President Obama’s Guide to Evaluating Donald Trump

President Obama turned a Laos press conference into a platform for pontification on Thursday, telling reporters that Donald Trump was not ready to assume the responsibilities of the Oval Office.

“I don’t think the guy is qualified to be president of the United States,” Obama said. “And every time he speaks, that opinion is confirmed.”

Obama, an expert on what it means to be unqualified for the presidency, said that he was still certain that the American people would ultimately reject Trump.

“The most important thing for the public and the press is to just listen to what he says and follow up and ask questions to what appear to be either contradictory or uninformed or outright wacky ideas,” he advised.

That’s a wise suggestion, but Obama is assuming that the press and the public will be able to identify the ideas that fall into those categories. With so much at stake in this election, we can’t afford to take anything for granted. We need to come up with some examples so we know what to look for.

For instance, if Trump were to tell the public on one day that a $400 million payment to Iran had nothing to do with the release of American prisoners and then tell us later that the two events were directly dependent on one another, that would fall into the “contradictory” category. Or he could promote a healthcare law using promises that were gradually revealed to be deceptions. Or he could warn an adversary not to cross a “red line” in the sand and then shrug it off when that adversary brazenly called his bluff. That kind of thing.

What about the “uninformed” category? Let’s put our imaginations to work. Trump could, perhaps, dramatically underestimate the threat of a growing terrorist organization, waving them off as a “JV team.” Or maybe he could bumble his way into a nuclear pact with a nation that is hostile to the U.S. and Israel. Conceivably, Trump might even demonstrate a pattern of confusion about the limits of his presidential authority. That would certainly fall into the “uninformed” category, would it not?

So those two categories are simple enough to define, but how do you decide which ideas belong to the “outright wacky” collection? What could Trump say that would belong here? To keep it fun, lets really stretch our creative muscles. What if Trump were to tell successful entrepreneurs that they didn’t really build their own businesses? That would be pretty wacky. What if he said that Islamic terrorism didn’t have anything at all to do with Islam? What if he thought climate change was the greatest threat to America’s national security? What if he told the public that Hillary Clinton, of all people, should be the next president?

Obama explained that Americans needed to be wary of normalizing behavior we would ordinarily “consider completely outrageous and unacceptable.”

Like we said, the man’s an expert.

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  1. POTUS Obama needs a new job when he leaves the Oval Office. Maybe he should become a golf caddy at one of Trumps courses….maybe he will find his calling in life chasing after balls. Playing with balls is his passion. He holds the record for most golf games played on tax payer time as president.

  2. Wish we could had this on potus obama as I and many others have rejected him as our president, what a doofus he is.

  3. The POTUS is correct on all counts. Con artist, pathological liar, deadbeat der Trumpemfuehrer should be tarred and feathered and everybody he has done business with agrees because they ALL got stiffed.

    • Or, JUST MAYBE, obobo was talking about HIMSELF !! You know, since obobo is THE WORST POTUS THIS REPUBLIC HAS EVER SEEN !!!

    • You are somewhere else in not in my world. If anybody votes for Hillary they will also be scared with being a damn liar themselves. People like you don’t think for yourself you would rather have a criminal and liar control you. Very sad

    • Having your head in the sand has made you insane. Hillary is the criminal and con artist. It is all right there in front of your face. Every time on of these liberals talk about Trump like this, his poll numbers go up! Sick of liberals, sick of Obama, and sick of uneducated, intellectual inferior posting stupid cap about how great Obama is. He is the worst potus in history

    • rdells you have to realize that unlike us, these folks haven’t read a book or had an original cognitive thought in 20 years, maybe more. Facts have no value here, lies are honered. They believe right wing fascist radio and they consider sitting around a table at the “Ham -n-Tater Diner” fanning the flames of ignorance with each other is a ‘think tank’ when its just group masturbation. This group knows nothing about Putintrump or the selfish evil in his past or the fact that if elected he will end civilization as we have known it; they just know that he’s not black, a woman or a Democrat. Remember its 1950 in their alternate universe . Prepare yourself for a new Bible verse…’the stupid shall inherit the earth ‘, like a cockroach infestation.

      • You know the saying that even a broken clock is right – here is your first time today. Romney infamously mentioned the 47%ers that just use this country for benefits and popping out welfare babies. George Carlin would have had so much new material about the ignorant masses that elected BHO, the slick mack daddy Prez, cuz he is gonna give me a free phone, free rent, and so on. RIP Carlin

      • Eloquently stated and spot-on in every respect. I do love trolling the ignorant – no boat required here!!

      • Forgot!! I love George Carlin. He was spot-on 95+% of the time.

  4. “I don’t think the guy is qualified to be president…”. This coming from the least qualified person to be POTUS. You are the biggest horse’s patooty I have ever seen. You will go down in history as the worst thing that ever happened to America. After you leave office, the only person in the country that will be happy you were president is Jimmy Carter.

    • If you actually read books besides ‘Sam, I Am’, attended lectures, school or forums; watched any educational TV instead of ‘Bonanza’ you and this gaggle of the dated and uninformed would discover that the conversation by those who decide such things as presidential rankings is about “great or near great?” for our President . Actually the ‘poor’ list includes Hoover, Harding and Dubya(election coup ’00)..

  5. obama has not once, in his entire farce of a ‘presidency’ had the slightest clue what actual Americans want or what is best for this country. He’s far to busy praising the enemy, bringing them here to make killing us easier. Throwing open our borders to any and all and making it as easy as possible for them to take advantage of our tax dollars. Ensuring the world that the United States is NOT exceptional, Forcing grown men in dresses who insist on being called Xena warrior princess into the bathroom with frightened little girls, fostering hate and manufacturing chaos because of his own hatred for this country and to divert attention from his massive failures in every category. Deliberately causing an unprecedented disrespect and hatred for our military and police officers. Which has led to their murder. This list could go on all day. He is a resounding disgrace. And will be a Stain on this country’s history.

    • wow Nata-lie how do you get so much backward ass thinking in such a small space(above n’ tween ur ears)? When you and the rest of these monkeys are ready to break the chains, spoon feeding and rid your heads of those shiny hats of biased right wing fascist radio let me know. There’s a detox center close to you and I can help with admissions . Seriously, get some help soon.

      • Working hard to carry the water for the failure that has inested our Nation for the Past 8 Years.
        Must be a hell of a job for a TROLL.

      • luvsgunsandamerica

        Folks who live in liberal glass houses shouldn’t be throwing boulders at anyone jazzyboy

        • Your side lost two elections. Your last offering startwd two wars and doubled the debt.

