents get less quality education because the teachers are overwhelmed with the students who do not speak English? How many children of illegals are disruptive in class and intimidating the teachers and administration into not allowing the American flag and American Flag tee-shirts in school as offensive (!!??).
      How many children from other cultures bring fighting and offensive behavior to our schools as the “new normal”? and how long are we going to let it happen? All this nonsense about children of illegals enriching the school environment is just that… nonsense.

      • Excellent points,all,…it’s an absolute tragedy what this miss-handling of our immigration system for years has done to our school system and our society. Our children don’t learn anymore and sacrificing our culture to the false God of diversity is simply criminal. It’s one of the reasons that Trump’s message of “America First” rings across the body politic so loudly. Trump is bringing it and we need to stand with him until all the loony libs get the message, “We’re mad as hell,” said the anchorman, Howard Beale, in Network, “and were not going to take this anymore!” We need to do the same…

        • Teach your children what you want them to learn.

        • finaly had enough

          A very important event to keep in mind is the mid term elections in 2018. The left is going to be VERY organized, funded and motivated to take back the congress and the senate. It will NOT be as easy for them as they hope — because the number of the democrat seats to change is higher then the number of the republican ones… never the less we are going to have to be very vigilant and active to not lose the congress and senate majority… If we do Trump will be helpless to bring about his plan for the country.
          You can see right now hw he has to fight for everything — the seat on the Supreme Court, the immigration clean up, the cabinet members etc… Schumer is willing to commit the crime of blatant lie, the public humiliation of being caught in the lies, the clear losses for the country — just so trump did not succeed. Trump was never my favorite during elections… but Hilary was going to finish the country up. We are already in a very difficult position internally and internationally… another 4 years and we would be over. So whether President Trump was my first choice or not… he is the best we have and he is our President. I actually like him now better then before he was elected. He is genially trying to “fix” our country and unlike any other elected government official he has every intention to deliver on the list of promises he made.
          We will have to do our part and make sure that he has both houses on his side.

          • I agree with virtually everything you said, especially with respect to Hillary Clinton. She would’ve been an unmitigated disaster for the U.S. had she been elected in November, primarily because she’s corrupt at her core and has no sense of honor or decency. Remember, during her tour as Secretary of State, 20 percent of our nation’s production capacity of uranium was sold to Russia and her dopey, predator husband, the White House Hippie, was paid $500,000 for a speech in Moscow and the Clinton Foundation’s coffers were suddenly the beneficiary of millions of dollars in contributions. Coincidence? Hardly. This is a Clinton M.O. Take what you can get by hook or crook and screw everyone else. If you get caught, lie, fabricate, distort and declare “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is!”

          • finaly had enough

            Thank you! … and nobody seems to remember any of that. Nobody is asking for any investigation, any commission any special prosecutor… nothing.
            But the ” no data/no proof” of Putin and Trump cooperation during elections to get Trump elected… does not seem to go away. It just keeps on growing in terms of numbers of people wasting our time and money and their combined level of indignation goes higher and higher…
            If you watch CNN you would think that Trump was already inedited and the trial is already going on and he is about to be sentenced to life in jail… I am not even talking about MSNBC…
            I wonder how they will justify getting back to Putin being Trump’s partner in crime after yesterday’s surprise in Syria. Did Trump (the agent of Putin) go rogue or did Trump and Putin decide it was best for Russia to get the Russian base in Syria hit?
            Sometimes I feel like I am dreaming. This level of stupidity and corruption cannot be real.

    • finaly had enough

      Right again…

  5. Patricia McGehee

    I don’t want a single one of them to have CITIZENSHIP. They have been rammed down our throat for decades. Now, with the pampering from the traitorous Democrats they feel they have the right to march down our American streets carrying their MEXICAN FLAG and yell, “I’m ENTITLED, I DESERVE!” NO, NO, NO. Kick every one out. THEY went to the ER every time their kid was born or had the sniffles. WE paid for it. That broke our health care and gave Obama leeway to the dastardly OBAMACARE. Democrats want millions of illegals for voters. Obama put them on full WELFARE benefits and WE were already paying to educate them. Work under the table, pay no taxes and collect Welfare. Hell, they had it made. Why would they want to leave when this dumb American gov. FORCES WORKING CITIZENS to bottle feed them? Sweep everyone of them out. WE don’t need more traitorous Illegal VOTERS FOR THE DEMOCRATS.

