Portland Judge Wants to Throw All Guns into the Ocean

Portland, Oregon prides itself on its weirdness, but a judge’s recent outburst during a sentencing hearing was odd even for that part of the country. Speaking to convicted murderer Marcell Lee Daniel Jr., Judge Kenneth Walker said he was sick and tired of seeing people lose their lives to gun violence.

“If I could I would take all the guns in America, put them on big barges and go dump them in the ocean,” the judge said, according to The Oregonian. “Nobody would have a gun. Not police, not security, not anybody. We should eliminate all of them. We could save 33,000 people a year if we didn’t have guns in this country.”

Daniel was sentenced to 17 years in prison for killing 24-year-old Andrew Coggins Jr. in 2014. But Judge Walker insisted on addressing not just Daniel’s crime but the issue of guns as a whole.

“Australia after a major shooting rounded up all the guns, and they haven’t had near the death that we do here in this country,” he said. “I just saw last night a statistic that 11,000 people in America are murdered each year and another 20,000 commit suicide with guns.

“They are a scourge of this country and no one should have one as far as I’m concerned,” he continued. “There’s no defense to guns. There’s just absolutely no reason to have them. But it is a right of people in this country to own and possess them, and I will not say anything to affect that right.”

On one hand, you can understand how a person would get frustrated after years of seeing first-hand all the lives lost senselessly to violence, gun-related or otherwise. Sometimes, that frustration is bound to come out in illogical ways. And Walker at least seems to understand that while he despises guns, the American people have the right to own them. That’s further than some liberals get in their thinking.

But wow. “Absolutely no reason to have them,” eh? The mere fact that millions of people DO have them would say otherwise, unless he believes people are buying guns without really knowing why. And if we’re that unconscious as a society, we have bigger problems to worry about.

Also…throwing all guns into the ocean wouldn’t save all gun-violence victims, now would it? No, not unless you believe that guns are the only weapon that can be used to kill. Or maybe we should start chucking all of our knives and cars and baseball bats and poisons into the ocean as well.

For that matter, how many people does the ocean kill every year? We should get rid of that, too.

Makes about as much sense.

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  1. Judges such as this should be reclused and retired. Our country is such because of such Cowboys. We have no equal justice under the law today because of these Ruth Ginsberg kind of brainless judges. Clatsop county Oregon too, has a woman judge who is quite out to lunch. Oregon has grown into quite the socialist state. Not economically depressed as Vermont in its socialism, but definitely on the road. Lost its last governor to scandal girlfriend caught with her finger in cookie bowl. Kitzhaber had to resign and now a real WIERD governor who is very much anti-gun for everyone but her security detail. Another Hillary lover.

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    • Isn’t it nice to see judges who hold the Constitution in such high esteem. He should definitely be recalled or impeached depending upon what the laws in OR are. The bottom line is he needs to go for violating his oath to uphold the Constitution, all of it not just the parts he likes. That assumes he likes part of it.


        • Just imagine banning all the doctors in America! they kill more people per year than people with guns do! notice I didn’t blame guns, but the criminals who use them in that manner.

          • What about the bodies ZHillary has bagged?

          • They should be impeached too!

          • you have an answer to all the replies here .

          • Nope, I got tired.

          • Tired of what .!!!!!

          • Excellent Bill!!!!!

          • It’s an interesting question – which would kill more people, doctors or no doctors? Both would result in plenty of needless deaths. I am going to guess that more people would die from the total absence of doctors than from their presence.

            You would probably agree that what we need more than no doctors is BETTER doctors.

          • Doctors and their minions kill way more than guns!!!!
            “A study in the current issue of the Journal of Patient Safety that says that between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death.”…….’
            Just in case any libTURDS are still awake!!

          • And alcohol is the number one killer of teenagers, lets ban alcohol, and I’m serious!

          • Hospitals = The most unsafe place in the world.

          • don’t pay enough, they are getting out! Bo care is there to collect money for the gov’t, it is a tax, SCOTUS declared it a tax, not a health care policy!! You deal with our gov’t, you get screwed, look at social security, medicare, medicaid, pay 4 years before the Bo care was even available, pay all your life and all the azzzholes representing us start calling it an entitlement!! It is only an entitlement to the ones they put on that came here illegally, and by XO’s, never paid in anything, get both or all three, plus a free house, drivers license, a check, and can vote!!!! This great system of gov’t has been overthrown by sick progressives, commies, illegals, etc. we have to guard our borders, cut social engineering, put these people to work for the state, picking up trash, mowing, cleaning, working on state equipment, etc. they must learn, like any 8th grader, that if you don’t work you don’t eat!! Elect Trump, he will enforce our excellent border laws!!

          • A-FREAKING-MEN!!! Ya “NAILED IT”!!

          • TRUMP 2016!!!

          • Death by hospital, and Obama care!! You got this disease, and you are 75, you still got to pay, but it is not covered! We will send a girl around, end of life chat with you, you got a living will? You leave your stuff to your kids, we gov’ts get 60%! Hurry and die, we needs the money! It is the progressive thing to do!

        • YOU FORGOT to include banning Hillary Clinton; SHE has caused a LOT of people to lose their lives!!!

          • yep she has

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          • Plenty of blood on her hands! This wiittch is evil!

          • Emircitna, you’re right, especially when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. Mom’s cousins run the paint shop at Mena’s (Arkansas) airport and painted Barry Seals plane several times before he was murdered, even the first President Bush was involved in the Mena, drug running.

          • OLD MAN, H.W. Bush was America’s first ‘Drug Czar’! ~ Try to obtain a copy of Col. James ‘Bo’ Gritz video entitled: ‘Heroin Highway ~ A Nation Betrayed’.

