President Obama Needs to Control Himself

Donald Trump was a man divided on Wednesday. In the morning, clearly irritated by comments and actions taken by President Barack Obama, Trump tweeted that he was getting angry about the obstacles being thrown in his path.

“Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks. Thought it was going to be a smooth transition – NOT!” said Trump.

Later, in front of his Florida home, Trump took a different tone. Asked by reporters if the transition was moving ahead smoothly, Trump said, “Oh, I think very, very smoothly. Very good. You don’t think so?”

In terms of his ongoing relationship with Obama, Trump assured reporters that there was nothing to worry about.

“Our staffs have been getting along very well, and I’m getting along very well with him,” he said, “Other than a couple of statements that I responded to and we talked about it and smiled about it and nobody is ever going to know because we are never going to be going against each other.”

If anything, Trump should be commended for how he’s handling some of Obama’s blatant attempts to undermine him. Over the last month, Obama has made more than a few veiled attacks on Trump. His stunt with the U.N. had no real purpose other than to make life more difficult for the president-elect, who sees Israel as a true American ally. Campaign Trump would have knocked Obama off his high horse a long time ago. President-elect Trump has been remarkably restrained.

Still, even Trump couldn’t resist hitting Obama back last week. In an interview with David Axelrod, Obama had the audacity to claim that he would have beaten Trump if he’d been able to run for a third term. Trump responded to that little jab on Twitter, saying there was “NO WAY” that Obama could have defeated him.

There’s no reason for Obama to be out there claiming that nonsense. Is his ego so fragile that he has to run around and assure people that it was HILLARY who lost and not him? Why do you think Hillary lost, dude? Yeah, there are plenty of uniquely-bad things about Hillary Clinton, but Trump wouldn’t have won if America was thrilled with the Obama presidency.

Obama can’t resist proving over and over again that he is still the president. Eight years in office and he can’t stand the fact that his sworn enemy is about to have his job. He’s behaving like no lame duck president has ever behaved before. God knows what he’s planning to do before he finally vacates the White House for good.

You lost. It’s okay. You failed. It’s fine. It’s over. Go home, write your book, and let Trump take the wheel.



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  1. sounded like Russia pm already has a punishment for Obama rip,yeah I wish

  2. Trumps gonna take the wheel alright but, he’s gonna have to fix a few flats before he can go anywhere. You would think an eight year president would want to leave office with his head held high but he’s showing the world that he’s just another liberal that can’t except defeat.

    • Too bad Trump can’t accept winning. Would be nice if he started to show some of those “presidential” qualities he was rumored to have.

      • I think you may have a different perspective on what it means to act “presidential.”

        • may think that golfing and inviting folks like the “new black pu$$ies” to the oral office is presidential……or dedicating another 80 million acres to some far off mentality…..he needs to be far off…way far like his birthplace in kenya…of course we have to remember that they may not want the azzhole there either…

          • 10 trillion bo added to the U.S. debt is pathetic & it went to illegal foreigners & muslims

          • So they can buy more weapons to kill more people. Treasonous by any definition.

          • Well,a VERY small portion of it did go to illegal immigrants, and foreigners including Muslims (2 different categories there) — about 5% of the total. MOST of it went to Obamacare, expensive environmental and alternative energy plans that mostly didn’t work, and all he other nonsense government spends our money on. But you’re right: Obama DID add $10 TRILLION to the national debt — doubling what it was before he got ahold of the checkbook. Disgusting.

          • I just wonder if Obutthead thought that all his records that he has locked up could be opened by the next president? Trump better order that immediately because there are a lot of democRats working in civil service jobs in government and states that would be happy to make said records disappear.

          • His records belong to the National Archives, which is run by a very professional, even-handed group of archivists, and in 260 years they haven’t been found to be putting their thumbs on the scale in favor of, or against, ANY president. I think the Obama records will be safe — and HE won’t have them in his own possession.

        • susmart 3 , not smart for sure … !

      • TRUMP could do absolutely nothing and be better than what we’ve had for the last eight years.
        Anyway, last I heard Trumps not even in office yet and the liberals are whining like little two year olds.

        • Typical bo – hilary libtard losers … !

        • Then he should do nothing, until he is actually sworn in. One fourth of the voting public voted for Trump, the same for Hillary. Half didn’t even bother to vote. There would be whining no matter who won.

          • The “voting public” consists of people WHO VOTE, you moron! People who “DON’T BOTHER to vote” are NOT part of the “voting public” — of the “eligible public,” perhaps, but if they don’t vote they’re not voters. I would think even a LIBERAL could understand THAT.
            EVERY President names his Cabinet and top White House staff members BEFORE he takes office so that the Senate can start the process that will lead to confirming them in their new offices. If they didn’t do it that way, it would be MONTHS before a new President — ANY new President, of either party, would have a Cabinet of staff in place. There’d be NOBODY to do the work of government. Of course, I know you’d LIKE that in President Trump’s case, but I can assure you it would be EXACTLY the same if Hillary Clinton had wonl. It WAS exactly the same when Obama was elected, and Bush 43, and Bill Clinton, and Bush 41, and Reagan…on back to George Washington (who had a Cabinet of FOUR). If you didn’t know that, you’re either an IDIOT or so young you can’t remember the last Presidential transition.

      • susmart3, wait a minute…you posted that you wished he would stop acting like a POTUS (see your post copied below) and here you say you wish he would show some of those “presidential” qualities…which do you want? Obviously, you are anti PEOTUS Trump. I think if he walked on water, you would say, “Trump can’t swim”. So sad.

        “susmart3 REV MELVIN BURNS • 2 hours ago

        SO DO I. And I wish Trump would stop acting like President until he is officially President.

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        • These libs lie so much they can’t keep up with thier hipocritical crap.

          • That’s the problem with lying. It continues to get more difficult to cover up so more and more lies are told. They never learn. And Hildabeast is one of the stupidest people on the globe.

        • Hmmm! Busted! Good job.

        • Good point! Susmart3 is a bit dense, and it’s not awfully surprising she wants both for President-elect Trump to act more presidential and NOT to act presidential at all. She also doesn’t get that people who “don’t bother to vote” — her phrase — are NOT “VOTERS.” I’d have thought even a liberal could figure THAT out. She also didn’t understand that EVERY president has named his Cabinet members before he actually moves into the White House — it’d be pretty damn lonely sitting around without any Cabinet or staff for months while Congress decided whether to confirm the president’s choices! And not a lot of public policy would get made that way, either! Again, you’d think that would be pretty obvious, even to an anti-Trump liberal.

      • Trump has shown his fantastic leadership qualities & if you libtard type would pull you head out to eliminate the bo stench you could see the facts and he isn’t even POTUS yet …. !

      • Trump “can’t accept winning”???? THAT is the weirdest piece of nonsense I’ve heard YET. He’s SHOWING presidential qualities every day, but even if he wasn’t, what does that have to do with not “accepting winning”?
        The only people who can’t accept Trump winning are the moronic Hillary-Nuts who can’t bring themselves to believe SHE LOST.

    • rebuild the engine and put some fluid in the transmission….

      • Don’t you think PEOTUS Trump is already doing that? Rebuilding the engine – NO, he’ll put in a new engine – entirely new administration, support admins selected are perfect in their positions, plans are already discussed on how to change the flat tires. The Trump administration is a dedicated, hard working group of successful businessmen and military who are strategically campaigning. Watch…and hold onto your hats…it’s going to be a great roller coaster ride. Happy 2017!!!! #MAGA

    • I’m sure you may have seen the TV spots for the “Ovomit Legacy”!! That can be summed up in 3 seconds, “TOTALLY F–KED UP”!! Usually a legacy is something positive ALL Ovomit has is disaster after disaster, after disaster! Some legacy unless we factor in almost destroying the U.S.A., making us the laughing stock of the world, a Health (LACK) of Care program that’s a f@#((@*&^*@)%$*(&*( abomination, etc., etc.! Jimmy, “Peanut Man”, Carter thanking Oblowzo for getting rid of his ( Carter’s) “Worst President Ever” award!

      • If they build a “memorial library” to hold all his accomplishments a cigar box will suffice.

        • AMEN!! LSHMSH!


        • Believe it or not, he’s already got an architect and a bunch of donors getting ready to build a “Presidential Library” in Southside Chicago. Guaranteed nobody will ever GO there, because that’s the WORST area for crime in what has become the nation’s Crime Capital. (Look to your laurels, NY and LA! Chicago is Number One for crime and shows no sign of quitting!
          Every President is entitled (by law) to a presidential library, no matter HOW incompetent or even unpatriotic he might have been. Most of the cost is paid by contributions, but some does come from we the taxpayers. I don’t know the percentages. The libraries house the official papers of each president, plus whatever exhibits or memorabilia the president or his family want displayed. Each library DOES have a professional research librarian/archivist in charge, and they’re mostly pretty well cone (and quite interesting, sometimes especially so if you DON’T like that particular president). Anyway, Obama has selected property and is ready to start building, probably by next summer.

          At least there will never have to be a Hillary Clinton Presidential Library. I don’t know how she’d have handled the fact that BILL’s is in Little Rock and SHE would have wanted it in New York! Fortunately we’ll never have to know.

      • Haven’t seen the ad, but particularly like Carter thanking Obama for taking over the title “Worst…”!
        I also saw a cartoon today with a very unhappy looking Michelle saying, “An IMMIGRANT TOOK MY JOB!” Sob!!!

    • Then you have RINOs who are already apposed to any of President-Elect Trump’s ideas and tentative appointments. Unfortunately people like McCain are still in the Senate for 6 more years.

      • These Rin’s are up for reelection, some in the next couple years, better watch their step or they will be out in the cold again

      • McCain is almost certainly in his last term (I was sorta surprised he ran again THIS year!), so he doesn’t have to worry about what President Trump or his supporters think of him (of McCain, that is). But almost all the others DO, and they CANNOT afford to alienate all the PRO-TRUMP Republicans (and independents, and some Democrats) in their states or districts, because that’s a SURE way to early retirement. They will cooperate MOST of the time, and really, that’s all ANY president can expect of ANY Senator/Congressperson. Congress IS a separate and independent branch of government: they DO NOT take orders from the president.

        • You are right as far as the constitution is concerned but as of the past 8 years, it seems those in Congress forgot the part about being separate from my perspective. And what really is upsetting, I can’t remember if it was the last congress or the one when O was first elected, they read the constitution before starting the session. Guess no on was listening.

    • Wonder what damage these jerks will do to WH, remember Clintons, stole stuff, and staff removed “W” off all boards.

      • As far as I’m concerned jeanne, they can take the Whitehouse lawn just as long as they get the heck out of DC.

        • Sorry, I want them PROSECUTED for ANYTHING they walk off with that isn’t their personal property. Fortunately, the White House LAWN is not easily removable, anyway. “-)


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    • SO DO I. And I wish Trump would stop acting like President until he is officially President.

      • Some one has to, we are president less right now, all that is occuring is just trashy, 3rd grader jabs at Trump, move on, Bo should move out, he is doing nothing for the USA except as always, controversial, non important BS. Seizure of 1.3 million acres of prime religious land from the native Americans, bet they’re thrilled! Hell he and staff don’t even know what they seized, I thought the days of taking and breaking treaties with them was over?? I thought Israel was our ally! Silly me, it will go on to perpetuity i guess! Muslims and arabs will be supported until Jan. 20th, then we work on equality and stop all the foolishness, Let the so called palistinians and Israelites work out their deal. #1 they have to exist, they can’t accept sniping and terrorist acts, they can’t accept what they teach their kids in school, they can’t accept the UN’s childish pranks, they can’t accept a goof balls attempts to overthrow, control, and meddle in the stance of Israel and it’s lands! I think the US gov’t has way more than enough of the peoples lands! I have had enough of BO’s rule!

        • meanyweineegreeny69er is off to a great new year…I wonder if he might be one of those mental midgets that were threatening to leave the USA.???

          • If so I hope he/ she/ it leaves ASAP if not sooner! I find it hard to fathom they actually let these people (?) walk the streets!!

          • None of them have ever left after shooting their mouths off. They just like to hear themselves sound tough. Wussie little useless piss ants offended by everything and everybody.

          • I agree! I wish there were a way we could get them to COMMIT to leaving instead of just PROMISING to do it if Trump was elected. Maybe sell their U.S. homes out from under them, or something. 🙂

          • 19 days and counting, I am worried bout these Liberals causing problems, I live about 20 miles south and it’s considered part of Metro area.

        • Israel and the so-called “Palestinians” (or just Arabs, or whatever name you care to use) CANNOT work out their own ageement because the Arabs (“Palestinians”) WILL NOT EVEN TALK. They REFUSE to recognize that ISRAEL EVEN EXISTS. You can’t have negotiations when one sie WON’T TALK.
          Btw. there is NO 1.3 million acres of “prime religious land” involved — there’s LESS THAN 10,000 ACRES of NON-PRIME religious land of SECONDARY or even lesser importance to Islam (Islam’s PRIME religious sites are in SAUDI ARABIA, not Israel; the ONLY Muslim site on the West Bank is the “Dome of the Rock” and they ALREADY control that!. Moreover, THE JEWS WERE LIVING IN JUDEA AND SAMARIA (the now-“disputed” territories) FOR THREE THOUSAND YEARS BEFORE THE ARABS EVEN SHOWED UP. So if you measure length of residency to determine ownership, the Arabs aren’t even IN THE RACE.
          (I put “Palestinians” in quotes because THERE ARE NO SUCH PEOPLE. They’re ARABS, nothing more.

          MOST of that 1.3 MILLION acres you seem to think are disputed ALREADY belong to Arabs, just not “Palestinians.” The word “Palestine” was the term used by the ancient ROMANS to describe the WHOLE of the Middle East, and revived by the League of Nations (great success, that!) to desccribe the “mandate” THEY couldn’t deal with and handed over to the British (who didn’t do very well with it, either). When HITLER killed off most of the Jews in Europe, those few who survived ASKED the United Nations to create a “homeland” for them in the Holy Land. THE UNITED NATIONS CREATED AN ISRAEL THAT WAS SO SMALL AND SO SURROUNDED BY HOSTILE ARABS THAT IT COULDN’T SURVIVE. When the ARABS attacked Israel on THREE SEPARATE OCCASIONS, the Israelis — who were there by UNITED NATIONS PERMISSION, remember! — FOUGHT THEM OFF. In the process they took control of a few thousand acres of additional land that they NEEDED to protect themselves from further invasion. THAT is what we’re arguing about NOW, and it would be REALLY NICE if idiots like YOU would LEARN A LITTLE about what the issue is all about before you decide who’s 100% right and v who’s 100% wrong — BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW A DAMN THING ABOUT IT.

      • Why ? the USA has been without a president since January 20th 2009. The african would be a headlining joke if he was showing up at the studios for Saturday Night Live…THAT clown has done more damage to the USA and our global standing than any 10 previous occupants of the WH…now in his last few days of vacationing in the oral office pretending to be the Commander in Chief this jerkoffsky letting hundreds of criminals out of prison, telling world leaders that they need to listen to his ignorance, and crapping on Real Americans…and the darkie has the audacity to tell Real Americans that he “will stay in the power circle, influencing America’s direction”….

        • Let’s hope he does . Under his influence the Democrats have lost over 1,000 elections .

          • meanyweineegreeny69er does not agree with you, he thinks that the african pretender is a messiah, not an african rag loving communist ahole…that hates America and what has made her great…maybe meanyweineegreeny69er needs to move to kenyan boyo’s home country…or at least Indonesia where the golfer learned to moan about mohammy…

        • OH KEN!!!!!
          That is so super and I agree with you all the way!!!! He only wants to ruin America and the way “obummer” is treating Trump is so un American. No one was nasty to him and they SHOUILD HAVE BEEN. HE IS A MISERABLE NUT CASE

          • Before Russia attacks us you’ll pray Obama was still president, where do you ignorant people come from?

          • Why, so he could draw another red line in the sand.

          • I wonder if he will use a putter or a nine iron ?? …I am going with the nine iron…

          • Why so he could apologize for our country being in Russia’s way! I’ll respond to your question; where do YOU ignorant people come from?

          • Unless you forgotten this is AMERICA you stupid traitorous NINCOMPOOP! Please you stupid fool don’t let your racism in the the way of respecting this Navy vets country!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is AMERICA! do you remember the air raid drills of the sixties??????

          • Are you John McCain?

          • LSHMSH!! GOOD ONE!

          • Good question .

          • Speaking of John McCain he is a precise example of why we need term limits for congress.

          • REV MELVIN BURNS


          • I really do not know how he got reelected here in Arizona.

          • The reason was named Kirkpatrick; MUCH worse than McCain!

          • Oh, I agree there but there was a republican who ran against him in the primary. Once he won the primary I agree there was no choice.

          • Yes there was and I voted for Dr. Ward; but the established RINOs defeated me!

          • I voted for her also. I really thought she would defeat McCain. I guess the RINO’s defeated me as well. My wife voted for her in fact I don’t know anyone who voted for McCain or at least will admit it.

          • KMA!! You f–king DemoCommieScumboRATIC, HellBitchery loving, Ovomit @$$ licking scumbucket! Do you shower with Ovomit and keep dropping the soap?? You’re a vet?? I sincerely doubt it! Unless your “Navy Vet” status comes from playing with boats in the bath tub! No vet that I know of loves Ovomit EXCEPT those that shower with him and keep dropping the soap!
            The vast majority of the Military hate the BA$TARD!
            A real Vet would hate, loathe, detest, despise Ovomit! How would I know? I’m one that hates the pResident that occupies the W.H. which under his tenure has become the rainbow house! Ovomit is a half Black, gay, little Bath house Barry, drug using dip shiit, you NINCOMPOOP, narcissistic moron!!!
            P.S. I said EXACTLY NOTHING in my previous post about “RACE”, you are the one that brought it up! All I said was “Why so he could apologize for our country being in Russia’s way!” I can hate a F–k Up for being a F–k Up REGARDLESS of skin color!! So again KMA!
            P.S. pResident was spelled that way INTENTIONALLY, as the jacka$$ is an illegally sitting President! Also they were Civil Defense drills and usually had the radiation shelter emblem on the doors with weeks if not months of food stored oh Einstein!
            Have fun playing with your rubber ducky in the tub!

          • Name calling is a common strategy of propagandists, bullies and the poorly educated.

          • Did you fire up the 747 yet??

          • deep thoughts from the uneducated

          • How’s the Dick & Jane readers coming along?? Think you’ll be finished by Springtime?

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            You know a lot about being uneducated, don’t you!

          • That perfectly describes leftist because they can’t say two words without one of them being “racist “.

          • You are right and the strange thing is that most racists are democrats or liberals. In 1964, the Republicans assisted Johnson in creating the Civil rights Act while the democrats formed the modern KKK. What does that tell you? Even today, the racists you hear shouting are leftists.

          • USS Coral Sea – You ignorant stinking retard, what have you done for my country scumbag besides run your racist stinking idiotic pie hole ???? Your type will be the destruction of my beloved America… you dumb idiot!!!!!

          • Get in the tub and play with your rubber ducky! Screw off moron, Vietnam veteran ’69 to ’76!

          • You are absolutely right but he may not be worth our time to even reply.

          • Now THAT is the most intelligent thing said by anyone all evening! 🙂

          • Just truth!

          • I blocked him so I did not have to look at his stupid blathering.

          • Linda and Arizona. I should and I apologize to all for debating with the intellectually challenged but sometimes it’s just to hard to resist!!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            No Obombination will be!!!

          • Well said, old codger!

          • Thanks, I have my moments!

          • That you do, my friend, that you do!

          • Old Codger, Are you angry with Obama?????

          • One could draw that analogy and they’d be 100% plus right!

          • As usual, the first resort from democrats, especially under Obama, is the race card. Obama and his supporters are nothing but ignorant racist. I don’t care what color your skin is.

          • I have my own feelings about a president and his wife who do not honor our flag and ridicule it such as Michelle did at ground zero. I have never seen her salute our flag yet. She has admitted she hates this nation and Obama ignores bi=partisanship and only leads the leftists.

          • Great Patton poster!!! And great quote — though I think he was talking about European-style “liberal democrats,” not members of the U.S. Democrat party. Close enough, though!

            Did you know Trump named the dog his family has recently acquired “Patton”?

          • I did not however, I did know he was a Patton fan as am I.

          • Me, too! I guess sometimes being in the DC area means you get a little extra detail in your local newscasts. The dog is something called a “Labradoodle,” a cross-breed (deliberate, not a mutt) between a blond Labrador and a poodle. Looked like a curly-haired Lab. They just got him. There’s plenty of room for family dogs at the White House (18 acres!), but while the family is still in NYC I guess they’ll have the doorman walk him, like everyone else in New York. Anyway, “Patton” he is — a much better name than “Bo” and “Sunny” — the Obama dogs.

          • My wife lived in DC many years. I think Chevy Chase! I used to fly into both National (now Reagan) and Dulles weekly (Retired pilot).

          • Small world! Long ago, I lived in Phoenix — went to high school there (my father and stepmother had moved there from the NY area when I was a sophomore). I cut my political teeth in Phoenix back when Barry Goldwater was just a Senator and the state had TWO — count ’em, TWO — members of the House! When I go back (not often, no family left there), I don’t recognize the city!

            In the DC area, I live in Arlington, close enough to Reagan National to hear some of the jets (but the building must have good soundproofing, because I don’t hear many and never late at night).

            Are you in Phoenix area, Tucson, or somewhere else? Not that it’s any of my business, of course!

          • I was not born here. When I came here there were 120 thousand here in the whole valley.

          • and you just proved what a stupid snowflake you are where your only response to someone’s comment is to call them names. you had to throw the race card in as usual. what air raid drills in the 1960’s? did you mean the 1950’s? you must be one of those left over dope smoking Hippies from the 60’s still smoking your chit.

          • The only air raid drills I know of were during WW 2. And that was in the 40’s.

          • i remember when i was attending grade school in the late 4o’s and into the 50’s we used to have air raid drills in class when we would get under our desk and cover our heads with our arms and hands. also we had air raid drills where we would go down into air raid shelters in the city or shelters people built under or next to their houses.

          • I remember those, too. They were utterly useless, of course (a wooden DESK was going to protect a kid from an A-bomb)? And the “fallout shelters” never had adequate supplies to feed & provide medical treatment for anywhere LIKE the number of people they’d have needed to serve. Complete waste of time and money!

          • Different kind of air raid drills. In the 40s they were intended to protect us (or those lucky enough to have easy access to a shelter) from London Blitz-style attacks (which never came ‘cuz the Nazis’ planes couldn’t fly all the way to the US from France). In the 1950s they were unnecessarily panicked about the possibility the SOVIETS would drop an A-bomb or two — they had drills in schools and kids actually were supposed to “take cover” UNDER THEIR DESKS! Great protection against a nuke, even a small one, no? And people were building fallout shelters (supposedly radiation-proof) in their back yards. THAT was a waste of time & money, too.

          • Hey,It was a “Way of life”
            You did what ever you could,to try to protect your family and yourself..
            If you recall,Americans didn’t have a lot of wars on our soil.