    • Make unlawful to carry any foreign flag in place of the American Flag. Carry a Mexican or ISIS flag and be subject to arrest. Don’t claim 1st Amendment Rights because we’ll unleash the Confederate Flag in Harlem. No more double standards.

      • finaly had enough

        … and if not unlawful, then offensive… How is it that the USA flag is “offensive” in schools, college campuses, city halls etc? It is our country, our flag and it HAS to be respected and displayed at every opportunity. Those who are offended can turn away, close their eyes… or move.

    • Excellent ! Please copy your response and send it to The White House, Twitter President Trump, anything to press upon him the laws of America !

  6. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    For NOW he needs to close this PATHWAY for the SAME reason he stopped people from entering the USA at airports.

    • sandraleesmith46

      No reason why people can’t continue to come in via airports; all international airports have customs and immigration personnel attached to them, and have had since the late ’40s, I know for certain. They just need to vet more closely who gets a visa to enter.

      • finaly had enough

        We do not have the resources to “attach custom and immigration” personnel to every person coming from another country. Also to really vet everybody’s papers and information… the country they come from has to have a credible, well-functioning and maintained database. Most of the countries that present terror issues for us do not have the tools we need them to have, the infrastructure to use and support those tools and the interest to invest heavily to protect us.
        Additionally, there is a lot of credible information on the numerous forged passports and other documents. Not just forged but printed on our paper using our (stolen from us) printing equipment. And these are visitors coming with papers…many do not have any papers… the process is a farce and a gamble and has to be redesigned and dramatically improved. When you travel to Israel you see how different their process is. One thing we need to drop (temporarily while we are on war alert) is all the political correctness nonsense regarding profiling, human rights violations at arrival, privacy laws and constitutional protections.
        First, all of the Israeli TSO counterparts have 1 or 2 college degrees in Psychology and Criminology and 3 or 4 years in the Israeli Army. Secondly, many of the people who interview visitors at the airport are also marshals and travel in the same airplane they just cleared…I have family in Israel and have gone back and forth many times, so I had enough first hand experience and then you land in the USA and meet our TSO (!!!). Nothing personal.

        • sandraleesmith46

          We don’t have to have that many at every airport; they shouldn’t get visas to leave and come here; apparently you’ve never flown an international flight; you can’t board without the proper documentation to leave your debarkation point, from the point of arrival as well. In other words, no US entry visa, you can’t board the flight to leave. If they can’t be properly “vetted” at home, NO VISA!

          • finaly had enough

            You would be right but for a couple of things… There are many falsified passports and visas as well as other documents that are floating around the world. There was a lot of our passport and Visa’s printing equipment stolen (I hope stolen rather then sold) over the last 10 years. There was a “pretend” American office ” discovered recently someplace in an African Country. I do not remember the name of it could be Nigeria. They had an American flag at the entrance, Obama’s picture on the wall and printed and sold visas and passports to anybody willing to pay. Very little of it was in the press (too busy with the Russian non-story).
            I hope that with the new judge at the Supreme Court the executive orders that Trump sighed regarding the emigration and vetting would stand.
            By the way, I traveled extensively Domestically and abroad and have first hand experience with TSA and TSA counterparts in many countries… we do not compare very good to the best of them and should not measure ourselves against counties with very low standards.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Our agents in US airports could and should catch those; and turn the holders back around without ever leaving the secured area of an airport. That’s part of what Customs and Immigration in airports have been doing for decades. The BEST are in Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and ours NEED to learn from them, but probably never will.

  7. Big mistake, they should all be made to leave, then start over.

    • sandraleesmith46

      No; just leave, period. They’ve already demonstrated they have no respect for our nation or laws by breaking in the first time; we don’t need those sorts here, wherever they came here from, and whatever the excuse.

  8. Join the military and speak English ????.. My father tried to join the army in WW1 and couldn’t because he was not a citizen yet.. After he entered legally through Ellis Island ,he had to wait 8 years before he could APPLY for citizenship… Seems more like breaking the law gives you special treatment

  9. I say STOP immigration from third world countries we have NOTHING in common. NO CITIZENSHIP.

  10. Democrats are an embarrassment even to Liberals. Republicans sure aren’t helping much either! Why don’t we just go into Mexico and Americanize it. If they had any respect for their own country just maybe they’d fight for it themselves and they might even be willing to carve it up into a dozen new States of the USA. No border needed! Save all that money for welfare.

    • We had the opportunity in 1846, after Mexican-American war. A movement was there to keep Mexico and Cuba but with only a 44,000 man army, it would have been a impossible feat. They should have kept Cuba at least.