          • The traitor in the White House your president not mine has turn terrorists loose that should still be in Guantanamo Bay he told Isis when he was going to pull our troops out so all they had to do was sit back and wait for our troops to leave the country and what happened when our troops left Isis took over, he is a traitor he is a treasonous piece of trash who is hell bent on the destruction of America if you do not see that then you are a treasonous piece of trash who should be run out of our country plain and simple

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Again people like me and people like you are never going to agree, I almost hope that, that piece of trash Hillary Clinton wins the election, because there are 23 States that I’ve already said if she is elected they are going to secede from the Union, And the only person believing lies are Are socialist and anti-American liberals like you, you could not realize the truth you could not admit to the truth if your own life depended on it, that’s how warped and sick you people are,How many times has Hillary Clinton been caught doing things she should not have done and I know you’ll come up with “she hasn’t been convicted of anything” well it’s hard to convicted criminals when the Department of Justice it’s just as crooked as she is it’s hard to impeach a treasonous traitor in the White House when his entire Administration is nothing but socialist Muslim sympathizing trash which is what you are I bet you are a Muslim, we already know you’re a trash liberal but I bet you are a scumbag Muslim also

          • Secede from the Union?
            Go ahead, make my day.
            Save your insults for someone you can impress.
            Save your lies for someone you can fool.

          • I still know how to use a rifle,,,,I even still know how to lead a platoon and remember my infantry tactics.

            And you do know Texas is 100% legally allowed to secede. In fact I heard if the cackling witch wins they are going to build a wall – On the NORTH border to keep out the huge mob or people fleeing the Socialist States of Hillery

          • You are a bit confused. That was before the American Civil War.

          • Why does Killery need to lie? (Proven by the FBI at almost every turn). I would rather have a “Newby” POTUS than a “Lying, Profiteering Bitch” (Who is, by all visual indications, Physically sick), POTUS

          • “She did it, then so can I.

            That is about as childish as it gets. Then you add the immature foul lamgiage.

          • So please tell me, what was the “immature foul language”?

          • That language which a gentleman does not use in the presence of ladies.

          • OK,,,,”Foul Language” , “Childish” and her favorite “That’s Ignorant”

            Uses them all the time instead of stating facts.

          • Those are facts.

          • You are no Gunny. They don’t l call people by childish names.

          • Aw come on Princess, I have the DD214(N) (21 years of “fun in the sun”) to prove it and the “Agent Orange” Cancer Diagnoses to also prove it

          • I have a DD 214 from the VIetnam War and had the nightmares to go with it. I was a surgical resident. Uncle put me throgh medicak school. He owned me for six years.
            My parents were career military. I was active duty. I have two husbands buried at Arlington — KIA Vietnam. My third husband recently passed, also had Vietnam War injuries and was carrer military.

          • Well Princess, I actually “Fibbed” to you. My “Agent Orange” Cancer (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) was “Burned” out with “Chemo” 5 years ago, BUT I was just recently Diagnosed with
            “Pancreatic Cancer” (Terminal (Less than one year)). I’m not looking for the Sympathy Vote (but I will “suck up” to it on occasion (why not, I’m the one that’s dying)). We were associated with the Riverine Patrol (Brown Water Navy) on my first tour in VN, hell, they liked me so much they kept me for two more tours.
            Just remember, She may not have been Convicted in a Court of Law for Prevarications, but in the Voting Public’s mind, She’s Toast and the initial ground swell of support is all but receding. (Trump ain’t the best, but he’s way better that her (and we desperately need the (“Hope and”) “Change” that was promised to us over 7 years ago).

          • Hillary may have lied. Trump on the other hand is a documented, habitual law-breaker.

            The DOJ has repeatedly charged him for housing disctimination.

            The DOJ has repeatedly charged him with employment disctiminaiton.

            Each time he pays the fine and walks away and keeps right on breaking the law.

            Trump has been sued pver 3,500 times. There are 70 new law suits just this year.

          • Bullshit.

            Those lawsuits are to companies that he either owns or are working for the Trump Companies.

            And that includes suits BROUGHT by the Trump Companies, or their contractors.

            Other then not being a veteran I can see she knows NOTHING about the construction business

          • You know one of the things about this AKlady? She is not only a commie troll but a liar.

            I read a month ago that in 1996 11 million guys CLAIMED to have gone to Vietnam. In 2006 or whatever that number had grown to like 14 million.

            Here is the kicker, There were only 2 odd million of us TOTAL. and over one million of our brothers (and a few sisters) have died. In other words there are only a million of so of us left. — And Comrade AK aint one of us.

            OH, I was a Combat Engineer, Base camp my Phu Hip 4 (Outside of Tuy Hoa, but we were all over the central highlands picking mines out of the road when we weren’t rebuilding bridges that Charley seemed to dislike intently.

            Back on topic.

            Trump for the White House
            Clinton for the BIG house

            (At the VFW we are handing out “Veterans for Trump” Bummer Stickers but keep running out.

          • No “Sympathy” vote from me if you don’t know what a “DD-214” is (It’s an “Official Record” of everything you that affected your time in the Armed Forces, without the “Fluff”) You don’t get a DD-214 for being some place (You only get them when you are “Officially Discharged/Released from Active Duty”). If you don’t know that, then everything else you said is BS.

          • Someone tells you when and where they served and you insult. I saved a lot of lives, were you one of them.

          • I doubt if we ever saw each other as all of the Doctors, PA’s and/or Corpsmen I had were stationed on Guided Missile Destroyer’s (DDG) or even smaller Radar Picket Escort’s (DER) and I’m not insulting when I (and others) correct you (without dinergerating). A “DD-214” is an Official Document generated for the Armed Forces Member whom is being “Separated” (Discharged) by the last Command they were attached. You don’t get them for places you have been, you get them for what you did in the Armed Service, such as Awards, Medals, Accommodations, Honorable Service Time (You have to pay back anytime you spent confined in Jail (Known as “Bad Time”)). So what is insulting about that, Princess?

          • “Princess” I’ve known men like that. Another favorite of that type is “kitten”. They cheat right and left.
            I told you I served and where I served. You decided to insult. You have kept doing so.

          • Please name/show me the “Insult”, If anything that I’ve said is Insulting then you have very Thin Skin, I have only cited Facts (and I have NEVER fooled around on my Wife (Ever)) Life’s a Bitch, then you Die! (plus I married 3 of them and now I’m dying). I “Flirt” with any woman (even in front of my wife), it’s makes them feel good about themselves and they know I’m ‘Harmless’ (Drugged (and with these drugs, ain’t nuttin’ gonna happen (EVER)), Hunched over and with a Cane, and if any woman can’t take a “Complement”, Then they can “go and Piss up a Rope”, (Old Navy saying for “Go away, your bothering me and wasting my time”). Being a Female and an “OR” type, you most likely ran in to a lot of Officers (Surgeons) that were Chauvinistic pigs, You should have lowered your aim and got a Single (E-7 to E-9) Enlisted type that was not involved in a relationship already (Either On or Off the Duty Station, or back in the “World” (US)).