          • No, I don’t like Hillary, but I have a little common sense – I worked at Bell Labs for 40 years. She caused fewer deaths than most in her position. The world is complicated and, no matter what we do, in some areas of the world, will suffer. Hillary is not my kind but George Bush and his people caused 9/11. Most of the world understood that an attempt would be made to use Commercial Aircraft and even Dumb Clinton, warned his people about the issue but they did nothing. Blaming the Saudies is nonsense; though many hate us!!

          • THE BUSH’S & CLINTON’S are both ‘crime families’ and also globalist proponents for a satanic, Commie “New World Order”! ~ Evidence exposed by Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth clearly lead to explosive-rigged buildings, thus….AN INSIDE JOB!!!!

        • Can’t throw all the guns in the ocean….the fish might pick them up and start shooting other fsh… scuba divers.

        • What about high places like the golden gate bridge people jump off? the 20,000 number would not change much if there were no guns. Drug OD could make up for that. There are place in the country where pickups have a shotgun and a rifle on the gun rack. There are places in this country where wild life make it unsafe to not have a gun. We do not all live in cities.

        • mr2bears@hotmail.com

          And social media devices, cell phones, notebooks xcetera !

        • Cops can’t do a damn thing, if a cop had been there shot Daniel, then sure as hell some one would sue, demonstrate, raise hell about illegal shooting, the cop would be raked over the coals, his job taken away, some azz would say, he didn’t even own a gun! Our system is so convoluted now due to complete azzzhole idiots, that our excellent PD’s, Sheriffs, can’t perform their jobs!

        • You ARE 100% Correct!
          There is no common sense in this man’s head at all. People break into homes, gun stores to STEAL guns.

        • You got most of it right on the money, to add to that —PEOPLE kill people & kill animals to, animals kill animals & will kill people, & this NUT needs to be hung with a rope, just another killing tool. Don’t we just love dumb asses that went to the college –of what s a matter U & got a masters degree in STUPIDITY. This country was formed on the 3 G’s—God, guts, & guns, vote Trump & we might get to keep it that way.

        • And actually hammers are very much higher on the list than guns.

      • No, no, you misunderstand. He’s a progressive/socialist/liberalist. Therefore he can pick and choose which laws to believe in. In other words, he says screw the Constitution.

      • Deplorable. Oregon has gone so liberal they would love to be the thought police.

      • Oregon is a bastion of liberal despots. Cut it, California and Washington loose from the union. They can fend for themselves. Liberal derelicts.

        • Works for me.

        • Why don’t you help us instead of cutting us loose. I’m a vet, fought for this country and was medically discharged in 1983. After having my shoulder de-constructed while fighting in Grenada, I got a Purple Heart and lost my best friend. I’m a third generation Californian and have two generations after me here. My family has always been conservative and business owners. I’ve got my grandfathers tool chest and it still has the sticker on it from the 50’s “I Fight Poverty, I Work for a Living”.
          Many of the reasons our once great state is now a cesspool of liberal idiocy…
          Illegals…and our federal government hand ties the border patrol.
          Hollyweird…look up where most of these idiots are from. Yeah, it’s not from here. Most from the mid west and east coast.
          San Franfreeko….queer magnet along with west LA…most are from everywhere but California.
          Then you have the folks that moved here from back east because of the weather.
          Yeah, send all your rejects here and then abandon us NICE…

          • I can identify with you… I, born and raised in OR, recall that when in Hi Sch in the early 50’s that when kids came into our school from CA, they were far ahead of us academically, and OR was not at the bottom of he listings then either, but held in pretty high esteem.
            Of course, OR was called a ‘bell weather state, in tho’s days too. I recall… ” As Oregon goes, so goes the nation ” was the political label.
            Then the Californian’s started moving north… still are.

          • Kriss, I know you are not alone. I lived in California, San Diego, Naval Station. I am a Vietnam vet. The liberals took over your beautiful state. I am so sorry. You can come to Georgia. I will give you a job. Or. you can fight for your home, drive out the liberals like Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi. California is a gorgeous state ruined by the liberal derelicts. My heart goes out to you. My advice, organize, fight, kill when necessary. Or come east. You are welcome here.

      • Are you THAT stupid? This judge DOES hold the constitution in high esteem.

        His comments start with, “If I could” That is someone who understands the constitutional limitations. He didn’t say, I don’t give a shit what the constitution says, I’m going to….”

        This is a non-event. This is some judge voicing his frustration, and garbage website making a story out of it to whip up the brainless morons who can’t think for themselves. And from the loos of this site, there are a lot of you.

      • How did he violate his oath? He holds a personal opinion I find absurd and repugnant, but he committed no personal misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance of duty in holding that opinion.

        I’d like to see him out of office too. But you’ve got to do better than that!

      • 7papa7, all judges are subject to impeachment with the exception of judges who aren’t appointed but are elected. The remedy there is to unelect the bastard next time he comes up for reelection.

        • And different states do it differently. I don’t know what OR policy is that is why I worded it as I did.

          • 7papa7, I don’t know of any of the 50 states where appointed judges can be removed from the bench except but by an impeachment process & I believe every state has an impeachment process, just as they all have a State Supreme Court as well as a constitution. As I stated previously, judges that are voted into office are just unelected. A Florida judge was removed from the bench upon being impeached & subsequently convicted of accepting bribes some time ago.
            Btw: he is a long serving member of the House of Representatives, Cong Alcee Hastings, a member of the House Black Caucus.