          • Very true, we’ve been lucky that wan until the Age of Terrorism, anyway. But since the American people DIDN’T have much (any) experience with that sort of thing, it would have been a BIT more useful if the GOVERNMENT had given the public some potentially USEFUL information on what they COULD do, and maybe STOCKED all those public bomb/fallout shelters with enough SUPPLIES to DO SOME GOOD. Didn’t happen. I remember my father having a big argument (Dad didn’t explode often, but that time he DID) with the guy from the local Civil Defense agency about what good it did to provide 3 days worth of food per person if they would be underground for SIX WEEKS if an atomic bomb fell. OK, it WOULD have been expensive, but why not TELL people to BRING THEIR OWN FOOD because the CD people weren’t supplying enough?

          • I live in DC suburbs and we did have drills in ’60;s ,these were for an Atomic attack I remember the fire alarms going off and the kids coming home about hiding under desk. During WWII, we had blackouts, air raid wardens could fine you if lights shined thru, we had black shades and they were secured to sides of windows, street lights and car lights had tops painter black, worse was the rationing.

          • Two different times, two different perceived needs. In the ’40s we were worried about German planes (which couldn’t reach America, but we weren’t SURE of that) with conventional bombs; the blackout shades were intended to keep the pilots (who weren’t coming) from spotting our houses. Yeah, right.
            In the 50s we had school bomb drills, where we had to hide UNDER OUR DESKS and shield our heads with our arms — COMPLETELY useless if the Soviets had actually tried to bomb us: it’d take a LOT more than a DESK to protect anyone from an ATOMIC BOMB! And those public shelters were never properly supplied, so if people had really had to USE them they’d have run out of food in a couple of days and medicine even faster. The whole “Civil Defense” thing was just meant to calm people’s nerves, not actually SAVE them! (During the Cuban Missile Crisis in ’62 Kennedy even TOLD us there was no point in flocking into the relatively few public air-raid shelters. Stay home! he said. Most of us DID.

          • You must be very old………..

          • Don’t you know it’s rude to ask a Lady about their age?? I grew up during WWII. And I am a Mother, Grandmother, Great grandmother, a Nurse, and VERY active, and yes there are quite a few of us that HAD to Work hard to overcome what WWII cost us, including burying many friends and family.

          • MS.Stotler,
            I didn’t ask you your age……I grew up in the 40’s too.We were all required to work.
            I believe our United States was a better place back them There was a feeling of
            belonging.A feeling of family.Honesty was taken for granted.You could trust our
            leaders to try to do the best possible job for the people.Locked doors and locked
            car doors in Green Bay were rare.I’ve never seen a president like Obama,and hope
            I never will again.Donald Trump is noisy,but smart and I think he’ll give America a great
            effort.I pray he will. Sorry if you believe I offended you,that was not my intention.

          • Appology accepted, Even in the shadows of the Capital, we didn’t lock our doors, most of the time. I remember one of the Nuns who taught me saying that she asked where the Convent door key was, What?? there was only a skeleton key, also Church was never locked. I was given rides into the town many times, would not do it today, either we were nieve, or stupid. I prefer to believe we lived in better times, where our kids could play, ride bikes, go to and from school alone, or to the store for Mom, w/o being beaten or robbed. I came home from school and did my chores long before my mother got home, I was 10, I also spanked my kids when they were bad, and took away privledges, may have hurt their egos but they are all great adults today.

          • Yeah, the air raid drills WERE in the 1950s — by 1960 we’d figured out they wouldn’t help much if the Soviets ever did drop a REAL bomb. During the “Cuban Missile Crisis” in 1962, when there actually WAS some danger of an attack by the Russians (from Cuba, where they’d stashed a bunch of missiles) Kennedy actually said we SHOULD NOT take cover. So much for THAT “safety measure.”

          • Perhaps, you should either increase your meds or get a new prescription.

          • You talk about racism? Obama and Michelle are both racists. He made that publicly known and so did she. You’re right – this is America and we want it the way it was before 2009 when Obama decided to destroy it a nd us. We have the largest national debt thanks to him than all presidents put together since Washington. Get your head out of the sand and pay attention. I remember air raid drills during WW 2. So?

          • It’s YOU who are having memory problems. The air-raid drills were in the 1950s, not the 1960s, because by 1960 even our brilliant leaders had figured out they were USELESS. When there really WAS a danger (briefly) of an attack by Russia, PRESIDENT KENNEDY TOLD PEOPLE TO STAY HOME, NOT to go to shelters.
            I don’t know who is the Navy vet around here tonight — nobody has identified himself as such. My FATHER was a Navy vet, but that was long ago and another war. Who was calling you a racist? I have NO idea what race/color you are, and I don’t CARE. And YOU don’t know what race/color I am, either, and YOU SHOULD NOT CARE.

          • Full of shit much???

          • I think he is all the time!

          • It was OBAMA that last week TRIED TO GET A WAR STARTED, by his kicking diplomats out, it was Hillary WHO GAVE URANIUM to Russia, None of this should have happened.

          • Russia attack us ? LOL . You have been listening to the leftist boogie man theory too long .

          • I guess they are our friends huh? You stupid ignorant fools will rue the day you made these idiotic statements, what has happened to the America of my youth, you elect a foolish reality star who knows squat about anything other than business deals and expect things to turn out great but most great empires only have 200 year runs, looks like our time is out, we have to many clueless ignorant people masquerading as Americans…I’m done!

          • Glad you did not say Amigo

          • Thank goodness.

          • Face it maengreen1 , you were done before you started .

          • OK, you’re done. Don’t hang around waiting to see if your dismal prediction is RIGHT, or whether maybe it’s WRONG. Maybe the Canadians will let you in — THEIR Prime Minister is a drug-addled MORON, so you should fit in very well.
            Great empires have only 200 year runs, eh?
            Roman Empire; 54 BC to 356 AD (over 400 years).
            Egyptian Empire: FOUR THOUSAND YEARS.
            Persian Empire: About 2000 years.
            Chinese Empire (divided up into dynasties, but altogether about 6,000 years)
            Holy Roman Empire (not a real empire, but what the heck): 400 AD to 1750 AD (1350 years).
            Romanov (Russian) Empire: about 400 years.
            And there are others, almost ALL of them enduring MUCH more than 200 years. The only one I can think of that did NOT last longer was the modern German Confederation, which came together from a bunch of small principalities in the late 18th century and then was destroyed in World War I (1918). Even if you add in the 15 more years under the Third Reich (Third State, or Empire, the first having been the Holy Roman Empire & the second the German Confederation, you still barely get 200 years. Maybe THAT’s the one you had in mind — BUT IT WAS NOT TYPICAL, not at all!

          • A “foolish reality star” who turned a relatively small fortune left him by his father (a hard-working builder of mid-level apartment buildings) into a fortune of numerous BILLIONS. I have a flash for you: “foolish reality stars” CAN’T DO THAT. It takes a VERY good mind and VERY hard work — and many skills which CAN be applied to governing, too.

          • It has not been proven that Russia hacked into our election either. But Obama is going to retaliate for something that has not been proven and that he knew about months ago and did nothing.

          • It cannot be proven because it is not true . If you remember back in October when Wikileaks came out with the Podesta emails Assange said Russia was not the source and a day later the FBI confirmed that . There never was the 17 intelligence agencies saying they did , it was a former CIA contact of Podesta’s that started this lie and these lying fools ran with it .

          • There CAN’T have been 17 intel agencies saying ANYTHING, because THERE AREN’T THAT MANY INTEL AGENCIES IN THE WHOLE GOVERNMENT. Not even if you count all the military agencies separately.

          • If that were to happen, it be a result of Obama.

          • WVF is right Russia will be attacking no one. BUT we are being attacked all the time by terrorists. Thanks to obama!

            During WWII we worked with Russia and the leader was a much worse person then Putin. It was stalin a man who had murdered millions of Russian citizens and some by starving them to death. (In the Ukraine). Consequently, I think we could accomplish more against the terrorists by working with Putin then by working against him. Accusing Russia of hacking when the information released was a public service to Americans does not set against Russia. They helped us. We had a right to know that information because it was absolutely truth. I noticed no democrat has tried to say different. The democrats are the ones who did wrong here not whoever leaked or hacked the info which Wikileaks released. That is basis for all the democrats ranting and raving (or is it crying). They got caught and can’t stand their lying and cheating didn’t work. Personally I say f-em.

          • ArizonaDon — It’s not correct that “Russia will be attacking NO ONE.” They won’t be attacking US. But they have already attacked and annexed Crimea and Eastern Ukraine (which had been independent since 1994) and they’ve got their sights on Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, plus Moldova and the Islamic republics (which have LOTS of oil, enough to keep Russia going when its own supplies run out).
            I don’t have NEARLY as much confidence in Vladimir Putin’s good intentions as you do. He WILL be working to annex Russia’s neighbors, and IF he can build up Russia’s military again to where it can challenge ours (or if WE DON’T build up OURS after the damage done to it in the Obama years), Putin WILL come after US, too. That’s probably a longshot ,because Russia DOESN’T have the resources (or cash) it needs, but Putin would LOVE to do it. The guy is a dyed-in-the-wool KGB officer, and he LOVES Mother Russia.

          • Of course you are correct about the KGB. My only thought about Putin is we got along with stalin to win WWII and Putin is not the cold blooded murderer stalin was. At least yet! We need him to help with the terrorism that is now a world wide threat nearly as bad as the Nazi’s. If not worse if that is possible. They have the same goals and aspirations.

          • Why would anyone want Obama to still be president. He has almost destroyed this country and what he is doing now amounts to treason. Where did you come from?

          • There ARE a few million people running around who actually believe Obama was a GREAT president. Obviously, they’re either incredibly stupid, deranged, or totally brainwashed. Seems like meangreen1 is one of them. Not to worry: after about a year of economic improvement and progress on the international front under President Trump, the remaining leftwing lunatics will either have given up the fight or exiled themselves to, oh, maybe Zimbabwe or someplace.

          • Russia isn’t going to attack anyone. They have their own problems.

          • They ARE going to attack some of their neighbors — the former pieces of the Soviet Union — they already started with Crimea and Eastern Ukraine — but they’re NOT going to attack the United States. We may have lost a lot of our military strength, but we’re STILL the biggest kid on the block and the SECOND biggest kid is NOT going to come after US.

          • Anyone Russia’s Putin will attack will be those who can’t defend themselves, like Crimea. If Obama hadn’t removed the U.S. defense system we had installed, banty rooster Putin wouldn’t have annexed them. He is cowardly and will only take on someone he can overwhelm. He’s not about to screw with the U.S.

          • That’s pretty much what I said. Putin DID annex Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, and of course Obama’s cowardly dismantling of out missile system he (Putin) wouldn’t ever have had the nerve. I’m very much afraid Putin will go after the Baltics before President Trump can even begin to restore the missile defense system (even if he plans to do that, and I’m not sure he DOES, even though a missile system is in the long run MUCH cheaper than sending in troops!). No, Putin WON’T screw with US, but if he concludes Trump doesn’t is REALLY against military confrontations, no matter what, why would he (Putin) NOT begin rebuilding the USSR, piece by piece (this time without the Socialist drivel that held them back before!)

          • Right-on, but don’t think for a minute Trump will not act and act decisively. Putin is a pest and bad to the bone, but he doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to back down Trump. Obama intentionally turned Crimea and eastern Ukraine over to the little banty rooster, because he knew that would weaken the U.S. around the world. Putin being the tyrant and dictator that he is, seized the opportunity. Let them all have their fun for the next 18 days, because after that, things will change dramatically.

          • I hope you’re right, but I have to admit that foreign policy, especially vis a vis Russia, still worries me. Trump seems just a little TOO willing to make friends with Putin, and I DO NOT trust the “little banty rooster” one bit! (I am absolutely convinced he will be going after the Baltic nations very soon, probably before this summer is over.) So I am a bit less confident, but hopeful, about those dramatic changes you expect soon after Jan. 20.
            By the way, it’s a pleasure to “chat” on one of these sites with someone whose vocabulary doesn’t consist entirely of 4-letter words (I’m not a prude, but I do prefer rational conversation to hurling curses). Thanks!

          • I, Like you, have very little patience with dense ignoramuses who revert to four-letter words on most subjects. I’d like to address the “concern” about Putin and the Russians. As I see it, this is an entirely manufactured “fake news” story created by the dishonest media and Democrat Party. First, let’s look at the overarching fact that it was not Donald Trump who had a business relationship with Putin. Who sold 20% of America’s uranium to Russia? I’m sure you know it was
            Hillary R. Clinton. She used the State Department as her laundering system for money for the Clinton Foundation. You know as I, the Russian government made a mega donation to that foundation for that 20% of uranium. Of course, Putin is a black-heart and rotten to the core, but this is what the Democrats do best–deflect! They always accuse their antagonists of what they do. After January 20th, you and I are going to see how a real professional handles this prefabricated mess.

          • The ignorant people (actually more specifically imbeciles) are those who voted obama for president.

          • I seem to recall hearing OBAMA say, “tell Putin I can do MORE once I’m reelected”. Seems like the bloom is off the rose as they say. If Russia really had interfered with our elections, don’t you think Hillary would have WON??? Russia is Communist, and HILLARY is Communist. It only makes more sense that they would’ve sided with HILLARY, and not TRUMP. And no one is saying anything about the information that got uncovered, only about who might’ve uncovered it. But that’s because SOROS owns the media.

          • You WERE making sense earlier, but this is just internet nonsense. 1) Hillary is NOT a Communist; she’s not even a thorough-going Socialist. She’s actually quite a bit LESS left-wing than Obama; she had to move left in her campaign to attract the ‘Bernie Sanders voters.’ But it doesn’t matter, because 2) PUTIN isn’t a Communist, either. 3) Putin has ZERO interest in ideology, communist or capitalist or any other kind. He just wants to reconquer what was not so long ago SOVIET territory. (He’s already STARTED with Crimea & the Eastern Ukraine, and he’s going after the Baltic Republics — Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania — very soon. He’d cooperate with ANYONE who was willing to help him achieve his goal of re-constituting what WAS the Soviet Union, with or without the ideology. So, no, Putin would NOT have set things up for Hillary to win — not unless he was sure he could HANDLE her. He THOUGHT, based mainly on US Media reports, that he COULD handle Donald Trump — he’s learning now he might have made a BIG mistake.
            As for Soros owning the media; he certainly does own parts of it, but NO ONE PERSON OWNS IT ALL. That’s just a myth. If Soros owned it all, do you think he’d let Fox News keep going — and be the MOST-WATCHED cable news network? Would he let CNN and MSNBC LOSE viewership (as they are doing)? Would he allow the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Times to keep pubishing? What about websites like this one, or Breitbart? NO ONE PERSON OR COMPANY CONTROLS THE MEDIA, AND NO ONE PERSON OR COMPANY EVER WILL. Relax!

          • Thank u. U are one of the few informed posters on this site. Many of the people posting here with remarks that are off the charts are followers of the radical right rumor mill and propaganda machines, and believe everything they are told. uuYou cannot argue with them because it is almost impossible to argue with ignorance. Trump is a fool to play into putin’s hands.

          • Thank you Carol Smith, it’s a relief to know there are still some sane intelligent informed true American patriots around !

          • But NOT either of YOU, you dimwits! You MAY consider yourselves patriots (though I doubt Carol Smith does), but you have NO claim on sanity, intelligence, or being well-informed. And I don’t really believe the “patriots” part, either. Patriots don’t look for ways to HONOR those who sell out their country.

          • Why don’t you and meangreen1 get married or something? You obviously BELONG together, and you’re obviously both WAY out of your element on this generally SANE site (it has a few weirdos from the other side, too, but then we don’t discriminate. Except against TOTAL IDIOTS, so PLEASE do yourselves AND us a favor and LEAVE.)

            BTW, ONE person here said Trump should trust Putin. I SAID HE SHOULD NOT. So why do you choose to listen to the ONE person who’s on the other side of the argument? Maybe because you WANT to find something BAD to say about people you encounter HERE. Well, YOU are the one(s) who are outnumbered. Why don’t YOU go someplace you’d be more comfortable?

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Oldbummer started this thing with Putin and Russia!! Trump cannot get in soon enough!!!

          • Russia isn’t going to attack us, you idiot — they KNOW they don’t have the military capacity to stand up to the US, even in our post-Obama weakened condition. The Soviet Union went OUT OF BUSINESS because they couldn’t compete any longer! (And why should we be worried “BEFORE Russia attacks us,” anyway? You think they’d GIVE US NOTICE they were coming with the bombs on such-and-such a date? Seems to me YOU are one of the 2 or 3 MOST IGNORANT people around here (you have some competition, though)!

          • The only reason Russia would attack us will be because of Obama’s silly antics
            I can’t understand why the liberals hate Russia.They say its because Russia sticks
            their nose in other countries business.What the hell does the United States do?.

          • Nobody I know of hates Russia because they “stick their nose in other countries’ business.” Actually, not many people even HATE Russia. What DOES worry us is PUTIN’S interest in rebuilding the SOVIET UNION in place of Russia — he’s already STARTED with his CONQUEST (outright military conquest) of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, and he WILL go after the Baltic Republics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Moldova, the Caucasus (Armenia, Nagorno-Karavosk, etc.), and then the Islamic “Republics” on Russia’s southern border. He particularly wants THEM because 1) they’re LOUSY with OIL, and one day Russia WILL run out, and 2) they form a barrier between Russia and Afghanistan & Pakistan, which Russia has WANTED TO CONQUER for more than TWO CENTURIES (so it can have access to the Indian Ocean). So you CAN expect Russia to WAGE WAR on its neighbors — but we’re still the big kid on the block, and they won’t come after US. Bullies don’t fight that way.

          • Really? You better hope Obama and his cronies have some pretty hard evidence that the Russians were the ones that interferred because the 300 word report they just put out has been looked at by a huge number of people who say there is no evidence this is true. Obama never investigated the fact that Assange said he got the info from two people inside the Clinton campaign. So why not? The american citizens have a right to see the proof and we havent been presented with that. If Obama really believed the russians leaked those emails he would have undeniable proof and he doesn’t. This is a dangerous play for Obama to make if it isnt true.

          • charles johnston

            Russia would have attacked if the Hildabeast had been elected. Take your meds and shut up. You make no sense.

          • I have slightly more choice words to describe obama other then nut case. However, I will not use them here.

            Happy New Year.

          • REV MELVIN BURNS


          • Thank you. Same to you!

          • AZ Don. Here’s some choice words.(&*^#*&%_+_)((*^@@^$*&^%_*+_(_+&)(*)(+)+)^&*(_)##$&*_((&&*#%@#^%&&%*^*(^(*(_*)()(*++)+0 and besides all that, he’s a criminal traitor.

          • Well said, i couldn’t have said it better.

          • Could you be just a little more specific?

          • I stand behind my words. 🙂

          • I don’t blame you. Happy New Year

          • How about intelligent, well spoken, compassionate, family oriented man with kids who will contribute to our country. They were raised well and are not filled with entitlement like the trump sons. U do not like Obama because he is black and u are racist.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Oh, here it comes folks!! Wait for it! wait for it! Yes, there it is the race card, straight from the leftist’s playbook!!!

          • You people are ……insane…deplorable liars…hypocrites who will find an excuse when Trump start dismantling the country piece by piece until it finds it’s way to your door step and I will bet dollars to donuts it will…over and out.

          • charles johnston

            Better to let folks think you a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. With credit to Mr. Twain, you are demonstrably a fool, with a tenuous grip on reality at best. Go take your meds and a nap.

          • One of my favorite lines from Twain! Thanks for reminding me how WISE some Americans have been!

          • charles johnston

            Yep. One of my favorites, and from across the pond, Sir Winston Churchill runs a close second. I think there have been some amazing Americans, and others as well. Folks who did not suffer fools gladly. It’s just a shame the supply seems so thin nowadays. Be well, my friend and Happy New Year.

          • Hmmm…Churchill vs. Twain – I’d have some trouble choosing. Probably Churchill, because he’s closer to today’s world. Anyway, have a great New Year’s

          • What, Donald Trump, billionaire, is going to come to MY place and “dismantle it”? WOW! If he even pays me demolition fees, I’ll make out like gangbusters! And if he pays me anything LIKE the rate he paid for those houses in Atlantic City that he bought from their owners so he could add parking to his casino, well, THEY got RICH. Went out and bought fancier, larger homes and STILL had enough to send their kids to college. And then there’s the Wohlmann Skating Rink, that Trump rebuilt for the City of New York after the City’s idiot construction teams had given up on it — AND did it BELOW COST ESTIMATES AND AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. Again, if this is Trump-style dismantling, I’ll take it!

          • I’ll give you his kids: they do seem to be decent girls, although they’re still YOUNG and their sense of entitlement WILL come out, probably when they go off to college.
            Incidentally, the Trump sons DO NOT demonstrate ANY sense of entitlement. They are hard-working, conscientious men who COULD have gone off and become playboys/party throwers/ non-productive jerks who do nothing but throw or go to wild parties. THEY DIDN’T. They could have been much-married playboys who treat their wives like dirt and leave their children to the nannies to raise. THEY DIDN’T. Even people who DON’T LIKE TRUMP say his sons are absolutely terrific, admirable in every way. The Obama girls will be LUCKY if they turn out HALF as well.

          • You are full of crap…….Obama would be a jerk if he was green..we know he’s yellow..

          • I don’t think we are speaking of the same person. The one I’m speaking of is a lying no good a hole who doesn’t know what he is doing and never has. He also has 19 days left to be president.

          • Countdown, 18 days!! Jan.20th, 2017at12noon

          • charles johnston

            You left-bent bufoons will never get it, will you? Obama could be a lilly white virgin holding a bunch of olive branches- what I hate, and always have- is the fact that he’s a socialist/marxist puppet with absolutely no qualifications to be president, installed solely by money interests, with no love of our country or its people, and a narcissistic egotist bent on taking America down . . now if you can find race in that, you need mental help and a straitjacket.

          • I’m NOT a racist and you have no idea if I’m black, white, green or purple — or, for that matter, whether anyone else who hasn’t posted a photo is, either. So don’t toss THAT bigotry around. (Yes, calling someone else a bigot without proof positive IS bigotry!)
            The Trump kids are NOT “entitled.” Given that they did grow up in a privileged home (though with divorce, remarriage, and who knows how many other family feuds to mar their childhood), they are REMARKABLY normal, and very much interested in the welfare of OTHERS. However, YOU DON’T KNOW — and I don’t either — if the same is true of the Obama girls. We haven’t seen or heard enough of them to have ANY good idea what they’re like. And they’re really not old enough to have “adult characters,” anyway. So don’t cast aspersions on SOME people about whom you know nothing but praise others about whom your knowledge is EQUALLY lacking. You sound like an IDIOT. But then…

          • REV MELVIN BURNS


          • Many psychiatrists have questioned trumps mental stability and maturity. They have not questioned Obama mental state. Trumps excessive narcissistic behavior and temperament of a 12 year old is a concern. That will affect his judgment, concentration, and we’ll thought out decision making. He will be heavily dependent on seasoned Washingtonians to educate him on how to run a country…not a business.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            He has been behaving extremely well, in my opinion! We were watching the total freak out
            and meltdown of Hitlary and the left. And you speak about behavior and temperment???
            Oldbummer wants to start a war with Russia and you speak of decision making? I am glad
            that he is wise enough to have the best and brightest team in DC!