          • Life is veey nice, thank you.
            The alternative is dead.

          • And my body is driving as fast as it can towards the Alternative (you still didn’t show me the insult).

          • Assume, assume, blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • The worthless commie useful idiot has been claiming to be prior service. – If she had actulaay been in she would know you don’t get a DD214 for being in The Nam. She doesn’t even know what a DD214 is.

            Hey, I got Chloracne from Orange, and my oldest son has Ranauds as a bonus souvenir of southeast Asia.

            Ever hear this. “Hey daddy, Who was the last casuality of Vietnam?” Father answers “Your Grand Children”

          • I too have a “Minor” touch of Chloracne on my legs (swimming in the Rivers? Drinking the water? Cooking with the Water? Wearing Uniforms washed it the water?). What do you use as a “Cleanser/Soap”? I was using “Phisohex” ” until they quit manufacturing it. Now all we’er left to use is “Safeguard” anti-Bacterial hand soap (Virtually worthless for the application).

          • What fucking marine corps are you talking about?

            More proof you never so much as drove past a military installation.

          • First of all, it is the U.S. Marine Corps. Have some respect.
            Marines do not go around acting llike kindergarten children.
            On the other hand, when they have been shot up bad, they beg for their mommy, just like many other soldiers who are afraid they are going to die.

          • Since when is labeling HRC a “Lying, Profiteering…” (She looked awfully sick in the Videos of her being escorted out) and yes , one branch of the United States Marine Corps has it’s top enlisted members known as Gunnery Sargent’s and are therefor known as “Gunny’s” (and the nickname is used with pride among its members).

          • Deny Deflect, and Project. – I read you Communist manual but what page is that on?

            Just remember. There are a lot of us that are pushing to bring back the HUAC. Are you going to come clean or plead the 5th?

          • Executed along with the rest of the traitors .

          • yAK yAKLady, you need to pray for global warming, your pea brain seems to be stuck in permafrost.

          • Come on up here, I’ll stick your head in the permafrost and watch you drown. What used to be a frozen swamp is now thawing.

          • I can’t believe that you of all people, is threatening to kill someone! I have noticed one thing though, You haven’t defended Killery for being a Lying, Profiteering Bitch (proper noun for a female canine).

          • That sounds like a threat. Believe me when I say, you’re ALMOST man enough.

          • Thank you.

          • luvsgunsandamerica

            No,ignorant trash as yourself elected a monkey to the white house.So go spend your welfare check and fo

          • We the People do not elect a President.

            We the People have never elected a President.

            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.

            Start with the Electoral College.

          • luvsgunsandamerica

            You first

          • And what has B. HUSSEIN O. done?? He has added more debt than all U.S. Presidents in history combined, has put more people on welfare, has the lowest labor participation percentage in decades, really a track record to be proud of if you want this once-great country flushed down the toilet.

          • Two lies:

            1) Congress spends the money.

            2) The Reagan Administration increased the debt 288%

            3) The Bush Bush II Administration increased the debt 86%

            4) The Obama Administration has increased the debt 49%.

            The total federal debt in relation to the economy is reaching historically high levels — approaching levels not seen since World War II. But it can also be seen that the rise started long before Obama took office.

        • …’ folks with no brains shouldn’t be allowed out of their padded rooms.

      • go back to sleep…….

      • Shit for brains .. Snake shit for brains fits better

      • Where have you been the last almost eight years, asleep? Nothing Natalie said is untrue. It is idiots like you that cling to the idea that Obama has done nothing wrong and has been good for the country.

        • He’s been in the basement wearing pj’s and drinking hot chocolate living off his parental units.

        • Name what he has done wrong.

          Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • To start with Obamacare his flagship the thing he wanted to go down in history for is a complete joke it’s a waste it’s not working everybody’s premiums that are on Obamacare is going to go up and then they’re not going to be able to afford it, that’s just the start idiot his big Obamacare the thing that was named after him is a failure, everything he has ever done in the white house has been nothing but a failure except for the fact that he is brought America down, he is brought division between the white people and the black people, he has opened the borders up to let all kinds of foreigners in, illegal foreigners, if you come into the country legally I got no problem with that, if you come across our borders illegally you need to be thrown out of our country just as soon as you are found, again everything he put his hands on is a complete failure and the fact that you will not admit that just shows you are a brainwashed idiot

          • Congress makes thw laws.
            Congress spend the money.
            Every administration, begingin with Eisenhower, has attempted 6o put some form of national health care.
            America is the sole moder, omdistrialize country that allows people to die simply because they cann afford to buy heatlh care.

          • You must have slept through the delivery of the memo that Obama has been illegally bypassing Congress, and made the statement that he has a phone and a pen and will do as he pleases.

          • Suggest you read Article II, Section 2 of the
            U.S. Constitution.

          • Not us, We know it.

            It’s the Royal Exhausted Boma and his lap dog RINODEE congress that needs to brush up on it. And go to jail for numerous violations of it.

          • Name one violaion.
            Surely, you can name one?

          • Yea, The RINO/Democrat Elene Establishment, congress hereafter RINODEE Congress (pronounced Rinode) congress.


        • It is the brainwashed, such as yourself, who arw unable to see the truth brfore them.

        • It is all untrue. Every word.

      • Ah, the minstrel of happy songs! Those of us who LIKE a free America instead of Animal Farm with G. Napoleon Soros with his minion attack dogs (ANY of rabid Democrats & esp. Billary…) also tend to be law-abiding & don’t wish to have traitorous criminals (indited or not) in the White House. We’ve already suffered through 8 years of illegal 7 clandestine activity, being ruled by fiat, we don’t need or wish for more.
        If you’re happy living under criminals, socialists, then go find another country which can fulfill your desires – Cuba, Russia, Laos & even Brazil come to mind….

        • Mark, they would none of them take in more trash as they are already overloaded with trash, especially lazy trash looking for handouts, and that is Jazz, the brainless.

        • Here’s a happy song, just for you Mark…ENJOY!

          • That’s probably the highest level venue of “music” that you can handle, huh? The harmonica player’s pretty good, though

          • No, I was raised in music; I love opera, especially the Romantic German composers. Symphonic, chamber, any choral forms very intrigued by the dissonant writers of late 50’s- 60’s . Rock-the esoteric bands primarily ‘YES’. Jazz-Ellington , Armstrong, Bird, Coletrain , Davis, Kenton. American songbook stuff/singer song writers- Sinatra, Clooney, Garland Connick/Taylor, Chafin, Cat Stevens, Dylan . Pop-STRIESAND, Midler, Joel, Simon &G. Big band, and Preservationists like LeFarge(big with college crowd, I really like his 20’s white jazz. Discovered by Jack White of ‘White Stripes’, Has done Letterman, Prairie Home Companion, the Opry, these guys are very hot right now 6 records full albums, real very real ), who I heard live last Saturday, Leon Redbone, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies . I just heard Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang on tour…OMG! Also passionate about DCI Drum Corp International . There’s a short list, basically any thing not Rap, Rock, or Country, which is feeble at best . How about you? Hey lots more Pokey on YouTube , that harmonica is hot. He’s added trumpet clarinet.

