Preschool Teacher Punches Child in the Head

A teacher at a Florida preschool and day care facility was arrested and charged with felony child abuse after a witness shot video of her punching, pushing and yelling at one of her students, authorities said. Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies say that just before 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 10, officers responded to a witness report at KinderCare Learning Center in Dunedin, a coastal town about 25 miles west of Tampa. The caller told deputies they saw and videotaped Ashley Richards, 32, on the playground yelling at a student and “repeatedly punching the child with both an open and closed fist to the back and side of the head,” according to the arrest report.

The victim was 4 years old. Deputies say the teacher, who had been an employee at KinderCare since March 2021, was also recorded “pushing the child to the ground and yelling ‘Do you want me to hit you?’” KinderCare told McClatchy News that Richards has been fired since the incident.

“Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the children in our care,” the child care and education company, which has centers across the country, said in a statement. “The teacher’s alleged actions do not reflect who we are or the training we provide our teachers. We are working with the police to determine what may or may not have happened.” Richards was charged with one count of child abuse, though the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office noted this is an open and active investigation.

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  1. Are Democrats going to support releasing her with no bail required?

  2. look at that face and tell me you would hire her for anything other than pit bull dummy training !

    • David, you are 100% correct. She looks like what she is, a felon. The school should be sued for employing someone who is a child molester in the making. If that was my child, that would be the last time she would touch my child. This serves as an endorsement for closing our Southern Border & shipping those in our country illegally back to where they came from. Enough said.

  3. I’m sure the child’s mama wants to meet up with the abusive hag in a dark alley. Perhaps she should receive the opportunity as part of this psycho baby beater’s restitution plan. Mama will undoubtedly give her the beating she was giving her child and then some.

  4. Carolyn Brack-Jackson

    Our poor kids, who else has she beat on and tortured since being employed in 2021?

  5. Mollie Idonotell

    Does the kindergarten even know about background checks?

  6. How does this kind of dirty scumb bag even get hired?
    She should tied to a post and let people come by and
    punch her CLOSED FISTS until she could no longer stand
    up and had to be sent to the hospital to keep on living.

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