      • You’re a complete moron. He said “If I could I would” That means he would like to but he believes in the constitutional limits put upon him. Recalled or impeached for putting the constitution BEFORE his personal desires? That’s what you WANT a judge to do. Man you people are fucking stupid

      • NO”! he’s Black……He’s Protecting His ‘Brutha’…….From The Bench”!

    • This proves the point that liberalism is a mental disorder that needs to be exorcised as soon as possible before the rest of the country is affected.

    • Being politically incorrect I would say those you mention are political RETARDS. I realize that they were bounced once too often on their heads at their birth. Whatever happened to slapping them on their butts immediately after birth?

    • Hitler and Joe Stalin also believed in confiscating guns

    • this whole thing is Stupid it is time to expose Hillary as a rotten egg it is time for the radical Jews to throw stones at her in front of National TV then she will be so Embarrased that she is going to jump into a pit and to lock her self up Permentantly.

    • Oregon is yet another example of a state where all the counties are “red” – except for the counties where the big cities are (Multnomah, in the case of Portland). When I grew up in Newberg (small town 30 miles southwest of Portland), I took the hunter safety course required for all deer hunters under 18 (in 1973). At the end of the course, our instructor asked us kids where our parents were going to take us hunting (Eastern Oregon for mule deer or Western Oregon for Blacktail). He then said something I thought was very odd (at the time). He said that if we went to Eastern Oregon, and asked permission to hunt on private land, to NOT tell the rancher we were from Portland! It would have been a logical thing to say, given that people who lived 200+ miles away might never have heard of Newberg, so “let’s just say Portland, because he’ll know where that is.” Later, I learned about the politics within Oregon, and Eastern Oregon ranchers can’t stand “Portlanders!” Except for Portland (and Eugene), the rest of the state is mostly conservative.

    • You stupid judge , set the example ; dump yourself First into the ocean.

    • UNELECTED… position filler, we might add !!

      • That’s it. Not elected but by de-fault
        Is that like it’s your fault we got a loser? Fishwackers girl FREIND uses him and the office and look what happens. It’s her fault. This gal never ever would be elected!

    • “Reclused”? A recluse is a person who lives a solitary life, so you would have a point – except there is no verb form of that noun. That is to say, no such word as “reclused”.

      Perhaps you meant recused, “to excuse oneself from a case”. Not a bad idea. But “be recused” makes no sense, because when it comes to recusing, one can only do it to oneself.

      I’m stumped as to what else you could have meant.

  2. I can think of more appropriate things to be dumped in the ocean but forebear to say it as the Libtards would want me dead.

  3. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Well another LIBERAL.

  4. THROW , his lame A$$ in the ocean, an all the guns he has in a secret place,. He needs to resign, he is an un fit judge.

  5. Another completely moronic ascertain from a Judge…needs to be retired.
    If his logic were valid
    we would all be walking and riding bikes
    Traffic accidents kill over 50,000 every year
    complete moron!!!

  6. The Donkey does are in a quandry by deep sixing guns and Calipornia let’s felonist’s to vote; drys up the moat which encircles our castle which has fallen into a quagmire with little hope of escaping of these SNAFU’S!

  7. How about we throw all liberal judges into the ocean…no wait, that won’t work because SH*T floats

  8. What mobster or a hoodlum or thug or crooked politician, once the people to have arms to rise up against our Tierney I ask you none. I think the people of Oregon or throw that SOB in the ocean I make an example out of them. The only thing corrupt politicians and judges understand is repercussion. The number one human right in without that right you have no freedoms at all, and that is the right to protect you your self and your family from any kind of fun regard Tierney. Being gay or transgender is not human right but what is a human right is the right to self-defense by whatever means it takes to protect you your family and property

  9. How stupid can a judge get? Ban knives and electricity too? Alot of people die every year from these too. Why didn’t the killer get life? 17 years is a joke for taking a life. Make it a Capitol offense for EVERY murder and execute the sentence in 30 days, THEN you will see a drop in this category.

  10. stephen kaminski

    Another nut case judge i see.

  11. This is a judge who is just venting his frustration, just the same as you or myself want to “kill” that stupid driver who cuts you off and then drives 15miles per hour below the speed limit while you are trying to get to work. He knows he cannot do what he said and that it is not a reasonable solution to crimes involving guns, but sometimes we all vent, even judges. This is not newsworthy. If you take this seriously, then you have a problem in understanding society.

  12. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    This judge has an anti-Second Amendment position and should be impeached for his comments. Personal judicial comments have no place in the law. What this judge did is violate his oath to uphold, support & defend the U.S. Constitution–which by the way, includes the Second Amendment. By his anti-Second Amendment stance, this judge is warring against the Constitution. See US Supreme Court case of Cooper v. Aaron, 358 U.S. 1, 18, 78 S.Ct. 1401 (1958). Warring against the Constitution is Treason. Whenever a judge acts where he/she does not have jurisdiction to act, the judge is engaged in an act or acts of treason. U.S. v. Will, 449 U.S. 200, 216, 101 S.Ct. 471, 66 L.Ed.2d 392, 406 (1980); Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat) 264, 404, 5 L.Ed 257 (1821).

    • Sounds a bit like some of our higher judicial persons. I understand it has been known to remove such traitors, but that was back when we had law and order.

  13. I would like to put a bunch of Attorneys on a barge and dump them, but I’m told that’s wrong.
    As to his figure of the deaths by firearms, many of those are criminals, and frankly I don’t care about them.
    What he fails to see is that SOME people need killing, as they themselves do much of the killing.
    Another point, Chicago’s study of criminals indicates that a small minority of criminals are turned out time and again, and do it again, REPEATEDLY!
    So perhaps this judge should look at his own profession for causality of capitol crime.