      • Hey Jazzbelly you the guy dressed up as a clown offering money to little kids in Minnesota?

        • If you are NOT an imbecile just look closely at the clown’s face and you will recognize it. If you ARE an imbecile you won’t, nor will you catch on to the joke. (Just guiding you to the light).

          • Ya ya I know you dumb fools have nothing legitimate to criticize Trump about so lets make him up like a clown or call him an orange orangutan. Or maybe you think he has a small wee wee or he you dislike his comb over. You perverts find it amusing to have naked statues of him in your sanctuary cities.
            It would be too difficult for most Hillary zombie followers to actually critique the man for what he says, it is easier to be catch your news about Mr. Trump from Trevor Noah

          • Late night liberal biased talk shows, comedians that are told what to say, yep thats where the Liberals get their news

          • Where is you so-called consewrvative going to get the money to pay foe his promises?

          • From taking away the free stuff…. How dose If you don’t work, you don’t eat sound?

            And what in the hell are you saying hypocrite? Are you telling me the Cackling Witch was not intending to spend WAY more then even the Royal Exulted Boma?

          • You advocate putting children in the streets to beg?
            YOu advocate putting the diabled into the streets to beg?
            We already let people die who cannot afford to buy health care.
            WHAT FREE STUFF?

          • Congress spends the money.
            You elect Congress.

          • Really? How is he going to pay for everything he says he will do? Some business plan he has put out there, LOL.

          • Are your credit cars maxed out? Unlike Bush, Obama knows Americans such as yoyrself won’t pay for another war. You ahve not paid for the last 14.

          • Thank you.

          • Where is the money?
            Your way already put us on the brink of bankruptcy.

          • We recognized you as soon as you wrote the first post.

      • So are you happy North Korea is testing nuke missles?
        How about when Obumbum drew the line in the sand with Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Must be proud that Putin is going in and removing the remaining 600 tons of the chemical weapons stock pile? Did you hear just this week more chlorine gas was released on Syrian women and children?
        Your POTUS is a laughing stock to many world leaders, let alone has only zombies like yourself that think his SJW executive orders are truly worth any attention with all the chaos occurring across the globe.
        Half of America think BHO and HRC are traitors, how can so many hold this opinion? We are all not ‘loony, alt right’ individuals, rather we are intelligent people who have seen the last 8 years as faliled leadership via a community organizer that can’t even reveal his college transcripts because the cheaop bastard used foreign student aid to get his college education.
        Seriously, we are not disillusioned with Trump, we realize that Hillary is the last nail in the coffin for America.

        • Good to know one of you is thinking, I disagree but you have valuable objectivity. Most here are drowning in hearsay and spin, its saddening and scary . Thanks for your cognitive thoughts, appreciate .


          • You need to look at the federal debt. Either tell Congress to increase taxea or shut your mouth.

          • How about instead of raising taxes we quit giving money to foreign countries we quit funding NATO how about the government be responsible and not spend money that they should not, Case in point that idiot in the White House just gave money 10 million dollars to a country so they can go out and find unexploded Ordnance let them spend their own money and go out and find them, again you’re a moron everytime I read one of your posts your stupidity comes through time and time again you are an idiot

          • Amercan ordenance that America shuld have cleaned up.

            Which is more expensive for the taxpayer: 1) bribes, 2) war or 3) terrorism?

          • You do realize that ordenance basically qualifies as atomic waste?

            Probably not.

            Depleted uranium is the ‘tank buster” choice.

            Frankly, I prefer we pick up that ordance before it is put into terrorist’s dirty suitcase bombs .

          • Real dangerous,,,,We made cancer therapy heads for Picker and used expended uranium for the primary shield for the cobalt pill. I kept the blanks in my desk drawer. OHHHH MANNNN Really dangerous stuff. (Lead, Cadmium, Znk. and Brass are more dangerous contaminants)

            I really think you actually believe that bullshit about the EU but then you also believe in global warming.

            You need to research what you are talking about before proving what a damn fool you are,,,,Comrade.

          • Uranium is a toxic metal.

            The impact of weapons spreads contamnation over a wide area.

            That leads to both ingestion and chronic exposure.

            Medical scientists do not agree with your opinion.

            Remember those radium dials on those old watches? The ones they took off the market?

          • How large of a tax increase are ypu willing to pay?
            Just sauing, you know, war os expemsive. We already have 14 that are unpaid.

        • AMEN;VERY TRUE.

          • Let Obama know when you are ready to pay for what you want. Until that keep your mouth shut. The Bush Wars have already put American on the brink of bankruptcy.

        • U mean seriously screwed up between the ears – empty space will do that.

        • You, the American, resfuse to pay for the last 14 altercarions America has entered into. Now you want to add amother one onto the credit card?

        • Name calling is so nursery school.

        • The last 14 interventions were made on borrowed money. That debt is not yet paid for.

        • You are a news-speak sponge.

      • Really what rock did you just crawl out from under? What part of what he said was not the truth? Maybe we should find a few of these rag heads and put them in you neighborhood. I live in Tx and I know of at least a thousand of them that may be we here in Tx might just round them up put them on a bus and ship them out. We know how to find you so watch out you could have neighbors in a few days.

      • Come on, Jazz, you know you love Obama and hate America and waste your time and effort on worthless blogging. You aren’t cutting any ice nor getting any fans. However, I am sure your weak ego loves the attention right or wrong. You are a disgrace to America and best you pack up and leave but for sure no other country would tolerate you for 5 mins. and without visa or permit to enter some of those countries, they would shoot you on site for invading their soil and that is an Act of War. Tootle lu!

        • Building a border wall is an act of war.

          • A war is already underway. The wall is an act of self defense, and perhaps even just a little well-deserved retaliation.

          • Walls keep people is, as well as out.
            You wouls be well-advises to remember that.
            Trump is already buddiea with Putin.

          • No secured borders, no country. It’s imperative we secure our border!

          • No we don’t we need to knock ’em down wherever their found…especially those around our hearts .

          • Shut up take your meds and crawl back in your hole! When I want your opinion I’ll give it to you!!

          • You solicited my opinion .

          • You are exactly right.
            Our failure to act during the early part of WW II is unforgivable.
            That time around, American bigots allowed eight million innocent to die.
            How many have already been allowed to die this time around?

          • If you and Jazzbelly rub your two IQ points together it might burn a calorie. The stupid is strong in you two. Good grief.