          • Actually, psychiatrists HAVE questioned Obama’s mental stability and maturity, too. But psychiatrists are FOR HIRE: if you PAY them enough they will say ANYTHING about ANYONE, especially a public figure who can’t sue them. Donald Trump HAS the maturity, judgment, concentration, and decision-making skills that a President (as well as a business execugive) needs, OBAMA DOES NOT. That’s one reason he has made such a TOTAL COCKUP of American foreign policy, Healthv insurance reform, the environment, and a dozen other things. He’s an over-educated, under-experienced JERK who hasn’t got the skill to manage a TWO-CAR FUNERAL, never mind a country! You think HE has been running the White House for the past 8 years? YOU’RE DREAMING — his left-wing radical managers, straight out of the Alinsky Army, have been running it. Obama has been taking their orders since he got to Washington.

          • Can you walk and chew gum at the same time?

          • charles johnston

            “Trumps excessive narcissistic behavior and temperament of a 12 year old is a concern.” Funny that a number of shrinks have said that about Obama.

        • Hey Kent2012 someday soon you’ll regret your comments you racist scumbag of a bigot!

        • Obama says he plans on setting up a shadow government. there would only be one reason for that.

          • He just means a gab session for his left-wing buddies (assuming he HAS any buddies). They’ll have weekly meetings or something ,and put out press releases (whoops, maybe he’ll learn how to tweet!) saying how bad the Trump Administration is and how much better things would be if HE had been able to run for a third term. Maybe he’ll start a campaign to repeal the 25th Amendment (2-term limit for presidents) so he CAN run again — he’s still pretty young. He’ll get a LOT of media attention (they STILL love him, and even if they don’t they have to PRETEND to love the First Black President), but the PUBLIC will get VERY bored, very fast.

            It IS rather interesting, though, that he borrows the concept of a “shadow government” (the opposition party having spokesmen to “shadow” each real minister (what we call cabinet secretaries) from GREAT BRITAIN, whose greatest prime minister (Winston Churchill) he DESPISES so much that he RETURNED the man’s likeness ot his embassy. Wouldn’t have it in the Oval Office, despite several previous presidents of BOTH parties having been GLAD to do so! So he doesn’t like the Brits, but their concept of a shadow government is OK, now that he NEEDS to use it. Phony as a three-dollar bill, that guy Obama.

          • That must be why he bought the house in DC. He wants a shadow government, run by no other than him. That makes me worry that he may have equipment set up in his new house that is tied to all the computers in the WH, so obama can listen in and hack white house information on the computers and phones. Obama may have all this already set up and has been testing it and that may be who has been doing the hacking into our government computers. It was said the hacking was found to NOT have come from Russia, but from our own government. One place was from our DHS department. Sounds very odd to me. Somebody is doing it and it sounds like it is from an insider here in our own government. If it’s him or someone else in our government, i hope they get caught and go to jail. I have a strong feeling it is obama that is doing it. And that is just wrong, bad wrong. He needs to leave our new president and his staff alone. It is no longer obama’s business. He needs to go back home like all the other presidents have done.

          • I feel very confident in saying that, especially after the computer chaos with Hillary, the IT people who handle the White House will be VERY careful to make sure NOTHING links FORMER President Obama’s “devices” with the White House. It’s not as if Obama employs the only computer-literate folks in Washington. But your point is worth remembering.
            Today, with modern technology, it wouldn’t matter if Obama moved in across the street from the White House or halfway around the world (maybe Kenya?). Seems like science HAS finally annihilated distance.
            What DOES matter is security on the White House end, and I’m SURE that will be well in hand. My guess is Donald Trump knows a few computer whiz kids, too.
            Most presidents can’t WAIT to get out of Washington when they leave office, but — and I say this as a certified Obama-HATER — his reason for staying until his kid graduates from high school IS reasonable. It’s hard on any kid to have to change schools with two years left of high school. It happens that I had to do the same thing, and it was VERY tough. I don’t deny that Obama may see political advantage in staying here, too, but for ONCE he seems to be thinking about his family, at least in part. And the truth IS, what he wants to do in politics DOESN’T MATTER. HE can’t go back to run again for President. If he wants a Senate seat, let him fighit his own party to get it (good luck!). If he tries to start a campaign to get the 22nd Amendment changed, good luck to HIM — he won’t get 67% of EITHER the House or Senate to agree, and he CERTAINLY won’t get 3/4 or the State legislatures to ratify it.

          • Thanks for the reply. I will be keeping my eyes and ears open at all times. I will be glad when the transfer between them is done.

          • I just don’t trust him. I always second guess what his reason is for, on anything he says he’s going to do. Thanks for your reply. God Bless

          • Deb, Trump will handle Obozo, it is just sad to witness such a hate for the country being displayed by a bunch of psychopath democrats. We will just have to stay vigilant and not allow these sicko’s to prevail. Hold your congressional people to perform and we must not let them off the hook. It appears we are at war for the direction of our country. Keep the faith and don’t give in to the wacko’s.

          • Thanks. I will keep by eyes and ears open at all times. God Bless

      • SOMEONE HAS TO!!! We haven’t had one for 8 long years!

      • Something wrong with the 8000 jobs he’s already saved???

      • He’s president elect and has to make decisions now, not go into office stone cold blind. For eight years our countries has had a disgusting, obnoxious, irrational, irritating, self-centered, corrupt, lying, treasonous, traitor, muslim BOY barack hussein obama. I feel Mr Trump will do a great job for the American citizens and this country.

        • I believe Donald J. Trump will become one of America’s greatest presidents.

          • I agree with you sir.

          • President-elect Trump has become a driven man, and that is what it will take to undo the horrors Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama has inflicted upon America. This year, 2017, will be comprised of a flurry of refutations of what the Islamist Muslim impostor has done TO America, and President Trump will be leading the charge. It will take at least three more years to remove and erase most of the vestiges of this seditionist’s actions. By the time President Trump’s term is completed, he will probably be totally exhausted. God speed Donald Trump!

      • why? Trump shouldn’t have to wait until 20 Jan. to answer any questions put to him now if he doesn’t want to. just as he is doing now Obama will keep trying to undermine Trump as much as he can after Trump is sworn in and the snowflakes will still feel that is the right thing to do. the last thing Obama and the snowflakes want is a united America.

      • Trump is doing what he needs to do. He is picking his staff, and preparing items to be taken up on January 21, 2017. He has every right to do so. Why is that a problem for you? He’s letting us know what kind of president he will be.

        • Trump takes over on Jan. 20, not Jan. 21. Otherwise, you’re right on! The people who are complaining about what he’s doing now either don’t remember any prior transitions from one President to another, or they just hate Trump and want to make as much trouble for him as they can.

      • He is President-elect Trump, and the impostor is acting like a puerile child, so someone needs to step up to the plate.



      • His ego is too big. He is a dictator and a dicklomat.

        • That sounds like a perfect description of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! Not Donald Trump. It’s OBAMA who used his “pen and phone” to CIRCUMVENT THE CONSTITUTION (that’s TREASON, but never mind!). It’s OBAMA who has been IGNORING our allies and cozying up to our enemies. It’s Obama who has been giving orders to OTHER COUNTRIES LEADERS as if they were HIS deputies, not the elected leaders of independent countries. HE is the dictator, not Trump. And I assume you made up “dicklomat” to be as offensive as possible, so I won’t dignify it with a response except to say it’s as STUPID and COARSE as YOU are.

      • Well, you see, we have this problem. BARACK OBAMA NEVER DID ACT LIKE A PRESIDENT, and stopped making even the slightest pretense to doing so on November 9. Since Joe Biden isn’t competent (and doesn’t meet the 25th Amendment criteria anyway), there IS, for all practical purposes, NO PRESIDENT right now. Donald Trump has stepped into that void. He shouldn’t HAVE to dc it, but then we SHOULD have a REAL president — but we DON’T.

      • Someone has to……..Obama hasn’t been a president for 8 years.

      • Well, at least you admit that Trump is acting like a president. Thanks!

        • If you consider his sarchastic and childish New Year’s tweet an indication of “presidential” behavior, then you have set your expectations very low indeed.

          • Your exact words were “I wish Trump would stop acting like president until he is officially president”. Your words, not mine. Don’t worry tho. You only have 28 days
            left to wait. I’m sure you can hold on that long.

          • Everything he says and does before his inauguration is non-binding theatre. I look forward to the Inauguration. I want to see what he will really do.

          • Although I don’t think Trump is theatrical, he just isn’t PC. I can agree with you about waiting to see what he can do tho. Even tho I am a Trump supporter, I would have still given Clinton the benefit of the doubt if she would have been elected. I believe that everyone deserves a chance.

          • Agree. Every President deserves a chance. For the sake of the country. (Hoping any president will *fail* is mean spirited and counter-productive.) So Happy New Year’s to you, and to all.

          • To you too!

          • I agree! This was just what the Republican leadership plotted on inauguration eve in 2009.

      • Trump isn’t acting like he IS President. He’s naming his Cabinet and senior staff, which EVERY President-elect ALWAYS does during the Transition (that’s what the Transition is FOR, in fact). If Obama is too busy consoling himself on Hillary’s defeat to DO HIS JOB, and Joe Biden (as always) is INCAPABLE of taking it on, there’s really nothing LEFT but for Donald Trump to pick up the pieces. He’s NOT doing anything he’s prohibited from doing, which is more than anyone can say for Obama.

        • If you want to consider the public humiliation of Mitt Romney as ‘vetting him for a cabinet position’, fine by me. Yes, he can do anything he wants. But until he’s sworn in nothing is set in stone, there is no legal responsibility for anything.

          • Gosh, I wasn’t thinking of Mitt Romney (whom I supported in 2012 and still like). I agree that Trump went too far in his “public humiliation,” although I don’t think it bothered Romney as much as it seems to have bothered YOU!
            I was thinking of the people Trump actually interviewed & vetted (or had his staff vet) for Cabinet & senior staff jobs. As long as my memory goes back, which is thru the 1960s — the vetting & announcement process has ALWAYS been done DURING THE TRANSITION — in fact, that’s what the Transition is FOR.

            Are those appointments set in stone? NO, but there’d be a high level of embarrassment in firing someone before he’d actually started the job. It happens: sometimes the Senate won’t confirm someone and their name has to be withdrawn and someone else substituted, but THAT IS WHY presidents-elect TRY to get the people they want and check their backgrounds (“vetting”) thoroughly BEFORE any announcement is made.

            But WHAT “legal responsibility”? No, of course the President-ELECT isn’t President yet, so if the outgoing president wants to use his “pen and phone” to create some new regulations or make a recess appointment, he can; BUT IT WILL BE UNDONE ON JANUARY 20. And if he starts World War III, just to leave a pile of crap on his successor’s desk, the incoming president may at least have gotten to know the situation before taking office — and be able to use HIS “pen and phone” to contact the other leaders involved and STOP it. He DOES get security briefings (and despite stories that said otherwise, HE IS TAKING THEM).

            The NEW president can’t APPOINT anyone, but by NAMING the people he intends to appoint, he also allows the SENATE (which goes into session on 1/3) to start THEIR vetting process and maybe even to vote to confirm a few people right after Jan. 20. This speeds up what can be a very slow process.

          • You could be right. We will soon see.

          • Well, when it comes to the usual practice of a president-elect choosing and announcing Cabinet and senior staff appointments during the “Transition,” I KNOW I’m right — at least in regard to every President since Kennedy. (I worked on the Transition teams for Nixon/68-9, Reagan/88-9, BushSr./92-3; and BushJr./00-01. Not as Director or anything, but as one of the staff who sorted thru resumes for the president-elect to look over and consider for various positions. I have not-so-fond memories: it’s a time-consuming and grueling process. ).

          • Then good for you! Always more fun to have inside knowledge. (Or, at least I hope it is…)

    • It should be declared a “national holiday”.

      • Not real likely President Obama will declare a national holiday for President Trump — which is what would have to happen. (It IS a holiday in Washington DC & surroundings, but that was instituted just to cut down on traffic — which is a nightmare on Inauguration Day anyway.)

    • You I, and a few million others, I am 84 and have never in my life seen such horrible behavior from a losing party. According to our Constitution, we THE PEOPLE decide who will be resident in the WH and have a seat in either Congressional house, NOT the DNC or RNC, now Obama needs to put his head between his legs and go off into the sunset, Keeping his MOUTH SHUT.

      • You are so right!

      • I agree.

      • While he has his head there he can just kiss his behind goodbye!

      • He needs to have his records unsealed and prove that he wasn’t eligible in the first place. And then, he needs to be arrested for Treason.

        • I agree, and they better do it ASAP so they won’t be destroyed. I agree TREASON and a firing squad.

          • I’ve said for years that we need to amend the Constitution, so that NO ONE running for office can seal their records, must provide HARD COPY, IRREFUTABLE PROOF of eligibility, prints that match their birth certificate, and DNA before they can run. And if they don’t adhere to all this, then their name doesn’t go on the ballot. And, we need to determine once and for all just what constitutes a NATURAL BORN citizen. None of this computer generated stuff, and no saying well, they were born in this country, but their parents were undocumented aliens etc. Obama submitted as proof a fake document. If Frank Marshall Davis was his REAL father, then he had TWO American parents as required, BUT, that STILL makes his birth certificate FAKE, because it says Barack Hussein Obama is his father on it. And if it’s still yet another guy, because his alleged mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, apparently got around, then it’s really fake. I’ve read that his “mother” didn’t even remotely look pregnant a few days before what they claim to be Obama’s birthday. This is why we need DNA on HIM, and future candidates. We don’t know the whole truth on him, and just about anyone who DOES, has mysteriously died.

          • When the Constitution was written, our forefathers never dreamed of crossing the Atlantic in hours vs months, and they also didn’t expect the corruption we see today. Some of those in Philadelphia were born in England, France, etc, but were settlers here in Colonial America, and the clause was written to protect them, “Citizen of the country when the Constitution was adopted”, My Civics teachers, both HS and At Georgetown U. said that natural was a child born in USA to 2 parents of legal status in USA, exception, Military on duty overseas, or diplomatic corp. Another thing should be clarified, Unless you are born to parents here legally and seeking naturalization, you are not a citizen, most countries state a child is citizen of the country of the mother, NO MORE ANCHOR BABIES

          • They didn’t foresee DNA, either!
            I think your Civics teachers were right IF you include the possibility of one parent being an American citizen and the other being a LEGAL immigrant (as you say, seeking naturalization or green-card holders here on long-term residency). But no illegals, period, and no anchor babies.

            I would add (to the military/diplomatic exception) American citizens living temporarily abroad for religious ministry or something like that. I’m thinking of Mormons who all do a year or two of missionary work, often in foreign countries, and sometimes have a kid while they’re abroad. BOTH parents in those cases ARE American citizens, and I don’t think their kid should lose that status.




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          • Pretty bad when you have to up vote yourself! On your back again…. sung to the tune of Willy Nelson’s on the road again!

          • Who cares!?

          • AMEN Granny!! Give’m Hell!!

          • This has been going on for years, it is a FELONY to take part in this sham. Former casual friends started doing this and the FBI caught them, they had their own citizenship revoked, were deported and all their financial assets seized. This was in the 70’s, when laws were enforced.


          • In the 60’s and 70’s INS, before ICE, really did their jobs and their hands were not tied behind their backs. I knew a Canadian who over stayed her student visa , she wanted to stay, was deported and had to apply for reentry. AMexican Arlington Va, hired illegals, INS was a regular visitor, they were ushered into a van, Good-Bye, Also backthen IF you were here on ANY VISA, you had to register yearly during January at your local PO

          • Bernadine Bennett

            My grand daughter in law came here from Canada, went to school at MSU, worked for the state government while she went to school, met and married my grandson, had 3 children, and then became a citizen. No problem. She came from Sarnia, just over the border from Port Huron.

          • and now you have a President who tells all those illegal aliens to go and vote (and vote many times.)

          • Here’s a conundrum for you: if a) state allows illegal aliens to receive drivers license, and b) a couple of years later registers all receivers of drivers licenses to the voting rolls; then how does one ALL registered voters are citizens and allowed to vote for president.
            A similar problem I have, and had as a voting pole clerk several years ago, was when an individual produced a drivers license from anther state as an ID they could vote in local elections including bond elections. The pole judge reminded me that the individual could vote as long as they were registered.

          • Oh, yes. The license was from another STATE !

          • As far as I know, drivers’ licenses are the poorest forms of ID. Yes they are a link between an individual’s name, face and living address. I have worked in foreign countries and always obtained a driver’s license but that did NOT give me the right to VOTE. Even Egypt does it better than the US. Citizens get a voting card ID. And when they vote, they dip their finger tip in an ink that will NOT disappear for a day or more. Nobody with an inked finger is allowed to vote AGAIN.

          • I just wonder how many “Drivers Licenses” are really copies of someone else’s with the illegal immigrants picture on it.

          • a lot you can be assured. Just like SS Cards

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          • I, tool went through that as a poll worker on 2008 – never worked the polls again. Was totally disgusted.

          • Progressive Republican

            When did he do so?

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          • Right before Nov 08. I saw it on CNN. Never recorded it.
            Just to clarify, the “President”mentioned here is NOT the President-elect but the sitting one.

          • Progressive Republican

            You’ve confused CNN with GOPTV/FOX (a.k.a. Bullshit Mtn.). They’re the ones who Breitbarted a video to con rubes into believing that Obama said that.

            The reason it aired only on Bullshit Mtn. was because it was a lie designed to rile up the rubes.

            It worked like a charm.

            Obama made it abundantly clear that he was talking about the rights of Latino citizens to vote, and clearly differentiated them from undocumented immigrants. He was not saying that illegal immigrants could vote without repercussions, but that the legal relatives of those immigrants could so so.

            There was never anything said about voting more than once.

            At least not by Obama. That part of that lie is a new one on me.

          • Bernadine Bennett

            Absolutley. Where do people get the idea that illegals are having such a great time here. The don’t vote. They pay SS but get no benefits. They do get education for their children but may be deported away from them at any time. My Grandfather was an Irish illegal. He came here and brought his 5 brothers and sisters and mother and father. America was happy to use his labor to cut down all of th pine trees in Michigan. After that he bought farmland for them all and raised families. I never think of Ireland as my homeland. I am an American and I am sure lots of immigrants came in through Canada during the famine days of the 1800’s and were grateful to stay alive. I feel for the refugees that people don’t want in our country. We turned away the Jews in WW2. Look what happened. Why are we we so worried about refugees being terrorists when our own citizens and shooting and killing each other every hour of every day and now one seems to mind. Just need to sell more guns. Where are our prioities.

          • Progressive Republican

            Where do people get the idea that illegals are having such a great time here.

            From disreputable discredited dishonest fucking right-wing nutjob disinformation propaganda sites like this one.

          • OB did it a few weeks before the elections and also he was rushing immigrants through so they could vote Democrat! People I know are still waiting to become citizens and upset as they know Ob shuffled, people behind them, through the system to be able to vote!

          • Progressive Republican

            I have news you won’t like: GOPTV/FOX lied to you when they Breitbarted that video.

            Or pretty much any time they broadcast, actually.

          • How do you think he won? Rigged machines, illegal immigrants and dead people and others being bused over the state line so they can vote again. And as shown ballots being counted up to 6 times.
            Hillary had the DNC and campaign workers. Over a billion dollars. And the mentor George Soros.

          • Shades of Landslide Lyndon. The cemetery in South Texas emptied to vote for Johnson. Seems that happens a lot for Dems. I too am a proud member of the basket.

          • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

            I think EVERYONE who voted for TRUMP is a DEPLORABLE like me 🙂

          • That was after he engineered the shootings in TX and I do mean both JFK and Oswald…

          • Linda, we are, too, so proud to be an un-American, irredeemable deplorables. Much to her chagrin, bet KILLary never thought that would become our unifying battle cry.

          • George Soros needs ousted from our Country and never be allowed to return.

          • Me too! Loving your posts. Excellent!

          • Thank you!

          • Bernadine Bennett

            That is an untruth and you know it!

          • It is a truth that I saw the video on CNN of Obama telling his audience, that undocumented or illegal migrants had the right to vote and to do it over and over.

          • Progressive Republican

            You can’t prove it.

          • Progressive, oh yes, we can. But you just don’t let facts get in the way of your biases.

          • Progressive Republican

            Then prove iBAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! Dammit I almost made it.

            We both know you can’t, but pretend to give it a try, Ahmed.

          • Bernadine Bennett

            Not true. Prove it.

          • I don’t have to prove anything. Google it. There’s proof galore. I’m satisfied with what I saw and heard him say.

          • Progressive Republican

            I Googled it.

            It’s bullshit.

          • Here’s a link for you and please, clean up your foul mouth.

          • Progressive Republican


            Couldn’t hock up anything more credible like The Onion?

          • No one should be allowed to vote unless they show ID and are strictly American born

          • Obama needs sent back to Kenya and never allowed in our Country again.

          • Trump’s wife did that as well. She had a dufus kid for God sake. So shut the fuck up as the shoe just might fit you.

          • FYI< My family has been here since 1620, we are of English/ Scottish decent, fought in Rev., War of 1812,Civil War, both sides, WWI, and WWII, Spanish American War and served on Border during Border dispute. My husbands family came here during Rev. War, and fought in War of 1812, etc. His brother was killed in Frnce WWII and is buried along with 2 cousins in Arlington Cem. as is my Grandfather who served under T. Roosevelt and Black Jack Pershing. Considering your name, where is Your GREEN CARD?? You know it's tit for tat.Amigo.

          • And after all that history and gloating you are not any more American than a child of legal immigrants born in the 1960s or 1990s , get over yourself.

          • Which branch did you serve in?

          • Who cares Kelly? My family originated from the Appalachians (Scotch-Irish) and I served in Vietnam. So you can be critical of me also.

          • You was a import so why knock other imports ?

          • Arturo Robles: Other imports went through Ellis Island, and were registered and known. They didn’t wade across the Rio Grande in the middle of the night, or come in with a bunch of other non=documented jerks from Jihadiville to do damage to USA. Is that so hard to understand.

          • Arrived in America & moved 2 NY City 1996 Met Donald September 1998 Married January 22, 2005 had Barron March 20, 2006 so much 4 the lies U R putting out there.
            She started modeling at the age of 5. When she was 18 she signed her 1st contract & international modeling contract at 18 yrs. old. She has indicated she 1st entered the U.S. on a business visitor visa in August 1996. She obtained & H-1B visa in October 1996.
            After that, she regularly returned 2 Slovenia 2 obtain a series of 4- more one-yr work visas b/c, at the time, Slovenians could only obtain one-year visas in the U.S. In November 2016, the Associated Press reported that she was paid $20,056 for 10 modeling jobs in the U.S. in 1996 before she had legal permission 2 work in the Country. Applying as a model of “extraordinary ability”, Melania obtained a green card & became a lawful permanent resident in 2001 & a citizenship in 2006.

          • So she married Trump to be able to stay here in America. That explains it.

          • If she wasn’t Trumps wife, you probably wouldn’t be saying the things you are saying. Typical Democrat.

          • Get a life and grow up! Read the real facts! Always lying and spinning is what use to work and does NOT now!

          • What is it about “She obtained & H-1B visa in October 1996.
            After that, she regularly returned 2 Slovenia 2 obtain a series of 4- more one-yr work visas b/c, at the time, Slovenians could only obtain one-year visas in the U.S. In November 2016, the Associated Press reported that she was paid $20,056 for 10 modeling jobs in the U.S. in 1996”? She worked here illegally, and should have been punished with deportation for that.