      • Ya’no, there are probably enough Mexicans up here now to vote down there to become part of the real America up here. Lets try that!

        • A U.S. Navy destroyer stops four Mexicans in a row boat rowing towards California. The captain gets on the loud-hailer and shouts, “Ahoy, small craft. Where are you headed?”

          One of the Mexicans puts down his oar, stands up, and replies, “We are invading the United States of America to reclaim the territory taken by the USA during the 1800s.”

          The entire crew of the destroyer doubled-over in laughter. When the captain was finally able to catch his breath, he gets back on the loud-hailer and asks, “Just the four of you?”

          The same Mexican stands up again and shouts, “No, we’re the last four. The rest are already there!”

    • Texas has been Americanized.

    • What will they fight with? Sticks?
      The people of Mexico are NOT allowed to have Guns.
      What goes on down there, is what would happen here If WE allowed the Government ,the Democrats and Liberals, to TAKE ours.

  11. The US will survive and thrive with all illegals deported and zero new immigrants.

    We simply don’t need ’em.

    • finaly had enough

      We can and should establish various legal temporary work visas for skilled and unskilled labor based on the projections and forecast of the chamber of Commerce, Department of Agriculture and any other organizations that have to do with labor participation and labor requirements. Large and small businesses and farms should contribute to the process. It has to be done every year, the visas have to have strict dates (beginning and the end) and either closed or extended depending on the work situation and the employer. Some could be 1-5 years long and some seasonal. But everybody needs to know when they are coming and when they are leaving. People could get in line for permanent residency and citizenship in accordance with the laws. Nobody should qualify for welfare and other government programs. If your job is no longer available and there is no replacement — you go home or to another country. I would also eliminate the 14 amendment and make medical care and education available but private. Nobody should be entitled to any of the welfare programs or government paid services, The liberal and religious organizations that protect people because they are nicer then the rest of us… should establish private funds, collect and donate into them and have schools and clinics funded by them. No church or temple should be “nice and humane” at the expense of the taxpayers. Any good works that one does… one should pay for with his own moneys.

  12. a path to citizenship is already on the books.
    A to follow the rules. YOu go h.ou are forever banned from entering the USA again

  13. A church in Reno, NV is providing an illegal “sanctuary” from being deported after his visa was revoked for a traffic ticket. Regardless of whether the revocation was “fair” or not, if these churches are going to involve themselves in such a highly divisive political issue, they should automatically lose their tax exempt status and the pastors should be charged with aiding and abetting a criminal. It’s time we start holding everyone accountable for breaking the law, no matter who you are.

  14. Dennis Anderson

    No I think these people need to be taught a lesson? We dont have to apeaze any group of people shut the borders down until further notice. We as a nation have internal problems that was created by people who abused our faith in mankind, and blamed us for letting them into our country. We dont have to tell them a damn thing now do we. Enough of this crazy $cheieit keep it in there country. if you want to be with them go. If you want to help them do so. The part of the world where they came from is oil rich
    What the hell do they need to be here for.

  15. Invaders deserve nothing but death.

  16. Maybe it is the cost of catching and deporting the illegals that would be partly the reason for Trump to back out on his promises….
    I don’t think it would be that difficult to get the people to deport themselves…. It would require the passing of several Bills or Laws….

    If I were Pres. Trump, I would seek to pass laws requiring every illegal alien (Those that have over stayed their visa or entered the USA illegally) with absolutely no exceptions on age to register with the county clerk in which county they reside in, within 60 days or so of the passing of said Bill..
    Finger prints and even DNA would be taken from everyone and each illegal alien would receive a special color coded Social Security Card with the words denoting a illegal alien in some way.. All these cards would be required to be like, but noticeably different so there are no doubt that it belongs to an illegal alien.
    Anyone failing to register and found within the border of USA after the 60 day period will be immediately arrest and absolutely all personal property will be confiscated with no exception other than their cloths on their back and deportation proceeds would began ASAP… This property would be auction off and all proceeds going to said county for the expenses of deporting and any excess going possibly to schools or hospitals for reimbursements for unpaid bills….

    Any illegal alien found voting in any election would be deported immediately and all of his personal property would be auctioned off with proceeds going to county for either expenses of deporting and any excess going possibly to schools or hospital for reimbursements for unpaid bills..

