Pompeo: Chinese Disinformation is Putting American Lives at Risk

In an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Monday night, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that America’s response to the coronavirus could be hindered by hostile nations who refuse to share accurate information about the disease outbreak in their own countries.

Referring obliquely (and explicitly) to nations such as China and Iran, Pompeo emphasized that the U.S. was standing ready to provide aid and assistance to these enemy governments. However, he lamented, the concern is that these foreign governments are being less than forthright with the U.S.

“You know, Mr. Secretary, we’ve got to deal with this issue of China. Are you confident now – they have valuable intel and information that could help the world after they hid this when you said the last time on the show, you would have gladly sent our experts over to help them,” said Hannity.

“Yes. Sean, President Trump and I have been committed to making sure that we had the best data available,” said Pompeo. “When you hear Doctors Fauci and Birx talk about risk, talk about fatalities, trying to think about how to model, what they need is data. They need data from Italy. They need data from China. They need data from Iran.

“We need every country to step up and provide accurate, transparent information,” he continued. “And if we can’t have that, if we have disinformation instead, there are more lives that will be at risk not only today but in the weeks ahead as we battle this enormous challenge. We’ve asked every country to step up, tell us what they know so that the world can learn. America will then turn around and we will share the information we get. And we’ll keep people safe not only here in the United States but all across the world.”

After discussing the crisis in Iran, Hannity turned to the subject of the terminology surrounding the coronavirus and the absolute fit some have been having over labeling it a Chinese virus.

“A lot of it has been made over calling it the Wuhan virus and you took issue with anybody saying, sorry, we do that with a lot of other illnesses,” Hannity noted.

“Yes, President Trump was very clear. I think he even said it again this morning. He used to talk about it being the Chinese coronavirus,” Pompeo said. “What we’ve been looking for here all along is we simply want to make sure we understand what’s happened so that we can prevent the loss of life moving forward.

“We’re looking to cooperate with every country,” he continued. “We’d love to cooperate with the Chinese as well to get the right information so that we can do all that’s needed to find therapeutics, to find the vaccine, to do everything we can to reduce the risk that there will be more lives lost as the world moves forward.”

Sadly, now that China has (supposedly) gotten the outbreak under control within their own borders, they are focused exclusively on battling this coronavirus from a public relations standpoint. And since there is no accurate version of the facts that makes Beijing look good, they are resorting to lies and cover-ups – the very same tactics that allowed this pandemic to begin in the first place.

We’re beyond the point where China can make up for what they’ve done, but they still have an opportunity to at least mitigate the catastrophic consequences. So far, we’re not impressed with their efforts to do so.

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