Pregnant Woman Beaten With Wrench in Broad-Daylight NYC Attack

A stranger brutally beat a pregnant woman with a wrench in a broad-daylight Bronx attack, shocking video released early Friday shows.

The footage – released by the NYPD – shows the suspect confronting the 26-year-old woman in the middle of the street on Grand Concourse near East Fordham Road around 5:20 p.m. Monday, and pushing her up against a parked car.

He can then be seen repeatedly whacking the victim in the head with the metal tool. 

pregnant woman attack
pregnant woman attacked

He later got into a silver BMW as a crowd gathered, some surrounding the injured victim. 

The attacker took off in the BMW, and the victim was taken to St. Barnabas in stable condition, with a severe cut on her head. 

Cops were still looking for the attacker Friday. 

The motive for the assault was not immediately known.

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  1. That’s what happens when crime is allowed. Animals roam the streets. That’s what democrat run cities are all about

    • What really gets me is that people will just stand around and not help victims. All they do is get out their little cell phones a video tape it. Nothing but cowards is all they are.

      • They are everywhere, those jack offs. I hope that someday, someone recognized this evil snake, calls the police.

      • Isn’t it disgusting how people do not step in? They are so wrapped up in taking the video!!! Even if the bad person is very large 3 or 4 people could take them down together. Ugh we live in a very changed world!!!

      • Legal carry would allow for filling their kneecap with lead.

    • Festus, animals have more common sense then this brood of vipers. And NO ONE is helping! They don’t want to get involved! What a bunch of wimps!

  2. This is why I keep telling people to always carry bananas where ever they go. These monkeys just need a banana and things will be fine.

  3. Democrats don’t care about this, as long as it does not happen to them or anyone they care about. Dems support and promote crime.

  4. That’s right Festus, and having well trained police and a DA that isn’t a socialist helps to make the animals scatter like roaches when you turn the lights on. But as it is now the sky is the limit for them.

  5. They are everywhere, those jack offs. I hope that someday, someone recognized this evil snake, calls the police.

  6. They are everywhere, those jack offs. I hope that someday, someone recognized this evil snake, calls the police.

  7. It is a sad reality that the criminals now run the streets. Let’s bring back the police and get this bull shit under control

  8. If you get involved and beat the crap out of the criminal they can sue you.

  9. You can bet this was done because the woman is pregnant, the DEMONcrats want only one thing and that is to abort every baby possible the DEMONcrats have said that they want a negative population growth. To make this happen it requires that every woman lose that child she is carrying, you cam bet that at least one blow landed on her belly. I hope they catch the guy and give him the beating of a lifetime

  10. If perpetrators were given the EXACT SAME PUNISHMENT as they administered to their victim, I think people would give more consideration to their crime!
    We’ve come so far from the actual justice system to judge fairly. Some criminals escape justice while others are punished excessively.
    If the victim can retaliate, justice would be SERVED!

  11. the guy is a COWARD A P.O.S COWARD ITS a real coward to beat up a women and even more of a rat coward to beat up a pregnant women

  12. I’d bet money several people have the beat down on their phone’s cameras and probably the license plate numbers but of course they don’t want to get involved…Personally I pack, and I’d have to stop this sort of behavior immediately and permanently if that wrench came in my direction…We have a society of Cowards now thanks to the Demoncrats..

  13. And if they do find this thug Briggs will have him back on the streets in hours. Although he may not because it was black on black crime, any time it’s a black person going after another race they are back on the streets, destroying and robbing a store, back on the streets. As a New Yorker, I live on Long Island, I will never again go into the city, it’s a disgusting mess. Between Briggs, adams and hochul NYC is doomed. It will take years for it to ever come back to its glory, if it ever does. It’s amazing how any New Yorker can pull the lever for a democrat.

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