          • If you knew the immigration and citizenship rules you would know Melaina obtained her citizenship by the rules! Stop the false stories
            You troll!
            You people (are probably paid sore losers) by an outdated old withered up nasty man called Soros! WHO should be arrested for paying, aiding, abetting and enabling riots, protesters, to destroy properties, physically hurt good people, and in some cases kill them! These are criminal acts and he has instigated them and is no better than the Clintons!

          • He is not a dufus kid, hes smart & speaks 2 languages. You should be so lucky.

          • Progressive Republican

            She married a doofus too, so there ya go.

          • Shame on you Arturo.

          • Really? I don’t believe you. Tell me who, when and where.

          • In the 1970’s there was a group that brought illegals from SA in thru So. Fla., they came up Intercoastal, switching boas along the way, They had connections thru Judo schools, and rented cheap apts. in the Arlington Va. area. They preyed on young students to marry these women with children, in the case I know of personally, offered a 18 YO $500 and free rent to marry a woman 15 Years older than him, Since when a Marriage issued and the ages looked suspicious, an FBI agent would make a call, with a warrant, look for signs this was a real couple,, the young man in this case was MY SON, we helped break this ring, I am sure it still goes on. My son just left some old clothes in apt. but agents are on to every trick. Since this was illegal the marriage was annulled , they had their own person to do the marriage, it was ages on Lic. that alerts the clerk in the Court House. This cost us,his parents more thanthat $500.

          • was a tutor at a community college some yrs ago.south american woman offered me 3000bucks to marry her.didnt even think about it.sorry not enuf goddam problems

          • With Trump we can bring a lot of immigration laws back
            And enforce them. He tried to have them removed from archives so they couldn’t be instituted.. fortunately s’body lied to him and hid them like they did with parts of U.C.M.J. Concerning
            Sofomy and homosexuality..
            We can get those instituted and get our country on line again.

          • While I sympathize with your outrage, I simply DO NOT KNOW how you can possibly DETERMINE the REASON a woman — or a couple — decided to marry, or (these days) to have a baby together without having bothered to tie the knot FIRST.

            HOW DO YOU KNOW THE “INTENT” OF EITHER MOTHER OR FATHER???? What about the couple who come together for the wrong reason and then fall in love and dedicate themselves to giving their child a loving home, citizenship be damned?

            I DON’T PRETEND TO BE SO ALL-KNOWING THAT I CAN READ A PERSON’S INTENTIONS THAT EXACTLY. And unless YOU call yourself “GOD,” I really don’t think YOU can, either.





          • Leave the liberals out of it, gramma. What you refer to is how the cheeto is.


          • Exactly! Only white-skinned real Americans should be citizens. None of those dark-skinned people who can trace their ancestry to before the Revolutionary War should be citizens because they are from Africa where Kenyans and Mooslims are from.

          • Everyone s from Africa, where Kenyans and Mooslims are from.
            Human DNA says so.
            You see, we all share the same femake ancestor, Her name was Eve.

          • No one said that you lying raciest!

          • This happened, I saw it, INS would periodically check where these illegals lived, many were caught, just as many got by, Laws were not meant to be ignored, time to enforce them, deport illegals, stop this anchor baby BS,if they want to come back, then get in line

          • Yes, like Pres. Bush II did! Although he didn’t deport as many as Pres. Obama has, that was only because big businesses wanted the cheap foreign labor so turning a blind eye to all the illegal workers was good for business and thus good for Pres. Bush.

          • Typical LIBTURD……….blame it on bush…………bozo is nothing more than a illegal muslim racist bigoted lying dictator and is the worst CIC to ever sit in the Oval Office……….bozo & family are trash and they have proven that with their actions and hatred of the USA.

          • Bernadine Bennett

            I think it was because Bush is from Texas and they are more sympathetic with Mexicans than some places and also need their labor. Also, many of the Mexicans in the southwest are from families who have lived on that land longer than the American families have. Remember how we got Texas from the Mexicans? Also Bush has a Mexican sister law who is married to Jeb. Nothing changes bigotry faster than having some of “those people” in your family. I never expected any mixed grandchildren but I have some. I love them just as much as the rest of my Caucasian grandchildren and want to protect them from being treated less than. Only one has a Mexican parent.

          • Stop posting then if the comments of others bother you so much!

          • Trumps were married before being pregnant.

          • I wasn’t TALKING about the Trumps. “A couple” is a general reference — I said very clearly that “I simply DO NOT KNOW how you can possibly DETERMINE the REASON a woman — or a couple — decided to marry, or (these days) to have a baby together without having bothered to tie the knot FIRST.”

            I was responding to a post from Granny Filec, who said:

            I thought it was ridiculous for her to attempt to judge whether A COUPLE (not named Trump, ANY COUPLE) had married to have an “anchor baby” or because they fell in love or for some other reason.” GOT THAT? NO REFERENCE TO THE TRUMPS (in fact, I don’t think Granny Filec had been talking about THEM, either.
            Sorry, but there IS a world out there beyond that dominated by the President-elect and his family Really — there IS!


          • Well, I WAS BORN IN NEW YORK CITY, which I believe was (since 1776) and REMAINS part of the United States, and since I’ve never committed a felony there has never been cause to deport me. Sorry!
            I was NOT talking about illegals who married U.S. citizens “just to stay in the USA”. If you bothered to READ, instead of YELLING, you might have understood that I was talking ONLY about MARRIAGES between an American and a citizen of another country WHICH DID NOT END IN DIVORCE (that is, which were actual MARRIAGES, not baby-making arrangements). If you want to excluce THEM, you’re in for a losing battle.
            Kindly REFRAIN from the name-calling when you’re writing to ME, or better yet, DON’T WRITE TO ME ANYMORE AT ALL. You don’t write; you YELL; you don’t make much sense; and you don’t BOTHER to get the facts straight before sending off yet another rude, INACCURATE tirade. PLEASE LEAVE ME OUT OF IT — YOU PIG!

          • I’m not going to answer this idiotic post again. I WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT ANYONE NAMED TRUMP. I was responding to a post from Granny Filec about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS HAVING “ANCHOR BABIES.” Re-sending the post won’t make me change my position. Now, GO AWAY!

          • The Constitution says that those born in America are citizens. PERIOD!!!

          • Actually, the Constitution DOES NOT say that. It says that ONLY “Natural Born Citizens” are eligible to become President of the United States. It says NOTHING about who gets to be a citizen, with or without that “natural born” standing. The reason is simple: the Founders fervently HOPED that the young United States would be “blessed” with immigration from many lands, and they didn’t want to set limits on who might or might not come, based on situations in 1789, which MIGHT CHANGE. So they left the task of defining CITIZENSHIP and determining who could qualify for it to CONGRESS.
            It WOULD have been helpful if the writers of the Constitution had told us EXACTLY what they meant by “natural born citizens,” because that has been a matter of some dispute ever since. (Federal case law has conferred that status on anyone BORN here or born elsewhere to parents, at least ONE of whom was an American citizen. This has opened the door to possible presidential candidates like Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban-immigrant father.)
            However, the issue of who can be a citizen is more fluid.
            If you really believe only descendants of people who were here in 1789 (when the Constitution was ratified) can be citizens, I can’t help you, because Congress has expanded that pool MANY times — exercising the authority granted it by a Constitution that didn’t RESTRICT it in any way. It is basically in the hands of the



          • Bernadine Bennett

            I don’t think you are right about this. State where it is in the constitution.

          • Just ran across your exchange with “Granny Filec”! You’re right, she’s wrong (and probably crazy: her diatribes are based on NOTHING but her own imagination. She just told ME (born in NY, NY, married to an American whose family has been here since 1640) to “go back where I came from” and “take my illegal brats with me.” Huh?
            Have a great day & happy new year!

          • Bernadine Bennett

            It would be nice to have a conversation about issues but doesn’t seem to be possible. I keep a copy of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Amendments in my drawer but I certainly am not a scholar of those legal pieces. I think I do ok with general questions, though. Obama is my president. I see him as thoughtful and caring about all of the Americans. Call him weak. I call him caring. He is a student of the constitution. I feel that Trump should shut his mouth until he is president and knows what he is talking about. He is the first president in my 88 years than I cannot bear to see or hear speak. His mouth is so obnoxious. So there I go. I’m not angry with his supporters. I know many of them will be seriously hurt if he keeps his promises. I’m too old now to worry about it, even if I do.

          • There is NO SUCH STATEMENT in the Constitution, or even in the U.S. Code OR Case Law. It simply does not EXIST.
            I agree that Obama has followed the Constitution only when he liked what it said. But the CONSTITUTION (including all amendments) DOES NOT SAY WHAT YOU THINK IT SAYS.

            Doesn’t it occur to you that YOU are doing EXACTLY the same thing that Obama has been doing — “rewriting” the Constitution to FIT YOUR OWN PREJUDICES. That makes YOU just as bad as Obama!

          • You must have your very own Constitution, because what you say is NOT in the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. There is NO reference to children in the Constitution AT ALL, nor to deporting ANYBODY (in 1789 they wanted MORE people in the USA, not FEWER), nor to illegal entry to the country. If you like, I will send you a COPY of the Constitution and you can see for yourself — except I RATHER STRONGLY SUSPECT IT IS BEYOND YOUR ABILITY TO READ, MUCH LESS TO UNDERSTAND.
            NOW STOP SENDING ME MESSAGES. You are rude, insulting, and WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Also STUPID.

          • Bernadine Bennett

            Be sure to send the Bill of Rights and the Amendments too

          • Bernadine Bennett

            It states that a person born in the US is a citizen in the amendments of the constitution. . It was meant to make children of slaves citizens of the country or children of immigrants to be citizens.

          • You’re right – it’s in the 14th Amendment. But the original discussion was not about citizenship, but about who qualified as a “natural born citizen” and thus was eligible to become President. That’s NOT covered in the 14th Amdmt. At some point in the long discussion last night, the topic slid from eligibility to serve as President to just plan citizenship, and I got lost in my own explanations. Heck, I was tired! One of the nitpickers on the site kept me arguing about trivialities half the night. 🙁


          • Bernadine Bennett



          • One more time, you stupid pig: I WAS BORN HERE. My husband was BORN HERE. Our children were BORN HERE. (They were also raised in a 2-parent household with NO public assistance, ever; we even paid their college tuition ourselves!) My children are NOT fatherless. And this IS my home. Also I have an IQ of 146, but never mind THAT.
            I don’t know if you have me confused with someone else of if you’re just incredibly STUPID, but given the tenor of your posts I suspect the latter — STUPID and CRAZY.
            NOW STOP SENDING ME MESSAGES, because they don’t apply and they (and YOU) are incredibly ANNOYING.


          • Bernadine Bennett

            NOt all of them.

          • Change the constitution to prohibit the child from becoming a citizen. I’m sure this is one area where you’d support an abortion. Although I don’t know you or can see you, I know you’re shaking your head saying damn right Typical evil republican

          • Got examples? Share them.

          • I know of a couple that did just what you have spoken of. Yes they are both divorced now. The children that were conceived however was created out of love on the father’s side. It would be ashame to part the children from their father’s.

          • Bernadine Bennett

            It’s true that people are doing this on purpose but that is because we have a great country and they want their children to have a chance in life. The government tries to pick out the fakers from the true lovers but it doesn’t always work.

            There are also men who bring vulnerable women, who are submissive by culture, to this country and abuse them, use them, and keep them as domestic slaves. Everybody is not a good guy.

          • Tell the foreigners to clean up their own countries, improve their government, have good schools to have their kids have a better life……….they come here to collect welfare, get free schooling/free college and all the other freebees that are offered……..They come here…………kill, rape, rob, burn, and expect the USA legal citizens to turn the other cheek………….Kick the trash (muslims/illegals) out of the USA and let them fight for a better life in their own countries………….

          • Bernadine Bennett

            This is just ridiculous. We are all foreigners unless you are an Indian.
            I am a great great Grandmother and have seen a few things in my lifetime including the murder of my grandson by an American citizen who was doing his killing to get into a gang. I am not afraid of people who need a decent life.

          • A baby of 2 citizens that is born “overseas” IS a citizen ! I think it’s in the 16th Amendment (one of them for sure).
            A bout O. His father, according to O’s book) was NEVER a citizen, nor seeking citizenship. His father was a “student”. ibid.

          • It certainly isn’t the 16th Amendment – that’s the Income Tax!
            I SAID that the child of two citizens who is born abroad IS a citizen. But it’s not the CONSTITUTION that confers that right — it’s case law (which would make it easier to change, if the Court was so inclined, but I think that’s VERY unlikely to happen.)

            Case law also confers the SAME right on the foreign-born child of ONE parent who is an American citizen but is married to someone who is NOT. Ted Cruz, for example, fell into this category: his mother was an American, his father Cuban; he was born in Canada, so he’d have needed this provision if he’d gotten past Donald Trump in the presidential primary race.

          • Sorry, forgot to mention the part about Obama’s father. I know that he wasn’t a citizen or trying to become one. My understanding is that he always intended to return to Kenya. This really doesn’t matter, since Obama’s mother WAS a citizen (and as I noted in the other post, it only takes ONE parent who is a citizen to give “natural born” status to the child.
            The easy way to keep this straight is to remember that IF A CHILD DOES NOT HAVE TO BE NATURALIZED in order to obtain the full rights of a citizen, that child (or the adult he/she becomes) IS, under the law, “NATURAL BORN.” IF the child has to be naturalized, he or she is NOT “natural born.”

          • RightWriter: Obama’s father was not the goat herder from Lake Victoria. Google around and find out who squirted the baby batter. It puts the whole legacy of BHO in perspective.

          • Thanks, but you know, I really don’t CARE who his father was! First, I don’t like the whole idea of checking out people’s — anybody’s — PARENTS; I’d rather judge the individual on the basis of his or her character, accomplishments, and so on, not on them having either a VIP or an ax-murderer for a Daddy (or Mommy).
            Second, I am VERY tired of the whole subject of Barack Hussein Obama, (unfortunately) 44th President of the United States. I want to give him AS LITTLE THOUGHT as possible from this day forward!

          • Bernadine Bennett

            I know that in the US a child belongs to it’s mother if parents aren’t married. I’m not sure only a citizen father counts toward citizenship for a child. In other countries, such as France, the child belongs to the father no matter where it is born or who the father is. See problems in Vietnam. France brought home it’s children by their soldiers in Vietnam. We left ours there to be nobodies because children belong to the fathers in Vietnam.

          • Leaving aside the question of which parent a child “belongs” to when parents aren’t married (I think it may vary by state, but I’m not sure), EITHER mother’s OR father’s citizenship can count toward the citizenship of the child (only one parent need be an American citizen).
            I remember the problems in Vietnam. Terrible — but I always wondered what the Vietnamese would do if two of its own nationals (both Vietnamese) had a child outside marriage and then the father died. Would they have declared THAT child was a “nobody,” too? Not sure!

          • Bernadine Bennett


          • So long as they follow our laws I’d be in favor of maximizing those who could be considered citizens. Sorry, you were right, the Constitution does not adequately define who will be citizens, Federal case law has conferred that status on anyone BORN here or born elsewhere to parents, at least ONE of whom was an American citizen. I’ve no problem accepting this.

          • Exactly right, and I agree about maximizing the possibility of citizenship for those who obey our laws and don’t try to set up enclaves where Sharia law prevails (or something like that).
            The Constitution is a wonderful document, and the men who wrote it were geniuses (considering nobody in the world had ever designed before a government of FREE citizens! But it IS frustrating when one contemplates some relatively little thing they REALLY should have included — like what they meant by “natural born citizen.” 🙂

          • Bernadine Bennett

            I think that the writers meant born in this country. They didn’t want someone to come into our country and run for President…like Putin, for instance. There are countries where you can go and run for president and not even be a citizen. I have read about different wealthy and educated men going to a poorer country and becoming the ruler/president. If we didn’t have that wording, you never know who might try to be president. We can be surprised again.

          • Spot on !

          • An anchor baby should be just that….tied to an anchor and put where anchors were made to be. The parents if not US citizens should be sent back to their home country.

          • That would require a Constitutional Amendment. Suggest you talk to your Congressmen.

          • AKLady, long time no see. Last time I saw any of your writings, you were warning everyone that the election was yet to take place (the Electoral College); implying that Trump would not survive. How’d that go for you?

          • AK is a Democrat paid TROLL, who spews a lot of garbage.

          • Hello retired from a retired randy—–ha.
            Was looking to get AK’s opinion. AK’s implication (before the Electoral College) was that the Electoral College would validate the popular vote and Hildabeast would be victorious. Would agree that her tendencies lean to the left—–one more inch and —-oops—–over the gang plank AK goes. Right into a sea of open border, globalistic, Socialism. AK seems to be fairly intelligent (yet very repetitive) and it always mystifies me how intelligence and an inability to deal with facts somehow produces a Left Wing Socialist. Must be the water—–or Kool Aid—–.
            Then again, some hate Trump so much they grasp at straws hoping beyond reality that his victory will be reversed. Just like many right wingers did in 2008 and 2012.
            Enjoy retirement my friend.
            I doubt we’ll goad AK into joining this dialogue.

          • Happy New year and in 17 days it will be even better. AK just went to the wrong Schools, all left wing. If the Sun is out she will say its the moon, you know the type always say the opposite of what really goes on.

          • Yes sir—-I know that type well.
            Still mystified how they continuously avoid facts and logic.
            Must be a mental disorder (Savage)

          • Why do you lie?

          • What is a Troll ?

          • Why do you make assumptions?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you act like a child, calling people names?

          • You have not denied being a Obama and Democrat kiss Butt. Next you will play up to Stein and Warren who are also losers like Hillary. How did you like your pension raises Obama gave you??

          • Congress spends the money.
            You elect Congress.
            Maybe you should make better choices?

          • The People have spoken and elected Trump, you are the poor loser that can not accept the facts.

          • We the People do not elect a President.

            We the People have never elected a President.

            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.

            Start with the Electoral College.


          • The People did not elect Trump.
            Trump was elected by the Electoral College
            Hillary had the popular vote.

          • What good did the popular vote do her , NOTHING . YOU lost so give up your BS stories.

          • The Constitution was followed

            You really should not make assumptions.

            Oh, and by the way, Clinton won the popular vote; as did Gore.

            How does that sit with you?

          • Good Morning AK,
            You are correct: Hillary, Gore, Grover Cleveland, Sam Tilden & Andrew Jackson were all losers due to the electoral process. Certainly gives me pleasure to call Hillary a loser—–but I’ve been doing that for a long time. And no, Andrew was no relative—-ha. Gore—o my, (the carbon credit selling millionaire, which does nothing to benefit the environment, but allows polluters to do so legally; all the while Al takes the $ and espouses “global warming’, is deceiptful) Gore is a con artist; so I was glad to see him flame out as well. Guess that clarifies how I “sit” with Hillary & Al. Hope you feel better knowing that. Regarding assumptions, those offering suggestive projections, then seemingly declare innocence and finding others at fault are disingenuous at best. Seems like a flimsy excuse to hide behind when the projection does not get fulfilled. Just a thought.

          • .You assume my staenent was political.
            The Constitution was followed.

            Clinton had the popular vote, as did Gore.
            Regardless of who was running,
            how does that sit with you legally?

          • Congress could pass a law banning it.

          • Sorry, it does not work that way. The Supreme Court would find such a law to be unConstitutional.

          • What is UN Constitutional is the garbage you post. The supreme court has turned into a law maker instead of following the Constitution as it was intended to be.

          • Put very simply, through court cases, the judicial branch explains the meaning of the Constitution and laws passed by Congress.

          • The Constitution was written in plain English and Nut Cases like you don’t like it so there fore you want it changed to your way of thinking and the Brain washing education places you attended.

          • Ignorance and insults, so beautiful to observe ..
            Make America Hate Again.

          • Please take an American Govwenment class.

          • I did and it was not at a liberal left wing university like you attended and flunked .

          • Did you just write that babies should tied to an anchor and drowned?
            Holy fuck you’re insane!

          • First, no I didn’t say to drown them. Do you know there are other types of anchors? They should be anchored to the countries their parents are citizens of. Second, you must be young….most youngsters have to use four letter words to make their points. Shows a very low IQ to use that word.

          • Can you read at all?

          • Do you eat with that mouth?

          • And I will bet you think it is OK to murder innocent babies too!

          • Read the response below. An anchor baby should be anchored back to the country their parents are from. As far as you go ….cement shoes would work!

          • That would be lefty’s.

          • But I’m betting you’re against abortions…You want to be able to kill them yourself, right?

          • I don’t want any babies to die. Those anchor babies should be anchored to the home countries of their parents not here. lol…. You clowns think the only anchor goes with a boat? Widen your vocabulary and get off the cnn tit.. But unlike you I don’t think killing any baby is right loser.

          • Bernadine Bennett

            now it is Chinese women coming over and having babies. They take them home to grow up and come back here to live as adults if they want to. They are natural born citizens and are entitled to all the benefits of citizenship. That could mean running for office, wouldn’t you think?? And it hasn’t cost the taxpayers a dime.

          • I’m sorry, if your here illegally gtfo….have your kids in your country

          • Bernadine Bennett

            What about Cruz?? I don’t believe he fits that bill. Never heard a word from anyone but Trump about that but he is such a liar that no one believed him.

          • Ted Cruz was born in Canada, if you look up his parentage, His father was married to another Hispanic, mother to an Englishman, also what I read was both had taken on Canadian Citizenship, What I read, it would disqualify him from WH, and believe me Liberals would have hunted for every skeleton they could find.

          • Bernadine Bennett

            Actually, I believe they were well aware of corruption. Read the histories of those countries and their intrigues in court. Killings of royal children and anyone who might be competitive. If they weren’t, they made some good guesses that have stood up for 250 years. Read the bible if you want some really evil stories about the leaders of countries and the regular people as well. True or not, the writings have been around a long time. I’m not pressing religion, only making a point.

          • I agree. It sounds like good common sense to do it that way. Makes no sense why they never thought to do a more in depth background check on the person they are going to give all our important and guarded information too. And give so much power to.

          • Trump has 0 experience. He has lawsuits pending. Will not release his tax records. If he had nothing to hide, he could simply turn them over, but he refuses. Human trafficking, racketeering, scams, etc. Funny how he can refuse to divulge things and the right has no problem with that. None of his supporters question vetting, lawsuits, foreign businesses and middle east connections. His foundation was ordered by the fbi to cease fundraising. Wonder why…and no outcry from his supporters. Lol

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            I am glad he is not Washington insider! It is strange that everyone seems to KNOW that he
            paid 0 in taxes for decades. Yet , now they want his tax records released. LOL Prove the
            human trafficking, I would love to see one shread of proof. Look to any politician and you
            will find dirt, if you want to. I love to see the hypocrites on the left. What about the many times that Hilly took money from less than friendly nations for personal gain. Lest we forget about her $500,000 necklace from the Saudi Prince himself?

          • You’re right on — the human trafficking thing is pure INVENTION by some Democrat operative. The half-million dollar necklace from the Saudi, on the other hand, IS REAL — AND IT WAS ILLEGAL FOR HILLARY TO ACCEPT IT (there’s a dollar limit on “gifts” to presidents & their family members; I think it’s $10,000 but it CERTAINLY IS NOT $500,000! Gifts like that are considered GOVERNMENT PROPERTY and supposed to be turned over to some bureau in the State Dept. that collects them. She’s NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO WEAR STUFF LIKE THAT!)