          • How do you plan on paying for it?
            Also, how do you plan on replacing all the taxes those i;legals are paying?

          • Trump wants to make America just like Communist East Germany.
            He is already good friends with Putin.

        • Hate America? That is exactly what your last choice did, and the one before him Reagan tripled the national debt, Bush doubled it.

          Where is your Trump going to get the money to pay for what he wants? How many times has he filed bankruptcy?

          • What!! Mrs. Know-it-all doesn’t know anything about math or economics? Say it ain’t so ho.

          • Reagan in office 1981-1989

            Federal fiscal year runs 10/01 through 09/30.

            Debt on 09/30/1981 — $997,855,000,000.00

            Debt on 09/30/1989 —

            Do the math. It is simple division.

      • JazzBelly, thanks for coming in and demonstrating what an overdose of breathing liberal intestinal gas can do to someone. I’m told that cyanide is the only viable antidote.. let us know how that works.

      • Please don’t engage the troll. This one is monumentally stupid. Engaging it only prolongs the stupidity. Don’t be a part of that.

        • Sorry Natalie I couldn’t resist feeding the little brain starved troll.

          • That’s okay, I’ve done it myself on occasion. Sometimes it’s just fun to poke them, especially the really stupid ones. This on gives stupid whole new meaning. It’s kind of like a guilty pleasure. Without the guilt.

          • ROFLOL You are totally right! Thanks for understanding. God Bless you.

          • God bless you too and watch out, AK lady was on here a few minutes ago, she’s another extreme liberal wacko. Also fun to mess with though.

          • Now AK lady is one Moron I have had enough of so I saved myself alot of time and energy by blocking her. The only thing I see now under her name is. This user is blocked
            Oh happy day!

      • Does the TRUTH hurt jazz wipe?


      • Did your EBT sucking libturd breeders have any offspring that lived or even had a brain cell that made it past the 2nd grade? Can’t fix STUPID with racist libturds! Why do libturds hate facts and truth???

      • “these monkeys”..You racist prick!! Calling our esteemed president and his family monkeys! Shame on your libTURD azz!

      • You poor commie useful idiot.

        It must be really disheartening when you have to defend such a low life criminal and have nothing to work with. .

        Bet you will be happy as hell when he goes back to playing golf.

        • Now I understand Molk, …..Millerputintrump 65% high school or less 20% college grads. Seriously, who knew ‘high school or under was still a category ?

    • GREAT comment, Natalie!

    • Little secret Natalie – President is the head of state. They do not have power, they are there to administrate, look good and shake hands. The decisions are made in the House’s – recommend you read up about the government, might help you make better choices. You’re a fool – not because I’m defending Obama, but because you don’t know how the country works, along with the other 27 that “up-voted” you. God help us! This shouldn’t be Patriot News, more like News4MoronS.

      • This list is from 2013, he’s made many many more bad decisions and imposed his absurd, treasonous, un-American ‘beliefs’ on us many more times since then. Perhaps you don’t realize this, being one of the blind, deluded completely misinformed ones who actually calls himself ‘mrpoohead’ and apparently feels qualified to comment about something you clearly know nothing about. The anger, frustration, disgust, shock and utter bewilderment millions of Americans feel for this traitor come from the fact that he SHOULD NOT have been able to make many of these decisions on his own. But he did. And the decisions he needed approval for that in a sane world governed by sane people would never have been approved were. Perhaps you should ‘read up’ about our government before making comments that just make you sound ridiculous. For you I’d suggest starting at the sixth grade level and working your way up from there.

        • Excellent post.??????
          Hope he listens, but doubtful.

          • Thank you, I’d like to think that many of them don’t believe the nonsense they spew, and are just doing their ‘job’. Disrupting conservative conversation while trying to misinform and mislead. It would be interesting to find out how many of them, the young ones especially come on these sites believing the propaganda and hating us because of it only to realize we aren’t the bad guys, we are telling the simple truth and THEY have been mislead. Of course some of them are so far gone the truth has ceased to matter. But they can’t ALL be that blind.

          • Think you’ll find the reason it doesn’t make the mainstream media is it is baseless – they’d get sued without substance. Realistically they would love it – sell more papers. Duh!

          • The truth doesn’t make the mainstream media because it doesn’t fit their fairy tale narratives. They don’t objectively report the news anymore they sell it. You do realize that liberals started off as the anti-establishment right? That their original message was ‘fight the power’. Their motto was expand your mind, listen to others and learn. Over the last forty years they’ve morphed into the sad, pathetic, narrow minded, my way or the highway establishment line toers you are today. Others have become the establishment. Or their warped, communistic version it. Those first liberals would be ashamed.

          • Liberal – “free from restraint”. Not really anti-establishment.

            Mainstream media will get sued if they print something they cannot substantiate – duh! Thus, no substance – you retarded monkey.

          • Wow your dumb. I should have taken my own advice and not wasted my time on a troll.

          • “you’re”. No troll just pragmatic realist who doesn’t think they’re in the Twilight Zone – duh!

          • The mainstream media will not get sued anymore because of the Fox News case. Although liberals love to site the Fox News case is reason for Fox News lying when the truth is they were just trying to win a lawsuit and used it as a defense whereas the liberal media takes the win from the Fox News case and literally manipulates people because they can get away with it and they know it.

          • Trump’s wife is suing an idiot, the mainstream isn’t going to print something un-substantiated for fear of ligation or embarrassment. Credibility – gone, flown out the window.

          • Another Trump law suit to add to the 70 for this year. The grand total is over 3,500.

          • I didn’t know that – wow! Where’s my lawyer, there must be someone I can sue.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Crooked lying Hillary what difference does it make……Hillary= Liar

          • More stolen intellectual property.

            Stealing and stalking.

            Excellent example of why we cannot allow Trump to be President.

          • The mainstream media only spins little garbage and that is nearly almost always true

          • They report, they do not BS – their credibility would be gone. Facts outweigh hyperbole.

          • And neither can they all be saved. Sad but true.

          • “the truth has ceased to matter” you mean like Horozitz?

        • Sorry, but FrontpageMag hardly reputable source. I am banned from posting there as I pointed out the gapping holes in Mr Horowitz’s arguments. He is a Nazi with a different hatred and only believes in free speech if it is the same “speech” as his.

          First on the list is garbage, I can’t be bothered with the rest as Mr Horowitz wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the backside.

          If you have any real substance let me know.

          • You were probably banned from posting there for annoying people with your glaring ignorance. You realize you’ve just called someone named Horowitz a Nazi right? There were source’s for everything on that list. I’m guessing you didn’t bother to check any. Your kind never does. You are content to be spoon fed lies. It is ‘liberals’ who are the ones doing everything in their power to curtail free speech. At least the kinds they don’t like and there are literally mountains of evidence that proves this. You speak of substance as if you know what that is. Your very uninformed and error filled posts tell me you don’t. Substance in this case is facts, evidence to back up your assertions. You have shown none so far and have attempted to deny REAL substance without any. You really should consider a new line of ‘work’. Unless your bosses over at fairy tales are us are okay with foolish drivel passing as ‘arguments’.

