Portland Police Are Too Busy With Rioters to Respond to 911 Calls

Well, the good citizens of Portland are – appropriately enough – getting a little sneak preview of what life will be like after the “Defund the Police” brigade are successful in getting pesky law enforcement out of our lives. According to the Associated Press, more than 60 of the city’s 911 calls went virtually ignored on Sunday night because the police were too busy trying to tamp down another riot downtown.

From the story:

On the 80th consecutive night of protests, the Portland Police Bureau declared a riot around midnight Sunday after a crowd of hundreds had blocked traffic for three hours by the Penumbra Kelly Building in the 4700 block of East Burnside Street, trespassed on the closed property and engaged in “violent, tumultuous conduct.”

The targeted building is owned by the city and is used by city and county employees, including the Police Bureau.

From midnight to about 2:45 a.m., protesters ignored warnings from police to disperse and began arguing amongst themselves.

Some threw objects at police cars in the parking lot of the building and spray-painted over security cameras. Others shined green lasers at officers’ eyes and pelted police with softball-sized “river rocks” and glass bottles.

Sigh…we’re old enough to remember when the media and Portland officials assured us that the only reason these people were rioting was in response to Trump’s “stormtroopers” being in the city. But now that the Department of Homeland Security has packed up their extra agents and headed back to safer areas – like Juarez – it seems the anarchy is still ongoing. How very peculiar.

“At the time of this release over 60 calls for police service were holding around the city,” the Police Bureau said in a statement. “Some had been holding for the length of the events described here. Call types ranged from theft, vandalism, suspicious activity, hazards, hit and run, burglary, violation of restraining order, alarms, stolen cars, harassment and many others.”

Oh, that old unimportant stuff? We’re sure it’s just a bunch of Permit Pattys trying to get innocent black men in trouble. No need to answer those calls; we need to get rid of the police and replace them with social workers, don’tcha know? There’s no amount of theft, burglary, or hit-and-runs we can’t solve with some good old fashioned government-sponsored therapy.

80 nights straight. By the time Portland officials finally quell this unrest, they’re going to look around and realize that the radical protesters are the only ones left in the city.

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