“Potential Criminal Activity”: IRS Scandal

In another one of those dark Obama administration scandals the mainstream media seems intent to ignore, the IRS coverup surrounding the illegal targeting of conservative groups is heating up once again. Thursday night, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration gave the House Oversight Committee an update on Lois Lerner’s missing emails. Making no bones about it, Deputy Inspector General Timothy Camus told Rep. Jim Jordan that there was “potential criminal activity” behind the disappearance of the correspondence.

It was not long ago that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified under oath that Lerner’s emails were impossible to recover. Despite that impossibility, investigators have successfully retrieved 32,774 emails that were backed up from Lerner’s email account. Though they are still in the process of determining which of these emails, if any, are ones that have not yet been turned over to Congress, the revelation does cast doubt on Koskinen’s testimony.

Some members of the committee noted the ironic ease with which investigators found the emails. “We have been patient. We have asked, we have issued subpoenas, we have held hearings,” said Chairman Jason Chaffetz. “It’s just shocking me that you start, two weeks later you’re able to find the emails.”

Targeted Groups

The controversy stems from a May 2013 audit that showed the IRS had improperly allowed politics to guide them in their duties. According to the investigation, IRS officials shined a harsh spotlight on Tea Party and conservative groups as their applications for tax-exempt status came in for consideration. Several hundred of these groups saw their applications put on ice for more than a year while others were questioned inappropriately.

Lois Lerner soon became the face of the scandal when she refused to incriminate herself before Congress. Held in contempt and forced to resign, Lerner ultimately admitted that her agency flagged groups with the words “tea party” or “patriot” in the title for increased scrutiny. Though she maintained that the IRS did this not for political reasons but rather for expediency’s sake, the admission set off a national controversy that resulted in an ongoing investigation.

It was also revealed this week that in the time period stretching from 2010 to 2013, Lerner was given nearly $130,000 in bonuses above and beyond her salary.

And so continues the troubles and travails of one of the most scandalous administrations in American history. Though you wouldn’t know it judging by coverage in the mainstream media, Obama’s minions have launched an all-out war on free speech, freedom of the press, veterans, the active military, and the security of the nation. There will come a day when, far removed from the politics of the moment, historians will agree that Obama was bad news for this country. The only question is whether we will have recovered from the damage by that time.

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