  14. Yeah take the guns away from the police, the judge wouldn’t last a week.

  15. I had a neighbor who killed his wife with a hammer. So we should ban hammers. We should also ban cars because there are so many deaths each year from automobiles.

  16. kenneth and a number of other aholes that somehow have gotten some black robes need to be the occupants of those barges when the charges strapped to the hull are detonated…swim with the fishes coward….

  17. Perhaps we should throw all unconstitutional judges in the ocean. He did , to his defense allude to the fact that it is our right to own firearms. His personal contempt of firearms should remain known only to him.

  18. Just being “Fair”, I would say to this Judge………Well, We, the people would also like to throw many Judges into the ocean, all with a 100 lb. anvil attached to their ankle! As it appears that far too many Judges have become “political”, where’s the “Justice?????

  19. This judge is the one who should thrown in the ocean, after he is removed from the bench, disbarred, and then arrested.

  20. A lot of us would like to throw all the liberal judges in the ocean. We can’t, any more than they can the guns. But if the election goes horribly wrong, we’ll lose our second amendment rights or be forced to assert them.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      To be quite honest with y’all, I’m actually glad I’m 72YO.. Served during Nam, my own government screwed me out of my disability, and we won’t see another president! The country has gone to hell and the boot lip in charge is about to declare himself a dick taster, I mean dictator. Look at all the foreign countries that have gone mooseslime!! We are super close to becoming a non-existant free country! GOD HELP AMERICA !?

  21. Americans this Judge is a Traitor…He is a “Scatterhook with a Hate for Americans who would lose their lives if We are hit by enemies from inside or outside of America”…by losing Our Guns, Rights, and Freedoms”! If he is elected by the People You all need to impeach him now! Vote Trump!

  22. How did this guy get to be a judge

  23. I think we should put you 6ft.under.

  24. OldHighlandGuyOne

    I can see the judges point BUT, how would we then protect our familes from the scum that roam the streets of America, specifically illegal aliens and BLM?

    With our open borders the guns and drugs will forever continue to pour in and through our sea ports as well. How to you stop ALL illegal imports? You can’t!

    The gun bans in the UK and Australia have not stopped killings. Their statistics, in those two countries, continue to talk about mass shootings being on the decline.
    I assert that if there were a total gun ban there would be NO mass shootings.

    The criminal element that crosses our borders don’t care if there is a gun ban, in fact they would love it as it would make it easier for them to rob and kill us.

    So, arm yourselves for your’s and your families protection, from the criminals and the government.

  25. Michael Dennewitz

    Ummmm, this judge has been drinking too much of that shit! Sure judge, we’ll round up every legally owned gun, throw every damned one of them into the Atlantic – and when some thug shoots and kills yer ole lady, what will you suggest then. DUMBASS ? ? ?

  26. The smart move would be to throw the Bat-Dung-Crazy Judge into the ocean with a large anchor tied to his neck…….or send him to a Funny Farm with a high fence and armed guards.

  27. If this judge did some research he might want to dump automobiles and medical personnel into the sea also. They are responsible for far more deaths than firearms

  28. Recall the SOB, it is obvious he hasn’t read the Constitution and there is a 2nd amendment. Get this judge off the bench. If the US had no guns, there would still be guns as they would just keep coming across the border. Hell, there are at least 25,000 of them from Fast and Furious, oh sorry 24,999, because one showed up in a Paris attack.

  29. The judge is a fool. The gun was invented in the 1500s. It will never disappear.

  30. Throw his useless ass in the ocean!

  31. I notice the judge did not offer any plan for collecting them all. The only way to clean out guns in Chicago or New York is to clean out the people.

  32. Australia huh? Did anyone ever check out the extremes that Australia went to with their “gun control?” government officials went out of their way to confiscate not only guns but “other” items which could be used as weapons. One example was that officials heard that someone had a slingshot somewhere in the “outback(?)” and quickly dispatched law enforcement to track down the perpetrator to confiscate the “weapon” and convict of having an “illegal” weapon. So this is the type of nonsense we will be subjected to if we ever have gun control. Where are we going to place all those rocks that could be used to smack someone up the side of their head? What about cars/trucks/motorcycles/aircraft/buses/etc.that could be used as weapons? Will they be confiscated as well? How about the tree branches that could be used as clubs? Outlaw trees? Pile the limbs into one massive heap and BURN to ashes? Require structures to only be built of non-wood and stones? Ah…but liberals/socialists/democrats would be in favor of that for all except them. Well, just what we need is a loony judge such as Kenneth Walker. I’m sure he would have a much better chance of eliminating all of those “other” dangerous weapons EXCEPT firearms. But he is only one example of the idiocy that is prevalent in our judicial system as well as in our overall government from Washington down to the States and even to the local county and city level. They are incapable of common sense. They breed. They VOTE. So USE the vote to push them from office. It’s time we achieve some measure of sanity in all branches of government.

  33. Maybe the Portland judge needs thrown out instead of the guns! Get busy people of Portland before you lose your rights as a citizen in this country.

  34. So much for his oath of office. I guess no one gives a crap about oaths and pledges anymore.

    • Ask a Vet what an oath means to them

      • I know what the oath means to them! At least to the Conservative Veterans. I’m beginning to believe that no liberal, whether it’s a president, a congressman, a judge, a doctor or whomever believes an oath or a pledge means anything. That goes for RINOs like Jeb Bush and John Kasich, too.

  35. This judge should be reprimanded for his remarks about guns.

  36. Judges like him are part of the screwed up judicial system and SCOTUS! They have no place in the judicial system using it as a platform to enforce their own idiotology! And there is no physical way to round up all the guns from the criminals on the streets because they won’t surrender them.