          • Nope, because i drove a truck through his idiotic claims.

            Appreciate irony of calling Horowitz a Nazi, but changing who you hate makes no difference. Still a Nazi!

            The first on the list is garbage – Senate decided and went to Obama, whose initial comment was “can’t we get out of the other two first”. Fail again Horowitz! Well documented comment.

            I question everything, which is how and why I could drive a truck through his rubbish.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


          • Funny how folk with “God” around alway seem the most un-Christian. These sites just crack me up – zero facts, full of bile, if they have more brain cells than an amoeba I’d be surprised. Apologies to amoeba’s.

          • Really tired of the liberal come back that you didn’t quote a reliable source.

            Hey moron…..I check all sources g
            For reliability each time an article!! I do not asssume that if a source is known to be reliable then I can just believe what they say because I hear they are reliable and if someone tells me they’re not reliable then I don’t believe what they say . Because what happens with that is exactly what happens with all you people on the left. You believe that all your sources to tell you what you want to hear and agree with what you think are all reliable and all other sources or not not checking a single source for any truth but believing what someone else who believes exactly the same way you do tells you about a source. That leads to ignorance.

          • Childish name calling.
            So not impressive.

          • Not on the left – do like facts. Horowitz doesn’t have any, just hyperbole which one can drive a truck through.

        • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


      • Oh really Poo-Poo! Better do some cross checking on what he’s done on his own for nearly eight years before you make false and idiotic statements like this.

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        • Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !ri490f:
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        • Well substantiate then. A million dollars to one says you have nothing.

      • Michelle Minze-Bryant

        Isn’t that sort of the point Natalie is getting to? All the Executive Actions NOT gone through Congress?

      • Hey Moonhead,,,,

        Let’s just forget anything else, including the screw congress “I got a pen and a phone”, but if this dickhead didn;t have anything to do with it how is the (un)affordable health care act known as ObomaCare?

        Maybe it should have been called BerryCare, or how ;bout MichalleCare?

        Who’s the fool now?

        ANd for the record, check the constitution and you will find that as the head of the executive branch it is the president’s responsibility to see to it that all federal laws are carried out. – I wounder. Would that include the one about mishandling classified information?

        • Hey moron; The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare, is a United States federal statute enacted by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. Enacted is the “word” – initially two party initiative during Bush Admin.

          “President’s responsibility” is too administrate the laws/bills/deals passed by the Houses. Thus FBI responsibility to decide on action if there is something to answer for not the President. No one is allowed that sort of power under the Constitution. Duh!

          • Actually Obamacare was passed by all Democrats support without one single Republican voting yes which is pretty much dogging the system. They did this because they know no Republican whatever who voted for that and passing that kind of long knowing that half of the country would not ever approve of it is asinine and wrong.

            And Obama has absolutely used his pen and his phone to pass law by executive Fiat. Let’s not pretend he didn’t because you say he didn’t

          • Suggest you read the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 2.

          • It was and remains a two party initiative. What happens thereafter not really the point is it?

            Majority wins – C’est la vie! We were the only country in the modern world without a public system.

            Well show me one Executive Order then. Not much to ask. Fail!

          • Pay no attention to mrpoohead and the AKLady!! Both of their heads are filled with $hit!!

          • Poop that actually turns out to be factual as opposed to the absurd BS and hyperbole that everyone else writes here. Nighty, nighty. Bedtime!

        • Congress makes the laws.
          Congress spends the money.
          Congress passed the ACA.
          You elect Congress.
          Your foul language is anything but impressive.
          How old are you … 11, 13?

      • Well it appears that congress, the house of representatives, the senate forgot and gave this monkey man everything he wanted?

        • ……….it appears that Dennis B doesn’t know or understand the Constitution or prove otherwise. What did he do? Where’s the proof?

          • The fact is the GOP is scared to impeach Obama for his Lawless Deeds because they are scared that the Democrats will bub and label them true racist like they’re always accused of. So Obama gets away with the color of his skin as pushing the liberal agenda as far as he can and the Democrats back in because they’re getting their ideology pushed on everyone else and the Republicans don’t stop and because they fear the media and being called racist. Again let’s not pretend because your beloved lamestream media didn’t report it that it’s not true. The facts are there for everyone to see whether the media reports them correctly or not

          • There’s nothing to impeach or prove. Facts are facts, unfortunately most of yours and these alt-right sites have few or they are so far apart you can drive a truck through them.

            I believe my football team are fantastic, but unfortunately their results prove otherwise. Doesn’t mean I don’t “believe”. Back to your cave or bring some proof to the party.

          • C’mon Mike I’m waiting. Shouldn’t take that long; if memory serves he’s written fewer Executive Orders than any President for 50 years. Waiting……………

      • Exactly. Apparently, schools stopped teaching American Government and Civics. So many on this board have no idea how their government actually functions.

    • Our illustrious leader will be remembered as a worm that half the world leaders scoff, laugh at, and that’s it. Talk about a legacy, it’s twice as worse than Bush.

    • Not only doesn’t he have a clue but he could care less have you ever once heard him say about the will of the people or have you ever once heard him say make America prosper know he’s a communist plant here to destroy America playing on his bike over to get by with the things he gets by with what don’t fly With many of the American people because they’re tired of the bullshit black thing

  6. The illegal Muslim in our Whitehouse should be in prison for treason and fraud along with old sick Hitlery and not shooting this lying mouth off

  7. Obama has weakened America, and he is off globe trotting displaying his radical notions. Hillary Clinton is a disgrace and should be imprisoned. Yet Obama wants her in office? You should be wondering WHY?

  8. I would like Obama to keep his lips from flapping, he is a disgusting liar and so is Hillary the liar. They know Trump is going to take down their heathen democratic party and the Rhino’s know their little party is over also.

  9. Yes DaveyJ we all better worry about this. I think he will pull something off if he sees her losing and I believe she is.The liberal media is trying to keep it covered up. The polls don’t make sense either, I’m going to take the biggest poll of all, that is November 8th. Go Trump!

  10. I saw Obunco’s worthlessness long before he got lucky some crumbullers backing him to blindside the public some place on the other side of UTOPIA!