    Any illegal alien who enlisted into any military service would receive full citizenship with full benefits of a citizen after a 4 year service period and citizenship extended to any children born after this completed 4 years service time.
    Any government official found in an attempt of not forcing these laws would be fined $1000 for the first offense with a misdemeanor charge, $2000 for the second offense with a 6 months to 2 year jail term, upon a third offense the official would be fined $10,000 with a felony charge including no less than a 5 year sentence and they are to never be allowed to run for any kind of government office nor employed by a local, state or federal government agency.
    I would seek to pass Laws that would require that each illegal alien (Regardless of age) individual would be required to pay a fine of no less than $2000 for the next 10 years for over staying a visa or having enter illegally … This tax would be taken out by the illegal alien’s employer. And if this payment was kept up than deportation would happen.
    Any employer found to have an illegal alien working for them who is no registered will be fined $1,000 per occurrence… If found again on a second occurrence with a employee not registered the fine would be $5,000 and if a third occurrence with the same employee were to happen the employer would be fined $10,000 and his business license lost.
    Any government official (Federal, State or local.) found in violation of these laws would be fined $1000 for the first occurrence, $5,000 for the 2nd. occurrence and $10,000 for the third occurrence.
    I would seek to pass Laws that would disallow any benefits of any kind, Federal, State and Local to be paid out to any illegal alien who has not met their tax obligations fully for having over stayed their visa or entered USA illegally….
    The only exception to these Laws would be for the individual (No other family member would be include) who served a four term in any of the USA Armed Forces Branches.

    • How has he BACKED OFF? DID he not order that the Illegals to be deported expeditionary?
      Did you read this part of the report?

      But when it comes to noncitizens here on visas, green cards, and other temporary visitation clearance, Trump is leaving open a long-established, expedited pathway to citizenship: military service. According to Fox News, a Defense Department official told them that the U.S. military would continue the policy, allowing troops and their families to gain citizenship through service.

      “Today’s service members are eligible for expedited citizenship under a July 2002 executive order and the military services have worked closely with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to streamline citizenship processing for service members,” Lt. Col. Myles Caggins told Fox News. “Law ensures that the sacrifice of noncitizens during a time of national need is met with an opportunity for early citizenship, to recognize their contribution and sacrifice.”

      If they are here Legally than they have the Right to become Naturalized Citizens.
      If not, Deport their Bu-ts, yesterday!.

      As for the Muslims. They should not be allowed in the Country, unless they WILL SWEAR to Renounce Sharia Law.

      • Maybe I shouldn’t have used the term of “back off his promises,” but in my opinion it seems as if at times he is not as determined to building the wall or deporting the illegals as what he had shown us before being elected as president…

        • Has he ,not ,put out Bids for the Building of the Fence?
          Has he, not ,ordered, that Ice pick up Detain or deport the Illegals as fast as they can?
          It takes time to find a Builder at the lowest cost , with the best quality to build any thing!
          Ice is grabbing all the illegals that it can lay their hands on. There are only 3.5 Million Criminal Illegals in this country.
          If you have an Idea of how you can make things go faster.
          Tell us. Hell, write him and Tell Him.

          • I realize it takes time for acquiring property, permits, blueprints, contracts and builders… I have also worked in construction.
            BUT, you are grossly in error if you think there are only 3.5 million illegal criminals in USA… The number is more like 30 million criminals, just like most citizens you are not understanding the term “ILLEGAL.”

          • I am talking about the ones that have been to Court. Not phones that, the Only Law that they have broken , is the one for crossing without papers.
            There are at Least 30 Million, Illegals here. However not all are Mexican or OTM’s from south of the Border.
            There are millions of Visa, overstays, far more of them than there are of those from Mexico and points south.
            The 3.5 million , that I wrote about is the number that Ice put out a week or so ago. That they were working on right now.

          • I too have been around them, lived with them worked with them and even trained them…. I am fully aware that there are many who are good people but a criminal is atill a criminal, it matter not whether it was a stick of gum they stolen, rape, murder or crossing the border illegally, millions of them have become as leeches upon this nation, sucking up billions and billions of our tax dollars…. And the democrats and republicans are both to blame for this mess….

          • The ones that are receiving Welfare, Food Stamps, working, with other peoples SS numbers , do need to be rounded up and removed. To just go out Grab a batch ofum ,is non cost effective. They must be rounded up when they go to Court ,for the Traffic Ticket they received. That broken tail lite.
            I , am all for that.
            To Tell, you the truth . I believe that ,Trump should issue and order of Deportation. Stating that ,”ALL Foreigners, that are in this country , by whatever means . Have to leave, or be Arrested and deported, after a Prison term of , say 5 years. ”
            It can be done, the Courts will not be able to stop it. Because 4, maybe 6. Former Presidents have Ordered them out before.
            They removed themselves, for the most part. The ones that did NOT , were Jailed, Imprisoned, then Deported.
            Wilson,FDR, Truman, Eisenhower. I believe that Kennedy and Carter did so, also.