  37. Ok your honor, by throwing away all guns, so the populace will go back to swords or something else so are you going to throw all that away also? What if they used poison, are you going to ban all of that? Why don’t you just leave everything the way it is as all they are doing is choosing a gun for their method of killing. Does this mean the government needs to get rid of all their bombs, rockets, pistols, rifles air planes, tanks just everything. Now that the USA just sits here for others to come and take America by storm and kill everyone including you. Now what? There already is enough stupidity going around, especially with the Hillary side. Guns can be used wisely but some think they are for killing others. Just work on that.

  38. Of course this Oregon Judge wants to disarm all Americans and throw their guns in the Ocean, simply put, he wants to make sure that no illegal Militant Muslim illicit Migrants can come to any harm when they riot and revolt in their misbegotten attempt to enslave us all in their Caliphate America as envisaged by Obama the Damned. Remove all armed protection from this Judge’s Court and see how he might fare ? – especially if trying a Muslim for some heinous offense against nature.

  39. what the hell kind of judge is this? that is scary thinking for a person in his position,he should stick to law, and leave personal opinion to himself on second thought,this judge should step down from law and got into something more in his line of thinking,he does not belong on the bench…..

  40. I like take all Judges that against 2nd amendment throw them in ocean .. Just sayin

  41. Liberals live in a childish fantasy land where you can simply ban the things you don’t like and they will just ‘go away’. Has this ‘judge’ who probably shouldn’t be judging anyone or anything ever seen the crime statistics in Australia? Like England they skyrocketed when guns were taken out of the hands of good people, the only ones left armed were criminals.Terrorists are not the biggest threat to society, neither is ‘global warming’ or war or anything else. The biggest threat our society faces today are absurdly out of touch with reality liberals. We’ve allowed them to attach like parasites to our government, our media, our courts, our schools. They’ve quietly diseased the minds of millions. Eroding common sense, logic, reason. Twisting morality until right is wrong and wrong is right. They’re not quiet anymore because they believe they’ve infected enough. They must be stopped. Just look at the damage they’ve inflicted running amok in only eight years. They really are like children. Playing ‘let’s change the world and make it a better place’. Their solutions to problems are ones only an immature, self absorbed, ‘the world revolves around me’ child would make. They don’t work in the real world.

  42. Article 2 of the Bill of Rights, Mr. Judge, says, “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

    You know… that Constitution which you gave an Oath to Protect and Defend as the Supreme Law of the Land?

    Your actions from the bench give good cause for your impeachment…. and yes… Judges can be Impeached.

  43. Holy cow. Where is the EPA and The Sierra Club on this one? Won’t that wreck the oceans???

  44. and he will try to convince you that there is no security in his house of justice, much less right in his own courtroom. Bet he won’t take away theirs!

  45. FUK’N COMMIE JUDGE – what else would you expect from him!

  46. Robert E. Klippel

    Great article.

  47. I’ve owned guns for years. Haven’t shot anyone. Haven’t used my guns to rob, rape or hurt anyone either. Trying to equate ME, a lawful, good citizen, with the criminals out there, only proves that this so called judge is either an asshole or an imbecile. In any event, if he prefers Australia so much, he should pack his bags, post haste

  48. I got a better idea of what to dump in the ocean.

  49. Portland Judge Wants to Throw All Guns into the Ocean
    EXCEPT for HIS GUN!!!
    AT THE SAME TIME…legal gun owners would like to throw ALL leftist judges into the ocean….which would solve a LOT more problems within our country!!!!

  50. If the unthinking judge got his wish, how long does he think it would be before ISIS shows up? Sharpen up the pitchforks, boys!

  51. Portland is another bastion of Liberal Neurosis and the people who are infected by it, so statements like these are no surprise

  52. Why am I not surprised that an activist Judge would advocate for criminal activity?

    Namely mass Grand Larceny of private property.

  53. This judge can certainly speak his mind, but he can’t subvert the US Constitution and he knows it. He should look at the writings of one of the Japanese generals prior to WWII. One spoke that it would be impossible to win a war on land of America. There will be a gun behind every blade of grass. The guy was fairly bright back then even though they did invade Alaska. Take all the guns away and the suicides won’t stop the victims who will just find another method not as quick. And bows and arrows and swords were banned in the day of co-existence. RIGHT!! LOL

  54. and criminals would have guns. This guy is certifiably insane and needs to be removed

  55. What this judge fails to recognize is that it it is not guns of any caliber that are responsible for deaths in Americans. It is the people of no caliber who commit these crimes who are. It should be remember that, the first recorded murder of Able took place with the use of a rock. As a result of this crime a punishing judgement was placed on Cane, the murderer, not the rock he used. Just as in the past where the sword was the symbol of both immediate justice and peace keeping, today the gun have taken on that same authority. With out guns in our society and in the hands of its responsible citizenry, our society would be in anarchy. Rocks, clubs and knives would still be available to whose who would do their dirty deeds!

  56. ““Nobody would have a gun. Not police, not security, not anybody. We should eliminate all of them. We could save 33,000 people a year if we didn’t have guns in this country.””

    Another “Nirvana” idiot in the image of Feinstein, Boxer, Shumer, et.al.! Somebody please “inform” this whack that France, and other countries, have ‘almost’ accomplished his dream; however, he should ask the whack that was just relieved of her 10 million dollars in jewelry, by some Frenchy with a GUN, how that worked out for her in Paris!!

    • Although, I get your point, that thing with whore Kardashian was just a publicity stunt because her show is tanking. As well it should be. What a bunch of scumbags.