  11. luvsgunsandamerica

    Talk about the kettle calling the fire black,Obozo was and will be forever known as the great pretender in chief.He never did anything in his life except suck off the public teat.I can’t wait until his school records are finally opened and we are assured of his communist upbringing by his whore mother who was paid by soros to bring the little black scamp into our presence.Heaven help us until Jan 20th when he’ll become a note in history.Hopefully just a foot note

  12. I hope Trump becomes president and hires good honest team of men uncover every inch of Obama back ground from minute he was born,,I am sick of little bastard prick Obama

  13. Notice that people like Obama and H.Clinton judge others, as if the many leadership failures they’ve both had, and the laws and regulations they’ve both broken can be brushed aside, because they both can do no wrong. Both have placed this nation in jeopardy, yet H.Clinton thinks, like a blackboard,she can just erase it clean and repeat her lying which she believes has been sufficient to continue her being “the darling” of a stupid, blind, American electorate.

  14. Obama acts like he must approve our next President. He is no one to judge what the voters decide.

    • But only if we voters stands up to the Electoral College members NOT being bought and paid for to push for Hillary and One World Government. If they do, they will find their “strange deaths” because they will not be trusted after her election and that is what globalist evil elite communists do. Read Steve Kroft’s article The Power Behind the Mind online and try to keep from vomiting and what we must do to keep our country!

      • I read it and more-watch Alex Jones’ commentary on that same article and others for an even more sickening revelation! You are so right-Soros has put in print that killer has already won this election because of the system with the electoral college-but this is one election that has defied history and I believe will continue to do so because of what is at stake here-This is the single most important election in my lifetime-and I am praying enough people understand the extreme, dire consequences if the democrats retain power in the form of Crooked, Lying, Wacko killary.


  16. I will help build a guillotine if I can trip the lever on that lying sack spin myster Lynch. Its amazing what some people will do with a little bit of power who had the best intentions in the beginning. My guess the corruption that has creeped into our judicial system you could cut off heads 20 a day for a year in Washington DC for starters. This is our government its not global, and we dont need the rest of the world they need us. I shutter to think what Putin thinks of the american people. Does he think we have lost our minds? What the hell is wrong with you sheeple take back our country. Its still relevent beware of strangers bearing gifts? If you want to take away a power source first you have to have something to replace it with thats better for all.

  17. He still hasn’t learned that people do listen. We listen and watch all of Trumps rallies and press conference’s and so far he has said nothing to change my mind.He still has my vote. I am one of the silent majority and I would bet even money that I am not buy my self. We helped him through the primaries and we will be there for the final say. I my self have had and seen and heard enough of Obamas lies as well as Hillary. Can any of you imagine what kind of lies she would be telling the world if she wins. Like I am running the WH and the Gov. while all the time George Soros is telling her what to do and when to do it through her newly found ear wig. Wouldn’t that just be wonderful. NOT

  18. The choom fried Obama brain and also he is not an American citizen but a Soros puppet must be the only qualifications needed for the WH. NOT! Please go online and read Steve Kroft’s article on The Power Behind the Mask and know we are going to have a battle royal in the next couple of months. It is also time for states to make sure that any representative person of theirs in the Electoral College MUST SUPPORT OUR candidate and not the communist Hillary who is being counseled and supported by Soros! We have a great quantity of rope ready and willing to be used for traitors and no room to coddle them in prison!

  19. Trump not qualified to be POTUS? As opposed to whom? Obama the failure, Obama the fraud, Obama the imposter, who along with crooked Hillary has dragged this country down. We need Trump to make American great again.

  20. Talk about the kettle calling the stove black! Obama never ceases to amaze me with his lack of intelligence or perhaps humor. I am very full of his continual BS, but I always get sucked in to clicking on his topics & getting my laugh for the day…I still, however, wait patiently for the day we say good bye to the worst president in my lifetime of 78 years…GO TRUMP & PENCE ALL THE WAY TO THE WH TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  21. Why didn’t obama say that “all Trump would have to do to be a good President, is NOT do anything like bho did”? That would be a start! Any words of advice coming from THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER, are laughable at best.

    Trump will prove to be 100 times the better President than the fraud in our White House! The “White House Clean Up Crew” will need to bleach and disinfect, fumigate and repaint after the stank obamas leave…get that nasty muslim smell out of our American capitol!

  22. Come on is this real? I wouldn’t trust Obamas opinion on picking out a watermelon. This man has earned
    worldwide disrespect. He trusts in the dumbing down of America that we care about his dangerous whacky CONVULUTED opinions. He put us at risk with his abbérant behavior. He takes joy in enslaving Americans strapping us with debt. He calls us Americans lazy in Loas. We are his indentured servants he is the master that jets sheepishly away. Fascist. We need another EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION by a modern day Abrahan Lincoln. TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  23. Obama is an idiot

  24. This evil entity is really a psychotic demon; if anyone is not qualified to be president it is him and for him to accuse Trump of what he is only illustrates just how evil and diabolical this half-black Muslim-Marxist jihadist is! Too bad he isn’t a horse so that he could be put down for LAMENESS, which he difinitely is!

  25. There needs to be a guide for this racist anti-American POS to read and show how bad and screwed up he has been! Nothing but an unqualified and knowledgeable yard ape ever to occupy the WH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve never seen any president kiss so much foreign ass and invite all of the racist criminals to our WH in history that this POS!

  26. Talk about nerve, or no brains, this guy has been rejected by more Americans than any other President, ever – and now he thinks what his opinion is, should mean something to the rest of us? .
    I think he is sharing his daughters habit. The sooner we get this entire family out of the WH, the better.

  27. you have to give obozo credit for TRYING to sound presidential. All he does is contradict himself and look stupid.

  28. ““I don’t think the guy is qualified to be president of the United States,”

    LMAO! 51% of America, the slovenly, grifter, couch potatos voted your community organizing azz in! Oh, I forgot, you DID get a Nobel Peace Prize. For What????

  29. Really? Worst president ever says this? Missing tax payer money ends up in Clintons account. Dementia setting in. Are they panicked yet? It would seem so. These shams are an abomination.

  30. Where are Millertrump’s tax returns?

  31. Do not know how this Muslim sympathizing Trader has stayed in office as long as he has, Hillary Clinton is the exact same a socialist Muslim sympathizing traitor to our country they both should be taken out of office tried for treason and then executed. Anybody else who is known to be a card-carrying socialist should be given the choice you can leave our country or you can be buried in our country simple as that. It’s time to start standing up and being happy that you are an American, if you are not happy being just an American take your African Pride your Mexican Pride your Asian pride whatever Pride you come from go back to that country and stay out of ours

  32. Obama gets more embarrassing by the day. He has no credibility in anything he says or does. He makes America look weak and gullible. He appears to be much more unfit to be president than Trump. And, to call Hillary the “most qualified person to ever run for president” tells us about his poor judgment. Hillary, the same person who doesn’t know what a “c” means on a confidential e-mail, or has to bleach bit e-mails she claims are only about her yoga and wedding plans for Chelsea, and who managed to run through 13 Blackberries in 4 years, and took a hammer to them to destroy them, and downloaded e-mails pertaining to national security on a laptop, then sent the laptop through the US postal service and claimed it got lost. Right, Hillary sounds real qualified. Not! And, both Obama and Hillary’s foreign policy experience further confirms how unqualified both are, as well as Obama running up $10 trillion in national debt (more than all of the other presidents combined) yet our GDP has never reached 3% in 8 years of his presidency. Yes, Obama sounds much less qualified as president, and we will be so glad when he is gone.