          • All that is needed is for the politicians to pass the Laws that I spoke of above and most illegals would deport themselves at no cost to us tax payers.

          • There are no Laws that need to be Past. There on the Books, NOW. They need to be INFORCED!!!

          • You evidently didn’t read the Laws I am speaking about or else you lack the understanding of what I said

          • I understand you, what you said.
            I went back two days ago At the start of the Conversation. Reread that.
            As I told you.
            All of your Bright Ideas, are Law today. Enforce.
            Trump has ordered Ice, To Enforce them.
            E-Varify, has been Law for Several years, Arizona, enforce’s it, today. It took SCOTUS, to Tell o’bozo and lynch, to back off. That States had the Right, Legal Ability to Enforce it. Trump has also, informed, Ice to Enforce it.
            Do, you understand???

          • I understand that we have enough laws on the books and if these laws were upheld than yes we would be paying out billions of more tax dollars to capture and deport the illegals… BUT, there are not laws on the books such as what I mention either you can’t understand or you just want to argue.. Your welcome to reply but I am done with you.

          • I am not arguing with you.
            If you will please repeat the Laws that you contend are not on the Books about this subject. I will peruse them.

          • finaly had enough

            It is also important to change the 14 amendment. It was not intended
            grant citizenship to all children born in this country at time of birth regardless if their parents were here legally or not. This for years gave grounds for what is called “birthing tourism”. There is no talking about it at this time but there was a lot a few years ago. There were companies bringing pregnant women from all over the world (many from countries from which we are not interested in bringing immigrants). They were counselled on how to dress to conceal pregnancy, placed in “bed and Breakfast ” facilities with minimum medical care and delivered babies through the emergency room hospital rout. All those babies were immediately granted US citizenship. Afterwards, some families stayed here (visa overstay), some went to their country of origin with a legal US citizen to come back years later and bring the family with them…
            At one point there were many of these “Bed and Breakfast” tourist organizations. Many from the Middle East and China.

    • finaly had enough

      I posted about this before… I am a first generation American Citizen. My g=husband and I and 2 of our baby (at the time) daughters came to live in the USA (LEGALLY) from Soviet Union in 1978. We filled out 10 inches of paper work for the state department while living in Rome, Italy. We had to live first in Austria and the Italy while waiting for the State Department to process our applications because the Soviet Union at the time like most socialist countries allowed for anybody who is crazy enough to want it to come into the country but NOT out. While in Rome all 4 of us had to undergo a very detail medical examination with many tests (to make sure we were not carrying any communicable diseases). We filled out the paperwork, were finger printed etc… it has never occurred to us to complain or even mention that our human rights were somehow violated… we were grateful and thankful to the USA government and PEOPLE for letting us in and giving us a chance for a better life. We had no resources (Soviet Government allowed us to take with us bare minimum of personal necessities, $100 a person of our own money and no valuables of any kind. We were happy to leave and happy to enter the country we since called our home. We did not spend one (1) day on welfare or any other government assistance programs. We considered that beneath our dignity and embarrassing. I had a job 7 days after we disembarked. There are always jobs… maybe not the ones we want but the ones that help pay bills. We worked very hard and build a great life. Our daughters got terrific education, married wonderful young men, gave us 6 grandchildren and

  17. NO CITIZENSHIP FOR ILLEGALS! It encourages more to come illegally, punishes honest immigrants AND Americans. If you’re here illegally and get caught, you get deported and flagged as never eligible for re-entry!

    We only want honest people who will obey the laws and will assimilate. THAT LETS OUT MUSLIMS WHO WILL NEVER ASSIMILATE!

    • No Citizenship for Illegals, Yes. However the children were brought here not of their own wishes. If they serve in the Military, Yes.
      As for those caught for crossing Illegaly. The first time, it is a Misdemeanor, they are deported, told not to cross for two years. The Second time they are given 2 years in prison, deported, told not to come back for 5 years, the third, they are placed in Prisom for 5 years, deported. Told never to come back.