      • I attempt to avoid all things associated with that ‘name.’ Who, but someone suffering from “self-aggrandizing worth syndrome” brings 10 million dollars worth of anything ANYWHERE, but especially outside this country? Spend a ‘couple dollars’ of that 10 M on “paste replicas,” if you just gotta display how misused is your piggy bank! At least if you get killed in the process of being robbed, the bad guys will still be broke….

  57. I have a better idea. Let’s throw this judge in the ocean, with the equalivant weight of 33,000 guns strapped to his ass.

  58. Any time a judge goes against the Constitution, he/she off the bench.

  59. Judge Kenneth Walker, I’m thinking that if two minority groups weren’t here, this would not even be an issue for you.

    How many were NRA members? I’m pretty sure, NONE!

  60. I’ve been saying the same thing since I was 12; 50 years …what a perceptive, peace loving child.

  61. He says on Guns, How about Knives, baseball bats, Chains, Ropes, Rocks, hell just about anything can be considered a weapon and used to kill. Askjrsk agreed Oregon is becoming quite the Socialist state and it is run by democrats period.

    • Well, restrictions should certainly be placed on those, ‘military style assault’ rocks. The world would be a lot safer.

  62. He is the one that should be thrown in the ocean.

  63. he only sentenced the killer to 17 years? time to replace this judge. no gun crimes with this murderer?????

  64. Except his I am sure.

  65. Does that include the ones that Obama gave to the Mexican cartels? I’m only asking because if we give up our guns what’s to keep the Mexican gangsters from walking across the border and holding us up with guns that only they have? I’m not sure the judge thought one that all the way through. He should be replaced with someone with better critical thinking skills, perhaps Koko the Sign Language Gorilla.

  66. I understand where everyone is coming from regarding this judge; however, I also understand “why” he said that. Put yourself in his place, reviewing case after case, year after year, of criminal activities using a gun. After a while you get it. Guns hurt people. But what he doesn’t see, nor get, is that guns also have saved lives, lots of lives!

    What’s happening to him is “burn out”. He needs to stop being a judge and get away from the legal system so his perspective can return to normal, if that’s possible. He already knows the Constitution protects American’s rights to own guns. He’s just sick of people hurting people with guns. Aren’t we all? Of course.

    Hopefully the judge will realize he needs to remove himself from the bench, chill for awhile and then decide if he wants to continue in the Criminal Court system or go into Civil Court.

    Unfortunately, the Criminal Court system is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Wait til hillary gets tried…fireworks!!

  67. What is your favorite weapon? What do you keep close to you for protection? Guns aren’t the only weapons available for protection. Anything can become a weapon depending how you use it and where you hit your attacker.

    The “Guns should be banned” thing is just the Left’s slogan because they are too stupid to realize that anything can be turned into a weapon if necessary. But, at the same time, if most guns were gone from the American population, how easy would it be for an.overstepping federal govt to control our lives and dictate our Freedoms? Nice try Leftists. I’ll keep my weapons thank you!

  68. The Barbarions and the War of the Roses , tyrants such as Hitler and Tojo,plus Ghengis Khan and his hordes murdered millions of people so it is not guns that are the problem , it is the people who use weapons of all sorts to commit evil deeds and subsequently there is a necessity for good people to avail themselves of weapons t defend their families, their communities and their country against the social misfits in our society.

  69. It would be easier & cheaper to throw the judge on a barge and Dump him in the Ocean of course with cement shoes for bouyancy

  70. Nobody Kills more people in a Year than Planned Parenthoody the Democrats killing machine killing other Democrats

  71. As long as the 4,000 gun are tied to the judge’s neck, I don’t see anything wrong with throwing the guns into the ocean.

  72. Cain and Abel didn’t have guns, and neither did the millions of other individuals dying at the hands of others for centuries. The first thing I’d do is assign this “judge” to research and prepare a report on violent non-gun deaths throughout history. People will still act out of emotion to kill other people with whatever is at hand; haven’t we learned that? Guns also defend many people. It’s the sin nature of man that leads to killing people, not guns. Nor any other instrument.

  73. How about tossing his honor into the ocean instead, or might that be considered hostile to harmless marine life, quite a lot of which feeds mankind, more than can be said for judges like this one certainly.

  74. Actually, I have a similar urge. I want to throw all judges into the ocean!

  75. Dennis B Anderson

    I remember Portland being a great place to live before it was invaded by the Frisco burn outs of the early 70s. They actually think they can program someone by with just a say so? Our court system has become a cash register, and its being run by the mafia. Surprised?

  76. That judge should be disbarred, he’s dead from the neck up and he’s as stupid as all democrats are.

  77. I’ve an idea. Why not throw this crazy judge into the ocean? The problem is crazy people; not guns.

  78. better idea through the judge in the ocean keep the GUNS.


  80. Throw this progressive liberal in the ocean!

  81. YES!!!! Some liberal anti second amendment judge wants to POLLUTE the oceans and poison sea life by dumping guns into the ocean.
    Seriously? Brain much?

  82. The Pope should be assonated today.

  83. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Judge Walker, Sir, It is people that kill, not guns. PEOPLE. When GOD created MAN in HIS own image there were no guns to kill and yet the son of the first man HE created killed his own brother, not with a gun but with whatever was available, a ROCK. When GOD created man in HIS own image HE inadvertently made a mistake. In HIS own image also included His knowledge to think and to create. From bow and arrow to a gun. Did GOD throw away all rocks? It is the human being HE created, man and woman, that kills with anything it can find to use as a weapon, not just a gun. Shall we start loading ALL human beings onto barges, WITHOUT their guns, and dump them into the sea, your honor?