          • No it is not. His modeling agency was a cover for that trafficking.

            He also employed illegal Polish workers in the construction of the Trump Tower.

            The DOJ has charged and sued him 180 times for employment discrimination.

            Just this past year, New York State charged him with money laundering. That is the second time he has been caught committing that crime. The first was in New Jersey. That time, he was doing it for La Costa Nostra.

          • Well, if you consider MODELING to be “human trafficking,” I suppose you can say that if you like. The LAW allows both male and female MODELS to do their work without being harassed for selling themselves or being sold.
            The REST of this CRAP comes from “fake news” sites and bears NO CONNECTION with FACTS. The Polish workers were NOT illegals: they were HERE ON WORK-RELATED VISAS, which is a program initiated by JOHN F. KENNEDY. The DOJ suits are a cost of doing business; every business of any size gets hit, repeatedly and constantly, and NONE of it constituted a crime. And the New York and NJ suits WERE BROUGHT BY DEMOCRAT ACTIVISTS masquerading as local government officials in two of the most heavily DEMOCRATIC STATES IN THE COUNTRY. NOBODY does business in New Jersey without occasionally crossing paths with La Cosa Nostra — THEY RUN THE STATE.

          • Suggest you actually look up facts.

            Your assuption that trafficking only involves sex workers is teribly mistaken.

          • I HAVE ALREADY TOLD YOU I AM WELL AWARE THAT TRAFFICKING INVOLVES MORE THAN SEX WORKERS. I told YOU that I worked on Congressional hearings on human trafficking and had learned quite a lot about it — including the slavery aspect. Originally, I mentioned the MODELS talking about sex workers BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE MODELS TALKED ABOUT. So you LEAPED to the UNWARRANTED assumption that I knew ONLY about that aspect of the topic. NOW who’s not checking the FACTS FIRST?

          • ” Well, if you consider MODELING to be “human trafficking,”

            The LAW allows both male and female MODELS to do their work without being harassed for selling themselves or being sold.”

          • The women who worked as models ALL testified that it was NOT a cover for trafficking but a real modeling agency. If they’d been trafficked, and had a chance to get away from their captors, don’t you think ONE or more of them would have said, “Yes, I am being forced to sell myself…Please rescue me!” when the FBI got there? Did they LIKE being trafficked?
            The Polish workers were in the US on TEMPORARY WORKERS’ VISAS. I am perfectly happy to argue that such visas violated a basic principle of immigration law, but THEY WERE U.S. GOVERNMENT-ISSUED, LEGAL VISAS.
            The DOJ may have sued him 180 times for employment discrimination (not bad when you employ TENS OF THOUSANDS OF WORKERS!) but I think you’ll find ZERO, or very few, rulings AGAINST him. Being SUED is no big deal; being CONVICTED is what counts, and TRUMP WAS NOT CONVICTED.
            The accusation for money-laundering was a POLITICAL MOVE by an OBAMA ADMINISTRATION (the DOJ WORKS for OBAMA, you understand) FLUNKY who was trying to win points by smearing a REPUBLICAN presidential contender. The COURT THREW IT OUT. And BAWLED OUT the DOJ lawyer for wasting his time.

          • And where was this alleged testimoney given?

            You habitually make false ssumptions.
            The Polish wokers were illegals. They worked off the books.

            They had to sue to obtain wages owed them.

            Obama was no where round in 1979 New York.
            Trump’s Taj Mahal admitted to have willfully violated reporting and record-keeping requirements under the federal Bank Secrecy Act from 2010 to 2012.

          • OK, one more try, and this only because you actually posed some reasonable questions — though you posed them as STATEMENTS, in which case they’re WRONG, or at best grossly misleading.
            The women who were believed to have been trafficked testified to a panel assembled by the New York Attorney General’s office. I don’t remember who ran it. I am well aware that trafficking doesn’t just include prosecution: I spent several months (some years ago) working on the issue for a Congressional Committee.
            The Polish workers were her on temporary workers’ visas. I believe the program lasted only 2-3 years because some of the American unions complained about it taking jobs from Americans. I have no opinion on whether it was a good idea or not, I just know it WAS A LEGAL PROGRAM. I am not aware of any suit by the workers to get paid; it sounds unlikely, given the federal oversight.
            I’m not sure what you mean that “Obama was no where round in 1979 New York” (this is where good standard English really helps: yours is not). Maybe we’re talking about different incidents, because I do NOT have anything from 1979 in mind.
            I am dimly aware of the problem with the MANAGER (not owner) of the Taj Mahal casino violating record-keeping requirements under the BSA. Do you KNOW what a picayune, ABSURD charge that was? A BOOKKEEPER didn’t do his/her job correctly under some regulations that had only recently been issued and which he/she didn’t fully understand. (One of the Federal government’s best-developed talents is for writing incomprehensible regulations and then expecting mid- and lower-level employees to be able to figure them out. It allows the feds to collect endless fines for failing to interpret some reg correctly.) This bookkeeper would have been one of probably a dozen on THAT site and one of HUNDREDS among Trump’s many enterprises. Do you REALLY think a corporate president has time to check on the work of every CLERK? The issue was rectified, the casino paid a fine, the bookkeeper was retrained (I think). End of story.

          • You need to come down and deal with reality.

          • Trump does not now, nor has he ever employed thusands, let alone tens of thousands.

            Mr. Trump sells his name.

          • If he sells his name (and in many cases that’s true), how can you hold HIM responsible for checking up on the work done by every bookkeeper or manager in any enterprise that BEARS his name? By your own statement, HE DOESN’T RUN THOSE ENTERPRISES OR EMPLOY THEIR STAFFS. So go bother the people who DO run them!



          • His wife is one shread of that proof. So was the last one he threw away.

          • You forget, it’s a DemoRAT. That means it’s okay!! (sarc)

          • And dont forget about all the other stuff she stole from the White House that they had to go retrieve.


          • So, show us what experience Obama had when he took office… He certainly didn’t do anything in the Illinois senate that amounts to experience. At least Trump has real business experience…

          • And BILL Clinton was impeached, never served in the military, raped women “allegedly”, conducted his affairs, does anybody remember Monica Lewinsky, in the White House, is laundering money through his foundation, and yet, all they do is complain about TRUMP. When Romney was running, the Democrats made a big stink about his wife having a show horse. People Magazine ran an article about Springsteen’s daughter owning a show horse, I didn’t hear any backlash on THAT. It’s fine for Democrats to use tax exemptions, but WHOAAA if a Republican uses the same exemptions.

          • No Senate trial tooj place.

          • Are we talking about the impeachment of Bill Clinton? NO, THERE WAS A SENATE TRIAL. A 2/3 vote (67) is required for conviction and removal, and there wee 54 Republicans and 46 Democrats MOST OF WHOM OWED THEIR ELECTION TO BILL CLINTON. So he wasn’t convicted. But there WAS a trial. Assuming this is the impeachment & Senate trial you were talking about, you need to gt the facts straight.

          • Get your facts streight: Clinton was ACQUITTED.
            Two other impeachment articles – a second perjury charge and a charge of abuse of power – failed in the House.

          • I HAVE my facts straight. I was sitting the the damned Judiciary hearing room when it HAPPENED. In an impeachment process, the House acts like the Grand Jury in a criminal trial. It IMPEACHES (the criminal procedure equivalent is an INDICTMENT) the person (or not). Clinton was IMPEACHED on two charges, perjury and obstruction of justice. The House did NOT impeach him on two other charges.
            The issue then went to the Senate, which sits like a criminal court (with the chief justice presiding). The Senate TRIES the official, and votes on its verdict — a 2/3 vote, or 67 Senators — must vote to convict or the official is deemed acquitted. THAT’s where the “acquitted” comes from. But that happens AFTER the IMPEACHMENT, and any newspaper index (or Wikipedia, or Google, or whatever you choose) WILL TELL YOU THAT WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, WAS IN FACT IMPEACHED FOR PERJURY AND OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE ON DEC. 19, 1998. You CANNOT argue with that, it’s HISTORY.
            I have written several posts about the impeachment, and my wording has varied, but mostly I talk about IMPEACHMENT in the House, a TRIAL in the Senate which did NOT find him guilty *(aka: acquitted him, same thing), so he was not removed from office. But he WAS impeached. Since most people ASK about the IMPEACHMENT, not the trial, I answer in that fashion. It may not meet your (MEDICAL) standards, but it DOES meet the LEGAL standards of the U.S. government.

            So don’t tell me I’m lying unless you’re DAMNED SURE OF YOUR FACTS. Which, as far as I can see, is RARELY. Certainly NOT on matters of the LAW.

          • charles johnston

            Don’t know much history, do you? From Wikipedia, which is about as vanilla-left as you get:
            “The trial in the United States Senate began right after the seating of the 106th Congress, in which the Republican Party began with 55 senators. A two-thirds vote (67 senators) was required to remove Clinton from office. Fifty senators voted to remove Clinton on the obstruction of justice charge and 45 voted to remove him on the perjury charge; no member of his own Democratic Party voted guilty on either charge. Clinton, like Johnson a century earlier, was acquitted on all charges.”
            So there WAS a trial, slick willie just skated as he usually did. Get the facts before making a fool of yourself.

          • It was not a trial. Impeachment is a vote on party lines. Accusing speeches are made, but no evidence is presented and there is no defense case. Then a vote takes place: usually on party lines. The only punishment that can be applied if the vote is lost is loss of office. No conviction is recorded.
            In parliamentary systems like UK, Canada and Australia, these are called “a vote of no confidence” and the effect of a loss may be a requirement for a new general election. They happen quite often and for quite trivial reasons, usually because the opposition party wants to bring on an election soon while the government is looking bad.

            So clinton went through this and did not lose the vote. I don’t think you can call this an impeachment. And you can’t say that “slick willie just skated ” because he had no way of rigging the vote. He had the support of enough congressmen: simple as that.

          • It did but he was not convicted.

          • … Clinton was subsequently ACQUITTED of these charges by the Senate on …..
            Look up the word. It means his record was cleared, as if no charges were ever brought.

          • Hey, I am with out on this…. The democrats can’t see their own sins, they are truly the biggest hypocrites there are….

          • Thats because they are experts at projection. I don’t think they believe half the crap they throw out there.

          • The Bible tells us they that which reject God’s WORD are blinded from seeing or understanding the truth.

          • I believe!!

          • Hallelujah; May the Good LORD Bless you and all your loved ones.


          • Yup, right up there with Republicans.

          • I don’t doubt there are corrupt republicans but they don’t even hold a candle to the corruption coming out of the democrat party.
            You may manipulate half truths and lies to convince others but in the final end you will be seen and judged by God for the lies and evil you do..

          • Very true! (And Ann Romney uses her “show horse” not for “showing” so much as THERAPY — apparently riding is good for whatever nerve problems cause MS (Reagan was right when he said “there’s nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse!”).
            But there’s NO “allegedly” about Bill Clinton’s affairs (the nice word: RAPES is more accurate) of numerous women, from Kathleen Willey (whom he raped when she came to him as an old friend and asked if he could help her get a job — her husband had just died & she was broke); Gennifer Flowers (yeah, that’s how she spelled it), a blonde bombshell who WAS his mistress for several years when he was still a third-rate nobody in Arkansas, and, of course, Monica Lewinsky — the barely-21 “intern” with whom HE HAD SEX IN THE OVAL OFFICE. He tried to brand her a liar, until her “blue dress” covered with his semen was discovered in HER CLOSET. And there were MANY others! Oh, yes, the “Clinton Follies” were a LOT of fun!
            As for the Clinton Foundation, I’m not sure it was useful for “laundering” money — it went IN and OUT so fast it’s hard to know how it could have been LAUNDERED. It was a SLUSH FUND for payments from foreign governments, many of the NOT friendly to the United States, in HUGE amounts for a SINGLE SPEECH or meeting with some VIP. Bill was SELLING ACCESS to his Secretary-of-State/wife for ENORMOUS sums.

          • Clinton was not impeached, the House tried but he was cleared of charges by the Senate and served out his term.

          • That is what impeached means: impeached by the House. That worked really well for the Republicans cans.

          • My apologies, you’re right he was impeached, just not convicted by the senate.

          • Yes, Clinton was definitely impeached by the House. The senate failed to convict him but he was impeached. He wasn’t cleared of anything. The demonrat senate never even looked at the evidence before voting to not convict him. Not innocent, just not convicted. Big difference! Try getting acquainted with the Constitution.

          • Obama didn’t have to do ANYTHING, he KNEW the fix was in.

          • Talk about sore loosers.

          • Go find a hole to crawl in loser

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.


          • Well, since “pateboo” was ON THE WINNING SIDE and it was YOU (based on your remarks on this board) who were supporting the loser, HOW CAN YOU CALL PATEBOO A SORE LOSER? Sounds like your DESCRIBING YOURSELF!

          • Save your childish insults for someone you can impress.

            You have told too many lies. Your credibility is totally shot.

          • Good! If I’d realized telling lies would get RID OF YOU, I’d have made up some whoppers. Now, since my “credibility is shot,” STOP SENDING ME THESE STUPID MESSAGES!

          • Srop lying.
            Stop repeating lies.

          • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).
            And He changeth the times and the seasons: He removeth kings, and setteth up kings: He giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding (Daniel 2:21).
            Just as we are told in the Book of Judges how God gave the Israelites the unrighteous leaders they deserved, so too has He given us the president that the nation deserved because the vast majority’ embracement of the abominations of evolution, homosexuality, abortion and the rejection of God’s Holy Scriptures…
            USA is on a downward spiral that can’t be reversed; no man nor all of the armed forces in the world can save this nation from the coming destruction that God has clearly revealed to us since the mid 1980s.
            God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor of it’s people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him that He might save them.

          • Amen!! And I believe thats why he brought us president-elect Trump. Against all odds, I believe this was what God intended, not man.

          • I haven’t been a supporter of Mr. Trump other than voting against Hillary… I pray that Trump is the man that we need to get USA back on track but he will not stop the coming destruction that God has revealed to us since the mid 1980s… USA will be destroyed in God’s time frame…
            Aug. ’94 I began sharing His message that they were coming back to “HIT” the WTC #2 Tower again and when they do they will “TAKE” it all the way to the ground.
            now tell how the 9/11/01 attack was the first of three major attacks. The 2nd. will be approx. 1000 times greater, the third attack and USA will never ever rise to power again.
            If interested in more details Google: “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101” and if you have any doubts about God knowing forgiveness or presence, Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message.
            Happy New Year’s


          • You are wrong…. He will forgive anyone that will truly turn from the evil ways and accept Christ Jesus as their LORD and SAVIOR. For the proof of this, Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message.”





          • Wow, are you God who can look into a person’s heart to determine if the heart has been softened, only God can chose who deserves His forgiveness…
            God is God and it is only God who has the final say as to whether or not the person has truly repented of their sins and accept Christ Jesus as their LORD and SAVIOR.
            You have evidently forgotten that as the Jews stoned Stephen it was Saul standing nearby given his consent to Stephen’s stoning and Saul continued to persecute the people who were followers of Christ… need I continue.
            Did you not read The Greater Message that I mentioned above… It tells how the Holy Spirit spoke a message of forgiveness for the abortion and a promise of a reunion in Heaven to the Mother of the baby she had aborted 16 years earlier. The Holy Spirit didn’t tell me to speck this, unbeknows to me, He spoke this through my lips.
            Maybe you are not understanding just how amazing our God truly is….

          • I am religious, but I have seen too many supposedly godly men and women fall because of their own weaknesses. I no longer allow myself to think that God intended for someone, however wonderful they may appear to be, to become President (or not, either). I’ve given up thinking God ordains our leadership, because I like to believe he’d be more discerning. God intends for humans to do the best WE can, based on the brains and souls that HE gave us, but also based on our own less-than-pure natures and human failings.
            The problem with believing that God intended for Trump to be our President is that the minute Trump stumbles (and he IS human, he MIGHT stumble!) we have nobody to blame for the confidence we placed in him EXCEPT GOD. And that’s DANGEROUS.



          • Uh, watchman48 is quoting from the Old Testament which is held in the same regard by Christians, Muslims and Jews.

          • I believe we have laws against things such as that…. But even if they passed laws to allow that it would not stop that which has already begun…
            Consider the 330 prophecies which some were spoken more than 1500 years before the birth of a Savior’s coming birth, life, death and resurrection having been fulfill with 100% accuracy along with the thousands that has already came truth… So, why should we have any doubt whatever that the final prophecies aren’t fulfilled with a 100% accuracy as well which are given to us in the Book of Revelation.
            No, the final days for USA’s existence is quickly approaching… The 9/11/01 attack was the first of three major attacks. The second will be approx. 1000 times greater and the third will be unlike this world as seen since Noah’s Flood… I believe that will be the beginning of the Seven Year Tribulation followed by the Battle of Armageddon.
            If you are interested in more details of the next two attacks Google: “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101” and if you doubt God’s existence, or forgiveness, or that He communicates with man as I have said, Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message.”

          • Trump is a real estate salesman — nothing more.

            He repeatedly violates local, state and federal laws

            Trump has ZERO business experience. He inherited the
            business from his father. A staff of experts run the business end o things.

            Trump has ZERO government experience.

            He will be the first President to have been sued for statutory rape.

            He will be the first President charged and convicted of money laundering.

          • You know absolutely nothing about Mr. Trump who was given one million dollars and from that he built his billion dollar business. He created thousands of jobs for his employees and tens of thousands of construction jobs throughout the world…
            On the other hand Obama has created greater debt than all other presidents combined, greater unemployment, greater welfare roll, greater race hatred and a much greater refugee problem.

          • Absolutely right!

          • WATCHMAN………..BLOCK HER……..SHE IS A TWIT.

          • Are you God that you would know that her heart can’t never be soften and turned towards God… A true Christian must make the effort to open his enemies eyes, ears and heart to the truth even unto the point of death.

          • Exactly, although people often overlook the huge inheritance he got after his father died.

          • The New York Times reported Jan. 2 that Fred Sr.’s Will estimate the bulk of the inheritance, at least $20 million… Now even if Donald received the entire inheritance that still doesn’t lessen his unique business wisdom in creating a multi-billion dollar corporation.

          • YOU ARE ABOUT 95% WRONG about Trump’s background. He is a DEVELOPER, not a salesman. He inherited a small company that built moderate-priced housing in the “outer boroughs” (in New York, that’s anyplace but Manhattan) — AND TURNED IT INTO A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT EMPIRE, based on TOP-OF-THE-LINE office and apartment complexes that people SCRAMBLED to buy even though they cost a FORTUNE. He also built hotels and golf clubs ALL OVER THE WORLD, not a business for a small Queens County housing builder. And when the City of New York had a public skating rink in world-famous Central Park that needed repairs and the city couldn’t get it done, TRUMP HAD HIS COMPANY DID THE JOB — IN LESS TIME AND FOR LESS COST THAN PROMISED. Same with the “Trump International Hotel Old Post Office” in Washington, which HE just renovated (it’s a historic landmark) UNDER BUDGET when about FIVE other developers had FAILED.

            His business experience is FIRST-RATE and EXTENSIVE; he’s the kind of businessman who has a big staff, BUT THE ORDERS COME FROM HIM, NOT THEM.

            As for “zero” government experience, how much did Barack Obama have when HE was elected president? Two years in the Senate, DURING WHICH TIME HE FAILED TO VOTE EITHER “YEA” OR “NAY” ON MORE THAN 40% OF THE BILLS THAT CAME UP FOR VOTES. He voted “present,” which is called being a “KNOW-NOTHING.” Trump, on the other hand, has been LEARNING the arcane details of public policy, and I can tell you from first-hand contact with some of those who have helped him THAT HE’S A VERY SMART, FAST LEARNER. Obama, on the other hand, NEVER EVEN MANAGED TO LEARN THAT THE CONSTITUTION GIVES PRESIDENTS SOME DUTIES AND GIVES OTHERS TO THE CONGRESS.

            As for “statutory rape,” high-profile business people (who can’t hide behind Congressional or Presidential IMMUNITY) are sued all the time. A lawsuit does NOT indicate GUILT.

          • Fred Trump’s construction company built government housing — up and down the East Coast.
            Donald inherted his fathers business.

            Oh, and by the way, Fred Trump was investgated for overcharging the government on those contracts.

            Grandps Trump ran a whore house in Alaska during the gold rush — in a town nmed White Horse.

          • OK, during the war (4 years out of a lifetime) Fred Trump did build barracks and apartments for military personnel along the East Coast. The REST of his career (roughly 30 years as compared with FOUR) he built mid-p;rice-range residential housing IN NEW YORK, primarily in Brooklyn and Queens. So sorry I neglected 4 years out of a career 30+ years in length. (Jeez, this is NOT supposed to be an official BIOGRAPHY! I’ve written one of THOSE, incidentally — not on Trump). OF COURSE he inherited the business from his father, that’s what HAPPENS in families. But it was worth at most a few million dollars. DONALD TRUMP built it into the multi-BILLION dollar business it is today. THAT was my point: WHO CARES if Daddy did his war effort by building Navy housing?
            Yes, he was investigated by a Congressional committee for overcharging; (IN AN OVERSIGHT HEARING; those pull in EVERYBODY, whether they’re suspected of anything or not). THERE WAS NO DECISION AGAINST HIM AND NO REFERRAL TO THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT: that means they didn’t FIND anything with which to charge him. Called INNOCENT if not proven guilty!
            You omitted to blame ME for not mentioning that in the 1970s he was also investigated by the Justice Department for alleged civil rights violations. Again, NO CHARGES WERE FILED OR FINES LEVIED. He did enter into a consent decree and agreed to advertise in minority-owned newspapers. (This happened to just about EVERY apartment complex owner/manger in the 1970s, whether they had ever actually discriminated or not; it was the Justice Dept’s means of forcing greater housing integration in cities like New York.)
            I have not been able to establish anything about Grandpa Trump and the whorehouse, but it would have been LEGAL in Alaska at the time. However, I searched White Horse, Alaska, and discovered there is NO SUCH PLACE. The only White Horse in the area is in the CANADIAN Yukon Territories, so if Grandps Trump was running a whorehouse, he was doing it under the banner of Queen Victoria. Besides, WHO CARES? At the most it’s interesting trivia. Surely you don’t hold Donald Trump responsible — he wouldn’t be BORN for another 40+ years!

          • Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

            Iprovided a short list of government suits againt the Trunp “Empire” in another post. I’m not repeating it hear.
            His remarks about women in national tekevision shoukd have been enought to keep him out of the White House … “Just grab them by thw possy…”

          • seems he went from community organizer to state senator , with 186 days of voting mostly
            present , with no meaningful legislation to presidential candidate how is that for qualifactions

          • Proof that he was created and control by evil forces manipulating those that can be bought with sex, money, power or whatever…


          • Soros, Bloomberg, and the muslims are nothing more then instruments of satan who is behind all evil.

          • He served in US Senate for 2 years, also did nothing, like Hillary, they just sat there, seems they (Dems) think that being a Senator is a shoe in for the WH, we knew Nothing about Obama, and still know nothing of his background, except what he wrote, which is probably fiction.