  33. Where is your Trump going to get the money to pay for what he wants? How many times has he filed bankruptcy?

    • To start with we can quit giving money to all the countries that hate us, we can stop funding and paying for all of the NATO operations that are going on, right there would make enough money to pay for the wall, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that and in your case with your third grade education you should be able understand that also, But you are a liberal so I seriously doubt you’ll understand any common sense

      • Which do you think is less expensive: 1) bribery, 2) war or 3) terrorism?

        Save your childish insults for someome you can impress.

        • You asked the question how he will pay for the wall, that’s one way of paying for the wall simple and easy, like I said your third-grade education should be able to make you understand that and as far as trying to impress you I could care less about that dummy

  34. ROTFLMAO !!! Here is a guy who can’t evaluate his golf scores and he makes statements about the next PRESIDENT of the United States, in a foreign country yet. it will be a freat day for the U S when he leaves, if he leaves, and that has some question. If Hillary wins and she and her VP has not been sworn in, and then she resigns due to health, that leaves the door open for Obama to declare something akin to martial law and remain in office until the election finality is straightened out. There is no precedent for the handling of such a move.

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  36. The Pot calling the Kettle Black! I would rather have a “Newby” POTUS than a “Lying, Profiteering Bitch” (who is Physically Sick) POTUS!

    • Preface- Trump says he ‘knows more about Isis(Isil in actuality) than the generals’ then tells us that he will ‘order HIS generals’ to come up with a plan to defeat Isis(Isil)…ok.

      Lauer: “Do you have a plan to defeat Isis(Isil)? You talk about a secret plan.

      Trump: “When I do come up with a plan that I like and that perhaps agrees with mine, or maybe doesn’t—I may love what the generals come back with … I have a plan. But I want to be —I don’t want to — look . I have a very substantial chance of winning. Make America great again. We’re gonna make America great again . I have a substantial chance of winning . if I win, I don’t want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is…and let me tell you , if I like maybe a combination of my plan and the general’s plan or the general’s plan, if I like their plan, Matt , I’m not gonna call you up and say, “Matt, we have a great plan .” ”

      Jazzbelly: WTF ? Commander(5 draft dodges) & (incoherent) Chief.

  37. “Our side” lost 2 last elections because we don’t stoop to cheating, lying, or promising free stuff. We don’t encourage college kids to vote in their college towns and then send absentee ballots back home. We don’t arm ourselves with outdated election rolls that you won’t let the local governments clean up, then bus in illegal immigrants to various polling stations all day to vote numerous times. (Wonder why Dems don’t like voter ID laws?)We don’t come out of an elction with 114% of the votes in a district for one candidate and then look the public in the eye and claim that there is no such thing as voter fraud.We don’t promise Obama phones and free health care, We don’t call your voters “uneducated black males”, but you call Trump supporters “uneducated white males”. Most of those uneducated white males are working in skilled blue collar jobs, most of your uneducated black males are inner citiy unemployed people thanks to your poor policies; but you conveniently gloss over that don’t you? The most crooked political machines in history have been Democrat machines. We didn’t win, because we don’t know that when we go to the polling places with the new fangles machines that our ballot is being cast for who we think it is. We find out after the elction that “oops”, Republican votes were “accidentally” cast for Democrats, but no mention of fixing the error is ever made. So after your party completely destroys the class of hard-working people who are responsible for all the taxes and free stuff, who are you going to go after next? My parents always taught me that you don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

  38. I think the thing I find most amusing about the Obama Presidency is that despite the “no off-white man in the White House” rhetoric he’s got to 8 years and still not shot. Am I to understand from this that the Republican vote has no balls? If so, that would go a long way to explain the military – obviously it is full of Republican’s which is why we could not finish Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan – guess we got lucky in Panama and Grenada. Republican’s – no nuts, just BS and Trump; ooops, sorry same difference.

  39. BLOWbama’s plan, like everything else he does, begins with an accusation and then a land-slide of lies and character assassination. Get ready Donald Trump for the roller coaster ride of Obama lies and name calling. Be tactful in your response. Obama is known to use the race card in a heart beat

  40. I personally find it hard to believe Obama’s evaluation of Mr. Trump’s qualifications when the current president has screwed up everything he gets involved in and on top of that every time he opens his mouth, in time it is proven to be a lie. Like how many times did he say we could keep our doctor and health insurance if we liked it?

  41. This is a good article. Once again Obama going outside the country making an ass out of himself bad mouthing one of our citizens!! Everything the author of the article says about Obama is true and Donald Trump should be proud to be the polar opposite!! I know I’m happy he is!!!

  42. I’m sure that the political leaders in Laos weighed heavily on what that squirm had to say about Trump and busted a gut behind his back. All they want is MONEY.

  43. To AKLady. From FWJr. Does Ass Kissing Lady hhave a brain the size of a pea. Obummer an Killary and the rest of those dirty dozen are corrupt crooked greedy and two of them have blood on their dirty hands. Those four poor souls who was murderd are from the hands of Obummer an Killary. You need to wake up. I’m a military veteran served 8years. Those two hate veterans and police.????

  44. Obama should be in prison for destroying this Country …Trump is fit to be president 2016 ??????

  45. oh! I disagree with part of that statement he knows exactly what’s best for this country that’s why he’s doing everything he can to see the country doesn’t get or do it …why would he do anything for a people or country he hates and that mostly hates him and for good reason

  46. Obama, you are and never have been qualified for the president of the USA. You are the biggest jerk we have ever known. You have lied about your birth place which is Kenya and they are ready to send proof. You are gay and your so called wife is a tranney. You know darn well that you have not told the truth about this. He was your roommate in college and named Michael..Ask your so call mother-in-law as she gave birth to him..Mr. Trump is more qualified then you have ever been.

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  49. Now here’s a guy that can’t or WON’T even address the true meaning of our enemies (Muslim Terrorist) and he expects people to believe he has the common sense to “evaluate” a presidential candidate. His last eight years have proven he doesn’t have the honorable means to evaluate anyone or ANYTHING for that matter. He and Hillary have given their word to the Muslim factor that they will continue to bring in to our country the worst of the Muslims. AND he has turned loose from GITMO the very worst of those who our military risked their lives to bring to justice. This guy is an arrogant, Muslim to the bone himself, POS.

  50. Who would want listen to sick bastard Obama, that has wife with cock Obama likes suck. Just sayin

  51. GODBlessRealAmerica#1

    disgraceful obama

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