  84. How about hang the judge.

  85. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

    A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

    Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control.

    If guns cause crime, then cameras cause pornography.

    Free men should not have to ask permission to bear arms.

    If you don’t know your rights you don’t have any.

    Those who trade liberty for security have neither.

    The United States Constitution © 1791. All Rights Reserved.

    What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand?

    The second amendment is in place in case they ignore the others.

    Guns only have two enemies: rust and liberals.

    Know guns, know peace and safety. No guns, no peace nor safety.

    If you want peace, prepare for war.

    Peace through superior firepower.

    Call 911: Government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer.

    Assault is a type of behavior, not a type of hardware.

    Criminals love gun control – it makes their jobs easier and safer.

    Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.

    You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.

    The American Revolution wasn’t about tea and taxes – it was about taking guns!

    Gun control is hitting what you aim at.

    The pen is mightier than the sword – unless you are in a swordfight!

    Those who live by the sword have a fighting chance.

    Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don’t.

    Blaming a gun for crime is like blaming a fork for Rosie O’Donnell being FAT!

    My gun? I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    Firearm safety – it’s a matter for education, not legislation.

    The day they want my guns they’ll have to bring theirs.

    An armed society is a polite society.

    Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.

    How can you praise freedom, and condemn that which gains and preserves it?

    Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.

    Shooting. The only sport endorsed by the founding fathers.

    My wife and my gun: ’til death do us part.

    When they come for your guns, give them the ammo first!

    If you are free to be a liberal – thank a man with a gun!

    Ted Kennedy’s Car has killed more people than my gun!

    Guns are smart enough. We need smarter politicians.

    Bolt actions speak louder than words.

    Gun control… It’s not a new idea… Just a bad one!

    My personal all time favorites (to date) are:

    The D.C. gun ban works – just ask James Brady.

    When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away…

  86. mr2bears@hotmail.com

    How about we throw all liberals in the ocean ❔

  87. Well now isn’t this grand?
    Actually, as smart as this fool must be to come up with this “Solution” then he certainly has also figured out a method where by he will be CERTAIN to get ALL the guns, not just those easily purloined from folks he dislikes.
    Any FOOL knows that if you can’t, for any number of valid reasons, dispose of ALL GUNS then you might as well not even bother with just SOME of the guns as that will solve nothing.
    And this nit-wit sits in judgement on others? Who gave him the Job, someone like Jerry Brown or Obama no doubt. How else, or who else, could be so incredibly stupid.

  88. This judge just proved he’s not qualified to do the job and needs to be removed from the bench. The idiot is a real azzwhole.

  89. maybe we should throw you in the ocean after the guns
    after all who lets the killers out of jail and give short prison times so they can back on the street and kill again
    put them on an island for their term and let them kill each other

  90. Gonna get rid of criminal’s guns.I suppose that this judge that probably voted for obama is going to say please,will all of you dirtbags PLEASE turn your weapons in.He would more than likely confiscate the weapons and sell them to iran or north korea.If he’s a liberal,socialist,democrat,he can’t be trusted anyway!!!!

  91. This idiot judge is a stooge for Obama and Hillary. This dumb ass needs to be put on the barge along with Obama and Hillary and dumped in the ocean.

  92. Judges are appointed, not educated on the Constitution, law, or common sense! Why can they make judgements on our lives, our loved ones or ANYTHING!!

  93. How many people jump, fall or are pushed from buildings each year. We should tear them all down and make al buildings single story. Lets not forget those who jump, fall or are thrown from bridges. tear them down and we can all use farriers or swim across. I live in Oregon and we have more than our share of morons.

  94. Hopefully, this Judge will follow them in!!!!! Judges like this are one reason America is in the scarey place of always playing BACKUP . Please Judge go to a country you might like better and DESTROY IT and get out of here.

  95. What be better then trowing all the guns into ocean. Throw all the criminals in the ocean to drown like the Rats that they are. But that’s what the Demo-rats are all about. Protect the criminals and fuck the honest people.

  96. An educated idiot judge? He would’ve probably gotten rid of the donkeys before Cain murdered his brother Abel with its jaw.

  97. So, what would the fool do with all the cars, pipe bombs, pressure cooker bombs, knives, etc. that KILL people, too!! He’s too stupid to realize that in cities (Chicago comes to mind) and countries where there is strict gun control, people are still murdered – by drug cartels, disgruntled former lovers, by fathers and brothers who think killing their daughters will protect the family honor. Guess the judge didn’t think very far when he made his stupid, anti-constitutional statement! The Bill of Rights is in BIG TROUBLE in this country when fools like this judge think they should be allowed to substitute their judgment for the Constitution and the judgment of American citizens. Liberal judges and politicians would eliminate OUR 2nd Amendment rights, but you better believe they’d be smart enough to protect THEIR right to self-protection! They were smart enough to protect their OWN health care while dumping the idiocy that is DumBOcare on the fools who support them – American taxpayers. Now, the internet will be controlled by ICANN – and my guess is that very, very soon WE CAN’T exercise freedom of speech. We have nearly reached the point at which 99 percent of Americans will be slaves or indentured servants to the 1 percent elite who will be running the country. There will be no middle class – only the haves and the have-nots. Unfortunately, there are too many illiterate voters who won’t see it and who have probably been slaves or servants to someone their whole lives. They won’t miss freedom because they were too lazy and/or stupid to use that freedom to make something of themselves. Germans bowed to Hitler and claimed they had no idea what was going on – Americans will bow to the world and we will be at the very bottom of the food chain. Jews are fleeing France because the Communist leader has allowed so many Muslim refugees into the country. I am expecting a Kristallnacht in this country sooner, rather than later. Our days of sharing opinions on sites such as this are, IMHO, numbered.