          • Exactly! Trump knows how to screw the small contractors that worked for him, toss out those pesky non-whites from his properties back in the ’70’s and file four bankruptcies.

          • In the thousands of real estate deals and the thousands of construction jobs that Mr. Trump has done why wouldn’t there be hundreds of lawsuits against him?
            No the actual truth never comes from the liberal on any issue… Show me some real proof rather than what the liberal media says…
            I don’t have any numbers for you but I reckon that since the 70’s there has been tens of millions both people and companies that have filed bankruptcies..

          • A DEMOCRAT political HACK judge ordered his foundation to cease fund-raising. One HAS to question whether he did so because the foundation was doing something wrong or because he was a DEMOCRAT POLITICAL HACK JUDGE and the election was a few days away. Chances are Hillary or someone on her staff requested that he do it.
            As to Trump’s tax records, he has said repeatedly that he will release them when the IRS is through with its audit. Tax returns really don’t show much of interest, but purient creeps like YOU won’t give up until he puts out every damn piece of paper in his files. I wish you luck READING all that crap.
            WHAT human trafficking, racketeering, scams???? NOBODY has accused Donald Trump of ANYTHING like that – – except the Democrats’ scandal machine, of course, and NOBODY of any repute found anything to suggest ANYTHING WRONG. I

          • Trump was paying his legal bills with the Foundation funds.

          • Pay to play is the clinton mantra you stupid troll

          • Thank you.

            Your input is always welcome

            It says so much about you.

          • Yep, and if clues where handed out on Monday you’d show up Wednesday. We all know one thing about you….a box of rocks is how you intelligence is measured.

          • Well, I am NOT calling you names, except possibly “stupid” or “naive” in that you seem to fall for EVERY left-wing MYTH you hear.

          • Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          • WELL, THEN STOP MESSAGING ME! FOR GOOD! I mean it: I’m getting to the point of changing my ID name so you can’t FIND me. Or maybe I’ll just call the FBI.

          • PROVE he knew the fees were coming from that account. He REPAID it in full the minute he became aware of the error.
            Of course, for mere mortals who have ONE bank account, it’s EASY to keep that kind of thing straight, and HARD to imagine how COMPLICATED a BILLIONAIRE’S accounts can BE. I admit to having that problem myself, though I did have some practice working for a billionaire not Trump) some time back.

          • LEGAL charitable foundations are governed by a board of directors.

            He would have no access, whatsoever, to a LEGAL foundation’s funds.

            A legally operated foundation would not pay out such funds without adequate documentation.
            You see, every “charity” is subject to a yearly independent audit – federal tax low and state law

            As a physician and business owner, I probably know a whole heck of a lot more about foundations, money, laws and business.

          • Having worked for several foundations and 501(c)(4)s, I am well aware that they are governed by boards of directors. But YOU are the one saying that the foundation illegally paid Trump’s legal fees — how would THAT have happened with that board of directors in place? Well, maybe some STAFF person made a mistake, AND IT WAS RECTIFIED as soon as TRUMP (The Boss) learned about it.
            And, yes, I know all about audits. I’m not a physician, but I have owned businesses, managed (and worked for) foundations, I’m a lawyer with a Master’s in Economics and a specialization in monetary policy, so I know QUITE a lot about money and the law.

          • Maybe because the Foundation is not a foundation?

          • Don’t you find it unique that reporters can find everyone that Tiger Woods
            had sex with but, they can’t find Obama’s college records or his True
            birth records????

          • Right, and let’s see yours..

          • The thing is they WANTED to find everything on Woods, with Ovomit it’s “Ovomit who”!!


          • The reporters even dug up Trump’s tax records from his casino applications showing he paid no income taxes and followed that up with more records from his accountant showing he paid zero income tax. Certainly they could find Obama’s long form birth certificate that would back Donald Trump’s assertion from just prior to the election that Obama was born in the USA.

          • There is NO REASON we SHOULD know Trumps financial holdings. What he has worked for and earned (honestly) is his business.

          • John H. Kohlenberg

            Obama and the Clintons stole everything they have.

          • Really?

            How much of that money has come from Putin?

            How much of that money came from Castro?

            How long was he illegally conducting business in Cuba?

          • It’s hard, from your SEMI-LITERATE POST, to know if you’re talking about “that money” and “illegally conducting business” refer to Clinton and/or Obama, but since you’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to SMEAR TRUMP all day, I’ll take a chance you meant HIM.

            Trump DID NOT do any business AT ALL with Putin OR Castro. ZERO. And he was NOT conducting business in Cuba. (Anyway, it’s not illegal any more, thanks to YOUR favorite idiot president.)

            As for Obama, HE made best friends with Putin almost the MINUTE he became President (wasn’t it his FIRST “apology tour”?), and sent Sec/State Hillary to Moscow with a “Reset” button (misspelled the Russian word!) to give Putin with a big laugh. My, they were all SUCH good friends — until Putin pulled the rug out from under Obama and declared Hillary persona non grata (more or less).

          • Funny how the Clinton’s redid years of their foundations taxes due to “mistakes”. Funny how Hillary deleted THOUSANDS of emails off of her unsecured server. Funny how Hillary’s closest aide has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Funny how the Democratic Party conspired against one of their own party members, one Bernie Sanders.

          • Fact: Clinton did not delete a single e-mail.

            Her staff deleted e-mails, long before the subpoena was issued.

          • aklady you are wrong hillary deleted hundreds perhaps thousands of e-mails but they were only about yoga classes ,cookie resipes . and her daughters wedding ,if y ou can believe that I some beach front propertyin arizona to sell you cheap

          • charles johnston

            Your time line is a lie, just like most of your posts. Propagandaist. Goebbels would be proud.

          • Goebbels is already proud of the scam that Trump pulled off and is laughing in his grave.

          • charles johnston

            I don’t feed trolls.

          • Facts are facts.
            They are published.

            She gave the emails to the State Department on Dec. 5, 2014.

            The subpoena was issued March 2015.

          • charles johnston

            Not the ones NEVER turned over or destroyed with bleachbit. Drink that kool aide.

          • Now I WILL call you stupid, because this is a matter of FACT and if you had a brain you would have CHECKED it. THE SERVER WITH THE EMAILS ON IT WAS IN THE BASEMENT OF HER HOME. Her staff members HAD NO ACCESS TO IT. SHE was the only one with access; ergo, SHE did the deleting.

            And she CERTAINLY knew that those records BELONGED TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, and she had NO LEGAL RIGHT TO TOUCH THEM. (After all, this dame is a Yale-trained lawyer — albeit on an affirmative action scholarship for females — and that’s VERY basic black-letter law. Every second-year student at a State university law school knows it. BUT NOT HILLARY, it seems.

          • Ha, ha, ha, ha …

            The machine was connected to the Internet — end of arguement.

            Every e-mail has a minimum of two people involved.

            The Technicians who deleted the emails works for Platte River Networks — the company who maintained the server.

            Oh, and for anyne who thought the server was washedwith “bleach,” the Tech Company used a software program called BleachBit to delete backups of Clinton’s emails from PRN’s servers.

          • The POINT was that Hillary had NO LEGAL RIGHT to be using her home server (wherever it was, and however it was connected) for GOVERNMENT EMAILS . THAT IS A FELONY, punishable by 10 years in a federal prison — PER INCIDENT, and there were THOUSANDS of incidents.

            By the way, your spelling and grammar absolutely atrocious. Practically every LINE:
            Line 1: It’s ARGUMENT, not ARGUEMENT
            Line 3: “…Technicians…works…” (Any FIFTH GRADER could tell you it should be “technician…works” or “technicians…work.” One technician WORKS; two or more WORK.
            Line 4: “company WHICH” — a company may employ people, but it is NOT a person. “WHO” describes HUMAN BEINGS.
            Line 5 (though this could be a typo, for which I’m forgiving): “anyne” should be “anyone.”
            And I know what BleachBit is, thank you very much.

          • My typing is atrocious.
            I admit that.
            I am also dyslexic.
            Feel free to insult.

            My grammar is just fine.
            Federal law enforcement disagrees with your conclusions.

          • People like you didn’t seem interested where the hell Obama came from, but you want to scrutinize Trump.

          • Well, of course, people like Carol Smith think ILLEGALITY is perfectly OK — just an expression of personal choice! — as long as the people DOING it are liberals. If a conservative or a Republican steps a foot off the curb before the light changes, though, they’re SCREAMING for a federal investigation or maybe imprisonment WITHOUT trial!

          • You said it even better than I did!

          • Carol….you need to find a place like the oven to stick your head. Turn it on to 450 and do us all a favor, dream that cunt hillary is with you.

          • First of all, he has settled all suits brought against him. Second…There is absolutely no law that dictates ANY president has to turn over taxes, only a financial statement which he did. Even tho Mitt Romney turned his over, the democrats still accused him of not paying taxes, which he did.
            Third…It is a rediculous statement to assume Trump was involved in rackateering or human trafficing. The FBI would have had him in an orange suit a long, long time ago. So thats just another lie made up by the left.
            Fourth…The FBI did say he couldn’t fundraise in a certain state but only because it required a certain permit his campaig was not aware of. And they did stop. They actually returned the money.
            Fifth…Trump is not the only billionaire that did business all over the world. He has that right and actually doesn’t have to stop. He took it upon himself to stop before he got into office, and the law states that there is no such thing as a conflict of interrest for a president or vice president. I never seen the left stand up and say Clinton was wrong even tho the FBI said otherwise. Trump has gone far and above what was required of him, and thats a hell of alot more than Clinton was ever willing to do.

          • Very good and comprehensive reply, though it won’t sink into Carol Smith’s thick head. Just FYI: The ridiculous “human trafficking ” nonsense came from a MODELING AGENCY in which Trump apparently invested; some bluenose accused it (not him) of trafficking the women ,although THEY all testified they were WORKING FOR GOOD SALARIES and BY THEIR OWN CHOICE. In other words, they were MODELS. Well-paid, too. Trump wasn’t even involved; he’d been an outside investor only.

          • I know it wont sink in, but then she needs to put facts and proof out there to back up what she says. It is so annoying that these liberals talk out both sides of their mouths. They never have anything new or interresting to say. They cant have a conversation without condeming a different opinion. Its just annoying.



          • You STILL at it? Donald Trump is a phenomenally successful BUSINESSMAN who built a business EMPIRE largely from scratch (his father’s moderate-income housing projects did NOT translate well to Fifth Avenue highrises and world-renowned golf resorts). He DEVELOPED the idea of business-based reality TV programs that actually test SMARTS, not brawn. He also managed to master enough of the details of public policy questions to impress not just dimwitted members of the public, but experienced and capable policy mavens (I am personally acquainted with several policy pros in fields as diverse as taxation and intelligence policy — THEY are impressed with his ability to master often-arcane material.

            As for lawsuits, EVERY business leader is sued by people who think they got a raw deal on some business transaction . It happens ALL THE TIME and NO business person is immune. GET OVER IT. The “human traficking” was actually a baseless allegation AGAINST SOME OF HILLARY CLINTON’S STAFF, NOT against Trump — you have your scandals mixed up! And “middle east connections” are a perfectly normal aspect of doing business on an international level. THAT’S WHERE THE MONEY (or much of it) IS, you IDIOT, if you want to MAKE money you have to SELL to people who HAVE money!

          • It’s time to stop crying now !!!

          • His supporters are as crooked as he is. Trumpitty-Dump Boy.

          • They DO do in-depth background/security checks on everyone who works FOR the president, but I believe it was assumed that by the time a man (or woman, but the assumption was made before that became a likelihood) went through all the public scrutiny involved in RUNNING for president, we’d know enough about him (or her) to be satisfied as to his/her citizenship AND loyalty. The problem is that now that we’ve had Obama, and might want to impose stricter requirements, doing so would raise the charge that we were only doing it because he was black! It’s a catch-22. 🙁

          • Or might be because they never really checked on all of the things that should have been..because he was A DEMOCRAT………AND HIS COLOR

          • Perfectly true, but we can’t really blame OBAMA for the stupidity of THE MEDIA. He took advantage of it, of course; Almost ANYONE would have made use of a system DESIGNED AND ADMINISTERED BY OTHER PEOPLE which gave HIM clear advantages (getting into the best schools, getting top grades, etc.). Most of us aren’t THAT devoted to Truth! 🙂
            If I interview for a job with a company that gives preferences to persons who have, say, blue eyes (I had to work real hard to find a category NOT subject to some favoritism or lack thereof), and I make a point of staring at the interviewer with my big baby blues, I’m taking advantage of a preference NOT based on my ability, education, or any other reasonable qualification. But IT’S NOT MY FAULT that the company’s founder, perhaps, liked people with Nordic coloring. Am I wrong to USE that fact to my own advantage? I don’t think so!

          • I agree, I don’t blame Obama for taking advantage of the way the responsible parties (media, people in government, etc.) did not do their job. If they would want to make me president, even thought the only thing I know is how to fix things, I would gladly take the chance to fly all over the world in my own Air Force HenryL

          • He got elected through fraud and it was easy because he is black. A white man would not have gotten away with this.

          • He is NOT black, he is a mulatto. In fact, he is less black than he is Caucasian or Asian. He chose to refer to himself as black because he could always play the race card to deflect criticism from his failed policies and decisions!

          • You said pretty much just what I did but probably more accurate; I did not want to get into it that much.

          • You also may join reaaltalk any time you wish.

          • What is reaaltalk and how do I join?

          • You’re right, but in fairness WE (white Americans) brought this on ourselves.
            1) Dating back to the days of slavery in the South, many children were born to a slave but fathered by their white owners (see: Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings). They were classified as “Negro,” even though they WERE technically “mulatto.” That was NOT THEIR DOING; it was the classification used by the U.S. Government.
            2) In the pre-civil rights era, ANYONE WITH AN IDENTIFIABLE DROP OF AFRICAN (and sometimes ASIAN) BLOOD WAS CONSIDERED “NEGRO” and later “BLACK.” If a person’s great-grandfather or great-great-grandmother came from Jamaica or Africa, or even from Indonesia or India, that person was classified that way WHETHER THEY CHOSE IT OR NOT. That was the fault of OUR stupidity and, yes, let’s face it racist attitudes. But it gave EVERYONE with ANY NON-WHITE ANCESTRY the SAME (offensive) race designation. Again, NOT THEIR FAULT — see the 19th century (& early 20th C) census designations.
            3) Since the Civil Rights era, we have thrown up our hands and allowed people to self-designate their race, based on either what they KNOW (photos of grandparents, records of immigration from, say, NORWAY (not many blacks) or family ‘history” which may or may not be accurate. We have also mostly stopped using words like “mulatto” and “quadroon,” which MANY PEOPLE FIND OFFENSIVE. If you can self-designate as “black” or “white” or “Asian” (which is meaningless, because it mixes up everything from Pakistani or Afghanistani to Chinese or Japanese — quite a variety), then why can’t you self-designate as “white” if you know you had at least ONE white grandparent?
            Since we do not KNOW for SURE about Obama’s father’s racial background (Kenyan is definitely African; Indonesian could be almost anything), and he apparently WANTS to use “black,” how can we deny him that designation? It’s not like he was attempting to “pass” as WHITE as some people of mixed ancestry did (sometimes successfully) in the old days of segregation!
            And, yes, some persons of mixed ancestry used the civil rights laws to self-designate as “black” so they could benefit from that designation. I’m sorry, but I absolutely REFUSE to get involved in a “Did his/her great grandfather come from Kenya (African, or Black) or Egypt (could be Arab, or maybe African), or whatever. It’s too damn complicated and NOT VERY IMPORTANT.
            The DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE says “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL,” and — using the standard English form that allows “men” for “humans” instead of the awkward “men and women” –THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. It SHOULD be good enough for ALL Americans.



          • You Racist Shriveled up
            Granny…stop believing doctored videos on “YouTube” not U tube

          • OHHH now we can attack Grannys that don’t think the way you do. May I ask you a question ? Hell, I will anyway.
            Where was your safe space loaded with play dough and puppies until YOU stopped crying ?

          • His safe space is between his ears…lot of room in there.



          • So where’s the video? Where’s the proof? You’re full of Trump shit!

          • But you eat it daily.

          • As I read your posts, I really feel sorry for you. Being so hateful, must put a real strain on you.


          • Yes, there are a lot of those Kenyan mulatto Muslims born in Hawaii.

          • He’s as black as your ma’s ass.

          • You should not talk about your mother that way.

          • Fact:Obozo is, English, Irish, Scotch, German. Welsh, Swiss, French and remote African.

          • Sorry, he got elected because 1) black Americans (born here, unquestionably US citizens) turned out in unprecedented numbers to vote for a fellow black American (whether he was born here or not, they SAW him as one of “their own” — just as THIS year a lot of women who don’t usually bother to vote DID because they wanted to elect THE FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT. 2) the American “mainstream” media, whose members are always looking to prove how open-minded they are, treated him like a rock star, investigated NOTHING (including the question of his birthplace or parentage), and then — once they’d made a folk hero of him — didn’t have the moral integrity to say, “Hey, I (or We) was/were WRONG; this guy is NOT worthy of our devotion!”
            That may be STUPIDITY on the part of some American voters or a lack of INTEGRITY on the part the mainstream media, BUT IT’S NOT FRAUD.


          • I would really like to see that video, do you have it hosted somewhere? It should be sent to Fox news, they’ll play it for sure!

          • It’s bullshit. Gramma must’ve had a Trump shitburger before her post.

          • Yo Fatman, if anyone is eating shitburgers, it’s you. You still have some of it dribbling down your chin. And please take Obama’s dick out of your mouth.




          • I was referring to the fact that he was not properly vetted. He was born in Kenya.

          • Just like Pres.-elect Trump got elected because he was a misogynistic, bigoted, xenophobic white man who appealed to the same.

          • Well, unless his name was Trump. Let’s see those tax returns so we can all see where he has committed fraud. As long as he pays his taxes on his illegally gotten gains, or at least declared them to off-set his paper losses, the the IRS is good to go, they can’t report him to law enforcement.

          • Tax returns do not indicate the ability or inability to run a country. People who do not understand business make too much of a deal over this.

          • Then please enlighten me as to WHY we have a senator who IS BLACK still in the Senate who OWES 3 million dollars in BACK TAXES ?

          • Because he is the same color as our so-called president

          • They show as to a guy’s character, buy what the fuck? You read the shit fake media crap.

          • Oh yeah. Let’s try to add up all the blacks that you cracker boys have killed & got away with it. You talk BULLSHIT. Oh the poor white people, boo-hoo. Blow it out your ass, crackah!

          • Concetta Altobello

            YOU ARE A IDIOT!!!!!
            GET OFF THE POST

          • Wait! Are you forgetting the thousands of blacks other blacks killed in Chicago, alone, including children?

          • I never killed anybody.

          • They even do background checks on cabinet appointees which is giving some of Pres.-elect Trump’s picks fits, especially those who are rich and have received awards from Putin.

          • Get over it, sicko. Obama showed us his birth certificate. America has a history of racism, so shut the fuck up, you idiot.

          • He Sure did 3 different versions . Just like he had his past sealed , why would a honest man do that other than hid things.

          • And if I showed you a certificate that listed all the men who contributed to the sperm pool you were born from, you’d deny that even though your mother would have to acknowledge it as true.

          • probably because of his color he was not put through the grinder like they have with even the american candidates running.

          • If you mean when he was running for president, no, he wasn’t put the grinder. He was a well-educated, youngish man with TWO YEARS in the Senate (NOBODY in modern history had EVER run with THAT LITTLE EXPERIENCE) and two in the State Senate (which most people don’t even count, as state legislatures are usually not terribly challenging). If he’d been WHITE, NOBODY would have taken him seriously as a candidate.

            But many people, including much of the media, were SO anxious to PROVE how TOLERANT they were that they ignored his lack of experience and fell head over heels for his (alleged*) speaking ability. He was, AS JOE BIDEN ACTUALLY SAID, “a CLEAN, PRESENTABLE African-American — just what we NEEDED to run for President” (yeah, he actually SAID that! Can you IMAGINE?)

          • In other words, we got grubered.

          • YUP, we did thankfully I did NOT vote for him either time.

          • Yes, Trump sure grubbered us. Tar & feather that Kite mother fucker.

          • Trump is a narcissist, racist
            criminal buffoon who doesn’t know his head from his rear end about the world
            and foreign relations.
            Pray daily that he doesn’t get us into a nuclear war with North Korea or China, so that this
            country can survive to see
            another sane President.

          • I’m more concerned about the war that Obama might start right now with Russia.

          • lol…what a loon.. I would have been more concerned with that hag hillary. She would have followed in that idiot obeyme’s shoes and given terrorists more free reign.

          • Please get your head out of the sand ostrich and smell the chit you’re spreading !

          • The loony’s are out in full force today.

          • It’s too bad that his basket of deplorable assholes will be cross with you for that remark.

          • The Democrats have not produced a same President since JFK was MURDERED. LBJ was the start of the Slide Down Hill for the Democrats.

          • Believe it or not, I have had the NON-Privelege known Biden for a time maybe 30 years ago when he was the Senator from the State of Delaware. My assumption then was he was lacking in some of the most mental capacities to even hold office. Lately he has proven to still be lacking and has NO concept of what he’s saying. He simply Babbles his way through.and as O’stupid has pulled his string Biden dances.

          • Grab your ass, cracker. You talk like Blacks have you as a house cracker. The first black to be POTUS. Really!!!

          • That is exactly right.

          • You may join reaaltalk any time you wish.

          • “American” candidates?
            Hey you idiot Whites are not
            the only “Americans” and at the rate they are dying and reproducing , on their way to
            becoming a minority in 2040.

          • Ur post is the biggest case of fiction I have seen in a while. Pathetic.

          • YOU are the pathetic one, you silly cow. You KNOW NOTHING about Donald Trump, but you spew venom as if you were snake in heat. It’s all GARBAGE from some Democrat campaign website that has probably gone dark by now, because ALMOST everyone has accepted the fact that HE WON. YOU LOST. GET OVER IT.

          • Case Name United States v. Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump Management, Inc. FH-NY-0024

            Docket / Court 73-1529 ( E.D.N.Y. ) State/Territory New York

            Case Type(s) Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance
            Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division

          • SO WHAT? The Civil Rights Div. of the Dept. of Justice sues businesses ALL THE TIME. MOST of the cases are THROWN OUT without even being heard in court; in states like New York with total Democrat control they generally get heard but ALMOST NEVER DECIDED IN FAVOR OF THE JUSTICE DEPT. For businesses of any size (deep pockets) it’ an annoying COST OF DOING BUSINESS, nothing more. THAT particular case was THROWN OUT.

          • Carol ONLY reads and sleeps with it under her pillow this one book!
            “Asinine Erroneous Facts for Dummies”!!

          • Then read the books Obama supposedly authored.

          • Why is it so important for you to lie about Obama?

          • Why is it so important for YOU to think things are lies when they’re NOT? Are you IN LOVE with Obama?

          • You are much too polite.

          • I arrested a Stanley Ann Durham in Wichita, she was a whore and dance on a pole and would completely strip. She was know to like black man with or who had very large third legs. Frank MARSHALL DAVIS WROTE ABOUT AN ANN, THE BOOK WAS PUBLISHED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS, THE FREE PRESS, IT TELL ABOUT THIS ANN AND WILD SEX PARTY’S AND ACT’S.


