“Post-Imperial Life”: Cali Bill Would Promote Socialist Propaganda in Schools

Apparently unconvinced that California public school students are getting sufficiently indoctrinated by the already-leftist curriculum being used by teachers, the state senate is considering AB 331, a new bill that would introduce a new “ethnic studies” class that is remarkable in its extremism.

The semester-long class would be authorized to begin in 2025, and it would likely include a curriculum that “builds new possibilities for post-imperial life that promotes collective narratives of transformative resistance.” The class will also instruct students in the “four I’s of oppression.”

In case you haven’t already doubled over from nausea, here’s some more relevant information about the proposed class:

Include information on the ethnic studies movement, specifically the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF), and its significance in the establishment of ethnic studies as a discipline and work in promoting diversity and inclusion within higher education.

Students will be exposed to a multitude of histories, perspectives, and cultures, with the goal of students being able to build critical analytical and intercultural communication skills; developing an understanding of geo-historical and cultural knowledge and contributions; fostering of humanism and collaboration across lines of difference; learning the value and strength in diversity; and developing a rigorous historical understanding of the development of racial and ethnic identities in the United States; and engaging in civic action, community service and/or community education to bring positive change that helps build a future society free of racism and other forms of bigotry associated with white supremacy, white nationalism, and institutional racism.

Yeah. We’re old enough to remember when this country actually was on a path towards freedom from racism. Total freedom? Of course not. That’s a pipe dream. Humans are hardwired to find differences and jump into tribal clans, and it’s not clear if we can ever fully escape that evolutionary impulse. But we were doing a hell of a lot better job of it twenty years ago than we’re doing these days. What changed?

Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but classes like this happened. Academics whose whole purpose in life is to “prove” that America is a white supremacist hellhole that has been evil from the get-go. Wokeness happened. It’s been (quickly) downhill from there.

“Students will acquire and expand on an awareness in the value of speaking about the agency, power, and the creative genius of ethnic minorities while acknowledging the processes of slavery, colonization, discrimination, and bigotry that also color the American experience,” the bill recommends.

This is your standard “People of color are good, white people are bad” re-education.

“Students will be presented with a different perspective of the conquest of North America. This will start with Christopher Columbus’ genocide of the native population, continue to the relocation efforts of early America and to the development of reservations up to the reorganization of said reservations and the American Indian Movement,” it continues.

We’d like to look at what California high school students are learning now and see how “different” this version actually is, to be honest.

This is nothing more or less than Communist, divisive, hateful propaganda cloaked (as per usual) in the language of “oppression.” The California State Senate and Gov. Gavin Newsom should reject this bill as quickly as possible.

Yeah, right…

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