  98. Hey ‘Judge’, here’s why we need guns. LEARN it, KNOW it, LIVE it:

    “Whenever any form of government becomes
    destructive of these ends [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness]
    it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute
    new government…” – Thomas Jefferson

  99. Does walker want to throw the constitution in the ocean too?? We have too many of these judges, ruling, judging, and talking trash on the bench! How the hell do they get in, they rule, and judge by opinion, it is his opinion apparently that the constitution is all a mistake, and he wants us to do “overs”! I consider him as others who act stupidly and in disregard for the constitution, an illegal extension to our courts and all judiciary! If he doesn’t like our constitutional law, then leave the country! Get the frack out! Go to Venezuela and scratch schitt with the chickens!!

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  101. This judge is a liberal idiot, more than half of those 33,000 a year are by “suicides,” and they will kill themselves with anything if they don’t have a gun, over 12,000 a year are by gang and drive by shootings, almost 1,000 alone this year just in Chicago, less than 400 accidental. Judge, here’s a hint, force the convicts to serve their full sentences, execute murderers and all crime will decrease.

  102. Here’s another point, guns can be made in a house or garage out of ordinary steel water pipe. Black powder can be made in the house, primers can be repaired to fire again, not to mention bombs can be made from ordinary household items under the kitchen sink, and these idiot liberal judges think they can stop violence by getting rid of all guns, they’re insane. Abortion kills almost one million people (unborn babies) a year, but then again, Killary said that God told her that killing His children by abortion is ok.

  103. Ok, this moron wants to ban all guns. Just how long does he think English would be our language, when a foreign nation walks in and takes over the United States…

  104. There is only one reason so many Americans have guns: To kill other Americans. Who needs ISIS?

  105. Its apparent that the Portland Judge has lost his marbles and is not fit to serve the court system. This unhinged Hitler like statement is very disturbing. I BET HE THINKS ITS OK FOR HIM TO HAVE A GUN????

  106. This Muslim Judge deserves to be kicked off of the bench…… and thrown in the ocean……preferably after the waters have been thoroughly chummed with blood to attract the sharks…
    Seriously. How do idiots like this ever get to be judges in the first place?

  107. Hey – just throw the anti Constitution judge in the ocean….

  108. By what right does this “JUDGE” have to inject his personal opinion into this case
    The law is the law and the courts have overstepped their bounds and their authority in gun matters, as has the government.

  109. Rhis Judge needs to be removed from the bench, and have his legal license revoked for not upholding his oath to protect and preserve the constitution of this country and the state of Oregon. This is the type of liberal thinking and actions that Hillary will turn a blind eye to as, Obama has, if “GOD FORBID” she is elected. Vote Thrump ! !

  110. Then only criminals will have guns………..Job security for the judge………..what an idiot

  111. I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t we throw all the progressives into the ocean to rid our country of their fetid stench and un-constitutional plots. This stupid judge could be the first one to go.

  112. That has been tried in England & Australia how is that working out for them?
    All the Criminals celebrated by firing volleys into the air. And the Police when they see a Crime being committed blow their whistle throw their stick and Runnnnn

  113. Funny, I want to throw ALL LIBretard judges who legislate from the bench into the ocean.

  114. stephen kaminski

    Another azzhole i see,

  115. Throw the Traitor Judge in the Ocean first and the guns will remain on land forever! Vote Trump!

  116. How about just enough guns tied to your carcass your “honor”.

  117. they need to take him and dump him in the ocean

  118. I would use one on her. Wouldn’ cost a lot either.

  119. Judge Kenneth Walker you need to leave this country, take Hillary and Ovomit with you to Kenya where you will be happy in your fairy tale lives!

  120. When Nancy Pelosi Says In a Contempt Way….. That All Of Trumps Supporters Are Not College Educated…? Here is a Good Example Of A College Educated DUNCE Judge”! And, he’s Black…..No Surprise Here..!

  121. If it were up to me all violent criminals would be thrown into the ocean. Leave gun owners alone. As far as suicide is concerned; if there were no guns roof tops and drugs would be used. Don’t blame guns for the actions of individuals.

  122. I think we should toss all LIBERAL America-Hating so-called “judges” into the ocean. And appoint Judges that actually go by our Constitution and be TRUE to the the OATH that they take. Not “legislate” from the bench in a response to their “personal feelings”.

  123. That judge should be fined $136,000 .

  124. Hang that judge for treason problem solved, we should hang his dog too just for good measure

  125. How about we just throw him in the ocean?

  126. The real reason we have guns in addition to self defense is in the case a government grows tyrannical. When the government fears it’s own people, it’s doing something wrong. Pepe Mujuca didn’t even have security detail. Why? Because the people loved him. He walked among them, served them, not dictate or look down upon them. He lifted them up.

  127. Well, bloggers from Australia us to fight to keep our weapons because crime is rising there since guns forbidden. Hillary tried quoting Australia also and lost when the real cost of life in that country became known. Nevertheless, democrats (and OR and WA are super liberals and most are democrats) always throw out stupid ideas and never, ever apologize for those stupid ideas.

  128. Hopefully. He follows them in!!!! In turn I would like to throw all the judges ,who let all the criminals off with a slap on the wrist, in the Ocean.

  129. More people are killed with blunt force trauma to the head (frying pans and baseball bats) than guns BY A BIG NUMBER! No amount of gun control will stop people from killing one another…but my gun has stopped quite a few people from killing me!!! http://totallyright.us/home/2017/5/1/a-rash-of-shootings-in-california-after-passing-most-restrictive-gun-laws-in-nation

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