          • Why do you lie?

          • Why do you assume draftinging is LYING? I’ve heard that story (about Ann Dunham and her Commie boyfriend) before, from sources that suggest it’s TRUE. And why would you be so BOTHERED by it? We know Frank Marshall Davis was NOT Obama’s Daddy, because Obama IS half-black. We also know Ann Dunham had a rather…er, checkered…career. SO WHAT MAKES YOU THINK IT’S ALL A LIE????? Maybe YOU are just incredibly NAIVE, or so IN LOVE with Obama that you can’t IMAGINE anything negative even about his Mommy.

          • Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • John H. Kohlenberg

            Obama’s mom was never pregnant. Her uterus just fell out.

          • You are one of the loonies
            who still cannot accept a black man win the White House twice….Ted Cruz father was Cuban as President Obama was Kenyan, both their mothers
            were Americans (Cruz’ from
            Baltimore and President Obama’s from Kansas) and Cruz was born in Canada but no one questioned whether he could be President..? So, by that standard even if President Obama was born in Kenya
            or Anywhere them he should
            be allowed to be President as both Cruz and McCain
            were though born abroad.
            This is all about a Democrat.
            When it was Cruz the arch
            conservative it was no big deal huh…Racist much?

          • @$$HOLE much!!

          • I’m not going to comment on “accepting a black man in the White House”: I have NO trouble with that. I am merely setting you straight on “birthright citizenship” as it applies to PRESIDENTS, which you seem not to fully understand.
            The CONSTITUTION says only that a PRESIDENT must be a “natural born citizen” — and unhelpfully fails to define that term. US LAW (I can find the citation if you want, but I’m sort of in a hurry) explicated that as meaning EITHER (a) BORN IN THE U.S.A. or (b – and this is the sticky part) BORN TO PARENTS, OF WHOM AT LEAST ONE IS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, even if the birth takes place in another country.
            This has allowed several contenders for the presidency to be accepted as “natural born citizens” even if they weren’t born in the U.S.A.:
            * John McCain (eligible, even if he never made it) was born to an American-born U.S. Naval officer and his American-born wife on a Naval base in what was then the Panama Canal Zone. No problem here; both parents were natural-born citizens AND a naval base is considered U.S. territory.
            * GEORGE Romney (no that’s NOT a typo, he was Mitt’s FATHER, elected Gov. of Michigan and ran for President -not nominated – in 1968) was born to parents who were both U.S.-born citizens while they were serving as Mormon missionaries in Mexico. There was no U.S. military or diplomatic facility nearby, and anyway the senior Romneys weren’t government employees. But a US court looking at Gov. GEORGE Romney’s eligibility ruled that since his PARENTS were natural born U.S. citizens, SO WAS HE.
            * Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an American-born U.S. citizen mother and a father who was a Cuban citizen. He claimed, and under the law was entitled to claim, “natural born” citizenship THROUGH HIS MOTHER — and as an ordinary citizen, HE NEVER HAD TO BE NATURALIZED to be accorded the benefits of citizenship (voting, etc). It stands to reason that if he was a citizen without having needed to be naturalized, he was NATURAL BORN. That’s what the term MEANS.

            IT HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH RACE — and if it did, don’t you think we right-wingers would have blackballed TED CRUZ, who was half-Hispanic and CLAIMED his Hispanic identity?

            RACIST, YOU! NOT US!

          • So,
            If Cruz’s American mother
            made him a natural born citizen while having a Cuban
            citizen father and being born
            in Canada….why wouldn’t
            President Obama’s American mother and Kenyan citizen father still make him a natural born citizen even if he was (he
            wasn’t as he was born in
            Honolulu) born in Kenya, Australia or Indonesia?
            Please explain this logical
            inconsistency that his haters
            use when they say he was born in Kenya?

          • I guess they just call reaaltalk names when he proves his case.

          • Yes it has been amazing! Anyone with half a brain knows we have and elite class of people in America. They are politicians who are exempt from the laws the rest of us must follow. And on top of that our lame duck POTUS has had another loop hole or pass. He is part black and that part of him is exempt because it is unwritten, but factual, that if you are black you can do no wrong!

          • Yes, & disclose all their taxes or else give up the office.

          • It began with Kennedy hiding his college records…..

          • And then that Canadian Lyin’ Ted Cruz wouldn’t have run nearly to the last primary.


          • I don’t care what anyone says, the sob was born in Yeman, Not Hawaii!!!

          • The Obama Ascendancy Hoax!

          • Bernadine Bennett

            Sounds like a plan to me. Lets get Trump’s records out there. All of his under the table activities and a morality check wouldn’t hurt anything.

            Wait until all of those people who are now on the ACA Medicare find out that the pubs want to take it away from them if they can find a way.

          • Bernadine Bennett

            There is so much fake news going around now that you can’t believe this crap. Even Donald Dumbie now agrees that Obama was born in the US. He started it for his own benefit.

          • pateboo. That’s right if their records are sealed they shouldn’t be allowed to run for president or be a politician period. We citizens have to show birth certificates etc. He’s a fraud bet he wasn’t born here that’s why their sealed

          • Yes! and add Tax Returns to the list of required documents…

          • That’s a tremendous idea.

          • That is all true. We should not have any President who isn’t 100% American. Someone paid to get him in. They also need to make rules on how much Presidents can spend of our money on vacation or personal trips and then they must use their own money after they pass a certain limit.

          • Destroyed?
            Hawaii already confirmed his birthcertifdicate.
            Deal with reality,.

          • Hawaii confirmed A Birth certificate for A male child born on the date he claims is his birthdate, to the mother who claimed him. THAT DOES NOT MEAN HE IS THE SAME CHILD. (No state takes fingerprints from newborns, and Hawaii doesn’t take foot-prints — which really don’t help much for adults, anyway. It’s too easy to have had a footprint scarred with a cut or burn or something that changes it enough to make the baby-footprint useless.)
            Also keep in mind the state government and just about every local official IN Hawaii is a DEMOCRAT HACK and could have been bought off or instructed to “verify” Barack Obama’s birth certificate very easily. Again, NOBODY knows HE is the child whose birth certificate Hawaii CLAIMS to have on record.

          • All states take foot prints of newborns.
            Why is this lie so impoetant to you?

          • Yeah, and Barack Obama is 57 years old — will be 58 this year! Also, changing a footprint is NOT difficult; a minor injury or accident can significantly alter the details of the foot surface, so that the BABY’S print isn’t much like the ADULT’S foot. It can also be done INTENTIONALLY, if one is willing to endure a bit of pain to change one’s identity (criminals tend to be willing). THAT IS WHY THEY USE DNA NOW, DUMMY, INSTEAD OF EASILY ALTERED FOOTPRINTS, OR FINGERPRINTS FOR THAT MATTER. But there’s NO DNA sample available for the CHILD version of Obama, whether born in Hawaii or Kenya or on the moon.

            Actually, I don’t give a DAMN about the lie, because I am literate enough to know it doesn’t even AFFECT Obama’s eligibility for the presidency. I only give a damn about LYING, STUPID PEOPLE writing absurd, provably false posts on chat boards. Like YOU.

          • Thank ypu for admitting that you lied.
            Thank you for admitting you find it acceptable for you to lie.

          • I DID NOT ADMIT THAT I HAD LIED, BECAUSE I DID NOT LIE. You keep blaming ME for things other people have said, or perhaps that you imagined. In this case I don’t know what post you’re referencing. I DID say I didn’t care about the apparent lie, or just misstatement, by someone else (I don’t know who) because IT DID NOT AFFECT THE QUESTION OF OBAMA’S ELIGIBILITY FOR THE PRESIDENCY. Therefore it was off-topic, and I wasn’t much interested. I can’t spend all my time correcting mistakes/lies by people I never met and never will (or, in your case, never WANT to).

          • His mother was an American citizen.
            He could have been born on Mars and
            still be qualified to hold the Presidency.

          • You stumbled on a FACT here. As long as ONE of Obama’s parents (his Mother seems most likely) WAS an American citizen, he IS qualified to hold the presidency. First time you’ve been RIGHT all night! Those who are saying otherwise haven’t read the official US government standards for citizenshp.

          • I am amazed, you actually admitted I was correct.

            There is a first time for everything,

            You might want to start checking facts before posting insults.

            I always check facts before posting.

          • I DO check facts, and in the interest of STICKING to the facts, I must point out that the fact onto which you stumbled DID NOT CONTRADICT anything I’d said. It simply acknowledged that you’d gotten one thing right — NOT that I had said anything INCORRECT on the same subject.
            I’ll “admit” (“acknowledge” would be a better word) you’re right WHEN YOU ARE. And I only post insults to people who have insulted or offended ME, or someone else on the board.

          • As usual, you are absolutely WRONG! That birth certificate has been proveen to be false.

          • You know more than the professionals who do official background checks.

            Why is this lie so mporant to you?

          • Multiple document verifying experts have confirmed it’s FAKE, computer generated, was never a hard copy. TWO of those experts were from different countries. The one from the US works for the very lawyers Obama had fetch and submit the copy from HI. And even HE says the copy submitted as proof is a FAKE.

          • Why do you lie?
            Why do you even have the need to lie?

          • I don’t lie, I don’t even NEED to lie, because the TRUTH will verify what I said. You really need to do your homework.

          • No valid evidence exists to support your lies about Obama.

          • “Valid evidence” = YOU made it up!
            “Invalid evidence” = it comes from reputable sources, like the State of Hawaii or (in the case of that “lawsuit) New Jersey.

            Your problem is you’ve confused the definitions of “valid” and “invalid.” It’s EASY: “invalid” means PHONY; “valid” means REAL. Got that?

          • Save your insults for someone you can impress.
            The New Jersey law suit is factual. Trump’s business settled.

          • Fine. The New Jersey lawsuit is factual. SO WHAT? YOU TOLD ME that Donald Trump SELLS HIS NAME, and that he doesn’t RUN the businesses that bear his name. So, ipso facto, HE WASN’T IN CHARGE OF THE NEW JERSEY CASINO. Now GO AWAY!

          • Short list of Trump lawbreaking.
            1973 – housing discrimination, consent decree

            1978 – violated the consent decree

            1979 – investigated for bribery

            1980 – investigated for corruption in relation to Trump Tower

            1987 – FTC request DOJ to prosecute

            1988 – investigated for Mob ties

            1990 – investigated for insider trading

            1991 – had his father illegally buy uncashed chips

            1991 – fined for discrimination

            1992 – investigated ties to Asian organized crime

            2000 – guilty if improper lobbying, fined

            2002 – SEC enforcement for false earnings reports

            2010 – Texas finds Trump University is a fraud.

            2011 – criminal investigation into Trump Soho sales

            2013 – New York State filed fraud lawsuit against Trump University

            2016 – New York State fines Trump for illegal political contribution

            ON top of those government cases against Trump, here are civil cases such as: The racketeering case is Cohen v. Trump, 13-cv-02519, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California (San Diego). The consumer fraud case is Low v. Trump University LLC, 10-cv-00940, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California (San Diego). There’s a Nov 28 trial date for Low v. Trump University. And how about the civil rape case suit, Jane Doe v. Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein

            The Trump cases that indicate a pattern of racial discrimination in housing, and business, etc. They are important in that they demonstrate a history of behavior Add to that supporters including most recent KKK and David Duke. Tigers and Trump do not change their stripes.

          • YOU just lectured ME about how Trump “sells his name” and doesn’t actually RUN any of his businesses. But now you want to blame him for every infraction of federal, state, or local laws at ANY of the business enterprises to which he — according to you — SOLD his name. HE DOESN’T RUN THEM, REMEMBER? Or is that only when the argument works to YOUR benefit?
            NOW GO AWAY, PLEASE. My email is full of CRAP from YOU and NOT A BIT OF IT IS WORTH MY TIME.

          • Multiple EXPERTS have pulled apart the birth certificate OBAMA himself submitted as his evidence. If you haven’t seen the video Sheriff Arpaio and his posse put together demonstrating it beyond a shadow of a doubt, that’s not MY fault. They even found the birth certificate it was copied and pasted from, Johanna Ah’nee’s birth certificate. Obama is as phony as a $3.00 bill. He has a fake birth certificate, fake Selective Service card, uses someone else’s Social Security number, claims to be a Christian while wearing a ring dedicated to Allah, is a known gay man, drug user, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE.

          • Every statement in your post is false.

            I am very familiar with the Sheriff Arpaio. He has no respect for the Constitution — none.

            He puts brown-skinned people in his concentration camp, denies them due process ….

            He has admitted crimes and should have been put out of office.



          • The only person around here who is indisputably LYING is YOU.

          • Prove it.

          • GET LOST! I was responding to your comment to “Pateboo”

          • I read that Hawaii was selling his type of B.C. to anyone who ponied up to the window! Japanese people were buying them for their kids for a joke. It WAS NEVER a true Honest To God certified REAL B.C.!

          • I am 84, born in NY, and at home, yet I have a BC with NY seal.

          • I’m 73, also born in NY (though in a hospital), and I have one of those, too! There ARE advantages to the PRE-computer, PRE-photocopying era: the “file copies” they kept of important documents were REAL. 🙂

          • All my children were born prior to photocopying, computers, now Obama’s SS is a different matter, this was issued to a Conn. who died in Hawaii, now my SS was issued in DC as that was nearest to where I lived,my kids were issued in Va. where they were lived, didn’t issue SS at birth then.

          • Well, the question NOW is, what is Congress going to do about it??? Just impeaching Obama won’t undo all the harm. They need to unseal his records, find out what he was hiding. Whatever he was hiding, must’ve been enough to unseat him, why else would he have gone to the trouble and expense??? As I’ve said for years now, why don’t these OTHER countries ask for proof he was eligible? He has done things that have affected THEM too, droned them, sanctioned them, spied on them, helped their enemies etc.

          • WHAT background checks? When Obama was elected to the Senate, he’d have had a cursory check — all they do, really, is verify social security numbers (and they don’t check THOSE against the states where the Senators claim to have been born, or they’d have noticed OBAMA had a CONNECTICUT Social Security number but had NEVER LIVED OR WORKED IN CONNECTICUT.
            As the President-elect, he would NOT have had a background check AT ALL. The expectation is that by the time someone gets elected president, he/she will have established a personal history sufficient for any check to CONFIRM, not question, his identity. Unfortunately, in Obama’s case, there WAS no personal history EXCEPT what he’d written ih his multiple autobiographies. AND THAT WAS FALSE, but the FBI never investigated.
            So in his entire life, Obama has had EXACTLY ONE cursory background check, and nobody had wanted to find holes in his record THEN, because, after all, he was only the THIRD black to EVER get elected to the Senate (apart from the phony Reconstruction senators). He SEEMED like a nice guy (well-spoken, and as Joe Biden actually SAID, “CLEAN”: nobody wanted to rock the boat!

            So where were all these mysterious (nonexistent) background checks? Conducted by WHOM? THERE WERE NONE!

          • Why are these lies so imporant to you?

          • No lies — YOU TELL ME if you’re aware of any other background check on Barack Obama. You can’t, because there HAVE NOT BEEN ANY. The subject is NOT important to me; it’s YOU who keep harping on it!

          • “Deal with reality”

            Trump won, deal with THAT!!!

          • What does that have to do with your lying?

          • Lying about WHAT???

          • Obama’s citizenship.
            His mother was an American citizen.
            He could have been born on Mars and
            still be qualified to hold the Presidency.

          • No one is saying his mother wasn’t a citizen, if it WAS Stanley Ann Dunham. It takes TWO American parents to be qualified to be a US President. If Barack Hussein Obama really WAS his father, then he only had ONE American parent. Barack Hussein Obama never even took ANY steps to become an American. He just hightailed it back to Kenya.

          • It only takes one parent, so sayth the
            U.S. Government.

          • perhaps you have a logical explaination for how two illegalaliens can be in this country illegally
            breaking the immigration laws , have a baby and that baby is a citizen

          • Don’t forget, she renounced her/his citizenships when she married Soetero, so Obama could go to Indonesia schools, there has been no record that Citizenship was restored, also on name changes. Remember, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive” I still have hope that it’ll all come out in the wash.

          • Hmmm…that’s a sticky wicket, as the Brits would say. DID the US Dept. of State ACCEPT her renunciation of citizenship, or did the paperwork sit in someone’s in-box for years?
            The US State Dept. tends to ignore those renunciations because people very often DO change their minds (for example: supposed John F. Kennedy assassin — let’s NOT get into THAT battle! — Lee Harvey Oswald tried TWICE to renounce HIS citizenship, and NEITHER went through.
            First time, in Moscow, he told US Consulate he wanted to become a Soviet Citizen. Having heard that from other idiots before, the consul just put the paperwork in a box and, when a year or so later, Oswald decided to return to the US, his US citizenship was miraculously (he thought) still valid. Later, he went into US consulate in Mexico to apply for a special visa to visit Cuba. They told him “NO,” so he went to the Soviet Consulate and tried to make THEM believe he actually HAD become a Soviet citizen, hoping to get a visa for Cuba from THEM. Didn’t work.
            In any event, IF the renunciation of her US citizenship WAS NOT processed, she’d still have been on the records as a US Citizen, without name change or restoration. I don’t KNOW this, but it explains what you said.

          • According to a Photostat of school in Indonesia, it list Barry Soetero as a Muslim and Indonesian, In Indonesia you Must be a citizen to attend school, and I read mother also became a cit. of Indonesia upon marriage, also He attended school in USA as a foriegn student

          • Sorry, but on this one you’re mistaken. The COURTS (including the Supremes) have ruled that a natural born citizen CAN COME INTO HIS/HER CITIZENSHIP FROM JUST ONE PARENT, and that it can be EITHER Mom OR Dad.
            So, again assuming Stanley Ann Dunham (or some other American woman) WAS his Mom, Obama WAS eligible for the presidency. I think what people who understood this (like me) were angry about was his REFUSAL TO ADMIT THE TRUTH.

          • John H. Kohlenberg

            you can’t argue with a liberal. They are brain dead.

          • Funny, you don’t think Ted Cruz was eligible to run for President, even though HIS mother was unquestionably an American citizen, too. Seems like you have different rules, depending on whether the person in question is a Republican or a Democrat.
            The truth is you’re too confused to opine on ANY of this, but in this case you do seem to have STUMBLED into FACT. Amazing!
            YES, Obama was a natural born citizen through his mother. So is Ted Cruz.

          • I have never stated that Cruz was not eligible to become President.
            Cruz was born in Canada.

            Cruz’s mother became a naturalized Canadian citizen after Cruz’s birth.

            On the other hand, Cruz’s father was a Cuban citizen. He was a life-long friend of Fidel Castro.

          • I can’t help it. When you LIE so blatantly about someone who isn’t here to defend him/herself, I HAVE to respond.

            First, you DID give the impression that you thought Ted Cruz was ineligible to become President, although it was so many messages back I doubt I could find it Maybe I misunderstood your garbled syntax.

            I told YOU Cruz was born in Canada, so you’re not telling ME anything new at all. (I didn’t think his mother’s naturalization in Canada was particularly relevant, but she took Canadian citizenship because she had a job in Calgary which REQUIRED Canadian citizenship. Yes, that happened after Ted Cruz was born (in Canada).

            What really bugs me, though, is the calumny you are spreading about Ted Cruz’s father. He was NOT a “lifelong friend” of Fidel Castro,; in fact, he sought asnd obtained political asylum in the United States after his four-year student visa expired, as the Cuban Revolution had changed the government (meaning he couldn’t go BACK to Cuba without the risk of being IMPRISONED or SHOT because he had DARED to study in the big, bad USA.

            The wait to apply for U.S. citizenship was long, so Rafael Cruz earned Canadian citizenship in 1973. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2005 and never went back to Cuba to see the man YOU allege was his lifelong friend. That statement constitutes either gross STUPIDITY or political SLANDER.

          • Save your insults for someone you can impress.
            Educate yourself better.

          • We are NOT lying, you need to quit listening to main stream media because they are the ones the lie. Look up Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona, he has worked on this for a long time and the guy just proved it and showed how he did it. Do you know how he got his SS #, a man from Connecticut died in Hawaii, but it was never turned in, and his grandmother was working there at the time. His grandparents were Communists.

          • I am very familiar with Arpaio.

            He has buult a concentration camp for Hispanics.

            The prisoners in that camp are denied due process.

            I’ve heard every one of Arpaio’s lies.

          • .0wrong again aklady Arpaio built a camp to contain illegal aleins

          • Right, and a HUGE majority of the citizens of Arizona, including MANY of Latino heritage, believed him and supported — indeed, ENTHUSIASTICALLY supported — what he was doing. And of course NO higher legal authority challenged his detention plan or ordered the prisoners freed.
            Arpaio is JUST ABOUT THE ONLY LAWMAN in the country who is actually DOING HIS JOB — getting illegal immigrants OFF THE STREETS while the legal system (which is SLOW) sorts them out. He should be SAINTED, not scorned. But then, coming from YOU, scorn is a HIGH COMPLIMENT!

          • And Arpaio was defeated for reelection.

          • Yes, I know — proving, as I’m sure YOU think the results of the presidential race proved, that sometimes voters make mistakes. Arizona will be less safe for his forced retirement. IF the illegals are released, CRIME WILL INCREASE and people who voted AGAINST Arpaio will be KICKING themselves for their stupidty.

          • A law enforcement officer is sworn to uphold the law — not break it.

            Arpaio viloted the Constitution rights of everyone he put in his illegal concentration camp.

            Immigrtion is federal law. Arpaio has no authority to enforce federal law.

            Only federal law enforcement officers have the authority to enforce federal law.
            Period, end of argument.

          • I AM NOT GOING TO ANSWER ANY MORE OF YOUR SEMI-LITERATE GARBAGE. If you ask an actual question, and I’m in a good mood, I MAY reply, but stuff like this is TRASH and it’s going right into the trash basket.

          • You and all the rest are debating/ fighting a losing battle with Ain’t Knowingly a Lady! She’d argue with God Himself she’s that much an @$$HOLE!

          • You’re right!

          • I think she’s in love with BHO. That’s the ONLY reason I can think of for keeping up such an ENDLESS and futile defense of his every action (or inaction).

          • I’m not lying, did you ever see the movie about his life, I did. Sheriff Arpaio had a professional check the birth certificate and they proved that it was a copy a another child born earlier that month, they could tell by the angle of the dates.What about the woman that was a friend of his mother that was left to die in a plane that went down, everyone else got out, and from what I had read along time ago she was the one that got him the certificate.

          • Totally false.

          • Saying that Camille’s statement is “totally false” doesn’t MAKE it false. Everything she says is verifiable, and accurate. Even if YOU don’t like it.

          • Totally false.

            Check the facts using a reputable web site.
            What I do not like is lying.

          • I don’t like lying, either — including YOUR lying.
            Now, since you don’t seem able to say ANYTHING except that I am lying (which I HAVE NOT DONE), I think we have run out of things to say to one another. PLEASE DO NOT POST TO ME AGAIN: I WILL NOT RESPOND (well, if you get me REALLY mad I probably will, but I will TRY not to.