  18. WHAT ?? Absolutely not ! They are still legal no matter how they got here.

  19. I have said this time and time before, the Mexicans were here before the white man came to this Country. The Mexicans come to work, the biggest problem is Islam and a lot of you out there is to dumb to realize they are here to destroy this Nation with their lies, their false god and Sharia Law. Islam is a death machine, when they killing start, it’s hard to stop. Name how many times a Mexican here have murdered a large number of people? name a Mexican who blew up the Twin Towers or went to Fort Hood and murdered soldiers? name a Mexican who went to Boston and blew up people? you CAN’T! this Islamic MOVEMENT WAS CREATED BY OBAMA and according to this report, the gates will be open to more? DEATH TO AMERICA, do you all think this is a JOKE? Islam came up with an ideal, to take a Country, you have to blend in, get there have children and raise them to hate the Country and the people that allowed them to come. The mosques are asking for people to come and hear the message of Mohammad and like JESUS said, they are like lambs being lead to be slaughtered, This Nation has given up on the ONE TRUE GOD and going after a god of stone, a god who can’t save a soul, a god who can’t see, hear or think, a god who has no Heaven or Hell, but can send you to Hell if you follow him. I hope and pray that before it’s to late, the LORD open the eyes of this President and that he realize this would be a big mistake. the Satanic Democratic Party is rejoicing, this is what Hillary wanted and without even being President, she got her wish and I know that Obama is happy too. Mark my words, we are in trouble, with 22 to 35 jihad camps already here waiting for orders, you all will see soon and very soon, people being ran over by cars, sub stations blown up, night club killings, where ever you see people gathered trust me you will see terrorist and death THIS SUMMER! Islam is happy to see this Nation division. Sheikh Gilani likes what he see and hears and he will order that jihad should go forth as planned. While ICE and the FBI with Homeland Security are hunting down Mexicans, Islam is building it’s army in our back yard, instead of ridding this Nation of CAIR, the MOA and the Muslim Brotherhood, we are getting rid of the working forces who gets out in the scorching sun to pick our food, while Islam is laid back waiting to blow up this Country. This is my opinion, I am not asking anyone to agree with me, I am just trying to see where a lot of you are coming from and why do a lot of you trust that Islam in this Country is better for America then having hard working Mexicans? THE GATES OF HELL HAS JUST BEEN OPENED, Believe it!

  20. Craig Vandertie

    So, you have illiterate people, barely know how to speak English, but just because 1 of their own enlists in the military they are put on the fast track for citizenship, does that mean they are still required to go through the same process for naturalization as foreigners in the past?

    • They are not Illiterate, they grew out here for the most part. The also speak English.
      The Country for over 100 years have help , people that have served in out Military become Naturalize Citizens. Yes they are required to go through the same process, only because of their service it is expedited.

  21.…need to realize , Mexicans have a long history here , along with the Native Americans . And as history is re-written , nobody will ever know the either existed . As for the GD muslim , lol…I will let history tell that story too. STFU

    • So you’d take terrorist, diseased illegals ? There’s a reason there’s an entry process. Your country would’nt allow American’s into their country without inoculations so why should we ? Your country still has firing squads and old as ass prisons you put people in who come into your country ilegally. Muslims were not a part of American history.

      • Wtf r u talking about? …u gd idiot

        • wtf r u talking about ? I don ‘t even abbreviate that blasphemy followed. by an insult. Who are you ?

          • Who am I?..I am someone who doesn’t talk with gd idiots and I sure as hell wasn’t talkin to you

          • The Hospital know that you slipped out again?
            Time for you Meds.

          • Your’re a filthy talking idiot and I was’nt talking to you .Don’t respond to me again. I don’t talk to blasphemous creeps that uses the Lord’s name in vain. Stick to the subject posted.

          • I believe that he is a Troll.
            I have read, many of his past posting. there is not one, that have any value in them.
            I blocked him. Maybe you might like too also!

          • Troll, troll, troll. Can’t you come up with an original name ? Where we’re you when Obama was committing crimes against America ? What crime has My President Trump committed ? We need to bring back stonning for people like you. Judge not least you be judged !

          • Time for your Meds.
            I read your past posts too.
            Try reading mine.
            I was not talking about Trump. I was talking about rkk.
            Try reading and understanding what you have read,before you pop off like a 6 years old.

          • Oh Wow, how original , just like Troll. Can’t you come up with anything Original and intelligent? You must be 6 years old and wanting to play ? Sorry I don’t want to play. Tell your mommy not to let you on computers. This is a site for intelligent conversations.

          • Read my Past posts. Then you may Go To Hell!!

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