          • wrong again aklady hawaii presented a certificate of birth ,not a birth certificate ,not the same

          • What you mean is that a DEMOCRAT OPERATIVE in one of the most reliably Democrat states (Hawaii) in the country — who was a low-paid clerk and HAD NO AUTHORITY TO CONFIRM ANYTHING, SAID his Hawaiian birth certificate was real. Strangely, it doesn’t look like ANY other Hawaiian birth certificate ever issued (I checked: the design is notably different). So much for THAT legend!

            On the other hand, a birth certificate issued by the Government of KENYA at a hospital in Nairobi (Kenya’s capital) for a male child of mixed race (Mommy was white), born on OBAMA’S BIRTH DATE (8/4/61) — THAT one IS genuine, or the best copy EVER in a country where NOBODY copies birth certificates because WHO THE HELL WANTS TO CLAIM TO BE KENYAN IF HE/SHE ISN’T (or even if he/she IS)? I have SEEN this one and compared it with a blank Kenyan birth certificate form. They’re IDENTICAL.

          • Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • When you send me disjointed comments like this one, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Why do I “embarrass America” (this way or any way)? I have NO IDEA to what this is related. PLEASE STOP. I will just not OPEN, let alone ANSWER, any more of your nonsense. You’re INSANE!

          • If they can’t do the firing squad how about we take away his pay and send him back to Kenya, broke.

          • If impeached ( this can be done after he’s out) he’ll get no pension, the Moochelle will have to get a job or maybe we will find out who real parents of those girls are. There is a lot that needs to be brought out into open.

          • No, Jeanne, it cannot be done after he has left office.
            Why do you lie?

          • You are right. And then the liberals are concerned about how much money Trump wasted by sending it to the IRS.

          • That sounds real good! I did read along time ago that a news man[ don’t remember his name said he saw his mother in Europe a few months before he was born and she wasn’t even showing.?? Maybe he will come forward again, if they haven’t disposed of him. I was told that they can’t even impeach him if he isn’t a citizen, so wee will see..

          • If this proves true, there are still other crimes that would be federal, one would be falsifying records, the result could be death, or better yet life in Leavenworth

          • Yes, but then we have to pay to feed him! I think he has spent all of our money that he should ever get.

          • Nobody ever went to a federal penitentiary, much less got a death sentence, for falsifying federal records. IF he can’t be nailed for TREASON, and I don’t think he CAN, it’s not worth the cost of prosecuting him. He’d get his hand slapped, nothing worse.

          • Jeanne, sorry, but Obama CANNOT be impeached after his term as President ends. Impeachment (followed by trial, conviction and removal from office) is a process that is applied ONLY to officials of the government, which Obama will NO LONGER BE (thank Heavens!).
            Yes, IF he were impeached AND TRIED, CONVICTED AND REMOVED FROM OFFICE he would lose his pension, but even if he COULD still be impeached, how could he be REMOVED from an office HE NO LONGER HOLDS?
            Sadly, the Founders just didn’t anticipate situations like Obama’s (or for that matter, Bill Clinton’s) when they wrote the Constitution. How COULD they?

          • .Why is it so important for you to lie about Obama?

          • Your idea is stupendous!! it would be even a bigger kick in his ego than the firing squad because he and it would be “DEAD BROKE” , not a penny to their name and would have to find some employment BUT then again some DemoCommieScumboRATIC @$$HOLE would probably give him a job like custodian at an over inflated rate!

          • Firing squad in a public square!! Televised!

          • OR a Hangman’s NOOSE! (in full view of the public) to show the world how we treat TREASONOUS TRAITORS and their cohorts.

          • We don’t hang people anymore. Not for 100 years or thereabouts. Not even for treason. IF convicted, though, we might stick him in Leavenworth and let him keep company with Bobby Hanssen — the biggest traitor of all time (handed thousands of highly classified documents over to the Russians — and this was mostly AFTER the “Cold War” ended!)

          • I think we should start the procedure up again. There are too many “bleeding hearts” in this world and SCUM like oscumbag and his cohorts are counting on it. This world wouldn’t be in the mess it is now if the TREASONOUS scumbag we have in OUR White House hadn’t been shoved down our throats by voter fraud and SCUMOCRATS/RINOS slipping the usurper in with NO vetting. I am also believing that this was all pre-planned to try and take our country down. (they just didn’t plan on TRUMP winning)

          • I so agree with you! He and Hillary are traitors and should have to stand in front of a firing squad. I will be so glad when all those liberals are gone. I just hope Obama doesn’t steal the china and silverware like Hillary did when she left.

          • Bernadine Bennett

            There are countries you might enjoy who do that to their last leaders.

        • Your remarks are very foolish.

        • How about the people who vetted O? Pelosi, Reid, et al.

          • When do you think THAT happened??? ON WHAT PLANET?

            Obama was a Senator, 2 years into his FIRST TERM. Reid was the Democrat leader, but Senate party leaders have NO authority or responsibility to “vet” ANYBODY for ANYTHING. As for Nancy Pelosi, SHE SERVED IN THE HOUSE, which has NOTHING — NOTHING , NOT A THING — TO DO WITH SENATORS. Half the time they don’t even SPEAK.

            And NOBODY vets presidential candidates. When the president-elect is choosing a Cabinet and staff, he (or his staff) vets THEM, but the TOP GUY/GAL is not questioned. Maybe after all this, we’ll change that law — but it won’t be a retroactive change, anyway.

          • RightWriter, I stand corrected. Somehow, in 2008, the question of who vetted Obama, one comment stuck in my mind: Pelosi and Reid. I, sadly, didn’t research O’s vetting then, but I just went through about 6 sites on it. The one that sums it up was WND, which claims IT vetted O. ( I guess I was so anti-O that anything said against him, or his sponsors, I went along with. A little research before you post is, well, not a bad thing. I apologize.

          • No need to apologize — these chat boards aren’t college examinations, after all! Mistakes don’t count.
            I share your “anti-O” sentiments — will be SO glad to see him GONE on Jan. 20, I just wish he wasn’t hanging around DC until his kid finishes high school.
            We probably SHOULD vet Presidential candidates, but HOW? WHEN? And by WHOM? Do we vet ALL candidates for the nomination, however unlikely, or wait until someone emerges as a front-runner and the risk him/her having some hidden problem (ethics, a plural marriage, illegit. kids, whatever) and having to drop out? And then, finding even reasonably unbiased people whom everyone could agree on … I don’t think there are many SAINTS (not football players) in D.C.
            Churchill commented once that Democracy was the “worst possible form of government — except for all the others.” A lot of truth there!

        • I am all for exposing this POS for the fake he really is!

        • No pension and no secret service protection. His entire eight years should be abolished as if they never happened. He was ineligible and thus loses any credibility. Let him go away and take his wife/husband/whatever with him and his daughters and mother-in-law and Valerie Jarrett. We’re tired of supporting them and their lavish vacations.

          • PLEASE use your brain instead of your emotions There is NO WAY to abolish Obama’s two terms as president (or even Gerald Ford’s one-and-a-half YEARS). It CAN’T BE DONE. Once a president is IN OFFICE, he’s THERE, and EVERYTHING HE DOES will be on the official record. Forever. HE can’t get it out, and neither can anyone else.

            Obama was NOT ineligible. The LAW (look it up: here’s the link)
            requires that, to be classified as a “natural born” citizen AND ELIGIBLE FOR THE PRESIDENCY on that basis, a person must have been BORN HERE, OR have ONE parent who was an American citizen. NOT TWO. ONE. IF he had one parent who was a citizen, he “inherits” natural born citizenship through him or her. It’s NOT nearly as exclusionary as a lot of people seem to think.

            (Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father, WAS eligible; Mitt Romney’s father George, a Gov. of Michigan who ran for president in 1968 (lost the nomination), was born to Mother & Father who were BOTH Americans; he was born in Mexico because his parents were there as Mormon missionaries. HE was ruled eligible. John McCain is easy: HE was born (both parents Americans) on a U.S. Naval base in what was then the Panama Canal Zone. HE was eligible.) AND SO WAS BARACK OBAMA.

            I’m not going to touch that disgusting transgender rumor that’s making the rounds, or the identify of their kids. The kids don’t deserve to be dragged into all this MUCK, and the rumor is just…well, absurd. Guess I touched it, after all.

        • No way could Obama have beaten him. There is the 22nd Amendment. Just because Obama’s approval rating is at 57% and Trump’s is at 51%? And why would Obama bother, even Hillary got 2,800,000 more popular votes than Trump.

        • His Presidential Library should be interesting! I can’t wait to see if they display the mud hut he was born in like they did the log cabin Lincoln was born in.

        • Yes, I agree. Trump should be tried, took out back & shot summarily.

          • But before he is, he gets to take the Clinton’s and the Obama’s out back for some Trumpday fun. And maybe he’ll let you get down on all fours and give them a ride around the White House as a prelude to the festivities. Start an annual tradition of a pig ride.

        • Yea I wanna see these great College transcripts befor I need to see Trump’s tax returns. Trump made money Obozo made $hit.

          • He played the Race Card all his life , that is why it is all sealed. Plus he was a UN puppet and danced to their tune.

          • I wonder which of the two has paid more in income taxes in the last couple of decades?

        • maybe that is his problem. That is what is getting ready to happen.

        • pateboo Obama’s birth certificate FINALLY was revealed that he is a Native of Africa and NOT American born and he is muslim NOT Christian

          • I agree he has no business being President and Pelosi should be jailed for falsification of documents vetting him.

        • Not only that.. for fraud and abuse..

        • Roger that— He’s a fake and an imposter. His sponsor/ puppet master
          Must also be indicted—George Soros could be charged with Sedition and Treason for the damage he is causing the U.S. The goal was to discover if someone living in another country meddles into the affairs, security and destabilization of another country, specifically, The United States, could they face criminal charges based on that law?
          The definition of Sedition is “to speak or organize for the purpose of insurrection against established order.” It also lists, “subversion of a Constitution.” Sedition compliments treason. Then there is Seditious Conspiracy, which Webster defines as: “The crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to destroy the government.”
          The Law Dictionary states that sedition is: “The crime of creating a revolt, disaster or violence against lawful civic authority with the intent to cause overthrow or destroy.” Read this one carefully. George Soros is attempting to deconstruct the constitutional government of the United States and replace it with a Communist Controlled One World Order, destroying the structure of America that
          This is precisely what it taking place in America today under the direction of this billionaire Hungarian Jew, who betrayed his own people during the Holocaust, for profit. He is a leader of the One World Order campaign, in partnership with Communist Party USA (CPUSA), that provided the protest signs used in the riots of Ferguson, Baltimore and the other locations, plus paying the “protesters,” known to Stalin as, “Useful Idiots,” to do their dirty work for them.
          The world he wants to create will keep everyone in poverty while he lives in unspeakable wealth.
           Since the laws of Sedition and Treason seem to read that these laws pertain to those who are citizens of the U.S., can we figure a way to bring such charges, based on these laws, to an individual in another country who has imposed himself and ideals on ours in an attempt to overthrow an established lawful nation?
          Like many, it was assumed that his base of operations would be overseas, possibly in his home country, Hungary. To my utter astonishment, our research found that George Soros lives and operates in The United States!  No wonder he was able to get the anti-Trump riots going so quickly in New York. A US citizen for 50 yrs.

        • Bernadine Bennett

          I believe that it was the Republicans who vowed to make Obama’s presidency a failure and did everything they could to do so. They admit it openly. They did everything they could to ruin Obama Care. They even named it that to shame the Dems. The president elect has not behaved in a gentlemanly way at all and is trying to take credit for the sun coming up now that he is elected.

        • I agree. I have said for the last two yrs that he needed to be taken out on treason and Congress had every reason to do so. He committed treson several times. He still needs jailed for all those he killed or had killed such as in Benghazi; he has al ways armed our enemies, and other things Presidents do not do.He has been a disgrace to our country and he is anti- American!

        • Arrested tried and hung like Benedict Arnold. This is the only way to restore America from his damage and disgrace.

      • well spoken we are all waiting for the day the jerk leaves what a inhuman indiivdual was voted in by whom I know not but I think once he is out the truth will come out. many psychiatrists spoke of mental disorder but voters never listened to him speak before he was voted n sorry he spoiled the situation for a class black person to be voted in many years good riddance to bad choice and to all who voted and thought we made history it was he wrong candidatee

        • Obviously, English is not your primary language.

          • So? Unless YOU have near-native fluency in some language OTHER than English you should ADMIRE those who have mastered English as well as their native tongues.
            Actually Agnes even understands the use of the objective — “for whom I know not…” which is more than I can say for most native English-speaking Americans (if they went to school since 1950). Otherwise, I see a couple of typing errors and a run-on sentence, certainly forgivable errors in this kind of typing contest.

          • I see one long run-on sentence, I see a lot of words copied and pated from articles.

            By the way narcissistic personality disorder is not a mental illness.

          • I don’t know if you’re accusing me of writing a “long run-on sentence”: if you are doing so, I don’t know in which post it appears, so I can’t comment — except to point out that it was YOU who complained about Agnes Diamond’s English (which is at least as good as yours, and exemplary if she is indeed not U.S. born.
            “Words copied and pated from articles”? Words are almost always copied from SOMEWHERE, and occasionally I cut-and-paste a few from someone else’s post (much more often, from MY OWN): this is certainly not an error of English usage, which is what we were talking about. As for “words..pated”: PATED is NOT an ENGLISH WORD. Parted? Doesn’t make sense. What ARE you talking about? By the way, the main purpose of written English (or any other language, for that matter, is CLARITY. If I can’t figure out what the hell you mean by “words…pated,” you have FAILED THAT TEST.

      • John H. Kohlenberg

        he has his head between a lot of old white men’s legs at his bath house. He will never keep his mouth shut. Get real

      • that’s right jeanne

      • Obama has never and never will learn that this country only functions well when it is WE The People, he only understands I and my way.

      • Pull off a RIP VAN WINKLE while Nixon was president?

      • It’s the electors who voted for the asshole. The people voted for Hillary, you deplorable asshole. You’re so old you fart dust you fossil. Shut the fuck up & die already. Hell calls out for your ass.

      • Lol–I’m with you.

      • If “WE THE PEOPLE” decided, why isn’t Hillary president? She got almost 3,000,000 more votes than Trump did.

        • Mostly illegals. The state of California goes by driver’s license as proof of voting rights. They issued driver’s license to the illegals so they could vote.

          2nd reason Trump got the electoral vote. Which means he won the majority of votes in most all the states.

          Get over it already. It is done and legal.


      • I have been watching every election since 1960 closely, although I did not vote in that one, since I was not yet 21, the minimum age at the time. I also have never seen anything like this, starting with flag burning on November 9 at American University in Washington DC, with the faculty providing the “safe space” and the matches. A little grumbling for a few days would be understandable, but this is beyond the pale, with BHO setting the supreme example doing everything he can to hobble the USA on the way out.

        • My first vote, also 21, was for Ike, voted in everyone since then. The actions at AU are horrible, just as were college kids disrupting traffic and businesses. Oh the losing side would grumble a little, but they went on as usual, and just started looking forward to the next election, BHO has best the Clintons, wonder what they’ll take out of WH when they leave.

          • The have already removed a lot of respect from the rest of the world. Much more important than some drapes and silver spoons.

      • I know huh? I am 65 and he is the most disrespectful President I have ever seen. He is acting like a child throwing a tantrum and doing everything he can against Trump and Americans. He looks jealous and is trying to get attention. Negative attention is still attention. No one proudly telling us how good he was. No worries he will do it himself. It is just more of the hate in which he ruled. Jan. 20th can’t get here fast enough.

        • Used to tell my kids that when they had tantrums. It’s too bad that some were so interested in getting him to office that they negleted to really look into his background.

      • Matthew V. Brown

        He needs to put his head between his legs and kiss his ass good-bye.

    • Only 19 days left of this impostor!

    • U will get what u deserve…trump the dicklomat.

      • Trying for a date with HildaBEAST?? I hear she’s already taken by Huma.

        • You got that right, but Hillary is probably game for a little variety — and anyway she’s MAD at Huma because Huma has made a deal with one of the investigating committees to rat our Hillary and save her own ass. Carol Smith might be right up her alley.



    • You are not a man of God.

      • How o n earth do you get the NERVE to tell a “reverend” that he is “NOT A MAN OF GOD.” HOW DO YOU KNOW? You probably have no idea what denomination he represents, you almost CERTAINLY have no idea what his church is like. AND WHO ELECTED YOU TO DEFINE A “MAN OF GOD,” ANYWAY???? What claim to YOU have to that standing? NONE, that’s what. You’re probably an atheist.

      • I don’t follow satan either

      • only 17 days and a wakeup,it,ll need a really good sterizelation after all those fag partys


    • Take solace in this if you will. ONLY 18, almost 17 days till AMERICA begins to get GREAT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well said; you and me both! Mr. Trump is getting “the kitchen sink” thrown at him that’s for sure, but he’s doing a good job dealing with it–taking every into consideration (i.e., a “soft coup”–if you wanna’ call it “soft”–it doesn’t seem very “soft” to me). He’s going to be ok; he’s gonna’ make it through it; it’s gonna’ be alright. Jesus helped me with this comment.

    • 18 days and counting

    • I couldn’t agree more; January 20th can’t come soon enough! I feel like Phil Connors, the fictional weatherman who was trapped in Ground Hog Day. Will this transition period never end?

    • I hope You idiots don’t regret this monumental mistake

    • Concur, Mel !

    • MELVIN BURNS. Brother I’m with you wish it was Jan 20 today. Psycho-bama along with Hillary belongs in prison

      Obama needs
      1 unseal his records and publicly show the info
      2 Investigate prosecute jail him for numerous acts of treason like his current one trying to start war with Russia + multiple crimes
      3 Everyone knows he wasn’t eligible to run in the 1st place. If he’s a citizen etc why seal his records? He’s got a lot to hide

    • It can’t come soon enough.

  4. The word that describes O best is megalomaniac. I am so happy that Trump has firmly positioned his presidential hat while Obama runs around like a petulant brat!

  5. I think Donald is just playing it smooth till he gets in. Obama is doing all he can to make it rough on Trump. But Trump is a better man then that. That’s exactly what Obama didn’t expect.

    • Trump is a Real American, the current imposter squatting in the oral office is a pretender from africur…

      • An undocumented worker / golfer in our White House

        • With seven different S.S. #’s. The major one he uses belongs to a dead man from the state of Connecticut. If he was born in Hawaii as he claims his number could not start with “042”

          An investigation has revealed the identity of the man whose Social Security number (SSN) has been illegally used by Obama: Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, emigrated to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425 in or about March, 1977. Ludwig lived most of his adult life in Connecticut. His SSN begins with the digits 042, which are among those reserved for Connecticut residents. Obama never lived or worked in that state, so there is no reason for his SSN to start with the digits 042.

          Now comes the best part. Ludwig spent the final months of his life in Hawaii, where he died. Conveniently, Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked part-time in the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse, and therefore had access to the SSNs of deceased individuals. The Social Security Administration was never informed of Ludwig’s death, and because he never received Social Security benefits there were no benefits to stop and no questions were raised. The suspicion, of course, is that Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a U.S. citizen — either because he was born in Kenya or became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption by Lolo Soetoro — merely scoured the probate records until she found someone who died who was not receiving Social Security benefits, and “selected” that SSN for Obama

          • Very interesting Maxx .

          • It sure would be nice someday to find out all the secrets about Obummer and Michael and where the kids came from!

          • Great job of research! I knew the SSN was from Connecticut, and therefore could NOT have been Obama’s, and I did assume somehow he’d gotten a number from some deceased person, probably in Hawaii. But you did a lot more digging than I did, and struck real paydirt! Congratulations — you may have cracked open that particular coconut once and for all!

    • The best thing Trump could do is to declare Oblowhard a “persona non grata” and kick his ass out of America with his he/she partner. He does have that authority if Oblowhard interferers with the government or laws as he has said he will do. This time a thorough background check get at all the information.

    • Exactly, and he expected Putin to react differently as well, I am praying for Trump and his cabinet, sessions might just pull the rug from under Hillary, Bill and the Obamas. Now I ask GOD to Bless this country, get rid of all this PC , BS

  6. Obama is a petulant ideologue and always has been. That is the nature of the left. They are, after all, the denigration of all things purposeful in the interest of their own humanity, which, in itself, is questionable. He is never wrong. He blamed Bush for all his problems and inadequacies well into the tenure of his presidency. At some point in time, he will have to “own” the period of January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017. After that, he’s the problem of the Secret Service and his memoirs will be irrelevant for most of us.

    • Very well said except he will never own his mistakes — only the things he sees as positive legacy items such as Bin Laden and then he will take more credit than he is due. He blamed Bush forever as you said, then it was “the stupidity of the American people” who just weren’t bright enough to understand what he was telling them, and finally it was Hillary. He keeps finding new excuses. It would be interesting if he tried to blame Valerie Jarrett or Michelle at some point in time ‘cuz I think they’d hit back — literally. I believe history will clearly blame him but he will go to his grave claiming he was right and it was everyone else who was wrong. That’s where the memoirs come in.

      • The man has been utterly “DELUSIONAL” all his life. His entire life has been an illusion of smoke and mirrors and lies. His character flaws are monumental on a metal level. His hatred for his own mothers race has turned him into the evil side of Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hyde. Volumes have been and will continue to be written about his lack of anything resembling humaneness. Psychopathic and sociopathic are two words that describe him perfectly.

    • jdbixii, All that you wrote is so true, but the bottom line is, in 21 days ostupid will be another unemployed nigger feeding off the backs of hard working American s drawing moneys he didn’t earn, pissing and moaning trying to cause trouble anyway he can. His legacy will amount to SNAFU!!!

    • The bottom line is he proved himself a damned deceitful and lying wannabe dictator … !

    • Very well stated! I’m not sure Obama ever WILL “own” the period of his two terms in office, but it really won’t matter — once Attorney General Jeff Sessions empanels a grand jury to look at the emails, the server, and whatever else looks ripe for picking, Obama is toast anyway.

  7. What O bongo needs to remember is that there is NO statute of limitations on
    Murder He has his fingerprints on Fast and Furious and he could be handed
    over to the Mexican government. For all of the people murdered by that fiasco.
    There is also NO statute of limitations for Treason and I do not believe He can
    give himself a pardon but I wouldn’t put it past him to try. No Jan 20th can not
    come soon enough. Trump should have made O bongo an offer of the use of
    his golf courses until Jan 20th as long as he kept his mouth shut and left his pen
    and phone in the Oval office.

    • No, he CAN’T pardon himself (I was curious so I looked it up), and since there’s NO WAY even impeachment (never mind trial and conviction) could be conducted before Jan. 20, he won’t be president anymore — so he won’t be impeachable (if he’s not in office he can’t be removed from office, which is the ultimate objective of impeachment).
      I don’t think Obama would have accepted your suggested “deal” with Trump, that he keep his mouth shut and leave his pen and phone in the Oval Office, in return for the use of Trump’s golf courses — only until Jan. 20? No deal — BHO would want privileges extended permanently! And President Trump won’t need Obama’s phone and pen — HE’LL HAVE HIS OWN.

  8. Berry should just die and go to the wrong side of the Gulf.

  9. In my opinion President Obama will go down as one of the most ineffective presidents in U.S. history. Which is a real shame, he had such promise but chose the wrong course and appointed a disastrous cabinet. However what else would one expect from a socialist

  10. Thank God the Trump Train is about to arrive! obama bin laden needs to do some time in Gitmo with his muslim brothers.